Über 28.000€ Gewinn in einem Monat Trading mit FTMO - Interview mit unserem Trader Nikita (Englisch)

Über 28.000€ Gewinn in einem Monat Trading mit FTMO - Interview mit unserem Trader Nikita (Englisch)

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All. Right hi traders it's. My pleasure to welcome Nikita, another of our funded trader hi Nikita welcome, hi. Power I nice, to meet you guys. Nikita. Is off on the trader is from Germany currently, in Austria. Working. From there so. Nikita if you could briefly just introduce, yourself, tell our audience who, you are and how long do you try, yeah. I'm actually hi, I'm Nikita I'm right now I'm in Austria. Doing. A part-time. Trading, and yeah. My main job is yeah during the winter season I'm a bartender, and a yoga teacher. And. Yeah. I'm trading, since I don't, know like my, first trading, experience started. Maybe like five. Five years ago but, nothing serious, like I started, with with. A small, account and blow, it up and then. Yeah, I just. And then started, to tweaking, and then start it again and, then, I'll. Blow it up again and then like, and, then you know it's like for a few. Months it, started, start, like too quick and getting. Better. Yeah. So. You, are now our funded traders so how long it took you to get there and how was the overall experience. Yeah. As you know yeah. As, I started out or maybe I blew a, few. Challenges I don't, know like four, four, maybe I'm not I'm. Not sure like four, challenges, and then. And. Then like. The last last, two or three challenges, like, I changed, my syringe a bit and then. Not. Over every, drink at that count and then. Changed. My mindset a bit and, then, everything. Worked out fine and. Yeah. I think I do, it's a fun traitor, I see. All right you've had a couple of changes as you said that that you unfortunately. Failed and then, you've had your first funded, account right which also you, were trading on it but it didn't go, even. Your your life example, here of a trader who had a funded account. Unfortunately. You went overboard with I, believe it was a maximum, daily office or maximum, loss yeah the thing was like yes, was like max daily loss, I took my I, forgot, like took my, night. Roll over into the next day and the in the loss to cap and, that's all then it moved like yeah. The. Max day loss I see yeah that happens you know sometimes, sometimes, you just violate, the rules and you know you get a you, have to stand back on your feet and try again so, what is it that kept you motivating, you know and how come you never gave up I mean. Like I. Yeah. My opinion is like mindset, is, like key. And trading. So, if. You fail, as this, is like not not, a big problem so as long as you're not not quitting, you're like still succeeding, so, you're like and this feedback loop and you're you're, learning things and try to tweak, your strategy and. Are. Getting better, and better so. This. Is like my, mindset behind it so sometimes, it's like really, bothered me because like I blew up account so, a few days I like had, to sing about the. My. Mistakes, what, I made, but. I saw like yeah okay let's do it let's, give it another try. We. Viewed my mistakes, and then, yeah. And then started all over again after. You after you fail your account. Have you taken some time off to reflect on your trading or did you go and try again immediately. Yeah. Maybe. Like the. First. Challenges, like, start, like again, and, do and did the same mistake again. Over. Leveraging, so. There's. Like a bad idea, it's. A common problem actually, quite, a few traders actually, happened to do these you know I think it's like a protest, you need to go through, this protest, and then feel, like this little pain inside, if you're like go, up your accountants, like because. We are like a human, and we react to pleasure and pain so. We like. Yeah I learned. A lot of through pain, so this. Was like my motivation. So like I thought. Like next, time not, want, to do it again so. Yeah. You've done good you know obviously, motivation. You know psychology. And human, emotion, is a big aspect for traders right so. That that is an important, issue that has to be you know taken into consideration every, time you try it right, okay, Nikki that was so where, have you learned to try it have you had any mentor or did you learn at their own I, mean. I start like started, all these basics, so indicators, and stuff and, tried this out and this odd and. Then star. Started, to sort sorting, it out but, everything. Yeah. What I learned I was. Like.

