[LIVE] Day Trading | $195 in 6 Seconds... Then What?

[LIVE] Day Trading | $195 in 6 Seconds... Then What?

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Good morning it's clay at claytrader.com. I don't mean to rush this but this will be a live trade video but i want to get my thoughts documented, here, on us, eg, with. 1860. Key, upside. Break point, here in pre-market. So there we go i'm watching. 1860, here and what i did i just made that alert in my private community if you're not familiar i do have a private community. So made that alert there want to get it documented, but, um, as i uh. Mentioned at the beginning, live video so what do i mean by live well you kind of just experienced, it this is truly, live, everything is playing out, in real time so this is not something that's everything's been recorded. And then i come back and talk about it later, you're getting my raw thoughts my raw emotions. So yes like i said you just saw, if you're looking for like the ultimate professional, video, uh in terms of editing. And you know nice script, that's not gonna be this video but if you're looking for kind of the nitty-gritty, raw details, of what day trading looks like what it's like to be a day trader. Then this video will be for you. So like i said 1860. Is that level. I'm watching here on uscg, market doesn't open up peristill, for another. 25, minutes, but. Making a potential move and at 1860.. Let's see if we can get the push up above 19, we can. And all out there for, 195. Dollars, awesome, in. Uh well let's do the math here on that because you can look here with the nice thing about my broker right here shows you the time stamps. So we got in at, 906.02. Got out at 906.08. So 195. Dollars, in quite literally six seconds. Now yes in hindsight. Coulda shoulda would have made a lot more on it as it kept on going but for me i like to just scalp in the pre-market, because there can be a lot of uncertainty. Uh but for, for, members of the community that chose differently, wow they were doing much better than i am on that one. Again you saw me type up the alert right at the very beginning of the video. Right there ua, or us eg, 1860. Key upside break point. And that's what i mean by or you know that's how the community works, it's not a group of sheep, we are wolves. We work together, to point out certain areas but how you're going to use that area is totally up to you so in this this example i chose to use that area for a quick scalp.

Now I i was right in the sense of i still made money, but i was wrong in the sense of you know what for other members, because we all think for ourselves. That said hey clay thanks for that 860, mark how do i want to use that 860, in my personal trading, for those people that, wanted to play it for a little bit more of a longer term type trade, as you can see here. I mean, it just continues to go. So they are doing much better than what i am and that is the power of thinking for yourself that is the power. Of not wanting to hey tell me when to buy sell tell me where you know no that's not how trading works trading works, too fast, it's way too fast and you can see there's no way i could ever communicate all that to people, but i just threw out 860.. It worked out nicely for me, it worked out much better for people that chose a non-scalping, method and chose to let the thing work for them as now it's up, you can see here approaching the 21, mark, but that's like i said a good real life example of how the community works and the power of being able to think for yourself. Because people that think for themselves, are doing a lot better and yes i'm stalling here a little bit because i'm curious to see if this thing pushes up to highs above 22.50. But overall, like i said market still doesn't technically open up here for. 22 minutes i'm already up just shy of 200. So a nice start to the morning and congratulations. To all of you members that took advantage of that alert. All right the markets, are now officially, open still watching us, eg. Not sure i want to trade it though i feel like this thing has a very high chance of potentially getting halted. And i just don't feel like getting stuck in a. Halt. So i'm going to keep an eye on it though. Tesla, actually looking. Interesting, here. If you do hear typing you are not hearing things. That is the chat room which you already saw an example of. Bynd. Wow. Very nice move out of the gates here. Just can't you know buy or chase anything right now. Oh wow tesla totally turned around. Again all happening during the first minute but that's why majority, of the time i am not trading the first minute look at that craziness, that was uh. Basically a. Five dollar range candle. That's uh that's quite a bit of a range. So tesla, not really giving anything to work with right, now. Is this one, oh wow i i thought this one would have been halted right now by now if i'm being. 17.50. Let's see if we can get a couple more candles to close below, 17.50. That could be an interesting, entry point. But not willing to take it right now. Like i said if the next couple candles can stay below 1750. That could be uh. Become a very interesting, area. Nyob. Okay that's, quite interesting, actually. Volume is not super strong, but. There we go. What is that low, 17. Let's see if this thing wants to keep on grinding upwards and then come back down to 17.. Now tesla doing. The exact opposite. Wow. Tesla, all over the place. 4 14, 75. 4, 14. 75. Flush, point one minute. So yes i am just talking out loud to myself and to you as i type. So you can see right here just as a context of what i've been typing right there that's. 4 17. Or excuse me 4 14, 75. Flush point but, as of now looking like this thing just is continuing, to, grind upward so tesla, needless to say all over the place this, morning. Let's go check on us, eg, oh there's a halt, oh and there's where it broke 1750..

