[LIVE] Day Trading | I Made 7 Stock Trades! (but did i make money?)

[LIVE] Day Trading | I Made 7 Stock Trades! (but did i make money?)

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good morning it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live real quick what do i mean by live if you're new to these videos what i mean is that this is not a situation where i've already recorded everything and now i'm coming back and doing a trade recap or some sort of post commentary nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw emotions you're going to get that here but if you are looking for a nicely edited nicely scripted video you're not going to find that here so just to honor your time in that regard but yeah if you just want a nitty-gritty looking to what it's like to be a day trader how day trading can play out uh then you will find that in this video market opens up in less than a minute so i'll see you back at the open and the markets are open watching tesla here out of the opening gates and we'll see what it wants to do and just scan my monitors of the other tickers that i'm watching so 698 potentially an interesting level although got to be somewhat careful because tesla does not have a whole lot of volume let's go check out facebook here 329 interesting area i don't trade facebook a whole lot anymore these days so i can't say that i'm super familiar with it if you do hair typing that just me making alerts in the chat room that i offer if you're not familiar i do offer a private community at claytrader.com so that's you know what i've been alerting so far mainly tesla it does feel like it wants to go down and close that gap like i said i want to give it a little bit more data to play out to get a better read on things all right i'm going to go ahead and pause for now and if i find something that looks um like something i want to put my money into then i'll get the video rolling all right watching 41.85 here on riot for a potential short i mean i would want to see the price go down yeah it'd have to be more of a scalp now that i see it in at 41.86 see if it can get to move down through that area yeah 4185 definitely the level where if it's broken it should move nicely there it is really that's all you're going to give me i'll give it a little bit more of a chance here to get moving all right did mention a scalp got the scalp there so i'll take that for the little risk that i was taking on that one i'm happy with that but i'm still eyeballing tesla over here yeah still a little bit a little bit sketchy on the volume i mean it's not terrible but it's not great either um let's see again i i have multiple monitors i'm looking at multiple stocks so the the awkward pauses are me just kind of looking around clov i was looking for that when i tried to get up over 12 but not a not a hugely fast mover so i'd probably need to do more position size on that one but all right well let's see what i'm on what is that 78 dollars so up 78 dollars i'm gonna keep looking around all right right now just made that alert in the chat room tesla 696 50 flush point so i'm looking for that to potentially get short here but i don't want to take it on this candle though so at least for the next minute this candle needs to stay up above it it may cause me to get left in the dust but that's just kind of how it goes sometimes but i want to see just a tad bit more and it would be fantastic actually if it comes back up shows me some green and then comes back down yeah come on stay green again would love it uh even if it could get up to the 67 or 698.75ish area you know i'm not going to take it on the next candle either because i would really like to see it get come up and then come down again that might be proved to be silly on my part it may cause me to miss the trade but for that's just you got to find your comfort level you got to find what you i don't know am i being silly and wanting that it might be in high maintenance maybe so cause it just broke down through i guess we'll see we'll see if that was a good or bad decision on my part and to really reiterate this is a live video so i don't know maybe i'm about to look really foolish here or i'm about to look really smart here by putting in that requirement as of now it's looking like i look foolish because there it goes well you saw uh you saw the alert that i made so members that chose to play it differently than i did hey you know what they chose wisely i chose poorly because it keeps on moving further and further uh well that's embarrassing it happens it happens had the thing bounced back upwards i'd be sitting there saying oh great i'm glad i i'm glad i put that contingency on it but now all eyes gonna be on that 694 mark so i'm not going to give up on tesla yet but as far as that trade is concerned yep i i definitely uh definitely missed it watching 695.50 here on tesla

