[LIVE] Day Trading | These Days Amaze Me! Follow Your Strategy...

[LIVE] Day Trading | These Days Amaze Me! Follow Your Strategy...

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good morning just clay at claytrader.com this will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as i play out live market opens up here in about seven minutes real quick what do i mean by live well what i mean that this is a situation where i have not recorded everything already and now i'm coming back and doing a post commentary or voiceover or anything like that this is a situation where i'm recording myself seeing the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw emotions raw reactions you will get that with this video if you want a well edited video well scripted one you're not gonna get that here but if you want a nitty-gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader then you will definitely get that uh you know with this video here and as far as tesla i am loving this setup and what you're looking at here is i'm gonna make this alert to the private community that i offer with claytrader.com offer a chat room and newsletter and stuff um and right here we're looking at the chat room but tesla 646. we'll just call let me double check something real quick yeah 646 50-ish key flush point on the open if the price can manage to stay above it here in pre-market so right now let me get that out of the way but over here you can see the level twos and that number right there is what i want to see stay up above 646 646 50 right around there because that will be the number i'm looking to potentially short now if you're new what do i mean by short well believe it or not when prices go down which is why i alerted that as a flush point you can actually make money that is known as shorting being short shorting a stock and that's what i'm going gonna be looking to do here i'm on tesla so yeah i know it's a bizarre bizarre uh thing to think wait you can make money if tesla stock goes down yeah absolutely and that's going short and that's what i've alerted there what i'll be looking at and really the setup that pretty much why i'm even doing this video because i mean i have no problem admitting i'm only doing these videos when i think there's good action out there and there's an opportunity for me to make a cool video uh so just i'm here to make a cool video and now if you're a viewer of the if you're a long time viewer of the channel you'll know sometimes they don't turn out to be cool videos and i'll lose money or just have a headache of a day or stuff like that but i have no problem admitting that yes i'm trying to record cool videos and with this setup here i'm really liking it so like i said it's just a matter of can the price actually stay up above that level or not we'll see what happens market still opens up in five minutes so my fingers are crossed that it can stay up above that area all right our market opens up in a minute tesla adjusts adjusting flush point to 647. one minute so please stay above 647. i like 647 now

i think if 647 fails then it has a high likelihood of at least going down to 646. i don't know if it'll break 646 but that would give me a wiggle room or excuse me a dollar worth of wiggle room here so market opens up here in less than one minute i'll get the video rolling at the open all right old market opens up here in any second so let's see this at least bounce up a little bit and it did not wow look how fast it went down through 646. okay yeah there we go maybe a little bit of a bounce here well that was that was just impossible to try to get filled on that that was crazy it's tesla just gonna leave me behind it is ah and i like that setup so much i will let this one play out a little bit more let's see what uh peloton 158.

make an alert there what's going on with qs that was a crazy one uh tesla that stings like i said these videos are live so i apologize that i spent so much time at the beginning of the video talking about it and then nothing even came about from it but uh there we go a little bit of a bounce so maybe 6 44 here okay all right maybe it's gonna give another setup here wow okay all right tesla coming back in the game here nothing i can really do on this candle want to see how this next candle begins to form i just got knocked back down here so 645 yeah i like 6 45 now let's see what it wants to do i will go ahead and pause all right i like p town here at 160. okay i got filled there on the back test so missed it originally but gave it some space looking for this to come down to at least 160. see what it wants to do what is that 160 uh i'm almost wondering if i want to add if it comes down to 160 mark like i said i think this thing wants to get a pull back here not a crash or anything like that just a pullback sure showing a lot of strength right now though okay somewhat of a pullback can i get down to 160 though those 160 40s were this stuff really stubborn area what is that 161. i am going to add this things if if it comes back down well or i might just be taking a loss here see what this candle wants to do 162 i can see adding here but i got to see a weakness that it once get back down below 162. coming down yeah what is it 162 25-ish let's see if that wants to fall or maybe this thing is just an insanely strong beast i just don't see how this thing can last and i'll pick up some more up there so now i'm at 162 for a thousand shares i should say my average is 162.

