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[Music] and we are broadcasting ladies and gentlemen boys and girls oh my goodness i know you've been waiting all day for this hour i am so fired up i'm so excited i'm not even gonna lie to you i've been working harder than ever before and you'll understand why you need to today so uh we we we've been in existence for a couple of years for tonight ladies and gentlemen the young entrepreneur project has been making so many moves but we've never been more excited to move forward with who we are as a company as a community and it is specifically because of the gentleman that's going to be opening this evening and sharing with you this information and really the most impactful leader that i've ever had the opportunity to work with my name is ali madawi by the way the global master trainer of the young entrepreneur project and all that means is i serve all of you wherever you may be around the world with whatever you need so you can succeed succeed and succeed but the man of the hour has a track record that i've to be quite honest with you i'm humbled that i'm even in in his surroundings for the last decade he's been not only managing portfolios but creating a lifestyle to dream of whether it was from stock exchange whether it was from futures whether it was from that uh forex whether it was from cryptocurrency but he is the kind of person that was known for making rich people richer and he decided to put his moral compass before his pockets now my son thinks he's batman he really does think so he saw his black lambo he's like papa you work with batman i'm like it's a secret one day i'll introduce you so he's keeping me look like a cool superhero but what i will tell you is he is a true hero in many people's eyes and here is why he has blessed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people personally personally to create six and seven figures for themselves he's taking people from being a bartender an everyday average joe to create seven figures for themselves heck he's the most talked about phenomenon right now in the business community the fact that we just have him in our arsenal people like that's how you work with are you serious i'm like yup that's who i work with but he went on and started a career that most people would write them off right like this is a guy who came from a 16 year old high school dropout to become a multi-millionaire that last year alone he created revenues of over 47 million dollars he holds to date the largest portfolio in north america and that speaks track record for himself and i'll tell you this one last fact before i introduced him yesterday i had the privilege to get on a webinar with him and a whole team and he asked everybody hey so everybody 100 of the trades that we have have been generating positive returns and i'm looking at that chat i'm like somebody's gonna say yeah but not me yeah but not yet and i'm seeing like yup yup fired up emoji's emojis now obviously we can't guarantee anything to anyone but this man is result driven this is why we are so honored and privileged to have him leading the pack for us and leading this brand new vertical that we call driven and ladies and gentlemen i welcome before you our co-founder and president of driven the one and only corey cromray all right can you hear me okay yes sir loud and clear super excited to be here with everybody and i'm very very grateful and uh you know ali can uh you know say all those nice things about me and sometimes i gotta pinch myself and realize that that's my reality now you know because it wasn't always like that i'm just a average ordinary guy that had on average unordinary dreams and goals in life and and just pursued him went after him and it's really because people came into my life and started to believe in me even when i didn't believe in myself you know i had i had great mentors and and people that you know gave me a good chance in life and that's you know one of the major factors in in you know bringing this company into the world is because i want to give back now you know i i've made it in life i've done very well um i've become very successful and i believe that everybody has the ability to be successful if they make a decision to just learn new information and apply it to their life and that's what we're here to talk about tonight but i'm super grateful for the introduction ali thank you so much one of the things i do have to correct you on is i do not manage the largest portfolio top grossing top grossing portfolio top there's people out there that manage billions and billions and billions of billions i'm not that guy right but when i actually found out that my portfolio was in the top one percent of profitable portfolios at the largest broker in the entire united states for the last four and a half consecutive years um i was actually pretty excited about that you know to finally find out you know you don't really think like because i'm not a billionaire uh hedge fund manager that you wouldn't actually think that well based on the percentages you're actually managing one of the top grossing private equity portfolios in the midwest and you know guys i'm a 16 year old high school dropout that started off as an entrepreneur uh in the network marketing industry back in 2008 you know i i was working construction as a grunt laborer uh ten dollars an hour i washed dishes for minimum wage on the weekend 725 an hour and i was just kind of trying to do the right things in life but it was very difficult right previous to that guys i i uh i got a bad car accident when i was 16 years old you know when my one of my friends got killed i uh my my young adult life was very it just went off the slope very quickly and as my life was decaying i started to develop this really negative view on what my life is going to be like you know i'm going to work construction till the day i die i mean there was just no ifs ands or buts about it like who's going to give me a shot until i found an industry of entrepreneurs that literally changed my view on everything in life and we're going to talk about that industry a little bit but basically what happened is you know i got started in the network marketing space back in 2008 i was in that industry for about six years made several million dollars became a multi-millionaire in that industry made my first million lost it just as fast made my second million lost it just as fast again and i realize you can't take somebody that makes 2 500 a month and turn them into a millionaire without teaching them financial literacy and financial discipline so you know that's one of the big things that we're going to focus on here in our company to not only teach people how to grow as a person but when you're making more money we want to teach you how to keep that money and then also show you how to grow that money and that's what the driven vertical is here to do and um you know i'm super excited to be able to bring this to the world you know uh what happened in my story you know i i ended up leaving the network marketing industry about seven and a half maybe almost eight years ago dabbled in it a little bit here and there and i actually started a consulting firm and consulted all around the world um you know was kind of you know in my mid-20s doing really well as a very high level consultant even consulted for a fortune 500 company um and and just really did good uh the problem was is that i had zero time to enjoy the life that i was creating for myself i mean i was working 100 hours a week i was gone for three weeks home for a few days gone for three weeks home for a few days i fell in love wanted to start a family and just it wasn't the the right life