(MAKE MONEY ASAP) BEST Facebook Ads Tutorial Shopify Beginners | 2018 Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

(MAKE MONEY ASAP)  BEST Facebook Ads Tutorial Shopify Beginners | 2018 Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

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Hey. This is de Shayla and in this video I'm going to show you how you can set up Facebook. Ads for your Shopify, dropship. Even products. So, before we get started I want, you to go ahead and hit a like on this, video the like button hit the subscribe button and also turn, on those post notifications. So. That you could be notified when I drop a new video now I'm gonna be dropping videos, related. To Shopify. Making. Money online and, things, of that nature there's. Gonna be very valuable. Content. Driven video. So if you want to keep up with what's. Going on with Shopify, and drop shipping and different ways to make money online go ahead and subscribe to, this channel so now. Let's go ahead and get into it now. What you want to do before you actually. Set. Up your Facebook ads you wanna have your, Facebook pixel, set. Up on your Shopify. Site so, if you do not already have a Facebook pixel set up on your Shopify, site what, you want to do is you want to come to this Shopify app store and you. Want to go. Ahead and search for an, application, called, track, of five alright so, what this application, does it, is, going. To set up your Facebook pixel, on your website. So. You also, get a free trial when you download, this application, you. Get a seven day free trial and it is 24.95. A month, but it is well worth it I actually used, this application, it's the only Facebook pixel app that I use and I've been using it for the last three. Years as, long as I've been doing Facebook ads with, Shopify and drop, shipping, so. You want to go ahead and get, this application and, once, you get it is actually going to take you through the steps of, how to install. Your Facebook pixel so if you do not have your Facebook pixel set up you want to go ahead and pause this video open. Up another tab and go. To your Shopify, site and. Go to the app section and then, come here and download this, and make sure that your pixel, is installed, it's gonna take you through all the steps. Once. You have your, pixels installed what, you want to do is you want to go to. Your, Facebook. Account. Or. Your facebook, business account, so. In order to get a facebook business account what you want to do is you. Want to go to. Business. Dot. Facebook.com. And you want to link your personal, account and create. A business, account it's self-explanatory, it's, easy to set up is not anything hard it's just like setting up any other account you want to set that up all right you. Want to make sure that you're on the business, home. Page inside, the facebook, business, account or. The facebook business manager. You, want to click here, if you're not you were to click on this Facebook. Symbol, it's gonna take you to the home page your account is not gonna look exactly like this. So. Don't worry about that, what. You want to do now is you want to click on business settings, it's gonna open up a new tab for you so now the first thing that we're going to do is we're going to actually create a. Fan. Page and this is where you're going to be able to post your ads, for. Your Shopify. Store so. What you want to do is you want to go under account and, then you want to click on where it says pages ok, so once. You're on this. Page. You're. Not gonna have any fan, pages of course you're. Gonna click on right. Here where it says add. Nice. It may, look different if you don't have any fan pages of course it, may look, different but you'll click on the blue button like, this that says add it maybe in a different spot.

So. I'm gonna click on that and then we're gonna click on add a, page, actually. No we're not going to click on create a new page and what we're going to do is, we're, just gonna create a cause, or community page, so, what, you're going to do is you're going to make a page based on your niche or the, niche of the product, that you're going to promote so. In this case we're the example, that we're getting ready to do, we're. Going to just do a dog, fan page so I'm just going to name give. It a, simple. Name like, dogs. Let's. Just do. Okay. In love with dogs I'm gonna create this page. Okay. Once the pages create, it you should see something like this with a with. The name and then your, fanpage. ID under that what, you're gonna do is you're gonna click on this. Icon, right here that looks like a door and, it's gonna take you to your fan page you'll. Be able to finish setting up your fan page okay, so here we are what. You want to do is you want to add a profile. Picture and then. You want to add a cover photo. But. For the sake of this video we're, not gonna add any of that this. Should be pretty self-explanatory if. You've created a Facebook account it's similar you're just gonna add your picture and then a cover photo so. Right here for this button here what you can do is you click there on the button and you, can actually click. Where, it says shop, with you or make, a donation you'll click on shop now and. What. You can do is you can either put. The. Link to your product or you can put the link to your store if it's a niche store. And. It just has one that you just put the link to the store directly, or, you can also do. A link to a collection, if you have a general store a link, to the collection. For that niche, ok, so another is that right now is just to show you what. To do for that button so. Now what we're gonna do is we actually make a post for our facebook, ad now. While we're doing this on the fan pages because we want to actually be able to get engagement. On, our post and have, the engagement stick. Because if you do not do it through your fanpage the. Engagement, is actually not going to stick if you, end up duplicating. The ad or. Editing. The ad you edit the ad all your engagement, is actually gonna go away, so. You. Want to create it create your post on, your or, your ad on your, Paige so. What. We're going to do is we're. Going to, do. A little bit of ad copy, so. IND your ad copy you want to actually put. It an attention-grabber. In. The, first line of your post. So. If you're having a sell if, your product, is on sale on your store or you're running a special like, buy one get one free or 50%. Off 60%. Off 75, whatever you're doing you, want to use that as an. Attention-grabber. And. You. Want to use some emojis, as well, so, for. This example I'm, gonna say. What. We're gonna do is I'm going to post a dog bed so I'm gonna say that this dog. Bed is going to be. 65%, off so, what I want to do is I'm gonna put. 65%. Off and. I'm gonna put plus. Free, worldwide, shipping, okay. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm put some, emojis. Around, where. It says. 75%. Off plus free shipping. So. Let's. See what we can find, that's. Most likely I'll most likely use.

