Price Action: How to predict next candlestick /w price action trading on trending market trading

 Price Action: How to predict next candlestick /w price action trading on trending market trading

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Hi. It's. Weekend. Yes it's weekend, and you know what this mean we, can't means me, explanation. Time today I was going to show you again, and that's a mind-blowing, video, there's a really nice video because, I have time the last four, weeks how, to predict, next chemists ik meters and today I got a do an answer how to predict, it's gonna stick with your batteries the difference, that the last weeks I talked about the ranging market but today I'm gonna show you how, to trade, the training. Market property, a lot of useful ok, trending, market it's much easier because in the trading market I got a trade, in the direction of the trend yes, right that is right but it's not easier, because you do not know when the threat will finish yes. You don't know where the trend will finish and that is the key yes the key is that one like, you don't know where the threat is finished and so that makes it trending. Market much, more risky than the, ranging. Market, yes I have shown you on the last week's how would you try to emerging, market because there the support and resistance level, are much, easier to understand, and also, much easier to trade because they, are working much more properly. In a training market, you have to be careful you, have to be careful because it's, much more difficult, for. I gotta start I have. To announce something I will. Give away and also today I gonna give away but price money. Comment. Below this video to get, this yes I will, give away the, next week's or also, today I don't know yes today next, week I don't know I will give away. $100. Bought price money somebody named, it in the baht Facebook group a few weeks, ago yes, why I'm giving only a way $10. Yes I'm giving you a $10, because I'm giving away $10, every day yes, every. Week but the thing is this yes, oh it, will be a special a special, video I don't know if it is this one I don't know the next one I don't know if it will be in two weeks or three weeks yes but I wouldn't give away. $100. Cash yes, that means if. You want to get this buy price money but price money comment, below this video comment, below the next video says because one of the next weeks I will, announce, the winner of the, $100. What price money although also, maybe, next week I don't know comment, below this videos to get the chance to get about prize money I cannot. Tell you when exactly, why, because, they asked some individuals. Who, are trying to fake who, are getting, a lot of accounts, and trying, to get into the, comment section and commenting. With different, accounts only, to increase, the possibility, of a will no, that, is not what I want yes I want to give those one who are really, following each and every of my videos, they, have to win the money yes that is what is called, karma so, in this case okay.

So If you want to but price money comment, below this video don't forget it yes and now we are going to start because, I have another mind-blowing. Video here I don't know have I done the, risk. Warning and if, I have not tons of risk warning here again yes this. Video is not an investment advice don't trade with money you cannot afford to lose and, yes. Your money might be at risk so, okay now today this, video will be about how to predict, mechanistic. Based on, price. Action or the, training market, I have done four videos, already yes, four videos about how to predict, mechanistic. Based, on the ranging markets, this videos where mind-blowing. This videos, have changed, a lot of traders. Trading, style yes, they have made a lot of traders, profitable. Yes because those, training, videos which I'm doing are really micro. So, when this video today will be mind-blowing, to and before, I go to start I have to announce a few things because it's not about only about the trading stuff because, I have to show you some more ok first of all I have, to go through this really fast because I don't want to convert this we you again ten hours so. That I can. Publish it also at night last, week I have published and tonight that's because I was really destroyed, and it, took so long to combat it because it was a one hour and a half I try, to do this much faster today yes, because I, want. To focus on the knowledge which I want to give you so ok let, me do some kind of chart and it is here but. Before I go to start with the Chinaman's I have to talk about the investment, recovery I have, done already a lot of robust investment, recovery, for a lot of those. One who regretted it to, request investment, recovering, from IQ option you sent me an empty email, to my email address go to which way the at with. The subject, investment, recovery, this, investment recovery I do not charge any kind, of fee no, percentage, nothing, when, there, is a possibility. To recover, a, specific. Amount from that what you have lost through, like your option yes you will get the 100% I don't want anything process service, the thing is only they said there are so many requesting. The services and I have to go through each and every one in chronological, order, and, also, expecting.

And. Approving. And checking, each and every case so I hope. That you have said under the understanding, that it, will take time so be patient yes, I will, not forget anybody, of you if, if. Your. Turn arrived I will contact you so, be please be patient, don't ask me every, two days yes, what's going on yes because at the end you, would not ever you, would not, get the money back out anyway, so in this case same time be, relaxed, yes and went as a u-turn, arrived you provide me with the right information and, then I'm gonna tell, you if you are able, to reflect the money back or not, yes so. In this case please stay, calm yes don't ask me every time I know that, just like you are in hurry and read to want some money but the thing is this one without my help you would not even get the money so stay kindness, and don't put. Pressure on me because I'm a really busy guy as. I have so, many things to do I would, like to do some life training videos but with. What mentorship, program with all this kind of stuff, yes which I'm doing there, is no time to do some life training videos but I will, try to find a way to, do this in the future when I have some kind of spare, time so ok let me go into the topic today because, we have to cover a lot of things I will, come, again some kind of psychologists, stuff that's because I understand, that this is really necessary for a lot of you traders because you know it's not only about the knowledge which I'm giving to your message, is already nice but, you need also to understand, some concise cultural stuff and that is the reason why I want to cover this tool so okay first of all I want to try do, this kind of an. Analysis, like I will do it always so, in this kind of condition, what, we have here the, next candlestick. In my opinion, yes and that is really a hard core yes because in this kind of situation, I would, not even trade as I would not wait in the search condition. Because, this condition is really, an indecision, condition, yes because, we are going far away from the to deviation, but in a bank as we have already am, in an uptrend we have here a nice inputs, ways that we do not yes we have a nice inputs, wait we have a nice corrected, wave yes, and. Then we have another inputs, wait another corrective, so the next candle, in my opinion, will be in, this case a bearish. One or better. To say not the beautiful I would say the, next Kendall the. Next trade would be a, as the next came it would be a put because we are going now into a ranging, market yes, the trend has lost a lot of momentum we, are still into a minute, uptrend, but the trend has lost momentum because, we, are not creating, any more higher, highs higher lows yes we are going into some.

