Price Action: How to identify breakouts /w price action trading on FOREX & Binary Options

 Price Action: How to identify breakouts /w price action trading on FOREX & Binary Options

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Hey. Hockey traders here's a new video, we. Have we added study time yes and today I'm going to show you a nice a mind-blowing, video, but before this I have to do the risk warning the invested capital might, be at risk don't wait waste money you cannot afford to lose and this, video is like always not, not. An investment, advice so, this, video will be about how to identify, and, confirm break, outs this, will be a mind-blowing. Video, because this is what I have shown you already, so often, in my life, trading, videos yes, where I have explained, but I didn't explain this ever yes, but I got so many requests, of you that you wanna see this how this works and I will show you today how is really and this is really mind-blowing, for, this information as are people are charging, money yes, so I want to tell you again yes, also if there are a lot of people who. Are complaining in my comments, that I have to that they have to go through a lot of talk, of me yes because I'm talking a lot yes, but, XCX those information. Which I'm giving you yes, other. People, are charging money or even, you, don't get this so easy yes because all those one who are following my channel all my audience. You are lucky, you are so damn lucky because you get those kind of information, from me on the, silver spoon you have maybe to hear about something, over, and over again because I have to. Get this currency question, answered, yes but in general, you get such kind of mind-blowing, information. So don't complain, because you can search somewhere else the informations. And you will see how difficult it is to get, those kind of informations, directly. In your head yes directly. No, only, a half, an hour one hour of a, video, and you have this information yes. And you, have not to search for it like I had time to do this four years or five years ago when I have started I had to go and search, this kind of information and I have seen much more. Yes, really much more, that you have seen ever so, don't complain. I cannot, see this kind of stuff all other I'm not doing the videos for you and doing this video for those one who know how to prep racy ate this stuff which I'm giving to you here for, free and, overall. Really, knowledge. Which is I'm going to make money for you yes if you are able to apply this kind of concepts you are going to make money and that is, what makes me proud I'm released, yesterday, again, a lot of students yes. Which, are now consistently, profitable, I am changing, life yes and lives and that is what I'm doing here and I can not hear, any kind of complaining, in my comments, or somewhere, else yes because at the end try, to find someone else so for, those one who want to win the but twice money also this week comment. Below my curve below my video yes so next week on Sunday, on. Saturday I will announce a new winner I will announce also, the winner from this week later, slow, again I have to discuss. Something guys because I got a question from. Somebody, who. Asked. Me that I have to do some more stuff about psychology. And I have to talk about this really carefully because yes. Maybe I have to do also some special videos about this but. The most important, part this is the most important, thing what you should know is as, soon. You, deposit. Money on, your broker yes, it doesn't matter what kind of broker I feel option and it's like, important, option rx or whatever, yes alum trade who, knows yes it doesn't matter as soon you have. Yes. You have deposited the money on, the broker it's not, your money anymore this. Money is not invested. It's an investment. So. And as soon you have to two trades, every. Trade what you are doing is an, investment. And also, if you are making, profit, it's, still, not your money till you don't withdraw this money so, as soon you helps this money on your screen account on your, credit, card on your.