Self-knowledge And. Experimenting. And, yeah, like. Try. To get some, free stuff on the web and. Yeah. That's. All I learned it so and then I think, the most. The. Most, important. Thing in trading is like, to. Trade. There. You learn the most like. Starting, maybe like start with a small account and then, you, like getting the feedback and, then you can like, meet. Like a few minutes and go to rate rate rate and then if. You mess something up, an amazing like how come, did I mess things, up how come that's not working because the market is giving. A feedback every time and, then you, come back and then tweak, again and then we'd, like don't, read too much so there's, like so much stuff to read, so, with. Like a bit try, to implement, it and then just rate and rate and rate this, is like I, see. So basically you learn from your own experience, right yeah yeah I see very nice and how, long do you trade already. I. Mean. Like. Serious, trading where where. I put, it like on my mind to get good, at it so like since maybe. Like. One. Year and a half and. And. Before, was like on, and off on and off like having, account and some money and then like. Maybe. Stop, trading, because, like, it's. Not going well yeah. Like could be the common problem so and then you're like a few months are passing, by and then you like sinking yeah okay I should. Start again soon I see, well. One, and a half year it's not much to be honest with you know we have a lot of traders who keep on trying and a couple of years for, you if it's one and a half year are you doing very good you know you are off on the trader already it's, a perfect progress yeah. I think like what. Are you already said was like the mindset exams. It like the strategy so. You can always like invent. Or you like get, getting new strategies, but the mindset like if you were failing, and losing, how, do you, what. Do you do with these feelings, emotions, then. Yeah. Absolutely all right well I believe you were a technical trader right, yeah. Kind of. I'm. Watching. All of the. Other price action mm-hm, and but.

Nowadays. Seems. Yes. What. Is your trading, system or just if you could briefly, describe, your trading strategy my trading strategy. Is like, trading. The sentiment, so when. Before I start trading I go like go. Some some web sites check them out try. To get a feeling how is the risk is the risk on or off like. This is like the most important, thing for me is like getting. A feeling like it's a risk on then you can trade, like. Selling. Selling. Gold, or. Selling. Again. Or whatever, then, it's. A risk we're often I look like for trades for for the for, the gold or like. Saved. Hi Vanessa stuff. Yeah. This is like this is like my strategy and then, then. I. Take. A look alike at the bigger time friends like an hour or. Daily. Timeframe, and then I start doing in like five minutes and one minute so I actually, watch watch a lot of like the five minutes and one minute chart so like, there, is like for me is like the most information then because you can see like all the other. Stuff going on the price levels, where. It's the action happening. Yeah. This, is like briefly my my, strategy, but sir risk on risk of sentiment, so you also incorporate, fundamentals, right do you do yeah observe if you use releases, as well yeah. Kind of sometimes, when. I'm like in the movie of. Yeah. News releases. You mean like. Economy. Stuff like, GDP, CPI. Yeah. Of course because this. Because. You, need like to get a feeling what are the big guys doing, like the banks institutions. Because, they are moving the market and then you need to get a feeling how's everything, that's going like yeah, what what are they thinking and, where. They want to move the market absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Sounds, great sounds great perfect, okay let's now have a look. Econometrics. Edge. Traders can get the overview of how. You trade actually yeah. You've. Done we have hidden your login number here for the privacy, and confidential, purposes, so. This. Is your. Training. Account you're funded, account. You. Are training. 160. Thousand euros, right. And then, is you know because, you have combined, two accounts, you actually passed to funded, accounts, each with, 80,000. Euros yeah, which for us you know it's an equivalent of hundred thousand dollars so. What we do even we can do it to all founder traders is that. We combine. More. From. Their accounts together so that you will have one master account just, like this one yeah. Right, that's how I did it exactly, and your, progress is perfect. You know over here looking at your balance curve very, nice indeed the progresses, yeah, deep, sometimes. It's messy because sometimes. Might draw it on it's like little, bit bigger because I, don't, know like the news coming, out like the China, China, US trade deal then, yeah. Like messing with citrate. But in. The long run it's. Like yeah that's going good exactly. That happens sometimes you know sometimes the market conditions, are absolutely different and, what we want them to be but. That's just the nature of trading I would say yeah it's like the last days I'm, trading through my strategies, like for the last days but not working as usual so because. Sometimes, I'm training. Pool backs and in, GDP, Aussie, dollar yeah. The last days it's, not making like the, big pool backs like oh it makes only like runs in the money and then stops me out so, yeah. Domestic. Is so much buyers into GDP. Yeah. Absolutely. Alright looking at your econometrics I see your current profit, is 28,000. Euros and, your. Profit, split is on the seventh of December which, is today after two days yeah. Right so from, this amount you're gonna get.

