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good morning it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in about five minutes now when i say live in case maybe you're new to these videos this is a situation where i am recording myself seeing all the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw emotions raw reactions you will get that with this video but what this is not is this is in a situation where i've already recorded everything and now i'm coming back and doing a voiceover or some sort of post commentary nothing like that so i mean this will not be a well edited video this will not be a well scripted video but i mean if you want the nitty gritty looking to what day trading's like what it's like to be a day trader then this video will give you exactly that so the plan right now is i don't know what nest i mean i know what the plan is but uh there's several things moving so i think i want to watch lazr whoops let me make that a little thicker there i think i want to watch this one like i said i'm not quite sure and i mean there's only three minutes left and there he goes it just broke up through 28.50 that was the level that i was watching so we'll see if it comes back down there or not but i'm thinking about that one maybe some other areas but um or other stocks uh but like i said as of right now lazar is kind of my top candidate but that is certainly subject to change so market opens up here in less than three minutes so i will uh pause for now and i'll be back at the open man really miss that one i know granted i i never mentioned it so technically speaking i mean i could very well just be saying oh i was looking at 28.50 up but it really was in fact let me bring down the pre-market chart i'll show you what i was looking at uh 2850 was that little resistance area right there but got the breakout through it and you can see wow quite the breakout but like i said i didn't act fast enough and it was uh just it just didn't happen but um so i'm going to keep an eye on this one but i don't want to chase it now i don't want to get too far ahead of myself but uh yeah nice little movement there on that break out there but uh we'll see how this one opens up on the day market opens up now in less than a minute markets are open and watching li actually i like this dead cat movement here if you do her typing that's me making alerts in my private community that i offer so good i'm looking for some sort of weakness here i'm liking this setup quite a bit very good so this right here just represents a one minute candle so this is quite literally the first minute of the day that's still playing out but as right now all strong but hoping that all these buyers get out of the way and then this thing can potentially roll over so let's see what it wants to do now if this thing just all suddenly goes red there's nothing i can do there and right now that's almost that's exactly what it's doing all right well there's no set up there for something to go solid green and then just red maybe something here taking shape at 3125 in fact i'm going to get that alerted so what you're looking at here is my private trading community that i offer at claytrader.com

flush point one minute so yeah 31.25 i don't want to take it on this candle i want to take it on the next candle so this candle has got to be able to stay up above it come on bounce back up bounce back up come on it's going to be close okay there we go bounce up a little bit here i want to see it hit 31.50 or excuse me whatever that whatever what's the v up there 3145 which is already hit so let's see if it comes back down to 31.25 oh good good all right 31 25 looking even better now unless this is just truly a strong move that very well could be the case and maybe 31 25 won't come into play again like i said these videos are live so i i have no idea so again if you hear the typing you're not going crazy that's just me making alerts on other things that i'm watching but i'm just letting this play out here so 31.75 might be let's see if this thing can get up above 32.

okay li update 31.75 flush point one minute so there we go 31.75 i want to see it get up over 32. me personally that's my personal preference want to see it first get up above 32 and then come back down which it did not do shoot maybe i was being a little too nitpicky there like i said for me that's what i want to see happen i'm still very curious about that 3125 mark now if it comes all the way down here on this one candle i'm not gonna take it on that trade which it looks like him look at that all right there we go see if it wants to come back down now again watching 3125 probably gonna have to anticipate it because it might move very quickly in at 31.26 let's see if we can get a push down to 31 and better yet below don't like how it's stalling here i don't like that at all give it a little chance here but i was hoping for a little cleaner break to the downside all right maybe we're maybe this will finally be the move pulled out some right there i need to let lighten my risk here so it could still be a losing trade but now only 300 shares uh but yeah i'm not quite sure if this thing actually wants to make the move down below 31 or not if i'm right and it does actually go below 31 i'm glad i took or i still have some shares but i feel like i could be wrong at this point which is why i now just have the 300 shares all right so all out there 25 loss got the move i'm glad i lightened the load and look at that there it goes look at that well love this setup in hindsight i should have taken the 31.75 i would have had a much bigger gain there but yeah that one's just uh i'm i'm not opposed to giving it another go but yeah that one just did not want to really break down let's see anything else interesting around the markets what was that first oh yeah l-a-z-r whatever happened with that one i'm breaking out right now ah more so the breakout point was down around 29.

