[LIVE] Day Trading | I Tried Trading Options (oh boy...)

[LIVE] Day Trading | I Tried Trading Options (oh boy...)

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hey it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live real quick what do i mean by live in case you're new to these videos what i mean is that this is not a situation where i've already recorded everything and now i'm coming back and doing a voiceover or some sort of trade recap proposed commentary nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts for our reactions or all emotions you'll get that here but to be respectful of your time if you are out there looking for a nicely edited video nicely scripted video you're not going to get that here but if you just want a nitty-gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading can play out then you're going to see that here now maybe you're noticing that my screen looks a little different here in fact i suppose i could move this over here a little bit yeah there we go and let's move this over here a little bit there we go but i'm gonna i'm gonna do some options trading today could be a train wreck maybe it'll work out very nicely uh but i've had many and i've traded options before so it's not like i'm just randomly just doing this but it's been a while might be a little rusty um and i've had many comments and those comments aren't wrong yeah clay but what about people with smaller accounts and that's okay that's fine and for those people with smaller accounts options you know are a viable solution too and options i mean they're they're a great asset class out there you got to be careful with them you have to know what you're doing because they can they will gladly eat your lunch if you let them uh but that is why for those of you that are longtime viewers if you're not wait what is it what am i looking at this is not your normal screen that's because i actually have my options trading uh layout mapped out here and um i think we're outside i'm still checking things over with the actual recording software to make sure i'm recording everything that i am but it looks like we're all set to go so market opens up here in less than four minutes so i'm gonna go ahead and pause and i'll see you back the open and i will be watching tesla out of the opening gate well i've already had um i would have been a nice trade but i went uh to buy some calls on this poll back here and then an order window popped up saying are you sure you want to do this and i'm thinking what in the world this doesn't happen with my stocks so i just been it's 9 32 so i've been fooling around the past couple of minutes trying to figure out how do i turn off the order confirmation but now you'll see that for example if i try to buy so look down here at my orders to get that to show up it'll just automatically show up when i click buy so now no more order confirmation windows which if you're looking to scalp and day trade that that little extra step can actually be uh uh you know can be a problem uh but got that taken care of and uh like i said uh just like working the cobwebs out here a little bit but 6.81 do i think the price can get above 681 would have been much better had tesla gapped down but let's look around here or you can't see what i'm looking i'm just looking to see where though the good volumes at so it's really a question of let me get that alerted actually there we go there we go so let's so looking to pick up five contracts at 525 so want to see this pull back some more now i'd like more than five contracts i'd like to try to build a bigger position here but that would at least allow me to get you know allow me to dip my toe into the trade that's really all going to be dependent on can this pull back a bit more as of now just kind of sitting around here not doing a whole lot nice okay and looking like i'll be able to pick up some more down here at 450. so just waiting to see what it wants to do here and i'm in at 5 25. getting a bit of a bounce here all right i'm gonna let's see see what it wants to do here this point i think it might want to just roll back over all right out there for a 200 loss welcome welcome to options trading clay i am though interested now for some puts because like i said i think this thing wants to roll over which is why i was getting into the first place so watching 575 very closely oh no it bounced back up so maybe i would have been okay with those calls but that's all hindsight so again watching 676.

okay in here at four or at 1565 oh shoot i never all right i got to get used to that whenever i change to strut the strikes it defaults back to quantity so unfortunately i only have one and i'm in at 1565. it's working out very well shoot wish i would have had five then but you're experiencing shaking the cobwebs off for a little bit all right there we go so put myself together a nice trade there and i should be shoot because if i had five contracts that would have been 85 times five so i would actually wiped away that loss there but totally forgot and now you can see that the value is up over yeah so i mean hindsight could have gotten more for it but i wonder if i can change i'll do i'll have to work on the defaults there in terms of uh uh so i don't have to constantly go back and change that quantity because i would like to have been at five and that's what i thought it was uh but on that note i'm very glad that i cut the loss where i did because those calls had they come back down that would have been a a bad situation i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right have an order at 11.75 for a put so i'm thinking that this thing is going to eventually want to roll back over but looking like i said build a bigger position here just one contract that's by design because then knowing that i want to scale in i said let's see if this thing wants uh okay getting close to potentially filling me at 11.75 all right i'm gonna go down to 11.50 at this point okay got those look to pick up another one at 10 50. actually i think i can get better than that 10 25.

