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For real dude,on release day he just buys every pair there is. When a new pair comes out, or if there's a restock, he cops everything. - He brings his soldiers - Right on, he got soldiers! But you can't be too greedy, and you need guys that you can trust If you give them 20 or 30 euros and ask for 10 minutes of their time, they'll do it. You bring in youngins, and you buy off the whole store, get all the shoes. And the retailers let you do that ? They don't even see what's going on, their shop is sold out in 20 minutes.

- So they don't even know ? - You can get busted, but if you're really good and you have the right crew, you can get away with it. STARTERS The hustlers of reselling. - Those are mids, right ? - Yeah, the Arctic Pinks. - Mids almost sell themselves - Dude, they saved the sneakers game, I swear.

At one point, it was a drought out here, we weren't making any money. Remember the Maison Château Rouge Air Jordans? At first they weren't worth a dime, and look how much they cost now! It's crazy! Some folks still have regrets about this. They came out at the same time as a pair of Yeezys that were rating higher, so i focused on those, and now I'm mad at myself! [Doudou] At first, I didn't get why people got into fights over sneakers.

That guy was like a big brother to me, I wanted to help him! So I bought the pairs, and then I hear how much he sold them for. He made a ton of cash, even though I did get my cut. So I started my own business. How has the game changed since you started reselling? Back when I started, it was a much smaller pond.

There was competition, but not as much as there is now. It's hard to make a living now, it was easier back in the days. [Chris] It should be Jordan 1 Mids in there Mid Tops have become so popular, All the influencers wear them now.

I'm a supplier for a lot of people, folks that are ready to buy up to 50 pairs. I give them a discount, so it can be profitable for them. My clients are retail stores, but also kids that want to get in the game, they buy like 15 pairs at once. So I supply them with the sneakers. Sorry, give me a sec, I just need to sign this.

Thanks boss ! CHRIS - FOUNDER OF RETROSHOP PARIS In France, and even worldwide I think, the reselling thing started with the Concord. The Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord... Sadly, people got killed trying to get them, and when word got out, it created a huge hype, everybody was talking about it. I think that's where it all started.

[Journalist] Who are the major players in reselling today? [DAVID - COFOUNDER OF WETHENEW] First, you got the brands themselves, Because if they restocked regularly, there wouldn't be as much reselling. Then, you got all the stores, those we call the retailers, because obviously, brands like Adidas or Nike aren't just selling stuff on their websites. And then, you got the resellers, folks who have early access to new designs and are able to purchase many pairs at once: those we call the resellers. Now, it's not uncommon to put 600 euros into one pair of sneakers.

Back in the days, if you had this much cash, you'd buy luxury shoes - Now, you go and buy Jordans! - That's crazy. And it's the lamest Jordans they buy, too. Different times...

Sneakers have become luxury goods, anyway. We're all set. Off-camera, we were saying that back in the days, people thought reselling was whack.

Tell us about that ! Resellers used to get bullied and insulted. There was resell happening, but people would sell shoes they'd already worn, because their price went up. But you wouldn't buy pairs just to resell them. Going to a store with soldiers to buy 20 pairs... It was just not a thing. But today, you can resell anything, even pairs that are still available at Foot Lockers! - And the market has changed, so the game has changed as well. Now, you got 14-year old girls rocking Jordan 1s.

Jordan 1 Mids, but they don't care, because they're Jordans and they're cheap. For us, it's a good thing. 4 to 5 days, yes. Thanks m'am, have a lovely day.

I'm not gonna lie, back then, it was maybe 10 or 15 of us queuing up. But today, it's not hard to find 20 guys who are willing to sleep outside for two days just to cop a pair of sneakers. Today we have like a 100 pairs in stock, back then bro, it was more like 25. So if you were gonna be camping, you had to be there at the right time. [Jordan] Back then, I had it in me to sleep outside for two or three days.

It was normal to me, it was part of the job. On God, if I'd known, I wouldn't be wearing all of this. You gotta run a tight shop, you gotta be organized. You need to be there first, open the list, and then pay people.

Since each buyer only gets one pair, you need people who'll show up for you. When the store opens, if you brought 30 guys with you, that's 31 pairs, it's as simple as that. So you need the funds, and you need manpower, folks who'll work for you. We call them soldiers. - No way ! No waaaaay! - Come on man, show them the product! He can only buy one pair, so if he wants more, he needs to pay me.