Bummer. Well you heard me talking about liking that level unfortunately, it didn't really give me enough candles. To stay down below but then when it did break up through there there's the official halt. So that one is wow tesla's still going. All right what is that level, 417. 417. Gonna get that updated, here. Edit. Update. 417. Flush. I'm not sure if the mike's picking it up but that is my daughter in the background i'm on. Daddy duty right now, my other three kids are out with my wife. She said do you mind the face stays, behind i said sure. So seven 417. Is a level i'm watching for a potential, short if it looks like it wants to break down through that area. So we're watching very very closely. Well now 418. But i want to see you get up there to 4 19 50 and then get rejected. So 419.50. Which is not looking like it. Might not. Happen. So let's see if it can get up there. Well maybe it. Will. We maybe can later daddy's making a video right now though okay. Yeah you look with your binoculars, for some deer out there. Okay. All right 417.. Still watching that level. I don't want to alright nice, so if it looks like it wants to break through 417, on this candle i will. Take it. So watching 417. Closely. Here. Very very stubborn, area up around this area which is why i'm just trying to wait for confirmation, because this thing. So let's see if it wants to break on down through. And more so 417. 25-ish. So let's. See. In at 4 17, 41.. Hopefully i didn't jump the gun there but you got to like this. Setup. Well. It might not work out. If it goes up over 420, i'll have to get out. But i'm not going to give up on it quite. Yet. I mean i still like this setup. It's just a question of is this thing ultimately gonna roll back over or not. And get through oh nice. Wow that happened so fast i couldn't even take advantage, of it let's see if it wants to pull back again. While that was a fast move. Trying to pull out some profits, down, where i was but uh oh. I might have just missed the move there. Is this thing going to snap back up against me now. All out there for a 44. Loss, um i'm not quite sure it still very well may come down there but. Uh i've also may have just, missed out on the move and this thing might be getting ready to snap back because that was, a very fast move but a very impressive recovery. On the bulls part so i'm not going to risk that so i'm just taking the loss there as you saw. For the reasons discussed, even if it comes back down that's fine but. Uh it made a quick quick. Really fast move all the way down there and i didn't i wasn't even able to capture any of it. And that quick bounce back has me a bit worried like i said might still be okay, but i'm not willing to risk having this thing bounce up and then. Have a over a hundred dollar loss. So we'll just move on and i'll keep an eye on tesla we'll see if it does want to pull back down there but. Dkng. Really grinding, right. Now. All right well i will go ahead and pause the video. Quick update here on tesla. Uh it never did explode to the upside but it's still just chopping around this general area. Um for 1650. Actually looks relatively, interesting, here, uh but i would i don't want to take it on this candle and it looks like it might actually fall on this candle. Uh but. Dkng. Was also looking. Interesting, but it's actually pulled back here a little bit. So still some opportunity out there looking like but just got to be patient. Another update here on tesla ultimately has worked out but i mean that would have required, quite a bit of patience there, uh so. Hindsight yeah shouldn't have been spooked out but that's why it is hindsight, but just wanted to keep you, updated on that one since that was a pretty bizarre one. Uh. I still feel as though i played it right because all it would have taken is for that strength to actually been true strength and for the price to continue to beast mode up, and then i would have been looking at a much bigger loss and saying man i could i could only lost right around 50 bucks on it, uh but instead. You know i lost, you know over a hundred dollars on it. So, hindsight, at its finest, but, just still want to keep you updated on that one but yeah let's see what else is out there. I have an order at 168.50. For 100, shares of bynd. Here, i'd like more than 100 shares but this will at least get my feet. Wet. So we'll get, 168.50. For i hope for my opening allotment. Well that was a pretty weak break to the upside. Moving that up to 169. Now, so 169. My first uh. Attempted, entry point. Here. Again i want more than 100, but this will at least help me. Get established, in the position. And look at that. Would have nailed the top.

