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Hey. Friends, welcome back to another one of my videos today, I'm going to be cleaning for two days, it, was a pretty, intense, two. Days of cleaning, and I'm gonna be cleaning my entire house I'm, going to be scrubbing my oven, scrubbing, floors cleaning. Out my gross and dishwasher, and literally, cleaning all over, my house I hope, you guys will watch this video and get motivated to clean your house. So. Like I said my house was pretty messy, and I guess this is what happens when I don't pick, up after a few days so. I wanted, to get started because I had a lot to do a lot to get done in the next two days and I wanted to start out in the kitchen and then do, some more deep cleaning, tasks, in my kitchen today and then, I was going to move on to my living room bathroom. Go, upstairs and start in the master bedroom and bathroom I had so, much more to do than. Just. Basic. Cleaning, and so I just wanted to get started. So. I plan on doing a lot today and then waking up the next day and just continuing. On and cleaning, this, cleaning took me two days to finish. I. Do. Want to thank hellofresh for, partnering, with me on this video which ended up being a lifesaver, and amazing, because after all of this cleaning I definitely. Needed an easy healthy, meal to make. So. I just started out in my kitchen which, usually. When I'm cleaning I will start out my kitchen because that's. Usually the messiest, and the dirtiest, so, if I can, start in my kitchen. And get it all cleaned up it just kind of motivates, me to keep moving and keep going so, I started, out by clearing, everything before. I started, more of a deep clean in here and if. You guys are new here I want to say hi and I'm glad, that you stopped by and you took time out of your day to watch my video so thank. You I I can't thank, you enough and I appreciate, it I'm, a mom, of three, I have three girls, and I'm just trying to balance all that life throws at me without losing, my mind I would, love for you guys to subscribe, I make videos, twice, a week here. On my channel, a lot of cleaning and, organization videos. Because, that's what I'm really passionate about, but. I also make videos on mom, life routines. Because. Routines, are super important, to me and that's the only way I can get anything done is sticking to a routine, so. I would love to have you guys subscribe and. Join my fam. I've, recently started using these, mr., Clean Magic Eraser, sheets, all over my house and I loved them at they're just great for little cleanups. And you don't feel like you have to use the whole magic eraser, pad you. Know those are great for bigger, tasks, but sometimes if I just have something smaller, I want to clean or just, little areas, I love, these sheets. So. Brave insists to be just. Like the movies. Think it. We. Couldn't, do it each and every. Something. I've been doing lately on, my cleaning, videos is sharing, a get to know me playlist, and you guys have been loving, it so if you haven't checked that playlist out I will put a card right here you can click on that or I, will, also have it linked down below so, you can check it out when you're done watching this video but, it's just some of my favorite videos, kind.