Bank Account then, it's your money as long it, is on the broker, it's an investor meant the. Money is invested and it's not yours that is important, that you understand, this kind of psychology, as, part yes, that this is not your money anymore so forget, it yes this, is and then try your best because, a lot of investor, do not have even, this type of control, which you act about your traits because, if you are investing in some kind of company, company, yes. Money. In a company for example only yes then, you don't eat anything, you don't have even control, yes as. Long as you don't have a, specific. Amount so, the thing is this that is the nice thing on trading, on trading, you have the control, of everything, because, you are that trader. Who is pushing the button yes the corn patterns the put buttons are higher buttons the lower button so, and that is every. Trade you have to see every, trade like an investment, so. Try, to, do your best, opportunity. Straits yes it means try, to wait, be. Patient and, try, to good good, investments. Because doing, good decisions, in life then. You will do good also good trading decisions, are you doing bad trading, decisions, you will always almost. Doing also bad decisions. In life that is something, what is normally, because you are doing, habit, Lee the wrong decisions. And so, you to put the wrong decisions, only in training, so that is what I want to say that is a really, important, psychology, part which, nobody is talking about this yes as, long as the money is on the broker it's not, real money its invested. And you know investments. Has some kind of risk that means all you are doing good trades yes then you reduce the risk or you doing bad traits then you am the, in greater risk and Mobe, maybe you can also blow, your account and that, is the reason yes so as long, you have not that restore, the money this, is not your money and that is really important, to understand so then, the next part of. Those one who, are complaining, about, yes. I'm talking, always so much yes, maybe I'm talking too much but I have to take everybody. By hand because, I have a big audience yes, I'm really proud of you to be honest because those. One who are following my youtube channel you, are the lucky ones yes you are those one who get educated, by, a European, pro trader who is every week in the leaderboard, who can prove with, this, knowledge, which I'm providing, every week that, I am, the real deal, yes so you are really the lucky one the other ones I cannot, help that, it's a problem on this and those, one who cannot, help and I. Want to another even help them because most of them do not understand, what kind of great work I'm doing here I'm doing this for my audience yes and that is you and that is, the reason why I yes, I'm continuing. This because sometimes I'm asking myself why, I'm doing this so and the second so, that was this one let, me continue. Now immediately, because X it will be really, long and. So again today's. Video will be how to identify confirmed. Breakouts yes again for those one who want this. Kind of service, done yes that. Investment. Reform, to recovery, service, which are provided, sent, me an email to my email address boat over twitter at, with, subject. Investments, recovery, yes. And then I'm sending user. Application. How you can apply for this yes that, to get one of those one who I, get. The money back with you have loss on IQ. Option I will, do, this me in, the future also for other procas yes if, this is a request, and if there is some kind of asking, for it then the conditions, will be then explained. In. Further email, so then the second one now I will. Try to go through all this kind of steps. Which I have to go through so let me see now we are going to eat some type of. Furniture, chart analysis, so, what is the fact, here what will be the next candle, and, is really, a tricky, one this, is a tricky, one because here, we have ranging, market, and I told this already off in ranging, market you have to trade the edges of the ball in a bank I have explained, this in the bud price action violet and, I don't want to solve another page because, it will, take again too long yes and then I had yet another complainings, about, this it's, appalling, the banks if you have ranging market you have to trade at the edges of the balling event that means the next rate is, really tricky because here, you have a 50-50 chance that because.

The Next candle you would not you don't know what will happen the, probability. That the next candle will be a bearish, one is higher than, those ones that it will be a bullish one because, we, got here a reversal. We. Got a rejection from the two deviation, balling aback yes, and we have ranging, market we are far away from the two deviation, but in a bed so, I'm pretty much sure that, the next candle which will happen here will be a weak listen. A weak bearish, one yes based, on those kind of concepts, which I have explained, in the ebooks as in. The but price action Bible, so okay that was this one yes I, don't, want to show you this based on the evil Souls one who has the e-book understand. This let, me show you I wish to use it. Again. Something like this that I was talking about something, but it's not the case so the most important, part here is this kind of concept which, I have shown you already so often one of the most important. Concepts. How to reach the boiling a bank and zm8 it is this one here and you see here in this kind of page on this page, yes. On this page here, that one year they you see how you have to trade a ranging, market of the bottom line you have to trade it on the edges and that, means after the price is going to get, a rejection, from the edges in the ranging market you have to expect a reversal, yes and in this case I'm expecting, here now the. Second. Reversal. That's a one deviation, boil-in-the-bag first, reverse led to to deviation, second reversal it's a one-day nation and that, would be the reason why I'm expecting, here a week bearish, candle because we have here Long's a lot of support and resistance level, and most probably because we have a major uptrend. Yes the price will stop. Above. The one variation upper, Bollinger Bands yes that is this one so, only for those want to show you how, I'm doing bring. Together all, of this kind of concepts, and making. So, the technical, analysis, complete. Yes because it's not always one, thing it's not only support, and resistance it's not only the. Trend you have to understand, all those kind of concepts, which I'm explaining, yes, and if you are able, to gain all this knowledge out of the bought price action Bible yes and also. All of the video back 1 2 3 & 4 then, you are able to trade each, and every. Candlestick. Or nearly, each and every, candlestick, because then you have such. Kind of big arsenal. Of weapons. Yes so of creating. Opportunities, that, you can trade each and every, candlestick, or nearly each and every kind, of stick but I can only tell you no, good trader would, ever trade, each and every, candlestick, and I tell you why yes, because. Because. That means yes, because not each and every candlestick, is telling you anything for example if you have this kind of chemistry those, kind of candlesticks, are not telling you a, lot that's, because doji, our door of the doji after, high, wave can have the spinning top after, doji, after doji are not telling a lot in this kind of area, it's not good to trade and that, it's also casting, psychology, cannot, help you the only things which can help you in this kind of consolidation, area is that what I have explained, here also in the board price action Bible yes, how to trade, how. To trade, a support, and resistance, yes on EMA's F on support and resistance you have to trade them when you have this kind of ranging, at the edges - yes and that means let me show you this where I have says I have, experiences, in this kind of concepts, here let, me see there are so many, that. Is this one and that is so important, that you study, all of them yes to get this, done yes because you cannot predict, and pretend, that you can trade like me or some other ex who is doing nearly, each and every chemistry only by knowing the.

