[LIVE] Day Trading | Day Trader Transparency 101

[LIVE] Day Trading | Day Trader Transparency 101

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Hey it's clay at claytrader.com. This will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in about four minutes really quickly, for those of you that are new when i say live i mean that this is not a situation, where i have recorded, everything, and now i'm coming back and doing a post commentary. Or a voice over, nothing like that, i'm recording myself, seeing the information, for the very first time so you're gonna get my raw thoughts my raw emotions, my raw reactions. So in other words. Are you gonna have like a perfectly, scripted professional, video. Absolutely not are you going to have a very raw very nitty gritty kind of dirty looking to what day trading looks like what it's like to be a day trader, absolutely. So i think i'm going to watch teslan again i say i think because as of right now i don't know if something else might arise but, what i want to get mapped out here. For the community. And if you're not aware i do offer community so that's what this is coming from but, 441. Key, upside. Break point on the open. So that's going to be a level that i'm watching, there and, all other members, have the same exact, uh. You know opportunity, i don't own any shares in it right now i should also note that i have taken one trade already before i. Realized i wanted to make a video because there seems to be so much moving out there, and that's when i like to make videos when i think there's going to be an opportunity to make a cool video and i have no problem saying my goal here is to make a cool video, of course that's not guaranteed, if, hopefully that isn't backfire and then i end up posting a video with, a loss or something but anyways it's looking like there's going to be some great opportunity out there uh but on uh. Actually let me bring this. Uh let's see. Bp. Th, yeah i got time real quick to explain it. Uh but yeah bpth. Bought this break right here you can see i got in at 5.89. So right there was my purchase, at 5.89. Gave it time gave it time gave it time. It finally did get up through the six dollar mark which is what i thought it had a great chance to do, and then it went up a whole like five cents and then started to really violently, pull back, uh and i was able to just escape out at 597. So still walked away with 40, but, basically a failed breakout, and then you can see where it's at now. Is i mean, all the way down to 5 30., so uh. That 40. It looks like a very good 40, to me, but yes a situation, of i got the break, i was right that the break would happen it did happen of six dollars, i was very wrong to have thought that it was going to get, that much more momentum, through there, um, but that at least i was able to recognize that be the level twos and. If you knew what are level twos well that is. What those are over there but by watching that notice that yeah something just wasn't quite right, and yeah, now did i think that it was gonna get that nasty i didn't think that, there's no way i i knew that but, uh you know glad i hopped out where i did so yeah, i am technically up 40, with that pre-market, trade but, let's go back to tesla here. And uh let's see market opens up here in. Less than two minutes so i'll go ahead and pause and i'll see you back at the open. Well the market is open and unfortunately, it opened up above that 441. Mark. Um so not going to be able to. Play that break out. And now it's just leaving me in this dust but we'll see if it wants to pull back.

I Mean it is tesla so who knows maybe this thing is just going to go straight up all day long. But, as of now yeah that that game plan that i wiped or that i marked out. It just ended up opening slightly up above 40, 41.. What is the low of that though, low. 441.75. Maybe a quick short side opportunity. It'd have to be very very quick, though. Given how strong tesla can be but. If you do hear typing that is just me making other alerts in the, room. What is that low. 441.75. Or is this thing just going to keep on. Beast moding up. Well i'm going to go ahead and well what's snap doing let's go check out snapchat, here. Basically straight up. So we have some some potential, here. Actually up over. Try to get short up over 37.50. If it wants to even try to get up there jks, now gone. Though. So jks, has some potential. But. Okay well nothing. Has really quite set up the way i want to see it set up granted the market's only been open a minute. I got to remind myself that technically speaking i am up 40, already, but uh. Up there goes tesla. Whoops. Well. 441.75. Quick scalp to the downside. Yeah, basically went a dollar, like i i would like to think i could have worked with that and might still go on some more. Yeah there it goes. Oh well, that's what happens sometimes when you go check something else out, that's right though there will be more opportunities, in fact. It may be time to potentially, think about getting along here now that it's pulling back what is that 442. 15.. So yeah maybe a 442. 15. Entry point but let's just see how far down this thing wants to pull back i mean this thing's very strong on the day. Let's go back over to jks. Right now. Yeah 67, could be a nice uh. Short area. Watching closely. And i missed it. I cannot, i am struggling with jks, even. Previous, days. I've been. This is a hard one to get filled on. If you, not familiar with my screen. Right there you'll see an order if you scroll back you'll see an order one in white there white meaning i submitted it to the market, but i just didn't get filled. Um. So struggling here a little bit this morning. Let's see what is that. High of uh. 439. So let's see if this wants to pull back some more. And then 439. Might be a nice little. Reversal, point on. It. As it continues, to pull back here. All right i'm gonna go ahead and pause. All right jks. Back on the table here with this. Bounce. Let's see if it wants to. Well, if it if this scandal just goes right back down then that's nothing i can work with at. All. Which seems to be exactly what it's doing, yep. That's just. You can't work with that setup. There's nothing there's just no set up there to go up and all then it goes right back down. Now in hindsight i get you because oh clay you could have shorted there, yeah you're right i suppose in hindsight, but uh. Well. Never mind i'll go ahead and pause. All right same exact situation, here with pton. Big move up let's see if this one actually wants to give some sort of, workable, setup here. Needs to keep on pushing upwards, though. Well and jks, just keeps on dropping watching it on my other. Monitors. Okay, all right, 241. 40.. This thing's or excuse me 140. 120, 140., this thing's got to get up over 122.