Some. Stars, or, something like that let, me click where it says okay. So. I'm guessing, okay here it is so. I'll use this one right here this side I'll. Use it again. Okay. So, after we put. Um. The. Attention-grabber. Which, is like the sale that we're running. Then. What we want to do is. Make. Another line, of text, and you want to put what the product actually is so in my case this is gonna be a dog, bed so. I'm gonna put I'm just gonna put forth the Pedic. We're. Actually gonna put like, amazing. Capital. Letters you're. Gonna actually put, something just, make it, make. The product. Description. Kind, of stick out you want to put something that is, a benefit. Of the product also. In, your ad copy. In, my, case it's, orthopedic. So that's like, a it's, a feature or a benefit, of this, dog bed that is gonna be for older. Dogs with, joint. Problems, or something like that so you wanna put some type of benefit. In there and then on this third line is gonna, be your call to action you want to have this before, the, fold so. It's gonna be it needs to be in the third line it can't be in the fourth or after because. If the, customer has to click the see more button if it's too much text, before that link, then, you're gonna lose, clicks, and your click-through, rate it's not gonna be as high so, what you do is gonna put your call to action, you can put order now get. Choice here and get yours now grab. Yours whatever. You want to put I'm. Gonna put. Grab. Yours now, okay. And then I'm gonna put, an arrow. Emoji. Pointing, to the link paste loop sex actually, add it to okay and then you'll, put your link here. I'm. Just gonna put, google.com. Because, this is just an example. All. Right and then. You could actually, copy. This and add it twice so that they don't miss it. Right. And then. On this last line. You. Could also, put. A. Trust. Factor in, there you could put 30-day. Returns. 24/7. Customer. Customer. Service, free. Shipping, not free shipping where I have free shipping or, you could put. Fast. Shipping. That's. Gonna depend on, where you're getting your products, from, and. If, you're using like a u.s. seller or you can get, faster, shipping some way just. Put some type of benefit. Here on, the. The last line. Someone. Also puts on a for customer service. Customer. Service. Okay. And. Then after that we're going to add our photo. I click them right here where it says, photo. / video, okay. So I've added my, photo, so. Now what I'm going to do is I'm just gonna, publish, this post and I'm gonna be able to use this in my ad I'm, gonna be able to promote this post in, the. Ads manager, so. Let's. Go ahead and get this published okay so now let's take a look at the post let's see where it is. Okay. Here it is. This post right here is pretty, much what, your. Ad, should look like now, the photo, I know this is not the best quality photo, I would, actually recommend that you get a video or. Have a video made of your product. Or, find a video you, should be able to find videos. On, Facebook, or on Aliexpress. Some. Products do have videos. On Aliexpress, where you can download the. Video straight from Aliexpress. But you wanna make sure you have a, nice, video, because videos actually tend, to do a lot, better. So. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually go and create our actual. Ad, so. In order to get to your. Ads. Account. You gotta probably. Create one right so.