Some, Kind of consolidation, stuff and that will lead into a reversal, or any retracement. So next case I would do a put, option above, the round number, that, would care. Trade what I would do here based on those kind of knowledge which I have and provided, in the bot price action body and in the media pegs yes so so next candle will be put in my opinion also if we get a rejection here from the two deviation, who are boiling aback and we asked, into an uptrend, yes I'm pretty, much sure that, the next candle will be a bearish one because the trend is here nearly over and it will be tapering out of this support and resistance level and obviously, we, will get, a rejection, from the ground number, again yes so that is that what I will do, yes, if you check this next week yes on Monday please, let me know this like last week last week somebody has, checked it and has confirmed, my prediction, yes I know this always when people, are. Verifying. That what I'm telling that, makes me really happy okay so that was the trouble is I do see I have, today, and doing this, kind of stuff really fast because, I have, to tell you something really important, so I'm for this one we. Are going to start immediately yes, because I have prepared, something let me see. Okay. Here we have random. Generator, random, number generator for the winner of support prize money so again, if you want to win the prize money comment below this video yes one of them this way this week or next week or the, next weeks I will give away one hundred dollars, yes one hundred, dollars, so, if you want to get the chance to get this money comment below this video so okay, let me see what I have prepared, yes I have prepared something for you yes, and that is this one so, today, I want to talk about something important, just because a lot, of you are, applying. For the what mentorship, program yes and, they. Are studying and I, think they have understood, one thing they didn't understood, this that there, will be some, skills, some, stuff. Which, you should know to become, successful. Yes, successful. Not only a man in, general successful. Also by succeeding. Small. Steps, in your life that, means those one who are applying for the but mentorship, program where you have still the possibility yes. This opportunity, will be about about nearly, over yes because I will stop doing this soon as. I'm. Telling this already so often yes but to know more, often I tell this yes there. Will company. So clear, it will come today and if, you don't put your speed into the door yes then, you, will not get the possibility to protect, mind that by me in this case yes so if you want to get mended by me you have to enter in the board membership program application, process and nobody. Can buy the bot mentorship, program yes you. Have to go through the application business it, doesn't matter how much money you want to give me that it doesn't matter how, many how much you want to be dedicated.

To It you have to go through the application, process yes everybody. Has to go through the application process so. In this case if you don't go through the application process you are not able to join us for the bot mentorship program and I, want to show you today what. Why. Is the ball and wiser, what mentorship, program and the application, process is so important because I'm going to show you on this, kind of psychology stuff what, the key is to, succeed so let me show and. I have prepared something for you, yes. You, see where I have this yes. So I have done this here and look at this I have prepared, this nice. Graphic. So that is this one yes and I will do a video about this yes I will do a video about this in the future but, I want to talk about this now because I think it's important, that you understand, the, main. Concept, because so many of you yes, they have a goal yes they have a goal they want to become a consistently, profitable, trader all they, want to, succeed, and want, to pass through the application, process yes, but most of you do not obtain this, and there, are many reasons why they do not obtain this yes because they give up they, will not bring it to an end they apply for the application, process and they, do bring it to an end all because. They give up all they apply and. Where they want to become a consistently, profitable, trader and they do not become, a consistently, profitable trader yes that is what, is there, reality. Is there so many have dreams, yet so many have dreams but dreams stay so long dreams till, you don't have a plan, yes and the deadline, is where, you have to support it the script as long, you have not this a dream stay a dream so it will be a dream so what are the, things I will do a video about this in general but let, me let me focus on a few thing and some, of those one have I I have already mentioned, in the last video yes where, I talked about the massive, action as, you have to do massive action and talked, about how, how, you have to commit it yes that you have to go stay away from negativity, that, you have to be a yes.

You Don't have to gain thoughts. Information. Yes there to try to focus on yourself yes, that other beliefs, so. Many that. Is what I have to say to for my students for example so many of my students are telling me yes you know my, parents my friends are telling me that this is not the work as, training full-time, trailer it's not the work that, is not, something what I should look, for and. I have to say Zach, is one of the biggest handicaps. What you can generate. Yes that you do not believe is that what you do I can, tell you from my experiences. And. Yeah. And I'm a full-time trader is and and profitable, consistently, proven to the full-time trader I'm making money with it you. See me always on the leader board, also. My parents yes, do. Not believe, I obtain, today yes I don't think that what I'm doing is the work yes because I do not go out of my house yes, it's the morning I am NOT I have, not no boss who, is telling me what I have to do I'm not going, out at the morning and coming back at the evening, that's, so in this case my parents, are still thinking that I'm doing here some, kind of game some kind of joke yes I mean I'm earning, more money than, them yes I am I make more money since then but they still believes that I'm Joe. Or something, they do not accept, that that what I'm doing is, a work so, in this case if, and that was at the beginning when I have done it yet because I had to her fear always from, my, mother and my father that I had, to do something, right there's, a right job, you know they told me that I have to do a job like always, everybody, else yes all the time and that, is what I mean when we are talking about beliefs, you, have to believe in yourself, you have to believe that that what you are going to do is the right thing you, have to be motivated, that you want to show this not, only you said everybody, on the earth said that what you believe in is the right see that. Is what I have done yes I have believed in it I have, gone through the obstacles. Yes which we are given by my mother and my father but my parents by my friend yes because they do didn't, believe in this stuff yes but I believed it and that, was a motivation. Which reached, in, this case to me to do that what I didn't they so then I have, to talk about the idea because about without, this things you do not need even to apply for the application, process you, don't know even to start with the application process yes, because the, application, process is, this kind of stuff here in small, which, later will be transferred. Yes, to your trading. Career that means it to become a consistently, profitable trader when you are in the bot mentorship, program so. The, ideas, I, talked about this the commitment, just to give everything than to try everything that, you don't. Stop possess, I said - don't. Let. Yes. That you don't let distract, from other things that, you have a positive attitude yes, that you are not, thinking negatively, because, if you do not believe as, that, trading, is, real. Because you get information from, others who they. Account god block yes, they that, they never get a withdrawal, yes, that's a. They are losing only money then you get negativity. And this negativity, will, affect, your training, because, you will be not. Sure if that what you are doing is the right thing and, that will leak at the end that you will not success, and that you will end up giving, up so is that the same stuff is when you are something with but. Mentorship. Program application, process you start with the Bott medication and do do not believe yes that - there are the questions which you are asking I cannot, do this I hope, I don't have some money I don't have the time you are those, things which, that are the beliefs which are bringing. You down and they, will detect, you HCM, - don't bring it to an end and that you give up okay that is this one so then the second one just like I talked to the ideas that is a positive attitude yes, let, away, the negativity, there, is so much negativity out. There that, you don't meet this stop watching TV stop, frequenting. Social media focus. On yourself be, committed, means, get, the e-book yes gets about trisection, Bible watch my videos he had to be do packs do whatever you have to do to, obtain your goal yes, then and that, is the most important, one because in.

