[Detailed Love Report] Leo June 2018 Wrap up unfinished business with the EX. Or you can't go far.

[Detailed Love Report] Leo June 2018 Wrap up unfinished business with the EX. Or you can't go far.

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Hey. Leo's welcome, to my channel answers, by divine so this is gonna be your love report, for June, 2018, this, will be a detailed love report, using, hand card spread okay, so, I'm shuffling the cards once. Or twice just for you to know that I'm shuffling, then. Yeah. And I will go ahead with it so, for those earlier, on when, I was, before. I recorded, this video there. Was this there. Was this download. Coming, to me that deals you. Want love, you. Want love you. Start to one love. And. If. You watch the. I. Do. Not know whether if I have uploaded by, the time you watch this but, I will be uploading a video, together. In this the, same time where I'm recording, all the signs for you like I wear the same so. I, was, seeing a lot of. Reconciliation. And. Lewis. You are one of them you're one of one of my own encounter, in my own circle, of life. Was. A little and then. This. Little, actually. Recently had a, okay. It wasn't it wasn't they, haven't come back yet together, but. They, are on the way there they are on the way like she, contacted. Her, ex, ex. Then. The. Ex was open, to catch up with her or, rather, it was the ex who initiated, to have a meet to. Meet up to chew out and then. To smoke some weed things. Like that so. Pretty. Good looking, pretty good for you but. The common traits in this in this little. Friend, of mine and this. Partner, of hers this. Ex of hers, was that they had this Scorponok. Energy. In them, this. Lady this girl she, has got Venus in Scorpio and, X. Is actually a Scorpio, Sun so. And there was the reason why I said I talked, about like Scorpio neck energy very strongly so, if you have got any Scorpios. In. Your. Okay. Thanks. Thank. You see you I'll enjoy. But. I will try to finish up I want to finish up soon thank. The longer than. Sorry. Yeah. So. He. Was just worried about my. My. Safety, because. I come, here in the middle of the night from. 2:00 a.m. no it's coming to 6:00 a.m.. So. Sorry. About that so where was I I was, telling, you about this company energy but even if you do not have got any scope burning energy it's, fine. It. Doesn't matter because. Ultimately the whole universe, energy is circulating. And going towards reconciliation. If. You have got anyone in mind that you want to, get. In touch with so. That's for you all right one last Rocco for Luis June 2018. Across. Our damn ends. Okay. Anyways. So. Now, cut. The crap and. Lay. The ten cards out for you. I, will. Lay in rows of threes, three. Three three and, one last card the ten cut at, the bottom. Middle. On. The last row, Nido. The. Minor energy, okay. So, here. We go. Yeah. I. Can't. I can't help it even though later. If you if you manage, to watch the reconciliation, video. The. One that I said I don't usually talk about science, but I want to tell you because, it's. Directly. Showing, up over here, king. Of cups. And. I just said that. This. This. Story, that I know. This. President I know is. Dealing with a water sign. So. And. To. Continue, the full story in your spread we have got the eight of cups in Reverse. There's. Someone from the past. You. Might or might not be in a relationship with, them ever before. But it might just be a, platonic. Friends, from the past, friend. One, person friend from the past that. You. That. Mean that. Means. More. Than just a friend to with you, okay. So. Reminiscing. About the past. Not, and, you are not receiving. New, love you're not open to receive, new love, new. Offers, you, are you know Leo's, you are very attractive, in your own way you are, very bubbly, sunshine. You. Are very. Positive you have a very positive outlook towards. Life people, like you and they are they, find you very approachable. Sometimes. Because of that they have interest, in you they, want to pursue you but, from this card that I'm seeing and let. Me also input. Also the. Encounters. That I've, encountered. With people, around me who are of the, same sign, in. Whichever, placement. Is, that. You. Have. No interest, in anyone, new you. Have no interest, to accept, to. Accept or to start. A new relationship all, over, again you. Want to connect back with this someone whom you have, a connection. With. Before. That. Was so deep it might just be friendly. Friendly. A very, friendly. Person. Of the past but. Someone who has been through thick and thin with you and you, with them. It. Means a lot to you to be going through all this hardship, and good, times, this. Is the essence, of what a, relationship. Means. To, you those. Leads. To certain extent, or some some group of you a. Small. Group of you loose would. Be. Can. Be pretty flighty. Leo, sometimes, can, be quite. Cheeky. I would, say cheeky I wouldn't say, flirtatious. But I was a cheeky because, they go around because, they are so friendly just, by nature they are like Sun sunshine and Sun shines on everyone we're.

