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Hey. Guys welcome, back to my channel so I am so excited for today's video I'm gonna be showing you my entire house I really think it's the perfect time to be doing a home tour because, it's the fall so I'm going to be showing you guys all of my decorations, I recently went shopping, at Michaels, and Kirkland's Hobby. Lobby target. And the, Dollar Tree so, I have a lot of goodies, to show you guys and where I got them from I've already decorated, I did a decorating, clean with me which I will link up here you guys can check that out but on this video I'm gonna be going into more detail where I got all of my decorations, so if you guys want to decorate and you want to know if you like something in my house you'll know where to get it before we get started I want to mention that today's video, is a collaboration, with Britney born leech and I. Just have to let you guys know that, I asked for t to collaborate, with me and I was so nervous I send the message of my heart was beating because. I love Britney guys love my channel you will love Britney's, I love her vlogs I love, her target. Haul he is a mom, of going. To be four boys so she's a boy mom I'm a girl mom she, is due any day now with her fourth boy she also has a stepdaughter, and I. Don't know how that, girl does it you guys head on over to Britney's, channel from here, make sure you let her know in the comments section that you're coming over from my channel and, if you guys are coming over from Britney's channel I am Jamie, I am a mom of a four year old daughter Avery, and I, have twin five month old daughters, Addison. And Emery and I, started, making videos here on YouTube to document, my struggle, with infertility we. Had a hard time getting pregnant with our older daughter but. The, second time around it was so much harder we had to go through IVF, we, had a failed transfer. Where. We put in one embryo the, second time we've laid all of our cards out there we put in two embryos and, here we are we have our twin baby girls and I couldn't be happier it's been quite, the ride going, from one child to free, so I'm trying to figure, all of that out and try, not to lose, but I definitely lose my mind on a daily basis I would love to have you guys come on over to my channel I create. Vlogs cleaning. Videos organization. A grocery hauls crock pot meals because. I don't like to cook and I need things that are easy but I would love to have you guys come on over and if you do let me know in the comment section who, you are that. You came for Brittany's channel and where you live because I would love to get to know you guys okay so. I know, I've. Been rambling, on enough we're gonna get to this home tour and stick around because, you're gonna get to see some clips of the girls at the end so, let's, get to it. Alright. So this is the main entrance, that we walk into, when. We come in from our garage, and, this. Is kind of what we see we have a bathroom half, bath, straight. Ahead and. Then. Over to the right we, have our. Kitchen. And. Then. To the left we, have a coat closet. So. This is where we keep our shoes. Diaper. Bag purse. Avery's. Backpack, coats. And. Cleaning. Rags, cleaning. Rags and tells for, the dog when, she comes in and out from outside. It's. Nice to have my cleaning rags there and easiest so easily, accessible. When I, need them frequently. And then. This, is our, half bath I. Got. That mirror from kirklands a couple of years ago. In. That this is the bathroom that gets used the, most frequently, here, in our house so I try to keep this pretty. Clean. But. Nothing, too fancy here. Okay. So now, we will walk back, into, the kitchen. This, is our pantry, you guys have all seen that countless times when I've been organizing it, here is our kitchen. You'll. See the dogs food, and water bowl right here on the kitchen floor that, is not usually, there it's usually upstairs.