just gonna go 50 shares in at 6.95 see if we can get some more momentum fantastic break now it's just a question of can we get more to the downside six 94 is definitely going to be a a very interesting area bouncing up here a little bit let's see what it wants to ultimately do here again 694 is gonna be quite the showdown if it can get down that area i think it's got a good chance too i am going to try to lock in some maybe a little bit beforehand though because i i don't know i could very well see it bouncing off 694 but want to at least give it a chance to break down through there but i want to count my eggs before the hatch it's first got to get down to that area so it took out 25 there at 694 but now it's just a question of can it get down through 694 wow didn't put up any fight at all really but that could just be a faulty breakdown also again i know i'm not making a ton on this but i wanted to manage my risk on the on the get-go just in case i was wrong i think this is just too extended down here right now and as you're seeing it's really kind of struggling to get any sort of progress through 694. how did i knock it out at 6.94 what in the world tesla is quite the tricky bugger all right so right there 63 only 63 dollars i know had i gone in with a normal allotment of you know 250 shares that would have been uh you know basically uh that would have been a very nice trade but like i said that could felt like at that point maybe turned around on me and i didn't want to risk uh you know taking a a bigger size loss on that one so reduced position size on it because i my originally missed that area up there entry point right there would have been fantastic and i i just wasn't paying attention so i missed that so i wanted to make sure that all right if this is a revenge trade clay let's make sure that it's a revenge trade that's done well under control no it wasn't a revenge trade that was a totally valid setup it just wasn't as good of a setup had it been up there because that was uh you know a much that would have given me a better entry point but all right well chipping away at things now up 141 but hey it's not even it's 25 minutes in so i mean 140 and 25 minutes trying to build keep perspective for myself not many places in the world where you can make 125 or 140 dollars in 25 minutes all right i'm gonna think about getting short here at 134 yeah yeah just calculating in my head so i'm thinking about it but don't want to take it on this candle i feel as though that's a little overextended right now but if this next candle wants and it is apple so i don't know as i'm as i'm talking out loud here do i really want to take well i mean the risk is still controlled because it's not a fast mover but that also means it's not a fast mover against you too so it's all proportionalized but yeah i don't even yeah i'm gonna pass on it now that i think about it so never mind on that one update here on tesla definitely got very very choppy right around that 694 mark which is you know where i you know got out so feeling very good about that but like i said i had kind of noted that before and that 694 was going to be a pretty interesting area and it has like i said price has now just been literally blow it above it blow it above it blow it and now back above it right now so there is still maybe a trade here but i got to be very careful i don't want to get myself you know caught in some sort of chop fest right i got to wait for the next half an hour to see what ultimately happens although 694 even that's kind of sketchy so i'm just going to keep an eye on it but as of right now yeah i'm going to stay away from it just because it seems a little bit too choppy but if i can get a little bit more indication on direction then yeah i still very well may be interested in tesla have an order of buy 50 shares of tesla at 6.87 so it's moving down currently and i want to see it and need to see it drop down further if i'm going to get filled on these 50 shares now i would like more than 50 shares uh but that at least allowed me to get my feet wet into the trade um so looking uh because i don't really trust this breakdown right now i think it's broken down enough and i think that there could be some faulty breakdowns around here uh where shorts are chasing and then the price starts to go back up in the shorts assuming their discipline are going to say uh oh i better be getting out and in order for a short to get out they have to buy which would help the price move up but as of now i was right that it was seemingly a faulty breakdown broke down but not really much of a breakdown enough for me to get filled so i'm looking for this thing to break down more so again i'm at 687 for my first 50 shares and i would like to see a quick move down so 687 is excuse me 688 is broken and then want to see the price really get moving so i'd like like to at least capture the 688 brake on video so we can see kind of what sort of how it behaves but i don't know if it'll break or not so the number i'm watching right here is that right there i want to see will this number right there drop below 688 that's the key number i'm watching so there's 688 is the price gonna break down below it and once again hold strong holding strong once again all right what 14ish minutes on the video so i don't want to drag this thing out just watch an action that may not happen so i suppose maybe this is a downside of these being live is i'm waiting to see if something will happen but i don't i don't know if said something will happen uh but i suppose you know there's pros and cons with that i don't know who's maybe you know maybe you just like enjoying this i don't let me know in the comment section do you mind just kind of watching this action right now where we're trying to see if it's going to break or not even though we don't know if it will actually break all right there's the break there we go there we go and i'm in for my first 50 shares that is and out that fast for a dollar move back in my favor so in hindsight oh man i should have done 250 shares but let's start the process over again so right there talking about a fake breakdown and look at that you know there are shorts chasing and to make it may come back down to be fair but as of now you know that there's some shorts feeling a little nervous about that but i got to get my next order in let me double check yeah 680 no 684 50. so quick fifty dollars there as it went an entire dollar in my or yeah entire dollar in my favor but again and that could have kept on going which is why i just wanted to slowly tiptoe into the trade uh and yes in hindsight i should have went full size but had it kept going and going and going and i would not have been able to build well then and i would not have been able to you know add to the position like i would want well then that that's a much different situation there but overall worked out very nicely and you saw how fast it got down there so um and right now still may be a faulty breakdown but if it wants to keep on breaking down then i'm ready for like i said my next allotment at 684.50 so it's breaking down some

