[LIVE] Day Trading | Valuable Lessons for Beginner Stock Day Traders

[LIVE] Day Trading | Valuable Lessons for Beginner Stock Day Traders

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Good morning it's clay at claytrader.com. This be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live, market opens up here in about five minutes and want to kind of just go go over what i'm looking at this morning so what you see over here, this is the live chat room that i offer as part of my inner circle, uh community. Just the private service, and one of the questions i always get is you know hey clay how does how does it all work, and thanks for your feedback, uh, as viewers so i appreciate you leaving comments, i know a lot of you like to see how it works behind the scenes, that way not only do you see just how training kind of works as a whole from start to finish but also, people that are wondering are yeah clay i'm thinking about maybe joining your service but how exactly does it work so this is just an opportunity to kind of show how things work, uh, in in full life so i mean this is not a voiceover, i have no idea what's going to happen but as right now, you can see i made my watch list right there, and then i'll also go through the watch list and, pick out certain areas that i like so example. On qlgn. Which is what we're watching, i guess i kind of got it cut off but this is qlgn. Just notice that or i just noticed that six dollars is an area that i like for a pullback. Buying it up here it actually got as high as 667.. So i don't like it right there that would have been you know chasing but if it can pull back like i said to that six dollar mark, that could very well be a nice little entry point there. So you can see that's just how it works uh. Let me get this out of the way so you can see there's the chart right now of pre-market, on qlgn. But yeah like i said, i like six dollars, members were alerted to six dollars. So if it does decide that it wants to pull back to that area, then yeah that could very well be a nice entry point so there's a quick example of how that works. And uh you know there'll be others that i'll map out. But, quick example there, and i think i've stalled long enough market still doesn't open up for three minutes but, we'll see qlgn. And i don't know if six dollars will come into play or not that's. I i guess the downside with these live trade videos is it truly is live, so i have no idea what's going to happen from this point forward but yeah if it gets down to six dollars that could very well be an interesting, point. Well, qlgn. Did not pull back to six and this thing is just, roaring, right now, you just can't buy right now i get it it could go over seven but that's a terrible habit that is totally chasing so i mean even if it were to go over seven right now. As exciting as this looks. Just. You just can't do. That. You do hear me typing because i do make alerts throughout the day too. Oh yeah over seven so i get it clay man you're watching this thing at 680.. You're right, but you just can't chase like that. Still interested if it wants to pull back some but uh, just. Too crazy right now. So we'll see what happens though so looking like that six dollar mark. You just give me one of those that just didn't come into play. All right quick little, update here watching, fedex. 162. Was watching 161, 150, but with the way the chart continued to play out, i wanted to update that whoops, to now 162. Flush point, flush meaning, thinking the price may go down. So that is the current level that i'm watching. And whether or not that comes into play i have no idea, fedex, a very clear chart but at some point, i'm expecting. You know not not a full-blown reversal or anything like that but i am expecting some profit takers to show up, that uh brings the price down a little bit so 162. Is an area that i'm watching closely. Uh outside of that though the market's been open 10 minutes. And no trades as of yet but it's only been 10 minutes. All right maybe 162. Is going to be coming into play. Here. And maybe not. But all right i'll go ahead and pause it was looking like it was getting ready to pull back but. Now it's kind of consolidating, out but i'm watching this one very very closely.

All Right it's maybe making its way down there again. Somewhat. Okay working its way closer. Oh i missed it. Can i get the back test. Oh, man missed it, all right well i got the back test. We'll see if this can indeed work for me or not so i didn't want to chase. Came back up to 161, and filled me. So we'll see if i can get a move now to the. Downside. So i got some downwards, pressure now just a question of, can i get some more downside, pressure. Pulled some off the table there. Now just 300, shares. I wanted more downside, pressure and i'm not necessarily. Getting, what i was looking for but um i could be wrong so that's why i'm gonna hold some shares. Could also still be a losing. Trade. Well there's the break of. Well the attempted break i should say. Again just not what i'm really looking for. In terms of the breakdown, that i thought i would get. So i'll go with 100, shares here and if it wants to keep on going that's fine. But i am going to put my stop up. Over. The 162. Mark i'll just do a mental stop so if it goes back over 162. I will hop out of the trade but yeah i have no problem admitting i was thinking there would be a bigger flush and don't get me wrong it's flushed. But i was thinking it'd be more intense. So again i'm gonna i could be wrong that's why i'm holding 100 shares in the position. And if i hope i'm wrong i hopefully this thing keeps on moving downwards and i'll let this 100 shares make me some money but as of now. I just wanted to, reduce my risk. By. Sorry let me just watch 162. Here. If it breaks i gotta get out, so there. 64. Trade. Nothing big and you can see right there look at that bounce. So level two is more of the story. Learn this tool, that tool was the leading indicator there that something just wasn't quite right, it wasn't, quite behaving, like i thought it should have and ultimately, i was right to have taken out those position, sizes where i did. Uh. So i mean, yeah. Quote-unquote, only made 64.. But, uh, it was good to have hopped out there because i mean look at this thing ripping now. So yeah level two is the moral of the story of that trade learn level twos are they perfect no nothing's perfect but they're definitely a tool all traders should use. I'm also kind of glad that happened because i don't want to be accused of well clay you only post those, alerts where things like work out hugely, no, here's an alert that was made no yes members had money, chances to make money, members had plenty of wiggle room there to make money but i mean was that a grand slam trade no it really wasn't and, unfortunately. As much as i wish i could sit here and say that hey sign up for my service and you'll get grand slam trades, every single time.