If You're watching this video most likely you're a beginner, you have not created your ad account. So, what you want to do is you want to click here on these three lines. You. Want to click on. Business. Settings, now, if you do not see it right here under frequently-used, you want to click on all tools and go, under settings and click, on business, settings. Okay. So, once you. Get. To your business. Manager settings. It's. Kind of loading a little bit of slope, you. Want to go under it counts again and click on add. Accounts. Okay. And just like last time. You. Should see a blue, button here if you do not see it right here you're gonna see it somewhere. On this page so you're, gonna click on the. Blue Add button alright, and you're gonna click that. I'm. Gonna make sure you, click that and, then click on create a new ad, account. Alright. So once you do that you want to name it Bay so I'm just gonna name this test. Okay. And then you want to make sure it's on the correct time zone and then. Click on create an account ok. Now what you want to do is you want to click on yep. And. You're gonna click on close. Ok. So now you should be able to see. Your. Ad account here. And. Your name should be under, where, it says people. Ok. If not you're. Gonna click on add people and make sure that, you are. Under. Where, it says people. So. Now what. We're going to do is we're gonna finally. Set. Up our ad so. Let's, click here again on where it says or, what has these 3 lines ok, when they click on ads, manager again, if you do not see it right there you're. Gonna click on all tools and then you're gonna go, under. Where it says create, and manage and click on ads. Manager. Ok, so once, you see, this page you. Should be, able to see the, same exact, name here, that, you, named. Your ad account right, there. Ok. So now. What. We want to do is we want to create 8 something, called a website, conversion, ad now. What this is this. Is called, a website. Conversion ad because what, it's going to do is it's going to be. Able to find. People who. Are going to complete. A certain, action or, event on. Your website. That. You choose, so, if you want to choose, to have. People, add to cart' or view, your webpage. Or. Initiate. A checkout or. Purchase, what. We really, are looking for is, purchases. Right so, that's what we're going to optimize, for it that's what we're going to use and, our website conversion. At it you'll see when I start, setting. Up the egg what you want to do is you want to click on create ad. Okay. So now, you're, gonna see where, it says quick. Creation, you're gonna give it a name you're. Actually going to select right here if it says use existing campaign, you're gonna select right here and click on create, new campaign. Okay. And then we want to name it, whatever. Your product is is that's what I usually name my, ad so, I'm gonna do. Okay. With the beauty dog bed and I'm just gonna put the date that I'm setting it up. On. There and today is actually the first of May so. I'm gonna do. Five. One eighteen and then, where it says campaign, objected. We're. Going to select. Conversions. Right. And then, it automatically. Selects, purchases. For, you under. Key result. You. Can also see that it gives you option, for these registration. Custom, conversions, and, then, none of these apply you want to make sure this says purchases. Okay. And then you're gonna give the ad set a name but, you usually want to do is you want to probably name it. Who. You're going to target, so for, this specific product, I'm gonna. Probably, target. People. Who. Are. 30. Years old.

