[LIVE] Day Trading | This Stock Made Me $216 in 14 Seconds (and then pain...)

[LIVE] Day Trading |  This Stock Made  Me $216 in 14 Seconds (and then pain...)

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Hey. It's clay at clay charter icon this be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market. Oh buttons up here in about ten minutes so let's see what happens, thanks. To feedback from those of you viewers I know a lot of you enjoy when I started to do this but it just gives a good idea of kind of how my trading community works and then also gives my thought process on things so right now as. Far as you know just kind of setting up context, here I've given the watch list already, to. Members of the community which, you can see right there and then. What I'll do is I'll go through and map out key levels that really stand out for example on this one and again this is live talking. About this you, know in real time so this is not a voiceover this is not some sort of post commentary, this is literally all playing, out live so I have no idea if this level is going to come into play but that jrc. Jr., JC. Interesting. Whole back point. If. It, happens, cuz I say if it happens cuz as of right now I mean the price is still up. Above. 28, but, this one can move very quickly so I mean it could, get down there but I do like 25 as a potential, you know point. Uh you know buy some sort of pullback if it gets down there but like I said that's just a quick little idea of some of the levels that you know I'll map out and I'll go through the ticker symbols and in, fact let's do one more so let me take a look and I'll do one more just to give you and we can have a little bit that much more context, so. On MRNA, here definitely like. Key. Upside. So. 8550, I like that very, much so for an upside breakpoint if it looks like he can get up there and break through it hopefully it doesn't break through it before. Market. Opens, let's see market opens in seven minutes so it's close I don't. Know I'm actually, tempted to potentially take a pre, market trade on it but regardless, so that's that's how it works like I said just map out some key levels and that way members have the same exact opportunities. That I have and, you know just you know to. Point. Out those of you that, maybe. Aren't familiar how my screen works right now I have no orders out there, I have, no positions, so, this is not me this is not a situation where I first buy where I get my position, and then I alert it to everybody else nothing, like that I don't have any positions right now I have nothing yet as you saw I have alerted it to everybody so, in other words everybody has the same exact opportunity, that I do to take advantage of these different, situations and like said I don't know if these situations, are actually in a play out I have no idea if 8550, will be broken if and if it is broken will, it be a profitable trade I don't know I like the odds that I could turn a break, of 8550.

Into A profitable trade but. I don't, know for sure and then jr. JC like let's go check on that one real quick. So. Yeah still still, quite a bit of ways from, the. $25. Mark but, that is the current gameplan. MRNA, all of a sudden still have four minutes before market, opens up but. It's approaching, that 8550, mark and I really do like to set up. So. If it looks like it's gonna break through 8550. I. Am. Indeed willing to potentially, put on a pre market trade here wow that fast, back to 85, now now. It's 85 on the offer, in. Other words this thing is getting quite, quite jumpy so never mind for, the time being all right. It's kind, of showing some movement again it's. Just so fast that I'd rather have, the video rolling and. Capture. It as opposed to. There. We go. What. In the world look, at that move what. Alrighty. Then, well. Um I. Congrats. Any members that took. Advantage of that but I was not able to, holy. Smokes. Alrighty. Then that, thing just you know made a good, 252. Dollar and 50 cent move in the blink of an eye. Wow. Well as disappointed. As I am that I missed that that's pretty awesome we captured that on video and. You. Saw me type up that order key upside breakpoint, now did I have let me be very clear about that did I have any idea that it would shoot up that much no I'm not trying to imply that but. What. A move well that actually brings, about a new level and I'm very curious about now. So. I'll show you kind of how I alerted this, but. So. Now I'm interested in 89, which didn't seem to be you. Know in play at all but after that movement, like, I said just wow. All right well. 89. Is the new plan here so we'll see what happens, all, right markets are open I'm going to be watching out junior GC. So. $30, that key upside breakpoint if it can get back up there. That's. What I'll be watching very very closely. But. While what a pull back. And. Ma, Rene pulling back here a little bit. What. Is that. 28. I. Want. To see how this one plays out a little bit more. But. More of a pull back would probably be preferable now you know there's going to be a while play just getting de stroyed let's, see what's going on here. Yes. That typing you hear is me, making alerts, in the chat room here. Well. Mrna is not just totally. Pulling back. What. Is that hi. 8730. I'm gonna get that alerted. About. 8730. Don't. Want to see you break on visit there we go. See. If we can get more of a pullback here I'm still quite bullish on this one I mean this thing huge, gap up everybody's, talking about it I'm gonna make sense for some profit takers to show up here I. Like. 8650, now. I'm. Gonna go ahead and update this. Wall. It just keeps pulling back right now. How's, my friend Boeing doing I think. I just missed it. Yeah. I missed that turnaround point right there shoot. All. Right seven minutes in and not a tray that's okay though this, is some good Cantus Peschel ii that MRNA move that was so, crazy. All. Right what is the high of that candle, 8475. Need. To see some sort of candle heron let's see yeah 8475. Okay. Good I'm liking this candle that's for me. But. You got to give these thing there we go there we go getting some room. Okay. I'm in at 8422, I think this candle wants to work too i upwards, here now. So. Let's see if we can get up there through 8450, which it can ooh. Might, miss my chance had it. Let's. See if it can make another push up there or not there. We go all out there for two hundred sixteen dollars, perfect. And. Let's see I was in that trade for. 84. It looks like an interesting short. Point though I don't know nah that's. Too much going against the trend. So. I'll paper trade it see what would happen had you know if I would take this 84 break if it breaks it might not even break I. Don't. Do I want to take it yeah, well, regardless. $216. It's not even five minutes in the day and. I'm not a greedy savage as I try to you know always reiterate, to myself I'm not, sure of many places in the world where you can make. 216. Dollars in literally, quite literally less than five minutes ah. Good. Old hindsight, yeah that 84 break would have been a nice, little short there for a quick scalp. Oh. Look. At that, good. Old hindsight, oh well. Not going to dwell in hindsight like he said I'll take two hundred sixteen dollars I. Mean. How long was I even in that trade for. Let's. See so if you're unfamiliar, with my screen those of you that are new right, there shows when I got in at nine thirty three and, fifty two seconds, I got out at nine thirty four and six seconds I'm not a mathematical, wizard, but pretty sure that's 14, seconds, so, 14, seconds. $216. I'm happy.

