[LIVE] Day Trading | 4 Trades in 40 Minutes (see the results...)

[LIVE] Day Trading | 4 Trades in 40 Minutes (see the results...)

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hey it's clay at claytrader.com this will be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in about 10 minutes real quick if you're new to these videos when i say live what i mean is that this is a situation where i'm recording myself seeing everything for the very first time as opposed to a trade recap or some sort of you know commentary or something where everything's already been recorded and now i'm coming back and doing a voice over or some sort of trade recap nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing everything for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw emotions raw reactions you will get that here but to honor your time if you want a nicely edited video a nicely scripted video you'll not get that here but if you just want a nitty-gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading stocks can play out uh then you will find that here so like i said market opens up here now in about nine minutes so i'll go ahead and pause and see you back in the open all right the markets are opening and i'm watching ticker symbol nvcr out of the opening gates just crazy crazy gapper here up 65 right now although might be too fast of a mover for me so if i do trade it it would just be with 60 shares just because uh at least pre-market it was a very volatile stock maybe things will i'll calm down a little bit here and really yeah not a whole lot of movement as of right now what is going on with my charts why is tesla not moving i'm talking looking at off screen that's bizarre let's go back to tesla oh there we go i don't know that was that was bizarre anyways j see what this one's doing had the gap down 157 yeah not a huge mover keep a close eye on it though mrna was another one with a pretty big eventful and there goes tesla curious about tesla up around 720 that was an area that i was keeping an eye on looking at you know a couple other time frames here and then mrna keeps on moving upwards all right well for now i'm going to go ahead and pause and i'm not going to make you sit here through as i'm kind of just running you know scanning through a bunch of stocks but if i see something that looks like a setup that i'm willing and want to put my money into i'll get the video rolling all right watching 157 here on jnj also made this alert into the private community right there 157 flush points so if you're not familiar i do offer private community at the site flush point meaning wanting to see the price go down and for those of you that are new that is known as shorting so yes believe it or not you can make money when prices go down i like it even more now if it comes back down to the one really 157 25-ish very at this point if it comes back into play but to be fair maybe this is a start of a bigger move to the upside that's always possible wow tesla just keeps on grinding but let's see what jnj wants to do here all right as of now i will go yeah looking like this one wants to be a truly strong move so i'll go ahead and pause all right i'm watching and i'm gonna hop in there at 158.03 on jnj looking for more of a pullback here well that's what i wanted so gotta get out wanted it to flush on that one did not do it i think it wants to head back up so i'm gonna just get out there what was wanting uh uh how much should i get up oh yeah i was wanting another 20 cents on it so that should have been at least another hundred dollars but uh on the move where it hopped down it did excuse me it didn't ultimately break down through 157.75

uh which are those lows right there um and on that move right there given it was just a micro scalp i needed to hop out excuse me all right this is an interesting setup here seven what is that seven twenty one fifty i like that if this current move fails good good let's see if 720 720 150 comes into play here be interested try to play maybe a fake break out here to be fair maybe this is a genuine break out again watching 721.50 here actually i can go to 722 okay i can actually now go to 723 oops see if i can get in there on the back test there we go in at 723 just 50 shares because i mean this one is strong and if i'm wrong then i want to you know keep my risk under control here i would like to see this thing at least down below 722 see if it wants to get down there or not 722.50 very very stubborn level so again 7 22 50 is going to be that key breakdown point there we go got the break of it oh that was very weak though okay took out 25 there just because i'm not really getting a follow-through that i was hoping for but maybe i'm wrong so i still do have 25 shares in the event that i'm wrong but i'm just getting out there does not want to roll over refuses to roll over so i need to find something else out there oh wow what's going on with b.i.d.u all right maybe we have a straight over here so yeah as you're seeing right now just uh not putting much together i mean i'm up 48 bucks but uh i mean i took those trades thinking i could be up a lot more than 48 dollars but it's just not uh not quite working out that way right now uh it's yeah i'm still watching tesla on one of my other charts on another screen and still just hovering right around there so i feel fine about what the trade plan going in just uh it's fooling around that area way too much nva or nvax there we go potential breakout point right here nvx is just a scary one it's so choppy meaning it can reward you very nicely but it can also crush you very quickly too 49. oh that's