I get 20, 30 euros, and I do this 3 or 4 times. But then, I understand how it works. Now I have money, I can get my own shoes, then I'll bring my own soldiers, and so on. Today, we complain that we can't get new pairs. But each time there was a drop, we'd be bringing 5, 10, 20 kids.

But then these kids grow up, they realize they can make money. They start running their own game, they don't need us anymore. The market is growing, there are more and more people.

We played ourselves, bro. We're coming back later ! We're on the hunt, we're buying everything. Paris in all its glory, man. Crazy people everywhere ! Forget everything you learned at driving school, just drive and pray no one touches you. Fuck, that can't be good. When I started, I saw people getting into fights or sleeping outside for shoes, I thought I'd never do that.

I thought, you gotta be insane. And now I'm doing it, that means I became insane too. If you wanted to get your pair, you needed to step up, otherwise you're done. In the sneakers game, you got those we call the Top Players the guys who are always out there, we all know each other. Anytime one of us jumps on a release, the others follow along immediately. The first ones to know are always those who are already n the game.

and then, you got regular folks who are just trying to cop one pair of shoes. Each release, some people get disappointed. With the other Top Players, we try to play it smart.

It took us a while but we started to organize to avoid ruining everything. We started talking, and we decided that all the old-timers would get priority. They go in first to get their products, and only then we send the soldiers.

To open up a list, you just gotta go to the store and check that no one's already done it. But there must always be someone from your team in front of the store. If not, someone will replace you. If after opening your list you go home to grab a bite, and no one from your team stays there, Then your list is just gone, and I can show up and open my own list.

Humans in general have big egos, and the French... They're even worse. Sometimes, people open a list, but they don't really know the game, they're green. They just wanna get their shoes. [Jordan] Originally, camping was frowned upon, people didn't like resellers.

There were working men who showed up early in the morning just to get their pair. When they're told the list is already full... That makes resellers look like the bad guys! Even though they spent the night there. Bro, I don't have a job, what do you expect me to do ? Try spending 24 hours in front of a store. If you end up not getting the shoes, don't tell me you won't get mad.

Anybody would get mad. There can be shouting, harsh words, and even fights. There's been some nasty fights, folks that ended up in the hospital. Sometimes though, it's just a bit of yelling, when storeowners aren't used to this, and the manager's not the type to let people rough him up a bit, so the release gets cancelled. But yeah, we've seen some pretty huge fights, Dudes that were going at it for real.

As a retailer, what kind of relationship do you have with the resellers. I don't even know if "relationship" is the right word. If you'd asked me that 15 years ago... Those guys were the devil.

These were the guys we didn't want to see. Whenever there was a camp out, we hoped they wouldn't come. We were doing it for the afficionados, they were the ones who should be getting the shoes. If you're trying to make a profit, we got a problem Some guys treat this as their day job. Personally, I'm a sneakerhead. But some of these guys, they don't even care.

All they see is a product that they can buy for a dollar and sell for two. [Journalist] You don't like reselling? Why? [Farah] You have to fight just to buy something. [FARAH - SNEAKERHEAD] And I mean actually fight! If you don't know exactly what's your place on the list... One time, I was standing at the third place in the line, because I'd gotten up early, to get there before everyone else. I told them, I don't care about your list. I'm a god-fearing person so I'll count three persons, and then it'll be my turn to go in.

As a consumer, if when you show up you see a big crowd where they all know each other, you won't feel like you belong. They'll try to impose their rules, they'll tell you about some list you never heard of, because all you did was get up early so you can cop your shoes. They'll tell you about stocks, and a bunch of other stuff that'll make you feel like you don't belong, like you don't even have a right to be there. When actually, you showed up early and that gives you every right to get that pair. Back then, very few people joined the raffles.

People didn't really believe that making an Instagram post would give you the right to buy a pair. It felt a bit old-school, especially in Paris. And there wasn't as much information, now people have lists of all the retailers, and they know about every raffle. It wasn't the stores that started raffles, it was the brands themselves. They heard about the mess happening in front of the stores, and it was their answer, they were trying to help the stores, They wanted to avoid fights, and to give everyone their fair shot. Kids aged 10-15 shoot their shot, young adults as well, thirty-somethings, and even the kids' parents too! We were selling limited editions, and people wanted them so bad that they started getting into fights.