First Before i'd want to alert. It. Yeah 121.40. Gotta get up over 122. Though first. Let's see that before i make an alert in the room. I'll have it ready though. 121. 50. Flush point one. Minute. I said gotta get up above 122.. Ah maybe it's not. Maybe i'm am i being, oh it did get up over 122.. Just notice that. Okay. I don't realize the high was at 120 to 19, okay. What is that low. 121.75. I'll take it there instead. If it wants to pull back. Okay i'm going to get that updated to 121.75. Here. Edit. Update. 121.75. There we go. So, 121.75. Watching, now. Pulling back here. And at, 121.93. Let's see if we can get. A bit of a pullback, here as of now nothing. Perhaps i should not have anticipated. It as much as i. Did. That might be costly. But like i said i still, think that this thing's going to want to roll back over here i'm not sure i believe. The current movement right now. So got back down below. See if we can finally get this thing moving now. Again i'm in at. 121.93. What i'm worried about here though is this. And i'm going to look to add if it comes back down to, 121.75. I'm going to add to the winner at that point. 121.75. So, well, not on this candle though if the next candle does it i'll add, there we. Go. Let's see if it can get. In at, 121.87. So let's see if we can get some more move to the downside. Here. Can it get down through 121.50. Or at least test it. Averages, at. 121.91. Let's see if this break can finally happen here 121.50. Should send it down even. More. Let's give it another opportunity. Gotta think if it goes back down to 121.50. This will be the break because that would imply another failed bounce. Here. The question is what i want to add again, at. 121.75. I could see that making sense. With another failed bounce. Because i would really like this setup. Well that's not what i want to see right. Now. Well this is disappointing. I'm not gonna wave the white flag yet but. What is that low. 122.50. I think this might be a fake break right here. If it comes down to 122.50. I'll add if not i'm gonna have to back out of this one with a bigger size loss because this just. It cooperated. I was technically in the green but never in the green enough to make it worth. To make it worth it but 122.50. Like i said if it can get down to that area. Let's see if it wants to come back down or not. I'm just not quite sure i believe this is actually a break out here given the context. So 122.50. Watching. Yeah 122, 80s right now the new level of. Support. But it's not looking so good right, now. Wow piton, is just. Well. I'll give it one more chance to roll back over but if it starts to head back up then i'm definitely gonna have to wave the white flag on. It. That's a shame right there i mean i started to get the move. And then it just did not work. Out. If it goes up over 124, i got to get out. I just don't have a choice at this time. All right all out there. No still have 300 shares left. Well, and now it starts to pull back. So i guess that was technically speaking a good. Thing. All right. What did i just do oh i was. I'm not quite sure how am i now, i am long. 600, shares at, 124.. Okay well i'm actually long right now. Well let's see if we can break up through that moving average.