Not Talking about one part we are talking about sunshine on everyone. Every place every corner. Who was your your, own social life is like. Everyone. To you. It's, a part of you. But. Despite. That in. You, you. Have this very special connection. With someone from the past. Which. Didn't work out for you, back. Then. To. Address. What was the experience, that you had with this person in the past was. That is Facebook it, is a very stagnant. Kind. Of relationship, dynamic, be it still on the platonic. Kind of level. Or even. As a as a lover, it, is. Very stagnant it doesn't grow in the past I'm talking about the past what what, what, was what was. It looking like for you most most. Likely. For. Some of you it's it, stays there it doesn't grow and that could be the reason why it didn't work out and at some point it. Actually. It. Actually, the. Relationship, dynamic. Crumbles. And. Sorry. I didn't look at the cut. But. Now I look at the cut and exactly. We have this death. Card, okay. So. Because, of that because of the stagnant ation that there. Was an ending to the, relationship. It's, the. Way I'm looking at this card it, is really a lot about back, then. What. Happened in the past between the both of you. And. The. Way how, I feel. Like going towards, the past is because. Without. A past you, wouldn't have the. Future okay. It is what happened, in the past that makes. You the you. Today, or. Gives, you supplies. You with the new today. So. What, I'm saying is. The. Past. The. Past issue came, out so strongly in this reading. It. Just means that. There. Might be unfinished, business between, the both of you and. That may be abruptly, most, likely abruptly. Ended. Abruptly. And. Could. Be the reason why is going. Through your mind so much that you need you, needed a closure, or you. Feel very much like wanting, to reconnect. Again just because it's it. Was so abrupt but you know a phone call if you are on a phone call and then the line just cuts off. You. Just you need to call back otherwise, it's like what, so it's a issue you, know you need to come back if the line just cuts off even, if it's just to say a word of goodbye.

Just. To say okay you know I got, to go you, have to have a closure in everything, in life. In. Most things most things some. Things maybe not. Necessary, but, I couldn't think of what it's not necessary, but. Most things in life needs a closure a. Route. A full, cycle, a full cycle to it like. An envelope envelope you, put in a letter you seal it up okay, one, cycle you open, up the envelope whatever. There was in the letter itself you react to it could, it be a bill you go you will go to pay the bill, okay it is a full cycle. Not. Forgetting that we are living on the earth which is round okay. I'm being so philosophy, philosophy. Co now, I try, to abstain. From that but. This. Is what you are feeling you. You. Are dying you're. Dying and, there is this thirst to. Finish. Up something. To. Continue, on like. To wrap it up. To. Move. To. To. Fight. Back, the. Peace. Inner peace in you. You, know it loose, you, know it that now. I will tell you that there. Was this you, feel very strongly that you know this day will come and this. Is happening in the reading right now it's showing here on the cost but before I before, I tell you what, is here. Trust. Me you, will already know, whatever. That I'm gonna tell you thereafter you will, not, you will be. Surprised, but not surprised, like. Okay, there is this card here on a table, in, this, bread and the. Card here is. The. Fun it. Is you it, is your energy, it is your belief system. Your trust your trust, that this thing will, come back together ultimately and, finally, just. You're, just waiting for this one day just. One day and. It. Looks, like this. Is the time okay, this is the time now. Let. Me just show you. Yeah the. Sun okay. All. This Wow it. Has been. It. Has been a difficult time for you in, terms of in, your love life in yeah. In your love life it has been pretty difficult. Acknowledged, that loose it has been pretty difficult for, you to be away for, you to be not connecting, with this person for, you to be missing this person one thing to get back but it just feels like the time is not right that, was. The energy, that. Was how you know like now I have this burst of energy telling. You this thing. And. Now. I'm, reading. It because. It's like I put it in a later class in rows of trees so. I really. Horizontally. And then now I'm reading it vertically. In. As. I read it vertically, there is this I, really. Want to show you this I really want to show you this. So. I, had. This king, of cups on, the top. Then. The death card, followed. By that, this. Is a person, that you are dealing with doesn't. Matter male. Or female okay. Then, there is this death and ending. Something. Ended, but something, a new beginning is coming as well everything. In the same card and the. Next card is. Actually. Two. Of storm, okay. - also in Reverse so. This, person. The. Love of your life, there. Was there, was at some point there was some disintegration. Between the both of you, the. Both of you got disconnected, and. Then. Now we have got two of us or in, Reverse which, is you are regaining back. The. Connection. Because. The two of us were in an upright looks like that, cutting. Out but, this is in Reverse, you, are getting back. You. Are getting back, or. This, relationship is, coming, by I'm not sure who approached, who it could be you approaching. Your. Love interest. Or, your love interest approaching, you. The. Core energy of this reading it says very strongly that you haven't been able to move on in your own life I, in. The in the most ideal manner, in, a way in a sense that you. Haven't. Grown much. Bing. Ever. Since you left this person or this person less, or this ever since this relationship. Collapse. Crumbles. You. Haven't been at your best because, I've got the full in reverse in the center of the reading the full in Reverse you, haven't been at your best you haven't been able to move forward this is the focus. The core energy. Other. Than the the bottom, of the tank but this is also. Another. Center. Central, central, issues, in your love life in. Order for you to be a full, in upright, position to, move on to move ahead you. Need to. Come. Back to, wrap up to wrap up this. This. Encounter. That you had with this other person with your love interest. So. I'm. Pretty happy for you actually, but, at the, same time I'm not happy because I know that you lose being. So. Egoistic. Being. So. You. Know I know I know I know you are the king of the forest you have your egos. But. I do, not know how I can be helping you to get past this but. You know when, you really love someone. When. You really love someone you. Will. Do it you will do it for them you will let go of everything you, let go of yourself let. Go of your pride your ego to. Pursue, it. But. Of course I'm. Not happy, also, because there. Is also a chance. And a possibility, that you will not. Because.