So we needed to find a solution. If you'd have told me 6 or 7 years ago that there'd be a lottery to decide who gets to come spend their money on sneakers, I'd have been like "wow..." So I need to take a gamble, and the prize is I'm allowed to give you my money? If the prize was a free pair, I'd get it. But playing a lottery to maybe earn the right to spend cash? 6-7 years ago,I'd have been like "What the hell? Are you nuts?" When you run a store, you need to put customer service first. If none of the sneakerheads in your customer base can score the coolest pairs... There's a problem! [GUY2BEZBAR] For us, sneakers are important, it's part of who we are.

As I always say, a good fit starts with the right pair. Even with girls, you always look at the shoes first. - It'll fuck them up! - Nah bro, they stay clean! - Ugh, there's a little dent here though! Wearing Nikes with designer clothes... I didn't see it coming, feel me? Nikes with Versace pants ? It just didn't sit right with me. What you got for us today? Heineken green? OG Kush green? Fresh, as always! To me, Nike's a luxury brand now. Artists love luxury, and I'm like that too But usually, I like to keep it authentic.

- That classic, old school Nike drip - Word! - That's my main man, he's a real one. - For real, G! Why do you like to rock the Maison Chateau Rouge Jordans? That was a dope collab! We know Youssouf, he's from our hood! Château Rouge, that's where we're from. When I saw the design, I was like "you made it, my man." He put our name out there, now all the OGs respect him.

So we had to show some love. That's why we did "Bebeto" If you're doing something good, I'm gonna give you your props! Just like the streets show me love when I'm rapping on the mic, feel me? He brought us his shoes, we wore them around our necks, people loved it, they were like "They got that American drip!" We even wanted to hang them on a lamppost, but we thought "Naah, some hobbo's gonna recognize the pair and climb up to get them!" - So were are we headed? - We're going to our homie's to get some sneakers. He's the plug, he's one of our main suppliers. He lives here in Paris, so when he gets exclusive information, he can hit the store and buy all he can, and he also scores pairs online. Would you say that influencers have a real impact on sales and on the market? We watch them to spot new trends. If an influencer posts a picture, prices can go up in a matter of hours.

I was telling you about Maddy, for example. Here's today's tip. I just received my Jordan 1 Pastels I love sneakers! She didn't even do it on purpose. She just made a post, there was a baz buzz, and the pair blew up.

They don't even realize how much power they have. Is he crazy or what? Didn't he see the guy in a balaclava behind the wheel? And he's acting all tough? I'd be careful if I were him! - What's up, man? -Hey bro, what's going on? - We got the SB Dunk Strangelove - Sweet It's a sick design To me, it's one of the best SBs that came out this year. Velvet and everything... These are Jordan 1s, the Lakers series. If you wash them with acetone, there's a Chicago colorway underneath. It's dope, ithey got the Lakers' colors but under there, they're Chicagos.

- [Journalist] So you double-check every pair you buy? - Yeah! So, how do I know they're real? First I take a quick look, I check that the tongue's not too long. You need to pay attention to the eyelets too, check that they've been done correctly. But most importantly : the smell. - Can I smell it ? - Go ahead ! If it's a true Jordan 1, it should smell of leather. With fake ones, you can really smell the glue. Bootleg shoes, they smell fake! This one's fine though, I know my guy, I trust him.

You also need to check that both shoes are the same size. Whenever I buy a pair, whether it's rare or not, I store it for a while, I'm trying to make at least 100€ for each pair. Even with rare stuff like the Strangeloves, I shelf them for a while. As long as I make a profit in the end, I'm good.

Pairs like this, they tend to blow up. If someone like Travis Scott wears them, I might be making 200€ on them next month. You can generate huge profits in one month. I got friends who make up to 10k a month, and then others who make only 500€. It depends on which pairs you buy, which moves you make, how much hustle you got, and your luck as well.

Sometimes, you wake up in the morning, there's a release, you go to all the stores... You might make 700€ in a day, or end up with a bunch of worthless shoes. and then you lose money, because you bought pairs you can't sell back. Personally, I think having funds is not as useful as having pairs in your stock. 5000€ worth of shoes is better than the same amount in the bank. Of course, you always keep money on the side, but to me, stock is worth more than cash.

- Why? - Because the prices might go up. You don't make money if your cash is sleeping in the bank. So you're almost like an investment banker? Of course, it's like the stock market. It's based on speculation, that's part of the game.

