[LIVE] Day Trading | These Days Matter Most as a Stock Trader...

[LIVE] Day Trading | These Days Matter Most as a Stock Trader...

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Good morning, it is Clay at ClayTrader.com. This will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they play out live. Market opens up here in about four minutes.

Real quick, for those of you that are maybe new to these videos, when I say live, what I mean is that this is a situation where I am recording myself seeing the information for the very first time, as opposed to having already recorded everything, and now I'm comin' back and doing a trade recap or some sort of post-commentary voiceover, nothing like that. I am recording, I am seeing the stuff for the first time. So if you want raw thoughts, raw emotions, raw reactions, you will get that here. But to honor your time, if you are seeking out a nicely-edited video, a nicely scripted video, you're not gonna get that here.

But if you just want a nitty gritty, looking to what it's like to be a day trader, how a day trading can play out, then you will get that with this video. I will be watching ticker symbol QS out of the opening gates. I'm getting beat up quite a bit here, down 10% right now. So I am gonna be very bearish biased, so I'll be looking to make money thinking that the price will go down, so that is known as shorting.

So as a beginner, I get it, it's a bizarre thing to hear what, you can make money if the stock goes down? Yes you can, that's called shorting the stock, being a short. So that's the strategy that I'll be looking to potentially use here. So we'll see what happens with it, market opens up in about three minutes, but I'll go ahead and pause and see it back at the open. All right, what I am gonna do here though just so, I'll explain. But I do offer private community at the chat. I do offer a private chatroom at my site, ClayTrader.com, so this is what you're lookin' at here.

So just, 'cause a lot of people were always asking Clay, how does it work? So you can see that here, but also I just wanna get my thoughts documented, but 36.50, key flush point area on the open. So I will definitely be watching 36.50 here. I don't have a position right now, so it's not like I'm getting into the trade and then making their alert or anything like that.

But that way, members have the same idea. Now does that mean that they have to take that trade? No, absolutely not. I mean it's not what you see, I'm just throwing my thought out there, but it's still up to every member to independently think, I don't know, does that fit my strategy? Do I agree with Clay? So that's all how the chatroom works. But I'm just throwing off the key number, and it's up to them you know, like I said, how people wanna play it.

But 36.50 is definitely the level that I am curious about. Market opens up in less than one minute, so I'll go ahead and pause for now.

Now if I do take the trade within that first minute, it's gonna need to be more of a scalp, just because a first minute can be very very volatile. But I'd ideally like to see the price get up through 37 a bit and then come down back to that area. So market's gonna be opening up here any second. Markets are open. So let's see what this one wants to do here. But it worked through some of the imbalance here.

So watching 36.50 still. Well not, not really the volatility I thought it would be. I think it'll still open up, I mean I think it'll start to get volatile. But, as of now, yeah, just stuck right here.

I'm gonna watch it closely. Oh, 37, oh, I guess I still have a chance though. I had 37.50 typed and it's 36.50, and I missed it.

You gotta be kidding me, that is. And why don't one of you tell me? What happened was I had 37.50 typed in right here instead of 36.50. Well, did I type it? Oh yeah, I typed it on the chatroom fine too.

36.50. Well, okay well MRNA, no need to cry over spilled milk. Let's. Although nothing I can really do with this right now, just straight down, so that's essentially chasing for the time being. Take a look at coin. 345, I mean this is a very fast mover.

345 up to, yeah wow, that's a big mover for sure. Keep QS open just in case, yeah wow. Look at it go, well congratulations to members, for anybody that did take that trade, beautiful, now down 50 cents per share, and maybe even more if 36 breaks, but.

So I guess the learning lesson there is always double-check. Always double-check your orders. Tesla does look pretty interesting right at, what is that, 741. Double-checking, yeah, 741, I definitely have the order in.

Okay, actually MRNA is finally did bounce, so it would no longer be chasing. So let's take a look at. One, 156, okay, in there at 156, let's see if we can get some movement to the downside here. This can break down through, yeah 155.25,

that'd be great. Little bit of a bounce here. Well, that's not good. Let's see if it wants to come back down. Gotta remember, it is a pretty jumpy one, so you gotta give these things wiggle room.

So the question becomes, do I wanna actually add some more at 155.75? I do, actually. So I will add to the position at 155.75. So adding to a winner, but it's first gotta become a winner. It would just be a slight winner, 'cause it'd be just a little bit below, but like I said, if this thing wants to come back down.

Yeah well I got myself into a choppy one here. Well, I'm gonna have to stop out of this one soon. Give it a little bit of wiggle room, I don't wanna get shooken out here, but, this comes down to 156.25. I am gonna add, I don't know, maybe this is legitimate bounce.

