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all right all right all right all right all right everybody ladies and gentlemen boys and girls whatever you may be around the world welcome good evening or good morning if you are on the other side of the world i'll leave it down we i have the privilege to honor and the uh actual uh mitigated god to introduce to all of you one of the greatest individuals that you can have on your side in business if you are in here this evening a you are probably looking to learn more about all things that the young entrepreneur project and specifically the driven vertical has to offer for you or you are looking to increase your actual belief system in the company that we've been working extremely hard to develop and create for you now if you are an entrepreneur or have an ounce of entrepreneurship in your bloodstream congratulations you've come home because we help entrepreneurs either start grow or scale a business wherever they may be around the world but we added one more piece which i think entrepreneur or not you definitely would want to learn and that is the skill of financial literacy the skill of trading the last skill that you need to learn as we like to refer to it as and tonight we have not only a co-founder and the president of the company himself actually introducing you and training and explaining the concept that we put forward before you but even more so this individual in my humble opinion is one of the best human beings and business partners that you can keep around and what i love is as i say that many of you are not in your heads yes because you have actually done life with this gentleman not only he's an amazing father an amazing husband an incredible businessman but he has disrupted this concept of trading and been a huge anomaly when it comes to success in the last decade he currently manages one of the top grossing private equity portfolio in the midwest and his futures portfolios has been ranked amongst the top one percent all profitable portfolios at uh one of the largest brokers in north america he also for himself has created such a track record and reputation not only last year alone created 34 million dollars of gross revenue for a single company developed organizations of over 10 000 people this is just last year alone and he has helped over 70 plus individuals not only to become multiple six figures and seven figure earners who have never made more than 5 000 for the most part in their success and in their peak so when i say one of the best human beings that you can have by your shot and definitely the best business owner that you can have as a mentor and as a guidance and as a source to learn from ladies and gentlemen i bring before you the one and only our president and co-founder mr cory cromray i have to get you on the spot thank you buddy hey i appreciate it thank you so much and thank you for the kind words mr ali madawi the host with the avocado toast i'm very excited to be here just uh got done with a long day of travel so if i seem a little tired and congested i am i got a little head cold going on but i just couldn't miss this moment with all of you and i'm very excited to be here uh and i want you guys all to know yeah first of all i know there's a lot of things you could be doing on a thursday night the fact that you're spending you know the next uh 30 40 minutes with us i just want to say i'm very very grateful for your time um and also i also want you to know that i'm not this uh you know extravagant guy you know i wasn't always this guy i was a 16 year old high school dropout i uh got big dreams in life and i decided to go for him just like any one of you on this presentation can tonight you know i realized very quickly in my entrepreneurial journey you know i i got into the world of entrepreneurship at 21 years old in the network marketing space and uh at that time in my life i was working construction for 10 an hour i was washing dishes for 7.25 an hour which was minimum wage at the time and i was a 16 year old high school dropout and over the next six years i proceeded to make over three million dollars so you know when you want something bad enough you can go after it and get it i want all of you to understand that you know my uh journey quickly pivoted out of that industry and went into the trading space you know became a big uh private equity manager you know uh really created a lifestyle that most people dream of it was definitely a lifestyle that i dreamed of and i i realized very quickly early on that the only thing that separates people that are rich or people that are poor is different information and how they apply it to their life right there's really no secret uh it's i got different information from people that i realized had the results in life i was looking for and i did exactly what they told me to do and i got the results that they have i mean it's it's really not that difficult so ultimately driven is that exact concept you know over the last uh four and a half years i've spent my time living behind a computer screen making rich people richer as a private equity manager you know ali gave you my stats you know currently manage one of the top grossing private equity portfolios in the midwest i've made millions of dollars in private equity management lamborghinis ferraris houses lifestyle all of it uh and i don't really tell you that to brag or boast i i i'm really just kind of telling you that uh i was a 16 year old high school dropout right so if you want to change the results in life you just have to learn from somebody who has those results and go for it the whole concept of driven and everything that we're doing is to bring those results to the world i realized that you know all of these people you know that are invested with more uh morgan stanley and merrill lynch and and edward jones you know they're making eight ten percent a year on their portfolio you know how effort how effortless it is to make eight to ten percent a month on your portfolio you know most people just don't understand that these opportunities are available because they just don't know about them right and just like with anything that you do in life right you really don't know about it until somebody tells you about it and that's how we take this information in and my whole goal here our goal as a company is to really bring wall street to main street it's to take the opportunity that normally exists for accredited investors you know people that have a million