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 Lead Magnet Ideas  - Small Business Tips

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good evening builders do you want to learn  the magic of lead magnets so you can grow   your business you might have heard about lead  magnets and how they're great for your business   but do you know which ones are great for your  small business i'll tell you a secret they are   different for every business tonight i'll show you  how to cultivate two to three lead magnet ideas   that are perfect for your small product based  business if you're in the chat say hello   if you're catching this on replay type  team builder in the comments section   okay let's see who is in here with us today  oh looks like we've got three people possibly   all right fantastic well you  know what let's start the show hi i'm lisa stewart founder of build your own  small business and build your own money message if   you're a steam entrepreneur and you want to build  products that sell connect with your customers and   grow your business from your workbench start now  by subscribing also whack that notification bell   like a kitten you don't want to miss anything  so the most important question of the evening is what's in your glass so for me tonight i am  drinking casa smith it's right here from seattle   now let's see come on there we go there we are  it's a primitivo 2018 and from let's see here   i have my glasses on while luke slope so right  here bottle and made right here in seattle   washington so i had a taste of it earlier  today it was a bit dry see what happens it's still a bit dry on the front end but it's definitely heavy in the berry it's  got good color it's almost a ruby   it's a really deep color and  it's got great legs super legs the nose on it is not as deep as i thought  it would be but it's still pretty tasty hey andrew hey tessa welcome welcome welcome  what's in your glass tessa i was just talking   about how we're drinking a primitivo from  right here in seattle called casa smith   it's pretty delicious i think we are  having chicken and red sauce tonight   so it should go pretty well and andrew says  that it's getting smoother with air yeah   just just a little bit just a little bit  so tessa what's in your glass let me know all right now who wants more email not you  i didn't think so more more importantly   have you started your email list when you start a  business and you build a website the most natural   thing to do is to start asking for emails from  potential customers to join your newsletter right   while that used to be true 20 years ago many  people hesitate giving away their email today   because they fear it'll be sold or they will be  uninundated with crap who wants that so we have   to be mindful as entrepreneurs to treat their  email like gold be mindful of how we serve them   that's meaningful to them so instead of just  asking for their email to join the newsletter   we need to create a reason  to stay connected with us   one way to do that effectively is  through a vehicle called lead magnets ooh tempranello yeah um we had that a couple of  times we like that we like that so tonight we're   talking about lead magnets what lead magnets are  and how they can help you serve your new customers   one of the things that i insist that product  developers don't need to do is give discounts   to give value how many times have you seen  online shops tried to persuade you to join   their membership and get 10 percent off your first  product what they're doing is training you to wait   for discounts before purchasing anything that's  no bueno because nobody said i want more email   it is not about sending more  email and cluttering inboxes   it's not about giving discounts it's about  giving value and if you stick with me i'll   share with you what value looks like  in your business for your customers so   i'm gonna have another sip of wine happy friday  i'm glad you're here joining with me today this is starting to smooth out so let me know  in the chat have you started your business yet   and as you have started your business did you  ever ever have friends or colleagues excitedly   tell you that you've got to give discounts as an  incentive let me know in the chat if you've heard   that when your friends start suggesting that you  should give a discount as an incentive they're   coming at it from a limited perspective there's  so much more to the customer experience than that   additionally do you want to do you  want direct contact with your customers   and knowing that creating an email list will do  that for you we can't count on other platforms   to do that for us because they have their own  agendas okay so stick around because i will   show you which lead magnets will work best for  your business if you're in the chat say hello if   you're catching this on a replay type team builder  in the comments section so what are lead magnets   a lead magnet is a marketing term for a free  gift that's given away in exchange for potential   customer email this item can be in the form  of an interactive exchange or a downloadable   lead magnets are often a low effort way  to generate interest in your business   and ultimately sales it's the first step to  build a profitable email list it's a free   gift that relates to your product to bring  them one step closer to becoming a customer i'm starting to really like this wine  yeah we picked this up earlier today so yeah i'm really enjoying that lead magnets are  also called freebies opt-ins and sometimes click   bait do you remember walking through the  vendor tent at your county fair or festival   vendors would ask for your business card to  pop into a goldfish bowl for an exchange of   a free gift that's one type of lead magnet many  restaurants have goldfish bowls sitting by their   cash register too asking for your business  card to drop in for a free lunch have you   guys ever dropped in a business card for a free  lunch let me know in the chat i'd like to know okay a couple of things i'd like to share so   here are a couple of ideas to share with you if  you're a product-based developer and you want to   try to understand what lead magnets work best  with your product and their customer journey for instance there are hard to consume lead magnets to easy  to consume lead magnets some of them   convert pretty quickly and