[LIVE] Day Trading | This is Why Stock "STUFF" is Hard!

[LIVE] Day Trading | This is Why Stock

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good morning it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live uh real quick if you've never watched any of these videos when i say live what i mean is that this is not a situation where i've already recorded everything and now i'm doing a voice over some sort of post commentary nothing like that you were seeing myself see the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts or emotions you will get that here if you want a nicely edited video nicely scripted video you will not get that here but if you want just a nitty gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading can play out then you will get that here and the market's actually just opened up so i'm watching tesla right there and right now kind of just pulling [Music] straight down so not much i can do with that right now but yeah that's how it's set up so um just going to look around the markets here and wow tesla just keeps on going huh so i'm thinking actually potentially a long sided trade here on teslum going to get this alerted here pull back in context one minute so we'll see what it wants to do so what i'd like to see is this for to drop a little bit more and then come back up but this thing is just going to 693 yeah okay well i am going to go ahead and pause uh there's quite a bit of interesting things out there but right now just uh keep an eye on teslan almost wondering if there's a short opportunity now here at 693 right around 693 but still a little bit too early in the morning a little too many unknowns right now so i'm gonna pass on the 693. what's going on with rblx here another pull back here i am making alerts which is why i'm kind of not constantly talking you're not familiar i do offer a private community at claytrader.com uh so that's part of what i'm doing here well 693 continues to look more and more interesting here but yeah i don't know man probably more 692. not going to take it on this candle if this candle wants to stay above 692 which does not look like it wants to do well here we go nope there it goes leaving without me all right well tesla's not quite behaving the way that i wanted to see it behave but that's all right the day is young the market's been open for two minutes so i think i'll be okay but i'll go ahead and pause and i'll see what else is out there and this is exactly why i did not want to make any moves on tesla why i didn't feel comfortable with it uh not that i knew that was going to happen and nobody knows anything but it just wasn't quite right and what i was you know wanting to avoid was something exactly like that so sometimes you will get left behind and if you've watched past videos you've seen me get left behind before on moves but here's a situation where i actually didn't really get left behind to look like i was but then all of a sudden you can see here a very different situation tesla has turned around just like that and is now approaching that 700 mark which uh you know could be an interesting area because this has been a very very impressive turnaround but almost too impressive of a turnaround where and i gotta wonder is it you know gone too far up too fast but just a quick little update there on you know sometimes yes you'll absolutely be left behind in trades but sometimes you'll have trades where it looks like you might be left behind but all of a sudden you can sit there and like wow i just avoided uh you know what would have been a losing trade so just a little example on that but i'm gonna keep on looking around see what else is out there all right and just like that tesla has rolled right back over so exactly why i was not looking to buy because i felt like it went up too far too fast and now i'm watching 690 but i'd like to see this go green first show me a little green here show me a little green good and now come down to 690.

so i will take 690 here very good very nice if 690 comes back into play that is as right now it's hanging up there see what it wants to do 688 i would love to see this go green a little bit again it's approaching 690. great i just got a customer service thing 690n well i got a port there we go all out there for nice 318 in a matter of seconds as a customer service ticket came in so all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause and deal with this customer service ticket all right i am back and it's been dealt with i think could be so for those of you that are wondering i i think sometimes people think this is like some sort of massive operation claytrader.com but no it's just it's just me and one other person so yeah i uh i do do customer service tickets i am one of the people that manually manage the live chat on the side although we are thinking about maybe just getting rid of it but as right now there's a live chat and uh yeah i do manage it and something usually i'll i'll put myself as a way when i you know when the market opens up but totally forgot then had and i don't know if i don't know if the mic picked it up or not but if you heard like a ding type sound that was it all right well there we go 300 on uh the tesla trade there behave now that one behaved like i wanted to see it behave i took the trade and i walked away um with the nice little scalp there and i'm gonna keep on watching it but uh there we go very happy with that uh 10 minutes in up 318 and i even helped out a potential customer all right i am looking to try to go long here on tesla down at so still have has a ways to go and it's all about uh you know this level right here this 686 which is could be another shorting area uh but i'm not quite sure i trust that as much as i did the original one um but if it does break down then yeah like i said i'd like to see it get moving quite a bit fill me and then i'd you know try to play a little micro bounce there uh but again i was thinking out and i still am thinking maybe do i want to try to keep keep take this short um and again for those of you that are beginners short meaning making money when prices go down so that's how i made money on my first tesla trade i shorted the stock meaning i wanted to see tesla go down and because it did go down i made money uh so i'm wondering about this area right now it i mean it has sent up another interesting little formation here but gme [Music] looking rough gme kind of scares me though i don't have any problem admitting that that thing can can make you rich it can make you poor tesla tesla tesla oh that setup is looking better and better but i think i'm going to look for a breakdown of it and then try to play the micro bounce because i'm thinking if it does break down then there's a good chance it will break down but maybe have some sort of you know quicker bounce to the upside so if it does break and there is the break now it's just a question of will it break down enough to where i want to see it go which is at 682 and not really i'm not going to give up on it quite yet but in hindsight i suppose i should have shorted it taken i could have gotten a dollar scalp there but hey welcome to the wonderful world of hindsight but yeah that just kind of kind of a weak breakdown and now it's bouncing back up uh so i got that one wrong in the sense of if there was a breakdown maybe coming down enough to fill me so it broke down just not enough so i'm gonna go ahead and cancel that out and all right let's see what else i can find all right i'm gonna be looking to get short here at 687 risking 150 dollars that way if i'm wrong hey i'm still walking away with 150 oh no i didn't click the right thing 687 shoot did i just miss it let's see well maybe i lucked out there what is what actually what is that high i have 689 so yeah 690 so 687 3 150. again the reason why i'm reducing position size now is i want to make sure that i i have a green day so if i'm wrong here and that means i lose 150 bucks well i'd still be up 150 bucks which which i'd be fine with i mean if i'm making 150 bucks and let's call it 30 minutes i'm not sure of any place in the world where you can make 150 in 30 minutes although right now i said maybe i lucked out a little bit here or maybe i can get a different type trade plan here what is that low 688 what is that up there 692. no so i'd