and the right path in life so as i was taking some time off and getting out of the consulting space i actually found the stock market and i actually found the stock market through a meet-up group i don't know if a meet-up's still a thing but there was this app back in the day called meet up and you could actually go meet with other entrepreneurs and they'd have these different segments on business and i actually got introduced to the stock market almost eight years ago now and i became fascinated by it tuesday and thursday nights i would go to this meetup group and for an hour and a half we would learn how to trade penny stocks and stocks my first year in the market i did about 30 on my portfolio which i was ecstatic about i was i was absolutely ecstatic about that 30 because it was my second year with edward jones and it was my best year with edward jones they did 12.4 on my portfolio that year i did more than double what they did as a rookie trader that's never done anything in this market before so you know i'm smart enough at this point in my life to ask myself the question well number one what am i paying these knuckleheads to manage my money for when i can do it myself and number two what are these guys doing with my money because i don't even know what the heck i'm doing and i just did over 30 my first year in the market now we do 30 a month sometimes actually a lot of you there was actually 90 of you that maybe are even in this call right now that watch me do 7.4 today just today in 30 minutes 7.4 growth on my account in 30 minutes live money we had over 100 witnesses so that's the type of stuff that we're talking about here with driven and you know so as you fast forward to my journey my first year was stocks my second year in the market i i really paid attention to forex and instead of going and learning through all these different courses online and and and and going through these network marketing verticals to learn this skill i decided to take a different approach and go out and learn from the absolute best people i could find in the industry that were doing this at a very high level so i learned from portfolio managers you know uh major institutional level traders some of the best price action traders in the world market maker theory market geometry i went and learned almost every different niche within trading that i could find harmonic trading from the guy who invented it spent well over six figures on education because i'm like if this industry is the largest liquid financial market in the world i'm gonna go learn from the people who are doing it at the highest level if they're willing to teach me i'm gonna pay them and that's how i took the shortcut i went and hired the best coaches that i could find and and it turned into really good results i turned a hundred thousand dollars into a million dollars in just over 18 months took that portfolio raised some private equity put about four million dollars together from some friends of mine that were investing in real estate with me and i grew that portfolio got into private equity management about four and a half years ago currently managed one of the top grossing private equity portfolios in the midwest top one percent ranked portfolios of profitable portfolios in the s p 500 futures market for the last four years at one of the largest brokers in the world and it's really just because i made a decision and i stayed focused i stayed disciplined and i saw it through i saw that trading could provide me a life that no other industry could provide and i also realized it would be the last industry and the last skill that i would ever need to learn again to make money with for the rest of my life so that's how the the formulation of driven started was i believe that this skill can enhance the quality of people's lives and instead of sitting behind my computer screen for the last four years of my life five days a week making rich people richer what if i could take what's normally available for just the classes and bring it to the masses what if i could show people how to instead of making that eight percent a year that you're used to making on your portfolio should effortlessly be able to do that eight percent monthly you know what i mean so and these are things that you just don't see out there because you usually have to be an accredited investor you have to have a net worth of over a million dollars and you have to be a part of a private hedge fund in order to get those type of returns well what if we show you how to be your own professional portfolio manager and that's one of the biggest things that we're doing here with driven so you fast forward a little bit my life has been pretty interesting i've got everything that i've ever dreamed of having in life all the fancy cars lamborghinis ferraris you know had all the bmws competitions houses really been totally financially free you know uh for the last several years and at 35 years old i'm able to do pretty much whatever i want for the rest of my life in fact i never have to work another day again right i can sit behind my computer click a couple buttons and i've definitely been blessed and fortunate to be in this position but one of the big things that happens when you sit behind your computer screen for you know almost five years five days a week making rich people richer is you start to lose focus of everything else that's important in life so 2019 comes around i'm 35 body fat 211 pounds i'm in the worst shape of my life i'm just fat i'm lazy uh you know the next million dollar deal doesn't affect my life at this point anymore and i just have zero passion i have zero purpose i don't know why i'm getting out of bed every morning and i realized that i had zero drive in my life and i needed to find something i needed to find something that would make me fulfilled and happy again and so what i did is i started working on one of one of the big projects with with actually a huge broker in the united states and i was actually going to launch a s p 500 trade room and a trading vertical and i really believe that i could change a lot of people's lives with this skill so we were going to launch it in october 2019 this broker comes to me and they said that they want to charge 25 000 up front for entry and 3 000 per month on a 12 month contract so i go back to these guys and i really tell my story guys listen i'm a 16 year old high school dropout i've been able to learn this skill i've been able to change my life i've helped tons of people make millions of dollars in this industry i've helped tons of people make six figures in this industry this is something that we need to make available for the masses not just the classes like i've been making rich people richer this is something that we need to go out and change the world with and all they saw was dollar signs and me at the pinnacle of it and i wasn't interested in that that was not what i was trying to accomplish so i actually decided to pull the plug on that operation never moved forward with it i actually spent almost a year of my life putting it together it was super pissed off that they just didn't see it but you know you're talking about somebody committing 65 000 to something uh before they even put money in their brokerage account i mean it just it was absolutely ridiculous so i decided to walk away from it and that actually is what got me back involved in the direct sales industry january 2020 happens i get a call from a friend of mine he's working with this company out of dubai they're trying to launch their uh company here in the united states and they were looking for a consultant to get their operations off the ground what what what started off as a 90-day consulting