[LIVE] Day Trading | 1 Word: Insanity! (Weekend Withdrawal)

[LIVE] Day Trading | 1 Word: Insanity! (Weekend Withdrawal)

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good morning it is clay at claytrader.com this be a live trade video where i try to capture some of my trades as they play out live market opens up here in about 35 minutes but what uh what a time it's been so far uh amc has been going crazy over 200 million shares traded and like i said the market still doesn't open up for 35 minutes now if you are new to these videos what do i mean by live what i mean is that this is a situation where everything has not been recorded and now i'm coming back and talking about it or doing a voiceover or some sort of post commentary nothing like that i'm recording myself seeing the information live for the very first time so if you want raw thoughts raw emotions raw reactions you will get all that if you want a nicely edited video nicely scripted video you will not get that here but if you want a nitty-gritty look into what it's like to be a day trader how day trading works then you'll get that and on that note i apologize but uh you know i've already traded amc a couple of times you can see the orders right there so i'm already up 200 on it but like i said this was going on before 8 o'clock in the morning i can't remember the last time that i made a trade before 8 o'clock but that's really just how crazy it's been so i didn't have the software up at all i wasn't even close to having any of this prepared so i took the trades but you know because the craziness is continuing i still wanted to make a video so yeah i am going to be technically starting up the day 200 unless i make another pre-market trade here which seems to be possible would be interested and this one may be up over 18. so that's the current status of things i'll go ahead and pause right now and if there's another trade that comes along i'll get the video rolling all right i haven't ordered a short at 18.75 here

i'm gonna go ahead and move that up to 1885 now kind of pausing around a little bit too much for my liking but i would like it at 18.85 all right even that's kind of fooling around so let's just get up over 19 at this point i would like more than 500 shares but this will allow me to get my feet wet at least so again 1915 first entry for 500 shares see if we can get that break there is the break gonna fill me oh wow there we go okay in there for my opening allotment and out there for i don't know what was that 75 in literally seconds let's go up to 1945. oh and it's still goofing around there so in 1975 now clay why don't you just go long because that would totally be chasing i mean to be going long right now is just insane and yeah it could work out all right well once again kind of just grinding along not the way i want to see the price behave for this strategy but either way very nice to make that uh you know i think if it gets up over 20 it's going to pop very quickly so let's just wait to see if this thing can get up over 20. and i realized right

now you're saying clay you said you wouldn't buy right now i know i realize that people are making money right now by just randomly buying and chasing but that's how bad habits were built to just buy it areas like this and i realized i get it clay when you're sitting there saying i'm not going to buy right now you could have made like another 30 cents i know i know you're right that's why the market's so difficult because it from time to time rewards bad behavior and builds bad habits all right and now it's pulling back so there we go nice market still doesn't open up for basically 25 minutes just added another 75 to it uh and if this thing wants to get up over 20 i'll get the video rolling again at that point as i might be interested should be a pretty big epic battleground at the 20 mark if it can get up there uh but if it can break through 20 then i want to see it move very fast and just kind of almost spike up there and hit me at 20 45. so that is where i'm looking to build another position now a new position at 20 45 but step one has got to be you know getting up above 20 which i'm not sure it can do uh because i'm sure there's gonna be a bunch of sellers up there i mean it very well could that's why i'm i'm you know putting the order out there but you know that'll definitely be step one so i'd like to capture just to see twenty dollars here on the pr uh on the level twos here so level twos being this over here meaning that if this number can get up to 20 i would expect there to be some big big sellers up there so let's see if we can get up to that 20 mark really though 19 1990 seems to be that key level and then back down it goes so i will go ahead and pause i really am thinking that if 1990 breaks then this thing has a great chance of getting up over 20. so let's just watch 1990 and see if 1990 can be broken will the price quickly shoot up to so 1990 is nope again rejected 1990 is broken okay let's see is that going to what shoots it up over 20 so there's 20. big size there as would be expected there is the break and like i said want to see a fast move up and it did move fast but only went up for 20 cents so i wonder if this is some sort of fake breakout here still need a little bit more confirmation on that but you know a lot of people were watching 2085.

let's get up to 2085 now looking for a fast breakup through 2050. again hindsight should have played that 1990 break but hey that's why i'm super super rich in my hindsight trading account but let's see if this thing can get up to 20.85 but you know what it keeps going up and bumping the 15 cent mark so let's just do this let's go to 21.15.

that has been working and would have worked again there had i done it at that level so let's just see if we can get the 21 break that's what i played previously so 21 15 down to 21 or like i said if i can build a bigger position size fantastic going for the break of 21. there it is in for my opening allotment let's see what it wants to do here wow wow what even happened i didn't even know it got down to 21. alrighty then that was crazy i'll have to i'll have to scroll back and re-watch that i didn't i didn't even realize it did that all right well let's go to 2215. this seems to be a pattern that it is respecting so 2215 will be in my next first entry point and i might not even trade today as far as normal market hours at this rate okay here we go approaching 22.