70%. So it will, be some over, 20,000. Euros, for you as. A profit, split that's, a pretty much nice gift for Christmas isn't it yeah. All. Right and that's a perfect progress you know you deserve this obviously, and you know we'll, be getting our 30% on this so that's a win-win situation as, we always say all right. Now if I just have a look at your account statistics, I see. You know your risk, to reward ratio is, below, one so that is a bit worse but obviously, that is compensated. Will win right which. Is above, average that is 65 point 82%, yeah. I think like you, need when. You create you need yeah. You, could trade, like high. Winrate but, the risk reward ratio is like more. Down or you, do like the, vini raters like I don't, know 40% but, you need like better better. Higher risk, word ratio, yes exactly. And this is combined right so you put these two statistics one, has to be more wants to be less than than you gotta get progress, and the results will be you know like, this so. Also. When you trade you know 160,000. Euros, is it better for you and then combining, you know two different, accounts and maybe training them separately, yeah. Because I need to switch back and forth I. Wish. I would trade like both accounts, I would do the same strategy, so I need like to click. So. This is just more convenient for you have one more account, with a big deposit right. Right. Now. Looking, at your, details. In your account matrix I can, see you know you were most profitable, on trading. Gold and. And. GBP. Ozzy and. Looking. At some, of the losing, trades you know those were British. Pound with Japanese, yen and, in, the cable pound, dollar have. You thought of you, know when you see that you were not successful much on these two currency, pairs on a GJ. And Geo have you thought of removing. Them from your trading plan or maybe you know just hold. Onto them, yeah. The, gbp/usd. Is. Yeah. Kind. Of I. Like. To trade like everything. Like without without, the dollar so, and. With. More, volatility. So the market is like when they they doing a move like 40, or 50, pips so. They. Cost my stop is like sometimes, like 20 30 tips but. When, I do like. Some. Kind of reversal strategy, and then I'm when, I'm trading the gold. Or GBP. Aussie, dollar this, this thing could move like in an hour like 50 pips and. And, my. Personality, is the. Other, important, thing I think is figure. Out your personality because I'm like not. That patient so, I can I, can see to a in, front of, the chart and watch the one-hour chart. So that's. Why I watch the five-minute chart then. Do. Like a quick trade and then close it I see, so how long do you usually hold, the position, approximately. Yeah. It depends, actually. Trade the. London. Session every. Time from maybe, from 9:00 to 1:00 then. When I have maybe, a day off, or more, time I try to trade. Us, session but, most of the time if, I. Sometimes. You're, lucky like you're getting in and their prices like moving your way and. You like take the profit and it's, done but. Sometimes it's like if, the price is like training mobile training, and you think okay, the, trend is going well and, going. Up or down down down, and, then I try to stick. It, would be longer to trade so you you, can squeeze, out more money so I see. It depends like like. How is the Train eloping or are. There like three. Trade, news, like. The china-us. Stuff. So, yeah. Then I take just rate and take the profits and then just, work for another opportunity I, see. And you, know looking at those details here on your account metrics I see, the most profit, you've made on trading, gold and. Pound. Ozzy now, is. There any particular reason that you know these two instruments. Gave you the most profit, do you focus on the most of the time or is it just pure luck no. Maybe. Sometimes, it's like what you, know, the. Gold, the. Gold what, I say like the risk of risk on saying. When. I have like good healing for that I trade. Gold and, then, the. GDP. Aussie, is for. There. Is like more technical, stuff because I think. The GBP, Rose is reacting, like really nice to this round numbers 50 75 all. Right he was 0 and then. For. For. This instrument I'm using the average true range. Then. I'm just looking at if I.

Mean, Like this. The. Average to range like the. GBP, all these having, every shoe range of 150. And then. It's already moved up, to. I don't know 160. There. Is like some some, resistance. Or support, then, I'm just looking. For for entry there this, works very nice that's, a beautiful piece of advice you know knowing that for example this currency pair is reacting, for the wall numbers, and. Also you know having the ATR, for, the motor range you know two hours. I have like an ITR, for one day so I'm looking like how much it does. It moved and then five days and 21 and then I'm moving like okay, it's Rico's or above, the 5 for 21 days and then you can start. Looking for, signals. For, the entry I see, yeah. They're. Interesting, indeed alright looking. At your trading objectives here. You. Know the biggest problem for a lot of traders is the maximum daily loss right in, your case it is eight thousand dollars or eight thousand euros because your, account. Is doubled. So. How. Do you actually observe trading. Objectives for, example these these rules for maximum, daily loss and a maximum loss do you do that manually in your trading platform or do you some kind of software. Yeah. I'm actually doing manually. So. I'm just watching the for. Today like how, okay I was, like mm, and then, getting. Close to 5,000, and then and the thing how feel like maybe I'm. Yeah. This is the whole mindset thing sometimes. Yeah. You when you're really close to your daily. Loss, so. Yeah, I'm. Just watching it and then a five you know, a nice tray time, because. You can see like sometimes. It's got maxed, out like very close like 7,500. Like, I'm it's a few times and then yeah but. It's actually, really good to have this training. Objectives, right exactly, you know because I see your value here is seven, thousand, seven hundred sixty-seven, which. You've got actually pretty close to the limit that we allow you to take but. Still you you you know you end up, being. Safe, close. The positions well ahead of time or those positions they're not profitable in the end so it's. Like best if you wouldn't, have the trading, objective, maybe, you would probably, blow, up their counsel exactly. But if they're not very good to you you know, you're respecting, the rules trading objectives are you know all within the boundaries very safe profit. Target you know there is no profit target I mean the profit is, beautiful. So, that's, it you know when, you open the position or when you're about to open a trade you know how. Do you define the volume the, lot sizing, do, you use, say, static. Money, management every time you know opening the same volume or do, you choose a percentage.