still need that a little bit higher well there i did i lucked out there because that would have been yeah it only went down yeah that would have been a losing trade so hey you know what sometimes those those mishaps can can cost you money and they've cost me money and you've seen for those of you long time viewers you've seen times where they've cost they've cost me money but here in the situation it actually worked out so i could do 689. yeah 689 692 that's still 150 bucks at 689 though but if it gets and i'm talking to myself right now 6.89 yeah yeah assuming 689 comes into play here well i might just have to give up on tesla because uh this thing might just be wanting to start to head back upwards or just start to chop around now but all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right getting short here at 691.25 looking for more to the downside if it does come up over 693 then i need to be out which will again will still keep me in what will still keep me in the green not looking good though gotta get out so there we go up 235 didn't get that one right i was looking forward to break down at that point and if it didn't break down and started to show me really any signs of life at all i needed to get out and it still very well could come back down but that wasn't the play the play wasn't to give it a bunch of wiggle room to have it be able to come up here because that could have wiped away everything my thing my my thought was i think it wants to go at that point and i was wrong because there it is now it's now it is actually starting to break down but my timing was off so hey welcome to the challenging world of trading you can be right i was right i thought tesla wanted to wanted to push down further but i still lost money on it so how can you lose money being right on something well because if your timing's off just by a little bit then that's what can happen so again i wanted to see it break down at that point at that exact moment that's when i thought it would and then it started to show me those signs of life and just because i wanted i needed to protect those gains um i had to just get out but it is what it is so that's uh that's how it plays out sometimes and that's that is why trading is hard because yeah you know what i was right you can be right you can say i think this stock is gonna do this and this can happen but you can still lose money on it and uh that's just because timing timing is very very important uh but you got to just manage that risk and you got to realize that uh and at that point in time at that exact point time for all i knew was that i was wrong faulty breakdown of this thing was getting ready to you know do something back up to the upside which could have you know very well wiped out my gains for the day which as i told you earlier i was not willing to do now yes of course with hindsight in our favor you can sit here in the comment section i can sit here uh in my own comment section in my mind and be like oh you you you you are not good like what are you doing well and that's just how it goes sometimes so i mean that's just the nature of the beast and in a weird twisted kind of way i really kind of like what happened there because it does such a good example of how you can be right but still lose money on something because you got to get the timing right also so being right is a whole lot more than throwing out some sort of you know just broad statement well i think tesla's about to go down okay but how are you going to actually implement and make money from that um and assuming you actually care about risk management and risk control you know that's a lot easier said than done so not even quite 10 o'clock yet so still a few more minutes so maybe i'll try to find one more trade out there maybe even take one more thing on tesla i still got a little bit of wiggle room here where i can still you know close green on on the day uh but i'm also got to be careful i don't want to just go and revenge trade tesla for the sake of doing it but let me take a look around and see what else i can find okay watching 688 here in at 688.16