some of them are really  tough to convert have a lot of low conversion   methods and opportunities and  so i want to share with you a story when i was four my parents made the mistake of walking  through vendor tents at the local fair   of course there is a home fire safety company  advertising a free smokey the bear stuffed animal   and what happened was my parents are like  okay well we've got a little girl and   they've you know the vendors you know were  appealing to the children because children   can't say no can they when they see a bear  and of course this was smokey the bear back   in the late 60s so smokey the bear was a pretty  great uh attracted attractive lead magnet and so   my parents said okay you can come to the house and  we can have a consultation and we'll sit through   your consultation just so that our daughter  can have a smoky the bear stuffed animal oh my god so let me pull up here for you again the   the lead magnet chart so in this lead magnet  chart as i referred to earlier you have lead   magnets that are high converting lead  magnets to low converting lead magnets   and of course you've got your low desire lead  magnets and you've got your high desired lead   magnets well of course of course you know the  smokey the bear was a high desirable lead magnet   so my parents are sitting through this safety  seminar enduring the hard sales tactics   just so they could score that damn stuff bear for  me i will never forget watching my dad's face as   he grimaced through the entire ordeal his body  was tied up in knots as he kept declining offer   after offer to enroll in their service let  me just say these exchanges don't have to be   long nor should they be painful of course  if you're sadist well word will spread i got that bear i had that bear for the longest time ah so andrew you've got let's see here there we go yeah tessa i've seen that too the one strategy  that doesn't work is the last chance because   you know we all know from experience  that that isn't necessarily the case   and andrew free lunch no but lots of time   at tech trade shows for treat for free stuff  yeah definitely definitely trying to move this   my camera here keeps bouncing  sorry about that you guys   okay so from awareness to commitment lead  magnets help nurture your potential customers   along their buying journey the key takeaway  here is to make sure that the lead magnet   matches your customers expectation you also want  to make sure your lead magnet is in alignment   with your offerings so they remain on your email  list you don't want to be giving away snowballs   to people in texas right now when they would  much rather have heat and electricity am i right this silly silly silly lens okay just  want to make sure that i'm in focus   the idea is to attract subscribers through  your offers so that you can solve to them   later it's also about giving your subscribers  a quick win in relation to the current and   potential sticky situation they're in and need  resolved and you have the ability to create   a lead magnet right now so tonight i'm going  to share with you one your customer shopping   journey and where lead magnets correspond in  each stage two examples of lead magnets three   positioning your lead magnet four naming your  lead magnet and two mistakes small business   owners make when generating ideas for their  first lead magnet so stage one let's see here decide where you need to insert the lead  magnet the first mistake is overthinking   as human beings we like to complicate  things so let's take a let's take a   step back and review the commitment levels  during each phase of the customer journey   there are three to four different commitment  levels you're asking of your new subscriber   the key is to match their commitment  level to the journey that they're on   so the first level of commitment is awareness  what i'm going to do is share with you another no this one there we are so the first level of commitment is awareness this  is when they realize they've arrived at a certain   circumstance maybe a sticky situation and they  need a relief maybe you're there to provide the   relief when they find you and your website  you could get they could find samples they   could find demos style guides or even a quiz  to get them into the ecosphere of your world   and the next level is consideration   this is where they start driving a little bit  deeper and watching more videos test driving your   product or downloading a free chapter of your book  the next level is high consideration this is where   they are just about to fully commit to making a  purchase from you and if your product is a high   dollar product their commitment level is deeper  they're fully engaged in what you have to offer   and want to know everything about your product  you may provide more case studies white papers   free consultations and maybe a free gift  with purchase this make sense to you guys okay let's go into stage two examples of rather  decide where you need to insert your lead magnet   so for instance i need to pull up something else here how are you guys doing in the chat  does that make sense to you andrew   oh you know what i should do  another delay check shouldn't i   i should do another delay check let's see  here um what i need to do is i need to   all right let me start here one one thousand  two one thousand three one thousand four one   thousand five one thousand six one thousand seven  one thousand eight one thousand nine one thousand   ten ten ten seconds only okay that's great  meanwhile i'm going to take another sip of wine how are you guys doing this  wine is really starting to taste great yeah okay let's move to examples of lead magnets because  i want to go back to where to position the lead   magnet later on so examples of lead magnets would  be samples right if you're selling a consumable   like food or soap bite size samples are a  beautiful way to encourage purchase you can also   do this before purchase or during purchase meaning  if you're making a sale and your customer standing   there you can add a sample of another product  that's providing value not a discount see the   difference take a look at the samples provided by  big box stores for instance when you're in a home   decor store like home depot or lowe's you can pick  up paint chips and tile samples right as a product   developer just getting started