[LIVE] Day Trading | Be a Perfect Trader? Not Needed!

[LIVE] Day Trading | Be a Perfect Trader? Not Needed!

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good morning it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in about five minutes real quick for those of you that are new to these videos when i say live what i mean is that this is not a situation where i've already recorded everything and now i'm coming back and doing a voice over some part of some sort of post commentary uh this is a situation where i am recording myself live right now getting the information for the very first time uh so if you want raw thoughts raw reactions you're gonna get that with this video if you are looking for a nicely edited video nicely scripted video you will not find that here but if you want kind of the nitty gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading can play out uh then you'll find that i actually already took one trade right when i was thinking about i don't do i want to do a recording today i was like yeah and then all of a sudden bbig popped up and i hopped in i gave it time um and it was just it was starting to hover around too much the level twos were not behaving so i was like you know what maybe i misread it uh so i just got out for break even so with commissions i'm probably down like i don't know two bucks three bucks something like that uh but the point here being uh that i read it wrong because it did eventually start to go in my favor however it was definitely at a situation where it could have gone either way when i decided to just get the break even there so yeah in hindsight yeah i could have made more but hey that's why i'm worth billions in my hindsight trading account my guess is you're probably worth billions in your hiding site trading account too but so i am starting the morning technically down let's just call it three dollars uh but uh overall though i think i'm gonna continue to watch bbig seems to have some good potential here a lot of volume and worthwhile volatility but there's some other nice ones out there too but i will go ahead and pause for now and i'll be back at the open market opens up here in about 30 seconds gonna be watching the six dollar break point here on bbig um that's very fascinating although what i would like to see is the opening bell ring and have it drop down first if it just decides to open up and then go straight down or excuse me straight up through six i'm not going to be interested in that but if it wants to you know drop down even just to the 570s and then come back up i would find that very interesting and the opening bell should be any second now okay there we go is it going to drop down or just going to go straight up through six nope i'll pull him back here a little bit all right there we go there is a bit of a pullback here okay what is that high yeah 610 all right well i'll let this one settle out here a little bit well now it's certain yeah not not really yeah not not getting much follow through so i'm going to go ahead and pause and let's see what else is out there all right i like tesla here 846 flush point for continuation one minute and what you see there is just the private community that i offer if you're not familiar at claytrader i do offer community one of the questions i get quite a bit is hey how does your community work so just want to show that but then also get my thought process documented here that 846 looks like a very interesting area actually not at this point 847 so if the price breaks down through 847 i'm gonna hop in in there at 8 46 81. i think this thing does want to get continuation to the downside here key break definitely going to be 846 but i think it can get that working its way down to 846. there we go well i thought i'd move a little bit more oh no it's snapping back up i guess it technically never broke 846 per se according to the chart it actually kind of never did if it comes back down to 846 now that would make it look even that much better of a setup okay it's trying to come back down to 846.

kind of finally break well some patience is being required here that's for sure yeah 846 false you got to think this thing's going to move to the downside very nicely but right now that seems like a big if okay there's the break come on get moving wow can it get going come on get down through 8 45 you dirty dog there we go see if we can get down through 844 well i mean all right all out there for 211 i did i think i took off some for a loss yes my those 50 shares right there i did take off for a loss just because uh if you remember that one move i think it was right there i don't know one of these it broke down through 846 and this was after it had already bounced and failed bounced and failed and i thought at that point there we go boom and then there was no boom and that's why i was like okay let me lighten up the load here just in case that this is about to you know cannot pull back in my face so i did take off 50 shares at a loss just to keep my risk under control because at that point i thought there was a very real chance that that thing might have just all of a sudden decide to want to turn around there because it finally broke and at that point where i thought that basically for sure wow if it breaks at that point for sure this thing is going to get moving quickly and it broke and it didn't uh oh clay maybe you're wrong but maybe you're still right so but in the event you are wrong clay let's let's mitigate the risk here a little bit that's why i took off those 50 shares for a loss and then of course it did go in my favor and i was still able to pull off uh uh you know 211 dollars from it so i mean i'm not complaining about it especially when you keep things in context i mean i don't know many places in the world where you can make 211 dollars in 10 minutes because it's 9 40 a.m right now so i'll take 211 dollars on a on a trade that just wasn't very smooth it worked out and now you can see it just bouncing back up so i mean it wasn't smooth but that's the nice thing about trading is you don't need it to be you don't need to be perfect you don't need to have a smooth you don't need to have like a flawless strategy you don't need the market to behave perfectly in order to make money no and see and that's what i was thinking could have potentially getting ready to happen right there but yeah that's to me this is freeing is to know that you don't have to be like perfect you don't have to read the markets perfectly in order to make money because i didn't read the markets perfectly i was actually right had i just stuck with my original instincts however uh you know in reflection yeah in hindsight it's easy to say all this but at that exact moment in time i thought i was wrong because i thought when 846 was broken then at that exact point all right now it's definitely got to go and it didn't uh so there we go though 10 minutes 211 dollars trade took a little bit of patience and now see that's that's what i was wondering about you know having this thing just all of a sudden bounce right back upwards but all right i'll go ahead and pause let's see if there's anything else i can find all right watching cmrx here remember just alerted it did not catch it but uh austin made the alert and also uh you can see uh right yeah i'm pretty sure i yeah i showed you that one i'm thinking back that 846 flush point so members had the opportunity to make money i mean so can to those of you members that watch these videos and took that trade with me uh congratulations uh wasn't the smoothest of trades but still plenty plenty it moved still plenty enough to make money on it but well now cmrx is actually pulling back here so i'm going to go ahead and cancel that out and uh never mind i have an order at 685 here trying to buy this pullback on bbig will it actually get down to 685. i don't know but i'll go ahead and pause for now and uh if it looks like it's gonna pull back and potentially fill me i'll get the video rolling all right getting in here bbig at 9 15. it was looking like there was