This Type of financial, instrument. Financial. Industry you have one big, problem there. Are only a few which are working, edited, that, means, scam. Us and. All those kind of people who are doing bad stuff yes. If, you want to reach and to obtain your goal yes and that is what so many are failing, as that, is you have to work etiquette. That means that to go at the evening, when you have done your work you. Go into, bed and then you, can sleep pretty, well that, means you close your eyes and you sleep that, is what, work ethically, says it means you don't and do, bad things, so many people, are doing bad things and they, try to achieve, the goal yes, and this, goal less will never be achieved when you are not working, etiquette because, at the end you, will get the. Is. A full package from the comma yes because at the end only those ones who are doing good things will get good things and those, one who are scamming people those, one who are trying. To make. Money, on others, work they, will not become in, any kind of way successful. So in this case yes try, to, understand. This sweet, point yes, to obtain the goals or the goal what is the goal the goal is the future, yes. A future, a dream of that what you will be in the future, yes. But the dream stays, a dream yes as long as this drilling off will not be followed. By the plan, and a deadline, that's, where you know when I had only just deadline. Then then. I have to stop because it will not bring, me to some kind of point then. This, dream will never become a goal that will you will never succeed as, you will never reach. The success never. That's, because, you. Will stay, always, dreaming, as there are so people there are so many people who are thinking. Positively. Yes they have the right attitude yes, they believe in that what they are doing as it may be they work also etiquette, but when, they, stay they dream, is a dream all, the time and say I'm painting. Everything much nicer, than it is no, you have to be realistic yes, and you have to be make a plan, what, is the goal yes and mostly of you do not know what the plan is and most, of you do not know what the deadline, is because, they are drifting, around yes, because they say okay I have.

To Try this I have to try this and that is the reason why it's important, that you have a strategy, I'm, not talking about a strategy, in this case I'm talking to you you need to trade the, strategy. Is, aborting a bad strategy or something like this no strategy. Means you have the plan yes and the plan is a process, the, process what you are going to do what, you, do today. Exactly. Today yes if you're, going to watch my videos if you get my eBook, doesn't matter those because I tried something a part, of the strategy that you sit behind the. YouTube. Videos watching the zoo that is the strategy as, a plan a plan how, to get. The knowledge yes, because in the idea it's not only commitment, and attitude, there is also included, the knowledge because if you do not tell is necessary. Knowledge you don't need, to reach any kind of goal yes because it doesn't, doesn't, help you because you will not sort through this so, at the end so, after, the strategy, that is what I have talked about, so. Many times in this how to predict, Mexican istic patterns not, how to predict the statistic, videos yes which I have done that that is this one here and that is one of the most important, one that is. Action. So what is this massive, action. Massive. Action sounds, like something. Unreachable something, what you cannot push there something, what you cannot do but massive action doesn't, mean and it's anything else then simple. Disciplines. Yes. Practice. Every day, that, means. Simple. Things which. You do every, day and when you do this this, will lead into a result, there. Are two results the, first result is the success, that to, obtain the success yes that, is this one then you can set a new goal, yes. If you want as. You can stay also there but those one who ever have. Trained. To become successful. They. Have always and, you go yes because in this case they, succeed, and after, they have succeeded and they have time is already so often they know they can succeed on so on the next one the, bigger normally. As a bigger, dream yes and that is what this procedure. Is about a lot of you do I are, not used to it most, of you are not used, to succeed. They. Are used to fail yes to give up because it's easier, giving. Up it's easier yes because you give up and you do something else yes and then you will give up again yes or and you will fail again yes, those, one who have. Capability. Yes always. To succeed, they, do not are afraid, to go into a new goal so new this actions this massive action as it sounds really easy but, this method actually because every, kind of action, will. Lead in any kind of result, in. A no result which is not satisfied, and the result what is satisfied, that is what actually a lot of you are not doing the action, because, if you, will do the action, yes you would get when, you do not exceed the feedback, that this action and this kind of plan this kind of strategy is not working then. You change, it a lot, of you are not understanding that they have to change it.

