[LIVE] Day Trading | The Clown Show (starring ME!)

[LIVE] Day Trading | The Clown Show (starring ME!)

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Good morning, it's Clay at CrayTrader.com. This will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they play out live. Market opens up here in less than two minutes. I'll be watching Tesla and potentially trading some Tesla options. So we'll see what happens.

I will go ahead and pause and I'll see you back in just under basically a minute. And real quick before the market opens, just wanna show... 'Cause a lot of people ask, "Hey clay, how does your chat room work?" And also just document my thoughts.

So I'll be watching 618 out of the opening gates as a flush point. Meaning seeing if the price can go down and believe it or not, you can make money in the markets when prices go down, that is known as going short, or in the world of options trading, I would be looking to play a put option. But yes, moral of the story there, you can make money when prices go down and that's what I'm thinking could potentially go here if the price carries about that 618 mark. So I'll go ahead and pause and see you at the open.

All right, the market is open. I'm almost wondering if it breaks 619 would that be enough to send it down to at least 618? And I am gonna do that at this point. Tesla update 619. So again, I'm gonna watch 619. Now, these are live videos, so I don't know what's coming next, maybe this thing is getting ready to just go straight up.

That could be a possibility. And as of right now that's exactly what it's looking like it wants to do. So potentially nevermind on that one. (keyboard clicking) But like I said, it is Tesla, it is just the opening minute of the day. So I suppose 619 could come back into play but as of right now... If anything, I should probably be flipping over to the call side of things.

So let me look over it, let's see. Can it really drop all the way back down there? That'd be pretty crazy. Well, here we go, maybe so. Now, I don't wanna get in on this candle, I would like for this candle to chill out a little bit and come back up.

There we go, good. Well, no. This candle should it be done closing anytime now, (keyboard clicking) there we go. So yeah, 620 gonna go ahead and get in there at 485 and looking for this thing to make the move down to 16, and maybe even below. Let's see if this thing can get at least down below 619 here. Now let's see if we can get to 618.

I'm gonna go ahead and take all four there just 'cause this thing's not really moving as much as I would like for it to, but I still have one contract left just in case I do get that moved down below 618, I'll still be able to participate in some more gains here. So I do still have one more contract. Yeah, at this point just not quite sure if it wants to make the move down there or not. So out there for just $75.

Maybe I can play it again but Tesla just very jumpy as you saw. And at this point, I'm not quite sure it doesn't wanna do that now. If it wants to come up here, show some strength again and then roll back over, I would certainly be interested at 618 at that point. So let the, you know, a couple of candles now I'm not saying all of a sudden, so I'll let a couple of candles go by. So in the next let's call it, I don't know, to three to five minutes. If it can still say above 618, and then come back down through it, I would be interested at that point.

But as of now, I feel as though I play that one perfectly right. I gave it time and it just wasn't behaving. And this is why I always recommend people learn level twos. Those are level twos right over here. That can be very handy.

But like I said, I'm not giving up on it, but I will (clears throat) excuse me, I would like to see the price stay above 618 for a little bit while longer, but I'll go ahead and pause for now. Still watching it still above it, but I'd like to see some strength. I wanna see some green candles or candle.

So there we go, but a little bit more green. Wanna see some people get a little hopeful, see at this candle can get greener. Good. All right, now we're talking, now we're talking. Good, even better, even better.

But again, I don't know, maybe maybe 618 will never come into play, maybe I should be buying right now for all I know, maybe I should be getting calls. But I don't know this is live, this is not a voiceover. Yeah, 618 does come back into play here. At this point I would be definitely interested given that big old and move up like this. Okay. (keyboard clicking) Good, I wanna see this candle stay above it actually.

Good, yes, good, good, good. Give me another green. It is very choppy, there's no doubt about that. But sometimes you just kinda...

You gotta just wait and you gotta stalk and you gotta just be patient, be disciplined for the chart to behave the way that you want it to behave. (mouse clicking) It's really just a question of is 618 going to fail or isn't it? I don't wanna just make you sit here and watch through all this up and down right now. Good to see... Okay, excellent.

Another big green candle, it does feel like it almost wants to go up. I mean it does these big spikes now it's just a question of, is this spike gonna fail? If so, then that would be (keyboard clicking) another sign that as much as it wants to go up, maybe it's just not gonna be able to, and eventually are the bowls gonna surrender to the 618 mark? Like I said, it just, maybe it does wanna go up, maybe I should be getting some calls right here. In fact, I'm gonna at least get 624 (keyboard clicking) alerted for those people that like to play the long side.