Support And resistance stuff, that is not possible, so let me see if I can found it I can, find it I do not find it at the moment yes those one who ever Bible, knows. Where to find it yet because at the end you, have to go through it but that is what I'm talking about the support and resistance level, and bow to every point, I. Don't, find it you see it almost, always, a mess has, to go through it I have to prepare this before and, when, I do not prepare this before I do not find it it's, always the same stuff, here it's a little bit set yes, okay yeah yeah I have found it so if you have support and resistance or consolidation, area and that is what you have here yes this is a consolidation, area, because, you are here between the one deviation, lower and the two deviation, upper Bollinger Band then you have to trade here outside of, it that means you are doing here put options, from a bath yes, and call options from below that, is the only way you trade, it and that has nothing to do with chemistry psychology there, are those kind of concepts, which I'm explaining, over, and over again and you see also you can use so around, number here there's a one point one zero nine five and other. Round number here the one point one point zero nine four five you. To do this, kind of call options below the clear. Level here below this consolidation. Area, and to put options, from above yes that is the only way because Ecodistrict. Patterns are in consolidation. Do, not world yes conservation, area that, candlestick pattern will not work and when you are in between that is much more critical I see this always on my students when you are in between of the one deviation, upper into one deviation, lower body event then you have ranging, market then you don't know that you have to be much more careful okay that was the Scholastic analysis, here of this, chart yes so next scanner will be a weak bearish campus one who. Wanna. Know this so, act now we are, going, through the next topic at the next topic asset one which I have to cover each and every time because, at the end I get this question, I see this question always in that Facebook. Group I see, this everywhere, that I get this email and I have to answer them and I will do this reading today I want to do this really short because, I don't want to waste your time again so let me see this how I can do this really fast first of all I have to return you to my page so, let. Me see that, is, this one year so, yes. So what price action guys yes you can't find a link in the description, it contains, 120, pages, of illustrations. Yes only. Illustrations. No explanations. That is the bought price action guide to the better black one yes you'll find a link in the description I don't, say it much more release the description, yes that, is already everything, so the second one is the bought price action Bible, you'll find some link in the description, there are two hundred seventy, five pages of, illustrations. And explanations. That is what you each and every trader, needs because, those kind of informations, which, are in this bought price action Bible will change, your training you will become a good trainer, only. By studying those kind of stuff and applying, this kind of stuff which I explained, in the bought price action Bible, the bought price action banner can't be found in the description, if you have support price action Bible you don't need, the bought price action guide because a but price action guide is included, in the bot price action Bible, ok, so where do you find somewhat price action body exactly, in the description, there's 275. Pages of illustrations. And explanations. Everything. Criterias. Patent psychology, support. And resistance, entry, points, chart, patterns, concept, everything, explains, all of this what you need to, become a good trainer is explained. In the blood price action by that yes so get it if you don't have it because it will change your, trading so the second one and the next one is in conjunction, with the video page yes will you pick one for the beginner will you pick two for the medium. Ones video picks three for that once once and video paid for for the nearly. Pros that are those, kind of traits which make my, bot mentorship, program students, profitable.

