[LIVE] Day Trading | I Lost $900 on a Stock Trade (what happened next?!?!)

[LIVE] Day Trading | I Lost $900 on a Stock Trade (what happened next?!?!)

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Good. Morning as clay at clay charter comm this will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they play out live little, context here marc has been open 27, minutes and I. Was, kind of right to think and I'm not gonna make a video today there doesn't seem to be that much moving, likes, it kind of right kind. Of wrong though I had a mistake here on Roku thought I was doing. 300. Shares on that order ended, up only being 100, things got flipped around and that's. Fine so I mean that should have been a much bigger than. $18. But I guess. More of the story there is make sure you always double-check your position size and then, it seemed like all sudden things, are picking up. Primary. Example right now lol m and D I mean look at this move big move here and then, other setups. Are taking place on the market that you. Know I think might be worth actually, getting a video made. On and. I have no problem admitting at all that usually, I do videos on days where I think there's a high chance that, I'm. Gonna have tradable, opportunities not, necessarily make money cuz if you're familiar with the channel then you know I've posted plenty of live trader videos where I lose money but yeah I'm I'm not gonna hit the record button if things just look pretty boring out there and. They did kind of this morning again I got that one wrong. To. An extent cuz I did have some trades and they were there, okay of trades even had I gotten all with 300 shares on Roku as I don't want to come across like that would have been some sort of life-changing. Trade, Blake. Said now all of a sudden things have picked up right around 10 a.m. which is not. Really the norm and I thought well you know what why don't I just kind of do a little video here and maybe there can be the learning Lots not just because maybe the first 30 minutes or the first part of your trading starts off slow. This. Is ridiculous, though I, want. To buy I really do but you can't buy this right now that is totally, chasing. Completely. Chasing I'm sitting here stalling, talking.

Waiting, For this to try to pull back and it just does. Not want to pull back now, I, cannot short this you. Can see that over here at the 100%. Just. Shows that well first off that takes up more buying power but it's also there's no green he over there so, I can't short it but all right well I've blabbered on long enough. So and. Try. To stall to see if this thing would want to pull back but, if it does then. I'll get a video rollin but I am interested in going along this one you just can't go along on it right now it's just just too overextended. I'm. Interested, in potentially shorting PDT here, at 9450, but I need. To see this candle here move up some and then come back down so. I'm not interested if from this point here it just goes down I'm. Not, willing to take that trade I need a little bit more confirmation so. I want to see this, candle go green a little bit and then come back down and in. That situation I. Think. That's a very very, interesting setup there so, I want to see it go up don't want to see a violate 9550. No. No no go back up I. Just. Can't take that trade now it's got to go back up here a little bit. Well. That movement down there just made 9450. All the more interesting. Well. Sby what's, going on there what a nasty candle, I. Said. Let's see if this thing wants to come up a little bit. So. I'm glad I didn't hit the bid right there because I'd be. Alright. Now wondering if this thing is actually about to bounce here but that's the current plan so we won't watch every little motion. Of it but you get the idea. Want, to see this come up a little bit don't want to see a violate 9550, but any sort of green candle and does have it come. Back down would be great, well. It's doing battle at 90 450, so, I figured we can at least get it rolling here to see. It's. Gonna leave me behind. Yeah. I just can't take it well there's the break I. Said. I'm just not convinced, right now that that was actually gonna be a true. Sort of break but. Yeah. I might have just, might. Be leaving my Mountain me behind I just think I didn't get the setup that I would, feel comfortable with it didn't, behave in, the. Way that I wanted it to and yeah now it's starting to push to the downside yep. I would've been up 25 cents already 30. Cents now. Well. That's disappointing but, I guess the little learning lesson there is I mean, it doesn't fit what you want to see from, your you know strategy and criteria, level, then. That doesn't mean that you. Made a bad trade it just didn't, fit my comfort level there and now, ya be up about 50 cents on the thing well it, is what it is disappointing but you got to just move on from them s.

