✅ How To Make $5000 A Day Trading Options

✅ How To Make $5000 A Day Trading Options

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Hey, guys what's going on my name is James Mason this, is a day trading ticker. Nvda. And. I. Had a horrible injury, earlier, today but, I'll. Show you why I've decided to run it out. Shy, will do and show you right now so. The. Best way to day trade in my. Opinion is. Excuse. Me always, start off looking on, the daily chart and trade, in that direction as you, can see this ticker right here, it's. Down trending, so. I. Should. Have been a lot more patient I could have had a outstanding. Injury. But. Hey. It is what it is you know, no one's perfect and anybody, each has the critique. And say. You. Know anything about an entry you. Probably. Don't even trade, so. You. See this right here I'm just, looking like crap of let's. See this is the daily chart and I. Got in earlier, when it was basically right here. You. Know still. In the form of a. Doji. And then, you started up trending and I will show you that right here on the 5-minute chart. So. Basically, it started setting, up right here in my pattern and everything was looking right the. Way I like to trade it and I. Waited. For it to pull back up it started, pulling back up and, then. This. Uh I. Made. The execution, you know somewhere like right in here. Over. It, was over. 240. Dollars almost 241, at the time and. Then. This next candlestick, you, know really. Confirmed. It for me that. It. Was gonna move in my, direction, so. It. Came down here, and then, it just shot up and. I was just like you know what I have time on the contract, because. This is this, contract expires, October, 19th and, with. The way this market has gone and also this. Is down trending on the daily chart. You. Know even even, if. I. Stayed. In. There's. 90, percent chance more, than likely that. I'll. Still end up in the, play that I wanted. It to now. I mean I know that might sound crazy to wait, it out and, if. You're trading with a small account or even. Making a trade with your whole account I don't. Recommend that but. You. Know I'm fortunate enough that I've built my account up to where. I'm. Not in that situation and I, can I can hold this out and. Endure. Those losses. You. Know I can endure 100 percent loss in this. Trade of 20, puts if I had to, now. I wouldn't. Want to but you. Know if I had to. You. Know I could shake it off and continue, day trading so. This. Is a where. We are currently, at the moment and, you. Know, my setup, is about. Ready to. Form. Again. Unless. If it just does something crazy like this but this is just indecisiveness. With the market with. Such a large drop yesterday the Dow dropping in, closing. 831. Points, you. Know at the end of the day a, lot. Of people right now on the next day after something drastic, like that they, they. Think they're getting a deal a great deal both. Ways and that's. Exactly what I thought right here and. These. People who bought up here, like. The. Bulls that's. Exactly what they thigh as well so. A. Day. Like today is, just gonna be complete, and decisiveness, and. It's. All about just keeping your emotions in check and, so. If this would uptrend, again, you. Know I'm cool with that because, it will give me a chance. You. Know I bomb, a lot. More and. Just. Average down and, just. Trade it on the daily so. That's. Where we are right now um we'll, continue to watch his trade and I. Just put a time-lapse on this and then, basically, when. Something. To say or come, back to sell, this I'll. Stop the time-lapse. Okay. Guys I just wanna update, name I. Took.

Another, Trade in ticker. LMT. This is Lockheed Martin and. I. Got. In basically. Up here it was over there's. Actually over. 334. Somewhere. And. Let. Me show, you this. Real quick I, am currently down on. NVDA. But. It. Was a lot worse earlier but, like, I said you know downtrending, on the daily. Usually. Pays off so. Let's. Look at LMT. Currently. I'm up twelve hundred and fifty dollars on this one I. Buy. Ten, contracts. Expiration. Nineteen of October strike three. Hundred thirty-five dollars, and my. Average price is five ninety, so, we're, gonna watch this one. As well. Okay. Just uh give, you another update I. Since. I'm trading you know, two. Things at once I am. Gonna now have up above. NVDA. And LMT. So. We'll, see how, these. All work out hopefully this one will start taking for. Me, this. One is starting. To work out and. Hopefully. It keeps pushing down. Alright guys, we. Are now seeing a. Massive. Sell-off. In, NVDA. We're, still watching LMT, and. This. Is going to be the one that we will capitalize. On here, shortly I'm currently up at a profit of, $2,000. And I'm gonna see where this one goes. So. I expect, this one to uh. You. Know kind of start cooling off I mean it is hitting, near. This uh. Bottom. RSI, and our. Site currently sits at 35. I'm, gonna go ahead and lock in, LMT. All, right for LMT I locked in. Two. Thousand, three hundred and eighty dollars. You, could go ahead and. I'm, go ahead just lock this one in, before. It reverses, on me. Which I took that profit, but. Whatever. I'm gonna watch this another. Second. I'm. Glad I didn't take that trade um, cuz, right now I would. Be upside. Down on it and. It. Is. Starting. To act like it's gonna uptrend. In. The long term. Long. Term as in. Yeah. Maybe maybe. Over the next hour, too so. We'll see if it breaks, past this Miller middle Bollinger, Band. Again. Man I wish I would have taken, that you. Know. Down, here but I didn't. Lose on it so, just. Made a little bit of profit, house. Up. My. Three thousand or something like that. You. Know it is what it is I was, one fort to to. Crash. A little bit more. Got. A little greedy and. So, I'll keep playing it. Okay. So one. Thing I do want to point out to, you guys right, now is. When. You have your charts set up just like mine. When. If, you're looking at the MACD and. RSI. On the, MACD and this is both the same for, both these dark red candlesticks, and the dark green candlesticks, after. This is played out for, like. A long period of time and then. It has these like deep you, know light red candlesticks.