That Would just be a little bit deceiving sometimes you'll have things like this where you and this is why you got to be able to think for yourself right you got to be able to think you got to be able to realize. That you know what, something wasn't quite right there. So my my you know my community is not for a bunch of mindless, sheep it's not for a bunch of puppets, we help each other out by alerting each other but you still need to be able to think for yourself. Sorry mrna, what's going on. Oh very nice wow i i. Shame on me clay. I, completely, lost track of that one you can see over here from the chat room. Right there alerted mrna, 63, flush point and now it's at 60.. Uh. Nothing like, losing track of one of your very own alerts but have you ever been there before have you. You know identified, a great setup and then for whatever reason you just get sidetracked and then all of a sudden you totally miss out on it. And at this point i'm wondering, if i want to try to go long. I do want to go along now this is just crazy. 58.50. Try to go long 100, shares i'd like more than 100. But i want to just ease my way into the position. I might i may be way too optimistic, right now trying to get at 58.50. But that's idea when you're position building you want to you know that. You want to get entry points that kind of shock you on that first one, but yeah 58.50. For 100 shares. With the goal of getting more than 100. So we'll see if it can work its way, down. But i should also note to those you members that watched these videos and got in, around that 63, mark. Yeah a big congratulations. To you well here we. Go. Can this thing really get down. To. All right i'll go ahead and pause. All right current thing i'm alerting, and watching, ba here for the 188. Key upside break area, as i noted nice little consolidation, on the one minute. Still got some work to do if it's going to get up there but, again 188, i like that entry point quite a bit for a potential, long sided breakout trade. At this point it's gonna it's got some work to do to recover back up there but if it can recover that implies that this current downwards move failed. And downers moves that fail is is good from the long side because that implies there's some strength out there. Whether or not this, is gonna fail and the price is gonna you know bounce back up i don't know but. Like i said at this point. I'd, i'm thinking i'd. 186.50. Short, it's intriguing, but it scares me because technically boeing is relatively strong on the day. And you know it may be one of those things where this is, losing steam and gonna actually head the bearish on the day but like i said just. I'm too scared if i'm too scared that's just my way of saying yeah you know what you're probably not totally comfortable with the trade, so i'm only going to be interested in this from the long side.

But Yeah 180 650. Yeah. We'll see if i was right or wrong so there's the break. Well. That would've been a quick quick 50 cents in my favor there had i gotten filled but uh. Still that's good old hindsight, for you. All right now watching. 249. Here on zm, as a flush point again flush, meaning, price going down. Only going to do 100, shares though, let me get this chat box out of the way. So if it looks like it might want to break i mean this one is, this one's so spready, i mean the spreads always big. I mean, which is good because if it goes in your favor it can go in your favor in a hurry but. That's why i'm only doing 100 shares here just because. I want to manage my wrist control wrist via position, size. But yeah 249. If it can work its way back down there and get the failure. I like the downside, potential. But as of right now. Bounce back upwards so, yeah this is the morning where alerts. Just really aren't reaching. What i'm alerting. And sometimes, that happens, but. You got to just take what the market gives you and right now the market's just not really playing ball too much now here this one goes up, so it is what it is. And it's just going to be one of these mornings so there's boeing. And yeah 186.50. Look at this thing go. I mean i'm totally hindsight, trading right now. Um, but, yeah and i wish i could say well at least i alerted to the community nope i didn't even alert that one to the community because like that i didn't feel comfortable with it i'm not going to learn something that i don't feel comfortable with but. Yeah. Have you ever been there before, where you have a plan that you're not quite sure of but then it just works in your favor, if you've been there, i've been there too i am there right now it happens, and it's always going to happen you're never going to be perfect and this is one of those little annoyances.