i thought that one would be a little bit more what's going on nvcr did that one ever really pick up volatility i mean yeah i mean like yeah i mean that's ten dollar move right there but i can't quite say that i saw see anything even hindsight training right now that i would have said oh look would have looked good to me all right so a very slow start good news is is that the market's only been open 10 minutes so it's not like this is uh some sort of situation where i've been at it for hours upon hours mark's only been open 15 minutes let's go back to mrna bntx getting some movement here all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right watching 720 350 here on tesla same premise one of these breakouts truly got to be a fake one where it's not going to crash but at least pull back a bit so yeah 720 350 watching but again maybe maybe this is all legitimate maybe this is a truly strong break all right well i'm gonna go ahead and pause i'm not gonna make you sit here and watch all this and i'll i'll keep you updated all right watching 724.75 here i missed that pullback that was a fake breakout with the pullback uh problem was i was watching uh can which totally stole my attention and never even gave me what i wanted but it had my attention enough but in my mind this tesla move is already so big it is tesla that's why you got to be careful with that that's why i'm also just going in with 50 shares because i realize that it is still a genuine bullish context but all right the struggle continues for now but all it takes is one that's what you got to remember as a trader all it takes is one trade and it can turn things around quite a bit so we'll see what happens watching 724 here and i missed it but let's see if i can once again get filled on the back test nope give it enough time i guess i just fully missed that one i was watching that when i turned my second for return my attention for two seconds bntx very nice just choppy though all right i will pause again i gotta just keep telling myself all it takes is one all it takes is one watching 151 here on mrna in there at 115 1600 shares let's see if we can get a move down to at least 150 50. do have an order out to try to lock in some profits there at 150 50. so let's see if this thing wants uh no again i'm not looking for this thing to crash or anything like that but as you can see right here broke down now gave me this bottoming tail which is not an encouraging sign if it goes up over 150 to 15 i will have to be out so i mean very limited risk compared to good solid potential upside if i can get the move in the downward direction so i'm gonna go ahead and pause it now i'm not gonna make you sit here and watch through potentially this just choppy back and forth action but if it looks like i'm either gonna get stopped out or able to start to take some profits off the table then i will get uh things rolling at that point okay it is making a move downwards the question is just can it get down to the 150 50 mark which is where i have my first profit lock order at so there we go got those 25 shares so still have 75 left but would like to see if it can break down even further so still definitely could be a losing trade there's no doubt about that uh but the good news is it wouldn't be as large of a winning trade because not only have i locked in some profits but i've also reduced my position size but again it still could 100 percent be a losing trade throw out try to lock in some more at 150.05

if it wants a breakdown of that not sure if it is it is going to want to break down through 150 so i'll try to sneak in line there and pull some out there at 150.05 so i like the odds of it at least testing 150 but i have no problem admitting will it be actually be able to break 150 i have no idea so got those oh nice very nice trying for some more down there at 149.50 got those out too excellent still have 25 shares left so i'm gonna let this one roll for uh so now at this point if it goes up over 150 i will stop out of the remaining so at this point i'm in a great position the best place you could be in it's not if i make money but how much money am i going to make so think about that not if i make money but how much money am i going to make and that is a great spot to be in as traders so at this point i have no idea but hey what do i have no idea of i have no idea if i'm gonna make money or not okay at this point if it goes up over 149.50 i will stop out so again just following down with the stop loss now great spot to be in so just using a manual stop but if one 49.50 is broken i will stop out of the remaining position but if this thing can get down through 148.50 then i will adjust my stop loss some more it's looking like it's got a chance to get down through 148.

