[LIVE] Day Trading | Rule #1: Survival! (Weekend Withdrawal)

[LIVE] Day Trading | Rule #1: Survival! (Weekend Withdrawal)

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Good morning it's clay at claytrader.com. This will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades, as they play out live, market opens up here in about, seven minutes now when i say live in case you're new to these videos real quick what i mean is this is not a situation. Where i've already recorded, everything. And now i'm coming back and talking about it or doing a voiceover, or anything like that, i am recording myself seeing the information, for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw emotions, raw reactions. Then this will be a video for you if you want a well-scripted. Video, a well-edited, video, this will not be a video for you but yeah if you're looking for the nitty gritty kind of, down dirty. You know what it's like to be a day trader what day trading, looks like, then this will definitely be a video for you, so as of right now i am watching and i think i'll be watching, ticker symbol vrm, out of the opening gates and again i say i think because this is live, so i truly have no idea what's going to happen next so maybe something else pops across the scanner, and then i want to watch that out of the opening gates, that's always possible but as of now the plan is vrm. So i will, get the uh. Well see just like that. I don't know what's going on with fprx. Air. Okay, i stand corrected. Let me bring down the pre-market, chart. 24, actually. I'm gonna get that alerted here in the chat room. So if you're not familiar i do offer. A private trading community fprx. 24. Upside, break point. On the open. Maybe. Before. Meaning. If this thing breaks it in pre-market. Then that could be a potential trade so there we go now i have a. Little, debate on my hands what do i want to watch what do i want to give my full attention to, fprx. Or. Vrm. So i'm definitely watching 24, i'm certainly interested, in that level. And yeah i'm gonna have to, figure that out so that's my little personal debate so right there, i had no idea that was gonna happen but like i said that's just how it goes as a day trader so i'll go ahead and pause the video and i'll be back if i either decide to make a trade here on this one or just back of the open. All right the market opens up here any second now the markets are open. What is that high 2340. So i could see 23.50. Now being that, key upside, break point here. Would like to see it drop down below 23, first. There we go good. Now let's see if it wants to come back up to 23.50. Gonna get that fprx.

2350. New, upside, break point, one minute. So let's see if it wants to come back up. To 23.50. Very very fast mover so i'll probably have to try to hop in before it even breaks it. But as of right now looking like it wants to just keep on pulling back. So maybe no. Okay well. This thing just goes straight back up green that's just not a. That's. Unworkable. There's no really set up there that. If something just stops going down immediately goes green, at least for me that's nothing i can really work with. Which seems to be the case right now. So. There, there vr. Alright so boeing looks. Interesting. Here. Also. All over the place this morning. Four. Very choppy. Though. And there it goes but. Shoot. Look at that move, well. But again for me, pull back and then next candle just straight up green. Nothing, i can really work with there. All right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause for now. Watching. For a 36, dollar break to the downside to go short here, on vrm. Only gonna do 300, shares though because, i don't know if i've ever, traded this one before, so i'm not quite sure. You know how. Smooth of a traitor it actually is. Um although right now all of a sudden it's bouncing back upwards. So. Maybe nothing will come about from that one. And while boeing, took my eyes off it for a second and totally rolled. Over. 178.50. Looks very interesting, here. See if boyne wants to come down here. I'm not going to take it on this candle. But if this candle wants to maintain, up above it. And then come back down that would be good. So still got about 30 seconds that's what that's why i brought up the clock they're just curious whenever i'm, how much time before the next candle starts just looking at that number right there so. When that number gets to 9 34. A new candle here will start i guess i'll just keep that up and you can watch exactly what i mean so, when that gets to 9 34. Watch the chart a new candle will. Start. So there we go. 179. 15.. I actually like. That. Yeah let's see it get up a little bit more. And then come back down to 179. 15.. In at 179. 16.. Let's see if we can get a break back down through 179. Here. Which as of right now does not. Seem to want to do. What we got we'll give it. An opportunity, oh wow. Okay well. 179. Definitely the line there written in the. Sand. Or if that area can be broken. Then this should uh behave very nicely, here. In fact. I will look to add more at 179. If it comes down. But i mean if this thing just fails to bounce or, keeps on bouncing then i'll have to. Reassess, the situation, but. Yeah. Definitely now if this thing if 179, comes back into. Play. That would be a very very interesting setup here. So let's see if that can indeed happen here. But as of right now this thing is. Bouncing. Which of course i don't want to see since i'm short. For beginners out there short means i want to see the price go down. So still watching. 