But, Our dog Reese had surgery, two weeks ago and it's been a rough ride she's, pulled out her stitches we've, been to the vet like seven times and so. We've, just been. Keeping. Her downstairs as much as possible taking, care of her she's on the mend she's doing better but. A little poor puppy has been a little stressed from, just, getting some tumors, removed it was nothing serious but it's turned into kind of something serious anyways. We've, just made it easier on her so she's not going up and down the stairs a lot so her food. And water are downstairs, right now, so. The kitchen should, be something you guys are pretty, familiar. With, and. I will start over here I, added this a thankful sign, that I got from Kirkland. Two. Years ago and normally. I don't know if I'm gonna keep it there usually. We don't have all the baby stuff I mean that's gonna be a common theme you guys are gonna see here, in our house is we have a lot more stuff. Around I like to keep more of a bare clean. Space, so. Last. Year I had the sign here, but we also didn't have all of that stuff so I tried, to organize it a little bit but we'll see but for right now I have that sign it there, and. Then. Here on our kitchen island I got this. From the target, dollar section. Last. Year, and then. This, little pumpkin, from the Dollar Tree and they have him this year so, go out and get him I had to remember last year I did dig for these and they had some this year when I went but I also had to dig for them so, they have a lot of them I'm. In a bath and Bodyworks candle, and this is in autumn, alright so moving over to this area, we. Have this is kind of like our catch-all, area, where we kind of throw things you know throughout the week when, we get home from school. Kind. Of the catch-all and it's kind of nice because it's not counter space we use to cook or anything so, I just, got this pumpkin. From, Kirkland's, it's. Ceramic. But. I thought I loved the detailing, on it. And. Here we have another candle, I love my candles and I love my pumpkins, you guys are gonna be like geez Jamie you have a pumpkin problem, yes I do I love pumpkins, a lot, of pumpkins a lot of candles. Pumpkin. Clove, and. I got this candle. Stand from, Bath & Body Works this, year I actually got it for free using, signing, up for their rewards, they send, you coupons and. I was able to get that free and then, this I got from a local craft. Store okay. So this wreath I'm, hoping, to get a new one it looks like it's seen better days and I really would have liked to have a better one for you guys here today but you know what wasn't. Able to get all of my shopping done so, and. I wasn't gonna take all three girls out today so, you, just get my old wreath for right now hopefully I can get a better cute, wreath this wreath when we live in our old house was on our front porch and you can see it's a little, faded so, I'm hoping to get a better wreath there but for right now this. Will do. Okay. And then we'll come over here, on the table. Table. Centerpiece, again. I have more of the pumpkins, from the Dollar Tree and, I, have a pumpkin. Pumpkin. Pecan, waffle. Candle, and. This. Little tray I got from Hobby Lobby last, year and I was there this year and they do have similar trays. Definitely. Go and check out my fall clean and decorate with me that, should already be up I will put a card here but, save it so you watch this whole video, and then you can go back and watch it later but. You can see me decorating, and you can get some cleaning motivation, as well. Okay. So we'll come over here. And. I have another. Candle, this is this, is the pumpkin cupcake, candle, and I also got this for free as well at, Bath & Body Works with those rewards, or, the coupons I keep saying rewards but there are the coupons little. Candle holder and. This. Little I got this from Bath and Body Works it's like candle. Topper and it's magnetic so it kind of just sits on there so if I'm not burning my candle kind, of sits on there and it looks cute okay. Coming over into the main part of the living room I have. My, couch. Pillows from kirklands I got those last year, I just, got this great full. Pillow. From. Kirkland's. This, year, and I just thought it added a little pop of orange over. To this side of the, room. Then. You know the jumper Roo which adds a lot of different colors to the room and then. This light-up, pumpkin. I've. Had for many years and I got them got it from kirklands, alright so now to the main part, of the living room we.

Have Our mantel, with, our TV up there that's when we moved in, that's where the TV went we really didn't have much of a choice and I, just have some. Floral arrangements, I got from the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby that. Vase is from. Target, that I got a percentage, off because it was chipped right on the top so I just turned it around and, I think I got like 50% off of it so that was kind of nice and I did have to ask for the 50%. Off yeah their sign I got from kirklands as well. And I got that last. Year and they, also have very similar, I don't know if they have one that says gather but they have very similar I'll, type words in there that looked just like that some. Leaves, that, I've had for many years I have no idea where it's at and then more pumpkins, because I have a pumpkin problem, and, Dollar. Tree, HomeGoods, last, year, and then these two I got from Target, dollar, section last year, and they don't have. So. I don't know if they have them this year but, I know you know they'll have a lot of fall cute, decorations, in there dollar section this year so definitely, check it out we're here we have our toys and, more, pumpkins, more. Target dollar section. Pumpkins. And some, beautiful newborn. Pictures of my twin, girls, this. Is the leaves candle, which is my. Fave I, love the leaves candle, it's I get, it every single year and, then. I got this throw blanket, from Target. Last year, and it's just so soft, I love it it's perfect for. Fall. And. Then we'll come. In here now, this room I'm, really not sure all, of the other houses in the neighborhood do, not have this room or if they do it's, closed. Off there, is a wall there and this, is used as either an office, or a dining, room or a playroom because a lot of families in this neighborhood use, this as a playroom. Since, ours is open, like, I don't know we, don't really need it as a formal, dining room so we don't really do much with this area but it's like kind of overflow, of baby stuff, let's have, this.