50. nice now my stop-loss is at 149 or 149.25 so if this goes up over 149.25 i will be out so i'm just making money because my stop-loss continues to come down which means i'm going to be making more and more money so again just watching with a manual stop 149.25 but if this thing wants to keep on dropping excellent now in hindsight of course i'm saying clay why don't you get more shares yeah i know should have done more shares but had i been wrong then uh i would be saying clay i'm glad you didn't get more shares so that's always how the hindsight voices like to work but yeah again just all i'm doing is just watching i don't know the only thing i don't know right now is how much money am i gonna make and that is talk about being in a stress-free position as a trader very curious about the purple line right there though is the price actually gonna be able to push down through there we'll see but if it does i'm glad i'll still have the 25 shares so at this point no am i going to get rich no no i mean i have 25 shares but is it a good habit to have is it a good habit to always reiterate to just let a position work for you absolutely and that's what you're witnessing right now i'm just letting the position work for me and that's that's what it's all about would be amazing if this thing actually can break down some can i get down below 148.

at that point i would move my stop-loss down or move my stop-loss at that point to 148.75 like i said i'm not going to move my stop-loss unless it can at least break down don't know right now i can i can see it bottoming out here okay watching very closely again watching 149.25 again it's all about that purple line can it actually break down through that purple line would love to see that offer come down below 148. but even if it doesn't oh well the only unknown how much money am i gonna make here come on break down get down through that purple line i'm not counting on it but hey i've been wrong before on this train and the thing has kept going down wasn't sure if it could break down through 150 and now look where we're at so come on break down through there you know you want to what is the value of it right now 148 19. so like i said if this thing breaks down to 148 i like the odds of it yeah i think nothing really until 147 at that point but there it is look at that purple line notice how the price is just bouncing right around that purple line the power of technical analysis all right i i'm probably i'm going to go ahead and pause right now and if it looks like i'm either going to get the break of 48 or if it looks like it's going to stop me out i'll get the video rolling but at this point really no point in having you just continue to watch this um although i love being in this position just watching the price there we go there we go come on for those i'm watching this number here i want to see this number get below 148 and then definitely want to see this number come down to at least 148 so step one is seeing this vid or this uh number get below 148 step two which would be fantastic is seeing that number get down below 148 and there we are sitting right at that purple line who is going to win out here who is going to win out i feel kind of like a sports commentator right now and the bears are pushing down but the bulls are dug in duggan at 148 without doubt look at this what an epic battle here all right i will go ahead and pause for the time being all right getting down towards 148 can it push down through again you know what numbers i'm looking at i was trying it was getting close but never mind so i will go ahead and oh there we go again maybe i better let it run it's getting a little jumpy here i like it i just wanted to jump in my favor though no it's just playing my games with me there we go 148 kind of i think of a date good sound through 148 i want to be let's probably see it jump quite a bit like i said i think 147 is a very real chance of happening if it can break through 148. come on just break down separate yourself from the purple line come on oh so close come on knocking on the door should i try sweet hey there we go all right so now 148.50 is my stop if it goes up over

148.50 i will get out if this thing breaks down through 147 24 147.50 i will adjust my stop once again right now i'm watching 148.50 let's see if this thing wants to bleed some more you know i think i think 147 has a legitimate chance of happening of course nothing's guaranteed but i could see it continue to bleed down to that area all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause all right well showing a little green here so watching 148.50 very very closely a little bit of a spike here hopefully this spike gets rejected right back down which would be awesome and make the chart look amazing not looking so good though watching 148.50 like a hawk and out at 148.50 clicked it a little

bit too soon technically was not violated so that may oh there it goes violated so there we go well what did i make end up 151 152 on that trade and uh again i realized it could have been a whole lot well look at this now let me just 427 27 okay let me i'm just thinking 427 that's nine that's 50 that's 100 bucks i could still be up 100 bucks at 727. so watching 727 here for in there 50 shares let's see some movement here to the downside what is that low yeah 726 seems to have a potential there come on tesla you got the break make the move now so if i'm wrong on this one i'll still be up right around 100 on the day which at this point i'm fine with i mean i've i've accepted that it's not going to be a massively huge day but again i can't even think about taking profits until at least 7 26 which is getting close so that's good yeah so there's this thing going to bounce on me i'm going to take 25 off there so again still very well could be a losing trade but if it is then it's not going to be nearly as big as what it uh what was because again i just locked in some profits and i reduced my position size uh but at this point like i said i love this setup a lot that's why i took it and i got the move in my favor but how low did it actually go yeah 7 26 20. so it got somewhere down around there but you know what i could do is see if this if this thing wants to get down to 7 25 50 and then add to a winner and i do like that actually 725.50 i'm gonna add another 25 shares so add to a winner more so 20 yeah 7 25 75 actually so added in there another uh 25 shares so adding to a winner see if we can get this down below 725.50

