Exitus Elite Review [2021] Can I Help You Make $1000 Per Week Online? (SEE MY CUSTOM BONUSES!)

 Exitus Elite Review [2021]  Can I Help You Make $1000 Per Week Online? (SEE MY CUSTOM BONUSES!)

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are you tired of waking up every single day only to look in your bank account and see it's completely empty or even worse it's in the negative and the bank attached an nsf fee maybe it was a 25 35 dollar nsf fee what makes it even more impossible to recover hi i'm lance groom formerly from the tv show making money and i'm the guy that made over a million dollars in sales in newspapers magazines and tabloids and i'm back out there making sales again only this time is something more exciting and in just a minute i'm going to tell you what that is you see years ago that was me i would look at my bank account weekly sometimes daily and not only was it empty but it was overdrawn and maybe i had one or two or three nsf fees for the bank so it made it really impossible to recover and i really had a struggle in today's times with all the economic turmoil and the struggles of the economy people are finding it hard like you to earn extra money so what i've been able to do over the course of time is to make sure that when i go out that i find something that leverages both time and money and i can assemble a good product series for people that want to work with me and just a few weeks ago after six months of deliberations i found just that and i jumped on board in fact what it's called is exodus elite and i'm gonna show that to you in just a minute and within the first week i had somebody jump on board right away for a thousand dollars now i'm going to show you what the product is i'm going to show you the marketing plan is and i'm going to show you how i'm going to help you in just a minute we're going to go inside the membership area to see if this is a right match for you now i will tell you this i am gonna properly vet you i don't work with everybody okay so if it is a good match and we can work together i'll let you join me and i'm gonna do something very special for you when you see what this is and you're so excited and if you join at any level you're going to get some really exciting bonuses but if you join at the top level which over 88 percent of the people do that join this opportunity i'm going gonna put your first person in for you absolutely free and i'm gonna show you how to be a part of a real special co-op if you join me right away so let's go inside the membership area let me show you around and i'm going to show you everything is entire entailed here inside the membership area and how i'm going to help you get started leverage your time leverage your money and then i've got a few words of wisdom at the end of this video here hello welcome back in just a minute we're going to log inside the membership area i'm going to show you around the dashboard and all the unique things the products what you get compensation plan and of course all the tools you have for marketing but before we do this i'm going to play this short eight minute video to go over the exodus elite compensation plan the product and how you and i get a team up together as business partners to help grow your business out okay so let me play this here real quickly for you pay attention take notes and then when we're done you'll have an opportunity to click the link below at join exodus.com put your email in there when we're all done with this video presentation um this review rather and then you'll be able to redirect yourself to this video again to watch it a second time if you didn't understand it the first time uh might take twice to understand how powerful the compensation plan is okay so let's go and play it right now welcome to exodus elite the proven online digital business that works for just about everybody built from the ground up to ensure our members success exodus has become one of the internet's premier online opportunities by providing high quality digital products an exciting profitable compensation plan and an automated system that helps generate 100 percent of the sales commission for you the exodus membership offers you the chance of real online success if you are serious about having one hundred dollars to one thousand dollar paydays then you are at the right place and your timing is perfect many of our members make a full-time income working just a few hours a week so whether you are just starting out working from home or you are a seasoned pro any income you can dream of can be yours as an exodus member over the next few minutes this video will tell you all you need to know as to whether this business is right for you we are a high-end opportunity looking to attract members who strive for success of course everyone knows a great system is worthless without valuable products to go with it at the heart of exodus elite is the genesis library which consists of four separate product packages g100 g250 g500 and g1000 priced at one hundred dollars two hundred fifty dollars five hundred dollars and one thousand dollars respectively these four levels allow for anybody regardless of their financial position to get started with an online business and begin to make money quickly it's important to understand that the higher your level the more income potential you have g 100 and g 250 are starter packages and include products that will help you get your marketing off to a fast start helping you develop the skills to have eager prospects connecting with you for further information and purchasing a product from you g 500 is where the products start to include leadership and personal and professional development as your business grows and you begin to develop as a leader the g 500 product will give you all the assistance you need to build and manage a team and achieve your income goals g 1000 is our premier package and is where you want to be by starting at this level you can maximize your income and fast track your success you will learn from some of the best online marketers in the world and be able to emulate their success you will develop the skills to become a top earner in the online space and begin living the true laptop lifestyle every higher level genesis product package includes all the products from the lower levels every course in the genesis library is in video mp4 or audio mp3 format and they become instantly available to you via download once you make your product purchase the genesis library covers a wide variety of topics including social media marketing personal development motivation email marketing mindset and attitude and so much more there is truly something for everyone not only that but the