[LIVE] Day Trading | An Ugly Fact About the Day Trader Life...

[LIVE] Day Trading | An Ugly Fact About the Day Trader Life...

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Good morning it's clay at claytrader.com. This will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades, as they play out live, right now keeping an eye on fran. Uh looking up here you can see if you're not familiar with my screen. Fran. And let's see market opens up in 25 minutes but you can see here already done 3.5. Million shares, so in other words a lot of people watch this one oh wow and maybe a pre-market, trade on it. Especially if it can maybe get up through that 10 40 mark. Up so very curious about 10 40 in fact so much so that i'm going to go ahead and get this alerted, in the chat room so if you're curious how does the chat room work. Yeah i'm just making an alert. Here. So. 10 40 key upside, break here during, pre-market. And as you can see here it is not broken, and i bring that up and i make that point just because, you can see that you know it's not like i'm getting in and then alerting, it or anything like that it is uh everybody will have the same same opportunity as i do i should also note that these videos are live it's not a voiceover, it's not a post commentary. So i don't know what's going to happen maybe that 10 40 mark will never come into play again, i have no idea but, i think that's why these videos are popular because they are a real life look you are hearing me think through my thoughts as things play out. Without me knowing what's actually going to come next but as of now. The pullback, uh, has occurred and now it's not even really that close to 10 40 but i'll keep an eye on it. I've revised. The, fran here update i've now said that 1020, looks like the new key point and then as i say here it looks like if we can get through that level, uh so if it can break through 10 20 then it's got a good chance it's looking like a breaking through that 1040, mark. Um so we'll see if that can play out or not i'll let the video roll because i feel like it's getting. Relatively, close here and also, just fyi. This is the pre-market. Chart that i have so i didn't have that on the screen when i first got the video rolling. But it is up there now. So if it looks like i said it wants to get up to that 10 20ish, area i will get the video rolling. All right it's making a move here. Or it looks like it wants to make a move. Had actually a false, break to the downside. And is now coming. Back to the upside but let's there it goes, in there at 10, 18.. So i anticipated, the break here a little bit and we'll see if it can ultimately get up there and push through or not. But yeah 10 20, gonna be that key area, and right, now.

I'm Taking on risk by having gotten in before that level even broke but i like the chances it can break and there is the break. Ooh. Not the greatest of breaks there at all. But i love this volume that's pouring in. So i want to give it some wiggle room here but yeah i'll be the first to admit. I thought i'd go a little bit more on that. Original, break of 10. 20.. Well this one might have gotten me here. I want to give a little wiggle room especially when it's pre-market, but um. Yeah that was uh not exactly what i wanted to see at. All. We'll see if it wants to make another push to get back up above 10. Here. Wow that was a great move too huge volume. Price was looking great. And then just like that. The party evaporated. On. Me. Like i said let's see if it wants to give it another. Go. No it's barely moving at all. All right do i want to make you sit through this or should i just pause the video. When something's, actually happening. Whether that's me needing to take the loss or if this thing is starting to you know try to move again all right well it's starting to move here again. Kind. Of. But i will go ahead and just pause the video for now and if it looks like it's going to actually. Make some sort of move in either direction then i'll get well. Now it's moving potentially, downwards, here. I don't know how do you let me know in the comment section how do you feel about these sorts of trades, do you want to see them. Kind of just consolidate. Out or should i just pause the video and get it rolling again when the price actually starts to move. Right i am going to go ahead and pause it. All right probably going to need to take the loss here. All out there, 234. Loss. I just can't risk having this thing just completely, collapse to the downside. I want to keep the hole small give myself a fighting chance to be able to. To climb out of it. So i would still be interested if it wants to try again up around that area but as of right now. Uh yeah that was just a good old-fashioned. Faulty breakout. I mean the volume was, absolutely. Huge. Beautiful, move. And. It got the 10 20 break, but then as you saw it, barely. Budged. And i made a comment about oh that's not looking so good. And of course i'm speaking in hindsight right now i probably should have just exited around there when i'm when i made that comment.