Obviously. When you are about mentorship, program you do not meet anymore this kind of strategy, yes, the only thing what you have to do is actually yes but then the what makes a program you have to do action you have to do exactly that what I'm telling you in the but mentorship, program so you don't need to about thinking, about the strategy because the strategy is bulletproof yes I have, done this on my own because I'm successful and a proposal professional, trainer you pin trainer yes so I have done this I know how this stuff is working yes, I'm talking about my experience, in this case so and. If. You are doing this on your own yes then you have to do exactly this you. Will get the feedback yes, it. Worked you have done massive action you, have this the system then, you have to change your strategy and, then you do this, type of cycle. This. Cycle all, the time till, you succeed. So, easy that is this if you want to shorten it up you can go into the but mentorship, program then you will shorten up because then you need to to change something or something because that strategy. Which they are giving to you how to become a consistently, profitable trader is given, by me so, and then you go through, it and you need only to do massive action and if you do not massive action yes, which, is simple, disciplines, practice, every day yes, then, you will not even succeed, if you are starting with the Bott mentorship, program application, process yes, and you do not, go. Through it yes, and, you don't have a plan, how you have to do this and, you, don't do action. That's the simple, disciplines, practice, everyday those, little tasks which, I'm asking, in the steps of the application, process you, will fail all you will get up or you, will get released, from me rejected, from me because I don't want to it's so easy I have I have the possibility to change. To, -. Yes. To select those, one who I want because I'm I have so many students, who want to become my. Students yes I want so many who are starting the application because who want to become my students but I don't get everybody, I get only those one who understands, this kind of concept because you will never become a consistently, profitable, trader if you do not understand, what this is and that is not something what to read and you understand, that is what you have to live that, means every, time when you are doing, any kind of test in your life every. Time when you try to reach any kind of gold in your life yes, then you have to go through this to, succeed in your goal yes it doesn't matter what it is any. Anything if you want to learn an instrument if you want to find, a job if. You want to cook right up the career let everything, what you have to do in life to reach or obtain a goal you, have to do, these steps as you have have. A process, that means don't, stand, still yes, don't, don't. Drift around let's, do. A plan yes that what there have been observed then, to take massive action and then, you have to validate through the feedback, of if. This would be a. Good strategy, or not and if the strategy is not good lesson, you have to change it lot of you do, not change a lot of you are sticking always. On the same stuff, and they are doing the same stuff. Over and, over again and then, they are asking, themselves why. Is happening. Always, the same stuff to me why, it's happening to you because you do not change yes, if you don't change how you can expect that something will change that.

Is So simple this, stuff here is so simple yes, it's so simple but it's, so, meaningful. Yes. That a lot of yes. A lot of people, let's all traders, or not yes because, it's a general stuff that it can be applied to each and every kind of stuff do not understand, sir necessary. To do this, kind of steps yes and understanding. What this means yes and I, will work on this in the next weeks and I. Will show you exactly, what I mean with this kind of stuff eeeh motivation. Focus, with, the commitment, with the attitude, yes what I mean was work etiquette, yes because at the end you know and we are here in harsh. Times yes, account the time is really harsh there. Are really. A lot of people who are and in, this case I have to say I didn't, want to talk about this kind of stuff because it's, a Binary Option trader, yes on trader in general it, will not affect you immensely. Because, you know I am sitting it's all I'm doing, my trade at home so I'm not affected from all this kind of stuff which, is happening out there I guess that people have to stay at home that, they cannot work yes, they, don't know how to pay their bills yes, those kind of things that is what training is about yes I always. Thought when I was studying well, the training was not a nice job because, I'm alone in front of the computer you have to motivate yourself you, have to reward yourself as. You have to stay motivated when. It's really hot yes those, that I don't believe, that this would be a nice job because when you are trading professional. As a pro trader yes then, it's a consistently, profitable trader then training is becoming, like everybody, and extra, only that you have this motivation. You have no colleagues you are you have to know no. Report yet nobody, who is giving you a reward obviously, you have nobody who is pushing pressure on you but, it's like every, other work and now in, this kind of times where, the type is giving really increases, as whereas. A real, coronavirus. Is happening, yes and I, have to tell also those one are asking me and thus, Korona.

Ears Affect, my trading should, i'm not wait because of the chorus and i have to say, you a binary option, to betray that more to the traitor yes a binary option to betrayed by, other bureaus mr., Khurana virus is not effectively any any kind because you are doing short-term trade if you are trading on longer terms yes, you see the Bitcoin is crashed yes I, have to say that I'm really lucky that I have sold. All my Bitcoin, and when I it was at eight thousand I was a little bit sad because it climbed up to ten thousand but at the end you see it was the right decision you don't have to be greedy that you have to do the right decisions, when you think it's right I was a little bit sad about this that I had to, sell all the Bitcoin. Stuff yes but at the end you see it was the right decision because now I would have lost a lot of money so in this case again. To. Make it clear that is, the. Way, to become, a successful constantly, profitable, trader this, is the way to, do everything each and every goal what you want to obtain and. To become it it sounds really easy that's because it's are only some words here and put. It on but, when you are applying this and is, the same stuff when you are smoking cigarettes for example I can tell you yes you have to smoke stop, smoking cigarettes, but you will not do this yes because you. Have your reasons yes yet. Ah this, thing's what, makes, driven. What makes somebody to, a successful. Successful. In every kind of life and also access, to sexual property, between most, of you are, having. Problems with this one year with the action yes and because they have the dual do not love, actions, they do not get the feedback yes, because if you do nothing nothing, will happen my mother said is always from, nothing comes nothing so. You start, with the bumper, but mentorship, program application, process and then, you do not action, she. Will give up or you will be rejected or you will nothing, will happen so easy yes and that is everything. Can be applied to this simple. Flowchart okay, so that was this psychologists, part I will talk about this in. The future again yes, when I'm when. I'm getting to this point because I think it's really important, that I get into it if you want to know more about this please let me know this because I don't know if you want to get this because a lot of you work only to see how I trade they want only to get the. Knowledge which I'm giving but this knowledge makes only a small part yes you you will not become a consistently, profitable trader if you have only the knowledge there, is a complete. Mind, sets and complete it's, the mindset that is why I'm talking here about the mindset yes because, if you have not the right mindset if you don't understand, all this kind of small. Stuff, which is working together like price action net price, actually it's not all is the key level price action is not only the. Base or the trend. Or the key level no it's everything everything. Is working together and the same stuff is with this kind of how. To become successful in every kind of part, of the life so, in this case you. Have to get through it I will, do a video about this more detail when I have more time but I want to show you this already now, yes. So, those, one who are applying for the bot mentorship, program application, process let's say know what they have in front of them yes. So if you want to reach a goal and you can stop start with small steps set. Small, goals yes. If you have small goals yes you don't need to be dream big I want to become a millionaire or something like this and when, you have a drug when you have some, goal, specifics. Is going yes because millionaire. Everybody, wants to become a millionaire more, specific, would be yes I want an income from nearly. $3,000. A month that. Would be a goal yes that is a goal which is reachable, that is a goal which, is which. You can do work, through yes, and then you have to set up a plan that's, how you go to do this well, what kind of information, I got to see this, what kind of action I have to do what, I have to do every, day yes every, day to obtain this rich, simple. Disciplined it's so easy that a simple. Disciplines. Only, small, since what you have to do every, day and as. Long you do this for the long, term you, will get the feedback or you will fail then.