Is Where we keep our, and. There's a toy in there that. I didn't notice before, we, keep our drinking, glasses in, here, wine. Cooler. And, I. Got again. Pumpkins, from the Dollar Tree and I just got this sign from kirklands this year I love. It and, again bringing more of that burnt. Orange here, in this front room with, some, flowers, I got from, Kirkland's. No I'm sorry Hobby Lobby and. This. I got from a local, same, local craft store that I got the other thing in the kitchen, here's. Where we keep more, baby stuff. Just. Don't have a good place to keep these car seats we. Have some family pictures up, over here and then. In. The basement, but, the basement is pretty, much toys, if you guys have seen my cleaning videos before you know this yes. My daughter's, daughters. I guess I can say that now yes my daughters have a lot of toys they, are very blessed, they're. All pretty, much given to them I know I don't I know I don't need to explain it to you guys but. They. Are. They. Get a lot of wonderful toys from, their extended. Family, members for birthdays, and Christmases, so. This, is our. Basement. So. This, is where I work out those. Are the fall decoration. Bins that. Mike just threw down here this, is where the girls hang out why I get, my workout in there. Pretty good about watching. Mama or, sleepin, while I work out. This. Is just a very small storage space I'm not going to go in there but this is all the storage space we have it's not a very big area we don't have an attic so. It's, kind of unfortunate, but I guess it forces us to downsize, and not have a lot of stuff, and then. This. Is our bathroom, in the basement. Which. We don't use very often. So. Our basement, we spend a lot more time down here in the fall and in the winter and, then. In. The summertime we're just not down here as much. All, right we will go and head upstairs, if, you just have our American flag over there because it was storming last night so when it storms we bring it in so. It doesn't blow away or fall, off. When. You come to the top of the stairs we have. Bathroom. You. Look to the left. We. Have the master bedroom.

Extra. Bedroom. Laundry. Room which you can probably hit the dryer going, the, Edison. And Emory's room and, Avery's. Room. Okay. Let's just start, with. This. Room a lot, of you probably don't even know what's in here I'm. A little embarrassed to show you what's in this room it's kind of our extra room our catch-all, and right. Now it's pretty much all baby things so I told you we don't have an attic we just have that small storage area, in the basement so, for all of those big bulky baby toys that they'll be using here in the next couple of months we. Have extra diapers in there we have a bunch of extra stuff so. You. Guys ready. So. I did not clean this room I have not done anything with, this room, diapers. We stockpiled. These. Are clothes that I, have friends who. Gave. Me their clothes to borrow for the girls and I will be sending back. Bulky. Baby toys that, will all be coming downstairs, which kind of makes me cringe but. That's okay and. Then this is an old baby swing that, we will be donating, and, then in here we just have more. Winter coats and, Avery's. Board. Games and things like that so kind of my plan is. Ok. This mess drives me crazy and I'm usually okay with a temporary. Mess, like if I know that it there, will be a time, where this won't be messy you know we're not just throwing things in here and they're not just like, festering. So. My, plan is because almost, all of these toys will be out probably, by the end of the year and then, the girls will be in the diapers, and I will give all the clothes back to my friend, my plan is maybe after the first of the year when things settle down after the holidays that, we can make this either into a guest bedroom or an office so. I'm kind of excited for that so stay tuned for. Maybe a clean. And decorate with me after. The first of the year all right then. We'll come in, the. Master, bedroom. Is. We, think a little bit too big it's I mean it's nice and big but a little. Bit unnecessarily. Big. If. You guys are curious where I got my comforter, or my bed our bed frame and it will all be linked, in the description below. Rock, and plays are recalled but we just keep them in here for, I'm. Showering, just kind of a place to put the girls for, a temporary, time they do not sleep in there in there. They they sleep in their cribs and they've done that since they were about five weeks old and before, then they slept in pack and plays. Here. Is our master, bathroom that you should all be pretty familiar with. And. A nice to have a window, there for when I'm doing my makeup here's. Another angle here. Is, our closet, which you guys have probably not seen a lot of pretty. Nice-sized. Closet, place. To hold all of our clothes. My. Clothes Mike's clothes. Nothing. Too crazy just, a basic closet. And. Then the rest of the bathroom linen, closet, and toilet, room but. You guys don't need to see that plus you've already seen it. This. Is the girls bathroom. Another. Room that you guys have seen plenty, of I. Also. Am hoping to decorate, this, here. Probably. Next, year as well when, I decorated. This I kind of kept it more gender-neutral because. I didn't know if we would have be having a boy with. Our next child but now that we have all girls you. Know I can, kind of customize it to them not that I want to make it like super pink or super girly but. Knowing. We have all girls I can kind of use that for the decoration, so, another, clean, and decorate for me maybe next year and, then. This, is Avery's, room. We. Redid her room in November. This, room was empty, and. We. Made her a big-girl room. If. You guys are looking for I get a lot of questions, on the. Girls, dressers. And they are from Ikea those will also be linked below as well, as I get a lot of questions on her. Little, vanity. We. Got that from. Amazon. I'll have that linked below, she, loves it and. Her. Bunk beds which I get a lot of questions on as well I hope I will have those link below we get those from overstock. We. Love these beds, it's a. Double. And then, a single. Especially. Like these because they come apart, so we. Got these knowing we had the twins and so the plan is when, the twins transition.

