[LIVE] Day Trading | Labor Day Stock Trade Special! (if you're in withdrawal...)

[LIVE] Day Trading | Labor Day Stock Trade Special! (if you're in withdrawal...)

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Good morning it's clay at claytrader.com. This be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here, in less than one minute. And i want to note these are live videos so you're gonna get my raw thoughts my raw emotions, as things play out here, it is. And the markets are now open, it is the day before, labor day weekend, so friday, and i bring that up just because it's looking like there's going to be some good opportunities, out there but. I would not be surprised if things all of a sudden get really choppy. So right now watching. Kc, ac, but. That candle, doesn't have much of a range to it so i'm not quite sure. What to make of that. But i am watching other things but um, these are live. In the sense of like i said i don't know what's going to happen, let's see what is a high of that candle. 22. All right this is delayed, my charts, again. Lightspeed, has really been having issues. I do like 23, as a potential breakout point if it can get up through there. So gonna watch 23, very closely, here, in at 23.. Let's see if we can get some more follow through. Up through it. There we. Go. Can we get up through 23.10. Why is my thing jumping, all. Around. All right i'm just taking the 75. I'm not quite sure what's going on my. Everything, is delayed. And now yeah i realize, that. In hindsight, here. I got out way too soon but. Um. Yeah this is just. Throwing me off right now. Shoot. All right well i'll i'll take the 75, dollars, but um. I would have liked to have still been holding but you. Hopefully you saw the idea i'll have to go back and re-watch, when the recording, but. Things were just delayed things were acting goofy, so um, oh well let's see what's going on with docu. Oh wow quite a bit uh. Get that alerted to the chat room. All right well, i'm up i think things are getting stabilized, here now as far as uh. The platform wow tesla, just. Quite the. Move. All right well we'll see what happens with it i'm going to go ahead and pause. So watching tesla right now i mean i understand, tesla is a beast but, look at this five minute chart. This is getting, a little a little overdone. So i'm looking for some weakness here for a scalp to the downside. Whoops, let's, bring that back over there. First i got to see some signs of weakness, though. See low of that is at 421.. So want to see this go up some more. There we go there we go there we go excellent. See low of. Yeah 421.. Now i might be being left in the dust here but, if this wants to come back down to. 421. I would be interested, again these are just would be it would just be a scalp. But this is quite crazy, right now. Okay coming down, oh, wow.

Do You. Well. That just happened way too fast you might have to scroll back but look over here at the level twos and you will notice they jumped. So fast. So. Fast. That was crazy, all right well. I had the right idea but i mean. I was just not even close to being fast enough but if you go back and you'll even hotkeys, hotkeys, i get well why don't you use hotkeys well even in that situation, hotkeys would not have uh. Would not have made a difference. The airlines, are all. Airlines. Pulls. One minute. There goes boeing i was just about to bring that. Up. Hmm maybe a fake break, oh no this is a terrible, range wow, boeing really. Volatility, on boeing, well docu. Continues, to drop problem is there's no shares, to short so over here on my screen. Notice how there's no green e, that means that there's there's nothing to short out there so i mean i couldn't take advantage of that even if i wanted to. All right tesla. May be giving another opportunity, let's see. Yeah okay, uh, let's see right around. 419-ish. I want to see it bounce up there though and then come back down, so let's see some green. Green, and then for it to come back down to 419. I like that. There we go, okay. We got another set up here assuming it can come back down. In fact i'm gonna get this alerted. Tesla. 419. Flush point one minute, keep, in mind. The context, because the context, is i'll just show you my chat room over here just so you can see the thought process so right there. 419, flush point keep in mind the. Context. So we need to watch this very very closely. Again, that assumes the price comes back down but you gotta wait for confirmation, because maybe tesla's gonna do what it does right now and it's just be smoting, up. So as of now looking like uh never mind on that one. Oh kac, ac. Look at that. Now up over 24.. Now i'm, i'm not saying that i should still be holding i'm not but just, a frustrating, start there. All right well let's go back to tesla, though because, tesla seems to be. At least from what i'm seeing the one that gives me the most. So, yeah 420. 450. Now i like that. As a potential, area just because i mean this move is so, so strong right now so 424, 50 just for a scalp. Ina, all right good got some in at four.