gig uh turned out to you know or turned turned into everybody getting locked down on kovid right that happened kind of you know at the end of february early march and i saw that if there was ever a time to get back involved in this type of industry i actually believe that this is the industry of the future i believe this is the business of the future i believe that there's nothing that's going to stop this business model it's created more millionaires than any other business model in the world and trading technologies and trading education tied into that direct sales network marketing industry that did over 300 billion dollars in 2020 that is probably one of the best forms of intersectional innovation that i've ever seen of those two industries coming together because you never have to talk to anybody in order to become financially free with the product but then when you do get the financial results how are you not gonna talk about making eight to ten percent month over month on your money it's going to be impossible for you not to talk about it so then we can go out and get you more money to put in your broker account to help you grow and get free quicker right so that's how this whole thing came to fruition i ended up leading one of the biggest economic movements in the space did 47 million dollars in sales created 65 six-figure earners three millionaires that had never done network marketing or traded before they were bartenders and we put 10 500 people into a trading organization in nine and a half months made millions of dollars and then you work found out that you were working with greedy owners and just bad people that didn't have character and integrity and i realized that the problem and the flaw with this industry is not the industry it's it's a lot of these people that have a great vision but their execution is terrible or they just go from one thing to the next because they don't care about people and they're just looking to make a quick buck so i was just naive to think well what if this industry was done right what if you could actually lead an economic movement in this space more than ever people are going to be looking for new jobs more than ever people are going to be getting out of the workforce in fact they say in the next 10 years like 50 of every single job that exists today will be replaced by artificial intelligence it says robot automation will take 800 million jobs by the year 2030. so not only you know with our vaccine mandates and stuff like that hey listen whether you get the vaccine or not it's none of my business but now in order to work you have to have it they're not even giving you the option you're going to see a lot of crazy stuff going on out there over the last over the next couple years and i think you're going to see industries like this the home-based business industry you know it goes from 300 billion in 2020 i can only imagine what it's gonna do over the next five years it'll be the biggest industry that we've ever seen in our time because all of these people will be leaving the workplace workforce and they'll be looking for ways to make money from home what better way to make money from home than learning a skill that can enhance the quality of your life that you don't already know exists learning how to trade the financial markets so what we did is we actually uh you know myself my team my organization we actually went out and we started looking for situations to partner with in in some of those discussions i actually called a good friend of mine uh he's been one of my best friends from over for over a decade his name is jimmy ezell you're going to hear from him in a little bit he's actually the ceo of a company called the young entrepreneur project he's leading one of the biggest movements of young entrepreneurs in north america uh he's partnered up with kevin harrington from shark tank james malinchek from the secret millionaire show on abc steve mandel game plan enterprises michael walsh in recruiter.com olivia fisher kane came in

as our as our cmo uh she was actually the the person who is responsible for taking ufc's international expansion from 200 000 to 4 billion she's now working with us full-time as our cmo and she's actually put together this entire driven brand this entire driven vertical the branding the logo the recognition and what we're about to do with this company in the marketplace and how we're going to go out and change the world with this it's just really something special to be a part of in fact out of all my years of business and all the money i've made the different businesses we started i'm telling you right now that i've never seen anything so well put together that over the next two years active aggressive participation in this model will set you free for the rest of your life like i'm talking total financial freedom on multiple fronts and to have a skill that will pay you for the rest of your life so so what do you do when you do big things like that one of the biggest things that we want to do is we actually want to sponsor 100 000 kids monthly through the compassion international program so compassion international christian program for sponsoring children we want to sponsor 100 000 kids we will sponsor 100 000 kids uh we have over a thousand sponsored right now around the corner of 2000 and will be very quickly over the next couple years our goal is to sponsor 100 000 kids 3.8 3.8 million dollars a month to do that we will do it it'll be amazing and another thing that we're going to do is we're going to actually create 10 000 millionaires with our movement over the next five years now how were we going to do that well as we started studying some of the biggest companies out there and we saw how these companies went public and created you know shareholders out of their employees that's exactly what we're doing with our company so as we go out and become the juggernaut in the trading space and also bring our ecosystem of entrepreneur education product development and also b2b systems we will lead the biggest economic movement in this next coming years because we're at the forefront of everything that's about to happen right now with the most stand alone results every single one of our products and every single one of our brands stands alone as its own vertical and can generate millions of dollars by itself but when you bring driven into the mix not only are you looking at product innovation with all of our product base which which i'm not going to talk about there's other calls for that not only do we have digital marketing with companies like brand valet and trip valet incentives where we actually give you all these vacation certificates that oh he's going to talk about soon not only do we have data technology in fact we were actually spending some time with wallace in the other day and he found 100 million data records of investors people that have opened brokerage accounts just over the last three years and we can actually run targeted data targeted campaigns right to that data and rotate those leads through our entire organization for the people that are looking to engage in business with us it's not about getting the people we know how to get the people we've done it we've built some of the biggest teams in the world we've done hundreds of millions of dollars in combined sales we need leadership right now to help us get this message out to the world and then of course last but not least the financial education guys most people don't know this but the forex market which is foreign exchange is the largest liquid financial market in the world 6.6 trillion dollars in daily trading volume largest liquid financial market in the world digital currency market