Between. 30 and. 60. Okay. And. I'm. Gonna target, let's. Do. We're. Going to do, for. This is that we're gonna do the United States so I'm gonna put us here for, the country and then I'm gonna put the age which is thirty to sixty okay. And then on, the, ad name I usually just name it, the. Type of post, that it is which is a page post I'm just gonna put page, post you can name this really anything you want. Okay. Once that is done I'm gonna scroll down and click on save. To draft. Okay. Now you should, see. This. Particular. Tab, right here it says your. Campaign. Name and then your campaign details, so. What you want to do is you want to click in this second, tab right here or actually technically it's the third one, gonna. Click right here where it has these four boxes. And. What this is going to do is going to take you to your ad set. Okay. So now what we want to do is we want to select. Our conversion. Event right here in this box right here where it says please select a conversion event they. Should already have your Facebook. Pixel set. Up and installed on your store with track if I, like. I showed you earlier in, the video. Do. Not worry about right, here where it says verify your pixel, because it should. Start. To verify, it after. You start getting, traffic, so. You're gonna select, here and then you're going to select. Your. Purchase, pixel, oops. You. Actually just type it let's just say good. Purchase. Okay, and, then I'm gonna select that. Okay. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to scroll down to. Where. It says budget and schedule now. What you want to do is you want to set the. Budget to, ten. Dollars, between ten and twenty dollars per. Day it's gonna actually depend on how, much your product, is on, your store like, how much you're selling your product for on your. Site so, if you're selling the cheaper item is not take you a lot. Of money, to, start getting sales, if you do this correctly it, should not take you. More. Than what, your product, costs if it does then, you need to turn off the ad so, if your product. Is actually. Costing. The. Customer. $50. That. I was set it to. I. Would, say $20, a day if your product is between. $10. And. $30. Set. It to, $5. A day. So. I'm just gonna put $5, a day here it was just a little. Tip, it's. Gonna depend on your daily budget is really going to depend on how much your product, is going to cost the customer right. So I'm gonna start yourself at $5. Okay. I'm gonna scroll down. Where. It says start date you want to make sure that you're, gonna start your ad like, late this, is like 8 o'clock right, now. You, want to actually schedule it for the next day because, what. Facebook is gonna do is it's gonna spend all your money, all. The put budget, that you put there it's gonna spend it all before midnight, so, you don't want to do that then that's if your ad is approved, before midnight now, with a new ad account it may take a day. To. Be approved. It, should only take a, couple of hours but sometimes it could take a day so. I would actually schedule. Your ad for the next day if you're gonna be setting it up late. So. We will do is. The. Second, and, I'll just schedule, it to start, at. I. Would, put let's put 6 a.m., and the reason why I put put. In 6 a.m. is because. Usually. A lot of people are not up around browsing. That. Often, between. 12:00 and 6:00 a.m. some people get up right. Before. They go to work and start looking on Facebook so, I were, just starting off at 6 a.m. right, now, for the audience. You, want to keep the location, on. Whatever. Country, that you're going to target most. People actually target, the United States and the, United States right now is, very, expensive, to, target, on Facebook. Okay. I'm just throwing that out there you might want to choose another. Top-tier. Country, or you might want to do worldwide, but that's a little bit advanced and this is just for beginners so. We'll, just start off with the United States now we said that our age range was gonna be between. 30, and 60. Now. I'm choosing between 30 and 60 because. This, is an orthopedic. Dog bed and usually. People, who have older dogs, are, older. People, so. I'm. Choosing, a writer, range, between 30 and 60 because I don't know exactly. What. Age group is gonna buy so, I want to leave it kind of open but I don't want to you know select, anybody too young. You, know so. You, want to kind of look at the product that you're selling you want to think to yourself who is actually gonna purchase this product and. You want to kind of look. At, of. The age range of who you think is gonna purchase the product. So. Now. For the gender for this particular product it, is going, to be both men and women, if. Your product is only for. Women go, ahead and select women. If your product is only for, men go. Ahead and select men, however. Either. Or gender, could buy the product, but most. Likely if it's like a you. Know a woman's dress, you want to select.

Women. Okay. I don't know why this keeps popping, up all right on it under detailed, targeting. This, is where you're gonna pit your interest, for who. You're going to target, on Facebook. Now. Since this is an orthopedic, dog bag we want to kind of target people who are actually. Dog. Owner owners, of course and they. May actually, have an, older, dog, so when you are thinking about who you're targeting for. Your product when really think about who, would buy, your, product. So. What. I'm gonna do is I'm going to type. In. Something. Like, senior. Senior. Dog. They. Might not have that. One here oh they do. So. Right. Here is. It. Looks like this is a. Page. Or, an interest. For. It. Looks like it's a place called the sanctuary for, senior, dogs so. I'm going to select this. Wait. You got to get really, targeted, with these Facebook ads this, is how you can make sales quickly, if you do correct, targeting, you have the, correct. Product. You. Know you. Did your proper, product, research, so. What. I'm gonna do is when it's after. I've selected. A. Relative. Interest. I'm gonna click on suggestions. And it's gonna bring, up this is so amazing this is gonna bring up, more. Interest. That are related, to the one that I selected. So, you don't really, have to do a lot of digging Facebook, is actually going to show you the. Related, interest to the ones that you pick so, old friends, senior dog sanctuary that, has over 1.2. Million, people, in this. Audience for, this interest, and if you look, here I can't. Really click off of it but if you look in this box to. The right, it. Says the, size of the audience so we click that, everyone. To select. Let's. See South, East German. Shepherd. Rescue. It. Has three. Hundred and five thousand, all, right that looks good. And. This is really bringing up a, lot. Of. Related. Interests. Access. See that's. German Shepherd that doesn't really say anything about older, dogs let's take that out for a second. Now. This one does a mutt viel senior. Dog rescue, all. Right that's. A good one. And. Let's just try to find ones that say, you, know senior, dogs or, older, dogs in. The. Name. Okay. So let's, see. Any. More right there I. Do. See old dogs right here and that's about 71 thousand, people. So. Select that one. Let's. Go back and see if it. So. It did not. Reset. The suggestions, but let's. Look at our audience size here, it's. Three, hundred and, ninety. Thousand, people now, what you want to do is you want to make sure you got this. Is the potential, reach we're gonna make sure you got a good size. Audience. This. Is a good size audience because. It is super, targeted. We're. Targeting people, who actually are, interested. In. Older. Dogs, so. This, one is a rescue, this one says older dogs, this is old friends, senior dog sanctuary, the. Sanctuary, for senior, dogs so. This. Is pretty targeted. Targeted for this particular, product you wanna make sure your audience, is I, would, say 250. People, or more, you want to make sure the.

