*Bonus* Stop Working IN Your Business and Start Working ON It

*Bonus* Stop Working IN Your Business and Start Working ON It

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Grow my cleaning company teaches owners of cleaning companies, just like you how to grow your company, make more money and finally, take charge of your financial, future, and your life. This podcast, is about automating, and creating, systems, that give you time and money freedom, so you can grow like crazy, without, losing control. Since this is totally, free if you're getting tons of value. Want to support us and make sure that you get more of the good stuff. Subscribe. Rate and review to this podcast. Today. Now, onto the show. Hey cleaning nation i am super, excited, uh to be with you today, you may notice, this is not our usual, time, it is my usual place, uh maybe you're getting us at the usual place but this is an unscheduled. Live, i just wanted to come out to everybody, uh in our community. And talk to you because we are having a, three-day. Event that is an opportunity to absolutely blow your mind and change your world, and, um, more in honor of that i wanted to give you guys some value. So, if you guys are like me. Um, you may have. Spent months or even years, working, in your business, um, and really not getting anything done, on your business so if that's you if you are, the guy or gal that's like, uh hey advent garcia, good morning, uh if you're the guy or gal that's like hey i i know that i've been there done that dude i'm i'm, constantly working in my business i'm not lazy but i just can't get seem to get anything done on it and i really want to change my business and my life, um, you are in the right spot, the problem is uh with living like that is your business never grows your team never grows and most importantly, and sadly. You never grow right your business. Continues, to take time, and money, and freedom, as opposed to those are all the things that we got into the business to give so if you're live with me right now, um. Give me a shout out in the chat hello cine, and just let me know where you're at in your business what you're dealing with we're going to talk about right now how to go from working. In your business and kind of that that uh what's it called i want to say rat race like the. And the wheel that you get the hamster wheel right, uh, jason johnson, doesn't know anything about this he gives me the good what's up from uh, disney's, animal kingdom so he's uh he's doing whatever, evie lynn is like i'm not even this isn't for me i'm running i'm playing hooky, uh business is running on its own that is great evelyn's, one of our elite, graduates, one of my favorite humans. And uh she got a great story and jason johnson's one of our millionaire mastermind, he is um absolutely. Kicking butt and taking names and crystal says good morning i'm tired, working. On it and in it um well good i've got to be honest with you crystal so many of the people that we, um. Work with. They only work in they don't work on and in so we want to have you only working on but if you're at least working on and in, we'll uh we'll work with that melissa says about to do a group interview. Via zoom, great job annie dilatory, checking in, all right beautiful so i love the group that we've got here we've got some graduates, of our program and stuff so.