And maybe I'll look to play 624, but again, here, is this big old spike gonna fail? All right, I will go ahead and pause for now. All right, maybe it's getting ready to come down to 618 again. Hopefully it can stay above it though, on this particular candle. I mean, what would be... And maybe I'm being too high maintenance, but for the price, come down here, bounce off of 618 one more, a little bit of a move upwards and then to come back down, that would be my ideal world.

Now, I don't know if I'm gonna necessarily make that a requirement, but that would be my ideal situation. But no don't... I can't take it on this one, please bounce, get down there, get down there and look... Okay, a little bit of a bounce, good. But I'm not gonna take it on this candle.

Come on, candle, stay above it. It's not going to, is it? There it goes. Shoot. I just can't take it, just cannot, I'm not gonna take it on that 'cause... Well, it happened too fast there.

And that's exactly why. Noticed if I would have taken it now it could still have worked out, but now I'm sitting here in this kind of choppiness action wondering, is it gonna work out? And that's what I was definitely looking to avoid. So I suppose there may be is still a chance it can bounce upwards and then come back down. But yeah, that's unfortunate.

Waited, waited, waited, and then it just... Too much of a move there. All right, I will go ahead and pause.

And quick little update, I feel just fine about it. Disappointing that it didn't quite set up, but this is why I didn't wanna take it 'cause I mean, I'd be stuck in this chop right now. And I enjoy watching from the sidelines here as opposed to, you know, as being totally stuck in it. 617 though is a very interesting area. So I am gonna be keeping an eye on the 617 mark. And we'll see if that can come play or not.

But we'll see. I'll go ahead and pause. I do like 617 here.

So if it looks like... Okay, I picked up a contract there at... Whoops! I thought I was getting more than one. All right, I'll go with one. Let's see if we're getting a breakdown of at least 617 here. There we go.

Well, got the break and that didn't... That was very short-lived. Let's see if it wants to make it another try to the downside. So we're getting words in 617, all right out there, just taking the $40 loss, gave it time and did not wanna.

So what? So I suppose I lucked out there by only getting the one contract. Crazy, God, great move. Now look, this is just so choppy today.

I should really be done with Tesla if I'm being brutally honest with myself. I just, I feel like it wants it to break down a little bit more, especially now, if this candle were to come back down at 617, You know, I'm gonna go again, but just with one contract, because I'm well aware that,,, Clay are you trying to fit a square peg to fit a round hole? Maybe. I'm not sure if I am, but I could be.

So, because not quite sure I'm gonna counterbalance that, you know, unsureness, which is small position size and one contract. 'Cause yes, I agree, maybe I am trying to fit it, but maybe I'm not, maybe I'm genuinely right, Maybe Tesla does wanna come back down, but that's why, you know, I'm not gonna quite give up on it yet. So 617.50.

And again, at 725, can we maybe get the move this time? Okay that was another bounce upwards that failed came back down. So does the price actually wanna get below 617 and then start to make a move? That's the main question. Okay, so we got through it kind of, but once again very weak. See, what's got me worried right now is the SNP is getting a big pullback candle right now. Yet Tesla not really totally reacting with it.

I mean, it is, but not... Yeah, look at this, 617 refuses. Yeah, basically 617.75, we'll call it or 616.75, excuse me. If that can fall, we should get moving. 616.75.

616, there we go. Broke it, now can we get going? There we go. Can we get down to 616? No, goodness. Wow. (laughs) So, you know, you hear when trader talking about what choppy stocks, what do you mean by choppy? This is choppy. Did you notice how it started to get going and then that fast, it was right back up to 617.

That's what traders mean by choppy. All right. All out there, now I am down $5 on the day. And yeah, I think that's probably the sign that I do need to just be done with it, although I still believe it wants to come down...

It's just so choppy. So, so choppy and just not getting anything in my favor. So, yeah, I'm going to have to... Tesla as much as I love you, I do not love you today, you're not playing very nicely, so I'm just gonna have to go and try to find something else. Quick update.

I mean, not to pat myself on the back, 'cause you've seen I've been struggling, but I play that one right. Bounce up. So that loss would have been a lot worse than what it was. So, yeah, Tesla... Now, wait Clay, why does this screen look different all of a sudden? I'm actually now on my stock platform, or my stocks set up, I should say. So what you were looking at was when I'm planning on trading options, that's what my setup looks like.

