[LIVE] Day Trading | Great Day Trader Lessons (long video!)

[LIVE] Day Trading | Great Day Trader Lessons (long video!)

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Good morning it is clay at claytrader.com. This be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades, as they play out live market opens up here in three minutes, uh just a little bit of context here if you're maybe new to the channel or new to these videos, when i say live i mean live in the sense of, you're getting my raw thoughts my, my raw emotions, as things play out. As i get the data so as you see this data play out same time i've seen the data so in other words, this is not some sort of recording, where i get everything recorded, and then i come back and talk about it and do a post commentary, or some sort of voice over, you're getting my exact thoughts like i said as things play out so yeah the video may not be professionally, polished. I'll stumble over my words as i'm trying to. Talk to you. Execute trades myself. Make alerts in the the private community that i offer, so yeah it may not be, professional, but if you're looking like i said for a raw looking at what day trading looks like, and the emotions, and the thought process and all that goes with it then i think you'll enjoy this video, so i'm pretty sure i'm going to watch tesla out of the opening gates and i say pretty sure because again i don't know this is real time this is live. Something could change and maybe tesla. No longer becomes very interesting but as of right now that is the plan, so i'll see you back at the open. What i am interested, in is 440, on tesla now i should note that i've already alerted it once this was earlier on in the pre-market, and there's a fantastic, trade, it did break down through there and then it went as low as 436. I wasn't able to take that trade i was away from my computer doing something. Uh but my point here is that it's looking like 440, may be coming back into play again, and from that angle of things uh you know might be an interesting, trade here so yeah 440. One of those areas where potentially. Might come into play but we'll have to see what happens with that market is opening up here, in less than one minute. And the market is officially, open. And tesla just, going down out of the opening gates, which is fine just first minute normally i don't take the first minute and i don't have any plans of doing anything like that. So start here. If you do hear typing, that is just me making alerts in the chat room so. Your hearing is just fine. But again like so let's see what tesla wants to do. I like how it's pulling back here.

Or Excuse me not pulling back but going down, now looking for some sort of movement back to the upside. And there we go, starting to get a move what is that high right there. High of basically 440. I mean it is tesla. Maybe even 440, from alongside. In at 440.. Like i said, given that it's tesla i think this thing has a chance of. Wanting to uh break to the upside there we go. It's not, 445.. So there we go. Quick, 273. On a long sided trade i mean you got to love that candle, but now i'm actually looking for a potential short here on tesla. Tesla, dead cat. One minute. Uh. So yeah in all actuality, that uh 439. Mark looks quite interesting. If it wants to come back down. So. Tesla, just to show you how the chat room works but also get this thought documented. 439. Flush, point, one minute. So again will that come into play i have no idea, but that's uh the thought process of things right now, but yeah there we go a quick uh let's see, not it's 9 31., so less than uh. Two minutes in the day already up 273. Dollars. Uh i'm not a greedy savage i'm not aware of many places, in the world where you can make that amount of money. Uh let's see here for. 42.50. I'm gonna go ahead and get that updated here so edit. Update. 442.50. Flush point. 442.. So if this thing wants to come down look like it wants to break down through 442. I would be. Interested. But again first it's got to come down to that area. Okay and starting to come down. I want to see how this candle closes though first so i'm not going to take it on this candle. If it breaks. On this particular candle wanna see. Oh. No no. Nah. Messy, just what was not very clean. So, i mean the setup's still more than valid i'm not saying it's not valid and there it goes, uh but that was just it just got too sticky too messy it was not. Uh not the clear-cut, entry point that i was wanting. And again for those people that hey clay how does that how does your chat room work well you can see right there, how everything played out. So, originally i said of the context dead cat then i questioned 439. Then i made the comment i was going to update it so i updated the comment right there to 442.50. And ouch. And look at it go. All the way down to 438. Now. Oh so close but it just, you have to scroll back and for me it just didn't uh play out the way i wanted to see it play out, it just um. I wanted to see it a little, just, get down to that area bounce just a little bit and then come down but it there was no bouncing it just, went straight down, oh yeah for you members of the community that watch these videos congratulations. Awesome you just had a great trade, but i mean i need to keep things in context too it's not even five minutes in the day, and here i am still up. 270. Dollars, uh let's. See. Boeing, just getting destroyed, here, nothing in a trade though this would totally be chasing right now, if this thing wants to bounce back upwards then. Uh that could be interesting, but yeah as of right now. Uh nothing to. Do. And i understand. Clay it's going down it's going down you got a short i know i know, it looks like you would want to but that's just trying to sucker you in. Airlines, getting destroyed, here. Uh nnox. Traded this one previously, have had some. How much, not even a million shares yet yeah its volume's a little, a little shaky. And this one is such a fast mover. I better stay away from it. Tesla, here, okay maybe a new, hey look it right there 440, once again back in a play. Here. So potentially, here a trade at 440. If this candle wants to go up and then come back down. But again i don't want to take it on this candle i want to see how this candle closes. Is this going to leave me behind two. We'll see, 440, knocking on the door. Come on bounce don't go don't go. Bounce, bounce. Nope and there it goes breaking down through 440.. And there it goes. Just a well, tesla, sure did play nicely with me on that first trade. Played very very nicely with me but since then has not uh, has not behaved, in the way that i want to see it behave and that's really, the learning lesson here that's why trading is difficult. I get it it's easy for me to sit here and say hey i think tesla wants to go down, but i mean that's just a broad idea right that's just a general, concept, to actually take that concept and put it into reality.

