[LIVE] Day Trading | The IPO Journey of a Stock Trader (Weekend Withdrawal)

[LIVE] Day Trading | The IPO Journey of a Stock Trader (Weekend Withdrawal)

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hey it's clay at claytrader.com this will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live real quick if you're new to these videos when i say live what i mean is that this is not a situation where everything has already been recorded and now i'm coming back and talking about it or doing a voiceover or some sort of post commentary i am recording myself seeing everything live for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw reactions raw emotions you will get that with the video if you want a nicely edited video nicely scripted video you will not get that with this video but if you want the nitty gritty dirty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading can play out you will get that with this video now to set up some context we have a pretty unique event we have an ipo which is why there's nothing over here because you know the ipo being an initial public offering meaning the first time the stock has ever traded publicly uh for a b nb airbnb maybe you've heard of them and that's the idea here it's an ipo it's a very anticipated one which i figured you know why not try to get a video of it i am actually already up on the day 460 dollars so i got a little bit of a cushion going in where you know even if i lose 500 bucks uh you know that would that wouldn't be fun to give away all my gains but you know within the grand scheme of things okay i'm down right around 40 bucks and then like i said from a bigger pitcher perspective as far as the week and the month is concerned okay i'd still be plenty green so in other words i'm not going to act like a degenerate gambler but i do have a cushion that helps with the risk tolerance angle of things knowing that i have a cushion going into it um and to set up a little bit more context whoops that's clicked on the wrong one there we go the tricky part about ipos is you never quite know when they're going to open now to be fair it did say that the quotes would start at 10 10 a.m the quotes being over here and those things did start to light up so i'll give them credit there and then it's supposed to be 10 20 a.m

or is it because that dreaded word right there after okay like five minutes after 10 20 am one minute after 10 20 a.m two hours after 10 20 a.m all those are very real possibilities that's always the tricky part with ipos is there's not an exact set time i would love to think that 10 20 a.m is gonna be literally when this thing starts to trade that would be awesome but uh you know there's been situations where they can go a very long time without actually opening up so ideally i'm back here i'm gonna pause right now but hopefully i'm back in about five minutes which would put us at 10 20 a.m maybe i'll be back 30 minutes two hours from now i don't know but we'll see what happens i'm going to go ahead and pause well it's officially 10 20 a.m and nothing i'd love to capture

where it starts trading right away the key to that would just be to watch here it'll light up and start to go bonkers but like i said that doesn't necessarily mean that with that word after don't know but i figured i'd at least get you updated here to kind of take you through the ipo journey as um yeah so we had that 10 20 a.m number and we are now after but uh did i mean 30 seconds after 30 minutes after 30 day not 30 days after no it it should be today but how far after we'll just have to wait and see but that is the current update for those of you that are maybe not aware i do offer a private community so as part of kind of taking you through this ipo journey i'm just like i said i have my i have the alert typed in right there i haven't submitted it to the chat room but i'm watching like a hawk that way as soon as this does open i'll hit enter let the community know that it's officially open um so i'm doing my best to nail it as close as possible to when it officially opens up and then of course you know earlier i posted this to the room just letting them know that yeah it's supposed to be 10 20 but again that afterward is the tricky part but like i said got my alert loaded typed up ready to go so that when this does start flashing all i got to do is press that right here to get it submitted to the room and then all members will be aware but uh yeah hopefully i'll be doing that sooner than later well we are now going on two hours later from the last time i was here um it's i think the last time i did the update was 10 20 and it's 12 13 so we're coming up on 12 20 which would officially be two hours from when but to be fair never said it would be at 10 20 did say after but at this point after has officially been defined as basically about two hours after but still nothing yet but that is the current update well just got a news release i love the wording 1 30 pm but around so in other words everybody's just guessing does a round mean like before so could it be out at like 128 115 that's a round i mean i don't know maybe three maybe 3 30. that's two hours is that around so nobody knows but uh that's the newest release out there and plus it's cnbc i'm not sure that's the most reliable source but it's the best we have right now um i'm actually i'm i'm gonna go step away i i hate this feeling of being chained to my computer this is the exact exact exact opposite reason why i like to day trade i like to do it for the freedom of things and right now i feel totally chained to my computer so i'm gonna go ahead and step away and uh who knows maybe that'll be a mistake where a round is you know not even anywhere close to it but if it opens up you know give or take within 10 minutes of 1 30 i'll be sure to be back by then but yeah for now i'm gonna go uh i'm gonna go hop on the spin bike do a little exercise here uh but i'll be back i'm gonna go ahead and pause it is 1 26 p.m so we are around 1 30 p.m