Yes Consistently. Profitable, those kind of videos are really. In conjunction with the Bible because, we need to understand, those concepts which I'm explaining they, are changing, your trading. Dramatically. Because, it's an instant, access to, my core knowledge yes game in years of experience. Where, can you find video. Pick one two three and four yes you can't find them in the description there is a link you, access there in conjunction, with the ebook it's dope yes, that are those crates which are my students have done and I'm explaining exactly what, they, have done wrong what, they could do better what they have to look for and how to trade, properly they, are no. Life, training, yes that ah yes. A trade explained, on their, trades, yes so in this case the, that, is what is yes, and they. Are really high educationally. And you, will, increase your training dramatically, that, readers, are not like, those ones which I have in. The YouTube channel because I would not sell my. YouTube. Videos, again. As video packs so please. Get. On your brain yes which on your brain because that would be really ridiculous, those, kind of videos like I are, high educationally. And I'm explaining here really, everything. Yes, and will, you will you pick one for the beginner video pick two for the minion one will you pick three for the advancement. And video picks for, father merely, pro those, kind of explanations, are changing. Your trading, and in, conjunction with the bought price action Bible they are really, magic, dope yes you. Will you will change your training as you will increase, your winning ratio dramatically. But, you have to study those kind of things I get questions yes, if those. Kind of videos. And if those kind of ebook are making. Credit. Like. Is, that they can trade each and every candlestick, if you buy an English book yes you, will not immediately know. Talking, English that means you have to study those kind of things you have to apply this, kind of things and then, you are merely. - Drake each and every canister but I can only tell you yes. Nobody, trades each and every candlestick, yes no good trainer because not, every, candlestick, is telling you everything, mostly it's only 50%, shines, so you have to wait for those kind of opportunities opportunities. Which, I'm explaining in my ebook, which. I'm explaining in this video pegs yes because as, you, get not, high probability. Trading and, that is what, you. Should try to, good to do good investments. Yes because every trick is an investment, okay so that is this one and, the, last one that, is about mentorship. Program, you can find the links not in the description, you have to do an application process, why, I'm doing this kind of application process. I'm doing, this application, process to guarantee that, you, have the basic, knowledge because, nobody, can teach you in one week, how to trade, and not, even me can teach you in four weeks how to trade, and to become a professional trader and a pro trader and the consistently, profitable, trader yes, if you don't have the knowledge yes. If you don't have a basic, knowledge I, will not able to do this in four weeks and that is a guarantee, I'm doing, this kind of application process. Only because. I want to get sure that, you can become a consistently. Profitable, trader if if you go through the application process and, you get not rejected, from me yes and I don't, I get guaranteed that I do not waste my time with anybody who knows nothing if, you are coming from any kind of. YouTube. Videos where, you are trading the crossing of mas yes, awesome, the mood indicator, yes multi-link.

It I'm talking about this one yes if you are trading based on this trade, a sentiment, widget yes then, don't. Apply for the mentorship, program yes because I don't want to that are those one who I don't want you have to have a some kind of basic, knowledge it's, not a lot more to help me to help yes but you have to and that is my that is a difference, between me and all others cameras they, take your money and they, tell you that they are educating. They, are making you a consistently. Profitable, trader but they don't get you at that point where you are I'm getting, you from, the point where you are from the knowledge level where, you have and, when you have too less knowledge, I have, to reject, you because I can I'm not a magician, I'm not. Yes. I'm not a magician I cannot do this if you don't have a basic, knowledge if you don't know the basic, stuff which, I have explained, in my but price action violence yes, then, I cannot, make you a consistently. Profitable, trader because you'd have to get through, this kind of things before there, is a reason, why I'm so proud about my audience, those one who are watching my videos get. That knowledge which you need to become a professional trader, the consistently, profitable, trader I get every, day email. From, my students emails, from my subscribers yes. Who are thanking. Me who are thanking me for that. What I'm doing here, is because I'm, doing here a great job that is my passion yes and it makes me so happy that I'm able to change life yes but I'm cannot, change life from those one who not know anything that is the same thing like you would not know nothing, and you sent him to England without speaking, the language you need at least to, know what yes and noise yes, and some, other stuff yes, because else you are lost and that is the same on trading you cannot put thanked that you come to me and you ask me for the strategy, yes and I tell you something yes you will not make money because you will use this, kind of things wrongly that, is why I'm explaining, those, things in the video packs that is why I'm explaining those, things in the bot price expire and that is why both to Gaza are, shifting. Your trading on a new, level yes you will become a better trader only. By this small, investment of, the bought price action Bible in conjunction, with a video peg one two three and four and that, is the best investment what you could do for those one who need. Me. As your mentor you keep spinning and that is also a question you can still join for, the book mentorship, program I will not do this and more for long I said this already so often yes and the time will get, shorter and shorter and, shorter and soon, I will stop doing this so if you want to get in the Bott mentorship, program do it now, don't, waste any more any time send, me an email to my email address both over twitter at, reset, subject, but, mentorship. Program, and then, you are in the application process then, you have to go through the application process, and if you get through this you are able to join, the bot mentorship. Program. Yes if, you are not getting through it you can apply this later again yes, that. Means and that is my guarantee that, you ask they're not ready to get through it yes then you will be rejected from, me that, is what this is I do not meet you that is I don't need your money that, means I am doing this to get my bot mentis yes because to get a good quantity. Of bot mentis, it, makes me really happy, to change life yes it is so nice. Cause like, such a nice stuff seeing, every, week those kinds which people which I'm releasing from the municipal. How happy they are that they, got it yes that I got that they got the right education. After get, scammed so, often, there are so many scammers, out there there, are so many scammers out there don't, believe, they're. Luring, words, yes they are already talking and trying, to fool you yes, and that is what this, kind of stuff about my youtube channel is I try, to educate your, so I have done this really short this time yes so let me see, if I can go through the, next one the next one is I want, to, announce. The. Winner. Of the, bought price action money first prize money for, those one who want to get types of Sean's chance also to get some prize money next, week's a $10 I'm giving, away every. Week $10. I want, to stop who, as a who. Other, youtuber. Is giving, away every.