Of A way you guys can get to know me on a more personal level I, have the. Vlog, when my twins, were born when. We found out we were pregnant just, some of those other big. Exciting, videos, that. You guys may be interested. In so if you want to check that out that'll be linked down below. I wanted. To clean my oven because I, to. Be honest with you dread cleaning my oven and I try to keep up with it so it doesn't get too out of hand and take me forever to scrub and clean it and I've, been using this method, heavy duty, degreaser on. There and then, I shined, it with, a vinegar, and water mix and it does a pretty good job and, I'll be honest with you and you guys will see my oven is not perfect, it's, not sparkling. Clean but, I'm pretty satisfied with, it, and this, is what I like to keep up with so, I don't have to scrub it. The, next thing I wanted to do was wipe out my dishwasher, and I did a video maybe a month or two ago where. I deep cleaned my dishwasher, because it was so, gross literally, so gross, so I've been trying to keep up on, it so it doesn't get crazy, and gross again, and I just used some vinegar and water, and then some paper towels to get all of the gunk. Or built-up, food that, was in there and all of the cracks of the dishwasher, and that, stuff in there is even, left. After. I run the dishwasher, so it, desperately needed, to get cleaned. If. You want to see more of my cleaning videos I'm going to put a cleaning, playlist, card right here it, will also be linked down below in. The video's description and. This is something else that I've been getting a lot of messages saying, you guys really enjoy, because. What, people, can do they've, been saving it to their YouTube account and then you can always access that playlist and you can play it whenever you're cleaning and it's kind of like you're cleaning with a friend so it's a little bit fun, and it's, all of my latest and greatest cleaning, videos so, go ahead say. They'll play list to your account and we can clean together. Whenever. /. -. Yes. I'm, ending up tsoukalos. What, are you trying to find. These. Emotions. The, next thing I moved on to was cleaning, my kitchen cabinets. Which took me quite a while so that's why I kind of sped this up and to, clean it I use the mrs. Meyers multi. Surface spray, in a. Kornet spice it's a cleaner, that does a pretty good job and, because. I stay, on top of cleaning, my cabinets, there wasn't anything, crazy. That I had to clean I didn't, have anything built, up you know grease or anything so. This, cleaner does a pretty good job I've used wood. Cleaners, before on here, I've used Dawn. Dish, soap and water and they, both do a really good job but. I just wanted to grab this multi-surface spray, because it's my favorite and it also left, a nice fall, scent in the air so. If you guys have a lot more buildup, on your cabinets. You'll probably have to use a little bit of a more heavy-duty, cleaner but, this one worked for me today. So. What. Are you trying to. Achieve. Tell. Me what you are. So. I ran upstairs to, throw in a load of laundry before, I got started in the living room and I wasn't completely done with the kitchen I still had to mop but, I wanted to get the living room kind, of cleaned up before I, went, back and mopped. I'm. Feeling, way too low, to start this my but I. Wanna. Get, to your bed. Last. Night you try to make, me angry but. This. Time I get. You. Again. Do, you guys want to know something interesting about me when it comes to cleaning I used. To hate mopping. And Mike my husband, used to do all of our mopping, because I just hated it but, then I got this, o cedar spin, mop and I love it I mean, it's just a pretty basic, mop, I'd say but it does a really good job and, I just I love it so much there's nothing special. About it as in there's a lot of mops out there like this but I just think it's such a good mop and it does such, a good job on my floors my, fours. Seem to be cleaner I just like the way that my floors, feel when I'm done mopping so I've really been enjoying it, and I, no longer hate it. I grabbed. My Dyson and I wanted to vacuum around certain parts in our living room around the baseboards, where, our cat chased that stamen, chase where, he sits a lot because a lot of his fur will start to build up in those, cracks so I just wanted to vacuum. Everything up so there was no more fur collecting. Near the baseboards. And. Then moved on to cleaning. Out the tracking of our back slider, glass door and the, tracking really wasn't too bad because I've done a really good job of staying on top of this which, that's kind of a theme that's been going on there's, just so many tasks, that I feel like I don't have time for anymore, so, I try to stay on top of it so it doesn't get too bad and I don't have to spend hours, cleaning a certain area in my house but.

It Wasn't too long ago that I had to really clean, out this tracking, a cell. Today. Was just kind of a maintenance and I just vacuumed, it and then took some vinegar, in water and. Scrubbed. Everything that was in the cracks out. If. You're wondering what's in that spray bottle that I'm using to. Clean the floors in here it's the bonus, ceramic, tile cleaner they, make one for hardwood floor cleaners, which I'm sure you've seen me use on my channel but they also make one for a ceramic, tile and that's what I put in the spray bottle and you're also probably wondering. Why I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the, floor and, sometimes. I just like doing that I get like getting down and scrubbing, the floor especially. Areas, like this that are really small. The. Next thing I did was go upstairs to get started cleaning, our master, bedroom and bathroom, I wanted, to you know pick things up put things back where they're supposed, to be, make. Our bed even though it, was nearing the end of the night I just wanted my bed to be clean the. Bedroom in general to be clean and I knew if the bed was clean it would just pull everything together. Make. Sure you guys stick around for, day two of cleaning. Fries. That. Makes your heart. Another. Task element, to you guys that I don't love doing is scrubbing my shower so. What I'll do is I will spray everything down in the shower and then. I move on and do something else in the bathroom, so maybe clean the toilet that's what I did today or, I'll clean the vanity, area and. It kind of lets the cleaner sit, and do, a little bit of work itself, before, I go in to scrub everything, out and if you're wondering, what I'm using to clean the shower in the toilet I'm using, the method, from, growth collaborative, the method, foaming, bathroom, cleaner which is one of my favorite bathroom cleaners ever I think it does a really good job. I. Don't. Know what you've been doing. But you got scars. Since. You are through the door I've been trying to reach you, because. I feel you. What's. The story to tell what's, the story behind. The. Mountain. You're trying, to climb think, of her before. In, movie, line. We. Can write our own and, in this time. Something. I've showed before here on my channel but if you're new here maybe you've never seen it before but to clean the shower doors in my shower I use this, rain-x, window. Cleaner and it, does a really good job of cleaning the doors and then it repels, water and soap scum so it's a perfect, duo a perfect, cleaner to use in your shower if you have shower doors. Stick. Around because there will be more cleaning, here in a minute but. Before I get started with the next day and the next round of cleaning, I had. To take a break because I was super, tired after this full day of cleaning if you guys can imagine how tired I was so, Mike.