Of The available, balance or, how do you approach this. For. Me is like the I have like the, sweet spot so if you like. This. Is like if you for meals like this the lot size is too, small I'm, like maybe, messing. Around too much but. It's like too much you're. Like afraid. And then the trade, is moving around. If. The trade is like moving around and. Then you have to yeah, then you, you. Can think you, can't seem clear so from. Use like, this. Sweet spot where you see like the money is like it looks good to, you a new thing like okay this is going good but most of the time I'm used like 30. Pips and. Yeah. And for for, the trading, attempts I I do like, 1.5. Percent maybe, person, sometimes. Yeah. But yeah, this, is like how. I create but I think the poor important, thing that I think it's like this for, me for me this. Sweet spot like the, load size not too small not too big like in in. The middle like that that, your emotions, that you can see, clear the chart and, then, yeah. If you like if your lot sizes, too big you, like start wishing. We. Just move them away or go. I, don't know all right exactly, and it has an impact on your psychology, and the oceans. As well I mean yeah, I always. Try to keep. The, emotions. Like, in, the balance so like no but, -, not too much not too less so. Like like we, burn so then you can see the chart and then you. Don't get, out of trades too early. Yeah. So. I. I see, from, your trading journal that you also trade the Ducks Gemini. And. Besides. Forex you know this is the only index, that you focus, on is, it because you're from Germany and this is a German stock index is your favorite instrument, or why only ducks yeah, I I tried, I thought, maybe, you implement, a third instrument, so. Because the Ducks is still volatile, so. Good. For me I like this kind, of thing with the Vinny when it's moving yeah. But still. Figuring, out how. How. To get a good, strategy, for a, duck because, sometimes, it's like. Moving. Fast. Yeah. Exactly when, it when you get the momentum it keeps going right it's. A very volatile. Yeah. Still. Experimenting. So I would love to trade ducks so because it's really good for for the early, session for, an. Opening. Yeah. Yeah. There, is convenient for your time zone obviously. Okay. Let's switch back to Skype. All right so. That was it with the metrics. Now. If you could tell, me. Okay. How. About a losing streaks Nikita, how do you deal with them you know have you had a losing streak which was too long or how, was the longest losing streak and how did you deal with that, yeah. The longest. Losing streak was. Maybe. The, in the beginning of that count, as. You, could see I could cut, like I. Don't know like ten, thousand -. Yeah. And, then. But. Yeah. I always, try to. Come. Every day like new so reset, the whole the whole day and then just, come back and then, start new because you have like the. Whole. Day the next day we have new opportunities so, not, to bring the the. Past like, the past is so important, to learn but if you like the next day so this is the next day so you just focus. On. This thing so really. A piece of advice you don't allow your previous, situation, to affect your future trades right, yeah yeah, and then I tried to focus. Long-term. So. I see this, really. Helped me a lot so if you maybe. Wanna, want. To get founded for for, the. $100,000. Account so, I how, much is it ten thousand yeah, so. You could split the ten thousand like twenty days so, this. Is like five, hundred each day so. You can you have the wrist is much smaller and you like to relax you, couldn't maybe, one day you make two thousand and then you can go. Make, next days like more, legs into this one source just, split, it this, amount up and then you, have like the. Feeling, and the the. Emotions, are like. Much. Much, more relaxed. Absolutely. And. You know we have our psychologists, on hand so you know you are our Fonda traders so hair sessions are free for you so in case you will ever need you, know you can just get in touch with us and she will be there helping you on the way because.