see if this thing step one's gonna be gotta get at least down below 163. so let's see if we can get a bit of a pull back here 163 very stubborn all right there we go got down through it if i remember last time the 162 80 was also very stubborn all right got down through there ah and there it is back 162.80 again okay moving back to 162. there we go oh so close can i get back down below 162. well maybe i got greedy there i don't know see if it wants to come back down the 50s can get out of the way i like the chances and 162 50s knocking on the door there we go okay i got those out wow i've fooled around with that one enough i'm just gonna take my 55 loss and move on could have could have had a much bigger gain on it in all actuality that could have had about 500 gain on it um but like i said i wanted to see if it was gonna break down even further with those final 500 shares and then it snapped back against me so i ended up taking a loss in those final 500 which brought the entire position uh to a loss but um yeah that one just did not behave although 160 325 actually looks like i'm going to get that alerted piton now 163 25 upside break point one minute yeah 163.

this thing is clearly very very strong so we'll see if it wants to get up to that 163 25-ish mark again well yeah that trade it just didn't work out in hindsight yeah i should have just scalped out taken you know the 400 trade 400 profit whatever i could have been potentially up but it just uh it just didn't want to play ball all right i'm going to go ahead and pause all right mrna here quite the move to the downside but looking for some sort of little breath you can't just short it down here that'd be a bit too much of a chase i like to see how it's trying to get green i'd like this note come on yeah bounce up a little bit more here like to see somewhat of a breath or is this thing just gonna flush down through 135 too the desire is real right now to just short but even if it works out even if it does break down through 135 i can't listen to that voice because that's completely chasing right now gotta let this thing at least show a little bit more green and as i'm right now i'm glad i didn't listen to that voice because i would be uh potentially seeing a bounce here there we go come on bounce up some more get up over 136. if it can get over 136 i like 135.50 as a shorting area but step one is it's got to be got to get up over 136 because i just need to see a bit more green i need to see a bit more of a bounce here i don't know if it's going to give it we'll see what it wants to do definitely trying to stabilize out here right at the 135 mark still like if it can get up over 136. and then look for it to come back down to 135.50

like i said that's all about can it even get up above 136 first all right i will go ahead and pause well there went over a dollar wow a dollar in seconds but just it just never gave me what i wanted to see so that's disappointing but tesla it looks interesting at 6 30 750. x37 yeah i don't like that risk though if i'm wrong and it'd be me losing a little bit more than what i would want to so i'm not going to take that trade oh wow two dollar move 135 crazy all right i'll pause all right watching peloton here for short on a fake breakout fake breakout flush point of 163.25 one minute now to be fair this maybe this is a truly strong breakout so i don't i don't know if this is a fake breakout or not but we'll see if that can come into play or not i'll go ahead and pause all right watching are you kidding me it's going to say watching 133.75 on mrna let's see if it wants to bounce back up just not my morning i've been struggling lately really have i i don't know if it's me i don't know if it's the market but i just can't quite get anything to go in my favor now in hindsight yeah i could be making a lot of money like with like i said ptown i had opportunity to lock in all my shares for gains but by waiting and giving those 500 shares a chance to really go in my favor you know it ended up costing me it was the right decision because the thing totally you know bounced back anyhow but i just yeah i passed several days it just does not 6 35 25 i mean that looks like uh a nice little area there and there goes mrna without me yeah just can't even boeing i mean i realize this sounds like a complaint i'm not really complaining i'm just talking out loud so if you've ever had one of these days then you're not alone right all traders have them but even right there alerted boeing 220 60 flush point and then you look at boeing now the 226 was you know let me get was like right here and then look how far down it's gone from that point and you know just turn my back on that one missed it so just it happens it happens again i'm not trying to be a whiner just letting you know that if you've ever had one of these days or kind of streaks of days where it just doesn't seem like anything quite goes in your favor you're not alone i don't get that alerted them quite the volume spike there and the ones like this you can't even short so i feel you know so handicapped and there goes piton again huh and this movement is getting so just so crazy 165.50 and there it goes even more yeah i better just stay away from that one oh airbnb let me get that alerted still no shorts is short of that and there goes mrna even more this move seems to be getting so overdone maybe looking for a long side trade all right i'm going to go ahead and pause have an order at 129.25

