[LIVE] Day Trading | Staring Down a $1,500 Loss...

[LIVE] Day Trading | Staring Down a $1,500 Loss...

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good morning it's clay at claytrader.com this will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in less than three minutes for those of you that are maybe new to these videos when i say live what i mean is that this is not a situation where i've already recorded everything and now i'm coming back and doing a voiceover or some sort of post commentary nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw emotions raw reactions you will get that with the video if you want nicely edited video a nicely scripted one uh you won't find that here but if you just want a nitty gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading can play out then you will find that uh in this video here and i'm watching right now riot plan on watching that one out of the opening gates the level that i'm very curious about is that 60 mark in fact so much so i'm gonna go ahead and get that alerted to the chat room here and also just so you can see my flush point on the open so that's uh if you're not familiar at claytrader.com i do offer a private community where i give my thoughts alerts watch this other people chime in too so as you can see there 60 is the level that i will be watching very closely to see if it wants to come into play or not uh but a lot of downwards pressure on this one and for those of you that are new also believe it or not you can make money when prices go down that's known as going short shorting a stock uh so that's what i would be looking to do here um if it's looking like the price wants to break down below 60 uh then i'll try to make money from the price falling in the downward direction again that is known as going short but all right market opens up here in less than two minutes i'll go ahead and pause for now all right the markets are now open i'm actually thinking 60 50 might be the point but quick down there to that 60 mark i don't want to take it on that first minute it opened up way at 61. so that's a

dollar move all the way to the downside there bit too stretch for me that's exactly why you can see it's trying to bounce upwards now so we'll see if this bounce wants to play out first here a little bit let's take a look at cciv that one's pulling back a bit here just looking around whoops trying to get go back to riot here all right yeah all right what is that 60 25 i like 60 25 now if it can come back into play here uh even 60 50. but to be fair maybe this is the start of a bigger bounce but if 6050 wants to come back into play i like it so we'll see first up we need to be getting down below 61. but to be fair this this could very well be the start of a bigger bounce i don't know so that's why just waiting for some confirmation so as of right now bounce back upwards let's come over here cciv and 60 looks interesting on this one so we'll see what it wants to do i'm gonna keep a close eye on riot come on there we go yeah 62 i'm going to get updated here riot 62 flush point one minute but like i said maybe this is uh the start of a bigger bounce to the upside would like to see this get up over 64 and then i would be interested at 63 for a short so step one get above 64. completed now let's see if this thing wants to come back down to 63 to which i would be interested in a short maybe even around 63 50. okay and at 63 11. took out 200 at 62.50

let's see if it wants to come back down here could still be a losing trade not as big of a losing trade because i've lowered my position size and taken some off for profit but it could still be a losing trade so i'm not out of the woods yet hmm gonna go ahead and take out 200 more there for a loss just because i don't know yep so 23 so i did walk away with the gain but not much just because i don't i think this thing might want to move back upwards here could be wrong but i started to get the move and i was planning on this thing to really work in my favor nicely because i mean i got what 61 cents on that opening allotment but then it snapped back up and you can see this tight little range here so if this thing gets over 63.50 i could see it making a snap to the upside so a very neutral trade there walked away with it gonna wait for 62 now if this thing wants to come back down to 62 i'd be interested but now see look at this tight little range there goes up 360 350 we'll see if that gets it moving again yeah and now back up over 64. yeah that's exactly what i was thinking and felt like might be happening and there it is so i'll take it i'm i'm happy with the 23 dollars there well i was disappointed though things were looking so but again 63. i like 63 if it comes back

into play what is going on with my charts i do like 63 no that's not even this one's getting kind of goofy here on me all right well there was a there was a trade that started off looking like it was going to be fantastic and it was fantastic like i said god uh you know in at 6311 took out 200 at 62.50 that was 61 cents in my favor was getting ready to watch this thing get down below 62. and then just like that it didn't and went into stubborn mode so i'll set that one aside for now let's go check on still like 60 here on cciv that could be an interesting area and still i'm still intrigued by riot it just wasn't quite behaving like i wanted to see it behave yeah break above 65 then i could be interested at 64. but step one's got to be get above 65. let's see if it can get up there through 65 first getting close can i get up through 65.