i appreciate  the time and money it takes to build samples   for customers and sometimes the samples aren't an  option for a small business owner sometimes just   coming into my shop and smelling the leather  is enough now let's say you're manufacturing   gray goods for larger projects and this example  might be ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash now sometimes customers want to  encourage you to give them a free sample   and while giving samples away all day long  sometimes just isn't good for the bottom line so   what do you do sometimes customers get agitated  because they have to buy a small tile for a few   bucks now if you were to give away a box of  tiles you would be out a tremendous amount of   money right i can only imagine how much money  you would you would be out if you were selling   or if you were giving away sample tiles all  day long but it doesn't have to be like that   show your customer that she can use that tile  right for maybe a particular project later on oh no andrew you're gonna run out of wine  soon you're welcome to come in and get another   get another glass full okay tessa how are you doing and  if you're just joining us welcome   if you are watching this on the replay type  hashtag team builder in the comment section   so if you're new welcome if you've been here  before welcome back i'm lisa stewart bill uh   founder of build your own small business and  build your own money message i help steam   entrepreneurs build products that sell connect  with their customers and build their workbench   or build their business from their workbench  i think i've had too much wine already cheers it is friday after all whining about no wine yeah absolutely here comes the disembodied hand now come on there we go thing there you  go thank you oh you're welcome and now back to the show back to the show   and i think i keep having silly issues  with i don't know okay well there we are   okay now if your customer is a little  upset that she has to buy that single tile   show her that she could use it in a variety of  ways she could use it as a coaster or she could   create an art project out of it so then provide  an idea craft sheet for the tiny sample purchase   if your customer follows your lead and actually  creates a project she may just show her friends   and her friends might want to buy samples from you  see how that works then you could host some kind   of project contest based on those samples what  do you guys think yeah yeah kind of crazy okay   let's see and i'm also working with a couple  of new tech items i've been working with ecam   and that's been a lot of fun and i was  going to start working with stream deck   but it proved to be quickly complicated  and i didn't want to mess with it and then   get myself totally discombobulated and  throw you guys off so okay cheers to that tessa how are you how are you  doing let me know in the chat okay   the next lead magnet idea are quizzes quizzes  are great for both service product providers   and product developers especially when they're  curated in the form of a personality quiz   there are several different quizzes like the  assessment quizzes scored quizzes and of course   the personality quizzes they're the most popular  types of quizzes which are much like the ones   that you see and take on buzzfeed many of them  lead with what's your home style or where should   you travel next or what kind of cook are you or  what's your tile style what do you guys think yeah exactly tessa exactly um using ones as hot  plate trivets definitely coasters trivets um even   a base for a potted plant there are all  kinds of uses for just a single tile   and you know if you're a manufacturer a ceramicist  you know it's not that clay is expensive but your   times expensive and suddenly when you have a  box of tiles and you start giving them away   and you're not getting the roi back because people  just want free tiles that doesn't bode well for   you so you know another thing that you could do  is possibly then if a person is going to purchase   more tile from you later on or purchase a service  from you which is maybe a project or something   then you could reimburse that tile back into  that project so i i would often do that as well   yeah so the next lead magnet could be a  resource list so if you sell bikes perhaps   you could provide them a list of must-see  landmarks available only by bike or romantic   hot spots for couples to take a picnic lunch on  their bike or if you sell camera equipment you   could provide a list of surrounding product ideas  that would complement your equipment maybe even   partner with somebody else in your community  so that you can refer customers back and forth yeah that's exactly it andrew yeah there quizzes  are a great way to get people engaged as long   as the quiz is relevant to your product or  service and how it relates back to the customer   absolutely yeah i mean there's no sense in saying  um you know what kind of tile style are you   if you know you are a clothing designer right so  maybe as a clothing designer there are lots of   different personality type quizzes that you could  create you could create you know what kind of   um um you know era do you belong in right  what kind of celebrity do you look like you   know things like that what you know which favorite  character out of your favorite movie do you most   identify with things like that so yeah they're  a lot of fun as a matter of fact i have   a quiz on my website which is a personality based  quiz which is on archetypes and when you identify   the archetype based on your values then you're  able to take those values and all the marketing   material that i provide to you after we reveal  what your archetype is you can apply those   marketing ideas back to your customers in your  messaging and all of your marketing efforts so   yeah little plug there thank you andrew for  that so yeah if you want to learn how to   deepen your relationship with your customers you  can do that by the archetype so for instance i   am a combination of creator archetype and magician  archetype and what i do there is i provide   tools for my customers to use as diy-ers  so being the creator archetype is   perfect for that and then as the magician  archetype i help transform their world   into something larger than life so yeah if you  want to deepen your connection