If a pair has potential, I stash it away for a while. I'm known for that, people tell me: "Yo Chris, it came out three years ago, how come you still have dozens of pairs?" With time and experience, you can tell how the market's gonna move. Of course, some things are just unpredictable.

Maybe Kylie Jenner will wear these on Instagram in 20 minutes, and their price will go up by 200%. I have no control over this, but some things I can control. There are colorways with which you can't go wrong. This helps me anticipate the hype around a product, and the ways to make money off it.

I know when to sell and when to hold. That's how the market works. It's like Wall Street for sneakers out here! [David] Back then, you had to hit Craigslit or Facebook groups, and figure out yourself if the pair was real and if the guy wasn't a scammer. All of this may sound normal to someone who's already a sneakerhead, who's in these Facebook groups, and knows how to buy and sell. But if a regular guy saw a pair he liked on Instagram and wanted to find somewhere to buy it, but also wanted to make sure he'd get sneakers that were authentic and in mint condition, there was nowhere for him to go, there was no such place in France. And that's why in 2017 we created WeTheNew.

When an order is placed with us, it goes through our network of resellers. We have tens of thousands of partners, professional retailers and individual resellers, who sell their sneakers on WeTheNew. Then, our team of buyers finds the pairs our customers asked for and authenticate them.

Once a reseller makes a sale, they get a waybill to send us the pair. We receive it here, at our premises, where it goes to the authentication process. Then we mail it to our client, who receives it in just a few days.

Even financially, it made no sense to sleep outside just to get one pair. As soon as I got into it seriously, I realized that camping out didn't really work. You spend whole nights trying to keep your spot on the list, and then in the morning the list doesn't go through and you don't get the pair.

I've been there myself! and it's that frustration that gave me the ambition to think things through, and to improve the system. I'm at a higher echelon now. I'm not just a reseller, I'm connecting the two sides. On one hand, you got the afficionados, who don't know much about reselling, folks who are getting interested in sneakers but never sold a pair themselves, they just want to rock the shoes. And on the other hand, people who know how to sell shoes. I may not be the best reseller, but I'm the best at being the middle man.

[Doudou] Normally, they're open on Sundays. But today, they're closed! Man, that's rough ! [Journalist] Did you ever get in trouble because of reselling? Bro, of course! Once, I was making a deal, and I didn't want anyone to see me, because it was before a release, and my client had made a large advance payment. I was hiding, counting the cash, and then I hear a siren. I was like "Fuck, the cops!" But no, it was the firemen! They tell me they've seen me smuggling, that the police has informed them. I go "Are you a cop? Why don't you handcuff me then?" - It was the firemen that gave you shit? - I'm telling you man! They see a Black guy counting cash, so they assume something shady's going on.

That's fucked up! -What do you think about bots? Have you ever tried using them ? - About what ? - Bots Bots are the shit, man. It's the future. In the sneakers game, to make real money you must be able to cop shoes online. That's how you make real cash. [NATO] When you're new to this, you start by googling "Nike bot", "Adidas bot." But soon, you realize that everything is out of stock, and that you can't get in on the Discord servers.

The bots that are available, either they don't work or they're scams. We try keeping it to just a few members. [NATO - BOT MAKER] So yeah, it's a closed circle, you need to have a contact. I was lucky enough to meet a guy who got me in and taught me the basics.

Without the right contacts, you really need to hustle to find your way in. At first, I didn't understand a thing! I paid 700€ for a basic bot, they told me I'd pay myself back in no time.\ I was like "Umm, not really." But after two months, it started working.

At first, it was hard. If you're not computer-savvy, it'll take you more than two months. Maybe five, six months, or even longer. How does a bot work? What does it do? From a computer science perspective, it's hard to explain, bots are pretty complex. But from the user's point of view, there are just a few things you need to set up. [LEON - BOT MAKER] Proxies are IP addresses that bots use so that protection systems can't detect that all the requests came from one single computer.

The bot puts the product in your cart and completes the whole process until checkout. Then it creates a profile, so you can enter your details and make a payment. We must make sure the site doesn't receive 15 orders with the same name and credit card, or it will cancel everything out. There's been some crazy days. Like the day the Jordan 1 Royal Toe dropped, we could feel Proxcop AIO was gonna do well.

so we went for it, it was just 15 of us. and we scored over 600 pairs. It was insane. On the Courir website, there was always stuff dropping late at night So people stayed awake, I remember scoring like 40 Jordan Mids.