going to be a halt so i was going to try to play the gap up off the halt but well now i'm getting the exact opposite is happening here to me well let's see if this thing wants to recover up a little bit that was some goofy action there can i get back up to the 820s 850 is really going to be that key break point in my opinion all right well got that break all out there 205 loss just because i mean i'm glad i held just knowing that that was goofy but uh and even if it works out which it may and there it goes would have been totally fine uh but one of those situations where i was already down uh quite a bit but to just get back to being now green six dollars on the day um i'll take it and kind of just one of those kind of reset to live to fight another day and of course in hindsight i'm sitting there saying i should have just held held hell but that was goofy it was looking like it was gonna get halted and then all of a sudden it broke out and then down it went which is why i was like you know something's not quite right there um and now did i think that it would go right back up to the halt level i didn't that's why i decided to just kind of take what i could get keep the loss right around the 200 mark which keeps me green on the day uh but yeah here we go just um definitely not perfect trading at all but still actually believe it or not green on the day but let's see if i can find something else nio let's see 5665 key flush point one minute so we're gonna be watching that and oops get that out of the way i do wanna see 5665 be broken before i would take action on it but if it is broken i think that thing could i'm not looking for any sort of massive move or anything like that 56 want to see it actually break first though i'm not going to try to anticipate any breaks or anything like that yeah yeah 56.65 that area looks i'm looking at other time frames too and that area does indeed look good at this point it's just really a question of does it actually want to break down through there all right well i will go ahead and pause for now all right it's starting to get down to that general area see there's times i wonder should i should i just wait until i enter i don't let me know in the comment section do you like when i kind of wait to try to capture the entry point because there's no promise because like i said at the beginning of this video these are live so i have no idea if this is ever going to actually come into play or not so do you like just sitting here kind of waiting or all right should i just okay again 56.65 in at 56.64 let's see if we can get a push down through the 5660s now oh 56.60 i was not expecting that all

right there we go oh yeah what was i doing why didn't i change i was i forgot to change my shirt size there same thing with tesla that i was doing i wanted to scale out just kind of lighten up the load there because 5660 threw me off a little bit but i totally pulled myself out of the trade for 25 i'm i don't know maybe i'm subcom subconsciously trying to like not trade perfect at all so i can make the point that even when you don't trade perfect you can actually still make money in the market uh but again same exact logic that i use for tesla the right way meaning ah okay i'm not quite sure i'm not quite sure about that 5650 let me lighten up the load here a little bit so i meant to take off just a portion but uh i forgot to change the uh the share size so i just completely took myself out of the trade uh but it is what it is uh let's see if i can find another trade here i feel like i need to redeem myself i'm not gonna force a trade but if i find something good then uh maybe i'll make one more trade quick little update here on nioh um it worked but it didn't really work so i mean i guess in hindsight maybe that mistake was a good thing that i just totally pulled myself out of the trade because the lowest it ever went was down around 56.52 so i mean still plenty of room to to work with i mean this is not a super volatile stock so i mean you still got over 10 cents from it but well now it's coming back down here 56.50 is this where i would really want to enter in 56 more so 56 55. so the question comes at 56.55 breaks do i think that that's going to cause it to break down to 56.50 maybe especially after that failed bounce right there but the problem with this one is even a quote-unquote big move is like 15 cents i'm kind of looking for something a little bit more than that i mean i do like it at 56.55 if that

