[LIVE] Day Trading | Strategy Fight: Scalping vs. Holding (Weekend Withdrawal)

[LIVE] Day Trading | Strategy Fight: Scalping vs. Holding (Weekend Withdrawal)

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good morning it is clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live and when i say morning i mean good morning it is 7 51 eastern time markets normally open up at 9 30. so we are over 90 minutes before the open uh but the craziness continues and right now i'm in fact i got to just stop talking right now let me get my order out there 25 50 to try to shorten this move here but uh right now things are going bonkers like i said uh watching aal just put my order out there and you can see right now like i said still over an hour and a half before the market opens aal 16 million shares crazy crazy stuff right now so like i said i do have an order out there to try to get short 500 shares at 25.50 i would like more than 500 um and real quick for those of you that are maybe new uh maybe you can always tell by the way this kind of got started too or got started in a very uh unprofessional manner quote unquote but these are live in the sense of this is not something where everything's already been recorded and now i'm coming back and talking about it or doing a voiceover post commentary nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw reactions raw thought process processes you will definitely get that here with the video if you want a nicely edited video nicely scripted video you will not get that here all right seeing this let's go to 25.85

here now so 25.85 now gonna be that initial entry point here again i would like more than 500 shares but this will allow me to get involved in the position here says it went up and hit a high of 25.88 but that's not really a true print because i did not get filled all right at this point let's just go 26.25 clay why don't you just buy right now because that would totally be chasing and yes sometimes chasing works absolutely but sometimes it can be a terrible terrible habit oh come on it literally hit 26 20.

so we'll go to 26.55 okay in there for my opening allotment and out there for 150 and i don't know what was that five seconds and hindsight could have been a whole lot more but that's just not the strategy the strategy is i want to build a bigger position and that's where my bigger gains come from but i'm not going to turn down in five seconds i like to use the example if i was walking down the street and i saw a 150 bill sitting there and i thought you know it's gonna take me it wasn't even five seconds that was like three seconds we'll just go five seconds though and i would say actually let me 27 55. we'll start the process over again up there but if i were to walk by that uh you know 150 dollar bill and say you know that's gonna take me five seconds to but to bend over and pick that up would that be worth my time now if i was jeff bezos elon musk no that would not be worth my time but i'm not them so yeah it's worth my time to spend five seconds picking up that 150 bill again i could have held longer absolutely but i mean look how fast this thing has returned back upwards and that's just not the strategy that this particular strategy is coming from you know attempting to build a bigger position size and then you know scale out from that way but like i said i'm not gonna turn down the 150 bill in five seconds uh but there we go uh so i mean 754 market doesn't open up for uh let's see an hour and what is that 35 minutes and yet i'm already up 150 dollars and uh maybe more so if there's another pre-market trader that comes about pre-market trade that comes along i will get the video rolling for now though i am going to go ahead and pause all right have an order at 29.95 ah took a little pause on me i don't like that time to get up over 30. so let's go to 30 55. so 30 55 now for 500 shares my first entry point again i'd like more than 500. 30 is probably gonna have a lot of sellers up there how high did it go 30 yeah actually that 29.95 would have been okay