Q Is crazy, and I. Missed that one this morning from, the chat room here you can see that. Talked. About. 118. 75, being that upside break point and that. Upside break point of 118, 75 represented, here by the gun and the green line down here got. Distracted by that one I went and traded D and quick. Just learning lesson there sometimes that'll happen you'll, have several stocks and now. And I was right right I mean with D I chose, to watch it I chose to trade it and I made money on it so it's not like I was wrong and I did something stupid I just didn't, quite exactly, choose, the right stock to be watching now let me clarify, am I saying that I would have traded this perfectly, and I would still be holding 10,000, shares that's, not what I'm saying I'm just saying that yeah an hindsight here that was alerted, to members, to everybody I was watching it but you, know I just didn't decide to put my full attention on it and now, it's kind of left me behind but this thing is getting just so, overextended. What's. That low. 126. 65. So, if this thing looks like it might want to break down through the 1:26, sixtyish. Area I'm gonna get in right now I, think. This thing has just gone up too, far. Too. Fast. And. I could be wrong here, like. I said I I. Like. The chances that this thing needs to now, when I say too far too fast I don't mean so, therefore this thing is gonna pull back to, 120. I'm not saying that but I think. This thing wants to have some sort of pullback here. I'm. This move has been absolutely. Crazy. So, much so that I would be interested in adding some shares to. What. Is that 1:26. I'm. Still right at that area. Well. Now. It's pulling back here a little bit I. Said. Still may look to add some more if, it looks like it wants to move back down there again. You. Know I'm gonna add some more right up there so now I have 700, shares average. Of 120 685. Like. I said let's see if this thing wants to pull back here or some and this, thing is getting very very top-heavy. So, let's see if we can get a move I like this candle that's formed. Let's. See if we can get it down into the 126, 50 range. So, if 1:26, let's just call it sixty fails I think. This thing should, take. A little bit of a deeper pullback. Can, it break though. It's, trying. That, might have been it failed.

We'll. See we have that area confirmed, definitely now it's. A very strong area. We'll. See if it wants to go back down there and revisit. So, now it's just a waiting game. Does. This thing want to pull back some more or is this just beast move going to continue. Let's. See if it wants to pull back again and give that area another try. If. It does come back down I'm considering, adding to. The position as that would imply, that this movement right now is another fail move to the upside. Well. This. Goes up over 128, I will have to be out. Trying. To give it some wiggle room to see if this thing wants to roll over. But. At this point looking like I, might. Be wrong. So. All out there I was wrong it is what it is I still. Like it though, not. Revenge trading but. It looks like it wants to get down through 120, 775. I would be interested. So. Let's see if it wants to break down there or not okay. In there at 127, 81. And, let's see if this thing wants to finally show and act human a little bit. First. Area I would be interested in is at. 12750, ish area. So. There we go got the break of 12750. Let's. See if we can get some more movement to the downside. It's, trying. So. Took out 200 shares, still, have 500 left. Really. Want to see if this thing can get down through 127. Now. See, if it wants to give another try. There. We go down below 127. So. Took out another. 200. Shares so. Still have 300 left so. Still. Like I said 300, shares left. We'll, see if it can make its way down to the 126. 50 ish area. But. 126, 60 if you remember earlier that was the point that presented a problem the first time. But. Maybe this will finally be the time where it goes. There, we go can we get some more follow through not sure so I'm just going to take off another hundred there because that like said did present a problem. Previously. So, have 100, chores left now. And. We'll see if this thing wants to come back down, let's, go 250 shares just in case this thing once they keep on plunging, we, got 126. That's. 60-ish area we got the break but it's. A very very mild break of it but we'll see if it wants to maybe try again. And. It is trying again. Can. It get a true break this time. There. We go it's trying. Stubborn. Stubborn stubborn. In hindsight. Clay, why did you ever stop out I know asked myself the same thing that's the problem with managing, rust sometimes, sometimes. You stop out and then it eventually goes into your favor, not. The first time it's happened won't be the last time but, you know what this. Thing could have kept grinding and grinding and grinding and, then before you know it, my. Loss could, have been so. Much bigger than what it actually was. I'm. About to just pull out another 25 or yeah. 50 share or Sarat just because. This. Thing does not. Seem. Like it wants to pull back that much more I'm, trying to give it some wiggle room though, see. If it wants to get down through 126. But, I could see this being some sort of bottom hair so. Now just fifty shares left. And. I think this thing actually does want to bounce so I'm just gonna hop out there so. Nice. Trade. Unfortunate. Like I said I'm still red on the day by two hundred seven dollars but, you. Know that's a very manageable whole and the, big learning lesson there, is like. Said yeah I was, stopped out and I've done plenty of videos on this in the past if you've watched, my channel but. Yes the hind side voices clay you should have never got you know you should have never stopped out. But. Would, you be asked me that had this thing kept on grinding, grinding grinding no, of course not you'd be say wow clay that was good discipline there buddy wait, a Mont manage that loss made it way to manage your risk but. To my credit I still. Recognize that it seemed like it did want to start to go on my favorite it did go on my favor. And. Yeah. So was able to bring, - I don't even know what that gain actually was but all I know is I'm down about 207, now on the day which, again from can, i you know climb out of this whole perspective that's more than manageable. Alright. Looking to potentially short be, a here with the break of 18350. If. It looks like it wants to get down to that area so. Watching that very closely here. And. 18350. And. Somewhat, close. So. In there at 183. 59. There. Is the break of 18350. Can, we get some downside, follow-through. Though is the question. And. Right now it's kind of looking weak. Looking. Very weak indeed I mean I don't wanna give up on it quite yet but I. Thought. It'd be a little bit more of a. Ambitious. Move to the downside. Which, is just not happening. Trying, to be patient here with it but. My. Opinion it should have happened a little bit faster than what it did. All. Right so have 100, shares left just, in case I am wrong but I gave. It time to work and it, was not behaving in, the way that I wanted to see it behave.