You're Gonna change your stress as you plan or succeed. So easy that is how it works s that is what I have done and did. I tell you something, I have done, massive. Action and, I'm still doing massive, action yes, every. Week and I'm publishing. This video I have published 900, and more, videos, on the YouTube channel I'm doing, always, massive. Action in, the bot mentorship, program and publishing. Every, day 20, to 40 videos for my mentorship, program students I am doing always, massive, action. Most. Of you do not understand, that you have to do massive action they, do nothing yes. They start and they, do not bring it to them okay so now, we, are going fast because I don't want to lose too much time I have, to talk about what, price action right you fight about price action guide in the description it. Contains, only illustrations. The, bot price action body you find the link in the description, it contains, illustrations. And. Explanations. The, but price action Bible is a Holy Grail it's not all for fun white, this. What price action Bible contains, everything what you need yes it's talking about. About. The, criterias, the pattern psychology, the support and resistance the entry points how to trade and how not to trade yes I don't want to get too deep in this kind of stuff because it will take when, I'm studying and to talking about what, price, action Bible I get, really emotionally, because this, Bible, would have changed my, trading a few years ago if I would have had this, stuff, my. YouTube videos the, bot price action Bible I would. Have saved, a lot of years of were. Drifting and, trying. Stupid, strategies, from scamming, youtubers, yes, so but price action Bible is a Holy Grail the what price action Bible is the, minimum. What, you should, obtain. Yes. The. Minimum what. You need else knowledge, yes, what you need to know to. Become, a good trader, so then the. Bot mentorship. Program self-study, Moodle will you pick one for the beginner video pick two for the advanced ones no for the medium one we hope it's free for that one spot and videopak for father nearly. Bros the, video pics can't be found also in the description the. Video pecks in conjunction, with the bought price action bible are dope, they are changing, your trading dramatically. You, will become immediately. A good trader, but, you, have to take massive, action and studying. The stuff which i have explained, in the blood price action bible and studying. The videos, which, I have put in the media Peck says if you don't do massive, action let, me show you this if you don't do massive action you, will not that this is same thing like those one who are subscribing, for the gym you subscribe, for your gym yes I'm. Subscriber. But if you do not go to the gym and you don't to massive action yes. You. Will never become even, will never become a big guy yes, a muscular. Guy yes will use will stay like you stay because you don't to action, from nothing will come nothing so when you get this video pet watch this studies, those kind of stuff in conjunction, with what price action bible then you will obtain that. What i have explained, here results. Yes and the result is a success, you will reach your goal and when you have you good you can go further yes so easy so, yeah yes, so again what, price action bible in the description, what price action guide in the description will, you pick one two three and four in the description, and then we have some what mentorship program the.

Bot Mentorship, program that, is nearly the last announcement. If you want to get in the bot mentorship, program you have to apply now to, apply to send me an empty email, to my email address moto boot winner and gamer calm, an, empty. Email to my email address moto, boot winner at So many ah not. Understanding. This I don't know they asking, me always how can I try for the bot mentorship, program you, have 20. An empty email, with subject. Bot mentorship, program to get into the application process, you have to go through the application process because nobody. Can buy this at, the this what militia program immediately, I want, to know what you know I want, to know if, I, can educate, you if you are not able. If I'm not able to educate you because you do not have some basic knowledge as which, is not a lot but if you have not the Vedic knowledge I cannot educate too so you may save your time I will save my time yes you will save your money I do not work I don't get your money so in this case that, is my guarantee for, you that, I will only educate. You when you are able to become a consistently. Profitable, trader, yes, that, is what, the Bott mentorship, program is about every. Week I release, what, mentorship, program students yesterday, I have to release again six yes so in, this case yes, if you want to become a consistently. Profitable, trader you have to join the bot mentorship, program as soon as possible. Yes, those, one who got through the application, process that is a last the. Last announcement, merely the last announcement, I will, soon stop I cannot tell you this much more and if you are not committed yes if you are not willing. Yet. To, obtain your goal to, become a consistently. Profitable, trader to change your future to change your financial situation then. It cannot, help you anymore yes because then. Something. Of this things is happening, because as you, would step into it and you cannot tell me that it's a money you, cannot tell this because, you have lost already much more money, by, doing this on your own yes. And, that. Is this one yes there are so many there who are contacting me yes I have lost so much money but can you get into the Bott mentorship program for free, that. Is not Sabri that is not Sudhir that, you have done this experience, you have done your strategy, you have done your action, you have seen that it doesn't bring something, so change it that means do, something, different, yes but don't come to me and cry net that is not the case because, I know Jesus yes. I do I am doing already so much for, everybody. And giving you knowledge for free yes, and don't ask me for much more and giving also some kind money for free you did only to comment below my videos there so don't, stop asking, me for something for free because my time is precious, really. Precious yes and I, want. To use my time only, for them who deserve it so, easy okay so that was this one the, battleship program to to. Become. To. Get into the what position from sent me an empty email, with.