with your customers   definitely definitely take the archetype quiz  and with the archetype quiz what i will do is   provide you an infographic on all kinds of  tips on what your archetype can do and also   it shows you the light side of your archetype  as well as the dark side of your archetype so   you know that helps to keep the balance when  you are communicating with your customers oh yeah definitely tessa um sometimes surveys  and quizzes can go on forever and ever   and a one way to mitigate that is to keep them  short and sweet and also let your customer this   goes back to customer expectations make sure that  you let your customer know just how many questions   are going to be if it's going to be longer than  60 seconds right because if you have no idea how   long this quiz or survey is going to take and  suddenly you're 10 minutes into it i bail too   i bail too so yeah you definitely have to let  your customer know that you know this is going   to take you 15 minutes or at least give you like  a little progress bar at the top or somewhere   on that quiz to let you know how far along you  are in that quiz yeah that's a great point tessa yeah andrew you're 10 seconds behind me buddy so  if you want to take the archetype quiz actually   there is a link in the description box below so  go ahead and take that and then we can dive into   the juicy details after it gets revealed to you  okay the next lead magnet idea is a care sheet   for instance 10 ways to keep your kitchen  counter looking great for years to come   or how to prepare your bike for winter or  how to take care of your new leather bag yeah definitely progress bars are important okay who else is with us if you're just joining us and you're new here  welcome if you've been here before welcome back   and today we're talking about lead magnets and  right now i'm going through some examples of   lead magnets for product based businesses which  also work well for service-based businesses   okay the next one is free gift with purchase when  i had my shop i never gave discounts i would give   away a print valued at 30 for those who purchased  75 or more the customers were surprised by the   free gift and were absolutely ecstatic it was  just so much fun to watch their face light up   when they would come to me at the the checkout bar  and so i would be telling them up and i'm like oh   well you know what your um purchase you know is 75  or more you know it's like oh your purchase comes   to 110 your purchases you know 325 whatever it was  and i'm like for you i have a special offer would   you like to go over to the wall of my calligraphy  pets and choose a black and white print that's   free to you it's a it's a gift from me to you for  shopping with me today and it wasn't advertised so   it wouldn't be you know on my front window free  print with purchase because that just encourages   bottom feeders and i've seen that happen and  it is horrifying so yeah i treated my shop much   like a very shishy shop in soho new york i would  you know we would all be using our library voices   and i would have this charming parisian music  you know just kind of wafting through the space   and just it helped transform the customer as they  walked into the shop with the wood floors and the   dark red walls and that smell of leather they  absolutely love being transformed for just a few   minutes into my shop so yeah and then to be able  to provide them with a free gift after purchase   wow that just elevated their experience and then  they would you know meet their friends outside   and look what i got and i got out this free gift  and then their friends would come in and you know   either get a postcard or do some quick shopping  so yeah that was that was very heartwarming for me   all right i'm gonna get another glass  of wine for another sip of wine actually so just as a side note for those who don't know  what to say when customers ask for a discount   i have a couple of scripts for you especially  on original works of art or products i would   tell actually art is a product and art is also a  service but we can talk about that at another time   i would tell customers asking for a discount  that this would not be fair to the people   who actually purchased it at full price this  devalues the art or the product the art product   it's friday i got one leg out to the weekend  now if you were to buy it this is what i   this is what i would say to my customers if you  were to buy it and then discover that somebody   else received a discount how would you feel so  then that kind of turns it back on them because   people buy an emotion first don't they  so another question i would get would be   if i buy two can i get a discount my answer to  that would be it took me twice as long to make two   that devalues my time and any customer  who bought it at full price would feel   duped and that doesn't bode well for my brand  that usually takes care of the bottom feeders   how about you guys what kind of questions have  you heard customers ask that you felt demeaned   the product developers time or their product  let me know in the chat i would love to know okay another example would be video demos and  how to's simply using your product yeah i would   have customer testimonials have customers  show themselves using your product have a   selfie contest then you can have a small giveaway  if you have multiple products at different prices   then this leads into giveaways remember earlier  when i mentioned that many restaurants have   a goldfish bowl sitting by the cash register  offering a free lunch i've popped my business   card in there in several of them but never got an  email they lost a number of golden moments with   me they could have emailed me letting me know that  somebody else won and used that as an opportunity   to invite me back in for a free coffee or free  dessert or another small token with my next visit   that's an opportunity for them to make more money  from me as a returning customer and chances are   i would bring somebody else with me that's  a triple win right there that's a triple win oh oh oh andrew you are bringing back some  ptsd moments right there yeah if um if you're   a customer and you have ever said this or  ever thought about saying this please don't   my kid drew something different  how much could they sell it for yeah anyway i used to host