There. There we go got some more bullishness, to. It. All right all out there, uh. On the long side. Well that was very disappointing. Not uh. Not what i was hoping to see but. Welps that's how sometimes, the, the cookie crumbles, and i made that comment earlier about, maybe i'll be posting a video with a loss well. Here we are but. Only 944. Let's see if there's anything else out there. All right gonna get short here at 68.. Well. I got 200, shares, phil. So i suppose that's better than. Nothing. Oops. 67.50. So i'll take the 100. There. Got 50 cents on the move but only got 200 shares wanted 500. So that would have been uh, if i had with the 500, i'd be scaling out of this a lot different, um but. Yeah kind of just summarizes, my day to day. The moves where i think it's gonna where i get full position size nothing happens right good old confirmation, bias at work though there's been plenty of times where it works out in my favor but. That's confirmation, bias at its best, 67, though could be another, interesting, entry point but there's no way i'm taking it on this candle so if this candle. Itself breaks down through 67. No way i would take that. But if this candle wants to bounce and then come back i would be interested, but even, if it breaks down right now i need to see more of a bounce. Before i would, you know want to be taking that short at 67.. Oh and there it goes anyways. What's going on with fsly. Okay, all right. What is that. 82. 75. Yeah right now i'm just looking uh to scalp not, you know you can't look to i'm not trying to get all this back in one trade that's not how. Uh it works as as of now i'm accepting this being a losing day, so just trying to chip away at it here and there. But yeah, by no means am i saying okay well what do i have to do in order to make back all these gains that's not at all what i'm. Doing. But yeah if this thing can get up to 82.75. It'd be interested, in a short at that point. I will go ahead and pause. All right i like 435. Here as a potential, short. On tesla. So good nice to see that it's bouncing up once again. So i'll keep a close eye on it was a little bit closer, but. 435. Very intriguing.

All Right maybe tesla 435. Coming into play. Watching it very. Closely. Want to complain about another little green candle here and then have it come back down. I mean i'm okay with it now too also going. But. If 4 35, 10 breaks i'm going to get in i think. Or really 17.. If it goes below 435. Let's just call it 15-ish. Oh my goodness did you see how fast that went. Wow. Again scroll back and watch the level twos. You even if you use hotkeys, you wouldn't have got that. One. Okay what i'm curious about though is it's gonna be a fake breakdown, of that area. So i might be interested in going long now. With if it looks like it's gonna break back up above. 435.. High of that is that 434.60. Okay. Wow. That was a cra that was crazy. Fast. All right i'm gonna go ahead and pause. Watching, 66.85. Here. Oh all right well keeps on spiking upwards now. Still do like 66.85. Though if it comes back down. We'll see though i'll probably have to anticipate, it because, this one just moves so fast that you really don't have any other. Choice. But as of right now. Not looking like 66.85. Will. Really even be coming into play so i'm gonna go ahead and pause. Well i'm once again watching tesla, 435. That was the previous, support, but now it would be a resistance, and it is acting as resistance. Let's see if the price wants to try to get up above it here. Again not looking to make back all my games but just a. Little scalp to. Chip away at things. But as of right now pulling back once more. So i like the setup, even better if it can get back up to the 435. But who knows maybe this, rollover, is actually the start of something. Bigger. And as of right now it's just uh. Pulling back more. All right i will go ahead and pause. Not really close but tesla's, really getting very volatile here in this just one minute session here but watching. 434.50. For a potential. Scalp back to the upside. So i mean if it can get up or right around there that's basically looking to play an, attempted, treadline, break there. Maybe even sooner, what is let's see i have 432. If this thing wants to pull back more maybe 430, 250, but i want to see that drop below 432. First. So if tesla goes below. 432. So that's step number one i want to see it break down below 432. There we go. So now, 432.50. Looks very interesting. Back down it, goes. Got to watch this one like a hawk though because it can move so fast and, well that's why confirmation, is important because as it now just continues to drift further and further. Wow jks, just keeps on bleeding. All right i will pause i i apologize, for but i you know, having all these dead periods but. I want to at least try to get these capture these entry points, on video and sometimes again going back to the very beginning of this video these are live so i never know quite how this is going to behave but hey this is how trading goes sometimes you can watch and watch and watch and nothing ever seems to want to give you.

