[LIVE] Day Trading | Getting Punched in the Face!

[LIVE] Day Trading | Getting Punched in the Face!

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good morning it's clay at claytrader.com this will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in about a minute so we will see what happens going to be watching mrna out of the opening gates but like i said i'm going to go ahead and pause and i will keep you updated all right the markets are open and mrna wow just getting absolutely hammered out of the opening gates so just gonna keep an eye on this one thinking about a potential scalp to the upside if this looks like it wants to get back up through the 138 mark that would definitely have to just be a quick scalp as it would be very counter trend but as right now looking like that's not gonna necessarily happen just looking around the market seeing if there's anything else out there if you do hear typing that's just me typing alerts to uh the private community that i offer so at claytrader.com i do offer a private community where i make alerts and such so that's where that's coming from i would like to see this get up over 138 and then come back down to 136 in fact i'll show you how that works so mrna step one break 138 step two come back down to 136 for a short one minute did i just miss that okay well that's okay because it never broke above 138 yeah 135 still might have a good little entry point right there knocking as short 135 on this particular candle want to see this candle finish closing tesla looking interesting what is that 629 tesla 629 flush point one minute i am not going to short at 135 on this candle either i want to see this thing go sideways here a little bit maybe i should be looking at tesla i am watching other things on other monitors so i'm not talking myself just you know talking about tesla i am watching it i'm going to bring that over so right there is the tesla chart that i have off screen let's see if this thing wants to make a move to the upside which would be good another show me some green here and then come back red i'm not going to say this time that it's it's got to break above 138 i'm not going to put that requirement on it i would love to see this go green from here though make a move upwards and then look at that 136 could still be back in play like i said would gotta for sure get at least over 137 that's that's gonna be a requirement not sure if it's gonna do it or not but getting up above 137 nope not gonna do it all right well i will go ahead and pause for now because mrna is not totally well 135.50 might be that key level that needs to be broken here but it is also doing quite a bit of consolidating right now that's why i would like to just see i want to see it move up first because i i don't know right now maybe this is some sort of there we go and 136 potentially in play but again 137 50 138 would love to see the price get back over 137 particularly 137.50

and then come back down to 136. like i said there we go there we go excellent as that whole time i was like i don't know this is this some sort of bottoming thing here and yeah as of right now maybe now this could still be fake but there we go now up over 138 there we go and that's why i was very hesitant because it wasn't quite behaving the way that i wanted to and all while tesla really rolled over so missed that in favor of continuing to watch this one but that's okay what is that 138.25 mrna 138 25 new flush point one minute so i'm watching the 138.25 mark but maybe this thing is just going to keep on ripping to the upside as right now that seems like what it wants to do all right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause for the time being all right watching one in fact i'm gonna get in here at one i think this thing wants to at least get down through 139 so a minute 139 35. seems to be some donard's pressure here that is showing up so let's see if this thing wants to pull back a bit here again 139 is that first profit lock area well it's struggling right now do not like seeing that at all let's see if it wants to come back down though 139.25 that almost looks like an ad point now i could see myself wanting to add if it can come back down to 139.25 because

that would imply that another move upwards has once again failed let's see what this wants to do here oh 139.50 big buyer in there now all right there we go can it get down to 139 though 139 really it's 139 15 that's that key level if 139 15 can be broken then you gotta like the odds that this thing gets moving down through 139 but again can it finally go now 139 presenting a problem all right 100 shares left just because i don't know what this thing wants to do anymore and i have no problem admitting that i've waited and waited and waited and this thing i don't know what it wants to do and i have no problem in admitting that look at 139 no idea at all if this thing wants to actually break down through 139 so i do still have 100 shares in fact i'm going to take a loss on those ones you know what i'm just going to reassess so all out there 72 dollars and you know what it might come down and still break through it i guess it did temporarily break through it must have been a very fast move because it didn't last very long at all and now you can see it's bouncing back upwards uh so yeah i gave that one plenty of time it did finally kind of break and then just didn't really move at all so i am like i said i'll just hop out there take the 72 dollars and reassess the situation so 139.50 though looks quite interesting yeah 139.50 i like that as a area right here maybe that's going to be the level because even at least at that point even if it just goes down to 139 that'd still give me a little wiggle room here yeah is this a fake break and at 139 66. like i said does this thing want to now roll back over here oh well that might have been a real move there but that was quite the spike so let's let this thing calm down here a second he has it right now this one's looking quite strong to the upside 140 50 is going to be that key level that is going to need to be broken and it's just very solid right there at 140 50.