giveaways with my refillable  leather journals so i would be the artist   at the show with a sign up sheet to win a leather  journal for an exchange for their email and on the   sign i would include that i don't sell their email  because i hate spam too right nobody wants to be   sold so yeah and then another thing i would do  is once i announced the winner i gave incentives   to the people on the list in the form of another  value add like a greeting card or something else   i had already had a sunk cost in not something  that i handmade but something that i had   an inventory that could easily easily be replaced  so it might be like i said um a free note card a   free postcard or maybe even a free print depending  on what that giveaway looked like so yeah   sometimes when i would buy jewelry components from  businesses they would drop in a string of beads as   a thank you so you could include another call to  action inside of each one of your lead magnets   so providing those links to do other things or  dive deeper into your website to see more of   your products this really helps when you're doing  those giveaways right so it's like hey um you may   not have been um the chosen winner for this  particular giveaway but if you buy you know a   certain amount then you get a free card or you get  a free print you know and so this way it would be   for their eyes only again i know that i said  earlier i don't advertise this so that's different   than actually just sharing it with a handful  of people during um an email campaign yeah i'm really liking this wine andrew another way to provide a lead magnet inside now  i feel like i'm starting to nest lead magnets   but what you want to do is you want your  customers to stick around and remember you   so when you provide links to do other things  you could also inside those links showcase how   other customers are using your products when other  people see how your customers are using products   they want to be included there  is this magical sense of me too   the needing to belong and being part of  the group to have that same conversation yeah the wine is getting good how about you tessa  are you on your second glass yet i'm getting real   close so if you can get your customers to give you  a photo or video testimonials of how they're using   your product you'll be good to go and i know  this is difficult for some product developers   so you'll have to get creative on how to  showcase them to new potential customers so for instance what you could do if  you are a camera product developer   you could say subscribe because i'm going to  share with you a posing sheet for cosplayers and   if you want to take epic photos at comic con this  posing sheep will help posing sheet will help   get too much wine so for instance you could  continue by saying it provides the most useful   most versatile posing options that you want to  get most out of your cosplay style from warrior to   princess and every character in between this cheat  sheet for posing will give you examples to share   with the characters that you're photographing  so you see how that works so that way um if   i'm a cosplayer at comic-con i might want that  posing sheet too and then who knows you know   i may end up getting into photography or if i'm  the photographer i can share that with cosplayers   and then we can have this wonderful  ecosphere of creating branded events together oh tessa tangy tangy dishwater do  you have much experience with that   yeah it doesn't sound appetizing but it does  have alcohol in it yeah so sometimes alcohol   just helps to um eliminate any kind of bad vibes  with tangy dish water that sounds delicious so moving on with these examples these examples  can be also designed several different ways   which leads us to positioning positioning your  lead magnet where and how do your customers want   to consume your lead magnet information think  of serving up ice cream for instance there are   several ways to do that aren't there do you  prefer a cone or a bowl or maybe even a shake   so in the event of building your lead magnet is  it an infographic or is it a video you can easily   convert an infographic into a video maybe you do  both another question is how do you package your   samples so feel free to experiment and then also  go shopping go shopping with you know or rather   go shopping at other festivals and shows and  box stores and things like that and really stay   keen to how they bridge that moment between you  know customer exploration and purchasing a big   product item a big ticket item so for instance for  instance tesla ah andrew i think you could tell me   i know that a lot of car dealers out there offer  incentives you know like um no finance charges   for a year or you know deep discounts because  we're trying to get rid of our models but i don't   think tesla or tesla tessa i don't think tesla  gives discounts do they let me know in the chat ah i'm getting there tessa i'm getting  there definitely i will i will address that   in a moment okay now stage four oh  let me go back to your question now   i didn't i didn't address it let me go back to  your question now where do you place your lead   magnet on your website great question well there  are two two ways two places you could place your   lead magnet now for instance um let's talk about  you could have a number of different lead magnets   so if you let's say for instance you have  maybe two to four different pillar content   pillar categories that you talk about so then  you could have a lead magnet for each one of   those pillar content uh yeah pillar categories  and so then you could place your lead magnet   inside one of those pillar areas also what you  could do is you could place your lead magnet   on your home page like i have done with my  archetype quiz and you could also place it   on a dedicated landing page itself so that way  if you're out and about and you want to share   the link to your lead magnet send your potential  customers directly to that landing page that way   you have all that information dedicated to  your lead magnet right then right there and   then what i would also recommend is removing  any bells and whistles and this includes   top navigation this includes the junk drawer right  this includes all your footer widgets and things   like that remove all of that information and  if it is a blog page