Maybe. It'll finally go but like I said as of right now. It. Really seemed like it did not want to play ball I. Know. It's moving down here a little bit. And, see if it wants to get down, 183. It definitely be a very important break first. Off of course it's even just got to get down there, but. We'll see if it can even break down through it. All, right well now just 50 shares left just because like, I said I I. Don't. Think this thing really wants to, play. Ball as much as I thought it did at first. So. I'll just take a very, modest win know. Maybe it'll still roll over, but. As of right now. It. Just doesn't seem like. It. Wanted to play ball and. It. Still doesn't as it, bounces now but like I said I don't want to quite, get shake choking, out if. This does go above 180 375, though I'm out. So. I'm watching 75, very closely here. All, right all out there so, a. Profitable. Trade still yes but, not. Not. Nearly as much as I thought it could have been really. I'm still interested if it wants to come back to that 183, mark, more. So 183. 15. Ish because that was a level that was really presenting the problems, but as of, now I'm. Happy with the way I plays to play that one actually well. As it comes down here to. Potentially. Like I said 180 ya 180 315. We'll. See if it wants to ultimately, come back to that area especially if the market looks like it. Wants to roll over a little bit here. But. It can't break on this can there we go perfect new candle. Let's, see what this went well over 20 minutes that's okay. Again. 183. 15 is what I'm curious about. So. We'll see if it can get down through there. All, right we'll all go ahead and pause, alright. Gonna get short here at 183 15 just. One hundred shares because I feel like this one could really go either way. So. I'm mitigating, that risk by just doing 100 shares. And, as of right now. Unknown. Potentially. May look to add to the position if it comes back down to 183 14, because. Again that would imply that this little bounce here was a failed bounce and. When. You're short failed bounces, are a good thing. Or. Else I'm just putting myself into a chop fuss right now where this thing is just gonna go sideways forever, before it finally makes a decision which from a time perspective. I'm. Not a big fan of that I. Mean. It's definitely an interesting setup though if it can get down through that 180 315 mark. So, it's down there again. And. Once again is held strong. Even. If it gets down through 183. That, key area is still gonna be right around 180. 290, ish so a. While. 180 315, just. Strong. And, the markets kind. Of giving a green candle right now so that's not going to help out the situation. Granite. Boeing is weak relative to the overall markets which is why I'm still bearish on it. All. Right I'm gonna pause all. Right I'm gonna do here is get short 400 more shares so I'm not actually at a full. 500 share position. Because. I think this thing wants to potentially, make a move down through the 183. Mark now. So. Let's see if it can. Well, it did and, I was too slow to pull, off some of my shares mm-hmm. So. There we go took off 200, now I have 300, left. Wow. What a week break. So. I have 200 shares left. 100. Shares left yeah. Not, quite sure if I if. I got it wrong and. This. Does continue down that's great I'm glad I still have the hundred shares share it but as of now. With. The history of things I really thought that that break was, gonna. Create a cascade effect. And. I didn't get that at all. 182. 67. Gonna be a very very important level if you, can break down through there. And. Yeah maybe a boy will play ball but right now. Just. Didn't quite behave the way I wanted, to see it but hey even thought it would behave we. Have that pink line there that's. What it's got to break down through the power of charts what a coincidence, right where this current move stopped going down now is it gonna for.