179. For the ad. So we'll see what it wants to do. Here. But yeah right now. Looking like this thing could go either. Way. Is it going to roll back over. We're at a pretty pivotal, moment right here. Markets are pulling back here a little bit. Let's see if we can get the. Sb wide, to roll back down if it does. And that should help me out. Watching 179. Very closely. Here. Close close close. I don't want to i'm not going to add on this candle but if a new candle starts and it wants to come down. And that would be fantastic. Yeah 179. So. Stubborn. Okay. 13, seconds before next candle. Starts. There we go. So if it comes down to that 179. Area. And looks like it's going to fail, i'm going to try to get the. Add. In at, 179.06. Got the break, now let's see some follow-through. Here. So took out. Let's see. Let's do this so 200 shares left. So let's see if this thing wants if this thing comes back over. 179.50. I'm gonna bail. I would like to see if this thing can break down through the lows here. So i might still lose money on these final. Uh 200, shares which is okay because i want to give this thing the chance to work for me here and potentially break down even more. So again if it goes up over 179.50. I'll be out of these last 200 shares which again i will be technically losing money on. But i've i've also made enough money where it's going to be a winning trade, so now it's just a question of how big of a winning trade is it gonna, be. But like i said if it goes up over 179.50. In fact let me just i'll just put it up. A hard stop. Uh let me just make sure. There we go. So now. Just again a matter of is this thing going to roll over or is it going to take me out of those final 200, shares. So right now i feel really good about taking the profits where i did because it's looking like i'm going to get stopped out right there so i'm glad i locked in all those profits but of course if this thing, ends up rolling back over, i'm going to be sitting here saying oh why did i why did i get so aggressive with the profits but as of right now this very instant, i'm very very happy.

That I locked in the profits, where i did. Because it's looking like i have a high likelihood, of getting stopped out there and there i am so 137. On the trade, i was up over. I think 300. At one point. Like i said that was just trying to give those final 200 shares the opportunity to work, uh and in doing so it ended up costing me money. But like i said you want to get you want to keep chairs let them work for you because had this thing continued on down, then those 200 shares could have become very very valuable. Oh it's looking like 179. Might be coming into play once again. So yeah look at that 179. 15. once again that, area. I'd like to see i want to see this candle come up first and then come back down. Just like that. So yeah let's uh see if we want to give bowling here another test. Just got that alerted. Again. Fact really 179. 35. But as of now this is actually, showing some signs of strength there but uh yeah. It, was a winning trade. But. And i liked the break i got the break, unfortunately. It, bounced right off these lows, so i didn't get the break of the loads which i thought was possible. Um, hence again me holding on to 200 shares if i didn't think that was possible then i would definitely just been taking everything out down there, and i would have had you know the 250, 300, trade whatever that was but i thought it had a legitimate chance to break those lows, i was wrong in that regard. Uh so i was wrong to have kept those 200, shares. Uh but. All in hindsight of course right. But regardless, i'm very glad i added to that trade. That uh, that gave me more wiggle room and still i mean let's be real it's nine. When i was out of that trade 939, so i still made 137. In 10 minutes. So i mean, let's not lose track of the fact that uh, you know i'm not trying to sit here and. Act all greedy because oh i only made 137. Dollars in. In, 10 minutes all right vrm, coming back into play here maybe. Oh wow all. Right. Won't be a once. Again. 179.65. I could see now. So choppy though. So so. Choppy. And in me saying that i missed the 179, 65. Which is okay even if i was i'm not i wasn't quite sold on if i wanted to take that or. Not. You know this 179. Mark it's. It's whispering, my name but at this point a little too overextended, for my liking. All right i'm gonna go ahead and pause. All right just alerted 23. In the chat room as a potential. Upside, break point, so watching this from maybe a breakout to the upside there. Well it looks like 2280. Is actually the level that needs to be, broken. I mean i really like the five minute on this. One. We'll definitely just be looking for a scalp pair. Still watching boeing on well at this point now it's pulling back so looking like 23, may not even come into play so all right as of now never mind i'll go ahead and pause. Quick little update on boeing, and that's this well i mean i it would have still been okay, but i'm glad i didn't take that 179, when it was whispering my ear because, that was too overextended, had i taken that, that would have been a losing trade.