remove the sidebars remove   all of that extraneous information basically what  i call the pink flamingos because people tend to   you know get their attention gets diverted  like shiny object syndrome you know like a   squirrel and then like there we go and  they fail to act on actually committing   to getting your lead magnet by entering their  email in the little box so make sure you   remove all of that have a dedicated page  for your lead magnet so that way you have   a dedicated link to send to anybody that wants  wants access to it great question great question oh oh that's interesting andrew   they do reduce prices as they gain manufacturing  efficiencies across their product lines   tesla david podcast had a good overview of this in  the pod yesterday okay thank you i appreciate that   yeah pink pink flamingos boy i am losing my  enunciation today yeah i uh when i first started   out in web design uh this was just something  that i would um say to potential clients you   know because i don't know about you but in the  south they you would as you would drive through   neighborhoods once in a while you would see  this lawn just filled with pink flamingos   they were fake pink flamingos and i don't know  if it was i don't think it was necessarily about   having a baby and announcing  the baby i think it was another   i think it was just a spoof i think  it was um a practical joke so yeah um yeah so then what i would tell my customers  is you know you could put pink flamingos   on your website like you see on lawns but that  doesn't necessarily mean you should so yeah i   would use that as an analogy all the time and  they understood exactly what i was talking about so is there a drink called up the  pink flamingo i don't know tessa   why not you know make up your own i know that i  am constantly i'm not a mixed um drinker i don't   drink cocktails but boy i can come up with some  pretty interesting names they might be interesting   and inventive they just might be completely  naughty so you never know yeah so what are you   going to snag tessa are you going to snag a couple  of pink flamingos put them in somebody's yard now as far as also another way to position your lead magnet  right could be if you participate in local shows   or if you participate in conferences and  things like that and you have a table   set up you could have a lead magnet set up  there i have a little email list and then   debt incentive you know again it's not sign up  for my email list to see where i'm going to be   but sign up for my email list because i have a  special running so always think ahead about what   kind of special that you could have as you are  there at a show and for many product developers   you know we find ourselves customer facing  right and so um when you imagine yourself   you know in a booth at a conference or  at a festival or no matter where you are   you know what would your table and booth look  like and what kind of lead magnet slash incentive   could you provide that would get people to  clamor around you so for instance what you   could do is if you offer an original piece of  work then you could offer you know a free um   um another free product where you have some  cost so for instance if i sold an original print   and somebody or an original painting and somebody  absolutely loved it then i could have um perhaps   maybe a reproduction or a greeting card that  was you know the same image as the original   that they purchased that they could either take  and frame and put it somewhere else in their home   or at their office or give it away as a gift to  a friend so there are lots of opportunities to do that okay now stage four naming your lead magnet the second mistake is  naming your download so you want to attach your   brand and objective to the freebie meaning be  sure to align the transformation with the promise   if your freebie is about teaching dogs how  to sit make sure that's what it includes   not how to teach your cat to bark because  that's not the promise right that's not the   promise you're making to your customer yeah no  thank you andrew a series of the greeting um   uh greeting cards for the calligraphy  pets yeah yeah thank you appreciate that i'm just looking through oh boy you  guys are having fun in the chat here   how how to make a pink flamingo ingredients oh you guys are having fun providing  uh liquor drink recipes of the pink flamingo yeah   i had a feeling it was probably invented out   there probably somewhere in um i'm  thinking maybe uh miami beach yeah okay i'm going to take another sip and i am trying to figure out what is going on  with my lens okay let's see now many entrepreneurs   overthink the lead magnets and you don't have to  because sometimes you get it wrong and this unduly   frustrates their potential customers who wants  that you want to keep it simple and you want to   keep it as a one single win don't overwhelm your  customers with choice so for instance i've been   creating this faux account called copernicus  cameras and if copernicus cameras positions itself   as a product developer of cameras telescopes and  binoculars their lead magnet might then connect   with an upcoming event like burning man so for  instance on the home page of copernicus cameras   you might find a lead magnet that says want to  learn how to capture fabulous photos of burning   man download camera setting cheat sheet right  here so boom that way if i'm going to burning man   and i know that there are obstacles that are  going to prevent me from taking really great   photos like heat and sand and you know some other  things you know also really intriguing night   settings because they also have you know beautiful  bonfires and light shows and things like that so   i want to make sure that i am prepared for both  day photo settings as well as evening as well as   sunrise and sunset you want to be able to provide  that kind of um transformation for your customer   so yeah those are some examples of how to create  and identify lead magnets for your business so what do you guys think are you  going to take action on creating   your first lead magnet now let me know in the chat   and before we conclude i can't believe it's been  an hour already wow that went fast that went fast well i do want to thank you all  for hanging out with me today   and reviewing the magic of lead magnets  and what they can