library is also regularly updated keeping the genesis content fresh and current many exodus members love the fact that they can download a video or audio course implement what they learn and then quickly see the rewards of their efforts in the form of new prospects or income via product sales others don't want to learn anything they want to start making sales and money right away the exciting thing about our business is that there is no waiting or no steep learning curve before you can start making money exodus is incredibly proud of the quality of the genesis library we are confident you will be too the exodus elite membership provides you with a state-of-the-art back office that includes all the tools you need to help you succeed online such as beautifully designed lead capture pages that add prospects to your contact manager and a dedicated autoresponder system that sends follow-up emails to all your prospects your system tracks your sales and commissions and advises your new members who and how to pay for the genesis product purchase then it instantly delivers the products to them in their own back office all of this is fully automated with you only having to push a few buttons to confirm you have received your money in our resources section you will find various ways to promote your exodus business including newspaper advertising sms text marketing web traffic and bot marketing to name just a few another exciting feature of exodus membership is the exodus hub available to all members the hub will show you step by step via series of videos exactly how to market using various methods and platforms this means that even a novice marketer can get results fast and generate income online you only need to decide which product package you wish to purchase and then pay the corresponding yearly membership fee g 100 is forty dollars g two fifty is 100 g 500 is 175 dollars and our premium package g1000 is only 299 dollars to make money with exodus elite you sell the genesis product libraries to your prospects and because of our powerful you first compensation plan you will always get paid first when you help your members qualify our powerful direct selling model pays 100 of the commissions to you using the one-up concept which has proven itself to be one of the most lucrative pay plans in history every time a person buys a genesis product from you you get paid 100 percent of the commission up to the level you have purchased with one exception the first sale you make at your purchase level or above is called your training or qualifying sale the buyer of the genesis library product and the commission passes up line you then become qualified at that level for life meaning you keep all future commissions up to your level you can now reach those higher income goals much faster another exceptional part of the you first compensation plan is that you only ever pass up one person regardless of the level this pass-up took place so for example if you are a qualified g 100 member and you upgrade to g1000 when you make your first g1000 qualifying sale only the commission passes upline you keep your new team member because of this your team builds much quicker and you can earn passive income commissions at a much faster rate not only is this important financially for you but as soon as you make your qualifying sale exodus will waive your next year's membership fee payment this can save you up to two hundred ninety nine dollars and adds further value to the exodus elite you first compensation plan 88 of new members join at the g 1000 member level because they never have to pass up any commission from the lower levels you keep all the 100 250 and 500 commissions starting day one it is the passing up of commissions from lower levels via overrides upgrades and split pay overrides that can massively increase your income here's a real world scenario the g1000 members often experience you are an active g-1000 member a g-100 member in your team brings in the first qualifying sale at g-1000 the full 1 thousand dollars passes up to you now they make their second sale at g-1000 but they can only earn dollars of this as they are at g-100 the balance of nine hundred dollars passes up to you you have a g500 member on your team and his first sale is a g250 this g250 member then makes his first sale at g1000 the commission passes up line along with the new member the g 500 member gets a new member and 500 the balance of 500 passes to you the same g250 member makes his second sale of g 1000 this time he keeps the member and two hundred fifty dollars the balance passes up to the next active g one thousand member so you have just made another seven hundred and fifty dollars in this scenario you are not qualified at g one thousand yet you have earned three thousand one hundred fifty dollars with the exodus elite you first compensation plan you can earn up to one thousand dollars in direct sales up to nine hundred dollars in upgrades and overrides and finally up to seven hundred fifty dollars in split pay overrides we offer a life-changing compensation plan let it change yours by eliminating the most common challenges that people have when trying to make income from home exodus elite provides anyone regardless of skill or experience the ability to succeed and make money online it does not matter if you're looking to make an extra five hundred dollars to help with the bills or to make things that little bit easier or an additional three thousand dollars to five thousand dollars monthly so you can quit your job and work from home finally if you're looking to change your future and find the freedom that comes from making one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year or more exodus has everything you need to do just that join exodus elite from just one hundred and forty dollars now share this presentation and start making money in days not months it's that simple okay wasn't that exciting we're now inside the membership area and i'm going to show you a few things here that i really love about the access elite program okay so we're right now in the dashboard area we're actually below that ess fast start and um it's got a little update message here september 9 2020 when it was last updated what i'd like you to do when you log in your membership area is go ahead and click ess fast start right here and you can kind of look around watch these two videos very important fill out how you want to pay get paid and then make sure you have you know how people are going to pay you in there lots of things you can add you can do google pay cash at venmo um zell zell zell's very popular and so forth okay also i'm going to show you when you click this you're going to see monthly