#ATCAD2019 Days 16, 17, 18 &19 Artist Trading Card Each Day

#ATCAD2019 Days 16, 17, 18 &19 Artist Trading Card Each Day

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Hello. Everyone its Chelsea from paper rock to your studio and today I'm sharing with you days 16. 17, 18 and 19 of, the. Art joy, of sharing. Facebook, group, challenge. Called a TC a day 2019. That's a hashtag you can search it, that's, just, making an artist trading card each day artists, trading cards are three and a half by two and a half inches like a baseball, card or a pokemon. Card, so. This first one I'm, actually doing the pic a stick challenge, a TC, challenge, so there are some prompts prompt. One was, attached. And, so. I attached, a piece of tinfoil, to a watercolor, card using, some. Permanent. Glue. Stick from Elmer's and then. The second, prompt, was text. And I had this this. Postcard, from, stencil, girl and I had a really cool, quote, on it so. I, tore. It out from, the postcard, I peeled it from the back and actually the wild card is peel so I I hit that one too to. Make it a little bit thinner because it is on a card, and. I'm. Going to attach that to the card, but before I do that I decided, I better throw, in the, color. Challenge. Which is rose gold to, me rose gold is a metallic. Because. The only things, that are that I've seen is rose gold have. Been like the. Phone, and. You, know different electronic, things and stuff like that that have that color and it's just kind of a pink metallic, I don't, have anything like that in, my studio that is already that color so I mixed, a little bit of, metallic. Gold metallic. Pink and, a. Little bit of copper to make a color and then, I, painted. That over, the tinfoil she, make the, whole piece a rose, gold, color that, will. Shine through at the end but it's, not real proud of it, then I went ahead and attached the, text, with my glue stick. Torn. From that postcard, and. It. Says we communicate, through art with symbols, that transcend. The boundaries of time and culture and, that is true, and I am gonna put a symbol on here. Which. Is, the. Symbol of a cross. But. Before I do that. I'm. Gonna. Do. The. Third prompt, which. Is. Pool and, I. Ran. The, card, through, my die-cutting machine, with one of those. Texture. Envelope. Things. That you can make texture, out of card stock and I made sure that the, way that I put it was so that on the front of the card there would be some indentations, and, then. I can take some alcohol ink, which of course sticks. To non-porous, surfaces, which this is and, it. Can pull up. Into. Those little crevices, or. Indentations. Or. Demarcations. Whichever, you will they D, boss spots. Because, embossing would be here we make rays so d bossing is to make, concave. So.

Then I'm taking some different colors of alcohol, inks there's, a butterscotch, chili, pepper and currant. And. Putting. Him in letting, him pull up in there and then I have some 91%, alcohol, in a spritz, bottle and, I, spritzed, it to. Just let everything kind of meld. And sink. Into those areas, of, indentation. So. Then to finish off my. Card. I decided to make the edges darker, I decided to make it kind of grungy, so, I used some potting, soil ink I'd already put a little bit of the, the, black ink on there then, I have these. Paper. Clay. Mold. Press, pieces. That, were sent to me by Leslie McGrath and in a package recently, and, there. Was one that is very, ornate looking. Cross. Now. When, we think about a cross we. Think about that. Being a Christian symbol but actually that symbol has been around a lot longer than that so I thought, that it, worked really well for. That. To go at the same so. I put. Some alcohol inks, on it to color it and then I have some Inka gold which. Is kind. Of a wax, I'm. Gonna tell like wax that you put on with your fingers put, that on the, top to highlight, all that, filigree, and then. I'm going to glue this to the top of the card using some aliens, tacky glue and, that. Kind. Of finishes the card I guess I did a couple other things because, the video, didn't finish it did it so there must be other things gluing. It on and. Then. I'm going to put, a little shadow around. It. It is, colored. In the same way as, the. Background so it just kind of blended. Into the background I didn't stand out so I wanted to put a black, shadow. Underneath. It or behind it, so. I. Also. Trimmed off the edges of the cross because it was hold it was going over the edge, which. Was. Fine too then I had to color them so, then I just put a little pool of paska, pin ink onto my my. Paper, picked. It up with. My. Water brush and just blend it around some black here and there it makes it look even more grungy, and kind of cool, and, then. I added some black ink around the edge a little bit more black ingrown edges and that was done, with the card for the piggy stick challenge, for the month of June also. Day, 16, of artist. Trading card a day I think. It turned out pretty cool it's got all the, steps, that were needed. So. For day 17, I. Did. Most of this one on. The. Art, joy of sharing live streams show where we were doing alcohol, inks, and there's. This technique that I saw I saw. Barb Owen doing and there's also a book about it it's batik. Using. Wax paper batik, is when you apply wax, to fabric, and then, you diet and, it's, kind of a resist, that has a real crackling. Look because, the wax cracks, and then the, dye gets down in between the cracks it's really cool and, something. That I remember from my childhood my mom had an artist friend and she did a lot of petite and I think it might be like. Where the start, of my my. Like. Of paper. Piecing, and collage came from because it's kind of like that so, what you do is you take some wax paper you crinkle it up really good you, put just the tiniest, bit of black, Indian. Ink on it rub, it in so, that it, gets into the cracks of the wax paper and makes it look like this crackle, thing and then. You can trace. Or draw. Barbara. Most racing designs, onto it and then you can paint color on it using. Alcohol, ink because. Alcohol, ink attaches, itself to non-porous, surfaces. So. That's what I did I drew an image I painted it using, my alcohol, ink palette, which is just dripped.