knocking on the door now the question is was that close enough yeah it was and at 64-22 got the breakdown through 64. now can we get some follow-through is the question took out two hundred this thing does not all right okay another winning trade but only up 93 dollars got the move down then the thing bounced back up on me this thing does not want to quite roll over all right well uh i'm winning i'm just not winning very smoothly i'm not getting any you know just nice smooth stre yeah i mean in a sick and twisted way i'm glad i'm catching this on video because this is kind of just a good example of hey this is how trading goes sometimes you you'll all right justin i need to stop talking what's going on with tesla here what is that 758 let me get that alerted 758 flush point one minute that's an interesting area big spike but looking like it actually cciv also this area up here 63 25 maybe that's an area to get long and i get that alerted tcip 6325 upside break point i'm still kind of bearish bias on this one though tesla low coming back down to that 758 area yeah riot just still do you want to roll over or not my friend it feels like this one i mean i want to be bearish biased on this one it just feels like this thing could really go any direction right now but wow this has been a very non-smooth morning here all right i'm going to go ahead and pause all right i am once again interested in ma or not mara but riot at 64. if it comes back into play but as of right now maybe this is a bigger break out here but this is exactly exactly what i was feeling and just felt nervous about it there it goes up so i mean but i still feel like in tesla 758 still just hanging around hanging around doesn't want to go in there at 7 58 83 took on a little bit more risk because i anticipated a break like i said if this thing one can get down through 758 i think it can go pretty big patience may be required here on this one so we'll see what it wants to do but yeah it's definitely looking like patience is gonna be gonna be needed here maybe even 759 more so that level that well i'm out there for a 700 loss so down 640 now on that one could not risk it so if this thing starts to really turn around and that's that's what i got for not waiting for confirmation i anticipated a bit much and uh paid the price for it but i i liked the setup quite a bit it did not quite work out and now i can't risk having tesla just you know go on some sort of you know bull move to the upside there so as of now yeah down 640 on the day and uh 761 that's still interesting area 761.50

yeah that area right around there because you can only you can always re-enter a position that's that's why yeah i got out yeah well clay why would you want to get that you could just keep holding and that's true i could keep holding but if this is actually the start of something bigger well then as it seems to be right now i don't want to watch this loss get bigger and bigger like it is right here so 764 actually that looks quite interesting want to see it close wow that fast down below 764. okay got in at the back test there so let's see this thing come down here a bit like to see it down below 763. love this candle love it you know i'm in that 764. yeah let's see if this thing wants to roll over some here i'm not interested in taking any profit off the table until it can at least get down through 763 maybe i just got suckered back in on this one i mean that candle that just formed is fantastic given the context of things but as of now things are not looking good at all all right well i'm waiting to get my location of my stop-loss here which will be over 769 at this point so 769 is my stop loss now there's no way i'm adding to this position so it's either going to stop me out and i'm going to be looking at a a very nasty hole or this thing is going to to roll back over but right now it's not looking so good see what it wants to do again i'm in at 764. i mean i i you i got to think that this thing's i mean i don't think it's going to get down necessarily 758 or anything like that at this point but i mean like i said i got my stop-loss in place so this thing's either gonna put me deep into the hole and i'll have to just call it a day or it's gonna roll over and give me a chance at some profit here but yeah right now it's just uh i'm at the mercy of tesla and got to be honest not feeling so good about things but i i could be wrong maybe this thing does want to roll over that's why and the context of things my overall trading it's not like i'm going to be blowing up my account it's not like i'm you know giving back three months worth of gains or anything like that so there's nothing crazy going on from the lost perspective it was just that yeah today will not be a pleasant day at all but as of right now all right kind of make you up okay watching 769 very closely i would love to see it break down through 7.65 i would actually my hope would return if this thing can get down below 765 but as of right now i'm not feeling too hopeful oh wow all right there we go okay so i got a little bit of hope here still has work to do but we'll see if this thing wants to actually get down below 6764 now so i'm cautiously optimistic now but this could just be a little consolidation before it returns back up and so be it we'll see if we can get down through 764.

all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause for now well i'll let it keep rolling here because it's looking like it might make a move 764.50 now being that stubborn area all right got through it let's see if we can get down through 764 there we go again it needs to get down through 763 for me to be able to take some profits off the table knocking on the door 763 there we go took some off there so have 50 shares left i think that might have been the move so i'll just take it so down 545 and yeah so still down in the hole not as much of his hole as it could have been but you know i had my stop loss i look and think about it i didn't panic out on that right sometimes when a price starts to go against you like uh oh i let it stabilize out which was 7.69 and then right there things are not looking so good but again didn't panic out let the follow the chart and then all we did ultimately did roll back over so still down 500 not pleasant but um yeah so because i didn't you know it had that like i said had that been a loss that i would have been out and i would have been uh uh you know i had been done for the day but it wasn't a loss so let's see what else i can find while we're at 24 minutes already mrna 166.

i know this one's kind of choppy right now not a whole lot of volume all right it's looking interesting here yeah 65 50. i do like 65.50 if it can granted right has not played too nicely but i'm still not want to give up on it 50. yeah now could be a nice little

scalp yeah 65.75 five minutes got me a little worried on it though all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right like right here again same thing i've been doing step one let's see it get up over 68 and then i like 67.50 but first it's got to get above 68. so there's a break above 68 now watching 67.50 to be fair maybe this is the true maybe this is a legitimate breakout that could be the case yeah i'm looking at 67.50 let's see what is that i actually already bounced off that yes i'm just talking myself right now okay coming back down back up it goes yeah 6760 seems to be that key point all right well i will go ahead and pause for now i'm going to keep a very close eye on 67.60