everybody knows digital currency right cryptocurrency bitcoin ethereum these are some of the hottest topics in uh in in our day of age right now but how do you know which ones to get into what if you could look at professional portfolio managers like the former director of institutional securities trading from morgan stanley who managed the fifth largest trading desk on wall street 40 traders that he actually was in full control over billions of dollars in assets he's created 60 millionaires through education in this space 60 millionaires right so when you have guys like that you have guys that you know have been in portfolio management their whole lives and we open up our portfolios for you to look at and say hey listen these are the ideas that we're looking at in the market in fact we're at a 100 win rate for this week in our trade in our trade room and also in our signal group every single trade was a winner this week we actually have huge profits across the board in our trade room both today and yesterday like i said even today we did seven point something percent in about 35 minutes on a couple different accounts and everybody had really good money because what we do is we give you the ability to not only learn from us and go through all of our courses where we take you through the basics the foundation the mastery the psychology and then we go in depth on certain industries right like like futures academy forex academy options academy where not only are you going to just learn this forex thing you're going to learn how to trade the biggest markets in the world the markets that the big boys trade so not only will you have these comprehensive courses but then we're going to show you the practical application of these skills to the market in real time we actually did it this morning 9 30 in the morning eastern until noon today we were actually in the trade room me and my friend louis lewis is a top u.s 30

trader and top gold trader he manages over four and a half million dollars he's only 22 years old does over 10 to 12 percent every single month on his portfolio consistently he's managing portfolios for some professional or like like that some of the highest you know known uh well-known rappers out in the industry and he's actually bringing on more portfolios currently as he speaks at 22 years old he's actually one of my top students over the last couple years and he's just absolutely killing the game right now can you imagine being 22 years old and learning a skill that can make you millions of dollars he's making over six figures a month right now six figures most people struggle to make that in a year he's making six figures in a month right now at 22 years old from learning the skill of trading right so not only are you gonna have the the courses we'll show you how to apply that stuff to the market in real time and then we actually have live in person summits that we do every 90 days so we actually have our first trading summit coming up here december second third and fourth uh it's gonna be in tampa florida we're expecting you know probably close to a thousand people at this event and we actually do these every 90 days where our entire trade team all of our professional traders which all manage over millions of dollars right they're all millionaire traders they come down we actually have a special guest keynote speaker that's coming in as well a billion dollar portfolio manager and we're going to bring the best of the best education to this niche this industry and while you're learning all of it while you're learning all of it on the first week in october we actually have one of the most sophisticated signal apps coming to market that the market has ever seen where every single time one of our traders takes a trade in the market whether it be stocks options futures uh forex crypto whatever market it is indices metals will actually send that trade directly to an app on your phone and you can copy it and paste it right in your broker okay maybe some of you said well i've seen copy and paste before what's the big deal well the big deal is that the people that you're going to be copying and pasting in our company are all multiple seven and eight figure traders these aren't guys that went through a crash course on uh trading through a network marketing company um you know what i mean and they don't even manage real money they trade demo accounts these are real portfolio managers that trade real money and in fact we're so strict on contracts with our traders that they have to maintain a 70 winning average month over month if they lose three trades in a row they actually have to get permission from advisory council before they can execute the fourth position that's how strict we are and then you can say well what if i'm at work and i don't have time to copy and paste the trade by the way you open up a broker of your choice you fund it with your own money you're in 100 control of your money at all times and you keep 100 of the profits we do not touch your money we do not touch your money at all we just give you the ideas of what we're looking at in the market and you can enter at your own risk then the first week in november we have the next phase of this application coming out it's all built into one application where we actually have artificial intelligence trade management software where now let's say the trader calls out a trade let's just say it's me it's euro usd i got 50 pips of profit at tp1 75 pips of profit at tp2 100 pips of profit at tp3 for those of you who understand trading this software in less than a second it's a zero latency execution we'll take the trade that the trader just sent out to the app automatically place it on your behalf using artificial intelligence and manage the position for you like fully manage the position for you will actually give you three default settings you can actually uh um program it to close fifty percent of profit at take profit one move your stop loss to break even close twenty five percent take profit two move your stop loss to take profit one and close the other 25 at tp3 we could have it do a fractal stop loss we could have it do a jumping stop loss trailing stop loss you could program it in multiple different ways we'll show you how to do it but now what you're talking about is fully hands-free artificial intelligence that's taking trades from real live trading professionals seven and eight figure uh traders and copying it and pasting it right into your broker to make you hands-free money to earn money while you're learning the skill the true earn while you learn model other people have talked about doing it we're the company that's executing on it so with that type of stuff and how we're bringing this to mark especially when i talk about having a 100 win rate this week in our trade room having a 100 win rate in our signal group having all these traders have done this at a very very big level where are we going to be able to go with this company so one of the biggest things we decided to do is bring this into a referral business model and pay out a substantial amount of money back to the field so they can actually earn money more money to fund their broker account with and actually build that portfolio balance quicker right so i'm actually going to bring out my business partner he's our global master trainer and he's going to talk to you about some of the business tools that we have that actually turned this entire concept into a business model so this gentleman is uh he's truly one of the most amazing individuals i've ever met multiple seven-figure earner in the industry in network marketing he's been one of the lead consultants in this entire space as well and uh speaks five