[LIVE] Day Trading | My 30 Minute Friday (from start to finish...)

[LIVE] Day Trading |  My 30 Minute Friday (from start to finish...)

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Good morning it's clay at claytrader.com. This be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live, watching right now pdd. And very interested, about this 86, dollar level, so just to document the trade document, the journey, assuming anything happens i want to get things just put here and also just show you how the chat room works. Key flush, point. 86. Getting close. So what i'm looking for here flush point meaning looking for the price to go down. And if you're new you can actually make money when prices go down in the market that is known as going short, or shorting, a stock, so that's what i'm looking at right here a potential, break of 86, market opens, up, in about eight minutes so maybe a pre-market, trade but, i really like that area on the chart quite a bit. And i think if the price can break down through there, there could be uh very well a nice move to the downside. But it's got to look like it wants to break through 86, but, that's a plan right now i should note these are live videos this is not a post commentary, this is not some sort of voice over so i really don't know what's going to happen maybe 86, will never come into play. And i suppose you could argue well thanks for wasting my time but, i like it because you get to hear my raw thoughts my raw emotions and then you just get to see how trading is and what do i mean by that well sometimes you'll identify, a level, and then a level will just never come into play, and that's just how it goes sometimes, so um we'll see if 86, does come into play. But like i said, you know that i'm watching that it's been alerted to members of my private community, and we'll see if that comes into play or not uh some other good things out there moving around so we'll see what happens but i'll keep you updated. All right well it's getting close going to bring over the chart here. I i can't take it on this candle though so i'm, if it breaks right now i'm just not going to be able to take that. I i don't like it. The way it's moved down so fast. And unfortunately, i can't take it on this candle either i don't feel comfortable with that i feel like it's maybe a bit too overextended. Right now. Ideally, if it can stay above on this candle and then break down through it i like it quite a bit but right now. Unfortunately. Just maybe a bit too overextended. For me which will be disappointing. But. Like i said i don't want to be shorting at a spot where then it could just bounce right back up in my face but like i said ideally, it it. Stays above it, right now and looking like it's trying to bounce which would be great so yeah. In an ideal world. If i can see it bounce upwards like it's doing now and then have it roll back over. I would like that very much. So there we go excellent, okay now it's bouncing, good. And that's why i'm glad i didn't chase right people that made it maybe. Shorter down there they're having this just bounce right up against them now so they're sitting in some pain but, now if it wants to work back down. This is a much different situation. Uh market still doesn't open up here for about five minutes but i'll keep a close eye on it. All right it's getting potentially, close. So that bounce that i was talking about has now failed or it's attempting, to fail. But i want to see if it can fail just a bit more here. So got to watch it very closely because this can be a fast mover. But maybe this thing wants to bounce back upwards again which would not be terrible at all, get a little bit more consolidation, right up above this area. Which looking like it might want to do so all right i will go ahead i'm sorry and pause again but, welcome to the world of real life trading. Okay starting to potentially, move back. Downwards. Market opens up here in less than three. Minutes. And. So talk about stalking, a trade. We're we're almost four minutes in, and not even a trade has been made but, you're seeing stock oh i got to stop talking. Okay it's potentially, trying to break down there. Again if i think it looks like 86, is going to fall. Then i will hop in but at this point you know what. I'm just gonna hold off because we have less than two minutes. Um and at this point. It's just not uh. A little bit too much can happen right at the market open. Now if it does this is one of the rare circumstances, where if it does look like it wants to break through 86, on that first minute i will take it but i'm no longer going to take it in pre-market. Uh just because who knows what's going to happen within the next, basically minute and a half before the market opens but this is going to be one of the rare circumstances.