As I mean that thing got down there and then just bounced upwards. Although once again, might give another interesting, opportunity, here so i'll keep a close eye on it but as of now i just want to give a quick little update there on boeing. All right watching, four. 1450. Here. On tesla. Hovering around that area. What's got me a little worried though is the spy. Is dropping, and breaking down and here tesla, is just going sideways, so. Acting a little stronger than what i would like to see it act because now i'm worried if the spy starts to bounce back upwards what's tesla going to. Do. So that does have me hesitating, a little bit i don't like how it's behaving. In combination, with uh. Spy. I'm not gonna totally write it off but um. That's my one hesitation. But all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause. All right i'm interested in it but it's gotta just be for a scalp. So in at one or four. Fourteen. Have an order out there. Did not give it to me though. It was down in that area but that fast. All right well let's give it another go. Wow. Okay tesla you're gonna play like that huh, unbelievable. Tried a couple of times. And both orders i threw out there just. Nothing in between the the bit and the spread or the the bit in the ass there. So we'll try to give it another go. But tesla. Gonna be very challenging, to get out. To get out of here let's see if 4 14, 50 can break again this time. Or is it just gonna bounce. Wow. It did it, it flushed. Just like i thought it would. Good quick move. I tried to get out twice. And i just couldn't get out. And that might end up costing me. Now. Wow, that was crazy. It goes up over 416. Gonna have to get. Out. That was. Oh. So all out there. Uh 494. Loss, now i'm down 356. On the day, but. Oh man that was crazy. Well in a sick and twisted way i'm glad i got that on video. I mean you can just see how crazy that price movement was, oh look at boeing or beyond or yeah this is beyond. Yep. We'll see if this thing wants to maybe give a trade opportunity, here. But yeah that one was uh. Oh and i'll look at it now look at it. Oh. Look at that. Okay. Potentially, another trade here then. Four one four fifty. Let's see if you wanna finally break down now this time. Or did this thing just sucker me in once. Again. Who knows maybe this is the day where tesla, is just truly going to play me like a fiddle. Can 4 14, 50. that's the level that's. Just, oh, so. Stubborn. I loved how that whole thing failed and came back down, which is why. Totally willing to take that trade, in fact i felt that much better about it after to see after seeing that failed upwards move.

