[LIVE] Day Trading | A Goofy Morning of Price Action...

[LIVE] Day Trading | A Goofy Morning of Price Action...

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hey it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in about 20 minutes now when i say live in case maybe you're new to these videos this is not a situation where everything's already been recorded and now i'm coming back and doing a voiceover or some sort of post commentary nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing the information live for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw reactions raw emotions you will get that with the video if you want nicely edited video nicely scripted video you won't get that here but you will get a nitty-gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader and how day trading can play out uh quite a bit of action going on around the market right now i think i don't know i think i'll be watching cciv out of the opening gates however that is definitely subject to change because again these are live so who knows what's going to happen over the next 20 minutes from now to the open maybe even a pre-market trade somewhere we'll just have to sit back and see but as of now that is a game plan so i'll go ahead and pause and get things rolling again if something else pops up so what i do like here are cciv 2665 upside break point here in pre-market so what you're seeing here is my private community that i offer if you're not familiar with claytrader.com i do offer a private uh chat room community and that's just you know how it works so trying to kill a couple birds with one stone just document my thought process right here and then also show you how the chat room works in case i know some people are always wondering all right i'm thinking about joining clay but how exactly does it work well there's a little example there so looking for 2665 right now it's you know down below 2640 but that could always change so if something comes about in that regards to that one i'll get it rolling again but if not i'll just go ahead and pause well the problem with pre-market is sometimes things appear to not be going your way so you'll walk away or whatever and that's what happened here uh you can see cciv uh which was what we were just talking about now pushing potentially a 27 break here and again as you saw that was a 26 65 uh entry point there that was alerted so i i totally missed it wasn't even around wasn't paying attention uh but for any of you members that watch these videos and are watching this congratulations to you you got a fantastic move here curious if it can get up through 27 here because that would be a kind of nice little cherry on top there but uh either way in the midst right now a fantastic move um and you're not alone if you've ever identified something in pre-market trading and then you ultimately miss it because and there it goes up to 2707 that fast but you just miss it because i don't know it's pre-market nothing's really you know nothing things can appear and like i said this one actually pulled back so this is what caused me to be like all right well let me let me go just see what's going on with my you know the kids my family and then all of a sudden you know it did recover back up nicely and and totally just ended up getting that break but it was looking kind of sketchy um and that's just kind of how it goes so you're not alone you're not alone if you've ever identified something solid in pre-market and then you turn your you know back around for you know a second a minute a couple minutes and oh missed it but anyway just wanted to update that but anyways congratulations to members markets open up here any second now markets are open watching gme out of the opening gates here absolutely crazy craziness on this one you got to think that this thing would want to make at least a run up to a 100 mark but really not a whole lot of movement on it right now let's go over to cciv oh wow now that one's over 28. no i take the what in the world look at that bid that bid right there is at 28 but the actual price in the 26s well that is some goofiness like i said there was some weird stuff going on what's going on with pltr oh quite the move on this one and gme off screen not a not a big rant in fact volume is pltr just continuing to grind all right what i'm going to do here oh there's not even any shares to short so never mind gme yeah look at the volume volume is just almost non-existent mrna let's see what's going on with this one here yeah i'm gonna stay away from gme i don't it feels like too much of a gamble right now with the volume and it feels like it could just snap any direction and look at cciv that 28 is still just sitting there 27 does still look like an interesting potential ariel for a break but even that it's kind of bizarre i'm almost questioning is my broker or something off but i mean everything seems to be all right bb and not bby i want bb now that one's pulling back all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause and see if i can find something and there it is yeah something look at this look at this big volume bar all of a sudden and in the downwards direction that's why i just want to stay away from it now to be fair it might recover but at that point it was something just wasn't quite rel i mean look at that the volume was just not there and all of a sudden made the comment i feel like it could go anyway and it happened to go down and all of a sudden it's going to get halted to the downside so um yeah i i don't want to say i i'm glad i listened my instincts cause that wasn't quite instincts that was just you know observing you know the technical chart there but yeah so now gme is officially halted 852 but tesla's so jumpy 860 is actually a super interesting level on tesla in fact i gotta get that alerted resistance should move if it can break i mean look at this what is yeah this tesla's just untradeable right now look at this glad i'm capturing on video here but well it's where there's goofy prints going through when the price isn't yeah is this the market being goofy is this my broker what's that 860. the true price at 86. i don't know why it keeps coming