here there we go got those out so took another 25 off let me just take those off so there we go what has me worried again is that purple line there 50 paired moving average you just witnessed how uh what was the one i just traded mrna how the price kind of chopped around now eventually it did fail but the question for me is at this point in the day do i really feel like sitting around waiting to see if this thing is gonna chop around and eventually break it no i don't really feel like doing that and i got a nice trade like i said to walk you through it again well we're almost at 30 minutes walk to walk you through the trade i got in and then i pulled off a portion of my position but then upon liking the setup and saying okay i see some more things going on i was like you know what i'm going to add back i'm going to add those 25 shares back in add to a winner and that's what i did there and i was able to pull off those for uh even more profit so a good little example there so closing up 262 it is 10 20 so almost an hour in and i'm i'm well over my my goal my goal my approach is what i like to call the be done and 30 approach meaning on average be done around right around 30 minutes because this is a side hustle for me and i do trading not for the lamborghinis not for the rolex watches not for the private jet if you want those things cool go for it i i hope you get them for me i do it because i want freedom of time i want to be able to spend time with my family i'm a dad of four young kids i you know still working from home i want to go and spend time with them and just do the things that i want to do with my time i love real estate investing so i want to go do real estate investing and there's just other stuff that i like to do with my time and not have to be chained to my computer uh you know six seven hours a day again there's nothing i don't i'm not saying you're wrong if you want to sit in your front of your computer for five hours because you're going for the lamborghini and stuff like that cool go for it but for me i like to be done on average right around 30 minutes um and that's why i say on average because today i was definitely above average but if you've watched my videos you know sometimes i'm done after five minutes so because sometimes after done after two or three minutes but in this case yeah it took me a while because the markets were a little shaky but ultimately was able to pull in 262 dollars with commissions let's just call it 250 so i mean less than an hour 250 dollars i'm not sure many other places in the world especially when it's just a side hustle right side hustle spend an hour walk away with 250 bucks in your wallet like i said for me that that's worth it when i if i can just spend an hour of my time and my return on investment of that time of an hour is 250 bucks i will definitely take it so um i'm just looking around and yeah i need to be done and here we see tesla i'm kind of stalling too because i want to see what it would do around that purple line but right there bounce up off it again not saying it it very well could fail down blow it like i said i just don't want to sit here and wait for all that to see what ultimately happens when it could also just bounce back upwards and then you know not not necessarily be a losing trade at that point but not be you know the winning trade that it was oh wow gme totally turned around earlier i remember alerting the learning this here just the bleed bleed bleed also it's really come back to life there but anyways so before my the final thing before i do go if you do enjoy these videos they're not the easiest to make because they are truly live so i have to talk to you i've think about what i'm going to do for myself i have to execute my own trades i have to make alerts in the chat room there's a lot going on so they're totally possible they're just not the easiest thing to do but i will keep doing them as long as i know that there's interest and you can communicate yeah clay i do like them please keep doing them by two things hit the like button leave a simple comment could be a thumbs up emoji those two little things go a very long way in communicating to me that you do enjoy these videos so if that's the case like i said just those two things will tell you know communicate to me that it is worth my time to continue to do them and i will keep doing them and then also check out the channel as a whole good variety of videos check those out and hopefully like what you see enough hit that subscribe button as i would love to have you as a subscriber to the channel but like i said if nothing else if you like these live trade videos want me to keep doing them hit that like button and then leave a very basic simple comment down below thank you for hanging out first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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