fluent international languages i mean he's just truly one of the most amazing guys i've ever met mr ali madawi the call is here sir let everybody know what else they can experience here at driven thank you thank you sorry i had to reclaim host jkn just because i had to unmute myself but i am so grateful so appreciative and so fired up if you can't tell from the very beginning i am telling you even more so let me talk to you so the beautiful thing about where you are right now is and i'm going to quote gavin here for a second and gavin said something um that gave antiques he said something that was so powerful that even i never really looked at it the way he broke it down he said the beautiful thing about being part of this community is that most companies are traditional mlm or traditional network marketing they will tell you here's the product go ahead and sell it here's the compensation plan and that's the end of it what we've put together in here is an entrepreneurial community that gives you everything you ever needed to become the best version for yourself and even even within the driven oh my goodness i am so driven right now you have no idea you are gonna be given the tools the resources to build to never ever have to hire and outsource another platform or another option or another tool everything is in-house so you are not only set up to win big from a financial standpoint but to also win big from an operational standpoint so you're gonna be provided essential business tools such as social media marketing training we've had one two days ago it was incredible content development training lead generation training tools social media content business strategy training customer support training sales training sales teams legal resources it resources everything and anything you could ever imagine but we didn't even stop there we actually took it even a step further how many of you have ever heard and if you can just give me one more click i would certainly appreciate it how many of you have ever heard of the concept of incentive based marketing system so if you've never heard of incentive-based marketing i guarantee you it is the driving force for you to spend the money you spend every single day let me ask you a question and feel free to have fun on that chat real quick anybody has ever bought something that was buy one get one free now let's keep it real we all have done it i don't care how much money you got but when you sold out buy one get one free you spend some money on it how about when we sell the uh you know if you sign up for this service you're gonna get a 50 gift card from amazon or if you sign up for home security we'll give you a tablet or whatever it may be right like that is incentive based marketing that's what it works that's how it works sometimes nowadays in business a lot of people will give you a t-shirt or a coffee mug what we give you one of literally 6 000 resorts as a vacation from all around the world that yes you can use for yourself too but you give them away this is not a time share there's no presentations there's no sales that you have to sit through you literally are given a gift of a complimentary stay you book it you come back home that is the end of the transaction now the only financial responsibility on the receiving party is taxes booking fees and an activation as little as 20 many people ask me that's crazy how can you pull it off it's too good to be true first of all shame on you when was the last time you were given something too good to be true take it and enjoy it but let me explain because these resorts for the most part is a thousand to five thousand dollar stays the average joe and joanne cannot afford to spend a thousand to five thousand dollars just for the actual room itself so therefore twenty to forty percent of these rooms stay empty so it's a cause and a loss in the resort itself so we come in and i say can i send you john doe and john doe is willing to pay those taxes that you don't want to pay and john doe's going to cover the booking fees and john doe will activate it for 20 they say cool now the win in it for john does john know instead of paying five thousand he or you know maybe paying three to four hundred dollars total for the actual stay itself but what's the win in it for the resort not only that room is no longer a loss but john doe or you or me we're going to eat breakfast lunch dinner we're going to have drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks okay let me stop then we're gonna go parasail in we're gonna go jet ski and we may watch a show circle soleil whatever it may be so now they're monetizing in other areas of the resort and that's how it becomes a win-win what's the win aided for me for giving you a vacation incentive well you're going to brag about it on social media oh my goodness i'm having the time of my life people are gonna look it up and say how in the world you pull it off and you're gonna say i got a guy referrals so i get to attract people with these vacation incentives i can close business like when you know like ali i want to think about it all right john here's the thing i'm going to give you this vacation incentive it could be a honeymoon for you and the missus you go and think about that and let me know if we do business by five o'clock tomorrow night i'll activate that incentive for you i'll pay the twenty dollars no problem and it gives the person up to one year to use it so whether i don't have flight money whether i don't have vacation time whether i'm scared because of what's going on with cobit you have up to 12 months to use these vacation incentives pretty awesome stuff don't you say yes and again you can use it for yourself please one more slide and now ladies and gentlemen for those of you who ever wanted to be influencers speakers trainers mentors coaches all things that you love to be you have the kingdom right here and it's called yup clips so yup clips is a curated training platform yes it looks and rhymes like netflix and there's a reason for that see it is a place where you can binge watch on all things coaching so you're going to have access to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours video modules courses from all different trainers from all different contributors from all around the world and they're training and teaching everything and anything no it is not a teaser no you don't have to pay to play it is open and when you have access to yup clips you'll never ever in your life have to ever buy a course or pay somebody for coaching we give it to you all in-house now if that doesn't get you excited let me get you really excited how about flip the script how about you become a contributor how about you become a trainer how about you become an influencer let's say you want to do a five-part series on balancing relationships and business right let's say that's your niche so you just record the five-part videos you send the videos to our team and we do all the digital work intro outro music thumbnail credits disclaimers all of the above will be done for you and no you will not be charged for it yes you can have a limited amount of courses yes our global network now becomes your audience now we don't sell anything because this is not angie's list but if your stuff is as good as you say it is what do you think people are going to do they look you up that is called brand equity that is called popularity that is called true virality instead of you doing a facebook live with three people being mom dad and uncle joe watching you now have a true qualified audience to support you clap for you and give you the love that you deserve as an influencer plus i would interview you and our fan page has 32 000 people