i'll try one out there at 9.75 also so i got those can i get that one at nine so okay go have three contracts now 10.50 price average so have sell orders out at 10.75 and

10.95 okay it's getting close okay got those out at 75. love that candle love that candle absolutely love that candle that's formed it breaks down should get filled for my next contract my tesla's being stubborn up there i said i want to see tesla the share price break down through 6.82

but now it's starting to turn back around i said i still think it wants to come back down okay so what i'm going to do here is oh it's already coming back down maybe in hindsight i should have just gotten a little bit not wanted so much but like i said i still still like the chance here especially now that it's pulling back like it is can this finally be the move that gets it up over in 10.95 there we go excellent let's see if we can get some more follow through here oops all right all out there for 90 on that trade right yeah 90. and i was hoping to buy another hoping to buy another ten or i was hoping to buy another contract at ten wow my even the way i'm talking i gotta retrain my brain for this um so yeah like i said just shaking off the cobwebs here um and i i've done this before you can go through the live trade videos and you'll see options trading but i mean these things are you know uh look at that now now it's up well over 11. uh but those videos are from years ago so i mean there's i have no shame at all in saying yeah there's gonna be a bit of uh of a learning curve here yeah see what that candle right there was it was great and then that one kind of was like all right well what's going on and then that right there when i was thinking about buying some more uh puts which would have been a good thing um i wasn't able to but i have to go back i i i thought i would have gotten a little bit more than 90 on that trade but um yeah it is what it is so let's see what else is out there have an order here to pick up 500 shares long at 95.35 actually yeah let's do this look at noticing something on another time frame 95 15. there we go nice big move to the downside now i'm willing to get more than 500 shares but boom just like that quick 75 dollars in my pocket but i'm gonna keep watching this one see where is that next and i'm glad i know what i noticed was just on the five minute time frame keep in mind i am looking at multiple time frames here what is that it is 94. so yeah right at 94.

next first entry point i say first entry point just double checking things yeah 94. uh i say that because wow look at this thing coming down actually let's just do 93.75 at this point oh that was that was the move i was looking for and it paused and i i don't know if i mentioned it but i am back to stocks right now goodness what is that low yeah 92.75 i do like that so 92.75 here see if it wants to make that move down there all right well actually i'm back in the green now 50 bucks so there we go that's good got some learning got some i don't want to say learning but got some cobwebs shaking it shook it off shaking shook and so i like to get paid to learn paid to get cobweb shaken off all right well that has already went down there once so at this point i will go at 91.75 if it wants to get

down there ah but this may be some sort of bottoming that's forming here but i'm gonna go ahead and pause for now and the bloodshed just continues clay why don't you just short when you first saw it i'm asking myself the same thing unfortunately these are live and it's always a little bit right it's easy when you have to look to the right meaning okay well what's happening next that's why trading's hard it's easy to look to the left looking to the left oh man i'm so rich looking to the left but looking to the right much bigger much different game i do have an order at 89 15. what i'm looking for here is a breakdown below 90 and then a very very fast move down maybe i'm being too greedy thinking it can drop all the way down to that area but um that's just what i feel comfortable with that's what i would require for this strategy again which one that would wait i'm not even in at 89.15 or i didn't put an order out there there we go like i said for this strategy that is just what i would feel uh deemed necessary to get my first entry point which seems maybe kind of crazy but that's that's the idea behind things and ba is also just not having a good day either let's pull up that real quick me and ba we used to be real good friends you should trade it almost all the time but it just changed on me got a new personality had to break up with it all right maybe this is now the question does do i want to try to find a short here a dead cat bounce and then look for it to roll back over so i will keep a close eye on it for again some sort of potential which is 9150 here let's see if this thing wants to get up a little bit more so 9150 now has some potential as an area to get short i'm gonna go ahead and cancel that but as of now this thing just what is that right there 90. yeah just let this one play out here a little bit more 91.50

