²³ How to build a Shopify business in 2020 - What to do instead of a niche store - full strategy

²³ How to build a Shopify business in 2020 - What to do instead of a niche store - full strategy

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Welcome. To another day of consistency, my name is Elias and I'm going from zero, income, to financial, freedom and, I'm documenting every, single step on YouTube with a daily video so. If you want to follow my, journey from ceará to financial freedom and follow, along do what I do learn what I learn and, take. Your income. From wherever you are to financial freedom with me in my face just hit subscribe and hit the bell so you get notified and then zze just follow my videos and follow my steps so, today. I'm gonna teach you how to set up an e-commerce store not, only that but what should you think about in 2020. And during this recession how do you make a store that lasts, and and. Not an each store that dies out when the trend goes down so, that's what I'm gonna teach you today so, make sure to stick to the end of the video and I'm gonna teach all those things and in, the common in, the next few, weeks or days I'm, gonna teach you how to grow your store and get your first customers and also, a way to basically, just. Spend ad money once and then, just grow your lifetime. Value. Of your customers customer, lifetime value without. Having to spend more ad money so basically you get people into your store once and then I'm gonna show you how to get, more money from them so, but that's not in this video today I'm just gonna show you what you need to do to get started and, I'm. Gonna jump into my screen and I'm gonna teach you what, it looks like and what you should do to get started so I'll see you within the screen and. Afterwards. I'll get back on camera so I'll see you soon. So, this is what it looks like inside. Of my Shopify, store and if, you've never been in Shopify before and you don't have a store I have, added a link in the description where you can go and create your store it's super simple is just to click the link and then, you just get, started by clicking one button and you fill in a few in a few things some information, and you should have what I see in a very short time so, there's a 14-day, free, trial basically, actually to extend it to 90 days during the corona it's, a response from Shelby fight to help people and support during the Garona so you, will have 90 days for free so you have plenty of time to test it out and hopefully make some sales it's, actually pay for for. The story itself once you have to start paying which is $29. Per month so. Basically. You have 90 days to test it out for free and if it doesn't work before that if you want you can just close it or pay to $29, hopefully, you're gonna have some sales by then and it's gonna be worth to just pay the $29. So. Anyway I'm gonna show you a bit what I've done and basically. Tell. You why I've done it and show. You through what, it looks like on Shopify, so let's say you have set up your store and you, see what I see right now the.

First Thing you can do is. To basically think about, are. You gonna sell one product are you gonna sell many products and I'm gonna tell you a bit of what, I'm doing and why so. You might have heard of mixing niche stores basically, when you're going into various targeted, audience and only selling products for that targeted, audience for example about, golf maybe, you're selling everything about golf in your store then, it's a niche store for growth I have. Actually decided to go with a flex store instead of a niche store and a flex store means that you basically have, a store. That can sell pretty much everything, and the. Reason I'm doing this is because niches, goes, up and down I told you about this in the video yesterday it's. Basically you. Will have to build a new store when the trend goes down so, people, will eventually, get rid of or. The trend will go down and they will not buy from. That niche anymore or maybe they will maybe, the last English I think Golf is the last English this problem element go down but. It goes ups and downs in everything and some things gets hit harder than others so. I'm building a flick store and I, want to keep my store and build, value over time so, I don't want to lose the email list, I want I don't want to lose all that because, whenever the. Trend goes back I can go back and target people, that were interested in one specific area, of my story so let's say I have three things I'm selling in my store like three categories, one would be golf one would be fishing. And one would be. Cooking. So, if. Cooking, would go out of trend like people summation we're sub cooking which I don't think will happen and, then. I could. Stop marketing, to people in, cooking I can instead start marketing to all the people in golf I can also see me on taneous li parallel, market. To all of them at the same time but. Specifically, targeting, only focus, like. Focused, marketing, for golfers, with golf for ads and so on and I'm gonna show you how to do all of that later it's not gonna be in this video but the, important. Thing is that you understand the concept and when you're gonna add products your store you know what, to look for and, every. I can recommend you to go with a flag store because you can still niche down your marketing, efforts, into, one specific area I'm gonna show you how to do that as well it's, not gonna be nice in this video I'm gonna mention a little bit about it but let's. Start with Shopify and what it looks like so first, you come to the home page here you can see some stats basically. A fun, fact if you look at this total, sales right now it's not sales yet but, that's like the number one thing you want to see growing the, second thing which, is usually, before you get the first sales is how many people visit your your. Shopify. Store and I've, had six it's probably me all of them, then. Here is some random things nothing important. It's like the average store have 377. Sessions before they hit their first order it. Could, be could not be relevant for you depending. How you do your marketing effort and targeting and so on but. Anyway and then you can see orders whenever they come in you can see them here I have nothing to show you yet. Products. Here. You can actually start. By doing some work and but.