do for your business tessa andrew do you have any ideas on what kind  of lead magnets you would like to create for   your entrepreneurial journeys i know andrew  you're working for somebody else but you know   you are also the master of invention as well so  you know it's always always fun to hear your ideas yeah you're right they are a great way  to get potential customers interested   informed quickly and easily yeah  it's all about that quick win just   when you do create that lead magnet you know just  make it one single thing just give them a taste   and when they get that quick win when  they're not investing a whole lot of time   then they're going to be more apt to see  what other things that you have to offer them   lead magnets are magical they are magical and they are a great way to boost  your email list and connect with   more customers because the more products that you  invent you can start asking them you know what   they might want to look for in your next product  so yeah they can be a wealth of information   so that's why you really want to build an email  list um in addition to making sure that you have   and maintain that one-to-one relationship versus  you know believing that you know another platform   is going to take care of that for you don't do  that yeah never assume that another platform is   going to take care of that email list for you so  make sure that you are able to drive them back to   your home base because i believe everybody should  own their own content and especially their email   list because that's gold and another reason to  form an email list is because in the eventuality   you ever decide to sell your business and this  is something i tell my customers all the time   when you start a business if you can think far  enough ahead and want to consider selling your   business you should start thinking about  setting up processes and assets to help   create and form a a wonderful value  for your business and a wonderful brand   for your customers because when somebody  buys your business they're buying all of   that and they're buying all of your assets  and your email is one of your biggest assets yeah yeah definitely andrew you bring up a  really good point about gated gated content so   as i mentioned earlier short videos are  another great way to communicate a simple idea   and so when you do set up a lead magnet on the  lead page on a dedicated lead page you could also   include a video in that as well you know just a 30  second video about you know thanking them for um   considering downloading your lead magnet and  the transformation they're gonna get when they   download your league magnet and then inviting them  maybe to a private facebook group or another kind   of private community that gets them talking about  the achievement they got with your lead magnet and   then you can start encouraging them to participate  in other product developments that you've got   yeah yeah um and you had made another point  there as well oh gated content so that's   another reason why having a lead magnet is  great for your business because when you   require somebody to give their email to you this  is called gated so when you get your materials   it helps to incentivize your potential customer  to give them your email name so they can get   that lead magnet and what i would also do this  is something else for two reasons this is what   i suggest to my customers as well and that  is have a double opt-in a double opt-in does   two things one it prevents bots from getting  into your email list and exploiting it and two   it reminds the person why they have actually  connected with you in the first place   and you can do that freely you can do that  through your own email list or you could get   an email provider like convertkit to  do that for you and if you want um   if you want a discount on your next email  provider like convertkit i've got a link in   my description box go ahead and take that and um  i'm trying to think i think you get one month free   for uh with convertkit don't quote me on that  i can't remember anyhow so try that out because   what convertkit does for you is they  will give you a dedicated landing page   so you don't have to worry about building a new  web page calling your web designer or you know   getting flumex over you know how do i connect this  because the um convertkit will do that for you   and another thing convertkit will do which  i absolutely love is when you do the double   opt-in and you have a downloadable for instance  you can connect that downloadable right there   instantaneously so they get it just like  that so even though they've double opted in   they've done a beautiful user experience that  allows them to it seems like they've bypassed   it but they haven't really it's it's magic it's  absolute magic so as soon as um you click yes to   double opt-in then the link to the downloadable is  magically revealed so i absolutely love that and   i'm falling in love with convertkit yeah i was on  mailchimp for a few years and mailchimp gives you   2000 free subscribers up front but the free  version just didn't give me enough latitude   to um do interesting and creative things for  my email broadcasts and when i started looking   into convertkit um and then compared the paid  version of convertkit compared to mailchimp   i liked convertkit so much better so yeah if you  are interested in learning more about convertkit   take my link and check it out i think you will  be pleasantly surprised yeah so convertkit um is   almost making websites irrelevant but you didn't  hear me say that because i'm a website developer   but i'm here to show clients and product  developers like you who are just starting out   i'm here to show you the bootstrappers method  and then the different levels that you can walk   through kind of like laddering so when  you start making money and you start and   you want to start providing a better customer  experience you can do that one step at a time   and a little bit at a time so i'm here to show you  what all of those steps look like so make sure to   subscribe to my youtube channel here and you know  whack that notification bell like a kitten because   i go live and you don't want to miss  that and you don't want to miss any   burning questions that you might have that i could  answer for you right here so on that note i think   i'm