i'm almost wondering should i just make it 22 20. but you know if it ain't broke don't fix it let's stick with 2215. in 2215 in 2215. see what it wants to do here looking like i might be able to add let's let this thing settle down here a little bit added some more 2306 let's see if we can get some of a pullback here edits more at 2354. gonna get some up there at 23.50 see if we can get a break down through 23 there we go wow it broke and shot back up there that fast that was crazy so i was able to get 500 out but then it just totally shot back upwards let's see what it wants to do here i'm not gonna panic out on this one just because there's there's gonna be a pullback now it might be a losing trade i'm not i'm not saying this this won't be a losing trade but there is going to be a pull back here let's see if this we can get this thing back down to the 23s though getting down on the 23s 2350 i think i got a chance to actually get out with a gain if it can break down through 23.50

there's the break again can it get down through 23 yes it can and all out there for another gain 700 and that's why you can't panic clay your unrealized was down a whole lot i know that but you have to understand the context of things and the context of things was that move is just ridiculous clay it could have kept going up you know what you're right and it could have been a big loss i'm not refuting that i'm just saying that odds are the most likely situation when things like that happen are don't panic and really i i in hindsight and this will make me sound i should have been adding i should have added more i get that should have added but that's once again hindsight but you don't want to panic you need to understand most likely situations and that's really what trading is is identifying most likely situations and then taking advantage of them now granted you know again in hindsight not only should i have added i should be still riding about a five you know 500 shares right now or so um and taking advantage of this but a good example there of why you can't panic and you have to take you have to play the odds and sometimes the odds will go against you i realize that and yes that could have been a big loss i'm well aware of that but it wasn't and why wasn't it not because i have any sort of special skill it's just the market behaved like it would normally behave and in this situation that's just not normal at all i mean again these are one minute candle so one two three four so in five minutes it goes from 20 up to basically 26. no no no no it might it could very well go back up there i wouldn't be surprised but you know there's a good lesson there of and you know that definitely comes with experience but as as traders that is our job we need to identify yeah what's probably gonna happen here what do the odds say is most likely going to happen and you can see right there that it pulled back and even made the comment you know if i think if this thing breaks through that 2350 mark i got a chance to make some money and i did i how much did i walk away with on that one five no 300 i don't even know 325 350 i'm not quite sure how much i was up so good awesome i'm glad i caught that on video i know i can see right now the trolls you were you were down so much you're right and i was willing to play the odds i was willing to say you know what if the odds are wrong i'm going to i'm gonna have a i'm gonna have a bigger loss here i'm willing i was willing to take the risk and you know play those odds but because the odds were in my favor i didn't take a loss and not only did i not take a loss i actually had a nice little trade on it so just keep that in mind now let me like let me make this very clear as i kind of stall if if you're brand new and you're just getting started use stop losses for sure because you just don't have the experience you don't have the knowledge and that's okay that's where i started too that's where everybody starts but you just don't have that you know that experience to be able to identify those yeah this is most likely to happen the odds are highly in my favor you just can't identify those moments yet and that's that'll come just keep grinding keep hustling and you'll get there but as a new trader yeah i'm not saying that you go out there and just you know do stuff and you know not really have a strategy or not use stop plus or anything like that that's not what i'm advocating i'm just saying there does reach a point where you're gonna have experience and you're gonna understand yes my monetary loss will be high if the odds don't work out but the odds are highly in my favor so i'm gonna play the odds and you know it worked out here now it's returning back upwards but overall yeah now up 703 dollars and i don't know do i even want to trade i mean this is uh this is good stuff right now i'm up over 700 but uh fantastic move in here so i will go ahead and pause and i'm really happy with that lesson uh and i'm trying to think you know maybe what would the title of this video be uh you know i don't know recognizing high probability high highly likely situations uh which just happened right there but uh and that is also why i don't look at my p l honestly i don't even know what my p l was at i know it was i know it was red i know it was red to a bigger amount but you can't for me personally i'm not looking at my p l because that can freak me out but when you just when i ignore it and just look at the situation look at the chart trust identify the probabilities what's likely to happen well then you know it it kept me calm it kept me just let's just see what happens and ultimately it worked out just fine all right market's been open for a few minutes uh but for the reasons already discussed i was not in a huge hurry to be jumping into anything uh curious about amc though i mean quite anybody got a time machine like i said uh now did i think it would it would pull back that much no i'm not saying that but uh all right high of 17.25 so i think this thing wants to make at least some sort of pop so a break of 1725 in fact let me get that alerted here to the chat room amc 1725 upside break point one minute so if you're not familiar i do offer a community at claytrader.com and for those of you that are always kind of wondering a lot of people are wondering how does that work so here's an example and this also just documents my thought process right there so 1725 upside break point looks like an interesting area but let's see what tesla's doing oh wow well i don't know i don't know why i say that it's just tesla being tesla oh wow bbby wow quite the move on that one problem now is that in pre-mark or excuse me in the normal market hours you have to worry about halts halts don't happen in post market but in this situation you know to want to you know really trade either way you gotta unless you're somebody that likes to bind to halts uh let's see the high on this one was 47.75 yeah this thing's looking like it's going to get halted here maybe not gonna keep letting it go maybe so yeah that one's just too that's that one's a bit too strong right now again with the threat of halts the reason why i was willing to just play it a little differently in pre-market was you don't have to worry about good old uncle sam stepping in and halting a stock whereas right now that's uh you know that's a very real possibility all right let's see what is that 63.50 let me get that alerted plug 6350 flush point one minute how is this thing still not been halted though unbelievable okay it's sitting at that halt level again maybe these exchanges right now are just so busted up again and talk about bad habits there we go now it's going to get halted but i mean think about it people could just be i mean all these buy points are so bad all your all people are doing is chasing but to think that they were rewarded that's what i mean by bad habits the market rewards bad behavior at least i think this is gonna get halted is this gonna keep on going look at that what in the world how did that not get this is just goofiness all of this is just goofiness right now i should just be buying here or i was gonna say i should be buying here for the break of 50 and then that fast now it's gonna get halted i think it should get halted here i think we'll see please halt or else i'm gonna look like a i mean it's gotta halt here and it'll halt when all this this there we go there's the halt so that's officially been halted there but that was and what is going on with m macy's and even going on with this one now gme is halted can't say that's quite shocking cheating me up over 300.