Hopefully We'll have people that are like yes i'm working in my business help me because that's what we're going to help you do today and we've got a lot of people here they're like i'm, in process, and some people are at the other end, uh jason johnson in the magic kingdom and by the way i don't know if lindsay's on her she is throw up a link of uh we just interviewed him, literally, uh live from, the magic kingdom. Uh. To last last week so if you want if lindsay can maybe do with that uh put up the link for that okay. So, if you are wanting your business to grow you to grow your team to grow and you, to stop working on your business or in your business start working on it good morning renee, um. And you want to start having the time and money freedom that probably got you this business in the first place you're absolutely in the right spot, by the end of our time today. Um. You're going to know exactly what to do to break that in your business not on your business cycle, cine says struggling to advertise, benny your business is not doing well at all i'm so sorry to hear that cine but the good news is you're an absolute, right place cleaning nation. Um, we've got thousands, and thousands of super successful, owners of cleaning companies, and i'm here to help, you get the time and money freedom that you want so. Um. Let's talk how to, break the in the business as opposed to, uh on the business, uh. Cycle. That people are in, evelyn's. So sweet, uh, appreciate you guys, all right so i just wanna start with a story because i don't want you guys ever think like i was born, smart or maybe i'm not even smart now who knows but, uh man when i was young and dumb as opposed to old and dumb now i had my my first business was a service master commercial cleaning company, we were, um. I was 22. Years old maybe. Um oh there's, i'm, putting up on the link, lindsey just put jason's interview from last week if you guys want to see uh how jason built his culture. To be. Uh. So he could kind of travel the world and live the life that he wants and his business is running itself uh in a completely different state a much colder state he's in alaska. All right so i had my service master commercial cleaning business and we were growing we're actually making money, but man i felt like i was on call all the time right i kind of worked eight to five monday through friday in the office. Um, but the problem is. We clean businesses. Not eight to five monday to writers so i always had people in the field because i didn't have the systems, and processes. In place, i was just miserable, doing it right i loved owning my own business that part was great but i was constantly, working in it right, i got out of the field so i wasn't cleaning. But um i'd still get a two o'clock call on a saturday from the applebee's, that they somebody didn't show up or. Or whatever, um and he says my team is awesome thanks for all you do annie, daley torah, one of our great. Members, here in cleaning nation. Um, so the problem, was. I was still working, in it and i was because i was in it i wasn't even asking myself the right question so i last i lacked the clarity, that i needed to get out of it right it wasn't that i was, not educated, in business although i wasn't, it certainly wasn't that i laid i was lazy i definitely wasn't it's just i was not, i didn't know the right questions to ask to get the clarity i needed to get the result that i wanted so.

Uh I was asking myself like how can i, get more sales and grow so i can be out of the field wrong question, right the real i didn't have the systems and processes, to handle the business i had, uh, next next week wasn't gonna do it austin says ready for next week event, quitting my day job this week to be full-time in my business holy crap austin. Uh i want to give you a personal. Congratulations. Um having coached thousands of owners of cleaning companies. We often, see when you're doing a part-time you can certainly build a cleaning company part-time but when you quit your job and go full-time. Man that gives you the opportunity if you're gonna be at the event next week uh holy crap we are gonna give you everything you need to really just dive in so proud of you buddy can't wait to see you there for those of you guys want to go to, eventgrowmycleaningcompany.com. Forward slash event. All right. So i was asking myself the wrong questions how can i grow to get out of the field wrong question my question is if i'm not able to handle where i'm at now. I'm certainly not going to be able to handle it at a bigger revenue right i was making a bad assumption second how can i hire a manager so i get out of the field and again, i know, i know you guys and gals out there like oh if i just could hire you know if i just had enough money i could pay 50 000 for an ops manager then i could be out of the field, maybe until that ops manager sucks or quits or doesn't do their job or whatever then you're right back in it right, um or why can't i just get good employees, right, i uh, no thanks lindsay put up the link, so i was just asking myself the wrong questions and it wasn't because, i was afraid of the right questions although that might have been a little bit i just didn't know what they were right so, um today, right now i want to give you the framework, you need to make your business, behave, finally. And start serving you as opposed to start serving. You serving it and hint it is all about asking, the right questions, right so we kind of talked about some of the wrong questions, let's talk about the right questions, and they go into, really. Three categories, what do i really want what needs to happen for me to get there and what's the first step so, let's talk about and they're sub questions for each if you're writing this stuff down so what do i really want um, so important by the way. Please please please don't skip this so we go i know what i want i want a million dollar business or i want to be rich or i want to be, i want to have i want to be able to retire, i want to go to disneyland, like jason while my business works, those are all very. General, answers right the more specific, you answer that question the more specific.