To A big. Bed we're, gonna give the twins these beds and then. Eventually down the road if they don't want bunk beds they can separate them you. Can already see the fight starting, who gets the, double and who gets the single but. Anyways I'm not gonna worry about that right now. Then, Avery's, little play area and then the closets, the closet. That's. My kitty chaise our. Closets, are all, nice, size. Which. Is nice for the girls as well. Um. Plan. Is to give the twins DS and then give Avery her own bed. All. Right so, then we'll, walk into. Addison. And Emory's room another room you guys are pretty familiar with. This. Is probably one, of my favorite parts of this room great things take time to grow and there's their first picture, together it's their embryo picture, so. Great. Things take time to grow it has multiple. Meanings for our girls because these, were the top. Graded embryos that grew and that's what got transferred, because. They. Did a good job at growing I love. That I know, we have plenty of diapers we stockpiled, and we also got a lot for gifts from, friends. And family since. It was our second they're like what do we give you and I think having twins a lot of people want to help out so. We had a lot of gifts for, diapers. So we are doing well with diapers which is awesome. Addison. And Emery their, cribs, so. Our plan is this, crib. Turns. Into a, double bed and that would be the headboard so this will be Avery's a bed, when, the little girls, get. Bigger and. Then. That. Toy box right there was, my toy box when, I was a baby so or, a child so it's kind of cool to have that in here has all their stuffed animals in it and here is their dresser. Again I love these IKEA dressers they're so nice so, nice heavy-duty. We. Love them. And. Then we will walk into the laundry, room nothing. Too special in here a room, you guys have seen before, just. Are. We. Keep the pet food. Some. Storage and. I. Really, really like our living, or we really like our laundry room being up on the top floor because it's nice to keep all of the laundry up here because, the majority of it stays up here this. Is Emory. This. Is Addison. Can. You say hi can. You say hi can, you, say, hi Z's I. Think. That is going to be it for today's, video I hope you guys enjoyed, my little fall Home Tour, get. Both girls here we are ready, to experience. Our first fall together huh, even. Though it won't get fall like here in northern Ohio until, about probably. Late September, maybe early October. So either way I'm super excited but. I hope you guys enjoyed my house I hope you enjoyed my decorations, I really tried, but. Don't forget to subscribe hit, the notification. Bell so you guys don't miss any of my upcoming videos. I have, a lot of fall, videos. Planned so, you guys don't want to miss that oh and don't forget to follow me on Instagram jamie-lynns. A journey, that will be down below and, I. Will see you guys next, time bye. Say, bye.

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I love how simple your decor is.

Same for me Jamie! Have a great Sunday!