try to build a position on it get some up at 3085 on the short side if it can even shoot up there no idea if that's gonna happen but it can that would be an interesting spot xpev just went to high so does that mean that li is bouncing up bigger too yup look at that crazy well i'll tell you what that that 25 loss feels fantastic because there's just something was not right there and i'm not to pat myself on the back because i've if you watch these live traders you know i make plenty of mistakes too uh but that was definitely the right call there although 3165 i'm wondering if that comes into play could that be potential short if it comes into play as right now this thing just bouncing and bouncing wow man that was such a good setup too i mean and it worked kind of but i wanted it down below 31 at least and it just didn't quite give it to me but you know what the one thing i definitely did right there was i lightened the load um actually took off 200 in the profit by five cents so i actually got a little bit of a profit but then the remaining 300 years i did take a loss on but yeah 26 loss that's something that i'm confident i'll i can uh recover from but yeah what a shame that was a good example there i don't care how beautiful a setup is the market gives you no guarantees and that one it just didn't didn't work out but xpev just still oh blasting and no shares too short of that one though so kind of feel handicapped on it when you have to play a stock in a certain way all right i'm going to go ahead and pause for now all right i'm very interested in let's just wait one minute so boeing 230 350 has a potential breakdown point and if you're new why what do i mean why am i what does flush mean why i think the price will go down why would i want the price to go down because believe it or not you can make money when prices go down that is known as going short which that first trade on li i was short meaning i wanted to see the price go down it just didn't go down that's why i lost money it actually bounced upwards which cost me yeah 230 350 i like very much i'm not gonna take it on this candle though so this candle needs to stay up above it but if the next candle or anything after that goes bloat then i would be interested so i'm going to keep a close eye on boeing and just looking around uh-oh no don't do it on this candle stay up above stamp above there we go staying up above i mean it's boeing so a very jumpy one there we go almost wondering if 234 would be the better entry point give me a little wiggle room there for potential quick scalp yes i'm just talking myself right now but you just get to listen to the voices in my head all right well i'm going to go ahead and pause all right so now looking at 234.75 as the flush point here got that updated so watching closely here in at 234.75 let's see if we can get a push down through 234 50 at least there we go took out 200 shares there so it could still be a losing trade again i locked in some of my gains there let's see if this thing wants to roll back over like i said i want to see it get more down through 230 450. 234.75 certainly being pretty stubborn okay there we go can we get some more push to the downside nope once again bouncing back up trying to see if it wants to go meaning go downwards more took out another hundred there took another hundred out there yeah there's there's that one point it just bounced right off with 233.50 again wow all right well i'm just gonna hop out there so 205 on the trade still going to watch 233.50

but um i'm definitely was not going to let that one bounce up against me and then cause a loss like i had on the first one i mean even if it works out in my way sometimes as traders you know i don't mind letting it happen the first time that happens but if i'm in the green and i know that that green trade can wipe away the red trade you know what sometimes it's better to just what's the saying if there's one bird in the hand is better than two in the bush or whatever that is i do still like it though wow once again another bounce off 230 350. so that truly is the level that needs to be broken so i'm gonna keep an eye on it but overall i feel uh i'm happy with the way i trade it even if it does break down below there because yeah in hindsight i could still be holding some shares right now um and i could still potentially get the did i actually lose money yeah i did i lost money on those last 50 shares didn't i so i get on it i got in it well let's see what happens 230 350. if this candle bounces again and it stays up above it and gives me another green candle and then comes back down i will take that trade but i'm not going to take it on this candle and the next candle needs to show some green and then come back down and if that occurs i'm taking the trade but again step one is i can't i'm not going to do it on this candle and then the next candle needs to show me some green well good this candle's even showing some green well i'm gonna get that alerted again looks even more attractive now as a flush point yep 230 350. if it comes back down i will take it but for now i will go ahead and pause all right it's getting close and once again bouncing back up which isn't a terrible thing like i said if this candle care can get green just like it is right now good all right well let's see if 233.50 can come into play again or not i'm watching all right ba 234 35 updated flush point one minute so that's now been alerted don't know if it'll come into play here but i like it as an area on the chart i'm not gonna take it on this particular candle but if the next candle wants to break down through it i would be interested so i'll go ahead and pause for now just a quick uh update here on boeing never gave any sort of signals this thing has just continued to bounce so up it goes maybe this is some sort of uh bigger reversal not quite sure but as far as those updates that i gave in terms of those uh areas to watch it never even really came close to violating them so that's the current scoop on boeing i might just be wrapping things up here i don't know the market seems to be slowing down here a little bit um and i might have to just take my my 180 bucks and move on um which i suppose i should be grateful for given that that first trade ultimately cost me money but um like i said i'm not going to give up quite not even 30 minutes in and with my b done in 30 approach which if you're new um i like to approach the markets as a from a freedom of time perspective so i'm not doing this because i want a lamborghini or i want you know a a yacht or anything like that no if that's the stuff you want that's cool go for it i mean get your rolex watch collection for me i just want the freedom of time so i like to do you know the be done and 30 approach which means try to average every month being done right right around 30 minutes um so like i said i still have six minutes before i would be at the 30 minute mark so i'll see what else is out there and check it out the power of charts look where this bounce happened again right there at 233.50 look at that now do charts work every single time absolutely not are they the holy grail no there's no strings of holy grail but are they a tool that should be learned absolutely you should be using technical charts and we have a real-time example of that all i've been talking about it seems like the whole time is two thirty three fifty two thirty three 350 and look at that i think out of curiosity did it bounce literally right off that spot let's see low of 233.52 close enough and hey look