but good old hindsight trading for you looking for a very very fast move up through 30. so if 30 is broken i want to see this thing get moving very quickly okay there's the break ah it's hesitating i don't want it to hesitate it needs to to move fast and get up to me for to keep this strategy high probability you need to be picky you need to see the price behave in certain ways and that just wasn't it for it to come up there and just stop right before and granted it never would have filled me anyways i was at 30 55 the highest amount was at 3049 but that's why yeah that you will be canceling a lot of orders with this strategy because like i said you need to be very picky with how the price behaves but yeah at this point i'll just go ahead and pause and well here we go again try 3255 a ways away but if it gets up to that area that would be very very interesting so i'm going to go ahead and pause for now now i think if this thing breaks down through 28 it's gonna want to get to the downside here so watching for did it already break down through it did just in a very fast amount of time other one again but as i was analyzing the chart the price broke down through it again and back to 28. so yeah i'm gonna go ahead and pass on that seeing this action here clearly a big big buyer at 28. so never mind on that one but that's the nice thing is you can actually uh you know you can go both ways you can get long and short this which gamestop for example i mean you haven't been able to short it for quite a while but this one you can play it either way and there it goes down through 28 but even now that's that's that hasn't been as clean as a break is what i thought it would be but all right well the pullback has occurred here so i had the right idea that this thing would be pulling back but i had the wrong idea i didn't quite get the entry point they timed up the way i wanted to but oh well still up 150 bucks and like i said it's only 804 a.m so plenty time before the market opens all right what i'm watching here and what you see is my private trading community just because i get a lot of people that are asking about it but 25 25 flush point one minute because i'm watching the one minute chart so it's looking like if that 20 25 25 mark can be broken that could be a good flush area so watching very closely here want to see confirmation though first in at 25 25 anticipated it a bit let's see if we can get down through 25 there we go and all out there for a nice little scalp for another uh what was that just shy of 150 so 293 now and for me i just wanted to scalp it but for members of the community that decided against a different trade management system then they chose right i mean i didn't chose wrong per se in terms of making money uh we all got the entry point right but i chose wrong in the sense of how you want to manage it and that's why and i've talked about this before but that's why i encourage you to join a group that's just going to allow you to think for yourself now i helped out with hey looking look at 25.50 or excuse me 25 25 if that area flushes then you could get some good you know profit so i mean i helped out with the entry point in terms of an entry point to consider uh but as far as how to manage the trade well i hope that would have been bad if i would have said and scalp because i was wrong to scalp it should have been one where you held it a little bit while longer and let it work for you so that just goes to show that you know how the community works for those of you that are wondering and why it's important and why i would encourage you to desire to learn how to think for yourself because as great as it would be maybe make a sales pitch easier for me to try to come across this hey i have it all figured out i have the perfect i i just know it like just follow me blindly trust me blindly well no that that wouldn't be good because here i clearly was wrong as far as the trade style is concerned but good thing in the market is just because you're wrong doesn't mean you can't make money i just didn't make as much money as i could have uh but i just wanted to take a quick scalp on that got the quick scalp actually i let it break 25 and if you scroll back you'll notice a whole bunch of buyers at 25 so i thought all right let me see if this breaks and when it broke it didn't really budge it really didn't make that much of a movement so that's why i just hopped out where i did uh i was trying to let it work for me a little bit more but i also knew i wanted it to be a scalp so i was like let's see maybe i can get another 10 15 cents here on the scalp if it actually breaks down through 25 which it did but then it barely budged now had i waited another five seconds you know i would have been fine but that's the world of day trading five seconds can make a big difference but anyways i'm kind of stalling right now just to see how well members could still be doing right now so yeah 25 25 it is now at 23.50 and for those of