falls odds are high that it's gonna be breaking down through 56.50 but again then what i don't know does it move another 10 cents another 15 cents 20 cents i mean 20 cents i mean that would be a all the way down here look at that from 56.50 all the way down there i mean that's only 20 cents and again i suppose i could load up with larger share size but i'm kind of trying to stall right now to see if just you can see if it would have played out or not but yeah i'm not going to take it just for those reasons mrna maybe i should be hopping over there but yeah what a stubborn stubborn you know i'm actually going to alert that to the community at least as an ad point add to position with break of 56.55 there we go yeah definitely yep so once again bounce right up so 56 what was the low of that low of uh 56.56 okay so yeah 56.55 that would definitely be for anybody because there could still very well be people in from that first alert at that 56.65 that are maybe thinking

okay i sat through that and i'm sitting through all this chop to make it worth my while maybe i'll add given that you know it would once again be showing another sign of weakness so i could see that potentially being a possibility what's going on with yeah all right so it never it did go back yeah that was just goofy what a goofy goofy move that was yeah if you scroll back it was looking like the stock was going to be halted and i was like all right that's the first halt of the day odds are high that it'll halt up or open up in my favor let me just hop right in here almost kind of like playing a gap up if you will and then i mean you saw what happened from that point which was very bizarre which is why i had the confidence i wanted to give a little bit more space uh just to see if it would would come back up again did i think would come all the way back up absolutely not that's why i i took the loss at 200 in hindsight yeah i could actually walked away with a profit but yeah what a goofy one let's go check on nioh no okay all right now ah now i'm getting very interested because if this act if the price actually comes back down to 56.55 again that would imply that this current bounce that we're witnessing has failed so all right but to be fair maybe this bounce is actually a legitimate bounce i don't know um but i'll keep an eye on it but i'm going to go ahead and fubo just keep well i don't have a whole lot of experience with this one i could see a pullback let's see 34.85 excuse me 33. 85. maybe try some sort of a little quick scalp here on the pullback if it pulls back it seems like this thing just gone straight up volume's good on it all right well let's we'll see if this thing wants to pull back some i'll go ahead and pause well and here we are maybe that level is coming back into play and the good thing is if it doesn't work out maybe i'll close slightly right on the day um and so be it uh it's already been a crazy enough day but i don't know there i feel like things this thing's out at least skill potential if 5655 can be broken although i do not want to take it on this particular candle here all right there we go next candle started so watching 56.55 i feel like i'm talking myself into this trade here i'm now i need to that's exactly what i'm doing i it is a good setup don't get me wrong but i know right now that i'm trying to fight off the youtube troll saying clay you don't know like what are you doing and which is true right i this was not this was a very rough rough session here uh so i'm trying to redeem myself with some sort of like great trade so but i'm what how pathetic is that right that's really pathetic just you know how how long have we been recorded let's see how dedicated are you if you're still listening oh wow we're over 20 minutes in so yeah i'll speak freely here i mean how stupid is it that i'm sitting here worrying about oh well the youtube trolls might say this or like what that's pathetic that's pathetic so am i really going to go and force a trade just because i'm you know for that reason again this is a good setup though it really is i mean there's absolutely nothing wrong with it at all i'm just saying my motivations for it are not as pure as what they should be but once again that 56 55 mark look how stubborn this thing is i'm almost wondering if is it more of a confirmation break at just 56.50 let that thing kind of clear out of this area i will say this if this thing goes a solid green candle again and then fails to break 56.85 and then

comes back down i'm gonna take that trade just because that is just you know that's a setup that just needs to be taken all right there we go 5655 has officially been broken and then not look at that doesn't even budge well at least we're capturing some good action here but what a stubborn stubborn price level all right i will pause okay i have an order at 77 oh wow wait a second i don't realize that move or this all right that needs to be at 78.50 i did not realize that this thing was moving and as volatile as what it is so do you have an order just for 100 shares at 78.50 i would like more than 100 chairs but this will at least get my feet wet here but first entry point cannot be until up at the 78.50 mark so there's the break of 78. well now it's lollygang it around too much 78.95