I wanna give it a little bit more wiggle room here. All right, all out there, 1,000-dollar loss, bummer. That one was lookin' so good too, glad I got it where I did though, now look at it go.

All right, well not an ideal way to start off the day at all, but yeah, I had to just honor that one, 'cause that thing keeps goin' up. That could get really really rough. And all of a sudden QS is turning itself around.

Well, more than likely going to be a red day. Now it's just a matter of needing to just keep thing, just try to make the hole a little bit smaller, 37.50 does look interesting though. Hey now this time it's 37.50. So let's see if 37.50 wants to come into play here. Well like I said, if this is a legitimately strong bounce, then so be it. And wow, MRNA just keeps on working upwards, whoo, glad I took that loss where I did.

Again, watching at 37.50 here. Actually, if 37.75 is broken, I think that'll be good enough for me. In there at 37.78.

See if we can get this thing to roll over a little bit here. What is that, forgot. 37, yeah 65-ish right around there. Added some more up there at 38.10.

What is that right there, 37.70. Okay, pulled out some at 37.80. Then once again bounced. It does not wanna give up this area down here on the 37.70s. Wants to give it another go. See, 37.80 still trying to, there we go,

took out 300 more, still have 500 left. Gonna take out those just 'cause I don't know, does this thing wanna get going or not? See if it can get down below 37.50, wow. Look at that big size there, I'm gonna take off 50 more just in case, still have 150 shares left, nice. There we go, okay. Wow, and that fast it turned around, huh? Still have 100 shares left, but I don't know, I think that might have been it. So I'll just take the $200 and move on.

Just to show you what happened with, yeah, now you can see it's bouncing back up. But just to show you what happened with MRNA, look at that thing, all the way up to yeah, 159, so that could've been extremely painful. So I'm now down 850 on the day. Like I said, I'm not planning now getting back to green. I suppose it could happen, but that's definitely not my game plan. I gotta go out there and take a bunch of crazy trades.

Tesla, yeah, just, and yeah, watching QS off-screen just being stubborn and not, and actually still bouncing, so I'm glad I got out where I did. 345 coming back into play, good timing, I remember talking about that earlier on COIN. Whether it not it wants to actually get up there though, that's the, I will get that alerted though, COIN 345 upside break point. Whoo, and MRNA, a little major pullback, now workin' on gettin' up through 160, yikes.

Actually more so 344. I'm gonna watch 344 here. Just 50 shares, since it is such a big mover. I'm still watching Tesla too off-screen. MRNA wow, just put to highs. Over workin' on gettin' up to 161 now, and I got out at what, 150, oh man.

So that's another $3, that's another $1500 I could've been added onto my $1,000. So watching 344, in there at 344. Let's see if we can get some momentum up through there. Definitely a very jumpy one.

So I have bought, let's see if we can get up through 345. So took out 25 there. Ah, come on, get up there. All right, whatever, I'm movin' on. Let's go look at MRNA, look at this thing. Wow, if that's not a lesson in risk management, I don't know what is, whoo hoo.

And this was such a good setup when I took it. The setup I took, I would take that over and over again. I mean it was a good setup, it just didn't work out, and this goes to show that sometimes good setups just don't work, and if you let 'em hold and hope, hold and hope, hold and hope, wow, it can get really, it can get sketchy.

And yeah, coin lookin' offscreen. Now back down to $340. So yeah, just struggling, I suppose. Right there, you can see, down at 339 now. So, glad I got out where I did though. Level twos, which again, over here is a tool you need to learn.

That's what's telling me that something just wasn't quite right. So I'm glad I got out where I did, but. Tesla coming down here, I wonder how it's gonna behave right here, what is that? 29.75-ish. This is short right here, but that's totally chasing at this point. And what's goin' on with PLBY? There we go, Tesla bouncing just where you thought it, yeah, right there, and went a little bit below, but I think we can all agree right in that general vicinity. QS is goin' again, huh? I will gladly.

Let's do this, 539.55. So let's see if it wants to come up to me this time instead of me hitting a bid. Now I want more than 500 shares, but this would allow me to get my feet wet. So we'll see if the price can get up there or not. Although that's a super interesting area at 38. If 38 wants to come back into play.

All right, I'm gonna go ahead and pause for now. Do like 38.50 here. So in there at 38.50.

Lookin' for this thing to pull back a bit more here. Key brake's definitely gonna be 38.50, can it break down through there? Oh, actually got in at 38.59, I didn't realize that.

All right, I got a better entry point than I thought? So, in at 38.59. Actually, might look to add. Again, if it comes down back to that area, it's gonna be a very interesting, I think chart at that point.