The Confirmation, that you want. So i will pause. All right well it's starting to, i think at least show some signs of strength. Here. For, 31.50. So i like 431.50. Now it's a potential. Area. So i'm glad it dropped down some more. All right i will pause. Watching 125. 65. Here on uh, peloton. This is based on the five minute time frame. But as of right now. Yeah 125. Yep 70. 65, right around there looks interesting, but. Gotta see uh. It's got to come back down now at this point, but all right i will go ahead and pause this well. Could it be coming into play. All right i'll pause. All right maybe coming into play. Here. I'm pretty sure i've said pause more than anything else in this video but yes i am. Well maybe not quite yet. Yep i am going to go ahead and pause. All right potentially, interested, to go long here, up around 63, 25. Looking like a potential. Bottom here forming. Not necessarily where it's going to go back up to the 70s, but at least for a. Scalp. I do have an order out to buy at 61.55. Though too if this thing wants to just continue to plunge. In fact if it looks like it's going to get over 63, i'm going to hop in. In at 63.. Let's see if we can get some movement here to the upside. Yeah and at 63. Exactly. Or did i just get suckered in i still like this candle i like the volume. Profile. Still think it's got a good chance to make a move up beyond 63.. There we go. Kind. Of. Yeah. I was looking for something more. Give it a few more moments here to try to make the move here for. Me. Well. That might have been the move which was a very weak move. I realized i was in the green but i mean i i need a little bit more than. Than. That. See if i want to i mean i still like the overall, premise of the. Of the movement here. Can it get back over 63., now can it actually make a move here. Though. Not seeming, so. This is a fake breakdown, though which i think it could be, 62-25. Added some more at 62-22. I think that was a fake. Breakdown. Let's see if we can make another push back up to 63. Here. Well 6250. Percent a little bit of a problem. There we go. If we can get a hammer here then i like this very much. Got to get through the 6270s. Though. There we go can we finally get back up to 63. Is the question. That's a great looking candle that's foreman. There's the break of 63.. Going to take out 500, there just in case. Just in case this thing doesn't get. Some additional, follow through. All right i'm gonna just take it all out there. Got the hammer, still might go but, i mean that's such a beautiful looking candle right there that. I thought it should be a little bit smoother than that and maybe it will go, um. But. Yeah and there we go so. Have you ever been there before where you just needed five seconds more patience.

I've Been there you just witnessed it right there, uh but still a nice little trade. And i'm almost thinking do i want to try to flip over now to the, short side here but this thing's pretty overextended, the downside. So um all right well. Brought myself down to just being right down a little bit over a thousand but we'll see if i can find maybe. Something else out there. Watching, piton, here for a break of 125. In there. 200, shares. Let's see if we can get more. I don't know is it even worth my time here goofing around with. All right well, took a little gain there. Piton. Owns me today. Getting partial, fills. Not behaving the way i wanted to behave, so i just took the partial there, i still made what 21 cents per share on it which was nice, had i gotten all 500, you know i would have played a little bit differently but with 200 shares. A little bit more limited, but um, yeah so let's see now down 9.77. Which again like i went back earlier. What's going on with the en ph. Sorry i know sometimes i interrupt my own learning lessons right in the middle of them because. And jks, so, actually played that one pretty well. Could have waited a little bit while longer sure but. Yeah so there's like i said beautiful candle there and that's why i got out because after such a beautiful candle. The move it just didn't behave like it should have been which proved to be true because that thing just has now rolled right back over. But if that thing wants to continue to pull back might be interested in another trade but i also might be looking to just wrap things up here. Like i said. Red days happen. And, you know the way my strategy, works is, i'm green a whole lot. Lots and lots of green but when i do lose they do tend to be bigger not always, but those days tend to be a little bit bigger but the point here being, because it's it's a high win rate strategy, because i'm. Pulling green out, way more often. Than red, and if you've ever watched any of my past videos where i do like monthly recaps. You'll see that. You know, there are a couple of red days and they're usually bigger but there's a whole lot of green days and you know. That's what can keep the risverse reward tilted in your favor. Wow we're over 30 minutes. Over 30 minutes but i guess if you're still here with me thank you very much as far as i'm concerned, i've said this in past long videos if you're still with me after 30 minutes, as far as i'm concerned we are friends but let's see if i can find one more trade because the market is still pretty active. Uh, but i'm definitely not gonna force anything but let's see if there's anything else that arises. I have an order at 94.50. Here 100, shares, i want more than. 100.. But this would at least get my feet wet. So again i want more than 100, shares. But i'll start off with 100. But of course it first needs to just. Keep on bleeding well and now it's doing the exact opposite now it's bouncing back up. It's all right never mind. Well i'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up down, 977. On the day, and this is just the transparent. Life of a day trader, um i realized the irony. Way back when at the beginning, over 30 minutes ago when i'm talking about. Oh you know i, i think i have a chance to make a cool video and here i am making. This video but, and honestly, the, learning lesson here that, uh. And i want to explain this the right way but, on p you can't have big winners. Unless you let things happen what do i mean by that well piton. You saw that entire trade i was positioned, in fact if you scroll back you'll see i was in the green. Actually and, why don't i just bring up the, the piton chart here. That might make a little bit more sense. Oh and actually let me bring change this back to one minute. But let's see. At that point right there, it started to come back down, bearish context. I gave it a chance, it came down i was in the green. I don't know, um. I'd have to scroll i think i was want to say i was up in the green 100 bucks 150, bucks right around there, but i i wanted to let it work i wanted to let it see if it did what i thought it could do, and pull back over that much more which would give in, giving me a, good size, winning trade. So yes i get it in hindsight oh i i could have pulled it out there and made 100 bucks 150, bucks, and and that's green that's true but, in order for an overall, risk verse reward profile, to work out, you've got to let winners win you've got to let positions work for you and sometimes. Like i said to be transparent, as a day trader, this is what happens just, brutal moves like that. I mean that's crazy. Just, down and then up. Now, would i take that trade again absolutely, i would take that trade. You know the law of large numbers more times than not no, when i say looking for a big trade i didn't mean that this thing i was thought it would go down to the lows and then continue to crash down that's not what i'm thinking you know saying what would happen but, i mean shirley, had moved, at least you know it's a back test maybe that breakout, point, maybe down around there 120, i mean, if i'd let that work out and it's p time so this thing can move pretty quick in both directions.