Yeah It's a little bit more difficult, because you need to make sure that, you're behaving. And doing you know doing it it being putting the idea into reality, in a very wise manner and i got to stop talking right now because the. Holy smokes what is going on, with dkng. All right. Dkng. Fade, potential. Over. 525. Minute. 52.85. So yeah if this thing wants to actually keep on moving up i would be interested, in trying to build a short position here but my first entry point, not until up over or, up over 52. 50. At. 52.85. So we'll see if this thing wants to work its way up there although potentially, a fake breakout here with a short at 51.50. For a scalp. Again let's see if this is maybe just some sort of fake breakout to these highs here well. At this point. Maybe 51.75. Is level if this can keep on moving. Up. So again potentially, 51.75. As a flush point. But this has got to get up over 52, for that to really be. Valid. Kodk. Going. Bonkers. So definitely a whole lot of uh. Transitioning, here going on but let's check out kodk. I think this one just came off a halt yeah. I don't know this thing is so volatile, it's so crazy. Actually boeing. Interesting. Area. 161. Actually gonna get that alerted. Ba. 161. Flush point, one minute. 161.. 162.. So if i'm wrong a hundred dollars. Yeah so i'm gonna go down. Do 100 shares, and if i'm wrong it'll cost me right around 100. And but i'll still be right or i'll excuse me i'll still be green on the day. Yeah 161. That looks like it wants to fall. Then i'll risk right around 100. Which is important because i'm up 273, so even if i am wrong, looking at the glass is half empty here even if i'm. Wrong. That would still have me you know nicely, in the green. But again that assumes that the price wants to come back down here to 161. Which if as of right now. It is not doing all right well i will go ahead and pause and i'll let you know if something else pops up. All right what i'm looking to do here let's see ba. 1 62. 15. Short. Stop, over, 163. One minute, so right there looking to get short at. 162.15. Although maybe this won't even come into play. But you saw the trade plan there so with 100 shares risking right around 85. Potentially, 100. With slippage. But again, same exact. Principle. That if i'm wrong i'll still be green and there goes dkng. Again. I i apologize, for me just jumping around but like i said this this is what i mean by live this is all happening in real time, and then dkg. Rolls over. So let's see what boeing is up to now. All right well i don't like taking it at 162, 15 at this point that has. Changed around here but. Let's see if this candle can maybe give us another entry point here, but if this thing just, comes back down well then there's. Just there's nothing to do at that point. All right i'll go ahead and pause. All right once again watching, 440, here as a potential. Area to go short. Just doing 50 shares want to protect my upside. Or protect my green. So in there at 440. Just 50 shares like i said. Let's see if this thing finally wants to break down. Through. There we go. Kind of. Not the strongest, of breaks. Oh in fact a very weak break. Do not like to see it bouncing like. That. There we go, kind. Of. Have an order out there to take some off at, 438.50. Let's see if it can work its way back down to that area or not. Or if it's gonna bounce up on me here we'll. See. It's trying to pick up some downside, momentum, here. See if it wants to get down through 439. Again, there we go. 438.70. Area is the problem point. All right pulled off 25, here just because.