As A trader, but. It is what it is. So i'll just keep on looking. Well let's go, trying to book ba again. 18650. New upside break point, so again a potential, long sided trade here, trying to consolidate, out so if it can work its way up through the 186.50. Marker looks like it wants to break that area. Then i would be interested in a trade although. Now it's starting to pull back but again same same premise here if this actually gets back up to 18650. That would imply that a nice little hammer candle. Has formed which would be great. Once again, maybe this is the start of a rollover, and it's kind of, party over. But if it can actually recover, that would be a nice little sign of strength but as of right now. It's only dropping but we'll see if it can try to turn itself around. All right watching one 20 50 here on roku. For a 10 potential, short-sighted, trade. Risking, right around. 50-ish, dollars just hard to know exactly with slippage, but, well. Now it's just pushing new highs. So needless to say i'm struggling today i uh, i'm making. Good alerts that makes sense relative to the chart. But, the price just isn't moving the way i i it needs to move for me to take action and sometimes that'll happen. And that very well may be the learning lesson here is, you can identify, great trade plans you can identify, great levels on the chart but that doesn't mean the market's actually gonna you know play ball with you it doesn't mean that the price is going to go to where you want it to go in order to take action, and that's, exactly what's happened here other than mrna. Which i missed as i showed in fedex, which kind of worked but not really, um, sometimes, these. Days will happen so again, i alerted 1 20 50. i won't show you. In the chat room and again. Looking like 120, 50.. Not necessarily going to come into play anytime, soon but uh. 121.. So 121. 121. It's, 121.25. Yeah i'm just trying to figure out if i put my stop, up. But, roku just keeps on grinding, and grinding higher. No i'm just gonna leave it alone. Well. I might have to call it a day after this one. This one might be the straw that broke the camel's back, you saw me talk about 186.50. I missed it i was looking at amgn, which i do have an order out there for right now, but you can see price broke up above 180 650, and it's currently. In the middle of a breakout right now. Moved as high as, uh. 187.25. So as of right now about a 75, cent move, which as you see here are still in progress. Uh, but. Missed it, and, i have no shame at all admitting. The. Force of trade voices showing up because i keep missing all these things. And now i just want to force a trade hopefully i'm not the only person that's ever had that feeling but we'll go back to amgn, now. Let's see, 248.. See now i don't know. Is this actually a good trade setup or am i just forcing a trade here because i want to get a trade on the table, now this is what i got to be very very aware of. And ba just keeps on, moving, approaching, a dollar, move from where it was alerted. Well. On the bright side, congratulations. To members i took that breakout trade but uh. I did not.

Interested, Here bowling at, 185.25. This will be my probably last trade of the day. Um just because. If i'm wrong in this one i'll i'll go into the red by a little bit i mean a very very small little bit but. At this point it's almost 10 30 and i've been trying to be done by an hour. And as i've already admitted i can feel the voices taking, shape here. So i'll be risking right around 100-ish, dollars, give or take, so like i said if i am wrong. And i take the max loss then that would put me into the red by. Let's call it forty dollars. And forty dollars is something that i. And look at this now it's bouncing up from that level, so as of now. Well. Maybe it won't come into play. So i guess as of now, actually this is a good thing i'd like to see a couple more. Candles, and then have it come down through there that would make a much more attractive setup. Uh but who knows maybe this will be at the latest example of i've located a very logical spot. At, 185.25. And maybe the market's just not going to give me the opportunity, but. I guess that would that would fit in very perfectly with the theme of this video. Well we'll go one more time so pretty much just, went over what i talked about, that 185. 25, mark and it's looking very interesting, especially, like i told was just telling you if it can go sideways a couple more candles so, if it can just consolidate, out a little bit more. Then i like that setup, quite a bit more especially, now with the little miniature, bounce, so if it comes back down i mean think about what that implies that implies. That this little bounce here has failed. So because of the way it's forming i actually like it that much more so i'm going to scale up to my normal 180, or 500. Shares. Well don't don't break bloat on this candle though. I don't want to see a break below on this. Candle. Come on stay above it. It's almost this candle is going to be finishing. Soon. Just need it to finish don't, close below it on this. Candle. All right there we go i think i should be out of the woods. I think. Come on candle. There we go all. Right. In fact i'm going to get that updated here. To, 185.50. Because i like that better now instead of waiting until 25.. So 185.50. Is that new point entry point so it just updated the alert i won't show you. All right well, we'll see if it wants to come play ball or not. All right it's working its way down that area maybe. So watching very closely. And if it looks like it wants to break through 185.50. I'm going to. Hop. In. It's working its way down there. Okay i'm in at 1, 85. 58, anticipated. The brake a little bit. So taking out a little bit more risk because i didn't quite get the brake but i don't want to potentially, miss out on it but i like the chances that it can break through 185.50.