all right got the break there but not much follow through at all yeah 140 50 back there all right all out there taking the loss now i'm down 442. i'm just i'm not going to risk it and that still might go in my favor but i don't care at this point so now down 442 on the day let's see what else i can find watching tesla here and i think i might have missed it i was going to say at 6 22.75 but as i was getting everything moving it dropped down below it well it's disappointing well that's just like i suppose comes with a territory sometimes trying to make these videos that's all right though maybe it'll still come back up still watching mrna but i got to be very careful this one making sure that these aren't any sort of revenge trade type voices yeah 138.75 looks interesting but like i said i got to be very careful of this one that i'm not just trying to get back at it because it hasn't been playing nice this morning but so no other trades right now still down uh uh 442 dollars so we'll see what happens oh wow all right well i apologize for that got filled uh wow that was fast holy smokes well i put it in order to get short at 52.55

and i mean literally i mean all you got to do is i guess just look at that candle i mean the thing just shot straight up there so i got filled and then i took myself out there at 52.32 so for a quick 115 score on that one um again i i got the exit i think yeah i got the exit out uh but yeah that happened just so so fast so i apologize that i did not get the entry on that one but i was at least able to you know get the the exit so that i mean that whole trade lasted for just a couple seconds after i got filled uh yeah quick little scalp uh now i wanted actually more than 500 on that one but it came down so quick that you know decided to just take the 115 dollars so like i said got some of it back there b.i.d.u this one has just been so strong over the past couple of days mrna it's coming back and just yeah that level right there at 138 50ish and that's definitely a valid point but it just was an airbnb just so strong no shares are short on this one though so i feel like my hands are kind of tied behind my back where you know if i want to trade this one i i'd have to go long and i don't like when i have to do certain things i like flexibility being able to go long or short but nonetheless you know this has definitely been a i should have just bought this this one right at the open anybody got a time machine i can borrow all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right watching 199 i'm wondering if this is a fake break here and i missed it i missed it if you watched there you would have seen a white order show up that means i had put my order in place and would have had uh a very nice scalpable opportunity there is it actually went down to 198.50

but who knows maybe it'll uh this one just seems so so overextended right now would love to see it get up over one or uh 200. let's see what is that the low right there is that one and maybe 198.50 an opportunity there want to see at least get back over 199 though nope not gonna behave all right never mind on that one then yeah and mrna what a dirty dog this thing is i'm glad i didn't take it glad it didn't alert it but look at that you can see it came down there it broke down through that level that i was talking about and then bunk right back up it goes so 130 850 very very interesting level but also from the long side 140 looks super interesting so much so that i'm actually going to get upside break point i'm going to get that level alerted too because both these levels look super interesting now 140 for the upside break point 138.50

for the downside break point so we'll see if either of those come into play here but they're both definitely interesting technical levels what's dkng doing i got back above 52 but this time not even close to the speed at which that first one behaved all right i'll pause 199 wouldn't you know what back into play here but i want to see this thing get up over 200 first 200 such a big number i want to see people getting excited that they think some sort of big breakout is underway and then i want to see if that breakout fails or if it's a true breakout but before anything can happen there needs to be a breakout and a break out of what will that 200 mark in fact maybe even look to short 200 to see it get up over 200 and then come back so there is the break let's see how this once like i said i want to see it get moving get moving get moving and then come down to the 200 mark so in there at 208 i said i think this is not actually a true breakout of that level so let's see this thing get back down below 200 here so that's going to be the first break there we go fantastic took out some shares still have a hundred left would like to see some more continuation of the downside here good took out another 100 there can get the can this get down to 199 i wonder took out another 50 there still have 50 left oh wow that was a big move all right i'm just going to take out the rest there so there's 170 on that trade i almost wonder if i mean this thing's got to be run out of steam at some point i mean look at the five min on this thing just straight up so what is that low actually 199 25 wow isn't that an interesting level i'm gonna get that alerted 199.25 flush point one minute what did i say that was yeah 199.25 uh how much okay i made about 170 on that trade oh yeah that is one stubborn level right there for sure again if this thing wants to come up here at the 201 mark and then pull back you just got to think this thing's got some sort of pullback in it 199.25 that's the level i'm watching what's mrna doing all right i'll go ahead and pause oh wow how did i right i got filled holy smokes this is the all right let me just i need to stop here six one twelve fifty that was crazy uh i apologize once again put an order out for tesla here at 6 14 25 within the blink of an eye it shot down there filled me and then i think i captured the exit point but the exit point i then got out you know just 75 cents higher on 100 shares so for a quick 75 dollar bill uh but like i said needless to say that was a crazy crazy fast move again i wanted more than 100 shares but i mean i'm not going to turn down 75 dollars in in just a few seconds i do have another order at 6 12. actually now this needs to be