But now that I'm thinking about maybe trying to I'll play a stock (keyboard clicking) that is where this setup here comes into play. I can't even short, AMC. BYND looking interesting. 50% margin though.

What I'm looking at, is that right there? That means I can't really maximize buying power, which is, I mean, not the end of the world, but it's kind of frustrating. Speaking of frustrating, have ever had frustrated mornings? This is one of them for me. And I suppose, from an educational standpoint, I'm glad that we were able to capture that. So now you understand exactly what I mean by choppy and how it was looking like it was gonna give us the breakdown all, and then all of a sudden it just right back upwards. And now it's even further up than where it was. I'm curious, 144.50.

All right, that's not a terrible amount of buying power. So we've that order up there, a short 100 shares 144.50. I'd like more than a hundred shares but that at least will allow me to get my feet wet. So we'll see if this thing can get up to 144.50 or not. I will go ahead and pause. And look at Tesla, what a dirty dog, what a dirty dog.

So I was totally wrong that thing did not want to go down any further, but the one thing I was right about was reducing position size and getting out where I did. So like I said, you can be right, you can be wrong, but you know, there's an example of just being wrong. But I was right in the sense of, well, let's make sure that... I factored in the ego, meaning I was like, well, I could be wrong here, Clay, so let's just make sure that if I'm wrong... Let me get the order up, so 146.55, but if I'm wrong, let's make sure that, you know, I had some counterbalance, like I said to my counter and balance was a position size, which I'm very happy with because that...

I mean, I don't like to be losing money, but I'd rather be down, you know, $5 than being down something more. But all right, we're looking at a potential... Let's go to 147.25 now actually 147.50. So there we go 147.50 here. Again, I want more than 100 shares, but this would allow me to get my feet wet on the position.

Now it's pulling back. All right, so nevermind on that one. And I'm gonna get short here (keyboard clicking) on BYND looking for a breakdown below the 144 mark. Again, looking for a move down below 144. And then it moved 5 cents. Again, I got the break and then it barely budged.

I mean, I can see if we can get a little bit more here. Still have 25 shares left. Wait, no, no, no, what did I do? Why do I have 175 shares? I'm long. How am I long right now? I am long at 140...

What in the world? Let me just check things out. Yeah, I am... Somehow I got myself long. 143.90 I'm just seeing if this thing wants to... (laughs) So somehow I managed to lose $20 on that trade, even though I thought I...

What was I doing? I must have... All I can think of is did I hit buy 'cause I'm used to hitting buy with the options. And now I would have been okay but that's besides the point, I have no idea what I did.

Well, I clearly was hitting buy, I guess. Yeah, I bought, so that was supposed to be a sell right there. And then yeah, when I thought was (laughs) wow, and I got to put this on YouTube, Clay, that's fantastic.

That is fantastic. So when I thought I was scaling out here, I was actually... All right, so when you do options, you have to buy, you're always buying....

Well, not always, but what I'm doing, I'm buying contracts, whether it's to put her a call. I fell into that habit and when I wanted to get short... And look at this thing now go. When I wanted to get short, I ended up instead of...

Because it was shares, I should have hit sell, but I hit the buy button and I ended up buying. And then when I thought I was covering, you know, I was hitting that buy button to cover, but I was actually just adding to the position. So, yeah, pretty embarrassing there, although another potentially interesting setup that we'll call it 145 ish, but this is just my morning and talk about embarrassing and now... And I mean, think about it, this has been a train wreck. This has been a train wreck of a morning, and I'm only down 24 bucks.

So I suppose it could be a lot worse. And I mean, in hindsight, I'd be very green on the day had I held, 'cause I had an average of about 144 and this thing's up now, again, I'm totally playing the hindsight game, but I guess that just adds to the kind of train wreck of it all. But yeah. All right, well, I'll go ahead and pause. We'll see if the clown show continues, have a couple of bobbers out in the water right now on PLaN and BBBY, both the get short. So they're white right now and can only really track one on the screen that is the recording part of the screen.

So if any of those turned to green, let me know. 'Cause with the way today's been going, I'd probably miss it, but that's the current status of things right now. All right, I have an order at 50.55 on PLAN getting close. I would like more than 500 shares, but 500 at least gets my feet wet. So in there opening allotment.

Let's see what it wants to do. Again, I'm at 50.45 right now, if it wants to give me a $50 bill. And it did decide to just give me that $50 bill.

