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All right in this video I want to talk to you about what it really takes to make a living doing what you love and I'm gonna tell you the truth because I felt, 3:6 pick of businesses now one, in digital marketing one in recruitment and now worn in I guess you might want to call it online courses, or I, don't know coaching, changing people's lives the online education coaching. Space which is completely, different to, anything I've done before and in truth it's taken me three years to. Figure out what I'm about to tell you so hang tight. Okay. In order to make a living doing what you love let's start with something really flippin, obvious that people completely. Disregard. In order. To make a living doing what you love you need a product or service now don't click off this video and say Lisa that's rubbish advice I knew that I want, to ask you do, you have a product or service you can sell let's, say I find you on Facebook, or Instagram or I see a quote you've shared or and meet you out in a van or a night out I say, wow I love what you're doing that's exactly what I need what, can i buy from you how do I become a customer, how do I become a client do. You have a finished, product, or service that you can sell this, is the, simplest, most, important, piece of advice that I even give to, 10,000. Pound coaching, clients sometimes I work with people and they say I'm just not making the sales I'm just not making the money I want to make and I like great show me a program, and, they're like ok well I've, kind of got this thing going on over here and I'm refilling, this at the minute and my websites, being rebuilt and I think I've got a PayPal button there and I say stop, there's, no way you can make a living doing what you love before you've finished your product or service and this is the second thing I want to tell you about making and living doing, what you love it does not need to be perfect so, many people I meet at events, out and about through, the online cause they, want to make a living doing what they love but, they're, waiting they're waiting for the better camera equipment they're waiting until they've lost weight some people tell me that they're waiting till they've got more money life. And conditions, will never be perfect for you to get what you want the key to making a living do what you love second, point here write this one down is to put out your first version. Now excuse my language there but you're going to remember that you've got to put out your first version, because your foot version, is going, to be 10,000. Times better than, any version up in people's heads honestly, it doesn't matter what that first version looks like it's not about making thousands. The first time it's not about quitting your job the, first time you launch a product or service it's about becoming a person who can build something that, other people want to buy, or want, access to or want to join so, what if you put out your first online course and you only make five sales so what if you put on an event and three people turn up so you have to invite, your mom your sister and a boyfriend to fill out the numbers so, what all of the people online who you see who are making a living doing what they love once, they've been on their journey and they've made it they will start telling you the truth of how they got there hopefully, what's different about me is I'm telling you the truth of how I got there while some on the journey because I want to share the truth about what it takes so, you need a product or service it needs to be the first possible, version you can put out I'm not saying do job, and that'd be okay and take people's money it's not about that it's, about getting, something finished because you can't make it better until, you build, something so we're going to talk a bit about that in this video how do you get your first product or service together how.

Did You get it online and, how did you win your first customers, so that you can ultimately scale, up and make a living do what you love. So, where do you begin well, go back to purpose, remember in the beginning you were asking what is my purpose what am I here to do what, do I want to change in the world the next question to ask is, what, can I do to make a living doing what I love and again as obvious, as that question sounds have, you ever asked, yourself the question what, can I do to make a living doing what I love and, the answer might come in the form of run an event and charge 25, pounds per ticket build an online course and upload videos to YouTube and charge a hundred, pounds for people to access the videos be, creative, and the best way to do it is to come to somewhere like this this is zipper blat in media city which I love, such, cool creative space there's, so many places to sit and work and get inspired get, a big piece of paper on the table and ask, what are all the things I can teach people that, I enjoy, what, are all the things I've learned linked, to my purpose that I can share with people that will help them change their lives and whatever. It is you're here to do in the world so if, I go back to the, very beginning, for me three, years ago I first, started asking, what, can I do to, make a living doing what I love and that is such a different, question to how can I make money I could, make money in recruitment I could make money doing graphic design building, websites I can make money in lots of ways but that's never gonna make me happy what, will make you really happy in life and help bring, you into alignment is if you can find a way to make a living doing what you love but the answer doesn't always come straightaway you've got to put in the work so, what I did was I got a big piece of paper and thought about well, what if I learn on this journey what, do I know that, I can teach people my. Purpose at the time as I understood it in the beginning was, to empower people it was to give them space to be themselves and you can probably see how that's evolved, in dare to grow if you've been following this wider, program, this wider movement for a long time it's empowering, people to explore, themselves to follow their purpose follow their passion, and do what lights them up in the world so, I thought I can teach people how to uncover their purpose because done that I can teach people how to change their lives because I'm on that journey I'm getting, over depression I'm paying off debt I was doing the work I could teach that to people, and I knew about the power of vision I was learning about the law of attraction and, of course I knew about business, and I knew about marketing, but I have to tell you what I've learned about business and marketing in the last two-and-a-half years.

