[Episode 1 of 4] The QiMen Phenomenon: Become The Co-Creator Of Your Life

[Episode 1 of 4] The QiMen Phenomenon: Become The Co-Creator Of Your Life

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What. If there's a tool that could change the trajectory of your life one. That could enable you to experience, unprecedented, growth, in your, business a tool. That allows you to chart your life on your own, terms. Attain, new vitality, in your health create. And foster, greater, intimacy, in all the important, relationships, in your life or perhaps to, amplify, your contributions. To the world at large. Hi. My, name is Joey young and I'm here to tell you that it is all possible, I've. Not only seen it transformed, my life as a best-selling author of more than one hundred and sixty nine books on Chinese, metaphysics and. As a CEO of a, high-growth, multi-million. Dollar consulting, business I've also, seen it transform, the, fifteen thousand, people that I speak to every. Year, in my world events Qi. Men dun Jia is a system, created, more than two thousand, years ago, by the ancient, Chinese, sages, during, the warring times it is, a system, created. To map out the influences. Of heaven. Earth man, and spirit, now, in today's world this, is known as the, inferences, of time, space, matter and, events. In my 21 years of consulting, experience with. People from all walks of, life, I've seen, it create some really, amazing. Results and with, the technology today, it's never been easier, to teach or to learn this system it, has never been more accessible. To ordinary people like, you and me and I've, got it all figured out. It. Caught. You. And helped, me and my clients. To. Plan. My life better, to. Be more disciplined plus, evaluate. Their unseen. Circumstances. Which. I. Normally. Would. Not be aware of but with the help of the action/adventure, charge and, the knowledge then. I I am able to evaluate, the potential the, strength of the opportunities. To come. What. Type of opportunities. Whether it is good for me to get into it or to, wait so. In, other words chill and enjoy hell see two men. Better, and the, same for, men is better the issues, problems and dreams or goals of my clients, that's the key what. I like about Joey is, that. He can get to the point that, he is, able to convey the extra knowledge into something, that's adaptable, here. By here I don't mean Asia I mean every, country, and every. Aspect, that is a human being related, and he knows how, to pick. Up the the key for the moment for the current issue so. Being able to follow how, to, the extent I'm able to how, he works, it's, it's everything. For me. The. Physical and non-physical realms, has, fascinated, mankind for, thousands, of years questions. Like why, are we here is there a higher purpose are we guided by the universal. Mind are our lives destined these. Are all questions that we, will ask ourselves at, some point, in our lives there. Are four types of people that chi minh can particularly help the first type it's called the unlucky, now. The unlucky ones as the name implies are the ones that always end up with the shorter end of the stick they, thought that they just landed, their dream job and it turns out their colleagues are horrible and their boss was a total moron or they, found the love of their life and it turns out to be a horrible, nightmare or, they're, constantly, plagued by health issues and their insurance don't cover it or perhaps, they weren't at the extreme case meet with constant, and never-ending accidents. And challenges. And problems and haters, all around now. These people are known as those who are in these cycle, of bad luck and sometimes, this is just an energy form, now. The second time people are caught with cruises, now as the name implies this referred, to a group of people who are looking good without going nowhere this is at a people who talk a lot of positivity, in fact they even post a lot of inspirational. Quotes on their Facebook but in their real life they, are not going anywhere they're stuck at the same place they talk about starting a business for years and nothing happened they talk about changing their jobs and for years and thing happens they thought about going, into a relationship but they can't commit so, they just cruise along and they look good but in reality they, are glued to the same place the, total people are called the high flyers, now this category, of people are those who are, succeeding, in their art they're successful, in their career, maybe they even own a thriving, business they, seem to be on top of their game however.