You Put together plans so when we talk about what do i really want, um, let me give you some other questions that will help you really answer that properly one is how will it feel. When i get there and by the way if everyone sees my shirt, there's a good chance. If you uh sign up for the event, you'll have a shirt like this of your own just saying not one that i've worn because that would be stinky and gross but like you know a brand new one fresh one hot off the press. And there may be a surprise new shirt that says success rocks excuses, suck, uh with our, uh raccoon. Uh. Uh what's it called, uh i can't even think of it mascot, uh in the mix, just saying i might wear that tomorrow. Uh oh and i will be going live every day this week to pump up the event because i am that freaking excited about it all right. So. What do i really want let's talk about how to what questions we need to ask to really understand that one how will it fee how will it feel when i get there a lot of people, we don't identify, that we don't really we think we want a million dollar business but we really don't, we want to feel the way that we think that we'll feel, when we have a million dollar business but i've had a million and then a 2 million. Above. Business. And i got to tell you you think that you're gonna you know like the they used to do in the sitcoms where you're like the million shopper and like the balloons come down and like everyone makes a big stink, i kind of pictured that when i hit a million like that's what would happen somehow. Um the reality is nothing happened, i didn't i don't even remember my first million dollar year i was gosh it had me 10 15 years ago now, um. Because there was no celebration. And i was so focused on two million dollars so, a lot of times what happens is when we're at a hundred thousand like if i just had 250, then i'd be happy, but then i've coached people 250, and some are happy some aren't but it has nothing to do with the 250 they all want to be at 500 once you get to 500 a million, in a million two and two five and five ten. So. Instead of, chasing the elusive like the rainbow right the pot. For a lot of owners and cleaning companies, the million dollar mark is the the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we never get the right hit a million. But then the pot just moves right just like just like the rainbow so, what we really want to go. When you how i feel when i get there. We can start feeling that now, right because if we wait to have permission. It's some sort of external, revenue to feel the way that we want to feel we may never feel it if we're clear on how do we want to feel is it freedom is it in control is it the ability to give is the ability to serve is it that you have a team that loves you and that you love them, we don't want to be crystal clear on how we want to feel and then we can create a plan to get us there, um here's a real specific one i'm glad jason's on this thing because he and i at one of our live events. In the past, walk through. He's got you know he had some goals and they're great goals. But we realized what he thought he wanted to get revenue was more just, here's how i want to grow, because. We're we're owners right we want to grow and that's fine we want to have those growth goals, but we want to.

Make That, clarity and that distinction, between. What we need to have the life that we want and put it in the pilot money, right so a lot of times if we really walk through like i want a ferrari. Okay well i guess you could save up money to buy one cash which is what i would do but you, you could probably. Lease one or buy one, you know finance, one for 1200 bucks a month, i want to live in a million dollar house guess what that might only be like seven eight grand a month, um we start doing it you're like it really, you might. Even if you kind of pull out all the stops maybe 20 or 30 grand a month you're like. Crap that's all i need. Um, and then but the problem is we can, be over that and keep thinking keep driving like we need more money the reality is we have everything we want right you'll get to the point you'll be like i could make more money i love the house that i'm in i love the cars that i drive i love the vacations that i take i don't need more money i'm just gonna put it with a pile or give more have more service which is great, but if we're not clear on what that number is, we never we never know like so there's kind of the, three stages there's the poverty part like if you're under, depends on where you are in the world but you know 30 20 40 50 grand depending, that's like poverty like i don't know how i'm gonna pay my electric bill the car breaks down i'm walking, that stage sucks we want to get out of that as soon as possible and then there's like okay, i live, uh you know i live in a safe warm clean place i can get to work back and forth i can pay my bills everything's great. And but i don't i'd like a nicer house or my kids to be in a fancier school or you know take nicer vacations or whatever. That's an okay place to be and then above that it's with the pile right like doesn't matter how much more money i make, my life's gonna stay exactly the same, we just want to know which stage that we're in and the way that we do that is ask how we will feel when we get there and how much money we need to have the life that we need so it's not just this moving goal right so when if it's 286. 000, a year. Um, once we hit that we still might we're probably going to want to grow because we're entrepreneurs, but it's so much more freeing to go i'm doing this because i love it because i want to serve the community i want to build a team and i want to i want to flex my entrepreneurial, muscles and see what god put me on this earth to do, but i've already got the money that i want right so we want to be crystal clear on exactly how much money it will take and how much free time that life will require, right say it is 286. 000, we can help you make that amount of money but you have to work 100 hours a week and you hate your employees and they hate you and you start hating your spouse and maybe yourself, that's not a life right so we want to make sure that we're clear on, what we want, how much money you need to have the life that you want how much free time, that will require to live the life that you want right well i don't want all free time i get if you give me too much free time i get nuts so we want some free time some work we want a good balance and then how that's going to feel that's going to keep us. Doing the things that we have to do to get there what am i willing to do to get this life that's a big one no one wants to ask what am i willing to do or what am i willing to sacrifice. To get this life. So if it's very little then you're probably not going to get the result that's why we talk about how we're going to feel when we get real clear, that helps us, understand what we're going to sacrifice, we've got to make sure we're willing to sacrifice. Enough, to get there right if we're. Kind of one of those lottery, uh winners.

