[LIVE] Day Trading | I Made $460 in 18 Minutes (Here's How)

[LIVE] Day Trading | I Made $460 in 18 Minutes (Here's How)

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good morning just clay at claytrader.com this will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in less than one minute real quick what do i mean by live in case you're new to these videos what i mean is that this is not a situation where everything has been recorded and now i'm coming back and talking about it or doing a voice over post commentary nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing all the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts or emotions raw reactions you will get that with this video if you want a nicely edited video nicely scripted video you will not get that with this video but if you want a nitty-gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading can play out then you will get that with the video here so right now i think i'm going to be going back between tesla which right there if you're not familiar on my screen and then mrna um and gonna keep an eye on both those out of the opening gate so uh let's actually check out what's mrna doing here um i think i like tesla better right now so like i said market opens up here actually just opened up so let's see what this first minute here wants to do on tesla 570 definitely going to be a key level so i'd like to see the price bounce up from 570 and then maybe come back down but i don't want to take it on this candle nice bounce from 570. a retest could be the flush so right here is what i'm just if you're not familiar i do offer a community at the the chat room so we talked about 570 as that flush point out of the opening gates we literally just watched it bounce off 570 so that's why i noted nice bounce from 570. a retest

could be the flush meaning let's see if the price wants to re-test go back down there to the 570 mark because if it does again not on this candle though i want it to be on the next candle don't stab oh you got to be kidding me look at that oh right oh man oh like i said that candle broke down through it and i was saying i don't want to see it on this candle and literally it broke down through it within seconds of the new candle forming ah i mean i'm glad i caught that on video in a sick and twisted way just because that's a nice little example of how the markets can go but yeah that was a bit frustrating but uh the good news is the market's only been open for basically a minute so other opportunity out there would have been a nice little scalp all right mrna looking interesting there we go 150 150. i'm gonna get that alerted here mrna 150 150 flush point one minute again i don't want to take it on this particular candle there we go let's see nope it's going to say well i like to just seen a little small little bounce off at first but i get maybe i'm just being oh look at it go well right there you can see mrna 150 150 flush point flush meaning down and if you're wondering why clay why do you care about prices going down well that is what is known as going short and yes you can make money when prices go down bizarre the first time you hear it but possible okay wow look at this 575 i like as a flush point now tesla new flush point 575 one minute although it looks like 584 excuse me 575 is not going to be coming into play at all but it looks like tesla will be the play here to watch what is that 582 i'd like to see it move a little bit more up first nope not gonna not gonna behave as of now so maybe 581 and come on get back up all right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause now not getting any setups that i can really act on as of now and ah their mrna still just dropping what's going on with nio that looks pretty interesting all right what is that 4315 nioh 4315 flush point one minute yeah that's an interesting area tesla okay tesla looking like we have a new little potential area here yeah what is that 5 80. let me get that up tesla update 580 and i missed it all right i am missing everything including mrna which has been yeah oh look at that that right there is where it was alerted and it's continued to go down which again going short that would be a good situation you would want to see the price going down like that all right well not really much to work there tesla it's hanging up around here still curious about that 580 area there we go maybe even some sort of what is that high just to make sure 5 83.50 maybe even a fake break of 583.50

i would like to see it get up over 585 though first 583. i said i'd like to see some sort of breakout here where people are thinking this is some sort of great breakout but then to see that breakout fail but for me that would have to be getting up over 585 which is knocking on the door there we go up over 585 good it's just i'm not getting setups that i want nioh there we go what is that 43 in there at 43 36 on the short side see if we can get a bit of a more of a pullback here i'd like to see it down below 4320 at least but it is holding strong a little stronger than what i would want to see it act here still want to give it a chance oh look at that see again took out some just to lighten the load here just because i don't know if i'm actually going to get the move or not and i'm kind of getting it now so i'm glad i held on to some shares took out another 100 there and 53 bucks i well i thought it'd be more of a violent pullback uh so i was right that i wanted to pull back i was wrong in the amount that it would pull back 585 that actually looks like a pretty interesting upside break point now tesla 585 upside break point one minute i'm not going to go long on it but i i think that i think that's a very valid set up there there we go nice members there you go members get up at least 590 form granite's already moved three dollars so to be something nice about a five dollar move though so let's see if that thing can get up to but again i'm wondering if that's a fake breakout now so 585 would be an interesting area to watch like you said this might be a true breakout if it is and that's why confirmation is important and as of right now it's looking like it's true breakout all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause so there we go nine minutes in up fifty dollars and very nice for those members was talking about would like to see it get up to 590 it is at 590 now so there we go nice five dollar move from that break point um so for any of you members that watch these videos and took that trade uh congratulations well done all right mrna 152 25 flush point one minute so very curious oh wow look at that spike there's there's the mrna that i'm used to huge spike to the upside there alrighty then well looking like 152 25 will not be coming into play and uh as i'm watching tesla on another screen i'll just bring it over check that out great job members now up over just basically hit 5.95 so congratulations again for those members that actually took it very curious about mrna though here and then that just right now this is a perfect example what's going up and then just like that look red candle there's just nothing you can do there if you're looking for some sort of leading indicator leading movement to you know try to get a short position that's just something that goes green green green and then red there's just nothing there and that's what a lot has been occurring this morning it seems like what's pltr oh well that one's get not alerted a good example of why you want to use your stop loss if you're going short because if not you'd be getting grinded to pieces right now and as an fyi and nioh i mean i'm not i'm not patting myself on the background i'm just saying that i i was i was right to think that it would break down i was wrong to think that it would break down further but i was also right to just get out because things weren't acting right because now look at it i mean this is the area where i was just saying you know what something's not quite right i want to get out and now that's why it wasn't quite right because up it goes so definitely glad i got it where it did uh it did not be hit like i said it just wasn't behaving like i thought it potentially should and could okay well maybe tesla's coming back into play here 592 50.