But, I don't know. Maybe tesla's just got my number today and is gonna. He's gonna play me like a. Fiddle. So let's see if it wants to come back down or if this thing is just gonna. Snap back. Up. Well apparently, this might just not be my day in the. Markets. All right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause and i'm not going to make you sit here through this consolidation, with me so we'll see if this thing either is going to keep on bouncing, or if it wants to roll back over. And. Sorry i missed it happened relatively, quick but got stopped out there on tesla. Once again. So now i'm down over a thousand, on the day. Um and i just uh. I i still like the trade, it failed, magnificently. And then just, bounced once again. And up it goes and for all i know it might be coming back down here but you just can't take that risk because to be fair the thing could just be breaking out further and further upwards. And i'm not about, creating some sort of massive hole for myself. And a thousand dollars is not pleasant but it's also not a massive hole. Especially when i combine, you know the past days that i've had i'm still plenty green. Just a ques or just a matter of making sure that i don't spin. Out of control and make myself in that much more red, so i'm willing to take another, trade but if this next trade is a loser. Then i am definitely calling it good and i am done for the day. Uh, for sure but, there's still a lot of other things out there moving. Uh but yeah. As of now as, and hey you know what this is just uh. Not the type of video i was hoping to create. But it is what it is so we'll see if i can find anything else out there. I should also note that at this point i am not, at all thinking i'm going to get back to green on the day, um, i i suppose it could happen but right now it's just about. Letting. Shoot. I was thinking 22.50. On that one but. Right now it's not about. Thinking or trying to get some sort of uh you know massive winner it's just trade normal take what the market gives you and just chip away at the hole if you can so, uh but even if nothing happens and i'm down a thousand like i said, uh when you combine that with. You know the past uh you know several days. Everything will be okay, uh but i wanna make sure that right now i'm not in some sort of oh, i got to get it all back in one trade, i've done that before i would encourage you don't do that that's a very dangerous spot to be in, and to do. What's boeing doing now. At 179.50. Looks interesting. Already missed it though a little bit. I'll keep an eye on it, uh tesla if you're unaware, or. Just as an update. That's why i got out, look at this thing just, ke it's continuing to grind higher and higher, so that loss. Uh you know. Could it could be, that much bigger right now and getting larger and larger as we talk so i mean that's why you just gotta. Honor the risk, under the stop loss and just, you know. Behave accordingly, and look at it look at that thing boom. Still gone that. Is why you gotta honor, the i tell you what that loss i just took, feels, feels pretty good right now. Now i'm not good at is i don't want to lose money but i feel i'm look at that. Take that as a lesson. If i not honored that stop, things could be getting, very very painful, right now. All right i'm gonna go ahead and pause. All right watching. 2285. Here. Fprx. Let me get that. Upside, break point. One minute. There you go so we'll see if it wants to come back up to that 22.85. Mark if it can. I like the chances it can get up through the 23. Mark. But as of now, continues, to get rejected, there but i'll keep a close eye on it. And look at tesla, go. Oh man.

That Loss is feeling better and better as i watch tesla. I mean look at this five minute. Unbelievable. Such a nice potential, breakdown, and then just boom, right back upwards, wow. So it's not pleasant to be down but, uh from an educational. Video perspective. That is why just take the loss and live to fight another day because that loss, would quite literally be about another thousand dollars bigger right now had i can well no bit more than that, because i got out at 416., it's gone up about basically another. Three dollars so yeah. Right on let's just call it 1200ish. Dollars, more, you know that loss could have been. And, once again. Boeing. 179. Right around that area, presenting, problems. Do i trust that this thing can potentially, break down through that area i just don't know if i trust that on boeing right now. All right i'll go ahead and pause. All right i think. Xp. Ev, wants to get down below. 37.90. So just looking for a scalp. Here. So break of 37.90. There we go let's see if we can get some more follow-through, down through. It. I like to see it break down below, 37.75. So there we go out there for a quick 85. Scale, i'm tough i'm definitely going counter trend there which is why i just wanted to take it, very easy on the scalp so there we go 85 bucks like i said, i'm by no means am i trying to get my loss, back at all, just trading normal, trading how i should. And you know that one high probability, setup, it worked out in my favor not really too surprising, there. Um, again, 85, bucks i realize. That's not that much compared to the hole but, that's why you can't fall into that hole because that's a very easy, well geez i only made 85 bucks and i was down a thousand well that implies that you're trying all of a sudden over that you should be able to get back, a massive chunk of that in one trade. Don't think that way or else you're going to. Uh, you know you're going to put yourself in a very dangerous spot, but all right well there's another 85. And i might be wrapping it up here but there are still potentially, a couple other instances, out there, and look at boeing. Again that level down there