And I put the girls to bed but they wanted to say hi to you guys that, is Addison, with the dark longer, hair and Emery. Is the one with the purple pajamas, on but, we got the girls put to bed and then we were going to make dinner for ourselves and, kind of have a little impromptu, at date night we decided to make a Hello fresh meal because it's super, good super. Healthy, and just something so easy that we can do at home it's different, than my crackpot meals that you guys know I always make and, I, really like it because it feels like we're going out to dinner even though we weren't it was a really good meal that was different than our normal dinner, rotation, you, guys know I don't like to cook and so, hellofresh just makes it easy to follow you guys can see there's pictures, which is what I need when I'm cooking so. We just made the meal together had, a glass of wine, and just talked. Without any interruptions. It was so, nice and actually. A really good meal and I'm not just saying this but the meal was amazing and right, now if you guys use the link in my description below. You can get eight free, hellofresh meals, that's $80. Off of your first month, use, my code that, will be down below like I've said before I've used hellofresh, personally. When we've had those times in our lives where, we need quick. Simple, healthy, meals so basketball, season is approaching the holidays, are gonna be here do, something that's going to make your life a little bit easier and go check out hellofresh and use my code to get some free meals. Wait. A second. The girls to bed and now we're kind of having our own little date night so that's why hello fresh is perfect, for, us because obviously, it's. Way harder for us to leave the house these nights so, we, can have a little bit of wine and, a little good meal, and, it's. Kind of like our date night at home. The, next day I got up and after, we got some things going I, wanted. To get started at a decent time in the day so I could be done and enjoy, the rest of my day so, I got up and I threw a varèse bedding. And the baby's crib sheets in the washer, and I get a lot of questions on Avery's bedding it's from Betty's, beds I will have that link down below we.

Just Really like it because it's all of the bedding in one so it's easy to throw in you, can wash it and, you, can zip it up to make, the bed which is nice because Avery, can make her bed and she's only four so, it's really nice we love the bedding but after I got the bedding thrown, into the, washer, I wanted. To start vacuuming the, stairs and, it just I love when the stales stairs are vacuumed, they just look fluffy, I know, that's probably a weird word, to describe, stairs. But, I love when the stairs look fluffy and nice and you have those vacuum, lines on there so. That's what I did next. I. Like. Them subtle, but instead. Mom. Jozy. I've. Been next moved, on to cleaning the laundry, room I wanted to wipe everything down and vacuum and mop in here this, is where we keep our cat's litter box and, the dog food so it's a room that I like to clean pretty, often and I also get a lot of satisfaction after, I clean this room I think there's just so much going on in this room I'd like to keep it clean. I ran. Out of battery with, my Dyson, cordless, after. Vacuuming the stairs because, I had so much to clean up from the stairs so, I had to bust out my trusty old big, Dyson. Which, I, love, because it makes beautiful vacuum. Lines but, it's just so happy but it does the a really, good job at vacuuming. The. Last thing I had to do was fold some laundry after. I washed the, girls bedding I'd thrown in a load of laundry and this is what I was going to fold at the end of my second day of cleaning, and you can probably tell, that I had changed because this was much later in the night after everyone went to bed so obviously. With three kids I can't always get my cleaning done when I want, to but. I wanted, to make for sure I got this laundry, done, but. I think, that's going to be it for today's video it, was two, long, days of cleaning, but it was done, and I felt great I hope you feel motivated and, inspired, give. Me a thumbs up if you enjoy this video and let me know if you're gonna clean along with me I just, love it when we can clean together and you guys let me know that we are cleaning together, don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram, and check, out the hellofresh, link. For some free meals I will. See you guys next time bye. Just. Watch me.

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