Actually Before I went in and started to pick some products I went into. Into. Own under online store I picked. That theme and when you pick, a theme you have to have something in mind and that is basically is this. For, one product a few products or many, products and I, have picked a theme called, supply which, I recommend if you have many prep many products I really. Like this theme I think it's really, cool for, my products simple. To use it's very clean out-of-the-box and this. Is what it looks like basically, so. I haven't finished it completely, yet have traded, a short little logo here very. Quick I might. Do, a better version of that so my story is called sparkling, lemon water calm and. This. Is the first kind of category. That I decide this out and that's kitchen, products so. This is basically not what I'm gonna do, my main focus around but because, it's gonna be a flex torque I just, want to add a few categories so when people come here they don't feel like okay this is like a not, so serious store but. They're also actually, some really cool products here and there is also a chance that people will go in and find. More things so. I'm not gonna put a lot of effort in just like adding. A lot of products but I wanna have a few of those categories, ready and I'm. Gonna show you how I pick products and why I pick the products that I pick so, after. You have installed the theme. And basically you do that here you click on free themes explore free themes and then, if you want to use the same one I use you click on, where. Is it which. One didn't have so. Supply. Maybe it's not showing from either but, if you can't find, it here oh yeah it's right there supply and then you just click install basically, add two theme library then, you click on this action button and publish and that should be then, you can go in and customize it. So. Basically when you customize you can change. Some sections on the pages and you can change like your, logo and some. Other things like colors and all that but basically here, this is the first thing is human if you customize this might vary from, theme, to theme but, the structure looks the same but the kind of sections can look differently. So. Here I decided to have a basically. A collection this is a category, that I'm selling kitchen and, so I'm gonna repeat. This row, basically, several, times one for like kitchen items and, one for the other categories that I'm gonna have so, this is displaying. The four first. Four product in the category basically, and, so. Here's a little short you can just like play around with this here's like the header where you can add your logo and, there. Is like rich, text elements where I'm diggin I describe or have actually have either some text here produce. Products, that make your life a little more sparkly. And. Doesn't, text your about the, story basically. But. Enough about this this is more for you to explore you can like customize. Colors and all that, but. I'm pretty happy as it is for me right now so I'm not gonna spend more time here you can play it play around with that yourself and, you. Can do blog post you can have pages like about contact, page and so on I'm not gonna do that today but I'm gonna show you those later and a. Domain I actually, bought my domain on a host another. Main house called GoDaddy. And it's very easy to connect we could connect existing, domain if you bought it somewhere else you.