Lifemate Says hey finally kind of live so glad that you're here we uh this is a bonus, time uh we're doing it in because of our event coming up so glad that we made it a time that you could come so you got to make sure that um you know what you really want you are clear on how much money it's going to take how much free time it's going to take what you're willing to give up how you're going to feel, and then we got to go where am i now and this is where a lot of people fall down, and that's going to look at really two things you need to look at my p l right so if i know i need to make. 24, 000 bucks a month to have this life that i want and my p l is at four grand a month well i know i'm 20 grand short right, and then calendar, right if i'm, am i if i'm only working two days a week now okay i might have some time to spare if i'm working 80 hours a week, i know i've got i've got to quit that so we need to know a baseline of where we're at before we go forward so those are the what i really want questions how do i feel when i get there how much money do i need, how much free time will it require, what am i willing, to give up to get this life, and where am i at now, once we're clear on that stuff we need to go what needs to happen to get there right there's a gap, right i'm here and i want to be here. What do i need to do to get there right i like to work backwards from okay if i was here. How many customers, would i have how many employees would i have okay well just like just like the money right well if i'm at 24 grand a month is where i want to be and i'm only making four, i know i'm short 20 grand, well let's say we're just to make the, the numbers easy we're a commercial company and our average client's a thousand bucks, okay well i know i need to pick up 20 clients between now and then no problem, um and then we're gonna work it backwards. Uh marco says looking forward to the event can't wait to see there buddy we are gonna have so much fun, uh i'm flying out next week so this is coming guys this uh. San francisco, we're gonna have tracy in studio and jim and shay. Um. Jackson, and and uh lindsay are gonna be there virtually, it is gonna be a freaking party. Um. And we're gonna have. Well over a hundred maybe a couple hundred uh owners, from clean nations could be amazing so we're gonna work backwards. Of where we need to be in terms of. Clients, and in terms of employees, right, and we figure for the clients we know how many pounds we need to gain lbs. Leads bid sales like how many pounds, and then how many asses we need to put in the seats applicant shows and starts. Um, so we kind of figure that out as opposed to just going. Um. Uh man heavy lin is bringing the, the heishas it's a gap that's make or break, push through or break through the fear your choice it's so true by the way a lot of the stuff is, certainly we need the systems and processes, but it really is who you need to become to get there, and how committed you are to get the system that you need and, step out of your comfort zone so wise everyone.