Week, $10. No one yes because those, one who, knows what will happen in, not even the money to do this yes, they, are not even traders, it is a really. Really. Sing what makes me really upset let's, say I'm not even traded that affiliate. Marketers, they try only to get affiliated, who sees them with, affiliate. Intro to join the IQ option yet at the end at the beginning at the end yes, it's. Also what affiliate. Marketers, yes and they with all the money which they are making maybe they, are not even giving something back to you yes I'm giving, every, week. $10. Away yes, and you need the only thing what you have to do is commenting. Below my videos, that it's not even one minute that's, not even well have a minute and you have the chance to win it that is really, easy. Stuff yes so do this yes, come, and comment below my video to get a chance to win the next week's, a $10, let me see who has won or, who gonna win today, so let me see how, many comments to be a happier, I have, prepared this already because like. I taught this before I try to, get. To it as fast as possible so we have, 139. Comments, okay so, and now let's see yes, who, has won today the, $10. Bought prize money, so let me see let me see let me see yes, and that are, 139. So the 100, would be right to start before I forget it. 39. Yes 39, so. 139. So, and who is going to be the winner today. Number. 20. Yes congratulations, number. 20, let, me see who this is yes, I will try, not to do a mistake again so, let me see number, 20, is. Let. Me see yes. Who's. Number 20. Okay. This. Is the monopoly, so. Na da la, la Luna, mind-blowing. Can't wait for the upcoming with you to learn more and more yes you, are winner, yes, you are the women you will get informed, by me yes you will vector getting property so, concrete, donations, you have won this $10 and yes. I see also some other one yes here's somebody on. One of my but mentorship program students who is a one before this next. Time maybe so in, this case yes no problem you have won this for, those one who want to win next week's the $10.00 you have to comment, below this, video ok so that, knee goes through the next one so, the next one is this one if you, yes, we want to know what is going happen behind, the, scenes of the, boat over twitter channel then, you have to go through the community page here, on the community page you get all the informations, about the winner of the bots prize money you'll find some anger management tools, and so, many other tools yes that is what you can't find here on. This, kind of yes. Community. Channel one second I have to open the door for my dog one second okay. So is. That yes here you have the, ability, tap watch, it it's really important, here you get informations, about yet. I give also, a way he educational. Stuff for those one who are interested, yes so what's on the community page on my youtube channel be. Actively, as that would make me really happy yes, enzymes, is obviously the store. With. My shirts. Yes and my other products, to. Be honest I like them yes I don't care if you like me get the spoon of my favorite words yes and, there.