Subject. Bought mentorship program to my event with Motorola Twitter at, then, you have to go through the application process in this application, process you have to do massive. Action, simple. Disciplines, practice, every day yes simple, case which, you have to do every day and, yes. And that, would, be okay so and, that was already so, we have brought it to an end now, we are, going really fast to the next point and the next point is, about prize. Money. Winner so, first of all the. Bot community. Page of the but but. Motivator. YouTube channel here, you get, educational. Stuff here, you get educational. Stuff you see chart, analysis. At this best yes, you get here my, students, which are studying here somebody, who has bought the e-book somebody, who is making these notes, really, nice, stuff if you want to get the background stories, the behind the scenes stuff watch, the community, page here, is somebody who got released from, my bought mentorship program thank you for sharing your knowledge and great experience, and this value class what, mentorship, program is like magic, and you, as a magician, that is the student which I have released yesterday yes, and I, have to say you. Know see at first I really hate EMA, ABB, lines honest me and now I can't read without it, because, I feel like I'm blind you have understood, everything yes. The bundling, of Bank NZ events are like maybe. Get out yes you are on the big ocean the market is the ocean, and you are on your small ship and you need some kind of maybe, a sextant, engine over the sexiness to, need to, understand, where, you are in the in depth in the relation, to the ocean, yes where the next land. Is that, is you have understood, everything and that is the reason why I got released you yes, you have understood, everything really, nice here, that is all so. All, of your strategies are amazing, no, fixed rules but this is the mixed rules exactly you have understood that is all the concepts, together and making, you consistently, profitable, it's, all this concept, because, there is not one strategy only, you have to use everything, you, have understood, everything I'm so proud of you you don't imagine this I'm so, proud of you. After. So long after one month I could release you that's really nice it here always a past moment I have improved myself far away from my sword the exit is dreaming yes you dream and you obtain more. Than you dreamed about really, nice I'm really proud of you that makes me really happy but the best one is system and now, I can trade without it because I feel like, blind. You. Know that is what this is about okay we mask so what's, the community page is really nice yes I'm, getting also there nice information, you see this nice chart and this is why, the trains, foot has been taken, what kind of concepts, they are working on let's see you get all this kind of background information around. Boat, or trailer yes, so watch this that is really nice so okay the next one the, next one is the winner of the blood prize money I told you one. Of you will be the winner officer bot prize money and I will give away the next week's or maybe next year the next week's maybe next week's maybe the next week's after, it yes I cannot tell this because, there are some guys.

Who Are not working, ethical. Yes they are not working ethical, so I cannot, announce the specific. Date. Exactly, but, I will give away, $100. As $100. To one who, is commenting, me only to comment below my video that it's really messy, and you can win $100. Yes that is what, I'm giving away because, I have, something to celebrate, yes and so if, you want this money, comment. Below my, videos so okay let me see the winner talk to me so, we know of today will be, okay. First of all we have 110. Comments, 110. Comments yes, and, now we are going to announce the winner. $110. To 110. I. Get a get set up first then, I will do this again because the first one I have it's me my comment yes if I. Will, click ok let me see let me see let me see let me see who was the winner today, so, and the winner today is. 106. Yes 106. Is the winner today that means that is somebody, who, has commented. The video last. Week yes, one, of those one who were the first who has done this so, commented. So let me see. 106. Let me see so we have 110. We, have 112 we have 106. 9. 8. 107. Dignitas. On yes, praising baby occasion, you, are serving our yes you are the winner. Yes. It was. Selected. In the wrong way yes, okay you are the winner next time I will change. This okay yeah here's Moses boy yes, okay look I'm. Out okay nice okay other huh all the guys okay then in Kazan, you have won the but prize money's a $10, you, will get yes. I will, contact you yes. Congratulation. If, you want to win the next week, price. Money I don't know if it will be already the 100, or all these a 10 you, have to comment below the, video here okay so okay let, me go a switch because now we are going into, the main, topic. So. That was this one I have prepared something for you if you, want to reach at all this video. As, of this explanation which are going to do today then, you have to. Yes. You have to send me an email with, the subject chart. 19. Yes, chart 19. Then, you get the real chart and look, at this what I have prepared for you, so. That is what I have prepared for you that. Is how to predict, next candlestick, based, on price action trading, on trading, market I will, do maybe. Four videos. Also about, training market, to, explain, you exactly. How to trade, it and you will see how. Important. The, Bollinger Band entered. If is to, understand, how to trade, properly into. A trending. Market because, if you do not use them there, will be no hints, as, you are like drifting, on the ocean, without, any kind of hint where, the market, will auto ship will driver will, swim with will, mitigate that's, because you have no relation. To what would. To what do you want to a dual relations, so okay let. Me show you what I have prepared for you here so, first of all I have to show. You the chart this. Is a child and to see the chart is one-to-one. Copy as I'm half done this work I have copied this chart one by one yes, and to see here the. EMAs are aligned, like this like what I told you in the Bott price actual matter and also in the video pecs that, is a major, downtrend. Yes we have a major down to an 200, 150, 20, and we are below the 20, and we, are here also below. The one deviation. Boiling event here that is strong trend here that is strong trend and here, the trend is losing a lot of momentum and the trend is going more into a ranging, market okay, that is always, the same stuff so now we are focusing, on this part here so let me show you what, I have prepared so first of all we have here as a process, of elimination. That. Is always because, everything, what I'm explaining here is based on the highest probability trading. Setup stuff yes, I have explained this here you. Have an uptrend. Regatta River the part on and after, the reversal, pattern you have a downtrend, then, you get again a reversal, pattern and then you get an apt where in between you have continuation. Patterns in between, you have hood X yes, and that, is okay yes, but that is the main concept. Of each, and every, trade yes, that, what I had explained, in the Bott price action Bible based, on the major trend minute trend the, support and resistance levels, the. Chemistry patterns yes it's a rejection okay. Let. Me go in through this yes, because, oh one second. Okay. For those one again you need this chart to select this chart - please send me an email, with the subject an empty email with the subject charts, 19, years let, me show you this if I can show you this here. Shot. He, had shot 19. Yes you sent me an, email with a subject. Shot 19 I will send it to you so that you have it in front of you so we have here the process of elimination, if, you look carefully here.