More Targeted the better. Okay. So, you don't want to pick any like really huge, audiences. Like. Straight up dogs, or, you, know straight up broad, interest, is. Especially. When you're starting off and you don't have any data on your pixel. Okay. So now under placement, what, we're gonna do is, select, edit. Placements. Okay. I'm going to select mobile. Only. Okay. And I'm going to uncheck. Instant. Articles, I'm going to uncheck marketplace. I'm. Gonna uncheck. Instagram. Audience. Network I'm gonna uncheck, everything besides. The, Facebook. Feed. And. I didn't find check let me click on that again. Okay. All. Right that was moving a little bit slow all right, now. That is it for the placements. We're. Only going to select mobile, for right now and. Then once we see that the product is working of, course we'll. Do more. Different. Placements, to test it but we, keep this on optimization. For add delivery on conversions, you, don't want to, do. Anything else to that okay, right here where it says conversion. Window we want to leave this on seven. Days click or one day view, and then we're gonna click on, I'm. Gonna click on publish when you go to the last tab and we're gonna select our actual, post for the ad so, what you want to do is you want to select your fanpage. We're. Gonna click right here and, then you're going to find your fanpage I, have a lot of fan pages. So. What, did I name the other one it. Was something with dogs in it I'm, just going to oh, it's in love with dogs okay. Right. There's our fanpage we, selected, our fanpage and, now we're going to do is when a select. Use, existing post. Okay, and then I'm going to click on select the post I'm, gonna click on that post that I created, and this is gonna allow me to be able to use that post in my ad. So. This is the post is gonna be promoted. To the, people, who are interested. In those, interests, that we used, in. Our. Ad, so now we're, finally finished, with the ad so now what we can do is click on publish, right so this, is going to publish our ad and. Not actually publishing, my ad because I have to add a payment, method, now. All. You have to do is if, this gives you the error you're gonna go. You're. Gonna click right here where it says. As. Manager. In these three lines I'm, gonna click on billing alright and then you want to click on payment. Settings, and then, you're, going to add, your payment, met that you could. Click. Where it says add payment, method and. Then. You're gonna either add your credit card or you can add a PayPal, account. Now. For the purpose of this video I am I gonna do all that because again. This is, the. Easy self-explanatory. Part. I'm gonna do is add your credit card number and then click on continue. Alright. So that is it for this video we went through the whole process of. Posting. Our. Ad actually we just we started, off with creating. A fanpage then. We made, our ad on, the fanpage then. We went through and we set up our website conversion. At so. You pretty, much are, now, Facebook. Ads expert, now, I'm just kidding, so. If. You want to actually make, sales, quickly and, be. Able to drive traffic. And sales to your Shopify, store in, the, best way possible you, want to actually start with Google, Ads. Why because, Google, has buyers. You. Can be able to target search, terms that are, only, going. To bring you buyers because. Google. Is a. Place where people, come to search for products, to buy Facebook. Is a social media, platform where, people come to socialize, ok, so what you're doing is you're gonna be interrupting. People's, social. Time with Facebook, Ads and you get a lower conversion rate, with Facebook, Ads and it's, a little bit more difficult, nowadays for, beginners to start so, I do recommend, that you start with Google, Ads. Now, if you want to learn how to do Google Ads you, how to get cells very, quickly, I recommend. That you click the link in the description. And it's gonna take you to a page. Where, I actually, show. You how, I was, able to get. One, of my customers, to over, fifty thousand dollars in cells very, quickly, so.

You Want to click that link in the description, and you want to enter your email address and sign up to, be able to see exactly what. We're doing to, help. People get cells very, quickly. Alright. So thank you for watching this video, make sure you don't. Forget to leave a thumbs up, don't. Forget to comment any questions that, you may have and subscribe, to, our channel, thank you so much for watching.

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