Uh About, things not looking so good. But it is what it is so yeah first trade market hasn't even quite opened yet, and i'm down 234. Dollars. All right i'm interested, in a potential, break here of ten dollars, if it looks like it wants to get up through ten. So we'll get the video rolling here. So it's making its way up. There. Now it's pulling back. All right well never mind but, just in case i missed entry point well i'll keep it rolling here. Now. I feel like it any i don't know this one it moves but it doesn't move. It's kind of choppy, all right well back down it goes so never mind. All right have an order at 8, 51.. I feel like if this thing breaks to the downside, of nine it could move very very quickly. I'd like more than 500, shares but at least 500, would get my feet wet. But again first step in this whole sequence is the price needs to first off get down to nine dollars and then break nine dollars. Um so we'll see if that happens. Well. Here was the tsm, trade that i alerted, at 78, uh or excuse me it was a new flush why i was talking about i don't remember now uh 78.75. And you can see it's broken down very nicely, through there. I chose not to take the trade, i just didn't. Feel right and, i was wrong to not have taken the trade because i'd be up uh. Basically over 50 cents right now per share, with maybe more coming around the corner here but um, like i said it was alerted. I just didn't take the trade but just as a little update on that one as far as that kodk. Let's look at this oh wow i know, nioh. But as far as what was i saying kodk, there's it just, wasn't doing anything so i just canceled that order and i moved on so it was a kind of quick little summary on that one. Yeah this one just moves too slow though. I mean that big that big old move right there was worth a whole 10 cents so not interested in that. But nioh. Is also moving. Oh nice or so short of this one finally huh. Right there the green e means that it's easy to borrow as far as shares are concerned, for, quite a while light speed my broker didn't have anything. So that is interesting i'll keep that in mind all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause. All right watching, kodak, here for a 960, potential, break.

I Think if it looks i think if it can break up through that area. It's got some momentum, it could find. I mean it's definitely consolidated, out here very very nicely. Missed it. All right well i got 400, shares on the back test here. So i didn't chase but now i want to let this thing work for me here. Oh crap. All right well. Didn't mean to do that. Did not mean to exit the trade there for uh, a nine cent. Move. So that was just a a user error on my part. Oh well. It happened well sq. It happens, let's see what's going on. A very nice move. An mrna. Wow. Alerted, that one this morning, at a, break of 81.. So right there you can see for members. 81, key upside break and this thing's now approaching, 83.. Um i'm not quite sure. Well actually i do know how i missed it i was just paying attention to all these other things that uh, i'm too busy. Taking my profits, at. Nine cent moves. Yeah that one's just. No. Mrna, though. I wouldn't mind building a position in this one. Let's go for 100, shares up there at, 83.45. Now i definitely like more than. Uh, 100, shares but this will allow me to get my feet wet. So let me say that again i would i want more than 100 shares but i'm looking to build some size here and what i think is getting a little bit of an overextended, move here. But first off this thing needs to get up through 83. Which it's failing to do right now. But i'll go ahead and pause so let's see what am i i'm down 76. Now on the day. And oh. Oh. You more. Well. That was a costly, mistake, but uh i suppose, if there's any sort of. You can see right here. And i'm just doing this just to show you that i mean this is what's available to everybody right there i took. Nine dollars and sixty cents key upside, break point. And wow look at it go now. So congratulations. To members that actually got in and then didn't press the wrong buttons like i did. No i'm not saying that i would have still played that perfectly, and and sold the top i'm not saying that i'm just saying that uh you know that was definitely, the power of charts. Members had the same exact, opportunity. Mrna. Is finally going let's see can it get up to. 83.. 45.. I'm wondering if i'm kind of just wasting my time with this one right now when you have. Well what is going on with dhi. I've i've alerted this alert as just being a nasty one but. Oh wow just. Grinding, grinding. Downwards. Yeah that is disappointing, i would be interested to try to build a position on this one if it can get up over. 11.. So looking at short at 11 35. 500, shares again just uh an additional, or uh initial entry point get my feet wet a little. Bit. Actually. Let's go to 11 55, here.