i was thinking about. Bounced up from it again. Later on in the day though, i think there's a good chance 179, could fall problem is i i'm not planning on being chained to my computer and glued to my computer all day so i'm not going to sit here and wait and wait and wait, uh but i could see 179. Ultimately, falling it's really just a question of i don't think it's going to fall within the time. That i would want to see it fall in but. All right i'll maybe make one more trade where are we at time wise, alrighty, almost at 30 minutes but uh i know this is good stuff though a lot of good learning lessons in this one, all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause. And oh look tesla. A little bit of a consolidation. So if i was holding hoping that it was gonna pull back, nope just went sideways, and now breaking out even. More. Wow, i'm i'm. I'm, i get more and more excited about capturing, those those losses. Uh because yeah it's not pleasant but look at this thing. Think about it that could have been. You know again i got out. At uh let's see 4, 16, 13.. It's now up. I mean what is i'm not a mathematical, genius what are we about five dollars more than where that was, so that would have been looking at two thousand dollars now of a loss, and still going. Just, it's not fun it's not pleasant to take losses, i'll be the first to admit that but. Wow. It's, it's definitely required. All right nva, x there. 92.85. I'm gonna try for 100 shares short i want more than, 100. Um and you know if i get filled i'm definitely not gonna. Make a bunch of money if it goes in my favor but like i said the idea here would be to get more than a hundred. But i mean this move here is getting, pretty ridiculous. I have no idea if it's actually going to get up to that area but. That's currently what i'm watching all right i'll pause. All right i'm watching, 38, here. As this looks like it might be a fake. Breakout. In fact let's go up to. 3815.. Again nothing not looking for anything big. All right well i got a partial. Shoot. Well i only got two or 200 of the 500, that i wanted. Let's see if this thing wants. A. Who knows maybe that'll be a good thing. Although i could add to the position now if it comes back down. All right 38. 15-ish. Yeah i will do that i'll try to add in. 200, more. Right around the 3815. Mark if it. Looks like it's going to be coming back into play which it.

Did. So now i have 400. Let's see if we can get the break down through 38. Now. Well 3808. Kind of a random. Area. Okay there's, that out of the. Way. Took some out there at 3808. Just because. I thought that was the breakdown. And it kind of was a breakdown just really didn't get any follow-through. With it. So i'll give it another chance here. Yeah this little bugger doesn't seem to want to break down. Maybe this will be the time it finally gets down through 38. There we go. So all out there, for, just another little quick scalp, nothing. Huge. But all right. Uh it's not quite 10 30 yet i definitely want to be done at 10 30 though so got nine minutes left let's see if i can find anything else. Maybe just maybe, one more trade here on xp, ev. Have 500, shares at 39.15. For short so i want to see a fast fast move through 39.. So step one would be can it even break 39.. Step two would be how fast is it going to move if it can break. It. So it's knocking on the door as expected, 39. A lot of selling right up there not shocking to see that at all. Like i said not just a question of can it break through and there's the break fantastic, and i'm in. For my opening 500, shares. I would like more than. 500.. Let's see what this thing wants to do here. I think i want to at least. Back test the 39, mark. We'll see if that's a correct assumption on my part or not. Well i do and i should be admitting that that break, was. A bit stronger, than what i thought it would be which means that you know i don't need to take a loss but. I'll, adjust that a little bit just like i said, a little bit stronger than i thought it. Was. No need to panic or freak out just make a little adjustment. No longer go for the 39, back. Test. Well 3920. That stubborn, stubborn level of support right now. See if the price can break down through there. There we go and that fast, like i said if 3920, was gonna break figured it'd pull back and it did, so, quote unquote only the 25. But like i said, i miscalculated. The strength of that break, so i needed to kind of balance the equation, if you will, by just adjusting, my profit target there. So i realized that wait clay you did all that for 25. Yes but that was because i had to make an adjustment within the strategy itself but. Well it's 10 32, but if this thing wants to give me another, 39. 65.. So i'll start the process, all over again up at, 39.65. I mean i think this, upwards movement right now is getting a little, little overdone, a little ridiculous. So first step though is going to be. Can it break up through 39.50. Which i would expect there to be quite a few sellers up at that. Area. Oh my we're at 36, minutes on the video, if you're still with me right now thank you, seriously thank i'm not even trying to be funny thank you that's a long. Time for you for us to be hanging out. And as i always say in some of these longer videos if you're still with me right now and you haven't like skipped ahead or anything, i feel like we're friends, i mean to have hung out together this long. Okay i will go ahead and pause but i'm probably gonna wrap things up unless there's some sort of just beautiful beautiful setup around the market that i'm not seeing right now but. Yeah at this point, i'm gonna go ahead and cancel that order out but i'll take one more, glance at the market and then probably be back to wrap up the video. We'll see. All right have an order at.