Deep. Down inside they, are miserable, and lonely they haven't found that special someone to, share their success, with somehow, there's an energy, block that prevents, them from getting intimate, with someone, special or in fact they couldn't find that someone that, could be on their level to share, their lives with and so, they're stuck working hard, moving. Forward, but, in a lonely, fashion, now, the fourth category of people are called the seekers the. Seekers are those that who've already found, their personal. Drive and purpose, in life they know what they're doing and they're loving, what they're doing and they're contributing, to the world at large so. What they're looking for now is an avenue to expand. And contribute. More to the world and to be able to impact more lives they already have established a successful career or business they already have a family but, they want more they want to be able to influence, more and help more people this, category, are those who need the spiritual. Connection, the ones that could reach out and amplify. Their powers and touch, more lives now. Though there are four categories, of people here, we. However, may spend more time in one. Particular, category at any one point in time now. For me personally I've, been through all four, stages and, I, remember the time when I was stuck at the third stage where I was driving in my business, and I was doing, really well in my career I've, been getting some fame through my books and from television programs. And my business was doing so good but at that time I was lonely I was, already at an age where you know for most Asians I'm supposed to get married and I haven't found someone yet my, heart energy has been blocked and until I learned how to release, this energy the, right person turn out for me I want to show you how this is done and if you're ready let's, go Qi. Men dun Jia has often be related, to these spiritual aspects, of Chinese, metaphysics now, when we talk about spiritual, to, me it refers to taking. The invisible, and making, it visible, spirituality. It is about seeking meaning, and purpose, in life is about being connected, with oneself, being, connected to higher purpose being connected in a meaningful way with other people, with the significant, and often, with, the sacred in business. And career, growth spirituality. Refers, to your ability, to find, your purpose find, your center and add value to the lives of other people, according, to ancient folklore, Qi men dun Jia was a sacred art handed, down by the Lady of the nine heavens to, the Yellow Emperor in ancient times the, Yellow Emperor was in battle, with the evil, sorcerer known as Co the evil sorcerer was causing torment, and dissent, amongst. The villagers in ancient China and the arrow emperor was trying to defeat him however every, time he brings his army into war his evil sorcerer is able to conjure up darkness. Mist thunder, lightning storms. Every time the army of the Yellow Emperor tries, to penetrate his forces until. One day the, lady of the nine heavens appeared. Now the lady of the nine heavens is one of the high-ranking, Taoist, deities, and she's widely regarded as one of the founding, day theists, of all this metaphysical, knowledge that we share today for, example deejaying or Chinese, astrology, or even Fung Shui according. To legend, she has handed two tools to the Yellow Emperor the, first is a, compass, today we know that as a law pan and the second tool is the art of Chima induja it is a specific, knowledge, enabling. The user to gain foresight. Into any battle to be able to anticipate, traps. And danger, and to navigate treacherous territory and, be able to subdue the enemy, so using this art the.

Yellow Emperor is able to penetrate the, dark forces including, all the mist under and lightning, and eventually. Able to subdue the, evil sorcerer. Seal, the, core of Qi men dun Jia is to map out the continum, of time space, matter and, event, achievement. This is known as the. Heaven, earth man, and spirit. And when you participate as, a co-creator. Of the, time space matter event. Continum, that, means this, system allows you to design the future that you want that, means if you have a desired, outcome let's say in your personal life in your relationship. In your health in your business, or in your career and you want, a specific outcome you, can utilize, the tool achievement Ginja to, co-create. Or code design, from, the outside, in now, sometimes, people call the other team nduja a divine force or a divine tool now why is it that divine to you think about the universal, force the universal, power if, there was a higher power the higher power cannot operate, in the, system if, it's operating in the system that means it's governed by the forces of time space, event, and matter for. Example if you're talking about a computer the makers, the creator of the computer does not live inside, the computer, it, does not change the numbers and changes, your screen and color every time you wanted something to appear the. Creator lives outside, of that, box therefore. If you want to co-create your. Future, the future that you desire, for example, unprecedented, growth, in your business or career, advancement. Or relationship. Connectedness. Intimacy. And or health improvements, you got a co-create, from the outside, in now, these four, realms, influences. Mankind. It, helps us answers two of the main questions, of mankind Who, am I and why, am I here from. Your achievement child you can even see your spiritual, capacity. Your. Ability, to manifest, and bring forth miracles, into your life what, sort of blockage, that you have that could prevent you from becoming, intuitive. From, attracting more positive, energies, into your life and forgiving our positive, vibrations, to other people, it, helps you connect, with your core being able to understand, what drives you what motivates. You and what, helps you gain access to, the minds and hearts of other people. This. Year is actually my second, year attending, the achievement program so, after, my first year I went, back to university overseas and I applied whatever. I learned in my studies and in my extracurricular, activities and I, did see some. Exceptional. Results, which were. A little bit hard to believe as well I was a bit skeptical when I first started it but I found, that the more I practice it and the more I use it I thought. To notice, changes better, and then. You would say that Shimon works because you start to notice the results much, faster morph, when you use it I, feel.