dollar net worth or more that can participate in hedge funds and bring it to the masses right what's normally available for the classes to bring it to the masses and that's really how uh the vision of the vision of driven was born so i'm going to talk to you guys about the company tonight i'm going to talk to you about some of our strategic partnerships and i believe what you'll see is an opportunity to really change a lot of things that are currently probably taking place in your life and i also want you to ask yourself the question if not this then what because i truly believe we have probably one of the most sound business models uh that exists in in you know in society today and i really want you to take a really a deep reflection of yourself in your current financial situation and say if i was able to learn one skill for the rest of my life one one more skill that if i just mastered this one skill that i learned how to make money with it for the rest of my life would you go out on a quest to learn that skill especially when you were learning that skill from some of the most prominent hedge fund managers and some of the most prominent private equity portfolio managers that exist in the world today so the entire uh driven model is really just an arm of the whole ecosystem of the young entrepreneur project and we're not going to talk about the young entrepreneur project today other than it's one of the most brilliant business models that exists it's a company in a community that's really trying to change the world for entrepreneur through entrepreneurship it was a great place to attach the financial model to uh you know partnerships with kevin harrington from shark tank james malinchek abc secret millionaire olivia fischer kane former creative director from the ufc she she took ufc's international brand from 200 000 to 4 billion you know cj floyd the cfo who's taken several companies public on nasdaq really just a really great company michael walsh and recruiter.com i mean multi-billion dollar advisors behind this company really leading the world uh uh in a in a time where hope is more needed than ever right it's like all these people and all the chaos that exist in society today you know this company goes and makes us like make us makes a stance in people's lives and say you know if we can change the world through entrepreneurship just teaching people different skills that they can capitalize on and really giving them different verticals where they can really make money with we could ultimately change the world right driven comes along and says well how are you going to create the best entrepreneurial community that exists without a financial vertical and that's what we're here to talk about we're here to talk about two industries that are emerging that are going to create i believe one of the biggest economic shifts that we will ever see in our lifetime and i really i'm telling you this from a position of strength i've made millions of millions of dollars i have big big real estate portfolios i've been in businesses that have all been very very successful i've consulted with fortune 500 companies this is not me being biased as a part of this company this is me coming from a position of strength i i've been in these markets for a long time i understand how they work and i'm telling you right now that these two industries intersecting will create more millionaires than any other business that ever exists and we're really at the forefront of what i believe to be one of the biggest economic movements of our time the network marketing industry 190 billion dollar industry has created more millionaires than any other industry in business up until this point 85 of women who made a six-figure income in 2020 made it in the network marketing industry no overhead low cost of entry no inventory it's a brilliant business model a lot of bad things with it right a lot of companies that do it wrong but the companies who do it right really create a lot of change and impact in people's lives let's talk about the financial markets the stock market for example has a 70 trillion dollar market the futures market 11 trillion dollars the forex market is 7 trillion in daily trading volume 7 trillion a day this is the largest liquid financial market in the world the cryptocurrency market at i think the market cap right now is 2.4 trillion dollars the derivatives market which we're actually introducing one of the world's top derivatives traders options traders mr robert chasen uh former director of institutional securities trading from morgan stanley managed the fifth largest trading desk on wall street we'll be introducing him as one of our key traders to the platform in fact he'll be running the entire trading division of the company we're talking about a 1.2 quadrillion market 1.2 quadrillion

and driven as you can see that little flame there that's our logo has positioned itself at the intersection to capitalize on the intersectional innovation of these two ginormous industries at the same time in a in a time of you know really economic change and economic shift where everybody's looking for a way to make money from home like literally everybody more than ever is looking for a way to make money from home i'm going to tell you a little story as i get into this this next slide of how i came back into this industry see i got started off in 2008 as an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry and as a 16 year old high school dropout over the next six years i was able to make three million dollars now of course i didn't really understand finances very well so i made my first million and lost it just as fast and pretty much did it the second time until i learned a little financial discipline because i was on the what does it cost per month program new car new house new boat houston mobile new jet skis right all those things that i you know grew up dreaming about having i had money now so i went out and got them and um you know we'll talk about that a different day but but anyways you know i really saw what type of impact it could make on people's lives and i left that industry because it was all product based businesses my coffee is better than your coffee my shakes better than your shake and i left that industry and i went out exploring first i built a multi-million dollar consulting empire left that had a really nice exit and that's when i found trading just about eight years ago and i found the stock market and after trading stocks for a couple