So yeah, 38.50, let's see if 38.50-ish can come back into play here. What is that? 38.85. In there at 38.87 for 300 more shares. Let's see if we can get a move down here. And what is that low? Yeah, 38.50, that's basically the line in the sand.

There we go. That was a weak break. We still have 200 shares left. But this, this one's pretty tricky.

It's breaking down, it flushes, and then it just kinda stops. There we go. Still have 100 shares left. Can we get down to 38, or better yet below? Take out another 25 there. Let's see if this does wanna get down there or not. This one definitely moves very goofy, there's no doubt about that.

All right, all out of that one. So now, I added another hundred and something to it. So I'll take it, what is MRNA doing? Still just a, well you know, where can I get it up to 163 now, crazy.

All right, I'm gonna go ahead and pause, let's see what else I can find. MRNA officially just went up over 163, absolutely crazy. All right, I'm going to go ahead and get short here again at 38.23, got my fill. This one is lookin' very rough right now in the five-minute. So I think this thing wants to at least get slightly below 38, if not just a full-blown breakdown of below 38, so trying to anticipate that a little bit here. So let's see if it wants to.

We're at 38, wow, look at that size. Took out another 100 shares, just 'cause that's a lot of size, not sure if it's gonna be able to break through it or not, and it did, excellent, excellent. So I have 250 shares left. So I'll have 150 shares left. It's kinda hesitatin' a little bit, but gonna give it a chance to make a move down at least 60. Ooh, still have 50 shares left, see if it can get down.

I don't know, maybe that's all she wrote. All right, gonna take that out. So again, QS is helpin' me out. Took another trade on it, and Tesla.

I think I'm a little late on that. Yeah, a little late on that one. All right, well, down 537 now. And yeah, let me see what else is out there.

Watching 726.50 here on Tesla. In there, see if we can get a push down to 726. It's kinda sittin' right there we go. What in the world? 25 shares left. I thought we were headed right down at 725, and all of a sudden I'm looking and it's basically 727.

So, all right, took out a quick, not even $50, wow. Oh, like I said, I thought we were headed down to 725 on that one push, and then all of a sudden, before I knew it, we were up to 727, and there it goes, kind of. All right, well, what about, now down 490, so not even down 500 bucks now.

So I've cut back half of that loss, and again, think about it, I'm not doing anything crazy, it's not like I'm like, okay, full accounted to Tesla on that trade, 'cause I gotta try to get it all back on one trade, nope. All I'm doin' is just mindset of, hey, you know what, it's gonna be a losing day, gonna be a red day, let's just chip away at things. And oh now, by just, with that mentality, by chippin' away, I've now cut my loss down by half, which is I mean, $490 being down right now, I've had plenty of days where I'm up well over $500, so by no means at this point has that day wiped away multiple days or multiple weeks, or anything like that. I mean it's now down to a single day that's taken care of. And that assumes that I'm totally done. I might look for a couple more trades if there's some other good no brainer setups out there, but yeah good to know that I'm back down below 500, but let's see what else I can find.

All right, well I'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up. It's actually 12:30 right now, I had a podcast that I had to record. So quick vlog there, if you're not familiar, I do offer a free podcast, the Stock Trading Reality podcast, it's on iTunes, Spotify, any podcast player, so you can look that up. Just interviewing members from the community. So it's just ideas, hey, let's just talk to real normal people about their trading journey. So you can go check that out if you want.

But like I said, just getting back to that. I did make a couple of quick little trades, nothing big at all. But now down $461 on the day, so with commissions, I don't know, let's call it 475-ish. So 475, it is a losing day, but. And this is the massive.

If there's one thing that actually is gonna matter through all this, let me actually just get it set up for us, so let me pause. So, what matters, like I said, the most, is MRNA. And this trade, not because that's what I took the loss on, but that's, but, let's say, let me go back on this real quick, and I may do a whole separate video on this 'cause this is such a great example. But I got out, let's see yeah, 158.10, okay? That's where I got out, which was the 1,000-dollar loss. Let's just say I had gotten totally stubborn.

Look how far that ended up goin'. Basically 163.50, but just to keep the math easy, $163. That means that I could have absorbed, I could have had, 'cause for every dollar it moved against me, that was a 500-dollar loss.

So if you have put in $5 more, that's another $2500 that I could've had on top of my 1,000-dollar loss. So imagine here if I had said, okay no I'm gonna hold, nope I'm gonna hold, no I'm gonna hold, and then I mean, think about that. $1,000 loss versus $3500. That's crazy, that's a huge difference. And that is the difference between me now having a very just whatever type of losing day.

