[LIVE] Day Trading | A Wild (and Embarrassing) Ride in the Stock Market

[LIVE] Day Trading | A Wild (and Embarrassing) Ride in the Stock Market

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good morning it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live real quick if you are new to these videos what do i mean by live well i mean that this is not a situation where everything has already been recorded and now i'm coming back and doing a voiceover or some sort of post commentary nothing like that i am seeing the information for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw emotions raw reactions you will get that with the video if you want a nicely edited video nicely scripted video you won't get that here but if you just want a nitty gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader and how day trading can play out then you will find that with the video but as of now going to be watching jg out of the opening gates have already traded uh one trade ar ec and this was back at 8 30 didn't have the video software set up at all at that point it was a quick um let's see how i was looking at the time stamps there yeah 11 second trade for 105 so not too bad to make 100 in 11 seconds but i am starting up a little green on the day with the hundred dollars um and like i said gonna be watching i think jg out of the opening gates but i say i think because um these are live so i don't know something else might pop up at the last second but that's the current goal so i'll go ahead and pause and i'll be back in a couple minutes once the market opens all right i'll be watching 11 50 out of the opening gates in fact just made this alert to my chatroom community so you can kind of get my thoughts documented there jg 1150 upside break and if you're not familiar i do offer a private trading group at claytrader.com so that's just an example of that for those people that are kind of wondering how does it work so i'm gonna market should be opening and there we go market is open well this one's just deciding to pull back anyway so what is that high 11 i could see 11 being when i get that updated ag update 11 upside break point one minute let's go check out u because that was and not the strongest volume let's check lpton i'm just looking around at my other screens here still watching the 11 mark here but as right now it seems to be pulling back piton is just uh i mean it's easy to say oh i should have shorted up there but i mean right now that you just not any sort of signals or confirmation points really any pattern just straight down so that's very hard to work with and if you do hear typing that's just me making the alerts to the community oh wow all right well jg never came up through 11 just more of a pullback now so that's why you always wait for confirmation just to see uh you know what happens but as of now that one's kind of falling by the wayside so okay i'm gonna go ahead and pause and i'll keep looking around and if i see something i'll get the video rolling i have an order at 59.15

and i'm in there for opening 500 shares out for a quick fifty dollars up at 59.55 now and this move is just bonkers all right let's go to 59.95 at this point i would like more than 500 shares but i'm not going to turn down a quick fifty dollars either what's going on with lai x nice move here but just so it's pulled back here so okay well and i was actually short i was interested in shorting that one down around the 5750 mark but never got confirmation and then the thing just took right off same with jg oh now this one's halted yeah look at that just total and that's why confirmation is important qs what's going on with qs here all right qs let me get that alerted all right well like i said took the quick 50 there and snapchat is just like i said crazy crazy crazy right now i would be definitely interested if that thing wants to get up over 60 but um at this point maybe it's finally gonna calm down a little bit so all right i'll go ahead and pause no idea what happened here with snap i mean it was booming and now has just totally fallen apart watching 5715 as potential area for short hair if it breaks down below 5720 in fact i'm gonna get that alerted snap 57 20 flush point one minute maybe even higher now 57.50 what i'd like for it to see is for it to get up above that yellow line there which is the v web and then come back down and i will short at 57.50 but step one's got to be it's got to get up above the yellow line because i want to see a false break out of that area come on so close just give me a false breakout all right well it got hit it hit right on it there we go all right up above let's see if 5750 comes back into play here in at 57.52

let's see if we can get more of a push down through here give this thing a little wiggle room here all right all out there for 188 loss i thought it would roll over it's not rolling over and i'll get this thing boom right back to the upside uh so now down 83 on the day okay let's see what's going on here 33. 55. try to get short 500 shares out like more than 500.