you that are maybe new believe it or not you can make money when prices go down that is known as shorting so yeah that's what happened right there that's what i did uh so yes going short shorting a stock being a short all those are the same thing that's just a way to make money when prices go down and look at it continue to drop so that's awesome i'm super excited for members that took advantage of that again you can see right there the alert that you saw me type up 25 25 flush point flush like a toilet right go down um and people at least got their eyes on 25 25 and you know maybe they took it before then maybe they wanted to see it get down below 25. i don't know like i said it's just uh the best analogy is we're like a bunch of fisher fishermen and you know hey there might be fish over there hey there might be fish over there but it's still up to that you you know that unique individual to go over there and find the fish and catch them uh but there we go so fantastic movement there and a nice little lesson there about uh you know why you want to be able to think for yourself and uh why there's power in that and now bb by is going so let's see what's uh volume no don't like volume on that one so i'm going to keep my eye on aal and uh yeah congratulations so here is actually what i mean and good example on this here but uh we had this person right here uh walrus clef so walrus uh just would say that you know they made 250 on it but how will they uh where did he say that right there they added to the position so not only did they decide to hold it longer but they decided to actually add to it so add to the winner and that's that's the freedom thing about it all it started off was me alerting hey that looks like some good fish over there that looks like a good potential entry point do it with it what you want and uh wallace walwort walrus clef what a name uh he he got in but then totally different manage style and he did better than i did he made 250 bucks on it by adding to the winner uh but again everybody still made money on it and that's the name the game that's what makes this fun to make money alongside other people but yeah for those of you because that's got to be one of the top three questions i get hey clay i know you have this community how does it work well there you go now you're seeing some real life action of how it works all right market opens up here in less than two minutes and want to get my newest thought on aal with their 1995 flush point area on the open one minute so i will be watching 1975 for continued downwards movement have not made any other trades on it uh act i mean i i have other stuff i need to do that i'm usually doing during that time period customer service uh emails uh you know mentoring emails that you know reply back to the students that are part of my program so there's a bunch of other stuff that i do need to get done so and of course in hindsight looking back at the chart it's easy to say oh i could have done that oh i could have done that yeah but that's really easy in hindsight but um and i haven't been really too motivated to just because i'm already up 293 dollars and i'm gonna be picky here so um again these videos are live so i i wish i could sit here and tell you that there will be more live trades but but i don't know i'm gonna watch i will be picky i do like 1975 though if it can come into play here market opens up in less than one minute um so i'll go ahead pause and get uh things rolling again if it looks like there's going to be some kind of trade all right markets are open we'll see what this wants to do here i definitely do just want to watch the opening minute here see how it plays out not doing a whole lot it's moving but not moving all right well there it's at 20 now 20 might be that key break point we'll see because i was also looking at that in pre-market let's see what it wants to do with that 20 excuse me 20 mark yeah i don't like taking it right now i feel like that's too much of a chase if i'd like to see this bounce up a little bit and then come down and if it can break 20 i will take that now or maybe it's going to head that back higher so i'm going to go ahead and revise this in the chatroom al new flush point revised to 20 one minute but as of now it's deciding and that's why confirmation is important and now here it goes to the upside still very interested in 20 if it comes into play i don't know if it will uh but oh is it really going to come all the way back down here this is the moment or movement i was looking for i better keep the video rolling it was looking like 20 was gonna be a thing of the past for now at least yep and now it's starting to work its way back upwards okay well never mind on that never got the play that i was looking for never got never got 1975 didn't get 20. and i'm gonna go ahead and pause right what i'm looking for here is a break above 820 and then for a potential short at 8 15. but step one's got to be it's got to get up over got to get up over 8 20. which it has done but wow that's that's too fast for me it got up over there and then snapped down there but uh nothing that's uh practical for me to be able to take advantage of let's go check back on aal still not a whole lot although 2050 could be an interesting area but that just has me a little nervous because this is a strong environment for this one so i still feel better down around that area so yeah al just going to new highs here so that one's just not really playing ball but again that's that's okay when you when you're start the day like i did or you know when you start the day with any amount and you know that you can be picky well then so be it yeah that right down there around 8 13.

i don't know it's just it's very very choppy i think i better just stay away from it i mean there's really no need to at this point all right well let's go back to uh potentially trying to build a position on it this isn't going to get halted now here we go yep looks like it maybe not uh come on go not gonna work out is it gonna are they gonna let it go they wow and they let it go okay oh but it's still at 21.99 that's a problem after the market opens you always have to worry about halt which is very nice and why i think that pre-market trading and post-market trading is getting so popular these days is because you know the we don't have to worry about these stupid halts that always happen that are just an unknown risk factor that are very very annoying see what's going on now the volume's not quite there anyways and yeah crazy around the markets my charts are taking forever to load tesla that still looks interesting but it's just so snappy oh an amc trying to make a dead cat move here although can no longer short this one all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause watching 813 here only half 50 shares because this one is so fast but i mean this is a very interesting pattern here if this actually comes down it just broke out and now that breakout is failing but still waiting for confirmation and for me confirmation is at 8 13. again even if it goes my way i'm not gonna make a whole lot of money um but i mean it is just so jumpy that i i feel better here with with just 50 shares but yeah i'm going to get that updated here tesla 813 new flush point one minute yeah eight one three i think that's the level where if it can be broken then it should go to the downside but like i said for me waiting for confirmation aal pulling back a little bit yeah 2050 it's an interesting area an aal i just don't know if i trust it though such a yeah wow i am gonna get that alerted but i'm gonna definitely mention but keep in mind context because the context is this is a quite a bullish environment right here but yeah if this thing wants to hover up above 2050 for uh you know a few more minutes so give me you know a couple more candles and then come back down i am interested definitely thinking of scalp though because this is a bullish environment but i think there would be some wiggle room there but i'm definitely not taking it in the next couple minutes i want to see how these next couple of candles play out so if this candle all of a sudden just goes down through it then i'm gonna be left behind uh and that's fine but especially now if 2050 actually comes back and i'll play after a strong move like this so all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right what i'm now doing here is gonna adjust aal new flush point at 2075 one minute so to me it's looking like if 2075 breaks then this thing's got a chance to at least re-test 2050. but not confirmation point being at 20.75 it's watching 2075 closely nope bounce right off it again bounce right off it again in at 2078 see if we can get the move down to at least 20 50.