Where I talked about the ranging, market the, same process, of elimination, happened, also on the ranging market being among the last one please watch this playlist, this playlist, is called how to predict, mix Candace things this are really, high educational. Videos they will clear a lot I got so many emails from, so many students, which, are so many so happy and not only students also some of those one who are my, subscribers, they are so happy that I'm doing this kind of videos because that, I open. Us yes please watch a complete list playlist, before you are contacting, me because, most of your questions will be answered there so we have the process of elimination, this. Call here this. Call here is based and derived the chart in front of you is based, on the rejection. From the 100, EMA, that is already the first crate which you do yes this call option because. We are in an uptrend this, Kindle was a break out candle and after this breakup and you are doing here a call option because. Of the, of. The break, out I will show you this. Here. Break, out of the 100, ma in an uptrend yes, next, candle. Yes he are called because, we use a 100. Ma as a support, level yes, call, option, on support. In an uptrend why, uptrend, because till you don't get a reversal, pattern you, ask this into an uptrend, so easy, as that is what I'm explaining because, this candle is an indecision came after, the break out yes. Next, candidate, put process. Of elimination. This candle was not able to break the height of the previous candle so, in this case put option, yes put, option after this put option, you are not trading, the next candle, you could trade it but there is a tricky, part you, drink do not trade the next candle why because. The distance, between the closing price of this candle and lower. Shadow of the doji, or this verse spinning top yes is so, far that, it could happen every treatment because you do not know if, the trend is starting or not because we are here in between of the EMAs let me show you this we are here in between of CDMA that. Also. A rejection, from the 50 ma so one second I have to open the door for my dog one second so, okay so okay again, we, have a put option because of the process, of elimination the next can we do not wait it's a good thing candle yes it's a good thinking but we are between the EMAs and, because we are in between the mas you do not know if the next candle, will be yes.

A Trend, continuation. Or not of this reversal, because we are in between and that, is really risky that is what I'm telling you you have to get really, good reference yes, some kind of evidences, that the trend is not over, before you are going to do a trend continuation, so after, the next candle we have a breakout this, candle is a breakout, let me show you this yes here you see this we, have a breakout, yes. Off the EMA that means this candle, is breaking, through the 50 through, the 20, through the middle boiling event so the next can because we have here lower new lower high concept so I will do please, send me an email with, the name chart 19, that, I can show you sent to the email process, and. Chart, so that you happen fun because I don't to switch it all the time so I would explain, you know exactly what I'm going whatever, what we are going to do here so the, next candidate was a breakout, candle of the 50s of 20 ma and the middle boiling event so, you use to, a put option and, that is very important, if you are using the higher high higher no concept yes which I have explained here the, second, candle has to break through, the key level if the second, candle of the higher high higher no or low or low and lower high concept is not creating the second candle the, second kill is not breaking any key level is stopping exactly, exit key level then, you do not, use, it so, easy don't use it yes because it has to break through it so, then, we have here the higher no although a high concept put option on the next candle because this was a breakout, candle so breakout in conjunction, what, means is that means, put option, on resistance, in a downtrend here, we have done a call option on support, in an uptrend here we do a put option on resistance, in a downtrend okay so, the, next candle, was a break, out came in again of the one deviation, born in the bed and. Of the next one's one deviation, boiling a bank the next Kendall is doing again, a no alone or high concept then, you enter into the next candle, into a trend, continuation. Yes because, if you get the doji, in a downtrend, yes, then. You have to follow the trend because it's an indecision candle, yes but it's a doji doesn't, mean if it's a complete, talking like this it's a doji it was the higher shadow and the lower shadow the same equal size that, means indecision that means it's only as poss as, you can see this also that, it will be only a pause because the bonding event actually loses, because.