Meaning. You know mass sell-off. Once. It starts going back to these red. Ones and. Once. They get significantly. Shorter. Even. Though this let's just say my just, tank and just keep on ripping. And it. Might create another one, this. Is when it starts getting dangerous, is on this you, know telling as. You. Know to make another, entry, again into a trade because. You know the price might drop but, as these get shorter you know it's just getting played out really, and when. This thing reverse it. Reverses. Usually. Back and, you'll. Be caught, upside down so. That's, just one thing to keep, in mind when you're looking at the MACD and also. You know when you're looking at the RSI. You. Kind of gather you. Play it like you. Know. How high is it actually getting for. The, day and, I. Go. Back here in the. Pre-market. You. Know it was high and then, it came down here and it was gonna get rejected you know right in here and then it came down and. Here we are you know under this middle Bollinger Band and, so. Right. Here at. RSI. Of almost 52 as. Long. As we can stay under this middle Bollinger Band now if it comes up here and touches this and if. My RSI is pretty, much liked under 52. I'll. Probably jump, back in it but I'm, gonna see these turn, back green again and I'm, gonna see it kind of ride, this middle. Line. Closer. Before. I'll take, another position in this trade. Actually. I might. Jump. Back in looks, like you consolidate, a little bit right here and I'm. Just I wanted, to pull back. This, market is just being. Just. So incredibly, choppy like, it's unreal. No. Let's. Just saw. Take. A. - 2018. I'm, gonna get something. Now, I'm, gonna stick with my plan and has the thing like, you. Know. The. Hardest thing in trading is, fighting. Your, emotions, of just wanting to. Just. Make. Killer money and. If. I wouldn't have just like you know stopped myself in my mind and just thought about it a little bit more you know I was going back and I was thinking in my mind what I'd literally just told, you she. Would, just saw me getting. Owned right now so. That's. The thing like. Greed. And. Honestly. That's what this is and it's, just that emotional. Greed. That. You, know it gets you like you just just. Want to nail it like and. Me. You know just walking away from. Not. Knowing. This one right here at the bottom. Where. I could have, you. Know it just it. Made me want to go, in and tea another jab at it when this, right here is reversing, and, RSI. Is. You. Know pretty much doing the same so. I'm also over, here to, the other side if you see me keep looking over here um. It's. Basically. I pulled, this over right quick, and. Don't. Want to do that well, I can show you this so, I'm just basically looking, at the US. 10-year, Treasury. Bonds. Um. Basically. With how they move it kind of just it. Rattles of the market. What. I'm looking for now is I want to see it to, continuously. Basically. Get rejected up this middle Bollinger Band I. Would. Honestly kind, of expect it to break. Pack to break, past, this and. Kind. Of get up here in this upper range or. So with. Just how much. You. Know this had downtrend it already so. Excuse. Me. So. We're. Gonna keep on this one and we're, gonna jump. Into a. Few. Of these, other. Ones I just I have a bunch of a different watch list or just different, stuff and. I just, like to scroll, through to see when a. Move. Could potentially. Be happening. So. If you're watching this you may be wondering. Why. Am I not taking a. Bullish. Position. Right. Yet on this well. Because overall, the market. Is not, doing good and. I. Need. To see. How. This you. Know reacts. You. Know basically, I. Just. Need to see you, know if, it comes up here touches, this upper. Bollinger Band and. Over. I'll just need to see what it does I mean I know that that, doesn't, make sense literally, what I just said okay. The. Market as a whole is, not, doing good it's down trending, and I. Don't want to take a position going. Against it. That's. That's, how you get steamrolled. Because. If you you. Know if you follow like the Dow the S&P 500 or. Spy. These. Are all good indicators, as. To what is going on currently, and. They. Usually end up creating like, in markets like this where it is not doing good just. Lower. Highs and so. I don't want to take a bullish, position. And. Just. Get, honed in it so. I'll wait, for my setup and that. Is the key just waiting for your setup and. Just, let the market do its thing and. You. Just sort of just, arrive when you need to. So. I'm gonna just, basically bounce around between tickers, and everything, and if. I find something. That I'm gonna. Try to jump. In and trade I will. Come, back and let, you guys watch it. All. Right so real quick um I know at some point after, this video is posted someone. Is going to ask me why. Did I draw this line right here I drew, this line because. This, is where it started getting rejected, earlier. So.