we'll see if it happens or not but got my biking in feeling good feeling re re-energized revitalized but uh we'll see what happens okay it's gonna be 1 30 now and nothing so i guess to be fair they said around 1 30 but i thought you know what if it literally happened at 1 30 i'd get it on video but it did not happen so never mind the wait continues all right we are underway as of about five seconds ago so just want to watch this first opening candle here play out not shocking to see 150 being the level of resistance that would need to be broken like i said don't want to take it on the first minute the first minute candle basically just a flat out gamble and i'm not willing to do that i need some information here and the one minute not giving you a whole lot of information but it's given information okay bigger pull back here now and what i like here is a bnb 148 25 upside break point yep right around 148.25 missed it let's see if wants to pull back and back test me nope totally missed it well 150 holding as don't go please come back okay there we go well i missed that scalp as you saw live but just getting started so 150 that is definitely the line in the sand i'd like to see it test it a couple more times and then get rejected back down or else it's just gonna if 150 falls it's going to shoot nope and there it goes just like that oh that 148.25 oh well as you saw me type it up to members of the room uh for anybody that got that congratulations i did not get it all right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause for now and we'll see if this thing wants to chill out or not but yeah as of now bummer and it just keeps going up doesn't even want to pull back and as much as i would love to just chase right now that's just not a not a good habit to have curious i could see it getting rejected right up at 160. but again yeah i have no problem admitting right now that i want to chase but that is just even if it were to work out that is not a habit there's 160. and as expected a whole lot of size up there at 160. it's gonna have to play some sort of pullback at this point if it does even want to pull back or is this is this the little pullback right here having a buy order out there at 1 54. no

nope there it goes wow oh and you saw me type up that alert at 148.25 why was that no i'm not saying i'd still be holding it and making thousands i'm not saying that i'm just saying yeah that was uh that was the point as much as i would love to chase you just it's just not a good habit and with ipos at least with most brokers you can't short them so you're pretty much uh your hands are tied you're forced to take them long this thing just keeps grinding higher and higher would love to see a a quick dump to the downside that would be fantastic i'll throw our order out there at 155 but i mean i suppose it's possible however right now oh so strong so do have an order at 155 i'll go ahead and pause for now all right we're getting a pull back here see it pull back a little bit more you know what i think this thing wants to go down and retest the v web 152.75 i like it down at 1.52.75 now seeing how

the v web is aligned with some other dynamics although how low did that move actually go 155 10 so i still wouldn't have been filled anyways but this is why you don't chase right now there are some people that were buying up here how do those people fail now to be fair maybe they get bailed out but i mean yikes well that does make me feel better had i canceled my order at 155 and then it would have hit 155 that would have been but it actually hit 155.10 so my original idea was 10 cents away from that pole back there all right i'm going to pause 157 breaks should get moving to the downside quite a bit and there is the break and it dropped a dollar basically in the blink of an eye i now have my new order down at 148 looking for another sizable pullback not sure i'll get it that's the current plan interested also at 160 75 but as of right now that doesn't uh look like it it's going to be in play if anything right now like i said want to see that pullback ideally it gets down to 150 and then a fast fast move below 150 that snaps down fills me at 148 and then i can play a move back to the upside like i said the key break to the downside is going to be 150 if the price can even test it right now the price is at v-wap which is that yellow line right there so not totally shocking to see it bounce off there like i said i'm liking the 148 but the big break the big big break is gonna be can it get down below 150. so i'll go ahead and pause and we'll see if it can even make its way down to 150 and if it can i'll get it rolling again and we can at least swatch if it breaks it or not i do like 154 as an upside break point just picked up 500 shares like i said looking for this to get up through 154. so there's the break of it and all out there for 353 dollars still like more so the pullback play here uh but i like that enough uh from a scalping perspective to make it a high probability trade and i realized clay you could have made a lot more i do realize that but the reason why it was a high probability trade and i i can't use the word guarantee but i i can use the word a very high probability trade is because i chose to make it a scalp um but yes i i'm well aware of that in hindsight yeah clay you'd be up so much more you're right but that's not the more you go for the less likely it is to happen which decreases the likelihood that your your strategy is actually going to work out so again i'll repeat that yes i realize i could be making more but my main play that i was wanting to see as i've been describing was just wanting to see the price pull back lower and lower and lower um not necessarily this but i i was wrong in hindsight yeah i i should have held for longer i would have made more but i wanted to make i wanted to give myself again i can't use the word a guaranteed trade i wanted to give myself a very very very high likelihood trade and i did that by again just taking a very quick scalp but if this thing falls again i am very interested to continue to see if this thing wants to pull back and play more of a bounce like that but i mean at the end of the day let's be real uh that trade that i was in if you're not familiar with my screen right there gives the time lasted 13 seconds and i made 353 i'm not a greedy savage i'm not sure of any place in the world where you can make 353 although i will say i think the the cherry on top here was members that decided to maybe play it differently than i did so right there talked about 160 75 mentioned that earlier but then right there you can say i made an update to the alert at 154. so any members that did play that 154 with me congratulations if they if they didn't scalp it out and again notice i didn't tell anybody to scalp it it's not it's not a group of sheep we're a room of wolves we work together but everybody's gonna think for themselves ever gonna everybody's gonna make the final decision so yeah sure i threw out the 154 mark but as far as how you want to play it whether that be a scalp whether you wanted to go for more and again going for more would have been the the right way to go um then you know that's up for each individual member to decide we're not a group of lemmings and sheep and blind little monkeys that just want to follow people no peop join my community only if you want to learn how to think for yourself only if you want to be an independent trader but then still very very curious about the 150 mark because i think that if that 150 mark is broken i think 148 still has a very real chance of happening but if it doesn't happen oh well i'm not going to cry about it i'm still made 353 on it and i mean for the day now i'm up hundred ten dollars so i mean it's not like it's it's the end of the world if i if i don't actually get the trade setup that i want um but that's the current game plan and here it's starting to move again you know as i talked out loud to you and heard myself talk you know what there's really no need even at 148. let me just do 147.50 and if 147.50 never happens then like i said