pltr what's going on with pltr all right uh okay 63.50 may be coming into play here although this one i mean it moves but it doesn't move i suppose that's not a terrible thing good way to keep risk under control so i could risk six through 50 125 yeah but i don't know if it's even worth really the effort like i'm and i will i should know i am definitely being very very picky right now uh just because i'm i'm up 700 so even my charts are taking a long time to load yeah there's just so much craziness out there that i think the exchanges i mean look at this waiting waiting waiting for my chart to show up and there we go lpa nope already missed that one yeah i could just kind of actually cruise in the markets right now uh so for full disclosure sake i don't i don't think i'm gonna make any other trades but i guess i don't know that for sure again i i suppose that's the downside about being live is because i don't know what's gonna happen i can't really sit here and promise you that there will be a some sort of look at this thing all right i will go ahead where is the halt thing on this oh is this one is that the whole yeah all right looking like macy's now about to get halted i guess not there it goes i mean really i feel like you just buy like do the bad habits chase because everything is just going straight up but usually when that voice shows up you know things are about to get nasty like right there and now look at it go red what's going on with amc yeah not a whole lot how high did it go right there wow isn't that crazy look at that the high of that was at 17.25 and that was the the mark that i alerted was 1725 so that's a good example of why it can be wise to wait for confirmation because it went up there literally got rejected right at 17 25 before coming back down i'm still gone macy's what's going on with kroger's uh this is hard gotta wait for stuff to larry go amcx every everything is just going straight up and i'm with you i'm with you if you're questioning clay why don't you just buy something you're right but i don't i just don't have hindsight this does not seem right it does not seem like everything should literally just be going straight up like it is right now but i'm with you i'm questioning the same thing and what and then you look at this thing what a snooze fest i'm having fun though just kind of talking with you even though you're not necessarily here with me per se and i get oh look a surprise surprise that thing just going straight up you just can't buy that's not a good habit not a good habit mc's halted now oh halted right up at that 1725 mark and then see that's what i mean okay so let's say people are trying to buy that right there try to play the breakout well now they got to sit there and go through the unknown of a hall and look at this thing kroger i mean kroger's just going straight up all right i'm gonna go ahead and pause so here we go and this is what what i i'm talking about here because i realize it kind of looks silly but i mean let's think about it there are some people that bought right there i mean it was just going going going and they bought right there now could they be bailed out they could be bailed out maybe this goes back up but if this dip continues to dip well those people that chased they're they're giving back a whole lot and that that's just what scott always got to be in the back of your mind when you just start to buy it random levels is you know is this a quality entry point or is this just some sort of chasing area uh 1950 i like as a potential short here we'll see if this wants to consolidate out let me get this alerted here m19 [Music] 50 flush point one minute flush point meaning wanting to see the price go down for those of you that are new believe it or not yeah you can make money in the market when prices go down that is known as going short so in all actuality uh if 1960 yeah if 1960 is broken i would be interested but as of right now it's bouncing back upwards so i'll go ahead and pause all right watching 1960 here just looking for a scalp 20 35 why do i have 20 35 in there what in the world well if you scroll yeah this right here i don't know how 2035 oh i know how yeah so whenever i switch so let's just go to another stock real quick so it's some random stock slb and then when i go back to whatever stock i was looking at see it's got now the current price 1932 right there but when i came back to watch macy's the price was at 2035 and i i forgot that i had went and looked at something else and come back to look at it so i ultimately missed that so whoops yeah that's an 867.75 i've already alerted on tesla as a flush point but i mean the price isn't anywhere close to there all right i'm gonna go ahead and i don't do you like kind of just the commentary of the market i mean i i guess i'm still looking to trade but let me know in the comment section do you like when i still kind of just walk around and commentate the market or do you just want to see where i'm like trying to do hardcore trades uh because again i am still looking for potential trades like i said i'm just being extra picky but let's see what else i can find if anything watching 36 here want to see a break of it i actually got this alert from a member in the community didn't even see it but i i love it a lot looking like a great setup but i want to get confirmation first to see 36. actually fail actually i'm looking at the five minute right now and i still like it but i'd like to see i'm not going to take it on this candle which as of right now it's bouncing up anyways but i am going to watch 36 very very closely just to give you so right there you can see uh from b rosie pltr 36 flush but as of now look at that well now i'm definitely definitely interested in 36 if it actually comes back into play but as of right now uh it's bouncing back upwards and somebody said p-e-t-s and then somebody said car is going crazy it is going crazy okay i will go ahead and let's actually go back to pltr just in case oh wow okay look at that that fast potentially back into play here it's watching 36. again want to see confirmation i'm willing to chase it down to 35 90.