years got into private equity management with the forex industry and started trading futures and and really built myself up to this prominent portfolio manager and during that time the one thing that was missing out of my life was interaction with people right i spent four years of my life living behind a computer screen making rich people richer right monday through friday every single day that's what i did and it wasn't really fulfilling even though the money was really good and the money's still really good but ultimately what happened is in in 2019 i was going to partner with one of the largest brokers in the united states to bring trading education to the world trading education to the masses like the education that's normally normally available for big time investors to bring it in a way where average ordinary people would understand it and we went and worked on this model and in october 2019 we're getting ready to launch and these guys wanted to charge 25 000 for entry and lock people in on a 3 000 per month 12 month contract and i i kind of had a problem with this you know they told me that they wanted to go out and change the world but then at the same time they're trying to lock people into a 60 000 commitment before they even put money into their brokerage account and i said who could even afford this you know what i mean like you're targeting rich people and i could really see that all they cared about was making money they saw me at the pinnacle of it i decided to exit out of that model never launched with them and i stumbled back into the network marketing industry in 2020 doing a favor for a friend as a consultant in a company that was trying to bring trading education to north america from an overseas company i started consulting with this company and then covet happen covet happens and i see the entire world get locked down and i see all these people losing their jobs and i see more people than ever trying to figure out ways to make money from their houses and i remember back in the day 2008 2009 2010 we would always talk about how network marketing the multi-level marketing industry would be the business of the future and i'm literally seeing it unfold right before my eyes and i've seen it unfold in an industry that i've mastered trading managing hundreds of millions of dollars knowing some of the most prominent hedge fund traders in the world billions of dollars in combined equity management between us and our trade team and i'm talking to these guys i'm saying if there was ever a better time to position ourselves in a network marketing company bringing trading education to the world it would be right now we launched with that company did 47 million dollars in sales in 10 months built an organization of over 10 000 distributors had some conflicts in in character with the ownership of that company and we decided to venture out and go do it ourselves and that's what driven is see if you look at everything in the way society works right there's really only four ways that money comes into our households you're on the left side of the quadrant 95 of the people reside and they really only control five percent of the money you got 95 of the people controlling five percent of the money and you're either in an employee or you're self-employed if you're an employee you have a job you go to work you punch in a time clock they tell you when you can eat they tell you when you're hungry and that's it right you punch in you punch out you get paid self-employed says you know what i think i can do this job a little bit better maybe if i start my own business i'll have a little bit time but i'm sure a lot of you business owners agree with me it's not always a lot more time it's usually i'm the first one there i'm the last one to leave and normally i'm the one who's skimming my check to make sure everybody else is getting paid right 85 percent of companies fail in their first five years but this is where the majority of people reside what separates people from the left side of the quadrant in the right side of the quadrant where five percent of the people reside but they control 95 percent of the money the only thing that separates people from the left side of the right side is information see like right now i'm giving you information of how you can change your life tonight whether you act on it or not is completely up to you that's your decision but on the right side in the b quadrant people build systems that generate cash flow from them income producing assets right cash flow residual income pipeline income versus you know carrying buckets like imagine if your house ran out of water and you had to go to a well and fill a bucket and come back and you're dumping these buckets in the well every day or you just build a pipeline and turn on the faucet maybe you spend a little bit more time building that pipeline but once it's built you turn that faucet on and that water keeps flowing and flowing just like cash can and in the investor quadrant this is where you take money and you put money to work you learn how to invest maybe it's cryptocurrency maybe it's a stock market maybe it's a futures market forex market we are the only company that positions you in both of the quadrants on the right side at the exact same time while still giving you retail outlets in the s side it's a trifecta of the cash flow quadrant and it's never been done before in the history of business until right now at this company so i know that you're sitting here looking tonight saying well how can that be this could be just too good to be true well it is true and uh you know the business model is proving itself uh and i'll kind of get into some of the facts and the numbers with you so you can really see what we're doing here but i do want you to say opportunities like this come in your life maybe three times in your whole life they say a great opportunity comes in your life maybe three times in your whole life i want you to look at this very methodically and very carefully because i don't want it to be that one that you miss okay that's all and all i'm asking you is to evaluate it with your business hat on i want your mind to be open your business head on and and if you have questions we'll get your questions answered right because everything i say to you tonight is documented and verifiable okay i always say documentation beats conversation so just so you know everything i say to you tonight is documented and verifiable we have the facts to back all the things up that