Are Some others like I give a and all those kind of stuff yet and that, kind of shirt. Is also nice lucky trading, shirt do not wash okay, that is that, was one which, have done one of my Facebook group, Mott's. Yes that is one of those one what saying yes if you like them you can get them but it's, not necessary, you know we are focusing here on trading so okay, that. Was this one I have maybe. Talked. About everything, and now, we. Are going to this new, mind-blowing. Stuff which, I'm presenting. Today yes. And today I'm going is anything new this, kind of knowledge which. I have prepared, here look exists so, this kind of knowledge I have to say yes obviously, because, I got a lot of comments about this one who are complaining. That I didn't take so, much time to explain the. Latest videos, yes where I've talked about a trend continuation. Stuff where, I talked about the. Reversal, patterns in trend, erection, yes and where I talked about how. To trade to advance our support and resistance techniques. I have, to say yes, I didn't, I. Didn't, talk, enough. About them, but the case is this one I cannot, talk so much about them yet I have to cover all this kind of stuff and I cannot do that at the end the video gots more than one hour and I didn't have explained but I can promise you only once in, those. Kind of things as those kind of things which I have explained, here in theory I will, show them all yes. On life training I show you them and have done this already always yes, I first. Of all I'm explaining this kind of stuff in theory and then, I then I'm giving you this kind of information on, life chart, I'm life training I'm gonna show you how, to apply those kind of things on life, training so don't be afraid I'm gonna, explain, to this I'm going to show you 1, million examples, if necessary, yes because I see since those things which I have explained here are working, like a charm, they are. Money-making. Machines, if you know how to apply this this, starts with this kind of stuffs the highest probability training. Set up which, you can apply over and over again and ain't going to show you or today or get on life, child how this is working, yes and then, the trend continuation. The reversal, pattern in direction, Trent erection enters kind of advance support and resistance, technique which, is really, mind-blowing those, kind of things, nobody's, giving you nobody. And if they are giving you they are taking money and all you will have to search and search and search and watching, a lot of crap, before you get only a small, part of this knowledge which I'm giving you every. Week here and you see I have no ending. Ending, knowledge, about. Trading. Because, I have experienced. All of this in so, many years yes I have done so many trades I have not lost so much how other half lost because I was already from, the beginning much, more disciplined yes, but, when I'm reading and when I'm getting this kind of emails from people who are losing. $15,000. Yes and are not even able to correct abide it's obviously, a little bit set but I can tell you please use, your minds yes and don't trust everybody, yes, and you cannot even trust a broker sometimes, yes in. This case yes so in this case try, because. There. Are a lot of traders who are reporting. About legs but, I cannot, I cannot verify, who. Is - saying something, right or wrong because at the end I have, never had any kind of problems with a broker yes, and if there would be some problems and if I would have get some problems, I would.

Let You know and, I get them complained, and then people are saying that I'm doing. This kind of stuff only because the affiliate, because. Why I am NOT crying on the other youtubers, who are having this, kind of affiliate. Subscription. Intros. Yes that you have to subscribe to iq option on the intro and outro why, are you not crying there I never asked, somebody to join any kind, of a broker, yes because at the end I have eight. Brokers, in my list so you can choose whatever you want yes I not, interested. Because I'm a pro trader I am making my money by trading, I'm a full-time trader, yes, you'll see this on the top right man, and every, week in the leaderboard. I do not, prove anything, to anybody. Yes and don't, I don't let do they say somebody. Anything. Wrong about me, what, is not true yes that is this one so ok now that's not going to start because it was important that I clarify, this kind of stuff yes because it makes me really upset when, people, are causing, me to do something, and to be something what I'm not being yes because I'm trying to do here good work yes, and leerin and getting. This type of emails, makes me really upset that's, because I'm asking myself why, I'm doing this and that's because I don't need to do this but I'm doing this because that is my mission from two years on when I saw you are crying, on the IQ. Option check that, you got scared and scared and scan tears and that you were losing money by, following, stupid. Strategies. Yes, it's. Beginning with a supernova, and ending. With any, kind of five second confirmation. Yes our, only support and resistance stuff that, is not the truth the truth is everything. Is working together and you have to understand, this why do you think I'm doing here this kind of arrows this, it--of arrows are showing you a trend when, you have a trend these things are changing any kind, of support and resistance level, has only as push, it as a specific, strength and this, strength depends, mostly. Again, and what kind of trends is active, because if you have a strong trend no, support and resistance, level will be hold yes, if it's gonna weak yes, then you get maybe a fake breakout yes but if it's if. It's going to strike, the stronger you get more clear break out so, don't say, it's anybody, that, it depends, only from the support and resistance and this, not the truth yes and all, this kind of stuff so ok let me get, into the topic because a time talking again too much and we. Don't get to this point so look. At this that is what I have prepared for you today how, to identify and, control breakouts, with price action trading on Forex, and binary, options and any kind of financial instruments yes the thing is this one that is a video, which I have done for what somebody who asked me that, I have to explain some things also for forex and when, I get sinks which are working together with, Forex, and first binary options, I'm doing, this kind of videos so that you get the understanding, what I'm talking about so look at this what I'm showing you here is the most, reliable. Yes. Confirmation. That. The break out will, occur, yes. It's what I had shown you already in, so many life trading videos I talked. About this but I never explained. This and I want to show you today, also, later and on the live chat how. You can a, estimate. Yes and identify. That, will, happen a break out so, that you can go, with the trend after the break out really, maybe also before, the break out but you have to understand two things which I have explained obviously in the blood price action by but I wish show uses later, so here, first of all you sees the highest probability trading. Setups the exact what I have explained, here I can, show you this again let's here you see so we, have an uptrend, you get the reversal pattern then you get a downtrend, and you get the reversal patterns and you get an uptrend, then you get again a reversal, pattern and so you have this kind of cycle here yes that is a market, yeah sometimes. You have a major, uptrend, and it moves up then you have a minute, uptrend then you.