Like The, experience I, I really, know more and understand more about what. We're learning and also. It's practical, I feel like certain classes, that aren't practical, when, they're so esoteric and you can't put them into actual, practical. Execution. And, action in your life that it's not as powerful so I want to be able to take the skillsets and what I learned and apply. It to my life immediately, and I feel like I can absolutely do, that with Joey it's incredibly. Practical, in in all of those ways and in so, many ways like I'm so excited to get home and actually put everything into use, and transform. My life and help other people transform, their lives - I'm. Taking. Chi minh to. Better. My life and the life of others my clients, and especially my family. My. Kids are, couple, of them are in business and my youngest son also to help in complete seasons. So, Chi Minh can help the life of others by using activations. Using. Placement, because. It, makes the, result, much, better than without it it's, it's. Doing, something, without taking, a chance you, know that the results are gonna be positive so, Chi Minh is something. Above Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, that can help you get results. Now. Before you begin using human the first thing I need you guys to do is to gain clarity clarity. On, what, you really, want. In your life, hear me now believe, me later just. Assume that if you do this exercise you could get whatever you want, sounds, like would be right now I know you might be thinking here you know this stuff may not work and so forth listen you know try, this you. Have nothing, to lose if it doesn't work you deserve it but what if it works what if you practice, what I'm about to show you and it could really create the miracles that you are looking for in your life and, you can do this in less than 10 minutes of practice in a day just try this out many of my students have gone through these exercises that, gone through the courses that we have offered and they have transformed, their lives now, here's what you need to do first. Right, now what, do you want now. As simple. As this sentence, may sound to you most, people don't know what they want what. You want needs to be clear assume, that you have a magic, lamp and your Aladin and you could get the genie to grant you, the wish but, the rule is you, need to be extremely, clear. Of exactly. What you want now most of you say I just want to be rich I just want a new car I just want to have a new job now that is very vague, exactly. Define, what this rich means to you how rich. Do you want to be how, much wealthier, how much increase an exact, amount of your income now before, you go and say oh I just want a billion dollars and it make me happy listen, it also has another room in order. To use Chi Minh and to effectively, manifest, and to co-create the future that you want you. Need to make, the wish within, the realm of possibility. That's. The catch you need to make this within the realm of possibilities, so let's say now if you want let's say ten million dollars you're gonna wish for all you want to manifest, your ability to generate ten million dollars for argument's it you got to make sure that the ten million is within your, realm of possibility. Right, now that. Means you should be already. Achieving, about eight possibly, nine and you want to reach ten million is totally, within that twenty to thirty percent range anything, within a sphere of twenty to thirty, and I would, say it's pretty much within your realm, of possibility. Therefore. You cannot just make a wish that. Is beyond, something, that you know in every, cell of your body that, you won't achieve it that's because when, every cell of your body knows. Down. Deep into the heart into the soul that is not achievable, whatever. You're asking, for the, chi'lan process, of time space matter and event cannot. Bring that to pass it cannot make that happen that is, one of the reasons, why a lot of times when people just practice manifestation. It doesn't work that is because they're, moving beyond, the realm of possibility so, I need you to write down what do you want but within the realm of possibility, now you could be one thing something, related to your career be specific, what position, do you want what kind of boss do you want to work for what sort of ranking, what who are your colleagues where do you think you'll be sleeping and who are the people working with you and for you and what do you actually do in that specific career in that specific job though it has to be that specific if you're asking, for increase, in sales then, you need to think about what, sort of percentage what's are events, that could possibly, lead you to that specific.