Try To give it time and you can see it's just not bouncing. From that area up so now i just have 25, shares left, just because i'm, i think this thing might actually want to bounce here. And if it does well then i'll be just taking a loss, on. 25, shares instead of. The 50 shares but yeah at this point i mean, you're here with me live. We tried to give it time to break down and break down it did not want to break down. I said i still don't want to wave the white flag on it but. I i gotta admit that right now i might be, i might be wrong that i wanted to break down more. And if i'm right that this thing looks like it might want to bounce well then. I need to be out but like i said hopefully i'm wrong hopefully this thing does ultimately want to break down. But at this point. You know like again just bouncing right off that level so 438.50. Wow, that is gonna be the very very stubborn. Level. So that's the big question, can the price actually break down through, 438.50. If it can. Then you gotta like the chance that this thing uh. Makes another, pretty big bearish move to the, downside. But, right now. This goes up over 442. I gotta be out. Using a mental stop. So again if it goes up over 442. I will be out. Well. I still feel perfectly fine about the trade i'd let that thing try to work for me try to work for me. And if it it just clearly i did not want to break down and unfortunately, looking like i was right that this wanted to bounce so i feel very good that i did take off whoops, so all out, excuse me all out there. For a losing trade. Um, still up over 200, on the day, so, i'm very happy with that, uh but there we go there was a trade that, just didn't quite work out, uh you gotta you gotta let to try you have to let trades win for you right and that's what i was doing, it got down in that area and i get it in hindsight. Oh clay you should have taken out more you know down when it was down at you know at that area well, i agree in hindsight, i should have just pulled out my entire position but, uh, i gave it plenty of opportunity. I mean we watched together right, three candles in a row once, twice three times. Try to get through that level couldn't quite do it um i will say though that if the price comes back down to that area i would be interested. Um to try to try this again. Uh but right there you just can't risk having that be a much bigger bounce. And then having you know the the green day being wiped away to red, uh but. As far as i'm gonna i didn't do anything wrong with that trade i get it a lot of you know one of the cliches, saying is hey you know if you lose money, don't let it be a loss because there's something to learn from it no there's nothing to learn from that one, other than the fact that sometimes trades just don't go your way, i behaved, perfectly. Fine. Took on i r i reduced position, sizing, and then i reduced position size even more when i thought that i might want to bounce so i actually made a small little profit. On that those 120, or on the 25 shares there. But yeah maybe tesla, does not ultimately want to bounce. Uh, but it is what it is so, yes i lost money on that one, but i didn't do anything wrong that's just a function of the market. Not offering guarantees. So all right i'm going to keep an eye on 440. Or excuse me 438. 50, and if it gets down there and maybe it looks like it wants to finally break through it i may be interested in another trade. Well it's getting close again looking like that level might be coming into play. Again, 438.50. Is the level but once again it's bouncing so i'll pause. All right kind of getting down on that level. Missed it. Try to get in and i missed it was not fast enough to, click. Oh well it happens. Actually might have another, another opportunity, at it uh it bounced back upwards let's see if it wants to come back down and then maybe break it for sure this. Time. Or is this the start of a bigger bounce. All right and it's looking like it might it's looking like it wants to give me another opportunity.