Blows. My mind it's a world, apart from what I was teaching in the beginning but that's why the course has gone up in price that's why the values, increased so much and that's why I am where I am because every. Time I learned something new I film it I put it in the course and I give it to people who have already joined so one of my USP, is when you join the course you can access to all of the online programs, I make so I recently filmed a program on how to vlog chopped, it in the online course even, the people who joined right in the beginning now get access to that program because that was my commitment, that's my promise join, and when I film something you you're, going to get access to that course so things get better and better over time but, I want to tell you this in the beginning when, I first filmed. The online, course, what it was was six, videos, filmed, on my iPhone, 6, and, iPhone 6 and I had this little handy cam that my mum and dad got me for Christmas which, I loved, - nothing like the cameras I got now I think this was about a hundred quid, but why have a tripod. There's a camera felt, bit legit so, I filmed on that and my iPhone 6 I mapped, out with a piece of paper all. These different titles all these things I could teach, people and I started getting post-it, notes and writing ideas down and then I've moved that post-it note group those things together take, that one up and put it in the bin and over, a few days over a week and I realize, I've maxed out this, course and the headings were things like how, to uncover your purpose how to change your life the effect of vision or the importance, of setting a compelling vision in your life the compounding. Effect so I taught people very, specific. Things and what I did was I said to Alice I'm filming today we cleared a space in the flat in Manchester, which is literally 15, minutes from where I'm sat now and then we set a scene so I got a nice chair clear, the background, sometimes I filmed in front of bookshelves and I picked the books I wanted on the Shelf that represented. Me that told the story but. Help give me credibility but, I guess people watching, with thing I've read those books or I've heard of those books and we'd connect, on that so you can set the scene when you're filming or putting, on an event or taking a photograph give, clues, to people as to what you're up to and if you see my Instagram stories, or my Instagram feed at Det Green Cay if you're not following you'll, see that are quite often take a picture of me with a laptop for coffee and a camera some change people i vlog, and make videos and make content, and those people who follow me have gone on to make their own vlogs and join the vlogging course so cool so express, yourself on the journey so, that she stood there phone.

In A tripod this handy cabinet tripod and I filmed these six videos in the space of a week and literally stood there night, after night after night filmed these six videos and what I did was I uploaded them to YouTube, so they'd have any fancy systems, I couldn't, afford any, online course, platform software I was so broke, I couldn't, afford anything but, I already had the iPhone and I already had Wi-Fi, but I want you to ask yourself with, all of those things that are ahead of you everything, you've got to achieve everything, you've got your heart and mind set on just. Take a moment and list, down all of the reasons why you think you, might not be able to hit that goal and I, know I'm, very positive person and people say to me all the time but, they say something negative they say oh I've not been negatively sir so I think people have an allergy to being negative around me so I'm giving you permission in this, one instant, to write down and admit and face all, of the things that you think could be holding, you back and stopping, you from, hitting that vision it's a film ditch video edited, it uploaded. It to YouTube, and instead, of hitting publish, that was public, I put, it as unlisted, meaning, only people with the link could. See it and then this was the fun bit do, about, Facebook marketing I promoted, the course on Facebook and I spent about a hundred pounds on Facebook ads and six, people joined the course at 39, pounds that's how much it was in the beginning I'm, so, happy I couldn't believe it I so, excited, but. I was also terrified and, I've made this promise to people that, I can help you change your life and now I had to deliver on it so those fears, everybody. Has them in the beginning you're doing something you've never done before you're, making something up like this cause that I've built is made up it's all my experiences, my learning, my teaching, my stories, there's, no remote I can go to there's no teacher no manager, who's gonna edit, my work and give me feedback the, customers, will give you the feedback the sales will be the feedback, so be prepared to go on that journey so, when people joined up I literally emailed, them with the link on YouTube and said this is your 20 minute prep video watch the video and then I added them all to a Facebook group only like six people in the beginning plus me and now it's to bulk it up that was at 8 and, probably my mom was in there I don't know so I got these people on a Facebook group I said watch the prep video and so the questions, in the worksheet, which, I literally, made on PowerPoint, attached.