6 12 25 same exact logic though i would like more than the hundred shares but that would at least allow me to you know get started here and i'll do my best to try to capture the entry point but wow i mean if it keeps moving like it just did there i'm disappointed i didn't get that but i mean that happened just so fast actually i as i talked about out loud to myself how loud how fast that did happen i'm going to go ahead and go to 611 instead would love to capture another movement like tesla just gave so 6 11 25 that first entry point let's see if we can get it here first step is going to be candid even get down to 612. if it can can it break through it okay there we go it was at 6 12. okay nope that was the move i was looking for so let's go to 610 now instead oh wow i mean even looking at how tesla's picking up speed i think 610 might be a little too aggressive here i think i could maybe even get it a little bit better than that again the rate and velocity in which this price is starting to move downwards all right i'm going to go ahead and pause all right i moved it down to 608.50 here because what i'm looking for is what happened to me which i missed is a break of 610 and then for it to just go super super fast but 610 is gonna be that level that you know needs to come into play first will it i don't know 613 looks like a potential upside scalp break point but i'm not going to play that just because there's so much i would love to see it try to get down here to 608.50 which i get it it seems

far away i'm over four dollars away but i mean the rate at which tesla is changing right now i don't think it's maybe necessarily as far away as it appears right now but i'll keep a close eye on it all right got the break of 610 went down only as low as 609 31. i did adjust my order anyways down to but i was i was looking at something like this what that's 605. all right at this point i need to be at 605. this is coming from uh keep in mind i am looking at things on other monitors so that's where 605 is coming from i get it you can sell that seems so far away but the speed at which tesla is moving i don't think it's too unrealistic so again looking for 605 come on just need a little bit more panic here i think i got a great chance if it gets down through 606. oh just knocked on 606 door knock there we go a little bit more oh it hit 605 but didn't film me it hit 605 but did not film me you can see that right there low 605 no fill though oh and that's why you don't want to nail the bottom because if you nail the bottom you risk not getting filled and look at that i'll say that again never brag about nailing the bottom because if you nail the bottom you could have what just happened to me right here did not get filled well that is disappointing wow well that's the power of charts like i said i was getting that off another screen here and it literally bounced right off that level 608 50 maybe some sort of uh bounce point here but wow there is sure a whole lot of downwards pressure here all right i will go ahead and pause well i'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up here and um closing down the day 81 with commissions i don't know 95 let's just call it 100 so yeah you can't win every day and uh mrna just did not want to play ball as you saw and i had to just admit that i didn't have a read on it mrna has been very very kind to me um many times before but that's not a guarantee that it was going to be kind to me today and it was not kind just to not quite behave the way i wanted to see it behave but overall all things considered i will take being down 100 that is uh now money doesn't grow on trees but that is a a hole that i'm i'm confident that i can grow out of i don't want to say easily because trading's not easy but there's a high probability chance that i i think my strategy my system will be able to help me dig out of that 100 hole that i have after today is over and i suppose if i'm around the computer later on the afternoon there's an awesome setup maybe i could get that hundred dollars back but by no means am i going to try to go and force it or anything like that but overall down 100 on the day so yeah all traders lose and today this was a losing morning for me but it is what it is before i go though if you do enjoy these live trade videos one big request for me please hit that like button leave a comment these videos are not easy these videos uh you know there's a lot going on i'm talking to you i'm thinking for myself i'm thinking what alerts i should make for the the private community i'm thinking what buttons i need to press i'm you know trying to do a lot of things all at once so while these videos are not easy they are doable but i just need to make sure that my time is worth it to do this and the quick way to communicate that my time is worth it is to hit that like button and leave a simple comment even it's just thanks a smiley face a thumbs up emoji anything just a simple comment and hitting that like button communicates to me that this is worth my time and as long as i know that these live trade videos are worth my time then i'll continue to do them but that's why i certainly need your feedback um and you know your communication in that regard like i said i don't need some sort of big paragraph comment a thumbs up emoji would be perfectly fine along with hitting that like button so yeah get out there manage risk realize that sometimes in the life of a day trader you're not always going to be making money sometimes just about surviving managing risk and living to fight and uh trade another day and you know like i said i i'm i'm happy with the way i've survived down 100 i'll be able to bounce back everybody take care first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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