Sure Stop going down there no not at all but. A good little example there of, charts. But there's a lot of people watching that pink line which on my chart represents the 200 period and if that fails, you. Know there's some stop losses hiding below there so you should get a, responsible. Movement, to the downside if the price can break down through that pink line but, you would expect that pink line to act as support. So. Right there bouncing, right off that level again, the power of charts. So. From my perspective annoying, right cuz I want I want to see the price go down but you know there's some long sitting there that are saying. The exact opposite thing alright good I'm, glad to see that level held as support I. Mean. I want to see it fail because I want those Long's to freak out and sell. Which is going to help me out. But. As of now looking, like it might get a bounce from that area. So. Just fifty shares left I'm gonna exit the position here so again yeah it went my favor a little bit but. Just didn't quite behave. Who. I wanted to see it behave so. What what am I won't. Down 96, bucks on the day so down, a hundred dollars. Something. I can live with it but like I said. There's. I think this thing still wants to give another opportunity, so I'm gonna keep watching and we'll see I have. An order at 7:35. Her trying to buy this pullback. Very. Very strong stock obviously, don't. Want to chase those glad. I didn't chase but. Now it's just a question of. Can. It actually get down to where I want to see it get down to our my being too optimistic hair, only 100 her she's me only 500, shares I'd like more than 500, but this would at least get. My. Feet wedding into the trade. 735. Again first entry point. But. At this point it's really just a question of. So. I was right in the first part right I was right to think, that a pullback was coming a pullback came second. Part though is that I need to be right in is how, far down to I think a pullback can go and in that regard so far I've been wrong. Because. I think that the pullback can go at least is 735, and that's. What makes trading so difficult is you, have to be right in many areas just. Saying I I pull, backs coming oh there's. The pullback okay that's great you were right in that regard but you still gotta get a right entry point. And. Looking. Like I was wrong because back up it goes so that's unfortunate, yeah. Well boom just like that. Okay. Have an order at 7:15. Now there's the break, nice I'm in holy, smokes, Oh. Made. $75. And literally less than a second. Going. To 675, now. Yeah. 675. As. My next entry you'll just have to scroll back pointer. Bean it broke 750, just. Exploded. A downside, and then as soon as I hit my order. To get out it I actually got five dollars more than what I wanted I was I was going to be okay with selling at seven dollars and thirty cents, but.