and i tell them how great you are and we share your story we inspire we motivate we talk about your niche and here's why i would do that because selfishly speaking for me i want to say at the end you get to watch scott hold exclusively on yep clips ta-da it works for everybody so i pray that you now more than ever understand why this is the time folks listen we are just literally opening the doors of driven right now as we speak you can never ever ever say i wish i was the first one there you could never ever ever ever say i wish i had the opportunity to be part of the founders you could never ever ever ever ever say i wish i was part of those who are actually movers and shakers you can never ever ever say well he was there first or she was there first or she was given this or she was given that it is a playing field for everyone it is time to go to work now more than ever because i promise you this driven will make you the hottest executive in the business community and if you don't believe me man you can sit back and watch and enjoy the show but last week our the numbers from tonight rather are more than they were last week and i guarantee you they will keep on doubling and you have two things you're gonna say you're either going to say man i remember when they were listening to 100 people or you're going to say thank you god that i started when there were less than 200 people because i'm seeing 3 000 people coming up i appreciate you and i thank you and i look forward to serve the rest of you every single day of the remainder of your community and your journey with driven corey back to you my friend ah lee thank you so much buddy uh man that was amazing like every every time i hear from this guy you know it just gets me super excited because you know doing business with the right people is one of the most important things that you could ever do right you got to align yourself with people that are driven you got to align yourself with people that are going places in life because they say like you know if you look at the i don't even know what the quote says exactly but they say like if you're hanging out with a bunch of dogs that have fleas you're gonna be the one to get fleas too but if you hang out with a bunch of millionaires ultimately you're gonna be the fifth one or sixth one or seventh one you know and that's that's the thinking that you need to have moving forward into this i was this guy that came into this industry and i had zero dreams and i had extremely low self-esteem but this guy that came into my life he's actually on here tonight his name is craig wheatberg he came into my life believed in me so much that i just engaged in the business because i didn't want to let him down i was just sick and tired of letting him down over and over again that i decided to start to change and you know what i started reading books i started to grow i started to teach myself new information and i realized the only thing that separates people who are rich from people who are poor is different information and how they apply it to their life that is it that is it in fact 85 percent of millionaires out there are self-made in fact 90 of the millionaires i know went through some of the biggest struggles and challenges that you've ever seen in your life so ultimately the decision is yours you have to make this disciplined decisions on a daily basis in order to get different results in your life so when we're talking about becoming a member of driven remember i talked to you about a program that i was actually starting with one of the largest brokers in the united states just to teach you one skill in one trading niche just to teach you e-mini futures s p 500 25 000 and 3 000 per month on a 12-month contract to be a part of a trading room for two hours monday through friday 3 000 per month per user for just those of you who want to just learn forex trading and just learn forex only have access to the forex signals as well we can actually get you in our system plus having access to yep clips plus the trip valet membership and plus your first four certificates that not only you can give away but also use for yourself on the vacations for 197 and then 47 per month now when i talk to people about this it almost like it's like is that too good to be true yeah i mean yes but at the same time like we don't really care if that's undervaluing our opportunity our our founder package in this business package right here is easily 50 to 60 000 worth of value and ongoing tens of thousands of dollars i mean you're learning how to trade and copying and pasting the trades from multiple seven and eight figure portfolio traders and top trading experts and you get to copy and paste everything they do taking yearly returns turning them into monthly returns for 497 dollars and 97 a month because we're not interested in only targeting the classes we're interested in going after the masses we want to put millions of people in our business organization we want to lead one of the biggest economic movements of our time that's why guys like kevin harrington who gets a hundred pitches a day guys like james malenchak you know these guys have done billions of dollars in revenue they're some of the top business minds in america today in the world today and not only do we have the kevin harrington the james melanche the steve mandel the michael wilson the cj floyd the royal winfield the jimmy ezell the cory crimer we have them all in one company publicly in one company vocal in one company in fact you get coaching from these executives as well so when we look at this middle package right here not only do you get access to the forex crypto and indices market you're also going to get access to that live trade room and this is what the chat was going exciting and going crazy about today right all the chat that you see in there these are all people that were a part of our trade room this morning and also yesterday where we ran 100 win rate on our trades and we are extremely profitable both trading days now just a disclaimer because it's legal i legally have to tell you this past performance doesn't guarantee or predict any future result however based on the past performance i'm sure you could see what the future will hold right so that's about as much as i can tell you there another thing that we're going to do in this pack is we're going to do the driven market strategy series this is where each trader specifically teaches you their exact strategy gives you their exact trade plan gives you their exact combined technical scoring system so you can actually learn the exact strategy they know based on what market you want to learn how to trade you're also going to get access to the trade management software all the automation the signal app you get actually the trip ballet vip membership up to 10 users so you can register your family members and you also get every single one of those vacations that ali talked about so you get the seven night eight day dream vacation five thousand dollars bali indonesia you're getting that for 350 right these are world-class five-star vacations and all you're doing is paying the taxes so you get unlimited amount of these to give away and an unlimited amount of them to use for yourself but then there's the founder pack now we only have 1 000 of these available and and these actually go live we've actually we rolled out the first couple hundred this actually goes live for full enrollment like today right so so you can actually get these today and and you know this trade room that we're doing here is going to be a lot different than the trade rooms in the other verticals because here you're going to get a stock options and futures trade room stock