Can Also buy it - right now Shopify, you can just like. My. Domain. Calm, and then. You can buy it here and see if it's available so that's, the easiest way to do it and. Yeah. This it varies the price from domain to domain but if. You don't have it here if you bought it somewhere else you can also do that very easily so basically you click, transfer. Domain and, you click type, in the domain you already have and you follow the steps otherwise. If you can't find that if, he does if it doesn't work for you you can google it or you. Can just use that Shopify support, basically. Under chop, your health center I'm, gonna show you what that is because that's something you're probably gonna use a lot if you're new to Shopify, and, it's super good they always have support available. Contact. Shopify support and, then. You need to be logged in and so on but at the bottom you. Can start a chat basically, down here. So. Anyway enough, about that there. Is this chat is they're super helpful and they will help you basically solve. Or guide you to where you can find solution in every, case I've been in and, you. Can add some sales channels like you can sail directly Excel directly on Instagram, and Facebook shop and, that's. Something I'm gonna show up in later videos, so. Let's get into the interesting things I, said. That I'm gonna have a flex store, and that. Means I'm gonna sell different kinds of calories, or products and I started with kitchen products it's, not so important what you pick there in terms of categories because. There are gonna be several, different ways for you to market it the most important. Thing is that you pick. You. Pick categories. That you feel like there is a a good. Way to target them so, if you know if you want to target people that really love cats. For, example like. Then, you have a specific idea of. How you find these people like people who like I, love my cat groups or I, love, my dog group if they like dogs you know not just dogs but like I love my dog then you know ok this person probably have a dog so, it's, probably.

Higher Conversions, if you sell dog items, just. A little tip so basically. What I'm using for product, is I'm going, with drop shipping and I'm, doing that through Alibaba, and. Sorry. Aliexpress, Alibaba. Is more wholesale, so. Aliexpress. So. What, I recommend you to do first. Of all you go into. Into. Your Shopify. Store and you click on apps and then. You're gonna click visit, the shop with App Store and then you can install an app called overload. Or. Barrel oh maybe I I think, it's called a barrel oh that's sorry sighs so. Anyway you search for a bellow and. When. You have that you install, it you click on it a, tap. I already have it installed so it. Will show up here after, and then. You need to install your, first. One you need to use Google Chrome so if you don't have that I suggest you download it and then you. Go and you. Basically. Google. You. Google, Oprah. A little Chrome extension, I'm gonna add a link in the description for that and. This. Is what it looks like here you see this little icon aliexpress.com. Product, importer so. Basically what you can do let's, say I go in here and I want to find men's hoodies. And. Once. I find here I see, some. Products. Showing up and something, very important, that this extension. Will do for you is that you will see your a packet or no impact it in fact it is the only product you want to pick and. Also something you need to pick is you want to do. 5 stars basically, you want five star sellers or like, 4.8, 4.9, 5 stars but nothing less and you. Want to use ie packets super important and. Without. This. Extension. From, umbrella you cannot see if deechi packet or not unless you go into each product and that's just time consuming and once, you find a product you light so. Let's say I'm can add this to my store but I'm just gonna show you what looks like so then you see this oh push to push. This product to a bellow you click on this blue little tag. Here and then. Basically it will show up within your import, list on. Or. Below the app installed you can see it here then, you can rename the renaming, to wherever you want like shirt, or, like hoodie, and description. You can add a description, change this variants. Okay what sizes do I want available here. You can see this. Is the. Cost for you to buy it and this. Is how much you want to sell it for and here you can see the profits, also. Here is that the. Shipping. Cost, so. Also, count that in unless, I suggest, you have free shipping. Because. It's a big killer, on conversion, rates to make. People pay for shipping there. Are many ways you can do that like you can have okay over $35, you will have free shipping and so on so, I should just have anything like that otherwise, lower orders will not beat your profitable. But. Try to bake in the shipping, price within the, price. So this will be a process basically. And. So, now. I'm gonna tell you the strategy, that I am using that I think you should use for finding, the right products so first of all think. Of it in five steps. So. First of all we want to bring people into our store and to. Bring people into the store we, want basically. A very. Powerful, kind. Of strategy. And that, is free products, so, you might, have seen this like get. A free product just pay for shipping and, this. Is a super, effective way to get people as a first time customer and you might have heard the concept that it's so much cheaper. To. Keep customers than, to attract new ones and this, is the case here so, basically when people buy from you the first time after you, even if they only pay. For the shipping there, is a chance they might buy something else as well and but. If not it's totally fine so you might, still make a profit even from, just chipping and as.