Let's See if we can get this down to. 424.. There we go took out. 423.50. Let's see if we can get down through there, so took out another 25, down there, i still have 25, shares left. We can get this down below 422. There we go. Well how did i alright there we go. So a nice 178. Dollar scalp right there as i was saying from the very get-go that was a scalp, all the way along. And, because why well. I told you why i pointed out why i told the community why, keep in mind the context. Bullish context. So you gotta you gotta, be aware of that. And, you know it would not be shy at all to see this thing turn around and rip back upwards, maybe give another opportunity but you know it's bouncing right now, so like i said that was you know intended, to and i don't i could care less i mean this thing maybe maybe that was the top, maybe i like nailed the top and this thing just crashes. That was just not the trade plan, the trade plan was a very quick skill because of that context. Uh but congratulations. To members. If you took that trade well done, uh had a nice opportunity. And even now like i said that's i i don't care yeah it's going down but my trade plan was not looking for some sort of huge rollover. I was respecting, the fact that it was very strong. So if it was willing to give me, uh a few dollars which it was then i was able to turn that into you know 178. Dollars so. Not bad uh the friday before, labor day weekend, not even 10 minutes in, nine minutes in and i'm already up 250. Dollars. I'm not a greedy savage i'm not sure many places in the world. Where you can make uh 250. Dollars. In literally less, than 10 minutes, crazy stuff i'm not i'm not going to be done yet, but i like i said earl, earlier i think i mentioned. That because it's uh going into labor day, i would not be shocked to see things uh. All of a sudden, slow down get really choppy. See now tesla i'm almost wondering, if 420. Would that be a nice little entry point there if this thing wants to try to reverse around. So maybe but all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause. Fantastic, learning lesson here because the voice is in my head right now and it's the wrong voice the voice being that somehow i did something wrong, because look at tesla, it continues, to fall it continues, to pull back so i mean i got pretty close to nailing the top. So the voice saying oh clay wow you messed that one up no i didn't. It's easy to say that i messed things up in hindsight, but at the time, the trade plan was a scalp, a scalp a scalp, because, of the context, because it was very bullish. And i mean i wish i could say that i knew how to do this every single time where you nail the top and then it rolls back over, but there are plenty of times where i mean this thing could have, pulled back.

And Then just continue on up with the trend, that wouldn't have been shocking especially when it's tesla. Uh so yeah again right now the voices are trying to make me sound, you know make me think that i did something wrong on that trade but i didn't. I did absolutely nothing wrong at all, i followed the plan to a t, but of course and that's that's why trading so difficult because hindsight, pops up and then hindsight, tries to make you feel like you did something stupid, i didn't do anything stupid i followed my trade plan. And uh you know yeah it's it's pulling back, very much so now so again congratulations. To any members that uh you know might. Um still be holding maybe and that's why, i always tell people think for yourselves. The the community, is though for those that not a bunch of sheep. Notice i just gave a price area. I mentioned. The 4. 19, mark, and then people you know i let people decide, from that area. And. No that's what i. Mentioned. Oh yes well i mentioned 419. Originally, that worked out well, i took it sooner just because you know the chart changed around a little bit for me but even at 419, like i said. Those people. I su, i don't know, if somebody. Took the 419. And they're still in i i mean that, congratulations. But that's probably a little bit too much risk because that was still quite bullish. At that breakup here it could have just you know come down here for a few dollars and then worked its way back upwards. But again that that's up to people's strategies, that's up to people risk tolerance maybe, people. Uh so for example. Uh it's friday right now maybe somebody's up like i don't know. Fifteen hundred dollars five thousand dollars ten thousand dollars and they're like you know i'm gonna take a little bit more risk because i can, i can afford it i'm up on the week so maybe decided they wanted to hold longer and now they're banking that much more so i mean there's always different situations, but, for me personally. My plan was to scalp and as i you know i'm kind of stalling, just so we can watch this thing continue, to roll over, i mean look at this this thing's about to hit the lows of the day. So absolutely, nailed, the top. Um, so the voices are strong, but, i laugh because, listen. If you have voices too that try to make you feel like you did something wrong, even though you didn't even though you followed your trade plan don't listen to them that's just hindsight for you that's the human mind.