Alright. I am back for. Potentially, another trade usually, I would be done but I just made this alert in the chat room here and I like this set up quite a bit, 18350. Flush, point stop over 180 450 so, I'm very curious about that trade and maybe I mean it's only 11 a.m. so it's not completely, late oh I. Missed, it. Oh. Man. Well. I guess, we'll, just, well. That is disappointing. Well. I, guess. I at least I littered it to members so that makes me feel a little bit better but as I was sitting here talking and setting things up, nobody's. Fault on my own I guess that's just what comes with the territory of doing these YouTube videos and trying to set. Up contacts, here. Well. Okay. No. Not. Pleasant. All. Right well let's just see how this plays out just so we can actually see how members could have potentially done well. Things, are just getting that much more now don't get me wrong I'm excited, but it is now officially moved a dollar in, the, direction that it was alerted, so, a very nice mover and it may not be done yet so. Painful. To watch from. My. Account is not growing at all and it should be point, of view but very I'm, happy I mean that's great that that was alerted. So. I know there's, gonna be members out there that are making money on it which is fantastic. But. Yeah so far it's made a dollar, in. The direction was, still more potential, to go so. I'm not saying this is going to turn out to be a grand slam trade, again these are live so don't know how this will turn out but you. Know for sure it's good it's a winning trade for members now it's really just a question of how big of a winner could it potentially be, so. Yeah we'll just see how this one plays out. Well. I'm totally by, curiously, trading, through my members right now so I'm totally feeling, the emotions out because I want this thing to break down so. Come on baby get down through 180 250, let's, see, a flush, so, I'm armchair. Quarterback, trading through, the members of the community so. Since. I missed out on the trade this is the next best thing so yeah at this point I want to see it break down through 180 250 so come on baby let's go well, let's get down through, 180 250, and if. That can occur that. Should cause a nice little move to I mean. You got to think you gotta like the odds of it at least going down to 182 but it's all revolving, right now we're on that 180 250 mark so I'll keep an eye on it, that. Green line there represents. The level that I want to see break. For members sake which. Represents 180 250 so, it's getting down there can, it push down through come on if it can it should there we go got the break there, we go members making money. Now. I know your sponsor not supposed to trade with it and trade with the emotion but it's, fun to trade when you know that members are making money there we go nice. Come. On get some more momentum there. We go there's another 25 cents that was just sit so, now it's moved a dollar 25, in their favor. Like. I said there's been no major you, know movements back to the upside that would imply this trade is over. But. All right I'll keep a closer eye on and like I said I you gotta like the chances at this point that I can at least go down and retest 182 no idea if it can break 182, but, I think it's a more than plausible, and logical thought to have that it, could get down there to the 182, mark but. I'll keep an eye on it all right. Approaching, 182, as. Expected. Hasn't. Quite hit it yet but I think we'd agree you know it's what it's gotten within what like seven cents so one $182. Stock hopefully, we can agree that yeah seven cents is basically 182. But. Now just I'll keep an update on or I'll keep an eye on and we'll see if it can actually get down through the 182 mark now. I don't know this for sure but, I would assume that most members have their stop slightly, up above 183. That way it's a winning trade no matter what because if you think about it they got in at 180 350 so now worst case for members they're making 50 cents per share absolutely worst case and as, traders if that's the spot that you want to be in worth you're, not worried about I don't know am I going to make money am I gonna make money no no now you literally, know that the worst you're gonna do is make 50 cents per share but, you also don't know well how much money could i potentially make, I mean when your worst case scenario is making, money or in this exact, situation when, your worst case scenario is making 50.