You Are like a queen if you are the female you are the queen if you are a male you are the king you, will never ever put. Yourself in that position to, pursue. Back. Even. The. Love of your life. So. I. Really. Want to pray for you I hope that you get you find this confidence. And find this. Guts. One, day find. This. Push. The. Force to, push you to give you a push to, send that out you might be typing a message but, you do, not dare to send it out like the arrows hand but. Somehow probably you have got big fingers and. Then you accidentally, like how you know what's that we always sometimes. When we stalk and then we accidentally, give a missed, call out. And then, we black. And. You know what that car is like there's no reverse. There's. No, darling. Period, like you could just cut it off before even, those who strayed, off. The. Other party gets a notification you. Need. This push you, need this push let, me share with you again what happened to this this, particular. Friend. Of mine. How. Did, she actually come back with, like. Come back in, talks and reconnected, with her. Past, person. It. Was because of this there was this other common. Mutual, a common friend of us who. You. Know who keep who. Keep on. Checking. With her like oh did you text did you text your ex did you take the eggs it really, gets on her nerves so much that, one. Day she just my friend is this leo this, little person she. Just talked to her mom she was talking to a mom like this person is so annoying, keep. On you know interfering. With my personal life, asking. Me whether if I text. The. Eggs and. Then you know what the mom say to, her the, mom said that go. What's, so wrong about people. One. Thing. The. Best for you they, just wanted, you to be happy we. Just want you to be happy. There. They are interested. And they. They. Are interested, like to see you happy again and, that's, the reason why they are pushing you or. Being. Very keen. In. Knowing, whether have you got, in touch with your ex, so. Her mom said that what's. Wrong with people. Wanting. To see you being, happy girl. This. Was awakening, for her, this was awakening. With. That we put her mum said about this friend, who was. Initially. Bing. Deem as annoying to her it. Was awakening, from what her mom says like your, friends just wanted you to be happy and, then. That was how she found. She. Got the push to, send out the message it. Has been it. Has been seven. Or eight months since, her last since. Her separation with, the ex they've. Been together for, 14. 15 years okay. So. This. Is the push that I was talking about I. Hope. You will be able to find that but I know it. Doesn't. Come just like that so. I will continue. To pray for you lilz to. Find, this. Energy, to, find this courage, to. Push. Forward, to. Push this.

Desire. This very deep soul. Desire. To. Pursue the love of your life all. Right Louis I hope I. Could help in any small little, way that I could. Take. This as a mirror image from. A third-party stance that I try, to paint a picture for you to what's happening in your love life right now. Even. If it doesn't resonate fine, so be it okay but, I hope it does help in one way or another, any key words over here you could pick up any signs, over here could picked up by affinity. Go. Go go for it you know take it as it is take it as you, need so. All. The best to you and thank you for watching, me to. Be here with me and I, will see you very soon in whatever. Next video I'll be working at okay. Thank you bye bye.

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wow, you make me cry. that reading was amazing. thanks

Dzvinka Hugs

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