It As a PDF to the email and sent, it to everybody individually and. Then, on Sunday, 8 o'clock I was so nervous, I went live on Facebook, but thinking about it's an emotional, memory for me because that was the first time I really stepped out other, than doing the live events, that was the first time I was stepping out and building. What is now it's there to grow, that. Growth the, online course and the people I've met on this journey because I dared. Two. Years ago to sit down with an iPhone 6 in a handicap, and film, those first six videos, so got everyone to join the live I did a live I'm so nervous but it went really well at, the end of the course once it was finished I got feedback what can I do better what did you love about it what didn't, you love about it what can I change and, I launched it again and in the beginning I launched it rapidly every six weeks as soon as it finished I gave myself a couple of weeks to recover make, some improvements, launch, it again again, a few weeks to recover make improvements, and launch it again so over the course of a year the online course went from version one to version 5, and the, provement, was dramatic. And profound. So guess what as I added more value as I've got more confidence I've got more customers as, my budget, increase for spend, as I added more videos more content, more ideas, I started, to put the price up from 39, pounds 200, pounds 100, pounds to 200 pounds then I did a massive jump from 200, pounds to 500, pounds and I jumped again up to a thousand, and the course is now. 1290, pounds to join because, it is epic, it includes a 100, page workbook, there's 50 training videos I'm adding new courses, all the time anyone, who joins gets the lifetime, access and each time I do it I'm really filming content, I just added a course on how to vlog that goes in there as well there's, a 2-day live event which is gonna be here in zipper black in Manchester, in media city so, all of that value means I can put the price up plus, I found that as I increase the price the people, who came through the course were so committed they, were so focused on what they wanted they were so engaged in the community and anybody, who's in there to grow your online course now might comment below in these videos the energy in the group in this last cohort, was off the, charts, because, people were investing, over a thousand, pounds of their own money, energy.