let me get that 592.50 flush point one minute or again is this uh a start of a bigger break but 592 50 is what i'm interested in here well no longer interested in that maybe 593.50 if this thing wants to get up above 596. nope what's that area 592.

yeah well right around that 592.50 or it's it's hanging in there i want to see what this candle does though i'm not willing to take the short on this candle yeah left me behind you know it's just it's not meeting my criteria and i i'm well aware that at this clay you're being why are you being so nitpicky why are that's just that's just my system that's just my strategy and sometimes it'll save me other times it will uh it'll cause me to miss out on opportunities but i mean that's just how you know when i'm looking to do what i need to see what fits my personal risk tolerance and if like i said if members took that i'm not saying that was a you know to get short already at 592.50 you know was bad at all i'm just saying that it didn't quite fit what i wanted to see all right i'll pause now i'm thinking that the spy is about to roll over here and if the spi spy the overall markets rolls over then curious if that's going to start to drag tesla with it right now it's not but spy five minute now is looking very very shaky so what i would love to see is for this thing to come up there hit that purple line maybe get a little bit above it and then come back down 595 being the area i would be curious in yeah get up above 598 a little bit more there we go yeah just poke your head up right around there now let's see it come back down 5.95 like i said maybe this is truly just legitimate strength okay there we go pulling back in there at 596.28 i think this thing wants to at least revisit 5.95 there we go

got some out at 5.95 would like to see a push below 5.95 though or is this thing just going to skyrocket right back up see if it wants to make its way back down there we go can it get down below 5.95

took out another 100 there just because i'm not quite sure this thing wants to get down below 5.95 now so that's why i lightened the position load but still giving it a chance which is why so there we go there we go there we go here we go took out another 25 there now let's see if this thing wants to get moving to the downside there we go and all out there for 407 yes i know i'll i'll save you the comment i'll save your fingers clay you should have just held a little bit longer i you're right i should have but like i said these are truly live videos i didn't know what was happening and i gave 5.95 plenty of opportunity to fail it didn't fail and because of that i decided to lighten up my load just a little bit because just in case just in case this thing decided to turn itself around i mean there's a there's a decent uptrend here now there's plenty of reasons to be bearish and those are the things i teach in the class and all that but the pointer being is you got to give things a chance you got to give things a couple of chances you got to give things a few chances and i did all that and it wasn't quite going so at that point that is why i lightened the load but the one thing i did do right is i still hung out of those 100 shares and those 100 shares ultimately did give me you know the opportunity to get out uh you know lower in fact the last 25 were down there below 593. uh so overall though very happy with it and yes in hindsight judging myself could have made a lot more had i just held had i not you know hopped out of those you know first shares where i did but again that is the game of uh always judging your sight and hind judging yourself in hindsight uh but i am happy with that we are 18 minutes into the day and um yeah i'm not sure of many places in the world where you can make 460 dollars in 18 minutes i mean i'm not a greedy savage i'm more than happy with that now although i missed several of the alerts i made earlier on in the day as you saw they were still really good alerts for members tesla both from the short side and then the long side there in fact that one long that was about a 10 10 move uh but regardless if you want to get the alerts if you want to trade alongside me and other quality traders then you can just do that there by going to claytrader.com forward slash team i

mean you saw how it worked you saw the things play out real time you saw me making the alerts real time you saw me missing my own alerts in real time but members had the chance to get in on those and make some good money so if you want to do that just claytrader.com forward slash team and you know we'll i always like to use this model 99 for three months not per month but for three months which breaks down to eight dollars and 25 cents per day or excuse me per week not per day per week so it's really just a question of you know if i invest in 99 do i believe i can get at least eight dollars and 25 cents per week of value if you think you can get at least dollars and 25 cents per week of value then you will definitely get a good return on your investment and then as far as this video is concerned these live trade videos are not easy to make i have to talk to you i have to think for myself i have to think what i'm going to say to you i have to think what i'm going to alert to members i have to trade for myself i have to enter in my own alerts i have to type to members and there's a lot going on totally doable totally doable but it does cause me to miss some things every now and then but it's doable as long as i know it's worth my time so if you enjoy these videos please let me know it's worth my time and you can do that very easily hit that like button and leave a simple comment thanks thumbs up emoji smiley face emoji something as simple as that hit the like button leave a basic comment even if it's just an emoji and that is totally fine that'll communicate to me that you do enjoy these live trade videos and i'll keep doing them because they're doable but i just want to make sure that there's interest out there for them and then also check out the channel as a whole lots of variety of videos lots more live trade videos so hopefully you like what you know you see enough to hit that subscribe button but like i said if you want to trade alongside me other traders go to claytrader.com forward slash team i would love to have you first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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