Here. Assuming it comes back down that, that is. So i'll keep an eye on it. Well big bounce there. Wow, 438.50. I suppose that was well and then again it still didn't move basically a dollar in my favor, so that was still a little. Nice movement there but yeah big old bounce there i suppose welcome to the world of tesla. Well i'm going to go ahead and wrap things up i, actually wanted to be done after about 15 minutes today, but there was some interesting opportunity out there and then of course tesla came into play during that 15 minute mark, and overall. Feel good about it feel, actually fantastic. Okay. Maybe one more trade what's going on with bynd, all of a sudden. Oh never mind i saw it lighting up the scanners, and. Well what's going on with nnlx. Interesting, interesting, let's see what are these highs. Taking keep in mind i am looking at things that you don't see on the screen here. So, 41.75. Can i short yes i can. 41.75. I realize that seems far away but this one is a very fast. Mover. So all right well let me see if this thing wants to break up through 41 and if it does doesn't want to shoot all the way up to 41.75. So maybe one more trade i will uh pause and i'll keep you keep you updated. All right 451. Here looking pretty interesting, here on tesla, so much so that i'm going to go back up to the normal. Position, size. So funny. I thought i was done. And then here we are looking at. This. Missed it again. I am i just too slow this morning. And there it goes. All right. Well now i need to be careful that i don't start trading just because i'm angry at myself for missing, and being too slow. Oh yeah look at it go. All right well. Like i said i'm skating, on very. Very, shaky territory, right now just saying that i wanted to be done i should be done i'm up over 200. But now, am i just trading because i'm upset at myself that i've missed a couple of these. I'll see but i'm going to be very aware of that. And i'm going to have to make sure that it's any any setup i take is a very very solid setup. All right i'm wondering if this is a fake breakout move here. So i do have an order up at, 47.85. To get short, but also if this thing just all of a sudden rolls over, we're gonna have some disappointed, longs out there because there are people right now buying this breakout. And to be fair maybe this is truly a breakout. But if this thing fails and that could definitely create some downside, pressure. I'm going to go ahead and cancel that order, and let's see what that low is, 47.25. Come on get up some more. Go up some more. Don't get moving, higher. There we go. Okay. 47.25. Maybe but this has got to get up to 47.50. I need to see more strength. So that i can see that strength, fail. But 47.50. There we go. Fantastic, okay. 47.25. I like that as a fake, breakout point area here but like i said maybe this is truly a strong breakout that's why you gotta wait for confirmation. But again. 47.25. Well now it's breaking up over 48, all right well. I mean you look at this five minutes well i can't do that right now. Again, 47.25. See what it wants to do. Here. As of now just wants to keep on moving. Up. Incoming, chat. Just keeps moving up i'm trying to i'm not talking much because i want to see you but i'm trying to stay laser focused here because, clearly i've been very slow. On the entry points here. But at this point. Our charts changing around here a little bit on me not quite as attractive, as it. Was. Okay trying to come back down here but again i don't i don't like the setup as much now. If it wants to bounce up and stay and then come down but i'm not gonna take it on this candle, so i'm gonna go ahead and pause. So i am gonna get this go ahead and alert it here. 47.25. Flush, point. Two minute. Keep, in mind, the trend.