Time To, uncover their purpose, change their life and make a living doing, what they love so in this positive video I just wanted to stress that you've got to just put out your first version, it doesn't matter how good or bad it is it's about becoming the person who, can create something to start to finish and do, the best you can with what you've got don't wait for better equipment don't, wait for better weather don't wait till you've lost the weight or whatever it is just do. It do the first version, and focus, be relentless, about pushing it out making, it better pushing it out making, it better and over time one year two years three years you'll, look back and you'll be so grateful to the person who started, right. Here right, now. Can, I tell you one more thing before we move on to marketing, and I want to share with you a really important model, that I learned for actually marketing, a business marketing. In this new world of social media when, I share with you it's gonna blow your mind but first I just want to tell you this this is one of the biggest things that stops people people. Don't ask people, who've done it for advice and guidance and support people, go to family, and friends who are in jobs who have never left never done anything new who've been in the same job for five years ten years who, are unhappy with their lives they ask them what, do you think should I quit my job should I launch this program should I do, this video online and, they'll say to you no no no don't do it it's too risky you're crazy you magic, what they're doing there is they're not revealing, what they think is possible for you they're, revealing what they think is possible for, them so, do not go to people, who are not living their dream life you've never tried it and asked, for advice it's like go to the couch potato, and asking for advice on how to get fit and healthy you wouldn't do it so don't do it in business get, around like-minded people like the Dead Grove community, even the free open debt, or a Facebook page and the vlogs and the comments and the people who follow on Instagram, get, around like-minded people who were trying get, around people who've done it read, and consume and learn and take, in as much as you can from, people who've done it and if somebody's given you advice in your life and they're not in the arena fighting with you you have no interest, or use for their advice because they don't know, so you're ready you, know enough to get your first version out there you can prove as you go you can learn new skills as you go the important thing is that you become the person who has a product or service you can launch it now on that note I want to teach you a model for marketing, that is gonna blow your mind. Okay. Welcome back to the studio now for this final part of the video this final part of the training course I'm gonna show you that model I mentioned all the way back in the video I told you about my story this. Model, changed, the game before me so I want to share my variation. Of it and this is the model that took me from 50 pounds of hours of code to making six figures, as a coach, consultant. Whatever. You want to call it so let me share this model with you now. I only. Have an orange pen but it's fine it'll do the trick okay, so it's a triangle, so imagine this is four stages to it. If. You've got pen and paper in front of you notebooks, I would draw this out because it's a game changer this is what all the pros are doing to make, a living whether it's online, selling. Our courses. Selling events, coaching, one-to-one, this will even work for product sales okay just think about how to adapt it for whatever it is you're doing. Okay. Stage one of the model is introduced. Okay. And. This. Is about introducing, yourself to new people and the best way to do this is with content, because nobody, wants to see a video or a promo, or an ad or a leaflet, all about, your services, and what you do they either want to be entertained, informed. Or inspired, and if you can do that with your audience this is what's gonna happen. You're. Going to connect with new people so. To connect with people you either need something like a mailing list for them to join up with something. Like MailChimp dead, easy to set up there's YouTube videos teaching you how to do it you can have a Facebook, page a YouTube, channel Twitter, Instagram it doesn't, matter but there's got to be a platform there's got to be a mechanism for them to say oh I like, that I'm, not ready to sign up I'm not ready to message, I'm not ready to comment but, let me like the page or let me subscribe let me follow them on Instagram just. To see what they're up to so the, aim of the game is to introduce yourself to new networks, with content, that inspires, in forms or entertains, then.

You've Got to connect, with these people and a little trick I have here this is a little private behind-the-scenes, trick okay if. I share a vlog, and my blogs are the biggest way I introduce, myself to, new people and I'll share that in a second so if I share a vlog and they get a dynamic 50 lights on a blog I'll, go through their lights and I'll invite each, of those people to like the page because, sometimes. People like the blog and I've had people message me a year made the same like I've been looking for you I saw one of your frogs I liked it I forgot to lay the page I'm so, glad I've found your video again I'm so glad it turned up with my feet so don't, be afraid to say to people when you meet them face. To face this is another little trick we do so, if we meet people face to face I gotta let's connect on Facebook let's, follow each other on Instagram because you. Meet somebody you hit it off like on the beach walking your dog and a networking, event if you don't connect there and then you're never going to connect with these people so introduce. Yourself through content, always lead, with information. Okay inspiration. Or entertaining. So many content, connects. With these people, Facebook. Linkedin, mailing. List doesn't matter as long as it's a mechanism next. One is a biggie okay next one is help. Help. People up front and honestly give away your best content, like I'm, sharing with you now these three videos these. Videos have taken me a long time to think about to, film been all over the country capturing. Seems it was like in-between my day job, editing. Them sharing, them through, seeing them on Facebook like I wanted to get them in front of people because I want, to help people now, here's the crux of it okay at the end of the day - go is a business but that isn't, what drives know what drives means the movement, okay if I can help people change their lives if somebody, comes up to me the street which does happen now they say oh my god I watched your video as the, most perfect, time and thank you you helped me get out of bed that day and like I feel. More it's all worth it so you've, got to go over the help mentality, not like this I'll, help you and then you must buy my course again doesn't. Work you've, gotta go in the help. Let me help a thousand people and if five percent of that audience said you know what I'd like a little bit more of, course they, good numbers, okay so go out with the minds of how can I help people how can I be of service how, can I help people have a transformation, because you remember the phrase people.