down to that 852 mark cause you watch level twos over here yeah so i mean leave me a comment was there if you can see what's going on but yeah it keeps acting like it's coming down to that area but you look over here at the actual bid and the bids are up there in the 859s but yeah 860 once again check it out being a very very stubborn level that's right where the price right there you can see the high 860. wow this is a very very bizarre morning like i said i don't know if there's something going on at the exchanges or if it's it might very well be me i'm not gonna i'm not trying to uh and look at that just like that boom broke and up three dollars and fifty cents up four dollars but still this is just throwing me off it's for me i i don't know what to make of all that i suppose i could have just went with the level twos and ignored the chart but anyways there is the uh i mean the alert i made to the the members 860s being approached a super stubborn resistance should move if it can break and yeah it moved big time but i was not able to take part of it all right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause i mean wow we're at eight minutes in this video and there's not i don't know but this is actually really unique unique uh price action be capturing here and pltr just continues to go wow maybe look to buy a pullback on this one since i can't do no shorts anyway cciv just totally turned around and look at that now all of a sudden the volume starts to come to this one this is some strange action in fact so much so that this this thing could very well be headed into halt territory all right i'm going to go ahead and pause watching this 3865ish area here on bbby for a short but again these level and i've talked in the chat room everybody's having the same issue so it's not me but just trying to see if this thing wants to break down through this 38 3850ish area or could be a potential interesting upside along around that 41 mark but we'll see what happens with it 39 now kind of that area that seems to be very interesting if it can break down through there so watching closely confirmation is excuse me it's key though and yeah i'm just not really even watching the chart now because the chart seems to be off but with uh level twos and price data so again 39 is that level that looking to see it break down through would love to see it actually go green again green candle then come back down yeah 39. is that level that i'm watching very closely i will go ahead and pause for now okay it's just gonna move so jump yeah like that okay so watching 39 in there at 38.89 let's see if we can get this breakdown here yeah 38 80ish seems to be that level knocking on 39 again still 39 doesn't quite seem to be the area it's that 38 80ish area but getting down below 39 is definitely going to be a very important first step see now 39 there we go okay see 3880 there we go wow it only went four cents come on break get going back above 39. let's see if it wants to give it another go all right pulled out majority of my position i i don't know if it'll go or not now so still have 100 shares in the event that it does go but i just don't know so i got to mitigate my risk here out there 62 loss i'm still interested if it comes back down but to me i think it's more so that 3860 range that may be the actual confirmation point but i'm just not gonna risk having this thing you know keep on going up against me so i'll 62 is something i can live with yeah 38 yeah 38.60 i'm gonna watch it i mean it's still a super interesting setup it's just a question of can that 3860 be broken okay what watching 3860 very very closely i'm not trusting myself yeah 3860.