So If i'm right. I should be rewarded, quite nicely but as of now. Hindsight, here i should have waited. Because now it's bouncing back up on me but we'll see if we can get the move. Back to the downside. Here. The spirals, over here that would help me out, very much so in fact i think that's going to be the. The anchor that drags it down through 185, 50. so i'm going to need the market's help here but right now the market's, actually going up. And not helping me at all right. Now. But we'll see if the market wants to actually. Roll over here. I'll show you what i'm seeing so right now the markets are actually breaking out. At one point they were looking like they might want it to roll over but i need i'm gonna need the spy to to pull back here. If this thing's gonna actually help me out here but as of now. I didn't wait for the break, i anticipated. It and, as of now that was, uh not the right thing to do. We'll see if this thing wants to, roll back. Over. What's good here is that, ba is just going sideways right now yet the market is still essentially going to highs. So i mean just any sort of weakness at all within the market should really really help me out. Here. But right now the only reason why this thing continues, to go sideways is because the markets are going up. And the markets maybe just uh, are going to drag this thing up through my stop-loss, and i'll have to. Bow out but. Well. At this point preparing now to potentially take a loss on. It. Yep the markets are just not helping me out, at all. If it goes over 186.50. I will need to be out. It's getting, very very close. I'm using a mental stop-loss, here, so watching level two is like a hawk. And i gotta get out. So. That is disappointing. But i still like that level if this thing rolls back over i i'm, going short there. And that would not be a revenge, trade at all just because that's still a great, great level. My timing was off though, i anticipated. It. In fact what's this 185. Yeah 185. 75, i would be interested in especially if i can get a attractive, candle. Here. Which i think i'm going to get so i'm going to get back in here at, 186.05. So let's see if we can, get this thing down. Finally to 180, 550. And then get the break of it. There we go now the markets are pulling back here a little. Bit. Let's see if we can get this to move to the. Downside. Can it get down through, 185.50. It's approaching. There we go, let's see some more downside, momentum. So still have 300, shares left. Let's see if it can get down through. 185. Okay, have 200, shares. Left. Looking for some more downside, movement here. So let's see if this thing wants to keep on. Moving. Took out another 50 shares. And all out, there. Very nice. Might have been too premature, but i'm thinking i might want to bounce off that area, plus i didn't want to risk giving back the gains, of, what i got back. Uh so, got back that entire loss. By not giving up, i know, i'm asking myself, the same thing so i'll just answer the question for you, clay. Why did you why did you sell right there you basically sold the top of that move before it rolled back over, you're right i did i did and that wouldn't have been a losing trade at all in fact if i would have held, that would have been a a massive, massive winning trade you're absolutely right, but here's what your voice is doing here's what the voice in my head is trying to do, what happens if this thing would have kept on moving, moving, moving moving. Then what. That would have been a very nasty situation, and i've done a lot of videos on this in the past.