going to wrap up but before i do i am going  to grade this line i'm going to take another sip it's still a bit dry on the front end it would go  great with cheese it would go great with i think   a gruyere yeah it's still really dry i think it  would go great with the gruyere and who doesn't   love pizza right and i know i've brought that up  before but maybe a lasagna right um something with   cheese i think could be really great ooh i think  also we make white turkey chili i think this would   go pretty well with that white turkey chili  because sometimes we will add a gruyere cheese   or parmesan cheese on top of that too a nice dry  cheese on top of that so yeah that would be great   i think so i'm gonna start a new um scale right  so i'm thinking uh and this is actually this is   homage to um one of the most recent mockumentaries  we were watching last week um what was the   mockumentary we were watching last week andrew  that was so good um it was the gaming mockumentary anyway um i'm thinking that i will  start scoring this wine on a level of   corks and so five corks being great actually you  know what i'll do ten corks ten corks being great   and because we have a number of bottles  that we cherish and prize and we save those   on very special occasions and those  are definitely uh worthy of ten corks   mythic quest is the mockumentary gaming show that  we were watching last week so this is kind of   almost to that mythic quest ravens  banquet oh my god borderline hilarious so   i think that based on the ten cork scale i think i would give this a solid  five corks i would do that um   personally right because some people like dry  wines and i like more of a sweeter wine not a real   sweet wine but on the other side and and i think  that if i can pair this with some of my favorite   meals i will enjoy it so yeah white turkey chili  would go very well with this um and definitely   if you know what your friend once things open up  and we can all enjoy each other's company again   and have dinner parties tesla i'm gonna have  a dinner party you're invited make sure um   i think that once you know what you're cooking  or that your friend is cooking that you could   definitely match this up with that particular  meal so again the wine that i'm drinking tonight   is casa smith and it is primitivo right here in  seattle washington so yeah i would i would give   it a solid five quarks this is something that  i would share with my friends because they may   end up loving it and they may end up giving it a  higher score than me so that's okay that's okay i   just like sharing good things with my friends and  i would think that anything five corks and above   i will definitely share with my friends so that's  my personal rating if you've had this before   let me know what you think but other than that um  i think i'm gonna wrap up before i do i just want   to kind of reiterate what we talked about today  we talked about lead magnets and we talked about um we talked about the examples of lead  magnets we talked about what lead magnets are   we talked about where to position your lead  magnet and according to your customer's journey   so from high conversion to more qualified lead  conversions so it's the quick wins up front   and then throughout the consideration stage you  know you can then maybe provide a free chapter to   your book or a test drive of your product or  you know videos customer testimonials about   how they're using your product and then when your  customers get further down the journey and they   are now invested and are seriously considering  spending money with you then maybe it's another   trial it is maybe a free gift with purchase maybe  it's um a special vip ticket to a special event   that you're creating you know something like  that i mean that would be a lovely incentive   so yeah absolutely i think that would be fun and  i love inventing incentives just off the top of my   head so i'm sorry for those of you watching us on  the replay because you could tell me what market   you're in and i could come up with some lead  magnet ideas so make sure that you whack that   bell like a kitten so that way if you've got a  burning question i can answer it for you here now   okay so examples of lead magnets where to position  your lead magnet and naming your lead magnet make   sure that your brand name is attached to  the promise and the outcome for your client   and have fun with it decide what your first lead  man was going to be and also lastly i know i   keep saying also lastly um i am going to create a  five day challenge on how to create your own quiz   and now there are lots of quiz um platforms out  there but i'm going to show you how to create a   free quiz on google and the reason i'm going  to do that is because quizzes are the most   effective way of bringing in  people into your email list   so if you're interested in doing something  like this it's going to be a five day challenge   and i'm going to host this the last of march so  what i'm going to do is um create a landing page   and provide a link here in the description box  so do watch for that and then also in the comment   section if you don't see it yet type hashtag quiz  um five day challenge because i want to make sure   that you get included in this five day challenge  because the quiz that i developed for my archetype   i created in google first and what this will  allow you to do is test that lead magnet   if it works and you start getting a  flood of leads then you can up level into   another platform paid platform like interact  and i'll provide a link on that as well   that will enable you to do this auto magically  without too much um interference with you but   interference is the wrong word but the lead  magnet challenge i'm going to create will be   on google and i will show you how to do  that for free and get clients raving fans so   in the in the comment section make sure to type in  five day challenge quiz and let me know and i will   also put a link in there as well so that'll happen  at the end of march now i'm finally going to close   thank you so much for hanging out  with me today it's been a blast   and i hope that you will take action on  one of these lead mag lead magnet ideas   for your business and i hope that you have  a lovely weekend so with that keep building

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