Outcome That you want what sort of amount are you looking for when, is the time frame you want to achieve this if you are talking about a business, growth, then how much in percentage, is that growth how. Is that growth defined, according, to you what, sort of profit level do you think you're achieving and is it within the 20 to 30 percent realm. Of possibility, now if you're talking about bringing, a specific, love or relationship. Into your life you need to be able to describe, exactly how, does this relationship, make you feel, what, sort of attributes. What sort of personality, are you looking for not. Really the specific, someone, but that specific, feeling. You, would get as a result of being in that relationship now. If you're talking about a certain health that you want to improve what exactly, in your health that you want to improve is it, something related to your stamina is it something related, to your fitness performance. Is it something related to a specific organ. Or specific. Illness you want to eradicate it has, to be specific. Now when you're specific, the reason you're doing this is because in, a, part of our lesson you, will be able to call upon the, right chi'lan, baekje, which governs, the spiritual, realm that could bring, forth the energy or the Chi that, you need to, create this outcome, that you want being. Specific, helps you bring forth the energy that, you need from the universal, realm to you if you're not specific, and you send out a message to the universe it does not know how. To manifest, this outcome for you because it could be anything if you know exactly what you want and you, know exactly which, chi, minh to heaven. Earth men or spirit, that you're about to use you, could specifically. Co-create. The future that you want so. Here's the exercise write. Down three. Things that. You want in your life and within what time frame be specific now if you don't know what you want write. Down what you don't want whatever that you don't want for example you don't want to be fat you don't be overweight you don't be tired all the time, you don't want to be lonely, whatever you don't want opposite. Of that is what you want now imagine, right, now you. Have a treasure, map I just handed you a treasure map and on the treasure map is the X that marks two million. Dollars it's for argument's sake now. You have this treasure map how, do you know how, to get to the spot bar X you'll, be looking at the map and the first thing you're looking for is one you'll. Be looking for the. Spot that says you, are here right, you. Look at any map on any Street the first thing you look for us you are here you don't know where you are at any point in time on any, map you will not be able to navigate your, way to the spot map X, likewise. If you're trying to co-create. The future that you want first, you need to take stock of exactly. Where you are right now so, write down what have you got what sort of career, positions, you're asking for career, related outcome, what, sort of career position, and/or skills. And or abilities that you have right now or if you are talking about a specific outcome you want in your business a certain growth that you need then you need to take start where you are right, now in your business where. Are you financially where are you in terms of, your, supplies, your. Products. And your services where. Are you in in terms of your competition if you, don't know where you are it's very hard to measure and navigate, your improvements. Likewise, in terms of relationship, you also need to know exactly where you are right now you already, have someone how, is the progress of the relationship, between the scale of one to ten or do. You have not already found, someone so you need to know where you are in order to approach, to, the next level up in terms, of your human. Asking. Humor, is something, very strange, before, I know Chi Minh you, know I always, think what she means something that that, magic, you know you, can never know the answer, and then it's so strange, and so, amazing.

And They give you all the answer, you know from the my, boxers, you can tell everything somebody, read me a human. Child you know and answer, all my questions I felt you. Know that my goose bump off or, came up so, anything to. Read it from you, know the small child what is bad you know so I want to know I will I don't want to, keep on asking, to proper answer I want to be. Able to answer much that's why I have, to watch human but Chipman is not a strange, thing you, know it's I still, don't know how to explain, what human. Is but it's a very, amazing. Of, powerful. Tools for you to. Learn. All, the things people. Condition. Environment. You. Know even the higher power, yeah, it will helps you I attended. Tries, in 201 7, and I, was inspired, by. Yahoo-hoo. Was on a stage sharing her. Story and, she's. The housewife, and then she learned she money party. And from, Slade you know raise the children to have her husband, I was so inspired and, I said yeah I'm a housewife so. Feminine. It were only for this is men or, people, who are working for, housewife, let me you, know it's useful, to that cuz I have three tips so, and I want my future, to be better so, I want to be able to help them when, it comes to you. Know a situation, when. The economic decision. So I want to be, able to help them I think learning, metaphysics. Somehow, is very useful, in, any. Way, and you expect. So. We have covered a lot in this lesson but, there's still much more to cover now, before, we go on to the lesson, to where we are gonna talk about how you can access your Universal, Mind access. The ten forces, that govern your, life to. Co-create and, manifest, the future, and all the outcome, that you want you, first have to make sure that you've already got your. Achievement. Destiny chart now to do, so you need to follow the link that is either on this screen and or at the comment section right below here, so follow, the link and print. Out your, Chipman Destiny's Child I'll print out yours and your friends, and your family members and all your enemies as well just in case so, that you can follow through with video lessons two and three and four which will cover a wide, spectrum of the Qi men dun Jia system, now, also. Be sure to download these supporting. Notes, that come with each lesson and of course the link will show you exactly, where, to do so now also, please leave me a comment below and tell. Me which. Areas, of your life would you like to use chi minh to improve or if you're already using Chi, Minh are there any specific tools, that you need or there as there any things you need me to clarify just put it on the comment section now, I don't necessarily. Be, able to answer every single comment, but I will read through every single one of them so, please leave me a comment and finally. Please, remember to check your emails, in the next couple of days when, video two is ready I will personally, inform. You until, then I'll see you in the next lesson. You.

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Hi Julia J, can you send us an email at support@joeyyap.com and we will be answering you from there. - Admin

Enjoyed your video very much. Very eager to learn more. I have the nine heavens as my destiny. Question I have is When do I visualise the results. After I give the command or anytime I feel like visualizing. Does it always have to be at a specific direction to do this visualization?

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Hi Martin, would you like to send us your question in video format and have a chance to be chosen for one of our AskJoeyYap episodes? From there, we will try our best to help you with your problem. Please refer to http://www.joeyyap.com/askjoeyyap for more information. - Admin

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