at that back up it goes so the question becomes do i want to take this trade it looks pretty good i'll keep an eye on it so this is going to be either my last trade of the day or just i'm not making any other trades but the game plan is this what you're looking at here is the be a five minute chart so i'm not taking it on this candle so still at least three minutes before this candle comes into play uh but if on the next candle wow would a bounce right now but pointer being i'm not taking it on this five minute candle but if on the next five minute candle uh that 230 350 mark comes into play again maybe even 233.75 i would be very interested in taking that trade but again i'm not taking any action i want this five minute chart or excuse me uh yeah let's find this five minute chart to kind of do its thing give me an idea of what it wants to do but like i said if after this candle um finishes closing finishes the five minute period and then the next candle 230 350 comes into play then i would be interested in that so that is a game plan but yeah like i said this is either gonna be a trade or it's not and then i'm gonna call it for a day uh but like i said still got two minutes now before that five minute candle would be done so i will go ahead and pause and i'll keep you updated okay five minute candle is complete and now we are back sitting around 230 350. if it gets down to 230 370 i'm gonna hop in so watching 233.70 oh man i turned my back that fast all right i'm still gonna watch it i my eyes just changed this thing is so stubborn down there this thing really going to bounce the problem is there's lazr which has been going very nicely too so it's a choice right now which one do i really want to put my attention on the nice thing about being green is you can be picky so i mean even if this doesn't work out ba if that doesn't work out then you know it's not like i've lost out on anything per se oh right there at 32 33.50 well i'll

just observe look at all that size and hey look at there once again a bounce longest video ever with barely any trades but it's just been one of those mornings where i'm watching watching waiting for stuff to happen and it just doesn't happen j am i look at this thing boeing so just ridiculous you gotta think that if 233 50 is broken then it is gonna go like it is gonna plunge but it's such a big if right now anybody got a time machine can i just go into the future by like 10 minutes and see what happens here i mean that would be fantastic hit me up in the comments section if you have a time machine that i could borrow this one's still just going pretty bonkers here i like lazr for uh try to build a position on that one but now that one's kind of stalling out too would be interested in potentially shorting this if it can get up over 32. all right if anything let's just look at that i'm sorry you don't see what i'm saying i'm watching boeing though on one of my other monitors and 233.50 again stubborn stubborn stubborn potential short hair though at 3085 with the way this is struggling in there at 31 i think this thing wants to flush her to the downside now there we go well that thing barely budged let's see if we can get another move down below 31 here so all out there just took the 50 scalp but we got to go let's look at boeing look at boeing i know i know my slogan is traded without emotion but i mean you just gotta appreciate the ridiculousness of the market it broke through just and that's why i have a love-hate relationship with boeing i mean i don't know what you're supposed to i don't know what you're supposed to do leave me in the comment section do you have what's your stock that you kind of have a a love-hate relationship with for me it's got to be boeing boeing i mean will give you beautiful setups and it'll do nonsense like this i mean this is a textbook setup right here boom boom it breaks a little bit below it and then snaps right back up like just ridiculous i mean boeing can boeing can reward you it rewarded me today i mean it brought me back to the green but ah i don't even is this a good video i have no idea seriously will you leave me like was this a waste of your time to watch this did you learn anything i just feel like this was such a blah i suppose back at the first trade li that was that was a good example um in turn in sense of that was a great setup setup just didn't quite work out and then i had to take the loss on it and then boeing worked out fine the first time and then lazr was just a scalp you know kind of just a whatever it is what it is type thing uh but i don't know i need to move on with my day though it is uh 10 45 or it's 10 excuse me 10 15 so it's been 45 minutes into the day so i'm actually 15 minutes above average uh but yesterday actually i was done in like five minutes so overall my average is still gonna stay right around that 30 minute mark but uh yeah thanks for hanging out with me this long i'm kind of sorry because i don't i don't feel like this was really that good of a video but like i said these are truly live and sometimes you're going to have mornings like this but as much as i don't really want to post this video because i feel like i i don't know it just feels bizarre i'm going to post i hit the record button so i'll post it but i guess the main learning lesson is just sometimes you're going to have mornings like this where things work out and you make money but you just feel like it was just so bizarre and sloppy and that's just kind of how i feel right now but if you do enjoy these videos couple quick requests first off hit that like button and then comments questions suggestions leave those down below um like i said i want to know about do you have a love hate stock out there and then finally check out the channel there i there's a lot of other good live trade videos uh that uh you know you can go and check but point being check out the channel as a whole if you like what you see then go ahead and hit that subscribe button as i'd love to have it as you're subscribed to the channel uh but yeah i i said at the beginning that you would get a nitty gritty look unscripted look into what it's like to be a day trader and sometimes this is what it's like to be a day trader just things just feel bizarre things aren't really going your way things feel choppy but i mean you can still make money but uh yeah if you ever had days where you feel like this you're not alone we all have them as traders first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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