let's see there we go got the move now i want to see a little bit more follow through here there we go or maybe i go up to 33 yeah let's do this let's do 33.75 so i can get a bit more aggressive with my profit so let's see if we can get up through 30 perfect close come on a little bit more nope hesitated too much go to 33.95 at this point well in hindsight i should have just stayed at 33.55 but hey that is uh that

is why everybody's a great trader in hindsight oh look at this snap right back down to 57.50 and once again bouncing from that level it's g me up two here just booming do i think i can get over 64 on this momentum probably but and there it goes so yeah i could have just bought but that was a bit too much of a chase and look at that 5750 once again what is that level yeah 57 right around there i'm gonna try it again at 57.50 57.51 i think this thing really does want to get moving to the downside here if it can break through there it should should go should give me a nice nice opportunity right now it's just a matter of does it actually want to make that move gmh is still going if it does come back down to 5750 i will add to the position because that will imply that this movement here has just been once again totally wiped away i'm gonna wait to see if 5750 is broken though so probably will add around 57.45ish

like i said let's see if this thing wants to make a move in my favor or not it's starting to come back down okay 57.50 like i said i don't want to touch it until it can at least break down through that level 5760s being pretty stubborn right now okay let's see 57.50 in there at 57.48 let's see if we can now get some follow-through here did i just get suckered in and should not have added we'll see wow this area here i mean if it can break you got to think it it's going to go let's see if it wants to give it another try yeah 57.50 again so so stubbornly strong i think it goes back down there one more time i think it'll finally go so much so that i'm debating do i want to try to add again but as of right now it's bouncing back up so yes at this point if it does come back down i will add another 500 just because that would imply yet another failed bounce here patience is definitely being required on this one that's for sure i don't know now 57 90 seem to be kind of that problem area all right well i'm going to go ahead and pause i'm not going to make you sit here and watch through any more of this and um if it looks like i'm either going to be having to take the loss or if it's going to end up coming back down in my favor then i will get the video rolling at that time all right it's starting to head back down here want to see if it can break down through actually i don't like the overextended there so i'm not going to i'm not going to add more because this candle is relatively overextended but look at that once again right off that 5750 mark this is unbelievable 5768 though all right well there we go can it finally go here if it can even get past 57.60

this this is uh this is quite the quite the slugfest right now it really seems as though 5760 is gonna be is that new very stubborn point oh and then back up it goes all right i will pause all right nearing it again kind of once again sitting right around the 5750 mark and once again does not go all right i'm out there i'm not going to fool around with it anymore gave that thing plenty plenty plenty of opportunity but if it does come back down i'm gonna be interested again yeah look at that thing is this thing gonna break it or isn't it that's really the the big question here but all right i will go ahead and pause all right entering or nearing it again and this has got to be the worst video ever it's literally just been wow 19 minutes of sitting here watching this thing go back and forth and at 57.50 wow absolutely refuses to break look at that then just get stuck at 57.49 look at that's crazy all right there we go kind of took out 500 there i mean what a terrible terrible breakdown all right small small small win there even when it broke and moved it got no continuation it just bounced back upwards so i'm officially done with this one i at this point i don't care if it goes it's just not um there's something there's something going on there at that level so yeah right now down 478 pltr maybe a fake break out here i don't know about that whatever happened to what was i looking at earlier was that cciv i think oh yeah cciv well totally rolled back over see that's what i was looking for look at that consolidate consolidated and then broke down through and got some movement but that's just uh snap is just not wanting to do that and it might still do it but like i said let's see what's going on with gme pull back is this thing going to just what is that previous break 68 do i think this thing can oh i was gonna say do i think this thing can get over 75 and as i'm saying that it just uh skyrocketed above 75. and there we go it's probably into another halt here i would imagine soon okay i'll go ahead and pause well for full disclosure and embarrassment's sake there it goes there it goes there's the move i was trying to play that entire time and it just was not giving it to me and yeah in hindsight clay if you would have held you'd have been you'd have been golden you're absolutely right but that is hindsight for you so that one stings that's embarrassing but you know that's uh that's how the markets are so at this point down 478 by no means am i going to try to you know get all this back but if i can take a quick couple of trades here or there uh you know chip away at a little bit that'll be fine i mean my overall i mean i'm still totally fine as far as the week is concerning everything like that so the last thing i you know want to do here is try to swing big or anything like that but yeah i mean if i can get a couple of trades here or there i'd be happy with that let me throw out an order at 34.25 see if it can shoot up there and fill me if it gets up through 34 i want to see it move very quickly well it got up there but only went to 34.09 i'm now at 34.45