options in futures trade room is not only going to teach you how to trade the big boy markets it's also going to show you how to run a self-directed 401k a self-directed ira how many people are sick and tired of getting six to eight percent a year on your 401k or ira your eight percent every year is is good you know when you do 12 you're ecstatic right wow best year ever we could do 12 sometimes in a week guys in the in these trade rooms right so so imagine learning how to become your own professional portfolio manager and while you're learning i got to say it again you're earning you're earning money while you're learning the skill it is the most remarkable movement that you'll see of your time because we're actually delivering the result we're leading with the result in fact we don't even want you to talk to anybody about the business until you're satisfied with the result so you can actually go promote it ethically right because this movement will create more millionaires than any other movement in history i truly believe that and mark my words you can write it down today and also write this down we have about 250 members in this right now in the whole yup community about over 5 000 we'll put 10 000 members in the driven community in the next 90 days 10 000. so my question to you is do you want those ten thousand people in your business to potentially profit off of or are you gonna be down in their business because you didn't make a decision to become a founder in the company not only will you get access to the live trade room for stock options and futures you're also going to get 4x crypto and index signals it's going to come with two tickets to your very first trading summit if you can't make the next trading summit the one in december you can come to the one in march if you can't make the one in march come to the one in june if you can't come to the one the tickets don't expire that's a 300 value right there in those two tickets okay those tickets are 150 a piece we're gonna give you two of them in this pack you're gonna get the driven market strategy series you're gonna get daily market review sessions where we're giving you our stock picks for the week all the pairs that we're looking at we actually did one of those this morning you get lifetime access on this founder pack to every single course we come out for the whole entire history of the company now that is only available to founders you also get access to the automation you also get access to the signal app and you also get to attend founder only vacations two of them every year we actually have our first one coming up in cancun at the fives resort one of the most prominent high-end resorts in all of cancun that's coming up in january we have another founders trip coming up in june next year so these are uh only four founders and there's only 1 000 founder packs available you also get trip valet up to 10 users you get all the incentives pro you get yep clips contributor access where you can come now teach what you're passionate about to our community and if that's not enough for you what about getting a monthly coaching call with the guy who invented the infomercial who did over five billion dollars in sales himself what about getting coached from a guy like that kevin harrington the original shark from shark tank okay getting monthly mentorship from him outside of this organization will cost you 25 000 and you're going to get it for 147 a month but not only get access to him what if you got mentored twice a month also directly from livia fischer kane who took the ufc from 200 000 to 4 billion in their international expansion direct mentorship on how to market your brand how to build a brand how to build a following how to get people interested in your business okay what if you learn directly from the source and then also on top of that have access to attend all of our summits success summits and trading summits virtually so if you can't get there we can actually have you attend virtually 14.97 up front right and then after 30 days so the following month 147 dollars a month and you get access to all of that all of that stuff right there like i said that ongoing subscription would probably be 25 000 a month in value in fact the time that you get with kevin harrington alone one hour of kevin harrington's time is easily 25 000 right so i would highly recommend looking at that founder pack and you'll notice that with these packages there's different volume attached to them and that's how we pay out in our compensation model so i'm going to talk to you guys really quickly the people that understand the direct sales network marketing business model this is a totally option optional portion of our business we truly believe in this industry we've taken all the good stuff out of the industry we left all the bad stuff in the industry and i believe we've created one of the most unique aggressive compensation models that the industry's ever seen we start off with 40 fast start bonuses after you do 1500 in volume you only got to do that 1500 one time and you get 40 faster bonuses so you see that founder pack 14.97 it comes with a thousand in volume that's 400 that you would get paid just right off the top we have the left leg and right leg compensation plan it's a two-team structure it's called a binary compensation plan i'm speaking to the people that understand this if you don't we'll send you a pdf and a video so you can understand it perfectly so i don't have to go into super depth on it today 15 of all the volume you produce in your lesser leg on the binary so if you have a left team and a right team whatever your lesser leg does you get paid 15 of all that volume in your lesser team that's an easy way to explain it okay you're going to get 30 check match on all of your personals so when they get their binary check you're going to get a 30 check match 20 generation 1 20 generation 2 15 generation 3 and 15 percent on generation four for the most aggressive check match in the industry guys you look at companies i talked about the dual team so ultimately you got a left team right you got a right team if you do 10 000 in volume on your left team and 15 000 on your right team okay you would ultimately get fifteen percent of the ten thousand okay so fifteen hundred dollars it would flush ten thousand out of that side it would take ten thousand out of the other side and the remaining five thousand would roll over to the next week for you to get paid on it again okay that caps out at 32 500 per week and then you get all your check matches on top of that and then this bonus we introduced as an industry first it's called the leadership override bonus and this i have to spend a little bit of time because for those of you who are experienced in this industry you're going to be pretty blown away because this is what they give big players in the industry like you're a seven figure earner coming over typically what you're looking at is you get an override of your sales organization well we just built it into the compensation plan in fact what we saw in all these trading companies was they say we pay up to 60 we pay up to 60 percent and as we started running dynamic impression tests on these comp plans what we found was none of them pay anything close to 60 they pay 30 to 40 percent we pay out a forced 60 of compensation we run our company in a 40 margin we pay order a forced 60 everything that we don't pay out in in upfront bonus in binary commission and in check match we put all the rest of the money right here in this leadership override bonus starting at the sapphire executive level once you do 30 000 in total accumulative volume in your lesser leg in your pay team okay and you don't have