Where, I would be willing to take the break of 86 for a scalp. If it looks like it's gonna break it on that first minute, so i will keep you updated. And just to get this documented. On me. Pdt, while. Rare. If it. Looks like it wants, to break. 86. During. First minute. I like, the trade, as a flush. Scalp. So flush scalp again just being price going down a scalp being a relatively, quick trade. So there we go um. Everybody has the same thought process, that i have watching 86, very closely market opens up right now. So let's see what it wants to. Do. Okay i'm in at 86. I think it wants to break down. Through 86.. We can get that break should move very. Nicely. Right now though. Again i'm at 86.09. Anticipating. The break. Big size big size can it chew through, it's trying to chew through there is the break. Can we get some more downside, push. Ooh, not good. Well greed might have bit me there. Oh wow look at that bounce. Greed, definitely just bit me i had it and look at this. Look at that. I set a scalp. I had my order right here at 75. It went below 75, and i just sat there and all of a sudden i wanted more. So maybe, a quick little lesson there. And we're agreed. Kills. But looking like it might wanna that might have been a fake bounce. Oh wow if that was a fake bounce and this thing is definitely wow i can't believe it rolled all the way back over. Alright what am i doing clay. There we go i almost did you see the greed hop in again, i just had that thing bounce against me wanted to let it calm down. And then it went my favor and i still was holding there i was wanting more. Wow, greed. Greed is a tricky, tricky, monster. It totally, played me like a puppet. And look at that now it's bouncing back upwards, i almost. The market gave me a chance, to get out and i did get out with 170, dollars, but think about that. I i all of a sudden wanted more. And yeah you do you hear the emotion in my voice i'm so upset at myself right now that is really bad trading. Now i still do like this you know set up here moving forward but. And i'm gonna get the pre-market, chart out of the way. But that's just unacceptable. Wow. You know i'm i need to just, i need a pause here for a second i'll i'll keep the video rolling so you can hear my thoughts but. I don't care how good this setup looks i do like it below 86.50. Here, but. That, i, i'm, i'm so excited about this video in a second twist from an educational, standpoint. And their 86.50. Goes and it's moving to the downside. But think about, that there is greed, at its forefront. That is super embarrassing, i know better than that but somehow. The greed, just. Uh. I don't know just, played me like a puppet. I if anything, i'm glad i realized that quick enough to get out i'd you know 170. Dollar profit before the thing. You know bounce back up again. But all right all right let's reassess, the situation. 86.35. Pdt. Round, two. 86. 35. New flush. Point one minute. Although i don't know does this thing want to break out. This up area up there around uh what is that high of 87.50. Which i just missed i was going to say it looks like an interesting, break point.

Uh What is that low now. 86.80. I do like that. If this thing if this move here wants to fail. So i'm going to be watching 8680. Get that updated. 86. Whoops. Let me get that edited, here. 86. 80. New, flush. Point one minute. So watching 86.80, very closely. See if it wants to potentially, act like it wants to get down through there. Now this is that this is a good setup i like this setup quite a bit so this is not some sort of revenge trade or greed or anything like. That. Fact even more so now that it's bouncing. So if it bounces some more and then comes back down there. I like it that much better. Which it's doing right now it is bouncing. So if this thing wants to to move back down that would be, fantastic. Okay which it's trying to do. Okay like i said if it looks like it wants to break through 86.80. It's working working working. And whoops. Only got 100 shares. Shoot. Only got 100, shares. Well. We'll see if it can. Roll down here in my favor. So in one of my in at, 86.83. With only 100. Shares. Actually knows maybe this, maybe that was a good thing. As now it's bouncing back upwards. Risking right around, a hundred dollars here. We'll see uh if it wants, you know i might add back to the position if it goes back down there to that 86, yeah i will add in another 100 shares. Especially now if this if this bounce falls and it looks like it wants to break down through 86. 50.. And i'm going to add in another 100 shares because once again that would be a, another failed bounce. But it needs to come back down first. What is that low low of 87. Yeah in fact i'm gonna move that up to 87, now. So again if it looks like it wants to, roll back over through 87. Well at this point looking like i might just be stopped. Out. All right well if it goes up over, 88. I'm out. So that sure. The tide shirt turned around quickly there. Like i said if it wants to pull back now to 87. I will add. Which it looks like it might want to do here. This would be a fantastic, candle to see form. When again gotta see it come back down through. Or at least looking like it wants a breakthrough. 87. Or maybe i'm just getting myself caught in like a chop fest here this thing's just going to start to go back and forth back and forth. So again, where we at time wise. 13 minutes already. That's all right this is this is some good stuff here right now. Honestly, i might just take the loss here i don't know what this thing is doing, uh you're watching it with me it's barely budging, so i mean is this thing, gonna all of a sudden turn into some narrow range thing or is it gonna start to move again i don't know. So i really don't know if even if i want to add now i mean look how small that range of that candle was. I'm not quite sure what to think right now. Yes i do i'm out, taking the loss. I don't care if that thing even starts moving, that range is tightened up so quickly so all right well let's see what else i can find. Watching boeing here. For a break of 169. To the downside. It's been a very historic, area on the chart. So we'll see if this uh current little miniature bouncer, wants to ultimately fail. But fsl, why, all right going down there nearing. I don't want to take it on this candle. I want to see it creep down there a little bit slower than that. So let's see if no no. It broke. Maybe it's going to now leave me behind. Oh there it goes. Well. That's just uh, in hindsight. Should have been more aggressive with it look at that thing. But got to do what you feel most comfortable with i i didn't want to take it on that candle. Uh it is what it is but what's uber doing. Oh wow just straight up, down. How is pdd is it still staying in that tight range. Uh okay, woke up i probably would have stopped, yeah i went up over 88, so in hindsight, i'm glad i got out where i didn't just took that loss but now it's rolling back over. Oh is this thing going to sucker me back in. I mean that looks great, right down there. 86.50. Can it break down through 86.50. What is going on with keys though let's see. Oh while keys just straight up, dead, bodies. Get that alerted. Boeing, shoot. Well at least you know, limited to members right there you can see. Boeing, 169. Flush point, uh so members that may be a little bit different risk profile. Look at this thing then i did. But you know what clay, and yes i'm talking myself, out loud. You should be grateful, anyways that the market, allowed you out of that trade from this morning.