we say the forex market i talked about is the largest liquid financial market in the world seven trillion dollars a day in trading volume 24 hours a day five days a week 10 plus million people trade forex online in fact when i found out about the forex market i was blown away see i had just completed my first year in the stock market and the reason that got me so interested in trading at first was because i had edward jones managing my money and my first year they did just over eight percent my second year was my best year with them they did 12.4 percent that was also the first year that i traded started trading stocks and penny stocks that same year i did 30 how is me as a rookie trader who's never done this before in my life do more than double what my financial advisor and my fan you know how do i do more than double what he did like what are they doing with my money and what am i paying these knuckleheads to manage my money for when i could do it myself i learned how to trade stocks through a meetup group and i did more than double what they did now once i found the forex market i went out on a quest to literally change my life i spent over six figures on education i traveled around the world i learned from some of the most prominent hedge fund traders that i could find hundreds of millions of dollars billions of dollars former head of global markets for wycovia bank i mean some whales that taught me and i had the money to spend to learn it most people don't have that type of money to learn it that's why driven was born to literally bring what's normally available for people that have money to people that don't that want to upper hand in life that want change in life because i want to go out to the guy that was like me the girl that was like me broke broken and hopeless and give that person a chance because they deserve a chance just because they don't have money or or they didn't get lucky in life right or they haven't been able to create a situation to have that type of capital that doesn't mean that they shouldn't have access to these type of skills because i believe everybody should especially as we're looking at the biggest shift of wealth in society happening right before our eyes and the only way that you're going to capitalize on it properly is by learning these skills digital currency market over a two trillion dollar market cap and how driven positions itself at the forefront of these industries is number one comprehensive courses we have created some of the world's most comprehensive courses that are so easy to follow along with now you're learning from traders who trade at an institutional level people say well what's different about your courses than everybody else's our courses are taught by institutional traders you know the guys who actually move the market the guys who actually know where the stop losses are how how we can avoid market maker traps and all that stuff we trade big boy money so the whole name of the game of being a successful trader is getting as much money on the table as you can with this minimal amount of risk as possible in alignment with the big boys in alignment with the whales that's exactly what we teach at driven we have live trading rooms to teach you the practical application of the methodologies that we're teaching you to the market in real time by the way we don't trade demo accounts like 90 if not 100 of the companies out there we trade our real live money right before your eyes wins losses we do it all we're as transparent as it comes because we do this for a living we need to show you that listen you don't win every trade but it's okay if you're controlling your risk properly you win more than you lose with the right risk management strategy you can literally change your life forever with learning how to trade you take one thousand dollars and compound it at 10 month over month for six years it's a million dollars i got guys that do 10 a week now of course past performance doesn't guarantee or predict any future results we have to always give you that disclaimer but i will give you this our crypto trader just went 12 in one on his trades 12 and one he only lost one trade and in the last uh 13 days you would be up 177 on your cryptocurrency portfolio why do i say that to you because i can back it up with documentation right you could be recording this conversation right now and say he said they did 177 yep and i can back it up well once again past performance doesn't guarantee or predict any future result i'm just showing you what's happening every single day with us right now right we can never predict the future we also do live in person summits in fact we have our first one coming up the first weekend in december december 2nd 3rd and 4th right here in tampa florida we're expecting over 500 people there it's going to be amazing and we do these every 90 days where you can come in person and learn from all of our top educators world renowned portfolio managers billion dollar fund managers that you can learn from for two full days of live education we do a big vip day for celebration right after and then we said what if we could turn this into an earn while you learn model because we've seen other companies try this before with their copy and paste programs or their swipe trade programs or whatever it is the problem is is they don't have a real trade team behind the product so we said well we're going to build a trade app we're going to build a signal app where we can send out trade ideas to people and they can earn money while they're learning the skill imagine you're going through all the curriculum and all the courses but every time one of our traders takes a trade on their accounts on their portfolios that they're managing they send the signal to you and all you need to do is copy it and paste it right into your broker by the way you get to pick a broker of your own choice you fund it with your own money you're in 100 control of your funds at all times we never touch your money and you get to keep 100 of the profits you make we don't touch it okay we don't touch it we're not in that business we are here to show you how to do this we're here to help you earn while you learn so every trade we take is going to come out through an application and you're going to be able to copy it and paste it then in about 30 days from now we're going to take it one step further and we're going to automate it and we're going to automate it compliantly every time a trader calls out a trade and sends it