There's The break. So let's see if this thing can get it up to, while that stings. Oh man. Again i'm not trying to sit here i mean it's easy to say oh yeah and i would have been, playing it perfectly and i'd still be in. But. I would have. Easily wiped away the losses there. But let's see if this thing can get up to 11. 15. Or excuse me 11 55. What is the low of that candle. 10.90. That might be some sort of fake breakout here. So i may be interested, in a short at right around 11. But i need to let this play out a little bit more. Yeah that's a lot ah. Shoot. Let's see if it can nice all right back up above 11 it goes. I'm going to change things up let's see if we can what's the low of that candle, low 11, 10 88 1080 yeah so 1090, this area right here okay. So in at, 1103. I think this thing wants to pull back some more hair. So out there for just a quick quick scalp, given that i am severely, going against a very strong move. So got the quick movement there but now let's see if this thing wants to continue on to the upside. Then i will play it. But i was definitely going well against the trend on that one hence me being very very now that was not an error i meant to take the the quick, what was that, uh. Made 12 cents on it the quick 60 dollars i made 60, in what like three seconds, so that was that was by design. The first one was totally just an error but not that one. Uh amk, are it's, dropping. What does this one want to do. Does it want to actually break back to the upside. Well now instead of i'm thinking about maybe potentially, trying to go long here up around this 1125. Area. But it's pretty overextended, on the five minute, let me bring over the five minute you can see there so keep in mind if you are new to my videos i am you know watching more than what you see on the screen here. All right i will go ahead and pause let's but with the uh down 14. Well this member played it right uh you can see here on uh kodk. They bought right there, at, 961. So they they waited for the break, nice fill though by the way to get one penny beyond the break well done. Um and then they ultimately, sold it for. Uh right here you can see the sell. For. 10.49. So a great great trade right there. Um, and uh unfortunately, for me as you saw, i know i'm probably annoying you but, it makes me feel better to just kind of, wallow in my self-pity, about that one but, in all seriousness. Good to see members making money so there's an example but well done how did you get one penny above the breakout, that's an awesome fill. Very very nice. All right i will go ahead and pause. Have an order at 11 85, to get short here on. Kodk. Again just 500, shares but that'll allow me to get my feet wet on the position. I'd like more than 500.. All right well i will go ahead and pause as the video is starting to drag out here so i'll keep you updated. All right i think if this thing looks like it wants to break 11 25, i'm gonna get in for a short-sighted, scalp. This upwards movement here is looking a little. Tired. But it may not be tired hence me wanting to see a little bit more confirmation. Watching 11 25, very. Closely. Yeah that 11 35-ish. Area actually looks like the truer one. Yeah notice how whenever it gets down to 11. 35-ish. Area it doesn't. Quite. I'm liking that area that much more now because if it goes back down that would imply. That this current upwards move here has failed. Yeah i'm watching more so 11 35, now. But i also do have an order to short at 12 15. So if this move wants to continue upwards. Then i'll be ready up. There. We got that 11 35-ish. Area still very very interesting, especially, now if it can come into play because if it comes into play now that implies this current upwards move that we're watching, has. Failed. All right i'm going to go ahead and pause. All right it's, moving down here somewhat. And then it goes right back. Up. This is their. 1150. I'm going to adjust it up to 11.50, i think of 1150. Fails it should at least get a little bit of a move to the downside. I'll miss that. All right well let's go back down. To. 11 25, area, so in there at 11 34. I think it's time this thing wants to move down to the, through that. Area. As we witnessed, it tried to move up and now it failed to do so, so i think there's that just represents, the selling pressure that exists out there right now on. It. But wow so many buyers at 11 40., that really is the level or if that can. Fail. Look at all those buyers there. Well they're gone. This area, so. Stubborn. All right, break even there. That's okay, i, i even if it comes down i feel very good about that this just watch it just won't budge, it will not give up and i'm not gonna risk having this thing just snap to the upside.