more i realize that it's a relatively far away right now but like i said the strategy requires you to uh get kind of some crazy entry points so we'll see if it can break down there or not all right i'm going to go ahead and pause now you already saw the idea so i'm not going to have this video dragged out as we wait for the price action super super excited i caught that on on video there glad we waited you saw exactly what i wanted to see happen but i will go ahead and pause for now watching 681 here in at 681.20 looking for the move down here to 680 and below ideally see if we can get that momentum if it gets down below 680 should move nicely that also may be a big if here took off 25 just because at this point not quite sure if it wants to go so i'm gonna reduce my exposure here risk-wise it's still may which is why i still have 25 shares but if it doesn't and there it ultimately did not a good break at all though still want to give us some chance there we go beautiful this is a tough one to get filled on maybe i can get more than 679 now this move is so overextended right now there we go i'll just take the 679. so another nice trade again clay why don't you go with bigger size just because this thing has been beat down so much that you got to think one of these bounces may actually be a legitimate bounce um but it could just be a breath before the next leg down and that was a breath before the next leg down so yes i get it in hindsight i definitely should have went full size or bigger size but had it gone against me i'd be sitting here saying i'm glad i only did you know the 50 shares because that kept my losses under control so but i guess this also goes show you not to trade a huge size i mean i'm just you know throwing an imi no margin account so i gotta what are you talking about clay you're trading tussle with even 50 shares yes but i'm using a margin account one thing i've learned in the comment section is i don't think a lot of people understand that margin what a margin counts are what leverages um because they just seem to think that i have like some sort of million dollar account which is not even close to being true uh so before and like i said i say this as somebody that wants you to learn but before you go and start to comment about well clay we don't know how massive accounts like you do i don't have a massive account i'm using margin and leverage so if you don't know what that is then um i offer youtube videos on my channel uh you know talking about what that is so just keep that in mind but there we go so now i'm up 260 i'll take it and let's see what else i can find i'm going to keep an eye on tesla but i feel like this thing's got some sort of bounce in it because this thing has gotten absolutely destroyed to the downside and um yeah pretty crazy but let's see what else i can find okay i'm watching 684 her in at 684.18. let's see if we can get the break down through there or are we going to get a bounce off this treadline i think we got a good chance of making it through that treadline let's see what it wants to do there's the break kind of well tried and then that tread lines holding us up the power of tread lines i suppose see if it wants to give it another go and what is that up there 686 okay now the question becomes do i want to maybe add to the position if it comes back down to uh 683.50 yeah you know i am going to add i'll add to a winner assuming it comes back down at 683.50