Where. Uh you know i've gotten out. And then it just continues, to go against me and against me and had i not taken the loss. I would have been, it would have been a very very painful situation in fact i'll put a couple links down below this video, so you can see exactly what i'm talking about in regards, to, why you can't play the game because you're absolutely right in hindsight, here i basically, stopped out at the high. But you just can't risk it you can't risk that being the start of a bigger reversal move to the upside, where all of a sudden that loss gets bigger and bigger. So i decided to take the loss and i kept the hole small right the hole i needed to climb out of was very minimal. Minimal, so much so that. I you know got it all back plus some, in one single trade, and i didn't give up on it i recognized, it i took the trade, and i let it work for me. And uh so a great example, in fact, i don't know this is such a good example maybe i'll make a whole separate video of this because. Uh. I get it it's no fun, to get stopped, out. And i got stopped out literally, basically at the top of the move. Yeah i was the top of the move. Look. So, when i bought and got out. I got out at 186.51. And literally the high of that candle was at, 186.51. So i, me, claytrader. I created that high. I'm the sucker that, sold at the high there. Covered my position took a loss before it rolled back over, but you know what, it's you know i'll make fun of myself. But like i said i'll put those videos down below that way you can see i'm not talking in theory because there have been examples out there where that doesn't happen and then boom it keeps on going and going and going in fact the example, from the video that i'll link you to, uh was from a boeing trade, but now what what did i do right i didn't say oh i'm gonna take my ball home oh the markets are rigged against me oh it's the evil market makers. Oh it's the you know the algorithms, no i said all right, well. I was wrong to have gotten out there when i was right because i honored my rules i kept the whole small but i mean you saw me walk through it then it came down. And, made the alert. And. The maybe the biggest lesson here. And i can't remember yeah i think i showed it but i did update it so here is the the alert that was made to the community. Right here. That uh, so that means right there that i updated it but right there 185.50. And what did i do. What in hindsight. And this is why it's always give and take, i, i anticipated, the break right, i got in before 185.50. And what happened that cost me because it never did break 185.50. And it bounced up, so i lowered my risk in in the sense of well i made sure that i got into the trade because i don't want to risk missing the trade, because as you saw earlier in the video they can move too fast. But. What happened to me well i took a higher risk of why i never really got any confirmation, and then that ultimately cost me so thinking from from members perspective those members. That actually waited for the break of 185.50. Which was essentially, right here. I mean check that out a beautiful, beautiful winning trade for them and for me. Now granted i noticed the candle earlier, about the failed breakout so i hopped in a little bit before then, but overall. That was a situation, where, members had, a great opportunity money. So it is now 10 40 a.m, hour and 10 minutes in the day and i'm up 138. Dollars but you know what, i didn't make a whole lot this morning but wow, what so many good learning lessons like i said so much so that i'll probably, uh pull an excerpt from this one out of uh the video, and use as an educational, example because, i mean this is this is what trading this is what makes trading so hard, you can take losses, and then the price goes right in your favor, and you really have two choice at that point. Cry about it take your ball and go home, or just set it aside realize you honored this, your rules you honored your system and then take the new trade setup that is valid, and that's what i did here, so, overall and i'm not trying to sit here and say that i'm the greatest trader ever i'm just trying to say that.

This Is what make trading so hard because yeah that was super annoying that was super annoying that that happened, but at the end of the day i was able to uh recover, those losses, plus put. 74, dollars into my pocket, so wiped away that entire loss plus. 74, dollars in my pocket so i'll take it and at the end of the day i mean i'm not sure of many places in the world where within. An hour and 10 minutes you can make 138. So i'm so grateful for the gains i don't want to come across like your greedy savage holy smokes it is 30 minutes in. Wow. So all right let's do this if you're still watching the video at this point, 30 minutes in comment below, keep your ball, right because, it's it's don't i'm going to take my ball and go home no just, keep no that doesn't make any sense keep your ball what should i say um. Frustration. Just comment below frustration, because today was a day of frustration. But at least i was able to uh redeem myself by just, holding steady, taking advantage of that trade so but if you're still with me after 30 minutes, first off thank you very much seriously thank you. And type, frustration. Down below in the comment section and i really do appreciate, it but, that is all i should know one more thing, if you are interested in joining the community and getting all the alerts that you saw throughout the course of the video just go to claytrader.com. Forward slash team and the way to approach that we'll just use this pricing structure which is 99. For three months which breaks down to eight dollars and twenty five cents per week so the question becomes, do i believe i can get at least eight dollars and twenty five cents not per day but per week of value from the service, if you think that you can, then the 99, would be a great investment for you so that's really the way to approach it 99 dollars. Three months which equates to 8.25. Cents per week can i get 8.25. Cents per week of value, also if you enjoy these live tread videos, especially do you like these longer ones or not it you know a quick way to communicate that to me hit that like button, also comment down below like i said frustrated or if you have any other comments questions suggestions. I'd love to hear from you and then also check out the channel as a whole. I realized that the the amounts weren't that big in this one, but, you know if you want to see a lot of other live trade videos just check out the channel hopefully you decide to become a subscriber, to the channel, i would love to have you but wow if you're still with me right now, bless your heart because we are at 31. Minute. First off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go, i want to invite you to a live webinar, web class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it but it will be me, live, revealing, to you what i discovered, that has allowed me to transform, myself from being an employee, to being my own boss, including. How i had only one losing day out of 73, days in total, i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me, unlock, profitable, consistency.

Within The markets, the first key is super weird, but in a productive, type of way, the second, key is super awesome because it quite literally, is wired into our dna, as humans. Making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders, i'll explain it all though, including, how to avoid the pitfall, that it creates for some, and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you, how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again, totally, live even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay. That i will send you, click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description, box, so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event, if you have any questions. Let me know if not, i'll be seeing you soon.

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