Alcohol, Ink into. Empty. Palette and then I could, pick it up with with, a paintbrush that has. Been, dipped in 91%, alcohol, to paint with so that's, a way that you could paint with alcohol inks. So. Then I trimmed it down because. It. Had some white, areas at the top and bottom that where, the the. Wax paper didn't quite reach and I just wanted it to be, smaller, and fit, onto a frame, which. Is a piece of black cardstock and. I, had. Also added a few highlights with the white pasca pen and darkened, up some areas with my black, pasca pen. Glued. It down, put. A, word. On it and then added, some shimmer with. A spectrum. To our, spectrum. Noir glitter pen so, that would stay 17 for. Day 18 I also, did the first part of this I made the background on, the art joy of sharing live stream show when you're doing alcohol inks this, is the pearl ink that, Ranger, came out with, recently. It's, a mica. Pearly. Cool. Ink and I dripped it on to you some, you PO paper and then let. It blend with some of the blending solution for Ranger I just, have three colors a pink a yellow and a blue. So. Then once when that was all dry and you, know a different day I, have. This new tool that I got I saw it on Instagram. And I thought if that looks really fun he they just call it a design, tool but. Then I went and looked for it on Amazon. And, I found it for a lot cheaper than what was advertised, on the little Instagram. Advertisement. The one thing I don't like about it is it didn't come with any instructions. But. It basically has, two, metal. Circular. Kind. Of socket, type, magnets. That are very strong magnet Bank magnets, and then it has two. Pieces. That attach to the magnet, and. Can't. Spin around so it's basically kind of like a fancy protractor. If. Then, the one tool. Has a lot of symbols, and things that you can use the, other ones more like a measuring. Tool but it has. Holes. Drilled in it so, then you. Can, draw. Very. Easily draw multiple, size circles, which is what I was doing is trying to draw and then, dollar when, I try to draw a mandala. I try. To draw the circles, I am. Terrible, at it they become kind. Of misshapen. Ovals. And things and so having something like this is. Very, helpful, so. It. I, probably. Didn't use it to its full potential I didn't use all the symbols and things that were on that other piece.

Because I wasn't really sure how they worked but. It. Definitely was easy to, draw. The. This. Concentric. Circles, with it and, I'm just using a pasta pen and acrylic. Paint pen then. I, did. Use like an oval thing. I then. I just went broke I was, gonna try to use it for, more things and then I just went rogue and used and. Drawing after that but at least all the circles. Are. Perfectly. Drawn and, equi, distant from, each other so, that's, the basis, of the mad dolly anyway. Which. Was good. So. Then I just start filling things in and. Drawing. More things and bits and bobs and, whatever just. Trying to make it look like what. I think in Mandela, looks like. Interesting. Thing this. This. Pearlie alcohol, ink is all, dried onto that you pro now and, I, was able to, clean. Up, mistakes. Using. Q-tip. And some alcohol, and. It didn't really affect that. Pearly, ink underneath which. I kind of thought it would it. Would because, alcoholic, usually. You can reactivate it with alcohol even, a long time later but, these pearly, ones are just if they're a different formulation. The Pearl inks there's, something, different about them that. I. Don't. Know anyway, I did. End up getting out a different type of pen a smaller, nib, pen which, is a. Fabric. Estell. Artist. Pitkin which. Is India ink so I've got some mark. Acrylic. Ink and India ink on there but that's all permanent on there, pretty. Permanent I'm obviously you can see I could clean it up with this so alcohol. On a q-tip though so then. I got out my colored, pasta, pins to, add some color I, have. A lot of different sets, of pasta pins and I, just. Got out. All. Of them I sorted, them I cut that part out because they were all like crazy in the in the drawer I started, him back into their sets and then. Went. To work just adding mostly like little dots or dashes of, color, inside. Some of the designs. That I had drawn, on, there. That, really jazzed it up quite a bit I was much happier with it after that. When. I first started I thought the black over the pearly ink would be pretty and, I wouldn't have to do anything else but then just. Adding some little dots of color made a huge difference so, this. One was fun and, it was fun to try out that new, drawing. Design, tool thingy that I just. Had to have and, you know you see something and you see of, course it on the Instagram there's a video right so they're just doing all this really cool stuff with it you're like oh I want to do that but, then when it came the, box had the pieces in it with no instructions. So you don't really know what. To do with it so I do have to play with it some more and figure out more. Things that it can do or else try to find that video that I saw on Instagram.