This. Will give me you, know a basis, as to if this would, spike up which. You, know I don't know it may it may not but, for what spike up I can look to start working around. Here to to. Short this honestly. So. The. Next one fuzz and, draw one would be. Go. Right there and it's. Just the same thing right, there at that high so. And. Actually I'll draw one more right here, at. The bottom. Okay. So. This, will kind of give us some supports. And resistances, for. The day. All. Right guys so I'm about, ready to to. Strikin buy some. Puts. Here, just, on. The second. Okay sweet. So, the Dow has. Lowered. Nasdaq. Has went. Up and. I. Would like to see this go into another. Green bar, over. This. And. Hopefully, I can know this thing. Now, this is like trying to short at the top so this may not be. You. Know 100%. Like. Perfect. In a trade but. You. Know if you're trying to hit. 100. Percent perfect, trades you're, gonna screw up and. That's what I did earlier when I let, that slide. Look, at a spiral quick. I'm, gonna have to pull back I would love for it to get, a little bit green over there so I can know it. Okay, I'm gonna hit it right here, and. Then, take it right there, and. I'm gonna buy 20, again. All. Right so I got 20, puts. And. Let's. Look, at my average real quick. So. 20-plus exploration, in October, 19th astride. 250. 250. And. My. Average price is, 11. Dollars and. 67. Cents. So. Basically. You. Know for each contract, that was one thousand one, hundred and, sixty-seven. Dollars, so. Let's, go, back here and we are gonna watch this and. To. See what happens. You. You. All. Right, I'm gonna go ahead and. Tap. This one right here. There. Oh okay. Well. That's. All pretty, quick, so. See. Let's. Just go back. All right so, that. One right there we made. $2,500. On, the. One earlier it is like, I said we. Yeah. Basically just broke even it's a fifty bucks or whatever um. So. Honestly. I'm. Just gonna go ahead and. Call. It a day, I mean I'm up, you. Know right at $5,000. And. That's. Pretty much it I mean, I could ride this out race a day but you know things, to do so. Um. For. The people who are actually just listening in basically, I waited. For this one to get. Under. 242. Dollars and that's, when I sold. So. You know the reason why I didn't, basically. Let just go into. The. Red for the MACD is it. Could potentially, get rejected right here and create a new high and. That's. Definitely not something that I want to stick around for so.

Basically. Just, lucky, in profits, whenever. You can I. Let. This. Go. Earlier right here which was about I, don't. Know 2000. 2500 something, like that I can't remember but. So. Really I just kind of compensated, you know for this that, I let slip through. Today. But. Again, overall I made, right, at. $5,000, and. Can't. Complain um, it's. A good trading day. The. Market is back, and forth, it's. Very crazy and. I. Live. Another day so. I. Appreciate. You guys taking, the time to watch this video and I. Guess. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

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Good stuff James

Cheer up James you made $5k in less than a day!! LOL Good stuff man all kidding aside.

Eric Acevedo hahahahahah thank you Sir!

Richard Belman thank you Sir!

Thanks. Great job!

I find these videos quite relaxing. Good work btw.

Wayne Watson I appreciate your kind words! I’m glad they are helpful. If you’re on Facebook check us out at Transparent Traders. There should be a link in the description for it. We also have a Fb chat.

Nice bro, it would be really helpful when you’re executing to say if you’re using this weeks or nexts expirations and if you’re going ITM, ATM or out, or just mention the delta you like using. Thx.

+Mike Walker I’ll try to keep that in mind. Some of the things I do in these trades are: Always giving myself time left on the contracts. Ideally I like to buy contracts with a month left, even for day trades. Just as long as the premium isn’t too crazy. Overall I like to buy my contracts ATM or that first level ITM. If I buy OTM I’m feeling really confident, but it’s best not to buy more than 2 levels OTM.

Your transparency has truly helped me by watching you trade.Thank you for posting these videos.

Allen C you are very welcome! I’m glad that I can be a help.

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