There's Hindsight, again now granted i don't know if i'd actually gotten shares that doesn't mean i would have been filled at 168.50. But. There was the top right there. What is the low of that hello. 167.25. So 160, 26, 167. 25, actually looks like an interesting, area. But i also need to go and adjust the snow, to, 169.50. So we'll see if it can get up to that area or not i will go ahead and pause. All right right now i have a couple of orders, out there fishing orders, so bobbers in the water. So if either of those turn to green that means i've been filled i'm currently watching bynd. With an order at 170. 50 to go short but also have an order, not from my screen down there on fsly. To try to go short at 98.50. But. Just a question of are any of those going to move up enough to ultimately get me filled. Let's go check on fsly. Real. Quick. Looking like that might come into play here. There we go there's the break, can it get up to, 98.15. Or excuse me, 98.50. Again i want more than 100 shares but this would help me get my feet wet on it. There we go got filled. So in for my first 100, there, at. 98.50. We'll see what this wants to ultimately, do and just oh look at this. Really, it gave me 42, shares out of the 100 that i wanted. So it's going to be one of these huh. All right so i officially have 58, shares. Left. Wow, all right there we go all out that's a little bit of a warning sign there about how this one may be wanting to play ball. When it when something fills you, 42. Shares. A little sketchy. In that regard. Now again i wanted more than 100, but i'm not going to turn down you know that sort of 35, cent movement in my favor so. Taking what the market was willing to give me there. So again yeah i would have liked to have gotten up to you know way more than 100 shares but. Was just looking to scale in. Uh let's see. Let's do that again at, 99.50. I will keep in mind though that can be a tough tough exit. So again, have an order to for 100, shares i want more than 100, but if this thing wants like i said just give me a quick movement in my favor then. I'm just going to take it i kind of equate it to if i was walking down the street and i saw a 35. Bill and i realized there's no such thing as a 35. Bill but if i saw one just sitting on the street. Would i spend you know, a minute like and that trade was even less than a minute but would i spend a minute picking it up and yes me personally i would. Now if it's if it's bill gates. Jeff bezos, warren buffett no they probably wouldn't want to bother. Taking you know spending a minute to pick up 35. But for me i'll, i'll take a minute to pick up 35. While this thing just continues, to, grind. So again next first order up there at 99..

50, And we'll see if the price can get up there or not. Have an order up at. 171.25. Here on bynd. For 100 shares to go short. As i've been saying for this strategy i would like more than 100, shares but this will at least get my feet wet. Well i was hoping for more of a bigger move out with the break of 170, but it gets up there through 170, and then basically momentum, just disappears. So i'm not willing to quite give up on it yet but. I'm definitely looking for a relatively, fast move up. To the 170. One mark and then above it but yeah just watching the level twos here. Watching that number. 170, doesn't quite seem to want to disappear, there. See what i mean it disappeared for a second but then that fast back down below it so yeah. 170, definitely, currently presenting, a. Problem. We go now i'm getting a little bit of momentum, through it. And that, yeah 170, definitely, definitely, a very stubborn level right now so all right i'll go ahead and pause. All right i'm looking for a short here at 168.50. In there. I think this uh that fake breakout that we just watched of 170, is gonna. Freak out some shorts here or excuse me freak out some longs cause them to sell. And push this price down. Because they were just watching the breakout they were wanting the breakout they didn't get the breakout. And now the prices pulled back so in my mind. A lot of those longs will be waving the white flag here. And pushing the price down. So let's see what it wants to. Do. And i'm in at, 168.50. What is the low of that 169. I'm going to add if it comes back down to 169. And looks like it wants to push through there. Because that would be another failed bounce here. But it's got to come down to 169. First. Because who knows maybe maybe i got suckered in. Maybe the longs will have the last laugh we'll see. Again watching 169. Right now to see if it wants to come back down. Which would imply to failed bounce. So if it looks like it wants to get down over 169. And then break below it. I would be interested, in adding another 100 shares so watching very. Closely. See if it wants to come back down. Well. I don't know maybe i just got suckered in. Because this thing is not. See what is that low. Yeah 169. 25-ish. Not want to wave the white flag quite yet but yeah if this thing gets down to the 169.

25ish. Now. Area i will look to. Add. See if it wants to pull back here, okay and at, 169.24. So have. Oops. Have 200, shares average of, 168.87. Now let's see if this thing finally does want to roll back over here. Or like i said maybe it just suckered me in for some more, like i said maybe the longer you're gonna have the last laugh. Here. Let's see what it wants to. Do. 169. Yeah 169, definitely the key break it's got to push down through there, if it can then i like the chances that i have a chance to get a profitable, trade here but as of now that 169. Area. Very. Stubborn. What is the low of that yeah. You know i may i'm thinking about even maybe adding again now if it wants to come back down to that area because that would imply that this bounce here has yet been another failed, bounce. You got to think one of these will finally plunge it to the downside. But again 169. Just. Stubborn, price gets down there and then just stops. There we go got a break down through it. And that was very short-lived. Trying to push down through it some, more. Well i took some off down there just because i'm not quite getting the push that i wanted to see but i don't want to quite give up on it fully yet. Can i get there we go. Whoops. All right well. That was supposed to have been changed to 50.. If you watched any of my past videos you know that i like to scale out from 100, down to 50. But. Forgot to do that. I think because i was a little, in the back of my mind i was, a little upset at myself because i never added remember i said i i want to add another so i was thinking. That i still, you know. Wanted to have 300 shares i did not have 300 shares. Uh but. It is what it is um, and. Yeah i played that one right i held through it. Well i take that back i. I, i talked the talk right okay i should probably add another 100 if it comes back down. And it did come back down i did not add another 100. And you know it's just an example of listen. You just witnessed there where one. Mistake, can somehow.