We Want to support you we want to support all our funded traders, right, so. We. Have a certified. Psychologist, on hand so, her name is Nicola, so you can go to our FDA, Macomb, go to trading, performance, psychology, and you. Know you can just go, and book your sessions with hair that. Is definitely helpful or founded Chinese. Right. Nicola, you already said it sorry, Nikita you already said it that you. Didn't have any mentor, or training guru because you were, learning from your own experience, right but. How about now in this stage of yours of your training do. You follow anybody or do you do, observe, or watch, for some Sun training guru or is. There anybody you follow on. The social media maybe. Actually. Not much to. What. I am for is like most. Of the time, only. Some. Some. News. Economic. Stuff and, then, I, think. Like the mentor is a good thing but I still. Know. Not. They not find a mentor. I would, think like just like the mentor for me. Yeah. If I am I'm, definitely. Open for Mentor or find, one so what, suits for my for my style, so, like. Anything. So is, there anybody who inspires, you. Or. Have you met any trader before, who was, like a kick started to you and you know when you. Told you yourself okay I got to be like him, this, is such an inspiration to me have you met anybody like that yes. No, actually no about sometimes, I. He. Sometimes. I followed, the, person. Named called the, guy the guy's name is the heel heel. Cred from the side right yeah, yeah, it. Is sometimes. I'm following, him like his podcasts, yes. And they. Are like a lot of traders. Like you and me so, yeah, it's like a nice nice inspiration, so very very, helpful indeed yeah and those interviews are brilliant I keep on this the air. I like, for like, for people like me like what. Trading everyday. You. Did. The same, cycle. To, learn a stuff then, no a successful. Yeah. All. Right okay so. Nikita. When you are now our funded trader, do. You treat your funded account differently. Compared, to the challenge and verification. You know considering that now the. Trading objectives are, easier for you right because you don't have any profit to chase so. The, peace of mind should be there for you or do. You trade differently, or from that account now compared, to the challenge and verification, no. I think actually no I think the trading, style is the I, think, the same but in. There the, challenge you have this, you. Know like twenty, days to. Reach, the target that's like I think it's like it's, really, a challenge so yeah, then, you have to be education, there's, like much you, have like half of the of, the target, and more days to. Reach there, you can, go. Like slower. But. I think I still treating the account like the same as the challenge so I see, yeah, see, since you've mentioned you know that there's a difficulty, only now getting into these training days you, know that just brings me to the idea that we currently have a promotion, in December, for all traders will. Be getting you know ten extra, days to the duration of the challenge and verification. So. If traders, will start trading until twenty yet you know we do that to cover up for the Christmas break so. You know the duration in a challenge will not be thirty days but it will be forty days so.

That's Very easy these days now you know when you start trading in December, you know having, 40 days for you as the advantage you have amazing that's pretty good isn't it. Perfect. Alright Nikita on the last, note do, you have any secret. Recipe, or any advice, for. Traders to pass the challenge and verification. Or what, would you recommend to, these traders who are in the Edit stage. Yeah. My recommendation. Is always. Think. Long term. Because. You. Can so. That you don't over. Leveraged your account. Like. I think. Helped, me a lot and then, them work, on the mindset so. I mean, to. Earn money in, the. Market is like, and. I mean no not easy but much. More easiest as to keep the money so, then. The. Hardest. Part is like how do you deal, with mister losing so, work, on this one and, yeah. Always. Try. To implement. The feedback like, and, you create it and then review. The stuff and then. See. What went, wrong, like. And, what, and. Figure. Out your, your. Strengths in the personality, what what training style fits you so this, is what would be my advice to all. The future traders. So, that's a winning combination taking. All this into account and most. Importantly, never give up I never, get up no exactly. You're the example of that you fail couple of challenges even with a funded account but you made it through you, know perseverance. And determination to. Get to where you are now so that is beautiful. Congratulations. Nikita and I. Thank you so much for you know taking your time and appreciate it, for being here on this interview, I hope. And I believe it will help a lot of traders to. Inspire, them to get on board you, know start, a challenge start. It over and try again and you know get. To get funded you, know it's not a big deal it's challenging, but it's definitely worth it yeah, of course for sure yeah thank you for having me here, good. Luck to all the traders. Yeah. Alright well give up thank, you thank you so much Nikki I appreciate, it have a good evening see, you.

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