It Just didn't it just didn't work out but, you're never going to have a big winning trade unless you give things an opportunity to work but, that's a that's the flip side sometimes when you give things the opportunity to work they all of a sudden go against you and you end up walking away with a. A, a loss or in this situation. I mean again that loss. I can handle that that's not going to affect my month especially. When i you know like i said earlier just chipped away that chipped away at it so went from down being down i don't remember what it was like 1400, bucks something like that, uh to now being down 9.77. So with commissions probably right around a thousand dollars i'd say i'm down on the day, so from a broad monthly point of view i'll be okay that's something that i can, um, you know dig, that's a hole, that i can dig out of it's not like it just blew up my whole year it's not like oh great now, the past several months are red nothing like that, but again the the the, what you got to learn to do and it's not fun, and like it is you know it's. Easy to just show and it's easy to just talk about when things go in your favor and it's like oh yeah see. But ah you know this is transparency, right here this is what can happen as day traders do is you let something try to work. And it's it's valid at that point it was about now if you're just being a greedy savage that's hold on to the story but this was not being a greedy savage this was. A a, move that started to roll back over and given the context. It could have very well, pulled back that much more and that could have been a fantastic. Fantastic, trade. Uh it but it didn't it it moved back up, and then things got a little sloppy up around there, uh but, it is what it is so um yep. For those people clay, you only post winning trades no i i i really don't uh now do days like this happen often they don't happen often and that's why the the strategy. Works is because it is a high, higher win rate strategy. Uh but, it is what it is so if you are still with me right now. What should we put down in the comment section cause i'm curious, um. Let it work. Put that if you are still here right now in the comment section put let it work meaning, you gotta let trades work you gotta give things the opportunity, to play out, um and. So let it work in the comment section if you're still here. And now i'm seeing things. Wow today was quite an active day, so it makes it sting that much more than on such an active day here i am. In the red but. Uh. No, i'm just looking at other things. Well dkng. That one. Could could we really just get one more trade. Uh for. Now now the volatility's, not really there so, nope not gonna take it so that, it is what it is like i said let it work if you're still here put it down in the comment section also. Hit that like button if you enjoy these live trade videos especially. I mean when i post uh, losings, i mean, like i said i'm not and i'm not saying that all channels. Don't do this but yeah i i do know that some situations, it's like you know where all the losses, at, and there's never any losses but here, there is a loss. And you saw the entire process of how the loss took place, uh so hit that like button comments questions suggestions, leave those down below. And then check out the rest of the channel i assure you, to you know kind of circle back to the learning lesson you'll see some videos where there are some really big gains, and those big gains happen because. I let the trade work i gave the trade an opportunity, to play out and it did actually play out the way i thought it would, and those gains, like you said, from a bigger pitcher point of view, you know keep the you know keep the. Accounts and such, trending, in the way that you want to do it but thanks for hanging out bless your heart if you're still with me right now, basically 40 minute video, we are friends as far as i'm concerned, thanks for hanging out. First off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go, i want to invite you to a live webinar, web class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it but it will be me, live, revealing, to you what i discovered, that has allowed me to transform, myself, from being an employee.

To Being my own boss, including. How i had only one losing day out of 73, days in total, i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me, unlock, profitable, consistency, within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive, type of way, the second, key is super awesome because it quite literally, is wired into our dna, as humans. Making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders, i'll explain it all though, including how to avoid the pitfall, that it creates for some, and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you, how it all works, then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again. Totally live, even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay, that i will send you, click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description, box, so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event. If you have any questions. Let me know if not, i'll be seeing you soon.

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