Bleed Into your other trading and that mistake of me not adding. Then caused me to be a little bit upset and i'm thinking. To myself, while i'm trying to talk to you, um, and. No i get it this sounds like excuse it's not an excuse it's totally my fault i'm just saying you're not alone if, and you and learn from that right, just because you make one mistake. Don't let that mistake turn into something else which just happened to me. Fully my fault, um but just be aware if it happens to you that's all right happens everybody, i'm not gonna try to hide it i'll be transparent, about that, that it definitely happens to me you just witnessed it there but just realize that, if you you wanted to have done something you're like oh, i wanted to do that i missed it just get over it get over it and stay focused on the trade because as you're seeing here, uh this trade has continued to go in my favor. Uh so you know a good little solid learning lesson, um on that point, but uh. Depending i guess on when you've been watching the videos, uh very recently as of basically the past month-ish. I've been aiming to be done by 30 minutes, um i trade for the freedom of uh you know i don't trade for rolex watches, or fancy cars, now if that's why you want to get into trading if that's why you're trading cool go for it whatever whatever, you want to do it for me it's freedom of time and i've really been enjoying, hey you know what can i do within 30 minutes and then i can just move on with my day after 30 minutes, um and it's 10 05 so 35 minutes in and i'll take it 226. Dollars, especially when it was a relatively, bumpy morning. Uh, but, overall, i'm happy i'm pleased with it um hindsight. Yeah got me on tesla but i still. Feel 100. I play tesla the right way um and you i get it that can sound bizarre what do you mean you played it the right way you lost money i know, i know but sometimes, you lose money but yet you still played things the right way. And then by and d, we just i played that one the right way from a general perspective, but, as a learning lesson was there, i, i let one mistake bleed into me uh not, pressing the right buttons or forgetting to press the buttons and all of a sudden i i left profit on the table there, but all in all that's uh i'll i'll take it not too bad for 30 minutes 226. Dollars. Now if you are interested, in getting those alerts that you saw throughout the the course of the video mainly at the beginning with the the uscg. Uh you know breakout, then all you got to do is go to claytrader.com. Forward slash team, uh the way the pricing works is we'll just use this model 99, not per month not per month but for three months so the question really just because if i invest in nine nine dollars to join do i believe i can get at least eight dollars, and 25, cents not per day but per week of value, because that's what it breaks down to so if you think you can get at least eight dollars and 25, cents, per week of value, then you'll get a great return on your investment. By joining the subscription. If you, as far as this video is concerned, if you enjoyed it if you would like for me to make more of these live trade videos than a fast time efficient way to communicate that to me just hit that like button also comments questions suggestions, please leave those down below. And then finally check out the channel as a whole there's lots of other live trade videos a good variety of educational, videos so check out the channel and hopefully hit that subscribe button as i'd love to have you as a subscriber to the channel but if nothing else, just, smash, that like button. And that'll, communicate, to me that you are enjoying these videos. So, do that and like i said if you want to trade alongside me other quality traders then consider joining my community. Take care everybody thanks for hanging out.

First Off thanks so much for watching the entire video real quick before you go, i want to invite you to a live webinar, web class, training workshop, online event, whatever you want to call it but it will be me, live, revealing, to you what i discovered, that has allowed me to transform, myself, from being an employee. To being my own boss, including. How i had only one losing day out of 73, days in total, i'm going to cover three keys that have helped me, unlock, profitable, consistency. Within the markets. The first key is super weird, but in a productive, type of way, the second key is super awesome because it quite literally is wired into our dna, as humans, making it very easy to use, but in a cruel way, this becomes a pitfall for many traders, i'll explain it all though, including how to avoid the pitfall, that it creates for some, and yeah the third key when you hear it sounds way too good way too good to be true but it's not and i'll show you, how it all works, then at the end i open it up for a question and answer session that is again, totally, live, even if you can't make the live session, please still sign up as it will be recorded. And you can go back and watch the replay, that i will send you, click the image on the screen or click the link down in the description, box, so you can get the date and time and claim your spot, which i should note is limited due to the fact that this truly, is a live event, if you have any questions. Let me know if not, i'll be seeing you soon.

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