All Right so, um. We kind of need to know how many pounds we need to gain, pounds as lbs, leads bid sales and how many asses we need to put in seats are part of my language but applicant shows and starts right, um once we do that math we're like okay. You know say i need, 10 employees to get where i want to go and i know that, and again you should have systems and processes, we're going to talk about how to get those in a second, um. If i need 10 employees, i might need to. Start 15, right because everybody doesn't always stay. For more than a week or two or even show up for their first day, so i need 15 starts, and then if i'm going to 15 starts i might have to have 30 people to my first interview and if i can have 30 people in my first interview i might need a couple hundred applicants, right so, what do i need to do to get there what systems do i need to put in place to be able to handle a couple hundred applicants every month. Um. And then, same with uh. Customers, right a lot of us are like oh i just built my entire company based on, you know uh repeat and referral which is repeat and referral are great but they're hard to scale right if you're like well i need, 26, clients well that might mean i need to give. 80 bids which might mean i need 200, uh. Inquiries, and we've only gotten six in this month right or maybe none, right so we need the systems, and process we need to kind of know what exact things we need to do assets and pounds asses. And lbs's. And what systems you need to put in place and then more importantly who you need to be. To lead that team right so first we need to know what we really want we spend a lot of time on that and so many people skip it do not skip it that's the key to the whole operation, second we need to know what needs to happen to get there, and, third, here's the fun part that you guys have all been waiting for but you have to go through steps one and two before this makes sense, what's the first step right, um and i'll tell you the best way to get all this is take a couple and, really to ask and answer these questions i'm going through it quickly in 20 minutes. Really you want to take a couple days, completely. Away from your business, um. Not while you're cleaning, right if you're wanting to be like oh i'm cleaning and i'll do this while i work um. To me, that would show that you're more committed to your current life cleaning. Than you are to your new life, right nothing breaks my heart more. Than when we've got, an appointment, or event or something that we know is life-changing, for owners of cleaning companies. And they say crazy things like oh i got a last-minute, clean it's for 200. So for 200. They they. Sell their soul of their company. To go make a couple hundred bucks to clean or do whatever i got an emergency, or whatever. But the problem is they don't understand the reason that they're in that place or that 200 bucks means something to them it's because they don't have the systems and processes. The reason why the system's a process is they're chasing the dollar right and it's okay to chase a dollar but you've got to get the systems and processes, and that takes time, so that is why we're doing. This three-day event to take two or three days, out of your life completely, focused, it's not gonna work if you're like i've got to do 17 things and this will be one of them, um. That's fine that just means you're not you're not ready to, do with your business what you need to do so, um. You need to take time, ideally with other people asking, ask, asking and answering these same questions so you kind of walk through that process with other people, and ideally, someone that's walked people through this process, before, and knows some of the answers to these questions that has these systems right that's us that's why we're doing this event.

And Again if you're not willing to sacrifice, two or three days now, you're just going to sacri you're, going to die by a thousand cuts i've seen people that. Hundreds, of owners that we've talked to they're like oh i'm going to figure it out tomorrow's the day i can't do it now you don't understand, kid's sick. I don't even get into evie lynn's story about how committed that woman is, um. And those people are just saying i want to die over a thousand cuts, for the the rest of my life until i give up this business. Today's the day rip the band-aid and go i've got to take time out i need to spend time on my business and not in it ask and answer some questions, right. And, i'll tell you i'm not trying to i mean i'm trying to hawk. Tickets to my event we're, charging 100 bucks to get it i think we spent 50 60 bucks on the welcome package we're gonna send you so this isn't something. We're making a bunch of money on ticket sales, the price isn't, yeah you gotta if you don't have a hundred bucks your business forget it you should get a job, um it's the three days right so anyone can spend a hundred bucks to get a ticket to our event and and it's not gonna change your life at all, however when you go i'm going to take three days and commit to be on my business, not in it and i'm really going to ask these questions really answer really put together the systems that mike's going to give me. This is the opportunity to absolutely change your life, so once we ask the questions what do i really want which everybody skips spend the most time there, two what needs to happen to get there we'll help you through that at the three days, the third question should always be what's the first step what can i do now, um never leave the science the site of a decision without some sort of massive, action, if that's you, commit take action, right now you can go to growmycleaningcompany.com. Forward slash event. Let me see if i put it back up on the screen. Um growing, cleaning company.com, forward slash event join, us there's a bunch of people on the on the, live here already that are gonna be there i can't wait to see you, um. To really take that time, out of your life and ask and answer these questions, and put together the system so you actually, next year not going. Um you know someone said in the chat, oh i've been doing this for years i'm just i'm struggling i've been doing it for a year and i can't do it you don't want to be next year in the same spot so go to growingcleaningcompany.com. Forward slash event, sign up to peter i will be live, with you and a couple hundred owners in cleaning nation. Um. And again. If you uh are too busy, to work on your business because you're stuck working in it, that's, just recognize, that is the life that you're choosing right at some point evelyn said it perfect it's your choice at some point you've got to be like not for me so if this is scratching where you itch and you're like i've got to make this happen in my life i need to work on it not in it this business needs to serve me i'm done serving it, um join me cleaning nation. Next week this is coming up we've been talking about for a while but it's literally next week i'm flying out on like tuesday or wednesday. Um. To ask and answer these questions with in a safe space with a group of people that are gonna guide you through it and put together the plan for the life that you wanted, if you were just starting out, um. But you're committed to scale hey bobby oh bobby menendez. Hopefully i think you and uh you and jessica are gonna be there, um. If you're just starting out but you need the systems to scale quickly this is for you, it's definitely for you if you're in the field you're like i am still cleaning freaking toilets maybe i get some help maybe i don't but i've got i know i can't grow. If i'm cleaning toilets, this is absolutely for you and also this is for folks that where i was at my service master company where you've gotten people that are cleaning for you, but you're still stuck in the office you're still trapped you can't travel like jason johnson, and. Who else is andre you know so many of our millionaire mastermind next level folks where you can take the time out of your business so if that's you if that's where you're at this is who this is for, um we are going to look at what's possible. For you, in terms of time, and money freedom over the next 90 days over the next 12 months, based on who you're serving now who you want to serve where you're at now where you want to be we're going to look at pricing client attraction, hiring staffing, what's working what's not working.