Have 2 minute that a major down 20 it moves down but the movements, are always this one yes, Trent. Trent Trent when I Trent minute went up yes, reversal, bottom in a minute red minutes right when I trend reversal, put a minute minute minute ok those that is this one so look at this no. Reverse, apartheid minute Trent yes reversal, pattern minute rate reversal. Pattern minute trend reversal. Pattern minute range that is with it this is not drawn by me from. My mind this, is a chart. A real, time. Realize, chart years a real chart which, I got from one of my students traits from the video, packs yes. Where, I got, this kind of chart because, obviously those, kind of formations, will not happen often but you will see them when. You are causes, and I, will, have only to understand, this concept and then you will identify each. And every breakout, it looks like a double top but it should not be at on the top it doesn't matter on. The top it doesn't, matter what kind of chart pattern you have here it has not not do not even to be a chopper important, is only one, thing and this is what I have drawn here below, that, is this one here where, I show you how the. Time there's. A time between, the. Just as our becoming, closer. And closer so, that means here we have for. Those one who are fit, in mathematics, for, X Y s for X because, every. Of those what is 1 X Y s so let me see X so. Here for X here we, have 4 X so. Then we have here. We. See and. We have here, yes. Here we have 2 2, X. 2. X, and. Then we have 3 X 1 X and that is what. The secret, is to identify an upcoming break out yes that. Is how you can, confirm, this yes because if you see that's. It the, touches, of the support, and resistance level. Are getting. Is, this ratio, shortened. Yes. This. Is a half of this one has a 2 X 1/2 of the 4 X and the, next, one will be then one exit, means you have all these a half of the next movement then. You can expect the, break oh yes mostly, you don't even have the sweet you have only this two so. When you see that to have something, like this with this 2 for example then. You can't go already, with the next one yes it is to shorten it up for, those one who are trading Forex they see them, mostly the 3 message, that can't be all so forth the next one would be there much more much more, through, the left that, is how to identify and, confirm. Break. Out here I have explained, also some other things to, make this more clear those things which I have explained in the last videos, if you don't have seen the last videos get, them watch them yes and here, you see also those kind of concepts, which I had explained, in the blood price action band why I'm telling you that's so important, to get this they bought price action Bible risk because, those kind of concepts, are valid, each and everywhere, yes so let me see here we have here an exhaustion can this. Exhaustion, candle is breaking, through it there is in, general in, this kind of ranging market you should expect. A retracement back, let what here I have shown you is that what I have shown you here, you have an uptrend, you have to break out and then, you go with the trend that here that is us yes you have to break out yes, and then you go with the trend because below this is a key level yes that is how, it works let me see where is it yeah no that is this one for example yes the next one is this one what is this one this is the continuation.

Pattern. After the retracement, back, to key level yes here we have a support and resistance, level and that, is this one what I have explained, here, so, let me show you this so that I can show you this yes, here that one break out retracement. Yes and then you go with the trend conservation, on the support, and resistance level, and that, is what you can use it on each, and every reversal, pattern yes, you can use it also on shooting start and so on but they are not, so. Easy to understand, where the support and resistance level, is on this six, reversal. Patterns that don't have a bearish engulfing here, if even, in doji star morning. Doji star bullish, engulfing can and person pattern that are easy to identify because, you need only to get a level, the. Level of the opening price and the closing price it's a higher height of this, without the wicks yes zach is a real body leans, line and that, is really easy to identify so, let me show you the next one the, next one which, I have shown you then we have the reversal, pattern then, we have a nice. Evening. Star, your watch also this kind of stuff which I have explained in the bottom I Section Bible about the evening starts, yes how to treat them how to identify them, the quick areas of support and resistance the, entry, point how to trace, them yes those kind of of the chemists excited, oh gee behind this what it means yet that, the, three chemists such, as Reebok NSTIC Potter nice weekend, is to unfold so and then you sees here the twin continuations, at what I have explained the last time on this video here yes, the trend cultivations it is this one here you wait for the retracement and after, the retracement you wait for the higher highs and higher lows. Yes and that is what I marked, here retracement. Higher high higher nose as, you see this next. Trade here continuation. To it three again. Reversal. Retracement. Yes because, you know a reversal. On higher. Time for lower, timeframe is a retracement, on higher time frame so in this case you get this close, here, no one knows lower highs, continuation.