because that would be giving us a just beautiful five minute looking chart too but if this goes up over 686 i need to get out and we'll have a nice lesson here in trendlines and why you want to respect trendlines because technically speaking i didn't respect the trendline i thought it would break down through it and as of now it is not so at 684 i'm going to add in 25 more because that would be basically a treadline break but again i'm waiting for 684 sorry i'm not talking but i got to stay laser focused here cause i'm watching that 684 number what maybe it's gonna bounce off that trendline again maybe we're going to get a valuable lesson in treadlines here watching 684 like a hawk in at 684 nailed it perfectly but did i get suckered in is the question can it get the break of the treadline quite the battle here i might have to lighten the load here just because i don't know at this point there we go now can we get some real continuation here see it down below 683 all right i'll go with 25 shares then just because got the break and not only breaking the tread line a break up a very nice support and just not really doing anything now in my mind i should have had no problem at all getting down to 683 and below no if i'm sitting here saying it's got to get down to 680 within two seconds all right that's a little different but 683 yeah in my mind should have been able to do that much easier than what it has and it finally did go down so i'm glad i'm still hanging on some shares here but all right so all out there now for another trade so again i suppose i should have went bigger share size but to my credit a little bit at least i did um add in 25 more shares to bring my position size up to 75. uh but like i said it's just i'm shocked right now that tesla is once again rolling back over i mean i thought the i thought it had a chance but i mean really and it once again is um although like i said i think that the the weakness of this treadline break and that support break there was kind of illustrating that yeah i don't know how much strength the bears actually have left because even now uh this is again was not looking forward to drop down to 680 within a minute but i was i was certainly looking for it to pick up a little bit more downwards authority than what it's been displaying here uh but overall another winning trade so i'll take it i have an order in a buy 250 shares at 673.85 i think that any break of 676 is going to be a fake break and it may break and make a move to the downside but then i think it could potentially snap back up relatively quickly so there is the break but now it's just a question of can the price actually get down to me at 673.85 and was hoping for a much more violent break than what happened so needless to say not not the most inspired by that move so i'll go ahead and pause for now and we'll see if it can uh ultimately maybe try to come down a little further or not well i was right in the sense of that was going to be a total fake breakdown as you can see there broke down and now look at this thing right back up problem is and that's why trading is hard just because i was right that it would be a fake breakdown i was wrong in terms of actually implementing the trade plan in terms of my entry point so you know good example there of why trading is so hard well yeah you can be right about general ideas but you still got to be able to actually take those ideas quote unquote and implement them in a you know the real world of training where you actually get practical results which is where i was totally wrong so i never really i mean i i guess it got kind of close it got within about a dollar or so of my entry point but um not close enough to make it uh good enough and even if it got it within one penny still not good enough because i'm just sitting here watching what i thought would happen happen but i'm watching from the sidelines but it is what it is okay i have an order at 54.85 here on uber as this movement is getting pretty crazy to the downside to go long now i'd like more than 500 shares but 500 shares would allow me to get my feet wet but is it gonna bounce from there maybe it is going to bounce right off from that level and i'll be honest before i had the video going i had an order at 55.05 that

i cancelled and changed to 54.84 um so yeah in fact now that at baltimore i need to change this down a little bit more so 54.65 so i would have been totally fine there for a quick scalp so i confess i didn't trust my gut instincts and it would have been okay but let's try again here down at actually let's just do this at this point 5451. again i would like more than 500 shares but this would allow me to get or do i want to try to play a fake breakdown of that 54.50 yeah i do like that better let's go to 54.35 and i think i can get

more out of the the gain so looking for a fake break of the 5450 meaning breaking down through there ideally fill me at 54.35 then if it wants to snap back up quickly great if not if it wants to keep on moving down i'll look to add to the position because again ideally i'd like more than 500 shares but i'm not going to turn that down there's the break can i get filled there we go so in first 500 shares at 54.35 so looking like i'm going to be able to get some down here got those so just still a thousand shares nothing huge have an order get out there we go and all out there fantastic for 162 on that trade and heinz now i was gonna say in hindsight should i added some more down there but no my next ad should have been until at least 53.50 but i am still interested so i will gladly start the process all over again if this thing wants it to get down below uh 53.50

