[LIVE] Day Trading | I'm Rich! (clickbait warning...)

[LIVE] Day Trading | I'm Rich! (clickbait warning...)

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good morning it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live uh market opens up here in about eight minutes uh real quick for those of you that are new uh what do i mean when i say live i just mean that this is not a situation where everything has already been recorded and now i'm coming back and doing a recap or some sort of post commentary voice over nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing the information for the very first time if you're so if you're looking for just raw thoughts raw reactions uh you know raw thought process all that you will get that here if you want a nicely edited video nicely scripted video just to respect your time you will not find that here but if you just kind of want a nitty-gritty dirty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading can play out then you will find that here with the video so there seems to be several good choices out there i think i'm going to watch tesla out of the opening gates uh so my screen right there you can see tsla but i say think because again these are live so i don't know what's going to happen something could pop up from now until the open uh and pull my attention away but that's the plan as of now so i'm gonna go ahead and pause the video and i'll be back at the open well and just like that now i'm not quite sure what i want to watch coming out of the opening gates uh this fellow member here which is a good example of why i would encourage you to join any sort of community sure mine or anybody else's uh there is benefit but yeah if you're not familiar i do offer community and right here gmac here just alerted mrna and yeah mrna has quite the movement already let me bring down the pre-market chart actually you can see all of a sudden volume came in and shame on me i'm not sure how but i did i didn't see that at all but thanks to the chat room alert now i'm considering mrna so either tesla or mrna now they seem to be the two main ones that i i'll have to figure out which ones i want to watch uh close uh closest but yeah that's the current plan i will be watching spc out of the opening gates with a very close eye on mrna um tesla i've kind of lost interest in now but spce let's see what this one wants to do here and if you do hair typing you're not crazy that's just me again making alerts to the chat room here so b-y-n-d um alright it looks kind of interesting too maybe well spce not are my charts even is this working are my level twos working what in the world or is this just that choppy hmm yeah i don't know if this is just the stock or if this is let's let's look at something else and okay here we go okay no that must have just been spce being very very choppy yeah 35 yeah i'm not quite sure what to think of this that's yeah well okay there's a big net in balance out there tesla low actually is now looking interesting for a potential long sided perspective up there around still very choppy though b y and d though wow nope there goes that there it goes okay now it's coming to life here kind of i'm not quite sure what to think of this one all right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause for now all right spce now seems to be moving with some actual fluidity here uh so there's some net imbalances there out of the opening gates interested at 36.50 although at this point that seems like it might be uh a thing of the past would like to get up over 38 and then i'd be interested at 37.25 but step one of that process has got to be it's got to get up above 38. there we go get up to 38. even a

rejection at 38 would still be good 37.25 entry point from the short side in fact let me get that update 37.25 flush point one minute so i'm watching 37.25 very closely here

i'm know tesla's rolling back over 690 nah well what i i made the comment about seem to be so many choices out there and as of right now nothing's quite cooperating but good news is it's only five minutes in the day i don't want to take it on this candle not anymore i'm not interested on taking it on this particular candle and there it goes so that's right that happens okay i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right well 37 25 like i said i couldn't take it on that candle that's exactly why because i was a little worried that it might you know bounce back up like this but now if it wants to come back again i would be interested at 37.25 because that would apply another failure of this current green candle here so 37.25 now definitely does look interesting here if it can get back to that area so watching it closely but to be fair maybe this is the start of a bigger move and as of right now there there we go so that is exactly why i did not want to take it on that candle because all of a sudden that would have been a losing trade would have been stopped out there so sometimes when you wait for confirmation it'll cost you and you'll miss the trade in this situation i did not miss the trade it prevented me from getting in uh and not having to lose trade all right well look at cciv here all right oh and there's not even sheriff's short anymore so never mind never mind on that one tesla tesla tesla are you trying to sucker me in 692. interesting area

692. donna yeah so if i go 692 and i'm wrong it's six that's 200 loss i mean which i can i could deal with so i'm just trying to figure out on tesla or if i'm wrong what is that 6.95 up there six seven yeah i mean five two fifths i mean even that i i could live with that 695 690 yeah i don't know it's it's a strong move up i'm almost feeling like you know are these actual good trade plans or these are these just me trying to force a trade because now i'm thinking i have the youtube boy showing up saying clay man the video has been going for let's see eight minutes eight minutes clay you haven't even made a trade yet so i gotta be very careful of the youtube voice it's very real because i have no problem sitting here saying i want to make a cool video like i don't want to post this video and be like hey there's no trades and because you know i hit the record button so i will post it um but i i have no problem admitting that i i really prefer not to post uh a live trade video where there's no trades but like i said okay we're getting all right here we go i like this 697 stopover yes 6.97 stop over 700 if it can come back down to 697. so risking about 150 if i'm wrong like i said need to get some sort of confirmation first because like maybe this is a truly strong move so in there at 6 97 14 let's see if we can get this down to at least 6.94

i mean i got somewhat of a move in my favor but you know compared to what i was risking uh it's just not quite what i would need to do oh well then there's the loss 167 dollars so in hindsight yeah i should have locked that in because it went my favor but it just didn't go in my favor enough for you know what i was risking uh but so i just didn't quite work out well there we go and that was i feel great about that trade that was perfectly fine trade nice defined stop loss uh like i said it did come down just didn't come down quite enough uh so it is what it is oh gme making a move here all right well starting off the day down 167. well full disclosure's sake welcome to the world of timing um i was right my overall idea was right i mean look at tesla now it's come back down problem was just because you're right in a general sense you got to still get the timing right and i didn't have the timing right i got in it started to spike i mean at that point yeah i mean for all i knew at that point i could have kept you know ripping upwards in tesla fashion but yeah so in hindsight i can say well if i would have held i would have been okay uh but you always got to remember the other side of that equation if i would have held and it would have kept going you know i could be in a very painful spot holy smokes all right let's uh all right 60 let's see let me get this alerted first we'll see if it can come back would be interested up over 63. but yeah that tesla trade annoying annoying to get out and then see it come back in my favor but that is that's just how things go 160 what is that on mrna yeah 150 950. all right i will go ahead