Here's, Again yes reversal, retracement. And then, you get higher high higher, notes yes and then you go a transformation. Here we have a nice pull back that is a concept, which I have explained, here. Yes. About, the reversal. Pattern, has a reversal, pattern in, the trend direction, here, we have an evening staff in the dreadknight so you have to see where, the price is going here, the price is going to the opening price here, on this life chart yes you see that the price is going to this level here that is the opening, price near the opening price a week of it that means that this is only the retracement and then you can do a put option they are based on the concept which I have explained, here yes that, we are going and because we got here this kind of rejection, you can go into the next candle, also yes, because you know this is the same stuff what I have explained when you the price is going to touch the, as, a budding, a peg that means that we have now selling, pressure yes and then you cannot go and follow the minute trend in a ranging market follows. A minute, trend in a ranging market so, and then again here, the last one that is that one what I have explained so often episode retracement, back to key level and that is a breakout so again if, you see that the times of the. Chart of the price is going closer. And, shorter. To, touch the level again and again then, you know that the next candle will be, yes. A breakout kinda and you can to it already is this one yes, after, you get the confirmation yes. Like, this of the pullback then, you can't wait already this kinda adds you. Wait yes. To. Get the rejection, from the support and resistance and try to enter Bob at all I have experiences, in the but price it you buy the oil with. All this kind of concepts together purchased. An exploration time, all those kind of stuff yes, which, I have explained, and then you, can go into, a trance, and, if, you're doing this on Forex you can go before. This, kind of time that you choose if. You have a high leverage you, use this kind of level at stop-loss, as you, lose this level at stop-loss, or you lose this then I stopped off depending on your leverage yes and if. You are a binary, option, trader you do this what I have explained so often. Or. Every, time yes you trade in the direction of the new upcoming minute rank and then you do only put options, and try to do those kind of concepts, which I have explained, here because, after this which way it's meant for example, you can do this kind of trend continuation. Yes waiting, for - lower lower lows and lower highs and then going into a trend continuation. Obviously. With all those kind of things which I have explained, all right over again in the but twice action Bible and which, I'm explaining, also, and that is a very important stuff yes those, kind I'm explaining also, in the video pegs on live chat yes, I'm showing them on the, real chat and. Let me show you now because. I promise. To you that I want to show you this also here, this kind of concept, and that. Is here will, show you I will be, most probably much more yes but I, didn't. Have the time to find, it so I look at this that, is what this is about if you have here this kind of support and resistance level, which is in this case the rod number, yes, you have this you know number here you see this yes here the, one point one zero eight, zero zero, so, and then you see that the time here from the first yes. From, the first one yes is the, double, of this, one and what happens here then break out yes you see here a retracement and after this retracement, you see the trend continuation. Yes in this case the profit target was, as a top. Of this one here yes you have here also some other concepts, which I have trained before, yes first reversal, first reversal, at first. Robles legs, like. To deviation, and second reverse leg so one deviation, here you see first of all of us as a 2d, second reversal of the one deviation, because we are in a ranging market so, as it was already yes I have, tried to explain to this in detail I suggest.

This Kind of concept I have done this kind of things so often on on, life, - those are some of my life trading videos if, you find this lag trading video let me know this so that I can publish this on the community page so, that somebody else can see, this in life trading, action again but, I will show you all, those kinds of videos yes, which I have explained, to you in theory I will show you them also in life trading as soon, I have, done. All this kind of important, videos so if you have some kind of suggestions. For any kind of videos that you need some kind of clarification. You can send me an email to my email address butovo, twitter at with, the subject, suggestion. And then, I will try to cover this kind of topics so again for, getting, the bought price action money but, price money for, next week comment below this video, yes and. The. Link, to the bought price action Bible you find sits in the description, and link. To the video back to and to join the bought mentorship, program, you need only to set in a empty email to my email race boat towards waiter at and then you. Start the jeweler, application, process you should start, now the application process because, I will not do this for long anymore I try, to get through, all my students. Now and after, this I will stop doing this so try to get into it as soon as possible get. Your feet into the door, before. It's going to shut because I have done already so much so, often yes, and after, at the most, always crying, crying and crying and this time I do not care care, about this yes so because, I have said this already so often and that was already so okay in this case if you liked this video do, a like if, you didn't subscribe to my channel subscribe to my channel and if you have something to say drop, me a line in the comment section and so, I would say stay, safe and bye, bye.

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