All Right i will go ahead and pause and i'm thinking about just wrapping it up i mean like i said, it's labor day on monday. Um. I think i'll put this video out on monday anyways, just because, like i said nothing will be going on so it'll be nice to. I don't know, there's other seems like there's some, similar, potential opportunity, out there. I almost think i feel like i should take tesla short underneath 402, here but. Actually, what i'm going to do is this. 399. I'm going to go long because i think there's going to be too many people, feeling what i'm feeling right now the urge to chase to the downside. So let me just double check, so 399. Looking to go, long. My. Premise here is there's a lot of people that have been watching this go down and down and down and they're, they're gonna say all right fine i'm just gonna short. And then they're gonna short, it's gonna go back down i'm gonna try to buy some uh you know shorting, orders, and then. Ideally, it heads snaps, back up those people start to cover they start to freak out and then i get you know a bounce in my favor but. That implies that this thing can get a little bit more overextended. And get down to 3.99. So, we'll do this if this, wants to play out perfect. If not i'll probably just uh wrap up the video here and call it a day and go and start my labor day early but uh let's see if this wants to do uh behave or not. So i'm gonna get this documented, here, tsla. 399. Ish. Alongside. Entry. Looking. For. Fake. Breakdown. Of, support. One minute. Five minutes so there oh wow it's at 400. And i'm in. Okay. So let's see here, let's see if this thing wants to. Bounce back up. What is going on fourth out. Well not four thousand now 100, shares at 400.. There we go so let's see this thing snap back up. Well that happened so fast. Let's see if it wants to work its way back up to uh. The 400. Mark. Three ninety ninety-eights. Can it get up through the three ninety-eights, three ninety-nine. Oh come on. Wow that fast went back down, goodness. Well that might have cost me there. Don't want to quite get out yet but. I've given this thing quite a bit of time to bounce. Here. And it's not quite bouncing.

Yet. I mean it is bouncing but not to the extent that i thought it. Would. So there we are got out with another. 121. Dollars, there. Although i'm actually. Very very curious now about. That level. At, 397.. But there we go i got the. Now in hindsight. That was a pretty crazy move. But there was the fake breakdown, of that support, you can see that it's now bouncing back upwards. For a nice little scalp there. I'm almost wondering though if this thing wants to roll back over, i don't know i i think i'm being a greedy savage, it's 9 50 a.m. On a friday. Before labor day weekend. And i've made 375. Dollars in 20 minutes. Do i really need more, this is an internal battle i i think i feel like i'm just being a total greedy savage right now like, clay keep things in perspective. It doesn't really. Who knows i feel like if i take another trade it'll. End up costing me and i'll have the street, the sweet irony of being uh. You know just being greedy. But yeah i don't know this is a terrible, this is such a terrible life choice like what am i doing. I it is friday. Before labor day. So looking if i had a three-day weekend, why not just start my labor day weekend, early, because i mean i just made 375. In 20 minutes so. Where else and i'm talking myself right now right this is this is me this is the raw thoughts the emotions, of. How. You know just, how the human mind can work because for some reason i want more, i think some of it has to do with so that way you can make an extra cool youtube video, there's always a youtube video voice there but, i also just need to realize. Dude clay. 375. Bucks in 20 minutes on a friday, before labor day weekend, why can't you be happy with that, why can't you be happy with that, because i love this setup right here this is such a. This is such a good. Setup. The greed, the battle, israel, no i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm wrapping things up i am more than happy with that. And, a little update here look at that, totally rolled back over, but you know what another situation, where i feel fine about it because at some point, you just got to listen to, the voices in your head you got to listen to your gut instincts. And this does come with experience. But and i don't know about you but i'll just speak for myself but there's been too many times, where i've been green i've had a great morning, and then you know just just do one more just do one more, and even if even if it's controlled, even if it's logical. I mean you can just all of a sudden, lose, and then you're like well crap and then you can easily, fall into a bunch of other temptations. So yes in hindsight, i was right that was a beautiful, setup. Uh but, i'm glad that i just followed my, followed my you know my intuition. And followed you know, the trade plan up front which was clay just be done be grateful for what you have. And as it continues, to roll over. I get it i get i can look stupid here and maybe i am stupid. But like i said from a mental standpoint, of trading you know this is what it's all about. And sometimes, when you have hindsight, in your favor, again. Keep in mind what's going on maybe you're sitting there saying, this guy is terrible, but, let me ask you something real quick before you click off the video, what happens if, i had went through all that clay you got to be happy 375. In 20 minutes. Okay but just one more and i took that trade and then what happens if it would have just skyrocketed. Upwards, what would you be saying, clay. What are you doing, you should have listened to your voices, right i mean you would have been saying that i would have been saying that, so i mean it's easy to sit here and and be hard on yourself when it actually goes in your favor, but always keep in mind the other side of of hindsight well what happened if it had gone the other way. So just something to keep in mind there. Oh very nice. Wow. Crushed, it all right, that is awesome. So just somebody just posted this in the chat room so that alert that i made right there on tesla. Uh let's see i'll just go through it right there in case you already so they bought at um. Where do they buy at. Oh no they so okay, this is a great example, that's, the exact, opposite. Uh they actually went short. So they sold. The whole premise so i gave the premise of a fake breakdown but they're like well you know what, even if it's a fake breakdown, i'm still gonna play the fake breakdown. And they actually, crushed, it for 1200. So that's what i mean by, my community is for people, we help each other out we throw out ideas we throw out you know areas. General concepts, this concept being a fake breakdown. But very clearly this member thought, and rightfully so you know what. Even if it is a fake breakdown, it's still a, breakdown. So let me just scalp a breakdown, and they got. Uh, yeah as they said it was so fast and it was fast i mean you saw, everything play out live there, so they just made 1200.