in at 91.50 i mean beautiful beautiful candle still have 100 shares left that bounce has got me a little hey not sure if it actually wants to go in my favor or not at this point i got the move in my favor and now you can see the hand or the the the candle that's forming here which i am not a fan of but good see if we can get some more moving to the downside nice 90 50. can that break glad i hung on these 500 or the last so still 50 shares left there we go got the 90 50. still have 25 left see if we can get oh nice shoot in hindsight man clay you should have kept on more yeah i i really should have that could be a very well fake break down there what it wants to do can i get this isn't 89 going to break 89 oh my goodness wow all right i'll take it uh so what was that about 150 on that trade and the thing is i uh i didn't do anything wrong because at that time it was looking like that thing didn't want to nestle roll back over but the one thing i definitely did do right was i held on to that 100 shares which became very valuable um but yeah okay once again along the theme looking to the left yes i should have held on to all 500 shares but at that time when i was looking to the right it really did look like it might have been getting ready to have a faulty breakdown and turn back around so i wanted to manage my risk reduce my risk by reducing my position size but not totally taking myself out of the trade and then as you saw uh it did end up going in my favor but um i still had 100 shares to partake in that so good um i'll take it and up 183 dollars which i mean honestly feels like might as well be a thousand dollars because this morning has been bizarre uh because options like i said that was just such a a different situation at that point in time is this thing really going to keep going down what is there must be news what's the news let's see update consumer product commission gave warning of recall now confirming recall okay so they're putting out bogus products or something and one child okay well just to give an issue of kind of or look at the five minute on this thing goodness uh but yeah at this point i'm no longer looking to go short if anything if it wants to keep getting beat down i will look to potentially build a long sided position i'm anticipating not any sort of reversal but just any sort of even little bounce you know those micro scales can be uh very very profitable and add up very quickly um but i'll go ahead and pause for now all right step one here i want to see piton get up over 91.80 assuming that occurs step two looking to get short at 91.40

but step one's got it's got to get up above 91.80 and not looking like it's gonna behave nope bummer all right well never mind as far as that setup is concerned yeah bummer all right never mind all right step one want to see this above 39 10. step two would be interested in shorting at 39. but it's got to get above 39.10 first

gotta have people think that it's a breakout and i'm gonna go ahead and pause but just want to at least get my thought process out there right now uh before anything actually happened but i'll pause for the time being and nothing so totally pulled back like i thought it would like i just want to see it show me a little bit of strength first and then that's the move i was looking for but um so i was right but didn't make any money from it because i didn't quite get it right enough so remember just making broad statements i think it's gonna go down okay but i mean you gotta still be able to take that and make it applicable and practical in a in a real world setting which like i said i was right that it was going to go down but totally wrong in the way to have approached to make money from it but it is what it is well it has been a couple hours since the last time i've even been looking here i forgot about this to end the recording and then if you're not familiar if you look at other videos on my channel there's somewhere i'm in front of a board and it's in person videos uh so the the person i work with came over and we recorded some of those so pointer being it's been a while uh and i just forgotten to um map things out or end things here but overall i'm going to wrap things up and a bizarre day for me like i said just kind of starting to rewire my brain here a little bit and in the comments section as i wrap it up would you like for me to continue to trade options if you do want me to continue to trade options just give me a comment of options that's all you have to say uh so on that note like i said that's the first uh request and the next request is if you just enjoy these live trade videos in general because they are truly live meaning i am uh you know literally doing this all at the same time so i have to think for myself i have to think about what i'm gonna say to you i have to trade for myself i have to make alerts in the chat room so i have a lot going on so while these videos are not impossible they do take a lot of effort and i will continue to make them as long as i know that there's interest so if there is interest then on that note a quick easy way to communicate that to me hit the like button leave a basic comment even if it's a thumbs up emoji so those two things communicate to me hey clay yeah please keep doing these videos because i enjoy them and as long as i know there's enjoyment out there then like i said i have no problem doing them at all and then like i said if again if you would like for me to continue to trade some more options uh then you know put options in the comments section uh down below and that will communicate to me that you enjoyed this option trading yeah i was a little bit fuzzy but like i said literally my first time in a long time trading options today uh so hopefully you enjoyed hopefully you learned something like i said hit that like button leave a comment down below thanks for hanging out first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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