Identify, The opportunities. Which leads us to the biggest thing which is the most important. Which is um, identify, the number one obstacle, that's been holding you back, bobby says jessica's at the beach thanks to your program i love that lady she, she'll show up on our next level calls at the beach which is a. Very baller move so. Once we look at your pricing plan attraction, hiring staffing all that good stuff that's working what's not we're gonna look at the opportunities, and the most important thing is the number one obstacle that's been holding you back so we can map out a plan, so you can have more fun help more people serve, at a bigger level make more money and do it all much much, much more quickly. Um. Not only that we're going to have a crap ton of fun and you're going to leave the event feeling clear feeling confident, feeling excited. Maybe back in love with your cleaning company again. To take it to the next level so if that is scratching, where you itch like yes that is what i need, um we got room come join us. Growmycleaningcompany.com. Forward slash. Event. Uh again it's happening next week you want to sign up, now, because we are sending literal welcome packages, in the mail that we put a lot of time and money into that you're gonna love. Um, i think we got 30 grand in these stupid packages. And they're going to be so much fun but you got to sign it now so we can have time to package them and get them to you and all that sort of stuff so. Growingcleaningcompany.com. If you are committed, to working on your business as opposed to in it and taking control and having it serve you as opposed to you survey, this event is the opportunity, it's 100 bucks you can't miss growingcleaningcompany.com. Forward slash event, see you there. Thanks for tuning in to today's show, if you're fired up ready to grow and want to see if you have what it takes to work with us at grow my cleaning company. Here's what i want you to do right now, go to.

Growmycleaningcompany.com. Forward slash talk, that's. Growmycleaningcompany.com. Forward slash talk to book an appointment to speak with me, personally. I'm going to jump on the phone with you to get you crystal, clear on where you are now, where you want to be and how to get you there. Don't walk around in the dark any longer, if you are serious about growing your cleaning company, it's time to finally get the systems, in place that you need to grow, we've helped hundreds of owners and cleaning companies not only grow their business, and their personal, freedom, but give back to their community, as well, if that's what you're looking for head over to grow my cleaning company. Forward slash talk and book a time to talk with me, personally, i can't wait to get to know you and your. Business.

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