Again I've had plenty of days where I make well over $500. So for this losing day to be at 460, 475-ish with commissions, you know, I don't wanna come across like I'm greedy or not grateful or anything like that, but that's not really a big deal at all, all things considered, when I wouldn't be shocked at all if tomorrow I go and make over $500 and there we go, this day has been totally taken care of. But, that would be a much different situation had I lost and had I let that bloom to 3500. Heck, let's just call it 2500, you know? 3,000, 2,000, that's a much bigger hole I obviously have to dig out of.

But, how did I prevent that from happening? Why was MRNA my best trade? Because I just took the loss where I needed to take it. Had I gotten fancy, had I gotten stubborn, that thing just kept grinding higher and higher and higher, and that could have and would have been a very very painful trade. And that hole would've been much larger than $1,000 or gee, $1,050 to be exact that I would've had to, like I said, not even try to climb out of.

So that's the second part, is my mindset. You heard me say hey, at this point, it's not gonna be a green day, right? I suppose it could be, but probably not. 'Cause my goal here is not go out here and start swinging and taking massive trades and trying to hit a home run so I can get back to green.

No, it's gonna be a losing day, let's just see if I can chip away at things. Let's see what I can do in regards to that hold, and yeah, I cut the hold by over 50%, and more than happy with that. So today, I feel great. It's a weird day, but I think it's because I feel terrible had I gotten stopped out. I mean I had been there.

Had I gotten stopped out, another thing just went right back in my favor, I'd be so frustrated, like I should've held, right? But in this situation, I feel great because had I not managed the risk, that would've gotten painful. And I want you to remember that is, yeah, many cases you'll get out and then the trade goes in your favor. And you can play the game of, I should've held. And yeah you should've held. And in many cases, yeah you should probably hold because it'll probably eventually go in your favor. However, all it takes is one or two trades like this, and that is going to, I'm not gonna say wreck your entire account, but that's gonna put a big, that's gonna put a punch to your account, right? That's not gonna be a pleasant experience at all.

And that's what you need to avoid as traders, is you don't wanna be puttin' yourself into those sorts of situations. But, this is one that I traded earlier. Volume is so pathetically low though right now on it. I could, let me try 35.50. Just would be a quick scalp, so 35.50.

Come on, I think I can do better now. Let's try 35.01. All right, I'm gonna pause and maybe I'll capture some little trade here, but I'll pause and let's see if this thing wants to come down to 35. All right, never mind on it.

Excuse me, I am officially gonna wrap things up here. But before I go, if you're still here right now, as far as I'm concerned we're friends. I mean, this is over 30 minutes. So if you are still here right now, seriously, thank you so much for hangin' out with me for this long. Hopefully, it was worth it in terms of kind of these valuable learning lessons here.

But before I do go, please help me out here in the regards of, are these videos worth my time? Are they worth the effort to do? Because they are very difficult, because they are truly live, so I have to talk to you, I have to think about what am I gonna say? Do you have to think about my own trades? I have to actually execute my own trades. I have to make alerts in the chatroom. I have to type, I mean there's a lot goin' on, so they're totally possible, but they're not the easiest to do, and I will keep doing them as long as I know that there's interest, as long as I know that you enjoy them.

And a quick easy way to communicate that to me, two things. Hit that Like button, and then leave a basic comment. It could be a thumbs up emoji, it could be a smiley face emoji, but those two things communicate to me, yes Clay, they are worth your time, they are worth your effort, so please keep doing them. And like I said, as long as I know that that is the case, then I have no problem at all continuing to do them.

So do those two things, hit the Like button, leave a very basic comment, even if it's just a sunshine emoji, and that is what I want and that is what I need to help me gauge whether or not I should continue to do these live trade videos. But yeah, get out there, manage risk, honor those stop losses 'cause you never know when you could, by taking that smaller loss, could be preventing and saving yourself from a much bigger loss, which would've been the case here. So thank you for hanging out. And like I said, if you're still here right now, then we are officially friends. First off, thanks so much for watchin' the entire video. Real quick, before you go, I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you wanna call it, but it will be me live revealing to you what I have discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss, including how I had only one losing day out of 73 days in total.

I'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive type of way. The second key is super awesome because it, quite literally, is wired into our DNA as humans, making it very easy to use.

But in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders. I'll explain it all though, including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some. And yeah, the third key, when you hear it, sounds way too good to be true, but it's not, and I'll show you how it all works.

Then at the end, I open it up for a question and answer session that is, again, totally live. Even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded, and you can go back and watch the replay that I will send you. Click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which I should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event. If you have any questions, let me know.

If not, I'll be seeing you soon.

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