Thank you! If I don’t keep it simple, I would go crazy!


Loving all ur pumpkins! One can never have enough pumpkins Lol! Babies so adorable talking!!!

I came from Brittani’s channel. Your home is so nice and all your girls are beautiful!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you came over!

Love seeing the Fall decorations! The girls are getting so big, and Addisons smile was just the cutest! Big hugs!

I feel like they get bigger every single day!!

I love

They really go fast at the dollar store!

Jamie's that's beautiful home you have I love it Awesome!!!!!!

Love it Jamie

Awww thank you!

Thanks girl! I’m glad you stopped by!

Hey!! Thanks for saying hi!!

Awww thank you! I’m glad you’re here!

It’s such a great store! So many cute decorations!

Me either!

Thanks for saying hi! And coming over!

Yeah I was. Glad it’s working out for her

Beautiful home and cute decorating. I love the lightup pumpkin.

Great video and beautiful home! I have a lot of pumpkins for my fall decor too!

@Jamie's Journey Definitely not!

Jamie I’m half way through your video and I see a bunch of beautiful stuff that’s not fall plus I watch your other videos and I’m like ohh that’s such and such is so pretty to my self I was wondering after the holidays or whenever you would want to if you would want to could you do a video of where you got everything in your house if you remember where lol

That would be a good idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

I've heard you mention before that you dont think you are good at decorating. I beg to differ. Your use of colors, textures, and decor make your home so warm and inviting!

Wow, thank you so much! I truly don’t feel like I am but I appreciate the compliment!

Hey Jamie! Amanda here in Alabama, but originally from Texas! I've been binge watching all of your videos off and on for a couple weeks now and have left some comments, but never introduced myself, so I thought now would be a good time! I just love your house! It's beautiful! Don't be embarrassed by your catch all room, we have one as well and its been driving me up the wall! Your videos are slowly but surely giving me the motivation to finally tackle it, lol

Awww thanks so much Amanda! It can definitely be overwhelming to organize and declutter but once you start doing it, it gets easier!

New to your channel..tfs. Came from Brittany’s channel. Please support my channel if you like, thx.

Thanks for coming over and saying hi!

I am new to your channel but am loving it. I’m from beavercreek so probably near to your area. Fall is my favorite time to decorate besides Christmas. We bought a new house in last year and our remodeling it so I haven’t gotten to decorate.

Oh girl, I promise that having twins gets easier, my oldest is 9 and my b/g twins are now 6. I came from Britts channel, and am loving you and your darling fam!

From Brittani’s channel. Love your video tour.

You have such a beautiful home and family!!!!!

Thank you so much for coming over and saying hi! I especially love hearing from fellow Ohioans because I’m from here too!

I love to hear this!! It helps get through the tough times knowing this will get easier!

Thanks for coming over!

I’m a new subscriber from Ashley’s channel. I love how transparent you are about cooking, cleaning and parenting. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year and I love how well your decor came together. Can’t wait to see your Christmas videos!

Awww well thanks for subscribing! I’m glad you’re here!

I really enjoyed your home tour. Its so lovely. I love candles too. I have a candle in every room of my house lol. Aww the twins are so adorable with all the baby cooing. Its precious. Your so Blessed to have 3 beautiful girls. I have 4 girls and 1 boy. Children are such the most precious gift ever !! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jamie, great tour! Nice to see you and the girls

Love your home and decor!

Lovely house tour, and I have to agree, the twins are looking alot more alike now . Love seeing them as always. thank you for introducing me to Brittani

A lot of people are saying they look more alike now!

Haha, i live in a cottage flat in Scotland, it's really tiny, even if we do have three bedrooms and a dining kitchen. Great tour Jamie

You decorated your house for the fall so pretty. The girls & Avery are getting so big. Great video as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

Beautiful girls ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you

6 three wick candles burning on your main floor

Haha yes!

Your decor is wonderful. You inspire me to clean my entire room, and decorate it. Thank you. =)

Your babies are adorable

I can’t imagine having triplets!! Life is crazy but I’m trying to take in every minute!

Just found your channel. Love that you're so close to home. I live in Toledo, work in Perrysburg.

Yes! Super close to me!

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