and now look at that bam right back up to 39 wow that was a crazy move that was crazy you'll have to scroll back and watch that but it was at right at 6 38 61 and then that fast and literally a blink of an eye it was up to 39 on the bid again this is oh wow what is going on with tesla on that setup won the world is this real holy smokes 8.75 all right what tell what kind of range is that tesla is this just the market being goofy or what but that is one tight tight little range up there all right i will go ahead and pause okay coming down to that level again 38.60 i am not going to take it on this candle though so i'm either going to get left behind or i'm going gonna get a nice little confirmation point here but i'm not gonna take it on this candle so for the next basically 45-ish seconds this candle needs to stay above 38.60 so that could be a bad choice on my part it might leave me behind but that's just what i feel comfortable with so i'm not gonna take it on this candle what a level though stay above it oh maybe it'll recover back upwards or is this going to be the actual final true break well in all in all honesty i can't say i'm that disappointed right now that was a very weak breakdown compared to what i thought it would be it may still go but yeah i thought it would be i thought it would go much quicker than what it actually did so i'm gonna go ahead and pause and try to find something else quick little update here on bbby it's been uh a few minutes and you can see that that breakdown just never yielded anything at all in fact maybe just maybe this thing's getting ready to bounce back up to test 40 if not above uh still may come down but um yeah i'm not i'm not gonna i'm not really interested in it any longer based on this current price action it's just not uh behaving like i really thought it would so in in hindsight i'm glad i i waited and did not take it on that candle because that that one didn't really yield anything at what's going all rkt just wow that one's essentially straight up so yeah it is 9 55 25 minutes in and this has been one of the more bizarre mornings in a while and i'm down 63 dollars currently watching 92 on gme for an upside break point uh will it get up there i don't know but interesting area on the chart so that's the current game plan i'll keep you updated what in the world all right now i fully admit totally frustrated i turned my back for literally like literally three seconds and then look at that move to be fair though yeah i need to keep be realistic though i don't even know if i was watching it could i have gotten that move because that was insane that went from 89.70 to 96 and almost a blink of an eye so i guess maybe that not maybe it does make me feel better if i'm being totally honest with myself i don't know if that was actually a practical entry point because it happened so fast i mean any members that got in on it well done uh but i didn't see it happen but like i said given i only turned my back for two to three seconds that might have been yeah this morning just keeps getting goofier and one of the truly a goofy morning of trading watching 41 break here on bbby never did go to the downside there maybe this thing is getting ready to make a push to the upside here so watching 41 and if what all right i got to go back to gme look at this now look at it up and then straight back down what a savage savage move mean fantastic looking breakout right there and then next minute gone wow there are some people that just got i rightfully saw me it's not like they were gam like randomly entering or choosing to enter in at that point but not quite at 41 and tesla just continues to grind higher and higher all right i'm pausing watching 892 here for short want to see it broken missed it man i even gave myself 50 cents wiggle room too i was willing to chase at 50 cents and i still i still didn't get it a goofy morning filled with misses and that one like i said i even gave myself 50 cents when yeah right there i wanted in at nine or i was one in the break of 98.92 and right

there you can see my price was at 890 150 meaning i was willing to chase the price down 50 cents and i still didn't get the thing i'm gonna have to try to maybe just throw out some orders and just let the price come to me because this is just simply not working trying to pull back here gme another interesting formation here but right there that 92. i'm more so right around 91.50ish maybe this is the real time it goes you can watch in 92. no i don't want to do that that's just me being frustrated through putting myself in what i feel to be a very gambling situation i need to be careful of the voice in my head right now because of that i mean and i i could be wrong maybe that's maybe that action right there is not justifying me nope but i do like bby here uh let's see 43.55

to go short so let's see if the price can come up to me at 43.55 would i feel this could be a fake break out here in fact yeah now i'd like more than 500 shares but this would at least get my feet wet step one is can it get up above 43 okay there is the break again 43.55 my opening entry point all right hovering around there too long let's go to 43.65 again i would like more than 500 shares i'd like to try to build a bigger position in this one what step one is it's got to get up there and hit me at 43.65

how long is this video this thing's going to be 24 minutes it actually felt like it'd be longer than this okay let's go to 43.75 now okay there's a move come on hit me hit me good and then for my opening allotment try for some at 44.35 ah well would have been nice had it gone up there and get me at 44.35 but it decided to just give me the the 75 dollar move or the 75 excuse me uh profit but hey at least i'm back uh back in the green by 12 and you know i do what is known as the be done in 30 approach uh which means i want to on average be done every day around 30 minutes and right now it's 10 14. so let's call it 10 15. so been out