Well. As you. Will have their email as, soon as they're your customer you have their email and that means you can for free put. Up more. Emails. With more products to them so you can market it for free you don't have to pay for ads anymore and this is so, amazing, so you won't say see I like a due to direct returns, on the first purchase. But, over time it's, gonna increase, the average customer, value, so. Basically, that is how much each of your customers are buying for over. A lifetime as long as your customer so. You, want to build that over time with free marketing using emails so. That's why this is, super important to find first, of all to find it. Find the niche you want to sell in and then, you find one product. If you think it's like okay wow this is something that people will share this is like I really cool, item, that everyone, will just be like wow and like. You want something that people will share with their friends their family and so on you know so, then you can create that like a I campaign, on Facebook and ad you, don't have to spend a lot of money on it yeah but, hopefully that's gonna be enough to get to some customers and I'm, gonna go all of that like I'm gonna do all of that as well but, it's not gonna be in this video yet I'm can I go through a set up my store first so this is the first step but. Basically look for one. Super, cheap product, like less than $1 and. It. Should also be eat, packet, so, basically you can have like $9 shipping and basically you will have a profit from that so. Then, you have some ad budget as well to get people. To buy because, you might have to spend like six, to ten dollars usually if you have a good ad campaign to get people to buy I would, say if you can get like the six dollars great. Like. That means for. Each six dollar you spend on ads you get one people to purchase a product and then you will go like plus minus zero maybe even a little bit of profit, probably. You will do like two or three dollar profit actually, so. That's what you want to try, to achieve and, like. I said I'm gonna go through all of this so don't worry but, that will be in future videos so. Once you've found that product. And. You have first. Of all picked a niche and found a good product. Then. You, want to go and find, the next step so that's basically a. Product. That is a little more expensive. That's. Like. Let's. Say the first one is like in store maybe ten to fifteen. Dollars that's, like the thing you give away for free the, next product you want to be able to send. An email to them about will, be a product of like. Fifteen, to twenty dollars and, and. Basically, that will be free to send this marketing, campaign because it's email and.

Hopefully. Will convert some people because it's much easier to get someone to buy from you again than getting a new customer, cuz you already trust you so. Basically. That's. The second product you want to have and you can add several of those just. To test and see. Which one is performing better but. Find in that price range like. Just a really good products you think people, who would buy your first free product. You. Think about they. Will. They are gonna be the same people that buying your next product so think that they must be people are also interested in the second product so think of that when you pick your next next product and the third product is gonna be a product that's a little more expensive like, twenty to thirty dollars and. That's. Gonna be dead next, email that you sent to people that have already bought that. Second. Product, so. Basically you can target and only send emails to people who have bought the first free, product and then, you can do specific, emails to the people that have bought the second product and then you market the next a little more expensive items and, so on and then you go all the way up like. The next one will be step, four in terms, of pricing and that. One will be like, let's say thirty to fifty dollars and the. Fifth one will be like fifty to seventy depending, on your niche it might be like eighty. Two hundred and twenty or 100 120, so. This, is just like some. Round. Numbers but, you, get the idea. So. Basically you just want to bring people into the funnel with a free product and basically. They pay for shipping of course and. Then you can remark it to them as much as you want with free emails, so. That's. Gonna. Be the return of your ads in the end because, you're. Only paying for the ads wants to get them into the funnel to get three men so. That's the strategy so once you have looked into those products and you, will use your bellow here after. Clicking on this little blue, button. It, will be in your import, list and once, you have done, all of this like, the. Images, and stuff you can click them as well and variants. You pick you want all these available like. Size, ml, Excel. In 6xl like, there's who decisis, in this case he, set the prices you can do all at once here said new value i will. Do a sell them for forty. Seven. Point ninety nine. Forty. Seven point ninety nine and then, apply it and all of them will change and they're the same in this here, is, basically you can you. Can put this real, price here, for. 0.99. And if you want to ever put them on a deal like a sale you. Can change them here that basically. You can do that directly in Shopify sits just over yellow for your import products basically and. When you're ready you click import here I'm not gonna do that but, what it will show up later on is in here my products you, don't have to worry about these, ones, what. You will see automatically. Happen is in your products they. Will show up here and. This. Is also where you can adjust and write better descriptions, I haven't written descriptions, to my product yet. So. Basically what I did I created a, collection. Here to the left called, kitchen and. Basically. I created, a condition under. Here so every every. Product that has the product type of kitchen and, a. Product type you type in when you import, from a below you, know to do it later if you want we didn't Shopify, basically. Here type kitchen. And they. Need to automatically, add in the collect collection, kitchen so, I can categorize, it in my store later.