So Like i said if the price does want to come back down to that level now. And break through it i like it. Very much so now. Well i take that back this candle still got to close up above it i guess i'm assuming right now that the candle is indeed going to close up above it. Because this candle should be closing yeah in less than 15, seconds. And while this is going to be a long, video. No no don't do it before this candle closes. There we go. Okay. Laser focus. 47.25. See what happens here. In at, 47.27. Let's see if we can get some more downside, pressure. Here. So again in at, 47.27. I want to see if this thing can get down below 47, which it. And it did not let me take my, mitigates, and my gains there we go, so still have 200, shares left. Have a hundred shares left just because. I thought that break breakdown through 47, would be more violent. And it wasn't. So still at a potential, risk here of. Um. Could i lose money on that yeah maybe a little. Bit. So let's see if we can get down through, 46.75. And then i can lock in some more gains. There. And, 46.75. Can we break down through there. Yes we can. Kind of all right took out another 50 at 46.75. So yeah at this point it's gonna be a winning trade. Even if it bounces back up against me i have to take a loss on some of the. Shares. Yeah let's see if this thing wants to roll back over, some more. This very well could just be the nice little healthy pullback that it needed, and in that situation, i very well knew that hence me being more aggressive with my profits, but if this is a bigger pullback. Again right now i'm still risking losing money on the final 50 shares but. That's the risk i'm willing to take because i want to give this thing the opportunity to work more in my favor. And again like you saw with tesla that might not work out, now in this situation the difference being this will be a winning trade it won't be a losing trade like that second tesla. One. We're gonna i'm, trying to give this opportunity, to see if this wants to actually pull back even more, if this is just a good healthy pullback. Then so be it, but if this is the start of a much deeper pullback. Then hey i'm glad, i gave that chance i gave it the opportunity to actually pull back that much more. So that is why i still do have. The 50. Shares. But at this point it's just a matter of does this thing want to break down, uh that key point being right there yeah 46, 65-ish. That was the previous resistance, good old-fashioned, resistance, turning into support right now, so if this thing does have a chance of getting really a bigger breakdown. 46.65. Is that level that's going to need to be broken. But, that could very well hold that support too. But i don't know right. Nobody knows in trading, the idea here is just to try to keep things logical. So here we go 46, well 46.75. Is holding. But, 46.65. Is that level or if it can be broken i think this thing's got a chance it should go down to at least 46.50. There we go 46, 69. 46.70. So yeah right around this area being very very stubborn, as the chart suggests, that it probably would.

Be. So let's see if this thing can indeed break down so if you're not familiar with level twos that's what i'm watching i want to see if that number right there, can break down below 46.65. If it. Does. But if this thing does go up over 47.50. I'm gonna hop out so yeah i will technically be taking a loss on the final 50 shares here but again that's worth it to give this thing an opportunity does it want to break. Down. A bit but in all actuality, i'm losing a little bit of patience with this tight range here i mean this is this is getting a little silly right, now. I'll still give it a chance but this tight range is um. I mean i do this day trade thing for freedom of time and me sitting here. It's not really freedom of time when i'm, watching some little tight range all of a sudden. Like i said. 40. I feel obligated, now i have to sit in this just to watch that 46, 65, mark see if it fails so again, if 46.65. If it breaks through there. It should get down to at least 46.50. If not even lower but that's what i'm watching. But as of right now. That area is stubborn, the range has really tightened down. Wow, almost at 30 minutes but for obligations. Sake for those of you still with me right now watching this video. I feel obligated, probably not the smartest way to trade trade for the people on youtube but. I owe it to you, i'm being overly dramatic though i mean this will be green no matter what so it's not like i'm risking anything here. If anything i'm just risking time, a waste of time by waiting to see if this thing breaks down. For a tight little range but. Come on 46.65. I want to move on with my day. Isn't it funny i said i thought i would be done and now here i am. Stuck in there we go come on 46.65. Fall for me. Fall for us. For all of the and the fantastic. People that are still watching this 30 minutes in. Look at this so so stubborn. You got to think if that level fails it'll move quick to the downside. Maybe even down below for there we go, look how fast that went. There we go there we go come on give me some more downside, movement. Really that's all you're going to give me. Look at that that fast right above. 46.65. Let's try it again although, a bunch of buyers just showed up at 46.50. Come on. Come. All right. I'm taking off another 25, there just because. Uh we we tried to let it break down, it did break down it was a terrible, terrible. Anticlimactic. Break. Doesn't this see that's the funny thing is the stock market doesn't care. That i've been waiting, the stock market doesn't care that i'm making a youtube video and there's a bunch of people waiting. It doesn't care it's, gonna do what it wants to do, and here we are sitting here and waiting and i build up this point, and yeah to be fair it did drop down to 46.50. Which is where i wanted to take some profits and i didn't, here we are again at 46.50. Big size down there. I mean at this point this is just pure goofiness, i have 25, shares left but. Like i said we've come this way. If you're still with me i feel like we know each other i feel like we're friends, so, we're all in this together let's see if this 46.50. Mark can break. If this does go over 47, though. I am out, so i'll just do a mental stop-loss, here so if again if it goes up over 47. I'm out with my final 2 500, shares, because i definitely need to move on with my day which didn't i say earlier i, i could have sworn about 20 minutes ago i said i was done. But uh. Like i said if this wants it up over 47. I'm gonna hop on out. But i don't know. We'll see if it can work down there and get through the, 50 break, you know what i'm gonna do here i am just going to pause now i mean this is getting pretty crazy right now so i will pause. And i'll be back to update whatever happens. All right i i snoozed, off for a second it went up over 47, got out there at 47. 7 or 47, 14., so even on those final, uh, and then now there's the bounce there. So not totally, shocking, that it failed to break down there but it is shocking a little bit because that was such a stubborn level but i mean the trend was up uh but overall made 140. So i will take it so it is 10 20 a.m. Up 359. I'm more than happy with that i'm not sure many places in the world where you can make. 359. Dollars, in less than. One hour, so 359. An hour, i will definitely take it that's all i have though i'm gonna wrap actually. If you are still here right now, in the comment section will you just type still here. And if you are seriously, thank you very much that is awesome that you stuck with me, for this long on the journey i appreciate, it lots of good learning lessons here, uh think back to tesla.