so all out there at 2058 for the scalp and there it went down so happy with that as i said from the beginning my goal was just for it to be a scalp because this is still a strong environment um and you can see right there just that fast bounce back upwards so that's why i chose scalp and we'll see what happens with it now maybe members if those people are saying no clay i like that i think this thing can at least roll over to that 20 mark well then they may make a lot of money but i would not be shocked to see this thing all of a sudden just snap back upwards in that situation those p those members may be taking a loss on it i don't know so again it's one of those situations where right now it's looking like i chose right because now green candle is showing back up but you know it's still jumping around so it could still come down to 20 or maybe below and those members that are choosing to play it differently uh are gonna make more money than i did but as of right now those members are still at risk of potentially taking a losing trade on a trade where i made a quick hundred dollars in i don't know what was that like three seconds so that's just the give and take it was an area it was a quality alert it was a valid alert to those people that chose to scalp and like i said as of now to be fair now if this thing starts to get up over 21 you got to wonder if those people they may be i mean definitely yeah definitely the 2150 mark i would consider that again you don't you don't know for sure just because everybody's got their different little trade plans but as of right now uh that scalping entry point was certainly the the proper one to do however again it all still remains to be seen like i said i thought this thing because of the environment might just continue on up it's starting to do that a little bit but it's struggling so i'm going to keep you updated just so we can kind of get another real life example of how either all members are going to make money just some members made more money than others or maybe some members made money like i did but others might have lost some if they chose the different strategy although to be fair to those people if they chose you know to hold longer on that first alert that i made at the beginning of the video i mean they're already sitting up very very very green on the day so i mean they can easily afford to you know if they're wrong here take the loss and so be it but like i said nothing has happened here that would make me think that anybody would be stopped out so we'll see what happens with that i should note uh that right there that print this stock did not go up there it was there and then that was just a fat finger it shot up there in a second so that's not a true that's not a true trade you know that's nothing it's not like this was one big green candle and it came back down uh but more of the story is uh those people that deciding i'm they're hanging in there their patience has been required but as of now it's hanging in there so we'll see what happens with it but i did want to at least get that updated that that big print right there was is not actually a trade well i'm thinking and again i don't know everybody's plan but if this thing goes up over 2125 then i would assume those people that are wanting to hold for a bigger move it'll be a losing trade for them uh but so they're hanging in there i mean it's bounced up here a little bit but it's never it hasn't really violated any significant areas on the chart but at this point to me like i said if i have to guess i would say that 2125 would be that at that break point for people um where uh you know they would be losing money so they're hanging in there like i said on this one i i've been sitting here pretty right i've been sitting here with a hundred dollar bill in my pocket for the past five five six minutes since that all happened uh but they're out there i don't want to say sweating but they're out there having to be patient having to sit back and wait to see what happens and to be fair to them to be heard of that strategy they've they very well me may be paid nicely for for their patients it might cost them uh but like i said when you factor in the the first trade that you saw from the beginning of the video i mean those people are already sitting very nicely but hey look at that there it goes maybe they are going to get paid like i said for them it's got to at least get down to i would say 20ish actually what are those lows yeah the 20s if it can get down to 20 then i would say that though for those people uh things worked out very very well uh so still work to be done to the downside but yeah they're they're definitely uh having to hang out and wait and uh this is kind of cool get to see uh how a trade plan and uh alert is working out for different types of strategies uh you saw one strategy you know i obviously play out which was mine on the scalp but now you kind of got one waiting for the wait and see people so we'll keep an eye on it but xpv all of a sudden what's going on with this that was a big plunge volume's a little too sketchy for my liking though well tesla coming back into play and look at that where did it bounce off 813 again 8 14. i'm going to get that alerted then 8 113 coming back into play one minute so there we go 813 coming back into play because i made that earlier which uh right here 813 flush point but now right there want to get it re-alerted to people but that fast it's bounced so one of these were you gotta think that if 813 falls to the downside tesla should get going up should get going but there we go that first key break is going to be that 2050 mark it's got to get down below 2050 if it can then uh you got to like the chances this thing you know can re-test that 20 mark like i said i don't know i'm speculating but i could see maybe 20 25-ish being a level that would make sense for people but like i said given where they may have gotten in but that is still speculation so the way i'm going it is if this thing goes over 21.25 that that's going to be a loss for some but if this thing can make its way down to 20 then that's gonna be a very nice reward for people um so we'll see if it can get that or not but as of now they're in the green so right now they they're obviously you know breathing a little easier okay the positions in the green not just a question of can it get greener knocking on 20 50. look at that there's