to the platform you're going to have an artificial intelligence virtual assistant that takes that trade from the real live trader not a bot not an algorithm not something that can get screwed up in the market a real live trader analyzing the market in real time takes that trade places it on your account on your behalf and fully manages the position you wanted to take 50 of your profit at take profit one move your stop loss to break even take the next 50 at tp2 done you want it to close out 25 at tp1 move your stop loss to break even take the next 25 at tp2 and take the next 25 percent of tp3 done however you want to program it fully customizable three default settings but it can be programmed however you want a max drawdown load of three to five percent so you're not going to implode your account we know this business we know trading we know the business very well the team we've assembled assembled is one of the most unegotistical teams you'll ever see the goal of the team is not to say i'm better than you or i'm better than you it's to be the best trading team in the world a no ego environment for the traders they're all working together to be the best for you for you guys for everybody out here who's watching this presentation for you our goal is to set people free we've all been very wealthy we've been very blessed we've made tons of money in these markets we want to help the common person achieve uncommon things that's just the facts that's why we're doing this yep clips ladies and gentlemen it fits our model and it really it's been delivered from the young entrepreneur project which is a personal development engine which never having to pay for a course again like like imagine all the courses you take on you know nlp and and organic marketing and how to build a brand and how to do this and how to do that right we have so many trainers back here from like the kevin harringtons of the world so the olivia fisher kane some of the ali madawi's myself gavin teagues alex fabiolox like so many people training in this platform where you'll never have to pay for another course again an all-inclusive leadership development engine because our goal is not just to make you more money it's to help you grow as a person it's to help you make more money through systematic cash flow help you keep that money we're talking asset planning asset protection creating trusts tax tax-free planning right all this stuff text deferred situations like like like learning the strategies of the most wealthy people in the world and then number four to grow your money grow as a person make more money keep your money and then grow your money through the financial tools that we provide you by the way first quarter of next year will be the very first company in the history of this space a multi-trillion dollar space to launch automation at some of the largest brokers in north america e-trade fidelity td ameritrade where we have algorithmic trading software that will execute algorithmic trading on futures and stocks and options can you imagine can you imagine your self-directed 401k or self-directed ira with somebody who does eight to ten percent a month eight to twelve percent a month and you can auto pilot it this is the stuff that's coming our own trading platform is something that we're looking into funded trader programs is something that we're looking into the sky is really the limit we have more connections in this space than probably most people you've seen in this space and we're bringing those connections to you to the company right you can get started and get your feet wet for 197 dollars and then it's just 47 a month after that we're going to onboard you in the forex market because ultimately if you're starting off there you're probably starting off with a small investment so we want to get you positioned in the forex market that's where you get the biggest bane for your buck you probably have the most value there as well for the amount of money you have we're also going to give you a wholesale travel booking engine because my business partner mr jimmy iselle the founder and ceo of the young entrepreneur project actually owns one of the top wholesale booking engines in north america we give you two users for that and also tvi incentives which is actually vacations that you can give away for free no gimmies or gotchas all you have to do is pay taxes and resorts fees it's an amazing way to incentivize your current business if you're a business owner or even this business if you want to help us share this model the driven business pack now you're stepping into the big boy markets right not only do you get access to the live trade room where you get to trade side by side monday through friday during the new york session with multiple seven and eight figure traders side by side with them learning exactly what they do copying exactly the trades that they take you hear me like where do you get this in the world this is what we're doing to say we've been very blessed it's time for us to give back and this is the model that we've put together to do just that now you're going to get access to forex crypto and index signals driven market strategy series where imagine in this six week course with noah defrays our top crypto expert you're going to go a six-week course you're going to learn to quizzes you know all the stuff that you need strategy series uh you're going to access to our full driven trading universe which is our education platform trip valet vip membership which is the deepest discount wholesale pricing on any travel engine you're going to see out there so for those of you who like to travel you're going to love this we just give that to you as an incentive also you're going to get the trip valet incentives to help you market your business these are free vacation packages that you can give away we ultimately i'll just tell you one of them we have a 5 000 vacation to bali indonesia and all the person has to pay is like 350 there's no gimmies or gotchas there's no like resort presentations or timeshare presentations it's nothing like that we just have a really good partnership with these resorts we have it at 6 000 locations worldwide you get to give an unlimited amount of these trips away and then the founder pack where this is the go-to pack i mean 95 of all company volume comes in on this package right here live trader you're gonna get access now to stock options and futures so for those of you who do have a ira or a 401k you want to take that into a