39.95. Although it did not move up quite fast enough so let's go to 40 25, now. So the it just becomes a matter of can it actually, and yeah unfortunately, you can see right there the high was at 39.89. So i was close. But not really still six cents off to whatever i thought it would pull back from. But i'm willing to try the process one and this will be the last trade so this thing's either gonna break up through forty dollars. Move quickly and fill me. Or. I'll just call it a day, uh so i'll keep you updated. Okay are we gonna see a break of 40 here. We might not i want to get the video rolling. Beforehand, though just in case it does break and move super fast i don't want to miss any entry points. Then there's the break. Oh, and it stopped, just shy. Let's try 4045. Then. Can it fill me up there is the. Question. In hindsight i should have just stayed at 40 25. But that time, that's hindsight for you, well at least i captured that break on video that was exactly, the type of break i was looking for just. Huge. Fast. Still have an order at 40 45.. Shoulda coulda would have just kept it to 40 25. But. That had me a bit nervous. Well at this point i need to get actually up over. 40, 50.. So let's try 40-75. I'll go ahead and pause. All right at 40.75. I failed again. We'll try 40.85. Then. It just keeps coming up shy of my orders on the movements that i want to see it. Fill me at. So let's give 4085. A. Try. Yeah still just hovering around too much. So what we're doing here. We're going to 41.25. That would have worked out the last two times had i just spent right at 25. So, we'll see if it can get up to 41.25. If it can't, oh well i'm not worried about it but i'll keep an eye on it. All right. Approaching, the break maybe a 41.. I am not moving from 41.25. Either. Like i said it would have worked on the past couple of breaks. So i'll pause it but if it looks like it is gonna break up through that area i'll get the video rolling. Okay at. 41.. And that fast back below it. I'm wondering if 4085. Might be where i want to get in at here i've been watching level twos and this thing. Has a whole lot of sellers up around this and there's the break. I'm not moving. And i stopped at 4120, again. All right yeah up yup i think 4085. Might have been the key. Fake breakout now. Let's see if it wants to go back up there. As you see here. Made the move, but stopped, at, 4119.. What 40 85, i'm now, very much so wondering about. Well. Might have just left me on its dust there. Yeah look at all the size over here now on the level twos. Oh well i guess that trade just wasn't meant to be and with that i am wrapping things up we might have a record here over 40 minutes on the video, and i am gonna be posting this on saturday. Or sunday. I i might try to do. Well, is this thing going to actually come back above 41, again. Maybe i should keep my order out there. I will go to 41.35. But, if i get filled as i wrap things up and so be it uh but like i was saying, i'm gonna try something new so i'm i'm curious on your feedback with it but maybe try a weekend withdrawal, series. Meaning where i post, live videos, on the weekend either saturday or sunday. Which you know obviously didn't happen on that day since the stock market is closed on the weekend but. I know what it's like to be a day trader and you're like oh great the weekend's here, now what am i going to do and you like stare. You just like stare at corners and you me meander, around life. You know because you don't know what to do with yourself so i thought you know what you go start to go through withdrawal right so i thought you know what maybe just try to put out a video. Over the weekend, and that way people can still kind of, experience, the market if you will, uh by trading through my experiences, which in this one, not pleasant. But from an educational, standpoint, actually, a very very. Uh, good one because that tesla move as you saw just kept getting worse, and worse and worse and yeah i'm down now, 844. Dollars. But if you go back even just a few videos in the watch list there is one where i made like 860, bucks in 30 minutes, so i mean from that point of view. Uh i mean, just between those two days yeah you could say well geez clay you gave up all your gains from that one day which is true. But, every other day. This month has been green, so, from that point of view i'm doing, just fine, but it would be a much different situation. Had i not. You know honored the, the you know the plan.

