[LIVE] Day Trading | 4 TSLA Options Trades

[LIVE] Day Trading |  4 TSLA Options Trades

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hey it's clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in less than five minutes we'll be watching tesla out of the opening gates hopefully going to be doing some options on it i just say hopefully because this is truly a live video so it's not like this has all been recorded and now i'm coming back and doing it doing a trade recap or post commentary voice over nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing the information for the very first time um so yes i think i hope that i'll be getting some tesla options trades on here i'm liking the setups that are taking place but that all remains to be seen so i'll go ahead and pause for now to offer up a little bit of context here on what i'm looking for let me make sure this is actually on the recording screen okay yep there it is is uh right here this comment specifically in terms of what i'm looking at here so what i'm i'm thinking is wow okay and actually tesla's already back above 600 so um yeah very very interesting now all of a sudden now it's kind of back below but pointer being i'm definitely bearish biased but um you know my focus is right around that 600-ish dollar area which you just saw over here and as of right now you can see the prints going through or right at 601 there so technically now actually already above there a little bit uh so yeah looking at liking that looking like excuse me that level is going to be in play here market opens up here in less than a minute but i'll go ahead and pause and see you back at the open the markets are open okay this is good let me see if i can get some down there well tesla's all over the place i'd like to see this bounce up a little bit more here gotta let this first minute kind of chill out a little bit first minute can be so jumpy and i hope i don't get left behind but like i said it can just as quickly go green now of course it can just go super red but like i said this is uh live i don't have hindsight so i don't know what's coming next and i'm hoping i don't get but that fast now starting to kind of go green again yeah 601 seems to be that key level let's see it bounce back up again would love to see it up above and stay above 601 but i don't know if it's going to cooperate or not hovering right around that level ah and there it goes well tricky one for sure this morning in hindsight yeah of course should i should have just gotten in right there i'd have been up fantastic but at that point it was just just didn't quite play out i'm not gonna give up on it they're still i mean the market's been open for two minutes so it's not like although amc is just getting destroyed right now wow yeah i would like oh man this just straight down there's there's just no move i can do on it right now and this thing is just going straight down i need to see at least some sort of if you do hair typing that's just me making alerts to the the private community that i already showed you all right there we go now we're getting a bit of a bounce here see if this gives me something to work with or not 600 yeah that's still only about a dollar move i'm talking myself right now i am all right so 650 okay there we go now we're getting still very choppy yeah i better just go down to two contracts here yes 650 is what i'm watching but it's just so choppy that i'm gonna you know mitigate that risk by just doing two contracts yeah maybe now 601 level to watch in there at 8 40. so looking for this thing to get a break down to at least 600 would be nice if not even below 600. so can it get down below 600 is the question so just watching 600 like a hawk can it get below 600 that is there we go well that was very short-lived there we go let's see this down below 599. beautiful can we get some more excellent took one out there still have one left see if i can enjoy this party some more fantastic i think that's be all she wrote so 255 why oh why didn't i do my normal five contracts there's hindsight for you like i said just wasn't quite sure it was choppy i mitigated that risk by only going to uh and of course in the the way the voices in my mind work at least was had this gone in my favor or excuse me had it gone against me and kept going up i'd be sitting here saying good job clay you played that right you mitigated your risk you controlled your risk by only going to two contracts clay you're so smart you're such a good trader good thing you did that because now you really minimized the loss but of course that's not what happened right so the voice that shows up is clay you idiot you're such a bad trader why did you only do two well that's just the nature of the beast that's what happened sometimes uh so i'm don't get me wrong it's nine uh let's see i was out of that trade at 9 30 we'll call it 9 36 i got in at 9 34 let's just call a two minute trade so two minutes and 255 dollars i don't want to come across as a as an ungrateful greedy savage i'm just you know making the comment on that's usually how the voices work is uh when things don't go now of course it went according to plan but you know yeah right now i'm sitting here saying why didn't i have the five contracts why didn't i have 10 contracts right but yeah had the thing just skyrocketed against me all right i'd be sitting here saying clay good thing you only did that amount but all right well there we go first trade 255 but let's see what else is out there i have an order at 585 to try to pick up some puts here so tesla needs to go up a little bit further oh got so close i was sitting on the bed for some of these put contracts but ah that's and how low did it actually go went as low as well i'm in now all right see if i can get out there at six dollars for a quick little score and all out there for a nice 75 scale uh i honestly was about to cancel that order uh because i didn't think it was gonna happen uh but i got in and i was a little unsure because i was like i said i was gonna cancel it and then i got in and not that there was any reason to panic or freak out it was fine but i do need to stop talking here let's go to 525 now because i am still bear or i i'm still bearish on this even though it's going up so let me just make sure that i've got the orders typed in in the right spots 525 five contracts there we go so if you're not familiar with my screen the white down there implies that the order has been submitted to the market but it just has not been filled actually i think i can get better i think i can get actually let's do this because it worked out beautifully last time let's go to 485. double checking 485. and this move is getting pretty overdone here right now but yeah i think that this thing you know not now by no means do i think it's going to come all the way back down and that doesn't need to happen for me to make money on it but i do think that this movement right now is getting a little bit over overextended here so again i am at 485 meaning that the price needs to actually still come up some more in order for me to have a chance to get filled all right now i think it could actually go to 450 because i think it could potentially get up to that purple line there and if it can get up right around there at the time the price is around 450 which is somewhat of a guessing guessing game when it comes to options but that's my thinking right now is i i could see it getting up to that purple line there and when it gets up around there ideally that is right around the time where i'm getting filled at 450.