just talking out loud to you kind of made me realize yeah who cares i'm up 810 on the day on this one but i'll go ahead and pause for now but again those of you members that first off to any member that caught 148.25 yeah a big congratulations to you oh here we go let me get that in place here 147.50 double checking so again the idea here is it's it's gonna it should struggle to break through 150 but if it can break through 150 it should move very quickly but again to those two members that got 148 25 that original alert that i mean you literally saw me type it up a big congratulations to you for any members that got the 154 good job you know what did that move that moved a good basically three dollars in your fate right here we go did it even hit 150 nope not even quite that you know i'm wondering do you think it's possible that this thing wants to actually go down there and revisit those lows or am i crazy i might be crazy but maybe i should just wait for some and try to play some sort of double bottom off of 145. i don't know maybe i'm crazy maybe i'm a gr crazy greedy savage to think that that's actually possible but that's what i'm gonna do i'm gonna throw that order down there at 145 and look to play a double bottom we have this area where it bounced from before so this thing wants to come down there and then give me a snap back to the upside that's what i'm gonna stick to and if it doesn't happen then oh well it's still gonna be just fine of a day in fact let me get that alert in the chat room again so let's see here a b and b potential double bottom bounce from 145 coming all right it's approaching 150. like i said if look at that and as wow that was a okay how low did that go okay never even hit 148 so that makes me feel good because it broke through 158 and it did snap down but it never snapped down as much as i would have liked it to here we go let's get moving oh actually that low is 144 isn't it whoops let me get that updated in the room here there we go 144. all right i'm going to go ahead and pause and we'll see if that comes about or not well it is bouncing from now and i really need to move on with my day it's almost two o'clock in the afternoon this is so late for me i'm usually never looking to trade this late but of course exceptions to the rule and an ipo of a very well-known company is an exception to the rule but i'm gonna go ahead and call it good now if you are interested in getting these same exact types of alerts and like i said i i'm i'm not i'm not paying myself on the back because i totally missed my own alert but that 148.25 alert i mean that

thing was right on the money and you you could have gotten that same alert you could have had to press the button a little quicker than i have gotten failed there but the point being if you want those alerts if you want my personal watch list and everything in real time like you saw play out here just go to claytor.com forward slash team and i'll use the 99 which is for three months not per month but for three months so the question just becomes and that number breaks down to eight dollars and twenty five cents per week so the question becomes right if i invest in nine nine dollars do i believe i can get at least eight dollars and twenty five cents per week of value if you think you can get at least eight dollars and twenty 25 cents per week of value then you will get a great return on your investment so i hope you decide to uh give it a try and sign up also as far as these live trade videos are concerned if you enjoy these they're not very easy to make there's a lot going on for me i got to talk to you i got to think for myself i got to think for the community in terms of making alerts i've got to type those alerts i've got to press the buttons for myself which i kind of failed to do here with that 148.25 mark but the point being a lot of going a lot of stuff going on but they are doable but i just want to make sure that these are worth my time and a very quick way for you to communicate to me that yes clay these are worth your time hit that like button leave a simple comment thanks a thumbs up emoji a smiley face emoji a rainbow emoji a sun sign emoji i don't care something as simple as that little comment and hitting that like button communicates to me that you do enjoy these videos and as i long as long as i know that there's interest out there i will continue to make videos like this so just communicate that to me and then also check out the channel i'm not a big fan of when people are like subscribe to my channel it's like 10 seconds in another video but at the end if you enjoyed this video also hit that subscribe button there's lots of other videos there will be other live trades assuming that there's interest in these that continue to come out so hit that subscribe button as i'd love to as you have have you as a subscriber but again if you want my personal watch list if you want those same types of alerts like you saw play out here just go to claytrader.com forward slash team would love to have you join the community everybody take care first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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