You Can see right there it actually got me out at seven dollars and 31 cents. Because. I moved that fast. Like. I said 675. New. Initial. Entry point here. Let's. See where am I at so you after that trade down. Fifteen dollars on the day with. Commissions I don't know maybe. Right around. Forty. Ish dollars thirty five ish dollars. Under. Fifty I'll put it that way. But. Let's see if we can get another flush, to the downside, here. Again. First entry point would, be at 675, I. Will. Keep you updated alright, it's approaching, seven if it, can break through they're looking for a very fast move down through there. So. Doing battle with it doing battle with it. What's, holdin up nicely. Alright, at this point I need to go down a 665. So. 665. The. Entry point now. For. That first key area like I said is 7 and, if, you can get through there then I want to see it. I'm. Not saying fill me in a blink of a second like last there is the break a very, weak break though so. Now I'm thinking about maybe just buying at 7 it's clear that there's a lot of buyers up there around 7 but I'm not, willing. To make that commitment yet I want to see how. It continues to react. But. This is why you don't chase. If. You will if you take away I think one learning lesson from this entire video we'll first off manage risk but. There. Were people that bought there and bought, there and bought. Hair and you. Know maybe then maybe that worked for him here they bought there they held they eventually got bailed out you, know they went. Up there sat. Through that pull back out bailed out and okay, you know it's worked the past two times and they've bought right there and to be fair you know what maybe they get bailed out once again but how do you think they're feeling right now being, caught, in this, sort of big move to the downside, so. You got to be very very careful chasing. While. We are over 30 minutes that's, all right if, you're still watching I'm just thank you very much for stuff but I'm showing you're kind of enjoying the show but all right well we'll see if it can work its way back down below 7 and if it can. I'll, get it rolling alright. There's the break of 7 again I've, adjusted down a 661. But. Once again $7. Being a very very stubborn, area. Ya, gotta, give credit or credits through seven extremely, strong all. Right I'll watch it closely, well. It is 11, 36, so two hours in my normal, goal recently, has been just trade for an hour sometimes. I'll go at 90 minutes now I'm at two hours I just got to move on with my day and I, have. No problem admitting that right now I'm totally looking at trade just so I can try to make a video where I get back to the grain so I can sit here and be like yeah, see I fought all the way back but right. Now I could like I said time is money and me sitting around here trying to make you know 25 bucks more at the, risk of wasting a bunch of time when I could be using that time to make, much more than the $25.00, like said I just got to move on with my day but thank, you for hanging out with me for this long if you're still watching I really appreciate it so you have the big lessons here manage. That risk, sure, in hindsight I should have never taken that loss I should have just held because it went my favor but you know you always got to play the what-if game well what happens, if it what, if it didn't roll, back over and kept on going I would have never been able to dig myself almost, out of the lawyer so. I did just check and I am down with commissions. Let. Me just pull that up run more time just to make sure. Or. I'll just bring it over so you can see how, it all broke down here. But. Whoops. With. Commission's right there. Sixty-two, dollars so, it is what it is and you, know if you enjoy these videos a couple, things real quick before I head, out hit. That like button if. Comments. Questions suggestions leave those down below if you've ever watched any of my past videos then, you.

Know That I do read wrote comments. And will reply to them and then also check, out the channel as a whole and hopefully, decide to hit that subscribe button but nothing else and you just enjoy these live trade videos and you, want a very quick and effective way to communicate that to me the easiest way to do that like I said it's just to hit that like button so, it will be a red, day today unless something beautiful pops up later in the afternoon like I said I just got to move on with the day so thanks for hanging out with me for this long I really do appreciate it and take. Care and, yeah. Get out there manage risk don't let hind sight voices play too many games with you first. Off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go I want, to invite you to a live webinar web, class training, workshop, online event whatever, you want to call it but it will be live, revealing. To you what I discovered. That has allowed me to transform, myself, from being an employee to, being my own boss, including, how I had only one losing day out of 73, days in total I'm, going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock, profitable. Consistency, within the markets the first key is super-weird but, in a productive type of way the, second, key is super, awesome because it quite, literally is wired into our DNA as humans, making, it very easy to use but, in a cruel way this, becomes a pitfall for many traders I'll explain, it all though including. How to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds, way too good way too good to be true but it's not and I'll show you how, it all works then at the end I open it up for a question-and-answer session that is again totally. Live even, if you can't make the live session, please, still sign up as it will be recorded, and you can go back and watch the replay then I will send you click, the image on the screen or click the link, down in the description box, so you can get the date and time and, claim your spot which I should know is limited, due to the fact that this truly is a live event if, you have any questions, let, me know if not I'll be seeing you soon.

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