Off That alert but again think about it they did the exact, opposite thing they took my general premise, and then because they're not a sheep because they know how to think for themselves. They actually molded it in their favor and that is the power of education, that is the power, of being able to think, for. Yourself. Not the mentality, of hey, if i sign up for your service are you going to tell me exactly what to do i get it that's an easy sales pitch but that's just not how things work in the real world you need to be able to think for yourself and you should want to think for yourself think about it i made money on that, going from the long side. That person made money on it from the short side so same exact ticker symbol. But, same people same members train it. And i mean that's crazy, so that is some great stuff right there a good example. And again because these are alive i didn't know that was going to happen but a great um. Talking point of the power being able to think for yourself being part of a community. Where you know you don't have to agree with everybody but you can take people's generals. You know concepts, general. You know idea and then still mold it to your own personal risk tolerance and personal preference. And then i'll just end because, hopefully, at least a few percent oh yeah you know that that always makes sense i want to learn i don't know strong and myself with other people that aren't cheap iron sharpens, iron, so if that's your mentality you're like well you know how does this community work where do i join well you can go to claytrader.com. Forward slash team, uh the way the pricing works we'll use this model, 99. Not per month, not per month but for three months. So every three months 99, that breaks down to 8 and 25, cents per week so really the question just becomes if i invest, 99. To join, do i believe i can get at least.

And Twenty five cents per week of value, and yeah that member i just showed you uh they just paid for like years upon years upon years, with that one trade uh where they made the the twelve hundred dollars. In tesla, there so um you know that's the way you gotta approach it though do i believe that the service can at least provide me with at minimum, eight dollars and 25, cents per week there is also an app so it's not like you have to stay change your computer or anything like that, so yeah if you're interested in joining the community, getting those alerts that you saw all play out here, then you can go and join that also as far as this video is concerned if you like these live trade videos. Then please hit that like button that's a very quick efficient way to communicate that to me and then also. Comments questions suggestions. If you've ever watched my past videos you know i read them and will reply to them so check those out and then finally. Take a look at the entire channel there's lots of other live trade videos quick tip videos a good variety of videos on the channel so hopefully you decide to ultimately subscribe, to the channel, but if like said you want to join my community, trade alongside, me, and you know just learn to think for yourself, not be a sheep not be a puppet, then you will fit right in with the community, so just go to claytrader.com. For slash team everybody thank you for hanging out. And like i said i guess i'll probably post this on monday and labor day, um so hopefully you are enjoying your labor day, and uh be safe and i'll see everybody back on tuesday. First off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go, i want to invite you to a live webinar, web class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it but it will be me, live, revealing, to you what i discovered, that has allowed me to transform, myself, from being an employee. To being my own boss, including. How i had only one losing day out of 73, days in total, i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me, unlock, profitable, consistency. Within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive, type of way, the second, key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna, as humans, making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall, for many traders, i'll explain it all though, including how to avoid the pitfall, that it creates for some, and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you, how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again, totally, live, even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay, that i will send you, click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description, box, so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which i should note is limited, due to the fact that this truly, is a live event, if you have any questions.

Let Me know if not, i'll be seeing you soon.

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