to do it in a calendar month from the time you start in the business there's a rank meter so let's just say it takes you three months you do ten thousand month one ten thousand a month two ten thousand month three you're getting paid on the volume the whole time and now you've done a total of thirty thousand in volume you just hit sapphire at that rank you get five percent override of your entire personal enrollment tree everybody that you sponsor who they sponsor who they sponsor who they sponsor who they sponsor infinite levels deep okay you get a five percent override 30 000 in volume to hit the rank and then only 9 000 monthly to maintain the rank so like ruby for example 70 000 a hit it doesn't matter if it takes you three months to do seventy thousand doesn't matter if it takes you six months it's it's accumulating the volume the whole time it's ranking it in our system you're getting paid it's flushing you're getting paid on it but it's it's it's calculating all that volume once you've hit a total of 70 000 you now get a seven percent override of your entire personal enrollment tree you only need to do 21 000 to maintain the rank diamond 300 000 to hit it 90 000 to maintain it okay blue diamond 1 million to hit it 300 000 to maintain it we paid these overrides up to 14 organizational overrides of your entire personal enrollment tree uh it's one of the biggest bonuses that the industry's ever seen we'll be the first company to introduce it by the way uh one of the things that we also do is we're one of the only companies that pay check match weekly so you pay all your fast start bonuses all your binary commissions and all your check matches in fact the pay cycle ends tonight tonight at 12 p.m central time okay so 12 or sorry 12 a.m 12 a.m central time midnight tonight is

the end of the pay cycle every week thursday midnight central you get paid next week friday on your fast start bonus your binary commission and your check match the only thing that pays monthly is the leadership override bonus okay i'm telling you it's one of the most aggressive comp plans because we want to reward our people if you're out there helping us share the story you're out there helping us take this company public by the way we're going public in october we plan on getting listed on nasdaq by q1 of next year we have very aggressive goals to create 10 000 millionaires with our stock play and and by really creating this economic movement in the best biggest time that's ever existed in our lives to do something like this of this magnitude so what i want to do is i actually want to get out of the way for a little bit and i want my business partner mr jimmy ezell to come on and share a little bit jimmy easel is the ceo of the young entrepreneur project jimmy ezell has done hundreds of millions of dollars in sales through these type of business models not only has he done that and accomplished that he's actually been uh you know one of my best friends and mentors for over a decade now and he's just really one of those guys that he doesn't just talk the talk he walks the walk he's got integrity he's got character every single thing jimmy says he does he does it every single time and i'm just truly blessed to be his business partner i'm truly blessed to be a co-founder in a company with him and i'm truly blessed to be able to bring this to the world with one of my best friends mr jimmy iselle close it out for everybody awesome thank you so much hey man i'm just i'm just so like proud and humbled and honored to be you guys and man folks if you're watching this for the very very time i mean i hope you hope you make a great decision tonight and then you you realize that you know this may be one of those things that truly changes your life forever so let me just give you a little background and because i think it's important another fact co-founders are in this company you got to hear corey's story i mean amazing story uh of what he's where he came from and where he is today uh you know i i actually probably tell i was i always tell people i was made in the philippines raised here in america grew up in a blue-collar hard-working family was the first one to go to college i thought i'd take the corporate route and and um you know right for company big big multi-billion dollar company called readers digest quickly rose the ranks there was one of the highest paid executives there at a young age of about 28 and we realized it wasn't for me uh i wasn't i got all the way to senior manager in that company um just reported there was two vps of vp and then of course tom wright the chairman of the board that was above me and and uh but it wasn't throughout i realized that you know a lot of things were happening almost lost my my my family i was traveling a ton just totally stressed out and found entrepreneurship and by the time i was 33 i was able to walk away from corporate america become a full-time entrepreneur and i've never ever looked back and so that's how i got into the industry and so so i got into becoming an entrepreneur but let me tell you how how the yep story started i actually it's almost about three octobers ago i was actually on a mission trip in thailand i had the opportunity to see uh how the people in thailand and the hill country people lived and i've been on a lot of mission trips but this one i didn't know was going to be very very meaningful uh because my best friend jack actually called me spring of 2019 and said hey jimmy come see me let's hang out but i want to show you what i'm doing with the young entrepreneur project and so i fly over there i spent some time with him and he shows me and i call him kids because my children are 27 24 and 21. i see these young entrepreneurs learning business but what blew me away was that i found out a bunch of them had started making a thousand dollars extra a month you know in terms of residual income ongoing income and something hit me it was like i said to jack i said man listen i want to take the name to the u.s at this that time and still today of course i'm a company called trip valet which you know ali was covering some of that inside of the package and i said i'm gonna put some of that in but we're gonna blow it up now at that day i didn't really know exactly everything but i knew i wanted to change the world through entrepreneurship and so fast forward uh the very first very first person i called was actually ali madowin who's now a global master trainer it's been one of the best decisions i've ever made the second person i called who just spoke was uh was was corey cromwey but at that time he was doing institutional investing and was just crushing it and he said you know i'm just too busy right now and um so he went on from did his team we went and started this company and it's just amazing how we've been able to come back together because august of 2019 we opened the doors of the company uh and then november 19th of 2019 we actually went in and launched the company and today you see what you see in front of you just a continuing evolving model that has multiple verticals um you mean this company is designed to truly become a juggernaut in terms of you know sales and growth and and publicly traded company and so we're just super excited about that so that's where we are um our team is incredible you've heard a little bit about it tonight i think i always tell i met you know kevin harrington i told him the same thing i said listen don't don't bet on the jockey only i want you to bet on our entire team i mean the guy gets pitched a hundred deals a day and i said um i'd love to have you know i've never done a billion dollars in sales i i'd love to

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