self-directed version and learn how to manage your own money be your own professional portfolio manager and not pay knuckleheads to try to do it for you at six to eight percent a year you know they're making hundreds of percent of your on your money by the way right really it's true they're making hundreds of percent on your money and they're paying you out small dividends very small asset classes that they're even involved in forex crypto and index signals you're going to get two trick it two tickets sorry to the driven trading summit these tickets you can use at any time so if you can't make this one in december you can use them at our next one at the first week of april um or anytime right and we have one every 90 days and you can attend two tickets for you and your spouse you for a friend you for one of the members if you if you bring somebody involved you're gonna have access to daily market review you're gonna get lifetime access now we only have a very limited founder uh packed amount left i mean just a couple hundred i believe a lifetime grandfathered access to every single course we create for the entire history of this company that you will get on this founder pack and then also the one highlight that i want to make for you so you can see how much value is in this pack you're going to get a monthly coaching call with the 5 billion dollar man himself mr kevin harrington night guys kevin harrington is the original founder of shark tank he's the og shark tank he's the inventor of the infomercial like literally he invented the informers like oh i'm just and what did you do for a living oh i invented the infomercial you know i mean this guy's one of the most extraordinary minds in business to have an hour with him outside of this organization would cost you tens of thousands of dollars for an hour of his time he's one of the most sought after consultants in the industry of business and you get a coaching call with him every single month for 147 dollars on top of all of this other stuff while you're learning how to make money for the rest of your life while you're learning the skill to produce income producing assets building entrepreneurial communities to major streams of income that you're gonna be able to bring into your household and then not only that you're gonna learn how to grow as a person and learn about business and learn about different investment strategies get positioned in different investment strategies that he brings to the table into our community guys this is a world-class opportunity there is nothing out there that exists you know we talk about you know how how grateful we are to have kevin harrington on the team but it's not only kevin harrington james malenchek abc's secret millionaire michael walsh in recruiter.com you know what i mean steve mandel game plan enterprises these guys are billionaires these guys have 150 plus million dollar a year companies and and to have one of these guys on your board is a big deal but to have all of them on the board of the same company yes so i really hope that you see that what you're looking at right now is not just too good to be true these guys don't partner up themselves when they get a hundred pitches a day literally 100 pitches a day these guys get they don't partner themselves with companies that are too good to be true right and and one of the big motivating factors that we have my partner jimmy ali casey laurel and i is to really go out there and make a big difference in the world and one of those is is to really sponsor 100 000 kids through the compassion international program we currently sponsor 1 000 today we want to really scale this company to a big way and really sponsor 100 000 children through compassion international and we also have a goal to create 10 000 millionaires through this company and a lot of you might look at me and say well wow that's a really bold statement to create 10 000 million how are you going to do that well we're going public and cj floyd serving as our cfo who has taken several companies public on nasdaq is taking us public will be public probably by april of next year and our goal is to give you ownership in the company as you start ranking up and start contributing value to the company and help us get the word out there about what we're doing based on your results right you come and get results for yourself and then go out and share them with other people so they can get those results because you're going to feel good and confident about it you don't have to share somebody else's results in this company you get to share your own you get to now go out there and go impact other people's lives by introducing them to this company and as you do that once you start hitting leadership ranks in this company we start issuing you ownership in the company through our stock program and through that stock program we believe we will create 10 000 millionaires the goal for us is to build a centurion company a company that lasts over 100 years a 50-plus billion dollar company like we're playing in the big leagues here and and we will do it we will accomplish it we will get it done we have the tools we have the movement we have the people we have everything necessary to make this happen the only thing that we're missing is you is you because our goal is to go from household to household setting people free out of all my years in business out of all the leaders and the great successful entrepreneurs i've studied i'm a big big reader i realize that a lot of these leaders and a lot of these big business guys make their decisions on facts tonight i want to assure you that you have the facts these are the facts right we can back up everything that we said now you have the facts you need to also be decisive so it's time to make a decision okay it's time to make a decision so get back with the person who invited you onto the broadcast ask them any questions that you might have we'll get those questions answered for you but i truly believe that with the forefront of this economic movement that's happening right now that over the next two years there is nothing there is nothing you could position yourself in to pay you more money and to change your life more drastically than active aggressive participation in this model i really appreciate sharing with you guys tonight god bless you and we'll see you on the next presentation thank you once again ali appreciate the kind introduction have a good night everyone

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