at 45 minutes so i'm above average right now and at 12 and it has been it has been a grind lately i have no problem it's 43 43. that could be a good short if this candle here can stay above it but am i just right now i gotta always be questioning well gme just went i do still feel fine about that but i mean look at that boo boom they're one again through 92 but it's just too sketchy too sketchy so well you know these mornings happen and it did not start off well at all and sometimes that will happen i mean it whether i think the exchanges had something wrong and goofy going on but uh you know and i don't want to come across i can head that not going on i'd be up 10 000 right now that's not what i'm saying i'm just saying it was just a bizarre start and then bbby ultimately i mean and this will this will sound this will sound arrogant but i mean you've seen me tried it hasn't been very flawless but in all actuality very happy with the way i plead played bbcy or bb bb by uh as the price i mean you saw it i wanted to wait for that one candle and to to be fair had i not waited for that candle and i thought i was gonna get left behind but no not only did i not get left behind it actually just continued on up so that was definitely the right choice to make just give it one more candle because that would have saved me and then also when i lighten up the load and ultimately took that 62 loss that could have been a whole lot bigger so upon reflection is that and as i talk out loud to myself and you today i'm actually quite proud with how i played myself yeah that tesla miss was that that stung a little bit this is interesting get back above 44 44 yeah okay nope not going to all right so i am uh the more i think about the day especially now that i have hindsight right because a lot of times hindsight will cause you to think oh man i could be doing so much better in this case hindsight is telling me wow you could be doing you could be doing a whole lot worse clay yeah 43 i'm gonna get that alerted at this point bbby 43 flush point one two minute to me this feels like a 43 can be broken to the oh my goodness gme alrighty then well that break down through 43 and with a false break low of no that was a low of 43.05 i'm willing to chase it down five cents but gotta see 43 fail again i'm willing to chase it five cents want to get in as low as 42.95 but i definitely want confirmation on this one in at 42.95

and all out there for a quick quick scalp very nice very nice so that puts me at 142. it's 10 18. been at it for 48 minutes look at gme go a little bit of a pullback here wow what a move well i am going to go ahead and wrap things up i i need them i have actually have a so here's a quick plug i do offer uh a podcast itunes spotify the stock trading reality podcast and i have a or i have a guest that i need to interview uh here very soon so i do need to move on with my day but today i'm actually very proud of myself i think i played it as best as i could given the circumstances uh especially with my risk management decisions on bbby uh to be fair that one time when i was waiting for that extra candle sometimes you'll just get left in the dust it'll be oh i should have taken it then but had i taken it then that would have been a a loss that would have been a potentially painful loss there um but again because the market's always give and take and just i'm kind of stalling a little bit so we can watch gme go but look at that thing but the market can be give and take uh so and then also my best decision though was to reduce position size and then just take that that 62 loss because think about it by by keeping the hole at only 62 i'm ended up walking away with 142. i mean not my best morning at all and if you've watched any of my past trade videos you know that uh but like i said given the circumstances how goofy things were i'm very happy with uh how this morning actually turned out and i i made some good decisions there and decisions that uh worked out in my favor but uh so if you've ever had any mornings like this you know use hindsight remember you can always use hindsight to say could it have been worse mostly and i'm included in this we use hindsight like oh i could have made such and such more oh i would be up that amount had i and you're using hindsight but remember a good confidence booster is using hindsight like wow had i not been disciplined wow had i not honored my risk you know protocols and my system rules for risk wow it could be a whole lot worse right now remember you can use hindsight in that way too and that is a very powerful way to do it but i'm gonna move on like i said with my day real quick before i go a couple quick requests i mean if you're still here right now seriously thank you it's we're over 30 minutes in i consider us friends now uh even though i just been talking to who knows who i really feel like if you're still here after this amount we're friends but a couple quick requests from me these are not the easiest videos to make i have to talk to you i have to think about what i'm gonna say to you i have to think about what i want to do for myself i have to actually enter in my alerts i have to think about what alerts i want to make for the community i have to type in those alerts for the community and all that going on all at once not easy but totally doable so i just want to know is this still worth my time is it worth my time to do these videos if it is two ways or two things to do to communicate that to me in a very quick way hit the like button leave a simple comment it could be a thumbs up emoji could be something as it could be a banana emoji it could be any sort of emoji you want but anything hitting the like in the comment communicates to me yeah clay i know there's a lot going on for these but it's worth your time please keep doing it and i will keep doing it as long as i know that there's interest and then also check out the channel as a whole there's a good variety of videos on the channel so check those out and hopefully decide to hit that subscribe button as i would love to have it as a subscriber to the channel but yeah get out there remember use hindsight in a way to also manage say hey i manage risk and try to encourage yourself through that way also i already take care first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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