The Bowling event here is flat this, flat boiling event is showing you that we have here support and resistance level but we have a major downtrend, yes you see the emails we have a major downtrend, so you follow, the minner and the major trend because every, key every, support, and releasing, them it is only so strong like the thread which is fighting against, it if you have a strong trend which is fighting against it it doesn't matter what kind of support in the resistor head it will be not strong enough that is what I had explained in the but price action Bible, also in the middle pegs so what said yes if you don't have an understanding about, this so lower. Low lower high concept put option on the next candle Lucy. You, have here on the 30 minute. Zoom. Out less. Trades, has less traits than, those one which I have on 30 minutes, on the ranging market look at this how many traits you have here on the ranging market to do resource, kind of concepts because, it's much easier to trade the ranging market then, the trending market because on the training market, that is why, so many are asking me always. Yes. How can I did identify if the trade is over or not the trend is only over, if you get a reversal, pattern but you can expect, replacements, in between that. Is really tricky that is why you cannot trade each and every candlestick, in the training market why losing why so many are showing you videos, where they're trading, ranging market because it's much easier to predict. Not each and every candlestick, yes but nearly, every. Second transistor here you have only every search for, candlestick. Yes and you have to be really selective you, cannot quit and if you would not even have the. EMAs, and the balling event it would have been much more difficult that's. Because you don't know if this candle, would be now yes, if you can't do this as an exhaustion candidate, yes and, to, make this exhaustion, candle but this I didn't name this yes because I'm thinking yes, you see here that would be also an exhaustion candle, and it didn't work out so do not lose its exhaustion, Kenneth traits when you have a strength often where, the price is between the one deviation, lower, in the two deviation, lower and is doing here this kind of lower known or high concept, let's stay away wait, for the right moment so. Okay then we have here the next one that one here is the brain, bearish, inverted. Hammer a lot. Of you do not understand, that the bearish, inverted. Hammer after, a prolonged, downtrend, is not. A continuation. Segment, in most. Of the Titans, that is why I have done here a call option yes. The, most of the time this. British, hammer and this is a no rejection trading, setup as, you can find this in the bud protection, Bible and this is also explained and so many of my videos of the video pegs is, that this is a no rejection trading, setup and because, of no this no rejection trading, setup the next candlestick, because of this hammer this, bearish. Inverted. Hammer is the end of a track that is a support, level and that's a reason why I have marked here a call option after. This we, do here higher, high higher nose and also, if this doji, is, a bearish, one that as we white, soldiers. Yes you do the next call option here yes, because this. Doji. Its to creating a higher high higher no but, it's a red one red doji but the Doge is a Doge it doesn't matter if what kind, of cannon is important.

Is Only that it's creating higher high higher low and that means it is a bullish like the bush ones that is the reason why I named this this week white, soldiers, higher higher higher no concept again let's, call option but you, have to see this kind of retracement. In relation, to the thread before and that, is really important, so now is happening that what I have explained in one of my other videos, let me show you this as soon. Surprised. Look at this as soon, we have a downtrend, and the price is going away from the two deviation, but in a bank we, are going into a ranging, market so, you see the trend it said the. Threat itself yes, was, only a short one we have still a training market, yes because we see the threat is going down but, we are doing more in to arranging, the trend is going to be slightly so. After. This we white soldiers, at key, level that is a one deviation, boiling a peg you, do a put on this candle here yes that would really put option. Under. One deviation, boiling event then the next candle can be traded why. Because. That was, a fake breakout off so, one deviation. Boiling event please gets, a real chart sent me an email to. My email address boat over to agreement. Or Congress the subject charge 19, yes, that was a fake break, of the one deviation, next, Kendall put, yes only because there was a breakout, and because we have a major down to it and the minute down to it so you stay in the direction of the minute to it and the major trend next, Kendall was a retracement, Kendall, back, to P letter yes, I have explained to ski leverage in the raging market video before, and then, you entering on the next candle into a put as a trend, continuation. So, a lot of you would trade now is there also this kept because they want to trade each and every chemist ik I have, not marked this candle why not, because, you don't know if surprise will continue to going down because we are still into a downtrend, so, you wait, to, see what's happening this, Cable will be a bullish, engulfing candle.

Yes, It will be a bullish engulfing candle. You could trade the next call option but it would happen against, a trend yes against a major trend and so, I didn't, mark this also you, need how selective, you have to be but, I have marked this one here this boot option because that was a big record I have expenses, and one of my previous candidate, we. Have previous videos how to predict, XK mystic videos how to rectify. Favorite, hours this, candle he had didn't unfold like it should yes, and that's, the reason why, I'm doing a put option again in the direction of the major and the minute down to it and doing, a put option here then, we got a lot of dojis a lot. Of you are doing big mistakes, when, they are doji's dojis, and dojis, they trade this, areas. Do, not trade, this, LVS residue this ass that is the reason why I have tons IC and white you. Could to put the call options, from the support and resistance level, here yes, which I have marked based, on this reversal, pattern I have explained this in one of my previous, how, to predict, any statistic because as you could to traders but I would not trade them that's because it is risky because you don't know when so when, the breakout will happen to, wait 1, 2 3 4 candidates and then, you get to break out cameras, this is the and the one deviation. Boiling a bank break out as let me show you this, that. This again is a one deviation, boiling a bed break out major, downtrend. Break out yes, next Kendall put look at this next, Kendall port yet because of the break up and to come to it and that is really important, you need, the conflict, of support, and resisted in, correlation. With. Burning. A bank or the emails, yes if you have this that are increasing, your odds dramatically. So in then you, will get to hear the process of elimination, because there should have been a bullish more. A morning stop at the support and resistance level. This, candle here is not unfolding, like a shot so we have here again the process of elimination, but, you don't to the trade against a trade you do the trade in direction. Of the major and the minute down train and that is a put option here yes and that was away so we go to here, one two three twelve five six seven eight nine ten eleven. Twelve straight. 12. Crates in a 30-minute. Shot that is a little bit less than that what I have shown you on the ranging market but this is a way how you have to treat the, and. How to predict, the next candlestick, based on price action trading on the trading market that is exactly, the way yes and I will do in the next weeks are much more videos about this so that you get a better feeling how, to understand, how to trade it because, most of you do, not wait to do the put option on resistance, into a downtrend, they. Do trade. In this kind of tiny kinda stuff which, will lead this, trading, here are 50% chance that you get it right because it, looks like you could trade edges but most of them you will enter you have sharp movements, you get the back entry point and that, is also explained in one bar of my word price action Bible the entry point stuff yes the. Purchase time the expiration, time all this kind of stuff which I have explained in the world price action Bible and also in the video page okay but that was already I think it was clear, I think you've got a good feeling about how to trade and, is. A trending market yes how to predict the next chemistry console retro on the training market so if you like this video to a like if, you didn't subscribe to my channel subscribe to my channel if you have something to say all you want to win the blood price price. Money you have to comment below this video and in. This case I would say, stay. Safe. And. Bye. Bye.

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