but i'm not quite sure if that's gonna happen or not uh but there we go so was able to build into the position i mean build i i added 500 more but like i said that was all pre-planned so that was not like me getting in and then saying oh crap okay i'm just going to randomly average down there is no randomness in in that at all so yes i averaged down but in my mind and i mean not in my mind there's a big difference between averaging down which is just you're randomly you you get into a position like oh i was wrong all right well let me just lower my cost basis no in this situation i started small because i knew that i'd like to get more than my original position size which is what happened here and yeah wow in hindsight i definitely uh shoulda coulda woulda but at that point you know you never quite sure um and as far as if this thing comes back down like i said i would be interested but at this point not looking like it's going to want to get down below 53.50 but uh overall nice little trade right there let's see what am i up now up 465. come at 52.75 here now in uber it totally rolled back over so this one's back in play but again i'm not interested unless i can get at 52.55 so i'll go ahead and pause for now because yeah we are over 30 minutes already so i mean if you're still here right now i mean thank you but let's see if we can get this thing down below 53. watching 54.85 here on uber want to see it get up here to at least 55 15 if i'm gonna take the trade so step one 55 15 then want to see it come back down which again to be fair maybe this is going to cost me missing out on a trade but that's just what i would like to see first happen so i want to see this candle go green a little bit or is it going to just leave me behind it's really not doing much of anything let's go over to lift real quick i like a short at 58 55 if it can get up to that level but that's still a ways to go all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause i'm gonna go ahead and get short here at uh 5524 looking for this thing to come down here a bit love the setup so let's see what it wants to do i thought it might go a little bit quicker than this but that's all right yeah 55 15ish definitely seems to be that key area the question is do i want to add if this thing comes back down because that would be looking pretty pretty at that point in time if it wants to come back down what is that low no that low 55 30.

so right now 55 30 is definitely going to be that new kind of key level that will need to be broken i want to make sure that i'm not getting stuck in some sort of sideways grind fest right now again 55 30 definitely that new key stubborn level can it break down through 55 30. that's the big question now i don't know such a tight little range here on this what is that low 55.35 if this goes over 55 50 and then comes back down to 55 35 i will add okay let's see if it wants to come back down to 55 35 now watching 5535 very closely here what does it want to do well maybe this is a legitimate breakout here i was thinking and hoping that would want to roll back over from this area and it still might but not totally encouraging right now but again still watching 55-35 but at this point i might just get myself itself into a little grind fest here maybe getting some movement to the downside been watching 5535 but 55 40 if you remember right was that stubborn area beforehand so we'll see if the price can actually break down below it or not goodness this thing is so hot where are we at the video well almost a 40 minute video right now i don't know i'm almost wondering should i just pause this i suppose if you're still here right now then you want to watch all this action but yeah i did definitely did not expect this to be such a slow mover all right all out there taking the loss on that one i'm not gonna deal with this thing anymore um and it may still come back down maybe it comes down right here am i gonna look like the fool 55 let's see i don't know such a slow little grinder here even if it comes down and test that treadline let's fit your hands yep not worth it i'm gonna go ahead and pause quick little rest of the story there it did roll over so i would have been okay but that's all hindsight because even before so at one point you got to keep in mind it looked like this was basically breaking out there and yeah i know i could have moved my stop-loss up and up and up but at some point you just gotta admit that this thing might really be getting ready to turn around but nope it rolled back over but such is the life of trading so if you've ever been there before where you're in a trade and then you you know you are disciplined you cut the loss you manage risk and then it goes in your favor hey i i've had it happen many times too that's just part of the game well i'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up and if seriously if you're still here right now 40 minutes later uh i thank you very much as far as i'm concerned we are like truly officially friends now and i don't even know how many trades i captured i feel like this was like seven or eight trades but a whole bunch of trades this may be a record actually for not only longest video but most trades captured in a single video uh but before i do go one request on my part because these are live videos i am doing a lot i am thinking for myself i'm thinking about what i want to say to you i am thinking about alerts that i want to make in the the chat room so there's a lot going on and while these videos are not impossible they are difficult to do but it's always just from strictly a time management standpoint i want to make sure that they are worth my time and if they are with my time then you can communicate that to me by doing two things hitting that like button and leaving a simple comment even if it's just maybe like a clock emoji does that even exist since this was such a long video uh but commenting with even an emoji and then hitting that like button those two things communicate to me that these videos are worth it um and you know as long as i know that this is worth my time i will continue to put together these live trade videos so thank you so seriously thank you so much for hanging out with me for so long um like i said as far as i'm concerned we are officially friends i really appreciate you coming on this journey with me and yeah i'm not gonna lie really wish i had gotten up over 500 which is you know sort of my goal but sometimes that doesn't happen i was close and then uber got me and i gave back some of those gains but uh you know it happens and it is what it is but everybody thank you take care and thank you for hanging out with me for this long friend first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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