Won't Remember what you told them they'll remember how you made them feel if, you help people and. They go about their journey and like with me for example six months later a year later you, might be stuck you might think I want to change my life I need help who do I know I, remember. So, you want to be front of mind for people you want to be helping people you want to have, given away so much value, that when people need your offering, when they need what you offer in that space they, literally, couldn't, think of anybody else they brought to work with because they've loved your content, they already know who you are you've done the relationship, bit of the work okay I'm going to go into this in more detail show you how I'm using it in a second the next, step is, commit, I. Can. Never remember if that's two T's or one I'm gonna take a bet on one okay spelling, is not my forte even though I did do English at uni but would leave that okay so, the next stage is commit, now, once you've helped, say a hundred, people 500, people a thousand people you can invite them to work with you so think. Of all the time that's gone into building that relationship at the end of a funnel this is a marketing funnel at, the end of the funnel you can say hey guys do you know what I'm running an online course it's 50 videos there's a line of bed there's a workbook, if you love this and you want to go to the next level, why don't you join me for the online course it's only X a month or these are all the benefits you get and a percentage, of that audience will go to know what I can't. Believe what I've learned off how already I'm going in and that is, how you market, online and in, person it works for events as well so, here's here's a few little tricks for you okay so this is what I do for, me I made a couple of decisions with dare to grow really early on the, first decision I made was I do not want to be out selling, every day it's not my purpose my purpose is, to create empower, environment, for people to change their lives I want to change the freaking world I don't, just want to make money I need, the money to sustain my lifestyle, to pay for ads to reach more people so I can change more people's lives that's, my purpose that's my mission so, that was the first decision I made I decided I'm not going to sell every day I'm not gonna have an evergreen product, which is open all the time I'm, gonna have a course and it's going to run twice a year so you've got to think like I said at the beginning what, is my product what is my offering, how, do people join up how, often is it going to run and if you're doing courses like next, year or events, or anything or I don't know discovery, course but coming you diary like book them out and saying this is where the course opens it closes, why don't we just get the details in so that. Was the first decision I made I don't know I keep, looking at this board for the answer it's not on there it's in here the second decision I made was I'm gonna vlog nearly, every, single day and I'm gonna give away so much. Bad ass content, so, much good free content, up front but inspires, informs.

And Entertains, that when people think are one uncover my purpose I want to change my life I want, to make them even do what I love, they literally it's a no-brainer but, to come into the debt community. And come onto debt crooks the, online course so they were my decision so I'm putting the work in up front and the reason this is so powerful is because with. The course are you running twice a year people. Can look forward to it and they can start budgeting for, it and I know that happens because people message me and tell me the, other thing is because it's only open twice a year I do a big push twice a year and then the rest of the year I just get to add value grow, my network, introduce. Myself to new people and I, used the money I made from the course launch and invest, it into Facebook ads which are amazing, to, reach more people change, more people's lives it's, amazing, like it just blows my mind so I blog nearly every single day now get this whenever. In a vlog I take screenshots. Of the vlog I turn, them into graphics, for Instagram, hashtag. Them up sometimes, I'll write up the blog that was a good topic I'll write it up and it's a blog topic and now aiming it subtitles, added to the blocks because I know about, 80%. Of people don't even watch videos with a sound on which is mad because the music in the books makes it so that is a killer process, for marketing your product online works. In person as well be, a service. Introduce. Yourself to new people by cutting value upfront when, the time is right, ask for a commitment ask people to work with you make the offering, crystal, clear super. Good and then, because, people already know who you are because, you've already given a chance for mation because you did the work like produce. Of guys I'm, gonna give you everything so when people come to decide generic, or swords for example there shouldn't be going to issue does, she know this stuff they should be asking, is this right for me yes or no this is the right time for me yes or no what's, the best way for me to afford it that's where you want to get people to because that's how you're gonna change people's lives and change, the freaking world so I hope that helped three, videos I've had to recover your purpose change your life make, a living doing what you love if you enjoyed these hang tight because I'm going to send you one more video telling. You all about dead broke the, online course and then you can decide is this, right for me and is it right for you right now if, you've got any questions or comments I am real and filming this in my little home studio, time out in the Northeast I would love to hear what you thought but these videos thank, you so much for tuning in get out there change your life and change the freaking world.

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