So. Basically this is what I've been doing today I also. Set, up a, few apps because, shop, if I have. A lot of apps that you can like extend the functionality so. You have a Braille to import products, also it can fulfill products, when you have orders I'm gonna show you that when I get orders and, product. Reviews I also added that one I recommend is to do so people can write reviews of your of. Your store or your, products that they buy a, smile. Awards, and loyalty, this. One is a really good one it said like a, reality. Program so people can work you, can recommend your. Products, your, store to other people and get rewarded basically. So. I'm, not gonna go through everything I can tell you what it does so. You create, programs here like earn points if they, share it on Twitter they will earn two hundred points, I named my sparkling. Points, sparkling lemon water with calm and, like. Them Facebook hundred sparkling points, share on Facebook three hundred sparkling points and so on so you can basically create these kind of things so, people can earn the rewards that they can later on use to to. Buy things in your store and here. You can see one. Hundred, sparkling points equals one dollar that's what I've said some, people can basically reward, these points and buy things for X amount of dollars depending how many points to have and, there. Are other ways to earn points and so on. There. Is referrals, so if people refer they, can get, rewarded. With coupons, for example, so. This, one is what. You get if you refer. A customer, and this is what the friend gets who you referred so, that you will get five dollars. Each and. That's, what I set up and customer, as you can see here I'm not gonna go in there. So. Anyway. There. Or here. You get some statistics, of how you're doing performance, branding, you can go in here and change what it looks like and so on but. More or less that's it and what, it looks like in store I'm, gonna show you so. So. Here you will see to the right in the corner. Rewards. You. Click here o become, a member with, more ways to unlock, exciting. Perks this is all this, is your all-access pass to exclusive. Rewards join, now ok, sparkling. Points earn more sparkling points for different actions and turn those sparkling points into awesome rewards ways, to earn and so on, so.

People Can't just like go, through here and say ok do I want to join them on let's say I want to join and then you like sign up. And. Yeah. Then you're in and you can like have. A little dashboard there where people can earn their rewards and refer friends and. I'm not a really, good thing is you. Want people's emails even the ones who are not converting into customers. You. Want their emails and a, cool way to do this is to gamify it and I use something. It's an app I'm gonna show you here before I show you what it looks like so. This is something I recommend it install as well it's free. Up. To a specific, amount of customers or something like that it's. Right here so, it's called spin to win by. Sekhmet. And this. Is what it looks like, that's. Right not there it's. Been to win so. I'm gonna do my name sorry. What looks like so it spin the wheel, then. It will spin, with, an explosive price it says here and your full name and email to spin. Okay. So I earned, a ten. Ten. Percent off coupon, so. I can copy it and this is actually a valid coupon code and you. Can win different things I have gift cards as well basically coupon, with dollars off just like three or five or seven dollars off I decided to do with, its lower chances, to get those but you, can, still can, still get them you, can pick how the likelihood of of of. Which. Reward, will, be picked like the, likelihood, of it so. I'm gonna show you what that looks like so. Within. Here spin, to win, you'll. Create your campaign, first you can either be shown step by step. But. Anyway so. You. See statistics. That was me just signing up. In. Campaigns, to the left here this, is where you create your campaign and this, is what it looks like once you've read it so, you will go through all this step I'm just named it every day every day spinner and, slices, this is literally, the ones you see there in the wheel what you can win and, now. You have coupons you can see whatever happens I might. Floor this out see. You don't we go and spend all your money here. But. So. Basically you set their words and then once you have set them here you need to go into coupon and. Create them inside, of Shopify. So. Here you can create, discount. Code is the code that will be here so, this needs to match. With. This you can also generate a code to create one and then you can just copy this, into. Here and once. You finish well the cop with, the coupon, codes and make. Sure make sure they are matching with whatever offer you have here so is 20% off it needs to be 20% discount. Here, you can set some. Discount. Value 20, then, you can see say, if it's if. They need to purchase, of a minimum amount of dollars or whatever currents you have to, like able, to use the discount code maybe, they need to buy I mean those two products or something like that so. Basically that's, how you create the, discounts. To, use the spinner and, once, you've done that you can see the gravity the gravity is, the likelihood of that one. Will be chosen, in, the wheel, when they spinning here. You can see the percentage of the, likelihood of of ten percent versus. Twenty percent versus, three person gift card five, cent gift card or seven seven, dollar a scored, so. Yeah. That's. How I set it up you can do forum little law you can customize it a bit trigger this is the thing you can see to open the spinner and customize, it afterwards.