On Tesla. And i'm stalling, and maybe the stalling will work because. Xpv. Can it get up there and hit me at 41.35. Let's see. All right i will pause, and then just real quick, and then we'll see if this actually plays out or not. You got to be kidding me. Now this time it went up to 41.30. So 5 cents away. So we'll give it one more try. One more try at 41.45. And then i'm definitely wrapping up the video but, like i said way back when like 42, minutes ago 43 minutes ago these are live, so i realized, i technically wrapped up the video but i had no idea that it was gonna you know make this recovery. And potentially, give me. The trade here. All right i will pause and give it a few more moments. Okay. Got up as high as 41.40. Again. Just remember, remind you on my screen the high right there 4140. Okay, there again can it get through. Oh. Come on. There we go all right. So let's see what this thing wants to do here. 4140. Was actually already acting as it there we go so there we go. 50 bucks. Maybe more trades but i've really got to move on with my day here so, good look at this, well i can't, turn down another good trade if it's gonna actually give it to. Me. 41. 85.. All right. If it gets up there, i'll get the video rolling. But i'm not gonna waste any more. Okay here we go maybe is it gonna shoot right up. There. Maybe maybe not i'll go ahead and pause. All right it's making a move. You know what i'm going to do this this time. Since it stopped at 42.9. Or the 19 mark i'm going to go up to 42. 18.. So let's see if we can get the break of 42. And i'll be right there at 42, 18.. So next stop here is a break up above 42, so i'll go ahead and pause. Okay it's pulling back and i am officially wrapping things up so. If you do enjoy these live trade videos and again if you're with me right still right now thank you very much we are officially friends but if you enjoy these live trade videos, please hit that like button comments questions suggestions, leave those down below like so let me know your thoughts on this whole weekend withdrawal, series if i start to throw out a live trade video over the weekends, uh do you like that or not. So like i said help me out you know give me some feedback down in the, comment section below on that. And then finally check out the channel as a whole if you are new, um lots of other videos out there good variety a lot of other live trade videos. And uh you know you'll see other losses other losing days but you also see other winning days where, you know within the grand scheme of things i am now down, with commissions let's just call it right around 800. 800. In combination. With my previous days in combination, with the big picture of things, is this thing really going to go come on i'm trying to wrap up this video. You got to be kidding me. Look at this thing, it will not let me wrap up the. Video. I guess if you're still with me right now you probably want me to, just keep, to see so all right i'll put 42 18 out there let's see. If it can get the break. Or not i will, i will pause once. Like i said these videos are live like i said i didn't know it was going to behave like that and, just when i thought the thing was was. Done going up it all of a sudden starts going back. Back up again so i'll go ahead and pause. All right it has pulled back here so i am canceling that order out, i'm ending the video thank you very much for hanging out with me that long like i said hit that like button, uh comments questions suggestions leave those down below and then check out the channel and if you like what you see if you're still with me right here i mean we're friends so you might as well hit that subscribe button, because i mean you would you would not still be with me now if you thought this was you know a terrible video or whatever but yeah thank you for hanging out so much remember, manage the losses, keep the holes small keep your overall you know days and months and weeks, manageable. And being down 800. That's something that's not pleasant, but within the grand scheme of it all i'll be okay, and that's what your goal should be as traders do just survive, so that you can put yourselves in positions, to thrive, thank you for hanging out with me for this long and like i said we are now officially, friends. First off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go, i want to invite you to a live webinar, web class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it but it will be me, live, revealing, to you what i discovered, that has allowed me to transform, myself, from being an employee.

To Being my own boss, including. How i had only one losing day out of 73, days in total, i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me, unlock, profitable, consistency. Within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive type of way, the second, key is super awesome because it quite literally, is wired into our dna, as humans, making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders, i'll explain it all though, including how to avoid the pitfall, that it creates for some, and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you, how it all works, then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again, totally, live, even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay, that i will send you, click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description, box, so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which i should note is limited, due to the fact that this truly, is a live event, if you have any questions. Let me know if not, i'll be seeing you soon.

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