but again this needs uh like i said i want to see it at least get up to that purple line now before i would be interested at this point so i will go ahead and pause for now i'm not gonna make you sit here and watch through all this but uh that is the current plan all right it's nearing that purple line actually hit it but as you can see here it hit it but the bid only got as low as 460 but i'm going to keep it out there at 450. see if i can get filled so yeah see that's just the guessing part the lowest like it went down was about 460ish so at this point i'm gonna go to 425 i'm at 425 i'm watching the five minute two i'm debating should i try to get you know what i'm gonna get greedy i'm just gonna go to four and if i don't get filled who cares i'm already up what 330 on the day so if i if i'm if this is the wrong choice to lower it down even further so be it worst cases i don't get filled i'm still up 330 so yeah i am going to get a little bit more high maintenance a little bit more greedy here in term gritty in terms of my entry point which i would have been okay that 450 would have had another nice little scalp there but like i said i just wanted to get a little greedy but i will go ahead and pause for now and i'll let you know if my greediness pays off and i get an entry point or not i'm going to go ahead and pick up a contract here at 520. see if we can get some movement to the downside here well it started to go and it kind of just bounced up on me here just to contract and that was the move that i was looking for and now it's bouncing back up on me here we'll see if it wants to come back down i know exactly where i'll sell if it goes against me let's see if it wants to come back and uh yeah 599 is really kind of that key break area doesn't want to come back down 600 being very very stubborn now just gonna get out there uh so it took a 50-ish dollar loss on it maybe 60 because i'm up 270 still on the day so it is what it is again in that situation i feel great i'm so glad that i only took one contract so there's an example of that feel very very good that i only took one contract again it did start to go in my favor and actually i did go on the green for a little bit but that ultimately turned out to be very short-lived i'm still wondering potentially some sort of move up if it can get up to right around the 602 mark presents a very interesting scenario it's 10 o'clock now so 30 minutes in and that is significant to me because i like to be on average done after 30 minutes every day average being the key thing so i don't mind going over a little bit if there seems to be quality setups i'm still yeah it's this level down here still whispering in my ear but is that really an a plus type setup that i would want to be taking right now probably not per se if anything maybe a long sided setup looks interesting but again it's still tesla's been kind of sketchy here but yeah there's no doubt about it that that 601 mark a very important area but this range also is getting very very tight here so i mean of course it can open back up well now it moves back down so yes clay why did you sell in hindsight if you would have held you'd have been fine yeah as of right now it's looking like i would have been okay i mean i still be in the red right now it just wouldn't have been as big of a loss not that it was a huge loss in the first place but you know what i mean all right well i will go to and pause i'm really liking this setup i feel as though it does want to make a move to the downside here so i'm watching 598. see if it does ultimately want to make that break well i missed it because i didn't want to chase the entry shoot so i was wanting to pay up to 5 and 50 cents per contract uh but it skipped over me and if you would have seen that the white show up down there uh so i did try to get in there ah good old hindsight so of course the voices say clay why were you willing to pay 560 per contract that would have still been a winning trade and you're absolutely right but uh yeah that's hindsight for you maybe if it comes back up to here now now i'm just forcing trades because i'm i'm up frustrated all right well i'm going to wrap things up here uh 45 minutes in so i'll take it 270 dollars uh it is what it is i mean especially i'm not even at an hour 270 dollars i'm what's the minimum wage these days like seven bucks or something like that so i suppose if i'm walking away with 270 dollars in 45 minutes i don't say that to brag i'm just really talking to myself trying to keep things in perspective like clay i get it you're a little frustrated but uh you just made 270 dollars in 45 minutes so calm down you're greedy savage um so again if you make minimum wage good for you i'm glad you're in the workforce i'm glad you're hustling and grinding i'm not trying to you know diminish you at all just trying to like i said literally talk to the voices in my head fight against them uh because i do feel a little frustrated with kind of capped off on that trade right there try to get in and oh whoops yeah sorry you weren't quite fast enough you weren't willing to pay enough even though it still would have been um totally fine but uh if you before i do go though one final thing because these are truly live videos they're not the easiest thing to make i have to think about my trades i have to think about what i'm going to say to you i have to actually talk to you i have to think about alerts in the room i have to make alerts in the room so there's just a lot going on but these videos are totally possible they're just not like i said the easiest things to make so i just want to make sure from a good old-fashioned time management perspective is am i being smart using my time to make these videos so if i am being smart in the sense of you enjoy them you want me to keep making them then two things hit that like button leave a basic comment below it could be a smiley face emoji but those two things communicate to me that you do enjoy these live trade videos