Again, I wanted more than the 500, but I mean, I'm not gonna turn down $50 for, I mean, I was in that trade for, I don't know what was that 30 seconds, but what I will do is do that process all over again. Let me just double check, make sure I'm putting in pressing the right button. So let's go to 51.55. And again, I will start that sequence all over again.

Once again, I'm not gonna turn down a $50 bill, but if it does wanna give me, you know, the $50 bill, I will gladly take it. (keyboard clicking) And yeah, I'll pause for now, but let's see here. Hey, I'm up 25 bucks.

What a train wreck of a day and yet somehow I'm in the green, I suppose that just shows that as crazy and as bizarre as trading can be, if you just manage things, manage position size, managed loss, just cut things when you should just... I mean, things can actually turn around. All right, well, I will go ahead and pause.

Well, in all actuality, I'm looking at the time. It is 10:15. So I've been at this for 45 minutes, which is 15 minutes over my goal. My goal is to be done on average 30 minutes per day, which fine if you've watched past videos, there's been a couple of two-minute, five-minute type days, 10-minute type days. But today, yeah, I'm over 15 minutes and I'm walking away. I just checked after commissions with $12.84.

I suppose I can bring that over just to give you a better idea of... Let's see, there we go. Let me make sure, let me check out my recording screen make sure it actually shows up where I want it to.

All right, well, I could squeeze this down here a little bit more, I suppose. There we go. So there is the final results on the day, $12.84, which you know what? I am more than happy with that actually, all things considered how it was a clown show, it was a train wreck, but you know, it is what it is. So if you if you've ever had a day like this, where you feel like you can't quite get anything right, you're pressing the wrong buttons and you're just doing all sorts...

Hey, we've all been there. I don't wanna post this on YouTube, but I hit the record button. So it's going on YouTube. So, I mean, have at trolls, have at it, everybody, probably deservedly so in this situation, but you know, you gotta keep things realistic.

And I know there's been kind of a streak of videos of, you know, some pretty impressive wins in very small amounts of time. Well, here is a $12.84 gain in 45 minutes with a whole lot of just kinda clown show. If this is somebody's first video watching this, they'll probably never watch another video of mine, but all I'm saying is please, will you at least look at a couple other videos? I promise I'm not this bad, I promise...

I know I'm not like a perfect trader clearly, but if this is somebody whose first impression this is not gonna be a good situation. But I am going to wrap it up. But before I go, because these videos are truly live, meaning I have to think what I'm gonna say to you, I have to think about what I'm gonna alert to the chat room, I have to think about my own trades, I have to think about, you know, executing my trades, which I failed at miserably here.

So there is a lot going on, but these videos are possible. I just wanna make sure that, you know, you still find interest in them. So if you do enjoy these live trade videos, two things that you can do to communicate that to me, hit the like button and then leave a basic comment below. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, it could be a period, it could be a thumbs up emoji, could be the diamond hands emoji, it could be what... It could be the ape emoji.

It can be whatever kind of emoji you want, but those two things communicate to me, 'Hey, Clay, yeah, maybe these videos are a little bit more difficult since everything is live, but please keep doing them, I will keep watching, I'm interested in them, they're worth your time." And as long as I know they're worth my time, like I said, I had no problem at all, continuing to do them. So do those two things hit the like button, leave a comment below, and like I said, that's very helpful for me.

But yeah, again, if you've been there, so have I. If you've ever had one of those clown show type days, hey, so have I, and this was just a clown show tight day for me, and I'm very grateful to actually walking away in the green. But it happens to everybody.

Now, whether or not they show it, whether or not they disclose it, that's a different story, but hey, it happens to me, happens to all the traders. So if it happens to you just kind of out of just almost laugh it off and just realize that, Hey, tomorrow is a new day. First off, thanks so much for watching the entire video.

Real quick, before you go, I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web class, training workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it, but it will be me live revealing to you what I discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee, to being my own boss. Including how I had only one losing day out of 73 days in total. I'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive type of way, the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our DNA as humans, making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders. I'll explain it all though, including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some.

And yeah, the third key, when you hear it sounds way too good to be true, but it's not. And I'll show you how it all works. Then at the end, I open it up for a question and answer session that is again, totally live. Even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded.

And you can go back and watch the replay that I will send you. Click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which I should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event. If you have any questions, let me know, if not, I'll be seeing you soon.

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