all right watching cciv here 59.50 and i missed it how did i miss that i don't know how i missed it but i did so we'll go back over to riot here and this thing just continues to uh to grind higher all right i will go ahead and pause all right i'm watching 67.85 here yeah 67.85 if that breaks gonna get short and 67 85 coming down and at 67.81 got the confirmation let's see if we can get this thing to actually pull back now and break down the two minute looks amazing right now um 67.85 i will look to add if that comes back into play i'm going to add to the position here but it needs to come back into play see what it wants to do and again for context-wise i'm okay if i take if i'm over a thousand dollars in the red today just because i have context of previous weeks and stuff like that and i will be just fine now if this was like the first day of a month or something like that okay that's a much different situation but that's not the case here so i'm okay i feel comfortable if i ended up taking you know over a thousand dollar day i'll i'll be okay but that is definitely always a matter of circumstances i mean if i've had 10 over a thousand dollar days in a row that that's a there's a problem there right but that's not the case like i said 67.75 if it comes back down

there i will be looking to add in at 67.88 now now i have a thousand shares so let's see if we can finally get this breakdown to get moving here took out 500. let's give this thing a little breathing room to start to to pull back here though would like to see it down below 67. i'm giving it time trying to give it time here 67 30 is kind of a random stubborn area yeah see those there we go can that be what springs it down below 67. knocking on the door there we go taking out another 200. and let's just go with 100 now let's see this thing start to get some momentum down [Music] at least down through 66.75 would be

great i'm just to hop out there and hey look at that up 135 and in all actuality full of transparency sake i should probably already be up in the green because tesla has continued to come down when i got in at that and again like you said full transparency i was in and this way you don't want to panic out got my stop-loss follow the stop-loss and had i been more patient like i said full transparency yeah that one of these moves might have actually got me out but i mean well really all it had to do was go down to 760. 760 would have been a 800 gain which would have been already out so um while we're at 33 minutes and yeah and right i'll just pull it up right now i was looking at my still not necessarily kind of just bouncing around here but uh there it was uh bounced up came back down glad i added by adding and allowed me to to make a nice trade there but um and again from a money management standpoint that's all uh and that i'll try maybe that'll be the main core learning lesson here is that that's all dependent uh for me i'm feeling fine so if it would have been over a thousand dollar loss that that's okay but if you're sitting in a situation where you're and i'm making this up if it's like the last day of the month and you're up 750 dollars you should probably not be saying hey you know what it's okay i'm okay with losing over a thousand dollars today because that would just totally wipe away your entire month right that's not smart now if you're up and i'm not saying this is the case if you're up a hundred thousand dollars because i'm trying to show it's all subjective if you're up a hundred thousand dollars and it's the last day of the month you could be sitting there saying you know i'm i'm gonna take 25 000 loss today now for somebody like wait what 25 000 loss well but that's relatively speaking right i mean last day of the month you could still be up 75 000 on the month so for me yeah i was okay with that given where i stand you know just within uh the time structure of things you know that would have been disappointing yeah i mean nobody wants to lose over a thousand dollars but everything would have been okay now am i sitting here willing to lose over twenty five hundred three thousand fourth no absolutely not but you know what that was but also that's why you got to trust the chart trust the probabilities that's why don't panic out let the chart establish itself and then trust the chart and you saw uh you know what what could have been a a much deeper hole had i panicked out turn into a a relatively small winning trade and then you know when found riot again trusted the chart and riot as we watch does not want to cooperate today i just i'm going to cooperate enough obviously to get me back to the green but little dirty dog does not just wanna not that i wanted i thought the thing was just gonna go straight down but i mean at least some sort of you know a little bit instead of all these you know bounces but um it is what it is so in cciv yeah i missed it but yeah what a chop house i was talking about 59.50 and yeah that would have worked out eventually but i mean that that would have been a lot of patience required there for that move to finally come about um but i am going to just go ahead and wrap things up so uh yeah if you're still here right now 35 minutes in seriously thank you as far as i'm concerned we are now friends and i appreciate you hanging out for me uh this long uh but if you do enjoy these videos one final thing on uh on my end uh please because these are not easy to make because they really are live so i have to think about what i'm gonna do for myself i have to actually execute the trades i have to think about what i'm gonna say to you i have to talk to you i have to think about what i'm gonna learn in the chat room i have to type up those alerts in the chat room so there's just a lot going on so while these videos are 100 possible they are a hassle but i will keep doing them i will keep putting up with the hassle as long as i know that there's interest in how do you communicate that there's interest how do you communicate that you do want me to keep making it making these two quick things hit the like button leave a simple comment the comment could be as easy as a thumbs up emoji a diamond hands emoji you know anything a rocket chip emoji any emoji and hitting that like button communicates to me that these are worth my time and as long as i know they're worth my time i'll put up with the hassle and i'll keep doing them but like i said those two things go a long way then of course check out the channel hope you like what you see enough to subscribe as i'd love to have you as a subscriber but those two things as far as these videos are concerned truly do go a long way because i'm always monitoring the interest are these videos still worth my time are they still worth my time and by doing those things uh you know that communicates to me that they are so now what is going on with dish oh no not even a million shares traded yet which you can see right there no thanks no thanks all right everybody well thank you for hanging out and uh yeah quite the wild day of trading here but uh that's sometimes how it goes first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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