Um So. Break even on that trade. And feel very good about it i mean i would not be shocked at all at this point to see this thing just. Go back to the upside this is without doubt, a very and there it goes. Back up above 1150. And now a new green candle is forming so uh yep played that one right without doubt. I am interested, at 11 25, again just because, once again, green candle and if that green candle fails, once again you got to think that eventually this thing is going to pull back some. So in at 11 25. Can we finally get some sort of move to the downside. Here. This thing just does not, want to go down. Trying to be patient with. It. Let's see if it wants to try. Again. Wow. If it wants to roll back over i will look to add to the position, because i just think this this thing yep. Trying to get in at 11, 45. Here. Well didn't give me didn't let me in. Is this finally gonna be the. Move. All right just. I. Well. I tried to add to the position which would have been fantastic. So more of the story here that i'm getting as i just can't i can't time this one right. Uh, if you look back you'll see, again scroll back and you'll see a white order for 1145. Show up white meaning, the market or the order was into the market, but it just wouldn't, it didn't fill, so i tried to add another 500, to have a thousand. Um and after that failure and then seeing it go down i just decided, you know what i'm taking the 50. And i'm waving the white flag on this one, sometimes, and and maybe this is probably the, learning lesson here. Sometimes you just have to admit to yourself. I i. I can't read the stock and i can't read this one um, now granted i read it earlier very nicely with the 960, and i think this is why i keep trying to come back to it i think in the back of my mind. There's some sort of i don't want to say revenge, trading voice because every single trade i've made on this one i mean it's made sense from the charting perspective. Um it's made sense and now you can see this one's actually finally rolling back over, and had i gotten the thousand shares, i'd probably still have, right around 500, shares right now on it uh but, with me not getting filled when i try to add more, um and it's just, like i said, and as i stumble over my words and again this is not some sort of post commentary, this is not a voice over i am literally thinking, processing, my thoughts. Right now at this very moment. So i just need to like i said just take the uh. Take with the market uh, was was willing to give me on this one. And you know it's a situation, where. I'm just not quite getting it right anymore, and i can't quite, uh. You know read it, and i'm just still watching this one i honestly i want to take, i want to take another trade if i'm being fully transparent, here, i want to take another trade on it but there's no way i'm going to because i literally just told everybody here that i need to be done with this one, i'm sort of holding myself accountable. Yes i need to be done, um on this one and just, offer up and show. I am green, on the day. So let's see. You can see uh right down here my. So this is the this is what matters the most net. So my net after, fees and all that sort of stuff is now at six dollars. And eighteen. Cents. So. Six dollars and eighteen cents. I need to wrap up the video because it's i gotta go shopping for a couple of rolex, watches after today, uh but, in all seriousness. What is the main learning lesson here yet you want to make sure that. And look at this thing just back up it goes so it's just. Strong stock you got to give credit where credit stu, but where was fran. At. Oh, yeah nasty so i mean let's keep things in perspective, here well it actually did recover a little bit but even where it recovered to still not where it was i mean had i held and hoped held and hoped held and hoped, what i've been doing i've been stuck, stuck stuck stuck stuck, and even now. With the price moving upwards i would still be underwater, on it so there's no doubt about it this is the what is known as you know opportunity, cost. Meaning. The opportunity, to go out there and do what will, make my money back you know just make money, when you sit there and hold and hope that's the cost that a lot of people, don't realize, is you are missing out on the opportunities, to go out there and put that money to use, to trade other things an opportunity, cost, and again like i said i would have sat here all morning long, not to mention that loss would have already been way bigger than the 234. Dollars, uh you know even with it is right now because where did i sell that i got out of that trade and took the loss at. 9.72. So yeah i mean it's not even close to 9.72, right now it's still basically a dollar away.

So I'd still be waiting waiting waiting for it just to get up that level where i could just break even yet here at this point, i've wiped away that entire loss why because, i just cut the loss, i managed my risk, and i went out and i found other tradable, opportunities, so um you know just keep that in mind, when you sit there and make a decision to break rules to not honor risk. And you're gonna sit there and hold and hope hold and hope well there is a cost associated, with that, not only from the cost of potentially, you losing even more money, but there's also the opportunity. For you to go out there and make that money back. Now if you are interested, in getting the alerts like you saw here so i mean members did very very well um, despite me screwing up some of my own alerts but like i said if you want some of those alerts. Claytrader.com, forward slash team the way to approach that is, we'll use this pricing method the 99. For three months access so not per month three months, which breaks down to eight dollars and 25 cents per week so you just need to approach it if i invest 99. To join, do i believe the service can give me at least eight dollars and 25, cents not per day but per week, per week of value if you believe the service can give you more than eight dollars and 25, cents per week of value, then you'll get a great return on your investment. So go check that out there is also a mobile app so it's not like you have to stay change your computer or anything like that all the time. So just keep that in mind and then as far as this video is concerned if you like these live trade videos. If you enjoy, you know just seeing my and hearing my thought process, as things play out live, hit that like button also comments questions suggestions, please leave those down below, i do read comments and i will reply to them and then finally, if you enjoy, the video and if i'd encourage you to check out the channel and if you like what you see then hopefully decide to hit that subscribe button i'd love to have you as a subscriber, but yeah consider joining the community claytrader.com.

Forward Slash team and let me know if you have any questions. First off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go, i want to invite you to a live webinar, web class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it but it will be me, live, revealing, to you what i discovered, that has allowed me to transform, myself, from being an employee. To being my own boss, including. How i had only one losing day out of 73, days in total, i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me, unlock, profitable, consistency. Within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive, type of way, the second, key is super awesome because it quite literally, is wired into our dna, as humans, making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders, i'll explain it all though, including, how to avoid the pitfall, that it creates for some, and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you, how it all works, then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again, totally, live, even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay, that i will send you, click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description, box, so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which i should note is limited, due to the fact that this truly, is a live event, if you have any questions. Let me know if not, i'll be seeing you soon.

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