and pause all right trying to get short here at 38.25 and i missed it here on spce and there it goes without me well abn b let's see what this one's doing here okay and there are shares to short yeah a little too choppy for me volume wise and tesla's still doing its thing bynd mrna to go full circle back to this and at 154 kind of was that point uh yeah that's a little too overextended right now okay never mind all right watching 45 35 here as a potential entry point in fact the 4550 is broken how did i not get filled there all right well oh wow now cciv totally the opposite direction but as i said earlier i'm not able to short so not much i can do with that one well just not my morning for those of you that watch uh and have watched videos sometimes i'm posting videos you know 500 bucks in nine minutes you know a thousand bucks in 15 minutes a thousand bucks in 20 minutes here we have uh it's been 21 minutes and i'm i'm down 167 and can't seem to quite do anything right right now um so yeah full disclosure's sake for the transparencies transparency sake these sorts of mornings happen too and look at tesla go played me like a fiddle and it just keeps on moving and 680 is a super interesting area but you just can't take it right now in fact you know what i'm going to do is i think that's getting way too overextended so i'm gonna try to build a position here if it looks like it wants to get down through 680 on the long side now because you just can't go short right now that's it's too sketchy but yeah if this thing wants to pull back some more be interested i'm gonna go for 50 shares here at 678. i would like more than 50. but that would at least get me uh into the trade get my feet wet so i want to see a break of 680 and then a fast fast movement down so approaching 680 at 680 and then bounced that's why i said you know you can't take that you can't take that trade short at that time at 680 because now that you'd be you'd be feeling some pain there but let's see how far this bounces 680 ah the five minute that was just so overextended yeah let's see if it wants uh get a little bit more overextended into my favor here is that bynd that's actually super interesting area by right here at 146 holy smokes in there at 145.87

if this thing goes it should go very very nicely let me get that alert in the chat room b-y-n-d 146 flush point one minute definitely a spready stock so you gotta give them a little bit of wiggle room so let's see if we can get that break of 146. should really send it well apparently it's the 145.80 mark hmm i really thought that would get it going come on just break down well i'm thinking if 145.50 goes that'll be the the true point that sets off the stop losses and gets this thing moving so we're close to 145.50 and back up it goes come on just break down well it is a total waiting game right now does this thing actually want to break down all right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause i'm not gonna make you sit here through this almost non-action here so like i said i will pause for now and if it looks like something actually is going to play out then i'll get the video rolling all right it's starting to move here still got to get down to 145.50 though like i said if that if i think that that's the level where i think if it's broken it should finally go there we go got it come on just get down to 145.

all right so i have 100 shares left just because i don't know what this thing is doing i don't know if it wants to break down or not i could be wrong maybe it but i mean this uh you've seen me in fact i'm gonna go with 50 shares now just because i don't really have any confidence left in this thing i thought for sure this thing would be flushing and flushing and flushing and it there we go so it's starting to move now but again one of those situations where and even now i just i i thought this thing would really just get moving i would love to see down below 144 which feels like it should be possible now so trying for another 25 out at 144 all right well i'm all out there for 172 dollars not what i was hoping for um but i mean and what i'm basing that and let me say this i'm i was not expecting this thing to move 15 or 10 dollars whatever that move was but i mean this thing has shown the ability to get moving and get moving very very quickly and given just how stubborn that level was and it's still going but just not nearly as as eventful as i thought it would be so um well look at that i'm up five dollars on the day and it's also ten o'clock and that's uh the 30 minute time frame is you know when i really try to be done by and i may wrap it up here but i'll look around see if there's maybe another trade uh to see if i can maybe add a little bit more to it but yeah all right well i'm i'm green five dollars well i'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up i'll i'll take my five dollars and uh and move on with my day so um yep good um good from a transparency perspective because i get it i know a lot of times you can go down the playlist and be like geez clay is all you do is like make hundreds of dollars and hundreds of dollars in small amounts of time nope nope that's definitely not how it goes sometimes you'll have uh mornings like this and it is what it is so i like i said i'm gonna wrap things up and just move on uh with my day if you do enjoy these videos though real quick a bit of community communication that goes a long way because these aren't the easiest videos to make since they are truly live i am having to talk to you i have to think about what i want to say to you i have to think about my own trades i have to execute my trades i'd think about alerts in the chat room i have to make those alerts in the chat room so there's a lot going on but i've been doing these for years so they are possible but they're annoying and but i will put up with the annoyance i will put up with the hassle as long as i know that there's interest so if you do enjoy these videos if you find them helpful then two things you can do to communicate that to me hit the like button leave a simple comment the comment could be a thumbs up emoji something as basic as that does go a long way in communicating that these are worth the hassle for me to do and as long as i know that there's people interested in them then i have no problem doing them because they are totally possible even if they are a bit of a hassle but um so like i said those two things go a long way but overall if there's one learning lesson i hope it's just that it can kind of wake you up from the social media days that sometimes you can get in when you cruise around social media and it becomes very easy to just sit there and think wow all all day traders do is make money no sometimes you're gonna have mornings like this where you uh i basically i'm making below minimum wage right now i mean uh so i've made five dollars with commissions not even that uh so it is what it is but everybody take care and uh yeah go out there manage risk and just realize that sometimes mornings like this happen first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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