Because You were. You know such a greedy savage. I mean wow. So be grateful clay it's okay you missed it. And look at well like i said from a member standpoint congratulations. To anybody that took that you are basically. Up. 90 cents on the trade. Foot locker though. And then, yeah in hindsight, it's easy to trade it but i don't see how it could ever really trade it given it was a gap up so one of those situations, where. Everything was relatively, bullish. From a contact, standpoint. But. Oh. 86.50. That does look good it does look good. Let's see what happens. In there at, 86.55. Excellent. Now let's see, some kind of breakdown, here. It really does seem like the downwards, pressure has officially showed back. Up. And we'll see if. We can get the break down through 86.50. Or not. If we can it should move a lot of buyers there though that's going to be the problem. So. It's good that it's a stubborn level because when stubborn levels fail they tend to move really big it's bad that it's a stubborn level because, well there's no guarantee that it's actually going to fail. So it's, getting down there. Again. Look at all that size. Lots and lots of size. It's getting smaller though it's trying to get eaten. Through. I mean i love the five minute two this thing. The potential, is there. Can it actually get down through. 86.50. Though. Well at this point it is now, bouncing, on me here. But if it does roll back over i'm gonna add just because i mean that wouldn't again imply a failed bounce. Failed bounces are a good thing. If you're short. But let's first see if it can even fail. Again 86.50. I will look to add, 500, more. Because i think, i think this at this point if it rolls back over it's ready to break 86.50. So watching very closely, can it get down to 86. 50.. I'm not struggling to even get down to 86.50. 86, 60 is holding it. Up. Well that's not a good sign.