looking for a very very fast movement down through 130. now i'd like more than 500 shares but this would at least allow me to get my feet wet but step one is it's got to break through 130 and step 2 is it's got to make a very very fast move down there which i think it's got a a great chance to do like i said it's first got to even get down through the 130 mark so i'll keep a close eye on it and keep you updated alright i'm liking 130 150 here as a potential upside break point here watching it very closely and 131.50 let's take it back down below 131 one final time and then come back up so that's what i'm gonna do as a requirement here you can just have the price break down below 131 and then come back up so it's getting close to the 131 why it kind of was there we go knocking on the door come on get down below 130 oh it was right there on the door again like i said i want to see it break 131 because that's gonna build some hope for shorts and would like to see shorts get in and then all of a sudden have it return back upwards and then those shorts can help out on the breakout there we go all right perfect down below so you know there's some shorts that just hopped in right there let's see it come back up to 130 150 now or who knows maybe the shorts were right to have gone short at 131 that's always a possibility too all right well now it's starting to fall all right well 128.75

same same premise as earlier a break of 130 i would expect and want to see the price move very quickly downwards so at this point looking like those people that did short at 131 they seem to have been right so 128.75 i realize that seems far away but as this candle shows right here it can move fast and that's what i'm going to want to see here okay hitting 130 oh wow so holy smokes all right 379 dollars and just that was and i caught it all on video did you see how fast it moved down through there i get it at one you're you you're totally rational you'll be thinking clay why are you so far away like that it's not price isn't anywhere close to the 128.75 mark but did you see how it basically happened instantaneously you'll have to probably scroll back on the video and watch but i mean that happened literally in the blink of an eye so much so that uh what is that 128. so 126.75 let's see if we can get something like that again um i i doubt it because that was uh and i got to be moving on with my day anyways i'm way past my 30-minute mark which i'm i'm striving to be done by but let's see if we can get just one more flush to the downside but hey just like that frustrating morning but you know what i i'm sitting here talking about you know i'm just struggling nothing's really going my way and then that happened and that one went my way about as perfectly as you could want it to go your way i got filled in the blink of an eye and got out about five seconds later for 379 dollars so you know if anything it's okay to just feel like nothing's going away it's okay to just kind of be struggling like you saw this because all it takes is one all it takes is one set up and all of a sudden poof and that's why risk management is important i could have gotten stubborn with pto in because i said no i'm not going to lose 55 bucks on it i mean i could have been green let me just wait let me just wait and i could have been looking at a much bigger loss but i just took the loss and put myself in the opportunity to now have a you know a chance to get not only back into the green but well into the green okay i'm in and out like that again look at that oh wow for another 250 dollars and what was that seconds all right uh let me see what is that what's a 124.50 no 123.75

let's see if we can get it again congratulations to those people that shorted at 131 you were right oh all right now it's bouncing so i'm just going to cancel that out all right well it is 10 40 off 10 14 so 45 minutes in i i strive to be done every day at 30 minutes well average of 30 minutes so this is one of these days where it was above uh 30 minutes but there you go uh closing the day at 573 dollars 500 a day keeps the day job away and if you were to ask me i don't know two minutes ago if i thought i would be here probably not but just realize manage risk keep losses small cut those losses and you're going to keep yourself in the game and by keeping yourself in the game you're going to see that all of a sudden boom just like literally boom you saw that in a manner of seconds not only can your those losses be wiped away but they can put you well into the green so um i realized this was a long video but this has probably been one of the more important videos i've done in a while uh just because and that's why i love these live ones hopefully you like them too it just shows that the transition of how things can play out and how it can start off as a very frustrating a very just morning that's not going well and then just like that things can turn around in a very nice way if you do enjoy videos like this before i go these are not easy i have to talk to you i have to think for myself i have to think about what i'm going to learn in the chat room i have to make alerts in the chat room i have to actually press buttons for myself so there's a lot going on and while these videos are difficult they are doable but i only want to do them if i know that there's interest and it's worth my time so a quick way to communicate to me hey clay yeah these videos are worth your time hit that like button leave a simple comment it could be as simple as a thumbs up emoji but those two things go a long way in letting me know that these videos are worth my time also check out the channel as a whole there's lots of uh you know content there's lots of variety out there on them so check those out and you know hopefully you decide to ultimately subscribe we'd love to have you as a subscriber to the channel like i said if you enjoy these live videos if you want me to keep making them hit that like button leave a simple comment and uh yeah that that'll that'll ensure that i keep on making these videos so thanks for hanging out and uh we've been over here for 30 minutes so if you're still here right now i i officially consider us friends so thanks for watching friend and uh hopefully you had a good day too first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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