You Want it to show up I have, bottom-left I. Don't. Know why it says customize now but that's why I pick, yeah. So, you. Have Thank You page is, what it looks like after I recommend, you just keep it like it is just. Just, like do colors and stuff like that and, if. You want if you use a paid version you can connect it to like an email service like, klaviyo. Maybe, you know MailChimp and those so. But. It's all free you don't have to do that you can do it manually just, get, people from here into MailChimp. Or whatever using I don't, think you will, use MailChimp or she'll be like unfortunately, have stopped using mail, shame but you can use something like klaviyo. So. Anyway. And this. Is the two apps that I recommend you to install or, actually three umbrella, as well and also. The product reviews, so. I also use Aliexpress, reviewing ports especially I can take what other people ever have written. About this on the sellers, page like about, the products and imported. Them into the. Products in my store so. You can just download the apps and there will be instructions of how you do that, so. That's. Basically what I've done what. I'm gonna do next is to I'm, gonna fill up more products I don't have a lot I'm gonna pick like two or three more categories, and I'm. Gonna add like ten products in each or something like that I'm. Gonna, find my free products, that. I'm gonna have. As a marketing campaign for getting people, to be, up like a first time purchaser, on, sparking, let me work on my e-commerce site. And then. I'm gonna start doing email marketing with them, so that's, basically everything for for. What I've done today and I. Hope, that you've learned a lot I'm gonna look teach you a lot more so make, sure to hit subscribe and. I'm. Gonna keep. You up-to-date every, single day with a daily video of my, progress from ceará to financial freedom so, undone. By my screen and I'm gonna see you outside. So. That. Was my screen that was my journey today, setting. Up an e-commerce store on Shopify and adding in free products setting, up some very important, apps that are really gonna help you and I explain the, strategy behind the store using. A flex store instead of an. E, store and what you should think about when you pick the product if you don't really know exactly what products to pick yet don't worry like, take your time I'm gonna teach you some tricks of that as well if you can basically find, other, ads, of, other successful. Or. You can find other successful ads and see how they're doing and basically. Pick winners that's already goes viral on Facebook so that's, another thing you can do I'm gonna teach you how to do that this little trick here just most of those tools are paid but, there are like some, walk arounds that I'm looking for I don't know yet and the. Free versions versions. Of that but, I'm. Gonna try to find my ways to find those free products because. The tools I used before or not available, anymore unfortunately, they have basically disappeared, from the market and now, I know there is someone like paid and you, paid I think the cheapest one is like $49, per month and I don't know it's. Starting off with your income that might might not be the best way for you I choose, not to use it right now even, if it's worth it but in, the, current shoes I mean right now is your income doesn't. Where I'm gonna prioritize my, money I'm gonna protect my money in the ads and actually I'm gonna use my, consulting. Money that I'm earning their so also, stick stick along in, my channel to follow my journey as, a consult, and how I started. From nothing and. Basically. I had experience. In a field but I'm starting from basically I'm, starting an agency from scratch so, follow. My journey there and then, I'm reinvesting the money to build a more passive income in my e-commerce store so follow. Along hit subscribe hit, the bells you do get my my daily videos and I'm. Gonna see you tomorrow yang again. -, tomorrow.

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