leaderboard where you can show up on the leaderboard with uh how many cells you are for what level okay what place you have you're ranked for what level you came in board on board with okay um you have the get starting guide right here when you click that that's going to go over how to get started your onboarding and so forth and what i think is pretty cool if you want to reflect back to any portion of this video it's time stamped so you can quickly get there okay you also have information your purchases your income i won't be clicking all these but i'll be clicking a few of them let's click my genesis library okay this is the levels you come on board with okay so if you do the genesis 100 the g250 g500 okay so you're coming on board 100 250 500 or 1000 which again with this bonus you get all these other products with it too as well as one qualifier sell which i'm going to help you get that first person okay if you come on board for the g1000 okay and of course you get all the products in here i'll click the g 500 you get all that um g 100 let's start from the top get a lot of different products here g250 a lot of different products okay let's go back to the top here g500 lots of different products here i can scroll down the g1 1000 you're going to have just tons and tons and tons of products plus you'll have the g100 g250 and g500 so a lot of these products most these products are updated they're current they're digital marketing products to help you make money to help you market self-improvement improvement and so forth so a lot of good stuff there okay scrolling on down your market suite this is really cool your marketing suite i really really love this so let's click capture pages genesis uh exodus actually rather elite gives you different capture pages that you can link up to your aweber or get response okay your leads you can track them you can track your leads and what's going on there you have a vsl page which is the one you're going to be redirected to by typing in join alexa join exodus.com when you see below in the video description you'll click it you'll opt in you'll get to this opt-in page or this vsl page again you can watch this eight minute video for the compensation the product again to kind of let it sink in very very powerful okay um you get redirect setup you have a bridge page you can set up which goes after your capture page you kind of introduce yourself if you want to you have analytics like i said you can link it set up your aweber and get response what i thought was pretty cool too is you know they even give you your emails so that not only do you have your capture pages okay but you have emails that go into your system so you can load them or you can integrate with their capture pages and they're already there for you too so i actually did my own capture page and i took their 10-day email swipes okay and i loaded them inside my system okay so can drip on people for 10 days okay for the whole month it's a pretty good little sequence it's like the first one goes out right away second one day two second third one day three and then two days later the next one goes out two days later and then three days later and three days later and four days later and four days later so there is a sequence to it um training you have the exodus hub which is cool okay i'll click that it's gonna show you different ways to market okay things in your uh i'll click the exit sub there that was the xs hub plus different ways to do marketing it's i mean well worth it alone just for the marketing strategies you can learn for anything you want to market they have recorded webinars lots of them they have live webinars you can attend all kinds of stuff you can sign up for the newsletter so this is an incredible credible thing you also have your dashboard in here okay the webinars you signed up for testimonials genesis library and so forth okay so what i would like you to do is in just a minute okay we got a couple more closing words of wisdom for you but make sure okay that you jump on board today pick the g series that you want to come on board with okay okay yeah on board this business and make sure you make a decision today because this is a really exciting program like i said 88 of people join the g1000 okay and you can come on board with me today for that they come aboard any level you want but you're going to get the additional bonuses at g-1000 where i put your first person in for you how great is that and you get to be a part of the co-op okay so we try to get you some more sales and leads and all that good stuff the g100 g250 g500 you're still going to qualify for my bonuses we'll still have training so you'll get my ad tactics pro which my newspapers magazines and tabloids course you're also getting my youtube profits okay and that's going to help you learn what i do on youtube each and every day each and every week you don't have to do daily and just do it weekly in fact youtube prefers that you just launch a video once or twice a week and not every day okay so let's let me give you a few more parting words of wisdom before you get started and then you want to click the link below at jointexodus.com to get back to the vsl and get more information how you get started with me okay wasn't that exciting in just a minute i'm going to click the link below and just like i'm going to help you out if you join at the g1000 level i'm going to go ahead and help paul out one of my guys paul elfic you'll be clicking this link in this video and you'll be joining with him now i'm going to help you too and you're going to be on my team but you will be joining with him now in just a minute i'm going to have you click that link but i want you you're going to be redirected here in just a minute to that video okay you're going to listen again to the video understand the depth of the compensation plan how powerful it is the more people that come on board also remember the g 100 g 250 g 500 and g 1 000 level you're going to get my ad tactics pro newspapers magazines and tablets course how i made money over a million dollars in sales and a million dollar classified ad it's a blind ad you can tailor to anything you want and my youtube payouts five simple things i do all the time just like this video to rank and get out there and jack the traffic and steal the thunder and make sales and build my lists okay so you want to make sure you understand the program just how powerful it is click the link below right now paul's going to bring you on board i'll be right there with him and it's going to be so exciting i'm landscaping i can't wait to talk to you click the link below and we'll see you soon

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