i don't know okay here it goes knocking on the door in there at 35.99 let's see if we can get some more push down through here nope out no breakdown at all just going to take the 10 loss on that one even if it still goes that's fine and there it goes now but i thought it was gonna go like now and it didn't so i was not gonna risk having that thing bounce up against me uh so that was one of those where it needed to go or i'm getting out and it did not go uh in this in the amount of time that i wanted to see it go so out there and there it goes so b rosie fantastic alert absolutely fantastic had i waited three more seconds i would have been fine but again sometimes if you wait those three more seconds more can things can springboard back in your face but my plan going in was wanting to see it move quickly and it did not move quickly so it is what it is i i can live with a 11 loss watching 875 here on tesla just 50 shares what is that oh that's not even 874 oh never mind glad i checked that on the five minute so even if it does go down and retest a couple of previous bond series that's not even a dollar move so never mind that's not that's not worth it all right i'm gonna go ahead and call it a day been at it actually it's 10 15. so 45 minutes but you saw all the trading happen pretty much during the day um and at this point i'm just gonna call it good need to move on with my day um actually nate uh who works with me coming over we got videos to do so if you're not familiar on the channel a quick plug i do offer uh other videos on the channel other than just these live trade videos where i'm in front of the chalkboard or whiteboard depending on what videos you watch uh so god he's coming over to record some of those but i'm happy with it uh let's see 690 with commissions i don't know let's call it 6.75 so 6.75 on the day i'm happy

with it appreciate you hanging out now before i go a couple of requests on my part if you enjoy these videos if you want me to keep making them then they're not easy to make because they are live so i have to think about what i'm going to do for myself i have to think about entering those orders i have to think about what i'm going to say to you i have to actually talk to you i have to think about the alerts that i'm going to make in the chat room i have to actually type up those alerts so there's just a lot going on and the videos are doable they're just kind of a hassle however i will keep doing them if i know that there's interest and a quick way to for you to communicate to me that there is interest hit that like button leave a comment and a comment could be simply a thumbs up emoji those two things which are very time efficient from your perspective tell me that these videos are worth my time so like i said if you do enjoy these videos and want me to keep making them then please hit the like button leave a simple comment even simple as simple as you know a nice little sunshine or rainbow or unicorn emoji any of those work and i really appreciate it um in your communication to me as far as the channel as a whole check it out hope you like what you see enough to hit that subscribe button as i would love to have it as a subscriber to the channel uh but yeah crazy crazy day i'm walking away with like i said we'll call it 675 dollars and uh yeah hopefully you all did well too first off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go i want to invite you to a live webinar web class training workshop online event whatever you want to call it but it will be me live revealing to you what i discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss including how i had only one losing day out of 73 days in total i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency within the markets the first key is super weird but in a productive type of way the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna as humans making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes a pitfall for many traders i'll explain it all though including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you how it all works then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again totally live even if you can't make the live session please still sign up as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that i will send you click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description box so you can get the date and time and claim your spot which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event if you have any questions let me know if not i'll be seeing you soon

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