Where Are we at video wise oh wow 20 minutes now that's all right. Again, 86.60. Now seems to be that key level that needs to be. Broken. I almost i'm wondering if that level breaks should i just get in then. Because at that point maybe that's the the leading indicator that 8650. Is going to fall. I think that's what that's representing, now so if 8660. Fails. I am adding. Without before even the break of 8650, i think that's going to be the leading indicator, based on this level 2 action, assuming, 86.60. Actually fails but now often it's trying to bounce. Again. So let's see if it wants to work its way back down to that area, okay it is. And 86.60. Though needs, to fail. And as of now it's holding up. Very. Stubbornly. Well. Bouncing once again kind of. A bigger bounce but nothing, nothing. That i see to freak out about i mean it's not like it's. Anything crazy. Let's see if this thing can roll back over. But maybe this thing is just slowly building higher lows on level twos. So for example if here if 8670s. All of a sudden have a very difficult, time well even 86.80. Now it seems as though is that the new base. Here. I mean i really do like this five minute time frame here. Now we're watching the the one minute over here but the five minute looks great too. It's really just a question of does this thing. Have enough bearishness, to, push back down. But 86.80, here very curious about this cell, i am getting worried if 8680. Continues to hold. I might just have to to wave the white flag because. That's just a symbol that you know the. Let's see if it can push back down though even now even that it seems like 86. 90s. Well now it's starting out. Let's see maybe i had my chance this might be a painful, awesome which probably serves me right. Within the grand scheme of things. The market is looking like it might be getting ready to serve me justice, here. But again not. There's nothing really major that would make me want to. Stop out quite yet. Again 8680. Is that level that i'm very. Curious about now, see it got down in there and once again cannot quite push through it. Look at all this at 86.90. Now. I'm, definitely being patient though. I'm not going to be able to fault myself for that i am giving this thing plenty of opportunity, to try to. To work in my favor. It's really just a question of does it want to work in my favor though and 86.90. Now has me, very worried that seems like it's the new 8680. But let's see can the price push down through, it.

Well I think if the price can break through 86.90. Then it's got a chance to get down there at 86.80. Again. Or, 86.60. That is. But 90, is definitely the key the new key stubborn, level. All right there's the break like i said now i think there's a great chance that this thing can get down. But then it just stopped. There we go all right. There's 80., 80 was another, annoying level. All right there we go. I missed. All right i have 846. Shares, let's see if we can now finally. Get. The break, of. 86.50. Come on you've come all the way back down it's time to break. Now. Or else this thing just suckered me right. In. I mean come on. Give me that, break. It just does not want. To. Budge. And 85. 60, once again being the annoying, level, well. We'll see. Can it get down to. 86.50. Big size there's the break okay, i think we're in business now. Still have 300. Shares, left. Let's see if we can get this down to. 86.. I'm not being greedy here because i just got a big momentum, break so it should continue, on down. Oh i don't like how it's stolen at 86, 10 but like i said. I don't feel greedy at all i'm letting the thing work for me took out another 100. And try to take out another 100. And let's see let me do this. 46, just so we can keep the numbers nice and round. So have 100, shares officially, left now. Let's see if we can get a, push down to 86. And below there. If it goes up over 87. I will be out so technically speaking i could still lose money on these last 100, shares i mean it's still going to be a green trade don't get me wrong. Uh but. I want to let this see if this thing i've waited long enough so let's see if this thing wants uh to move more in my favor. I mean i think it's got a great chance, of of getting down through 86.. Might need a little pause. Here. Whoa whoa whoa. Hey calm down now. Look at that big size again back this thing might that might be it. That was uh. Look at that massive size that just showed up look at that and on level twos there. 81.50. So that might be all she wrote on this one. Where are we at time wise almost 30 minutes, that's all right hey if you're watching this then. Bless your heart but this is uh this is like i said not a voice over not post commentary, look at all that, size.