let's see if it can work its way up to that area again i would like more than 500 shares but that'll allow me to get my feet wet on it bb going amc getting hung up there gme i'd imagine is he a halted when nice move prtr and up and pulling back so never mind i don't know i don't want to look at snap how bad is it gonna be oh my goodness look at that did it really snap down that far well that's embarrassing all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right i'm looking at gme to get up through 90. and all out there for a thousand dollars and 77 on the quick quick scalp so that puts me up at 5.98 on the day and like i said that needed to be a quick scalp coming out of that halt let's snap it i don't know why i keep coming back to snap actually i do know why that's can you see the uh and i'm realizing it now but the emotion the emotion of being so like i feel insulted that and think about it these are just numbers it's just four letters but somehow i'm looking at snap i'm angry at snap right now because not not really because of the loss but because it made me look stupid like i don't want to put this post this video i mean i and i sure what are you talking about clay you just made a thought yeah i know but i look so stupid on snap i mean i got played like a fiddle on it and i'm like insulted it's like you insulted me in front of my viewers snap i i need to get you back i need to at least get some of those gains back and i keep coming back to it and it's it's really ridiculous but i mean that's kind of the that's the psychology of the market that's uh you know how you got to be careful because and it's pathetic i openly admit it's pathetic clay you're letting some you seriously feel insulted by something that is letters and numbers you know known as a stock yeah that when i put it that way that's that's kind of embarrassing like what am i even talking about why why am i letting that insult me but you know it's uh it's it's sad it's goofy but to in my defense at least pat myself on the back here a little bit at least i'm self-aware about it um and you just got to be self-aware so it's okay to kind of act like i am right now we're like man i feel insulted by the stock this stock embarrassed me that's okay laugh about it make fun of yourself but just be aware of it and when you're aware of it then you can you know fight against it and the way i'm fighting against it is i'm not touching snap at all because i am not in the right framework in the least to be able to make a good decision on snap uh in terms of uh you know trading it because it insulted me it it has embarrassed me but it is actually 1007 am so a little bit past my goal um for those of you that are maybe doing my goal and my approach is what i call the be done in 30 approach i mean i'm looking to be done on average 30 minutes every day um so today a little bit more than that but sometimes i'm done in like five minutes 10 minutes but and the reason i do this is i understand some people get into the markets they do trading whether it be a side hustle or a full-time thing because they want rolex watches and that's cool if you want rolex watches if you want a private jet i hope you get a private jet maybe invite me for a ride sometime i'm all for i do it for freedom of time i want to have flexibility with my time i'm a father i four young kids one on the way uh so come june i'll have five kids and it's one of those things where i want to spend time with my family and that that's my motivation so if i can get done in 30 minutes and in this situation if i can make 598 i don't know what commissions are let's call it 550.

so if i could make 550 in what was it 38 minutes today i'm not sure of many places in the world where you can make 550. in 38 minutes from working i'm home pressing buttons on the computer so i'm more than grateful for that and you know that's why i do it again if you want the rolex watches cool go for it if you want the private jet the yacht hey go for it i want you to get it like i said maybe just throw an invite my way now as i wrap it up here one final request on my part uh if you do enjoy these live videos then please let me know when i say that because these are not easy to make because they are truly live i have to think for myself what am i going to do i have to actually make my traits i have to think what i'm going to communicate to in the chat room i have to make those alerts in the chat room i have to think about what i'm going to say to you and there's a lot going on now don't get me wrong the videos are totally doable been doing them for years but i want to make sure that i'm continuing to use my time properly because if if they're not worth my time if people aren't interested then i'm just i'm just not going to do them um so the easy way to communicate to me hey clay yeah please keep doing these videos is to hit that like button and also leave a comment below even if it's a simple comment such as a rainbow emoji a unicorn emoji a thumbs up emoji something that simple goes a long way in communicating to me that you do enjoy these videos and it is worth my time so hit the like button leave a simple comment below then also check out the channel as a whole there's lots of different content on there so if you like what you see enough to hit that subscribe button but overall thanks for hanging out and yeah it's okay to let a stock insult you and be embarrassed by a stock be aware of it laugh about it but as long as you're aware that means you can you know you can fight against it um so i'm gonna go on and probably just curse i'm gonna download the app and then delete it off my phone just despite snapping their statistics that's how embarrassed i am but in all seriousness everybody take care have a good one first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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