Prices hadn't really gone up yet but Imade maybe 100€ on each pair. I'm an admin at Proxcop, we offer a variety of services. we have proxies, and we have AIO, our bot. We try to keep it on the down low. Some groups have over 500 members so admins make a ton of money.

That's 30€ a month per member, times 500. We have fewer members, but they actually score sneakers. That's the most satisfying part, of course people must pay to get in, but in the end, they get their 15-20 pairs a month. It feels good to help them be successful. But let's say tomorrow... Stuff like that happens all the time. Let's say your bot works on 3 or 4 websites, and they all get a new protection system, or they just change their strategy, they stop doing first-come first-served online, and send everything to the stores instead.

The bot becomes worthless. You can't anticipate this stuff. You can invest 1200€ in a bot that works perfectly, and a week later something goes down, and suddenly your bot isn't worth anything. You just lost 1200€.

I had bought 500€ worth of proxies, and when I woke up in the morning, I saw there wasn't a single checkout. They restocked two days later, I thought it was time to go big. I spent 600€ on new proxies...

And once again, it didn't work. It felt like I was out of the game, market's too crowded now. Are the brands doing anything to push back against the bots' attacks? Brands that are actually trying to fight bots organize actions at least once a year. Brands are trying to change things up, they improve their security systems, or they change their websites. They develop new apps, but these are vulnerable too. In the sneakers game, there's too much competition.

Even the bot market is now a market in and of itself. Now, people resell bots too. How to tell if a new bot works or not? You have to take your chances. There's so much money to be made... The way I see it, if you don't try it out it's likely that you'll miss out on something just because you didn't want to invest a few hundred euros, when there were tons of money to made. just because you didn't want to invest a few hundred euros,

when there were tons of money to made. [Journalist] The software becomes hype, they sell it with a huge profit, lots of people are buying it. [Zuukou Mayzie] The software? [Journalist] Yeah, it's not even the sneakers anymore, [Journalist] They made up a software business.

[Zuukou Mayzie] Wow, amazing. If I was to sell all of my Bape shoes, I could get a decent pile of cash. Even though I'm not trying to sell them, I check how much they sell for sometimes. I have maybe 15 Bape pairs and they're brand new, some of them I never even wore once. I'd say about 20,000. This one, they don't make it any more. I'm getting DMs, bro.

- No way. - Swear to God, man. I put it in my story one day, dudes were sliding in my DMs, guys from the deepest corners of the internet. They were like "Man, what's up? You trying to sell these?" I could tell they were sneakerheads.

[Journalist] Did they actually want the shoes, or was it to sell them? No, they wanted to resell them, it wasn't to wear them. The guy saw that I'd never worn them, He was like "What's up with these Louis Vuittons?" I told him "They're fine where they are." He was cool with it, said he'd look elsewhere. He wanted to sell them, for sure. And for how much? I don't even wanna know.

It's become mainstream now. The same Jordans that Drake wears. That's why I'm more into the rare, underground stuff. Like what they used to say about us when we started making music. "Yeah, I fuck with them because they're underground."

I'm in that same weird mindset. There's that, and also the fact that I don't really like their designs. Even if I get a pair as a gift, I'll give them to my cousin, I'm just not a fan. [Journalist] So you love sneakers, but you don't give a fuck about the sneakers game? I really don't, man. I really, really don't give a fuck.

[Journalist] Do resellers have an indirect impact on sales, or the hype, or profit for retailers such as yourself? Obviously, they do, it'd be foolish to pretend otherwise. The brands are aware of this, for sure, I've already discussed this with them. They know that it exists.

It's my personal opinion, but I even think they're getting involved. I think they're trying to make profit on that market too. And I can understand that.

When Foot Locker inests in Goat, to me, that's a true conflict of interest. Let's take a look at the big picture: say Nike sells sneakers to Foot Locker. Then Foot Locker sells them to Goat, which basically operates like a reseller. so they make a profit. Then Goat sells to its customers, and Foot Locker owns it, so they take their cut. Why wouldn't the brand just increase their prices right away? I'm just giving my opinion, and it can be debated, but aren't the brands taking advantage of this? These past 5 to 10 years, prices have gone up drastically.