Uh Yes i lost money on that one but i didn't do anything wrong. I know i get it, one of the favorite. Implications, out there is if you lose money then therefore, something there's a learning lesson because, you you did something wrong so there's something that you can learn from no that's not true, sometimes, the only learning lesson is the reinforcement, the reinforcement, being, hey, the markets. Offer no guarantees, there is no such thing as a perfect system, you played it right from both a money management from a trade management, standpoint, and it just didn't work out in your favor, so just because you know in many situations. Yes you there is probably a learning lesson because if you're new and just getting started, you probably did something really silly but there does reach that point and that's what makes, trading hard, is yeah just because you lost money, doesn't mean there's anything to learn doesn't mean that you did anything wrong. But that's all i have so like i said uh real quick though if you do enjoy these live trade videos and want for me to keep making them, hit that like button that's a super time efficient way to communicate, that to me, if you enjoyed. Oh and then i don't think. Real quick i forgot and i was going to say if you want to join the community right here you can see it on arwr. I mean that was alerted to the members right there. So 47, 25, flush point you saw me take it keep in mind the trend said that because it wasn't a bullish uptrend, so if you're going short in an uptrend, that'll be a little bit more aggressive, so right there again if you're interested in that just go to claytrader.com. Forward slash team, again t-e-a-m. Claytrader.com. Forward slash team because that's what our we're a team we work together to find opportunities. So you can go there, uh if you, comments questions suggestions, about this video, leave those down below like i said if you're still watching still here put that down there or of course any other comments or questions suggestions, and then finally, check out the channel as a whole lots of other trade videos of these live trade shorts on a good variety of other types of videos too, so check out the channel and hopefully you decide to ultimately subscribe but seriously. In all genuineness, if you are still listening to my voice right now and still watching. Thank you thank you very much. First off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go, i want to invite you to a live webinar, web class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it but it will be me, live, revealing, to you what i discovered, that has allowed me to transform, myself, from being an employee. To being my own boss, including. How i had only one losing day out of 73, days in total, i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me, unlock, profitable, consistency, within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive, type of way, the second, key is super awesome because it quite literally, is wired into our dna, as humans. Making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders, i'll explain it all though, including how to avoid the pitfall, that it creates for some, and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you, how it all works, then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again. Totally live, even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay, that i will send you, click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description, box, so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event.

If You have any questions. Let me know if not, i'll be seeing you soon.

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