the break so they're feeling real good now but still got a little bit more work to do but they are definitely relieved i can see some people may be pulling some profits off the table just to mitigate the risk a little bit but i can also see people saying no no i'm good you know it is what it is i've waited this long in all actuality i could have seen some people have been added to the position as it started to roll back over but like i said i'm totally just speculating uh but there's no doubt about it this is now uh seemingly paying off better for those that decided to wait but let's see if it can get down to that 20 mark and can it get there this is kind of fun i'm almost trading vicariously through other members and their strategy this is gonna be an awesome video i'm so excited this is good real life examples here but oh man other thing come on just a little bit more come on ale just give me 10 cents more you know that's probably what they're hopefully calmly chanting at their computer and not screaming there we go 2006 2005. and there it is 20 congrats hey look at that they were right and i was wrong and that patience was definitely required patience was definitely needed but hey for those of you congratulations and especially a big congratulations to those people that added to the position uh well done to that uh sitting very very pretty but um yeah that's i feel so good about this video some videos are like oh great do i really have to post this to youtube oh this is gonna this is gonna be terrible but this one i feel fantastic about captured what three separate trades from me and captured this awesome real life example of uh how two strategies worked out one strategy required a whole lot more patience than the other one but those people were paid for their patients so that's some good stuff and i am gonna go ahead and wrap things up now before i go a final few quick requests from me if you do enjoy these live trade videos if you enjoy when i kind of you know build in these lessons uh then a easy way to communicate that to me because i mean full disclosure these videos because they're live are not easy to make i have to talk to you i have to think what i'm going to say to you i have to think what i'm going to do for myself i have to actually trade for myself i have to think what i'm gonna alert in the chat room i have to type up those alerts in the chat rooms so there's a whole lot of stuff going on and these videos are are difficult to do they're totally possible they're just difficult and i will keep doing them as long as i know that there's interest so a very time efficient way for you to communicate to me yeah clay please keep making them uh they're worth your time hit the like button leave a basic comment it could be a thumbs up emoji it could be give me the diamond hands emoji for you wall street bettors out there give me the diamond hands i mean anything just get or the rocket chip emoji just it could be as simple as a hit of the like button leaving a comment such as emoji and then i'll know okay these are still worth my time to do and then also check out the channel as a whole there's a good variety of videos there's lots of other live trad videos but a good variety so hopefully like what you see enough to hit that subscribe button as i would love to have you as a subscriber if you are interested in getting the alerts that you saw here just go to claytrader.com forward slash team t-e-a-m again claytrader.com forward slash t-e-a-m and you can learn more about the community how it works and that is where you can join but if nothing else like i said if you enjoyed the video if you want me to keep making them hit that like button leave a simple comment even if it's just emoji and that'll go a long way in communicating to me that this is worth it so hopefully you guys are all doing great out there take care first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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