i want to see this thing down to at least 687 and ideally below there there we go okay got out half there oh wow it was close for a second now it's not even i guess that's just tesla there for you though huh goodness i can't even get out hitting the offer there we go all right got a little bit there just 50 shares on the scalp there um i guess not even 50 technically because i didn't get i thought i was getting way down i thought i was getting 25 shares out down at 686 but that didn't happen as uh as you saw there but so not quite as much as what i think i was getting uh but definitely was worth the risk reward because if i was wrong on that one still would have been green um but on that one i happened to be right so i'm walking away with a little bit more money so back up to 289 thought i'd be up over 300 after that but again like i said was going for another uh allotment down there yeah it did get down below 6.86 i i just wasn't fast enough on the trigger there but um yeah so i'll take it and maybe i'll try to find one more trade but maybe i'll just call it good too i guess that's we kind of have a theme why trading's not as easy as you think because think about it the price actually went down below 686 where i was thinking yeah i wanted to get out but i didn't actually get out at 686. so just because the chart says the price did something you got to remember that doesn't mean that your orders are actually going to fulfill magically like you think they are which is why paper trading can always be a little deceiving because if paper trading just assumes that you're able to get out at certain levels where you think you should be able to get out you know i'm not going to say that paper trading has zero value because that would be you know blatantly false but it's just one of those things that you know doesn't necessarily always translate over accurately uh because here i was thinking yeah you know what i'm okay good i got a good two dollar move in my favor fantastic let me take those 25 off oh wait i missed it and then i ended up getting out for actually more than what i got out for my originals which were at 687. so just classic example there all right have an order at 677.50 so looking for the break of 680 and then it needs to move relatively quickly down to me but 677.50

is what i'm looking for here oh it's looking like it might just bounce off of that 50 period moving average i'll give it a few more moments nope holding up pretty strong there but there we go now we're getting some movement is it going to be enough though is the question moved it down to 67. just need it to go down a little bit more how low did it actually go there yeah 677.75 so i would have never been filled anyways would have been within 20 20 cents which is actually pretty close on tesla but still not enough okay there we go nope again all right i don't like how it's hovering so this will be my last attempted entry point 675 here it's bouncing it off that pink line there how low did that move actually go yeah 677 18. so even that i still wouldn't have been filled but i would like to see just one more plunge to the downside so i will go ahead and pause because i highly doubt it actually happens i'm so i'm not gonna make you sit here and watch for something that probably doesn't happen so i'll just go ahead and pause all right well i'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up here nothing did come about from tesla started to bounce back upwards so it is what it is but there we go there's uh like i said why is trading hard well you saw several different examples of that not in theory i mean this not pre-scripted right this is all because this is live let me make sure i'm recording yeah i mean you you saw exact examples of it uh so not even quite an hour yet but we'll just call it 10 30. so an hour 289 dollars with commissions let's call it 275 280 uh but i'll take it i'm not sure of any place in the world where you can make 275 dollars for one hour working at home in your bathrobe pressing buttons online so i am more than happy with that and i'm just going to go ahead and call it good but again just realize trading is great trading is awesome trading can be super profitable right here 275 dollars in one hour but it's not quite as easy what i think some people may make you believe it is so it's not impossible but it's a little bit more challenging than just saying hey i think stock is going to go down and i'm going to be able to sell it all those places and then oh there we go as you saw there's a little bit more to it that goes into it than uh you know what maybe uh some some make you lead to believe but hope you found it helpful hopefully uh uh maybe not one of the more entertaining videos i know i've had videos where i make a whole lot more than that but like i said that's just the reality of the situation before i go though a couple quick things here if you do enjoy these live videos because they are live they are a challenge to make uh because there's a lot going on in my end i have to talk to you i have to think for myself i have to think about what i'm going to learn in the room i have to actually make those alerts in the room i have to manage my own trades while i talk to you so there's they're they are a hassle but they're a hassle that is possible i just want to make sure that in the spirit of you know guarding my time protecting my time that it's worth my time so if it is worth my time if you do enjoy these videos and would like for me to keep making them two things you can do hit the like button leave a simple comment the comment could be a rocket emoji a unicorn emoji it could be a ice cream cone emoji i don't care just emoji and hitting the like button communicates to me hey yeah clay these are worth your time please keep making them and as long as i know that there's interest i will keep making these videos so that's all i have also just check out the channel as a whole if you like what you see i would love to have you as a subscriber but first just like what you see i can't stand when people are like hey like my channel and it's like two seconds another video and it's like why would somebody subscribe to your channel they don't even know anything about it but at this point if you like this video check out some other videos if you like what you see yeah then i'd love to have you as a subscriber but if nothing else and if you want me to keep making these videos because you enjoy them hit the like button leave a very basic comment simple as an emoji so thank you for hanging out first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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