Is it just a global trend because materials and labor are more expensive? It probably has an impact, and so do transportation fees and higher taxes. Quality also has gone up, as some people are keen on reminding us. But there's more to it, I'm sure. They must make bigger margins than they used to. If a brand sells their product for 100€ but people are ready to spend 500 on it, why wouldn't they sell it for 190€? People will still buy it, and they'll still resell it afterwards. I think it has an impact.

There's no way to be sure, but it'd be normal, if you ask me. [TEMA LA PAIRE - HELMETED ENIGMA] Brands wanna make money, that's just how the market works. They' release limited editions, like the Travis Scott Jordans It becomes a grail for everyone, they sell for 1500€.

And a few months later, Nike released the Mocha, in larger quantities. They sold a ton of them, they made lots of money. And even the Mocha blew up. Soon, they'll release Mids with the same colorway as the Mocha, and they'll sell them in even larger amounts to moms who are readys to spend 150€ on shoes for their daughters. Major brands are playing it really smart, if I worked for them, I'd be doing just that.

People take the bait! At one point, you slowed down on the reselling, can you tell me why? When you invest in sneakers, you buy hundreds of pairs, people come to your place and feel like they're at a Foot Locker. It happened to me! I brought a girl home one night, I had a lot of pairs at that time, The next morning, she woke up like "Where the hell am I? Courir? Foot Locker?" I'm not trying to brag but, after a while, you start making money. It's a bit of a nerdy market you're always chasing new trends, chasing paper. you get weary after a while. It was something personal, I fell sick.

I had to stay strong mentally, because it was pretty bad, what I had. So the reselling thing started wearing on my nerves. It's a lot of stress, and often things go wrong.

I quit when in-store releases stopped. Raffles began, and listing 20 persons was no longer enough. When you're competing against bots that make 8000 registrations an hour, You and your 20 homies aren't gonna do shit. [Chris] Now, people buy sneakers but they don't really care about them. When I got into this game, it was a passion thing.

It felt like there was nothing left for me to do in this business. [Thomas] I had 20 guys with me, and we scored one pair every 6 months... Eventually I understood that I was wasting my time and energy, I wasn't making money anymore. So I just quit, and I started a new chapter. Now the whole game is online, because of the damn raffles, and fucking Covid of course...

I've backed off a while ago, but from what I see... Reselling was about being able to adapt. There's been different eras, with the raffles and all that. So the guys doing bots right now, they're geniuses, and they adapted to their era. Raffles, scamming... They understood everything.

And they got the programming skills! They're making money from home, comfortably sitting on their couch! It used to take me days to cop a few dozen pairs. They do that in a few hours, while sipping coffee in bed. What are you gonna do? Those who hate on them are just being jealous! [Doudou] My dad was going nuts, I spent too much time outside. Sneakers, sneakers, it was driving me mad.

This game can fuck you up for real. You're never ever home, you spend your life outside. Thank God, I took some distance so I could come back stronger.

[Journalist] 15 years from now, will you still be reselling? No, I want to quit. I want out, as soon as I can. This sneakers game can be harmful it causes a lot of stress.

You set goals for yourself, and then you don't meet them. I don't see myself doing this in 15 years, I'll quit soon. [David] I was passionate about this culture, I wanted to be a part of it. I spent years wondering how I could make a name for myself. We worked our asses off, it took hours, days, nights...

We had our bad days, and good ones too. There were times we thought we were done, and times we knew we were on the right track. These memories are forever, and we can be proud, we earned it.

[Chris] Thankfully, I got good people around me, good friends who helped me get stronger mentally. They told me I couldn't quit like that, I haven't opened my brick and mortar store yet, I haven't yet exploited all the potential Retro Shop has. It got me back on my feet, so I'm grinding again now. [David] It might sound a bit obvious, but I'm hella grateful.

I look back to four years ago when I was figuring out how to be competitive in this game, To think that now, I got 50 persons working towards the vision we started developing at this very table... That's just amazing. I might remain in the sneakers business, but at least, I'll try to accomplish something. Owning a store, or even a website... Something tangible.

Sneakers are fine and all, but there's more than this. I don't wanna be complaining that there aren't any jobs. You can make it work, even without a job. We work hard to create opportunities. Our parents, they suffered a lot. The least we can do is be successful, so we can take care of them when they're old.

It's one of my main motivations to make it in life, I'm doing it for them. Subtitling : Fabrice Vergez

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