well spwr what's going on with that one oh not much let's get back on track here what was that ticker symbol i was just watching what was that um i guess i can let me i can't remember oh yeah tal ah and now it's pulling back i guess my 7850 would that have been okay yeah 78 57. all right well let's go up to 79 95 at this point i'll go ahead and pause i'm at 80 85 what i'm looking for is a break of 80 and then a very fast move up which is what just happened there but didn't get up fat it got up as high as 80 46. so let's try it at 81.50

again i wanted to see a fast move i got a fast move just not quite not quite as fast as what i didn't want it so again want more than 100 gonna start here at 81.50 there's the break oh that was a week week break it broke and then only went eight cents all right i'm going to go ahead and pause all right i am in at 82.50 gonna try for another 100 up there and at 200 at 200 shares at an 83 average oh it's gonna be one of these stocks huh so i got out 100 and there's the other one for a 135 dollar trade very happy with that how high did it get did i ever get any up over 84 no i didn't i don't know how realistic i'm just i'm gonna think about it in hindsight yes of course i should have gotten some up above 84 when it shot up there but i'm just not quite sure if that was actually realistic or not or if it was just one of those things where the price just shot up there really fast and then came back down uh but yeah so maybe i should have had maybe i should have built up to 300 shares but again i'll have to re-watch it and see if that was really me just being an armchair quarterback on myself um or if that wasn't even really that realistic but either way you look at it i am way over my average right now 10 23 a.m so almost an hour for those of you that are new i like to try to you know keep people informed about the mentality but my approach that i've been doing is called the be done in 30 approach meaning i want to on average be done every morning in 30 minutes just because i do day trading as a side hustle so that i can have freedom of time go out do other things spend my time with my family work on other side hustles create other streams of income all that sort of stuff uh but again on average 30 minutes here i am way above average at almost an hour so uh but if you watch any of my past videos you'll see times where i'm done in three minutes seven minutes i think i did a recent video you know the seven minute work day uh so yeah sometimes you can be done in seven minutes other times it can be a chop fest it can be trading like you just saw here that's for an hour or not even an hour yet but regardless we'll just call it an hour but still walking away with 160 let's call it 160 100 let's call it 150 with commissions i don't know what it is uh but uh 150 dollars in an hour after what you saw was very very choppy very rough trading i'm happy with that and if anything it i'm happy in a sick and twisted way because at least this shows that not every morning is going to be smooth selling as a trader not every morning is going to be rainbows and butterflies sometimes you're just going to have to kind of slug it out sometimes you're just going to have to take punches and just kind of deal with what the market gives you sometimes you'll make stupid mistakes like i did uh but you know what you just keep at it because in all actuality tal good trade very very happy with it like i said maybe just maybe i should have gotten myself up to 300 shares instead of only having 200 but again i'm not quite sure if i'm being fair in that assessment or not because i don't know how fast it moved but tl i'm gonna chalk up as a good solid trade tesla was a good solid trade um and then you know those other ones were just uh more on the shaky side but it is what it is not every trade is going to be perfect not every trade is going to be flawless um and uh it is what it isn't but that's like i said what i said way back at the beginning of the video you know it's one of those things where that's why i love the markets because the markets it requires discipline the market requires uh hard work it requires you to you know be willing to take a punch but it does not require perfection the market doesn't require perfection and that's what you saw here so just you know take comfort in that now don't get wrong that doesn't mean you can just go out there and act like a degenerate gambler but as long as you are trying you have a system you have a strategy as long as you follow the system follow the strategy then you don't have to be perfect the market believe it or not can be forgiving it can be like oh yeah you know you're not doing very well but i mean you're still doing well enough we'll still give you some money so if you take some assurance and that wow we're almost at 30 minutes so if you are still here seriously thank you very much i feel like we're basically friends at this point in time if you're still watching this video after going on 30 minutes but before i wrap things up officially a couple of requests these videos are not easy to make i have to talk to you because again they are live so i have to think about what i'm going to say to you i have to actually talk to you i have to think about what i'm going to do for myself i have to enter in my own orders i have to think about what i'm going to what am i going to alert to the chat room i have to actually type up those alerts to the chat room in other words i just have a lot of stuff going on so while these videos are totally possible they're not the easiest thing to do so if you do enjoy them if you would like for me to continue to make them then two easy things you can do hit the like button leave a comment down below even if the comment is simply a rainbow or a butterfly or whatever you want a thumbs up emoji those two little things communicate to me clay yeah it is worth your time keep doing these videos and and i'll keep doing it as long as i know that there's interest and then also check out the channel as a whole there's a lot of other you know variety of videos on the channel so hopefully you decide to hit that subscribe button but yeah like i said as far as i'm concerned we are friends thanks for hanging out with me for this long first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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