Cents Per share that's, a really good spot to be in so as of now like, I said I don't know this for sure but. I you. Know I have a hunch based, on training and what I offer that they're probably right up around that 183, mark, up above it so there everybody I will, assume is still in the trade but, let's see if this thing can eventually roll back over and get down through 182. Now. A Break of 182, is important because if that can happen then like I said I can see a situation where. Members move their stop down to the 180 250, range which again at that point worst case scenario is, they're making $1 per share worst case you're making $1, per share but, again that key break has got to be 182. So. Let's see if we can get it and if it can then there, we go broken so now that Green Line essentially represents, the, new stop-loss now maybe they're taking off some more profits but oh, wow. We're now, well. Over or like said we're in a situation where worst case absolutely, worst case members, making $1, per share so, congratulations. To you members out there and I have no problem admitting so you control me in the comment section I know what I'm doing I missed the trade, dude, that's pathetic that you have to live through your, other traders yes, it is that's what I'm doing because this, is my way of look, at this mentally, battling, the fact that I missed a beautiful, alert, and you, saw well you, saw me showing the alert but as I was talking about the alert and moving, stuff around that's also when things were actually going in play and. I, wish I could say I scripted, this stuff out but, no oh. And. It keeps you are we gonna get $2 per share let's see 180 150, would be $2 per share can, it happen again. That's, gonna be another significant, area because if that can be broken I can see members make you so let's see if we can get down through 180 150. It's. Trying. Just. One more little push allow, people to move down there stops even more. And. 180 150 as would be expected, putting. Up a fight here. But. Even like said worst case right now members, are making. Literally. $1.00, per share worst case how, good of a spot is that to be in. Let's. See if we need to break this time there it is so, now worst case members, are making a. Dollar. Fifty, per share one, dollar fifty, per share our worst case scenario, awesome. Congratulations, I feel like I'm making money on this thing now this, is fantastic. This. Really stings, -, that's. Alright alright I'll go ahead and pause. Looking. Like this wants to bounce but you never know for sure so, I can see want to get the video on because I could see the stop out coming here based on these candles that are forming but again no such thing as a guarantee but. I don't think anybody. Would be shocked to see it now get up over 180 - so. Let's watch and see if we can finish off. Its, knocking, on the door but hasn't quite broken above 180 - and there it is so trade over, what. A move all the, way down there to 180, 125. From, as you saw, the. Alert right here. 18350. Flush, point stop over 180, 450, so risking right around $1 per share and you can see it ultimately went much, more than just a dollar per, share in, the. Favor and you can see there is the bounce right there so. Bummer, bummer for me that I missed it up missed out on it but. I'm very excited that at least members were able to to, see things or not to see but to make. Some money on it because wow I mean you could have you could have messed up a lot of that trade and still had plenty of wiggle room to make money, so. I am doing this outro once again just because like I said I stopped. The video when you saw me make the quick money on mRNA, I was more than happy with, 216. Dollars in 14 seconds I decided, to call today and then all of a sudden I saw, the mRNA. Setup pop up I rushed myself to get the video rollin again cuz I was like wow that's a great setup I that, something I want to take I want to get alerted it'll be another good example I can show people on YouTube about how the community works and just how charting, and you know technical, analysis works as a whole and then, the rest is history as we, just witnessed, there so point, here being if you do want.

To Get alerts like you saw me make and you, want to get all their alerts then all you got to do is go to clay choke on, /team. The way that works and we'll just use this pricing structure, $99. For three months which breaks down to $8.25. Per week so, the way you approach that is do I believe if I invest in the service that I can get more than $8.25. Not per day but, per week a value, if you think you can get more than 825, per week of value then, definitely you don't get signed up you'll get a great return on your investment, there's also a mobile app so it's not like you have to stay chained your computer or anything like that and then also as far as this live trade video is concerned if you like these live trade videos if you would like for me to make more of them the easy time, efficient way to communicate that to me just hit that like button also, comments, questions suggestions leave, those down below if, you've ever watched any of my past videos you know that I do read and reply to comments and then finally check, out the channel as a whole and if you like what you see hopefully decide to, join and hit that subscribe button and become a member of the channel but like I said if you want these alerts in real time as you saw things, play out here just, go to clay tomforde, slash team would love you have you guys part as a community and team first. Off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go I want, to invite you to a live webinar web, class training, workshop, online event whatever, you want to call it but it will be me live revealing. To you what I discovered. That has allowed me to transform. Myself from being an employee to, being my own boss including, how I had only one losing day out of 73, days in total I'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock, profitable. Consistency, within the markets the first key is super-weird but, in a productive type of way the, second, key is super awesome because it quite, literally is wired into our DNA as humans, making, it very easy to use but, in a cruel way this, becomes a pitfall for many traders I'll explain, it although including. How to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds, way too good way too good to be true but it's not and I'll show you how, it all works, then at the I open it up for a question-and-answer session that is again, totally. Live even, if you can't make the live session please, still sign up as it will be recorded, and you can go back and watch the replay then I will send you click, the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box, so you can get the date and time and, claim your spot which I should know is limited, due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions, let, me know if not I'll be seeing you soon.

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