Big Buyer in there all of a sudden at 86.50. They're back. Blake said i don't really i mean i care but i don't care because it's 100 shares. So i could lose i mean where did i end up getting in. I mean i'm still risking. Yeah right around 40ish, dollars give or take. Look at this size. There we go. All right now i think we got a chance to get down through 86.. I mean that was just a massive buyer wiped away. So let's see this thing finally get down to 86. And be or below. This has got to be one of the more irritating. Stocks. I don't know i'm wondering if i should just pull out another 50 here because this thing i've given it plenty of times to actually break down. And get continuation. But it's just. So just bouncing around here i don't want to be. Like i said i was patient enough. To get the break in my favor. So hey why not just have a little bit more. Patience. Maybe if i sweet talk it come on pdt, you know you want to get through 86. Come on, just do it. Just break down, it's the water's, fine. The water is fantastic. Below 86.. Nope sweet talking doesn't seem to be working either so never mind on. That. This is a bizarre. Stock, it moves and then gets in tight ranges, moves and then getting tight. Ranges. Come on 86, just get there's probably going to be so many buyers at 86, though. Yep and there are, but let's see if it can shoot on through it. There we go there we go disappearing, disappearing. Disappearing, a little bit more. Reloading, there's the break. And there we go a little bit more, excellent. Okay. Got that move still have 50 shares left. So at this point it will be. If i lose on. Those. Last 50 shares it would be very very. Very. Minimal. What are the lows, 85, 61.. Let's. See. Well not 500, not 500. All right. 86. 65. If this goes up over. 86.50. I'll be out. Mental stop loss. Here. But that might have been just one of those fake bounces was with, which this thing is relatively, known for. See where i'm at i'm up over 400 bucks right now. Uh-oh. Oh no, did i just lose connection. That's not good, i did. Connection, all right well. Well let's do this together then i am, i just lost connection, and you can see this by, the gray order. So light speed, not a good representation, on your part all right so let me. Shut down and hopefully i can get back in exit. All right i'll be back in just a second. All right i am back, uh let's see where am i at i have 50 shares and i was hoping to get, out there. So i just want to get out now because that's got me all right i am out.

So That was, not. That was not good from lightspeed's, perspective that's always a little scary. When you try to get out and then and usually light speed is not like that at all so i don't want to make it seem like that happens, every other day like you know think or swim. But it definitely happened there, but um. There we are we are it is 9, 59. So 30 minutes in and this is over a 30 minute video, so you basically saw my entire morning from start to finish and a big part of that was just being patient and waiting for the breakdown. That i thought would come and it did finally come, the one, part that i'm a little upset about. Was that. When i looked at when i tried to add i did not get full size. So technically speaking this win should have been a little bit bigger had i got in full size but shoulda coulda woulda in hindsight i didn't press the buttons fast enough, so i only got a partial, fill, uh but, i'll take it 397. Dollars in 30 minutes. On a friday. I'm more than happy with that i'm not a greedy savage i'll take it especially, when i was a greedy savage this morning, and the market was polite enough to actually, bail me out there. I'll probably do a whole separate video on that just because that clip in and of itself. Is just pure gold in terms of, how greed appears. Uh, you know within, you know the the world of trading, so, um, but that's all i got i should note though that real quick. I know people will ask so let me be proactive, about it if you are interested, in joining the community that you saw the alerts of so you saw some great alerts with uh both. Uh pdd, and then you saw that one on bowling that i missed but if you're interested just go to claytrader.com. Forward slash team, it's 99. Not per month, not per month but per three months which breaks down to 8.25. Cents per week so really the question just becomes. If i invest in 99, do i believe i can get at least eight dollars and 25, cents per week of value, if you think yeah i think i can get at least eight dollars and 25, cents, per week of value, then you'll get a great return on your investment, so that's how that plays out and then also there's a mobile app so it's not like you have to stay change your computer or anything like that, but that's how the community works you saw it play out in real time and if you're interested like i said claytrader.com. Forward slash team if you enjoyed this live trade video, and you like just to see the raw emotions and you want me to keep making videos like this the very time efficient way to communicate that to me just hit the like button, comments questions suggestions, please leave those down below and then also check out the channel as a whole there's lots of other live trade videos, several different types of videos, in fact like i said i'm going to be taking the clip from this one to use in another video, uh but.

I You decide to ultimately subscribe to the channel we'd love to have you, as a subscriber. So thanks for hanging out with me on my basically, my entire 30 minute, friday, so i'll take it friday. 397. 30 minutes i think i'm gonna start my weekend early. First off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go, i want to invite you to a live webinar, web class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it but it will be me, live, revealing, to you what i discovered, that has allowed me to transform, myself, from being an employee. To being my own boss, including. How i had only one losing day out of 73, days in total, i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me, unlock, profitable, consistency. Within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive, type of way, the second, key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna, as humans, making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders, i'll explain it all though, including how to avoid the pitfall, that it creates for some, and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you, how it all works, then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again, totally, live, even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay, that i will send you, click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description, box, so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly, is a live event, if you have any questions. Let me know if not, i'll be seeing you soon.

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