and as long as i know people are enjoying them and want me to keep making them then i will you know continue to spend my time making them but just want a little feedback in that regard so get out there and just realize sometimes you'll have mornings like this where uh you know you do stuff right but you don't do stuff enough right in the sense of like that first trade why didn't i just go with why didn't i just go with five contracts but but we had a good example here this the last trade was a loss it was a very modest loss why was it very modest because it was one contract or if that had been five contracts well now i'm looking at a much different day i don't want to say that i would have gone red but i want to be up 270 that's for sure so like i said there's always that give and take um in the market and you got to just be careful with those voices and look at this thing go oh it is what it is so thanks for hanging out everybody take care all right i'm thinking one more trade here tesla it is one basically two o'clock in the afternoon and tesla just completely woke up fell out of bed and i'm watching 582.50

here um and willing to take on some risk yeah i'm one to the point where i might go red on the day and that that's okay because to me it's worth the risk of potentially picking up a nice little scalp here now i made a couple other little small trades i'm experimenting with some things so that's where these other trades have come from since i last left you off but again 582.50 very curious about that area so 582 50. watching it very closely here once again bouncing up so that's good i'd love to see this go green even better now would be great to see this candle stay green but if it still wants to come down i'd still be interested so just a waiting game right now so just watching like a hawk in there at 7 45 let's see if this thing can get down through that level and make the move now scott at least get down to 582. so took out four just because it's not quite going as fast as what i would like to see it go still have one though and this could still be a losing trade this one final contract here may ultimately keep me red on it but like i said i did want to hang on a one just in case it did come back down and continue on but i'm glad i pulled out the four where i did because as of right now it's not really behaving like i thought it would but i could be wrong i hope i'm wrong let's see if this thing does want to come back down i don't know if my mic's picking up the kids in the background but if it is that's that's the noise you hear let's see if it can come back down unless this is just some sort of bottoming formation here so well i definitely feel right about what i did taking those out because this is just not quite going as planned i mean this range just so tight all of a sudden all right we'll make another move here maybe i'll get it can i get the move down below 582 that yeah this yeah 582. that's it that is the line in the sand see if it can come back down there definitely more patience than what i thought was going to be needed but 582 yeah i don't know do you want a break or don't you you gotta think if 582 does break then it should should move nicely but as of now that seems to be a very big if okay it's coming down to 582 doesn't want to push through good grief there we go now can it pick up some momentum can we get 581 to break watching 581 if 581 goes gotta think it can at least get down to 580 but 580 is tricky big round number can it actually push through there i'm gonna give it a chance but i'm not quite sure okay doing battle with it yeah big wow and that fast back up let's see if it wants to go give it another note so all out there for uh eight dollars and 30 cents on that final contract i like i said i i could have gotten more as it was knocking on that 580 mark and it still may go down there uh but for me nice little scalp there um kind of middle of the afternoon but and i think there is some sort yeah let me bring that over here so what was i i had no idea what the news was but somebody actually just posted it in the chat room somebody just bring that over so right there news came out on it uh but overall i sometimes just happen to be in the right place at the right time usually i'm not by my computer at two o'clock in the afternoon uh but today i was just doing some things and uh you know the chat room kind of lit up wait what's going on with tesla and then you saw things go from there so um there we go another trade on the day so basically four trades uh the amc trade here i mean yeah i made 30 bucks on it but that was just basically experimenting i'm just kind of working on something so um yes it's a trade uh but you know was it anything that really had anything to do with not really it was just pure experimentation and now it got down to 580. very nice very nice well there you go that required some patience now in hindsight again kind of been the theme of this video well yeah clay you shoulda you coulda why don't you do why don't you hang on to more contracts well yeah at the time but when it was just bouncing around here and it could have easily gone up against me i felt just fine with uh you know having pulled out those contracts where i did uh but uh yeah in hindsight yeah of course i definitely should have held it longer but um that is hindsight for you so there we go uh one more trade there and um so now i'm ultimately closing up the day here 445 so i'll take that with commissions i don't know let's call it for 30ish give or take a little bit so i'm more than happy with that but there you go the fourth options trade on the morning again i know i already wrapped this up once but i'll just wrap it up real quick again if you enjoy these videos hit that like button leave a simple comment down below even that's a thumbs up emoji and i will continue to do these live trades everybody take care first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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