That. Would be smart so. I. Put. Some ink on the edges and I'm just pretty much done with this one oh yeah. Because because. It started to look less shimmery, I did, get out the glitter pen, from. The spectrum noir just. Clear glitter and put a little bit of that back on so that some, of that mica shimmer would come back make, it more shiny and shimmery and, sparkly. And whatever because you know glitter I mean who, doesn't love glitter. So. That. Was day. 18. I think yeah. So. Day. 19. The, first thing I did on the art joy of sharing live stream show with the alcohol ink was to do a little bit of marbling, and this. Is just water and. The. Water. And. You, put the alcohol you drop the alcohol ink into it and it just I. Don't. Know it sticks to the paper. It's. Just. A marbling technique it, floats, in there and, kind, of sticks that. Piece which is the one I ended up using for, the card I didn't, think it had enough on it so I just dropped, a few more colors on it and. This is just a fun process, different. Different. Colors. Do. Different things in the water but, I. Do. Have a gloves on smart, for, once. Those. Two didn't, come out very bright. So, I ended up adding some more ink. Trying to make it, darker. Yeah. It was fun though but, that was on the live stream so here's one of the cards that has the marbling that's the one that I actually added some. Different drops, of color too because. I thought it was too light it, was a second, dipping after the first you know the first one had a lot of color and then the second one didn't come out with as much so I decided to drop some other colors onto it well actually they're the same colors but just drops you know what I'm saying drops drip, drops, so. I had this. Stamped. Image on, tissue, paper stamped, with some, permanent. Black ink that. I got. In the package, and this. Is a Gina. Be Aaron's design. Stamp. I'll. Put a link, to it in below, but. It. Has two hands that are grasping. Each other, you. Know it could be a bro hug it could be. Someone. Helping, lift someone, else up I'm. Not sure but I thought, it was a cool image and I decided it would be a perfect, size for an. ATC, so, I glued it on there. Using. The napkin, glue from, deco, art, deco. Page and. That. Stuff works, really good for thin napkins. Or choose your paper it. Helps it not buckle too much then. I, colored. In the image with some, white gesso because, the.

Background. Was so bright, especially, those drops. Of the magenta, ink just. Super bright and it was showing through so I put, some white gesso on and then I have my neo color to, water-soluble. Crayons, and I, am coloring, the. Skin tones in. One. Of them I started with tan and then worked a little bit darker and then the other one I started with more of like a peachy. Pink and, kept. That one lighter so that they are. Both definitely, skin tones but they look like two. Different people and. I'm. Using a, little bit of white just so along. With my, water brush to blend a tease it helps it blend more smooth and. Also. Kind. Of makes the the. Water. Soluble. Crayon. More, permanent by being blended with a little bit of acrylic into. It. So. Of course this is a layering process just, like any time you do anything, coloring, is hilarious. Usually. Most. Colors are translucent so, you end up layering and even if they're not you're. Still in a blaring so I did. That then of course because, the, the. White gesso I was blending with plus, the. Crayon. Itself, is a little bit opaque I needed, to darken back up the line so I brought back in my black fine tip pasta pen and darkened. Up and, kind of redrew, the, hands. So, that you could really see what you were looking at. They. Had just all gotten to you light added. A little bit more color. You. Know just until I was happy with it then. I decided that. What. I needed was a stencil, this. Is one of the ATC, mix-up stencils, from. Stencil. Girl and it. Has this one that has dots. And. I had, dots in the background but there wasn't enough dots, it, just it just looked weird so, I decided to put. The stencil down over, the, card, and then draw. Some of the circles, with different. Crayons. With different you know color to crayons. And then. Blend them with. My. Water brush which added, some more dots. To the background and made the background more interesting, but. It got a little bit bright and, overwhelming. So I decided to take some white gesso same. Stencil. And just go through and kind of add a little bit of a lighter color over the top of those bright colors to make, it more subdued so that the. Hands. Or the thing that showed up right. But. Of course then I needed more color. Back into it and you need some shadows. So I I drew, some of the Neo color tree right onto the paper and pick that up. With, my. Water brush to add a little bit more oomph, to. Something and then I added some highlights, just a, little kind of scratchy dot highlights, and, splatters, with my white pasta pen, added. Some black around the edges with a black ink pad and, that one was pretty much done as well I think I did add up add in a little bit more. Color. And, of course some the words hold on I hope. You've enjoyed this video and, you. Will give it a thumbs up or leave me a comment or question below or, both of course you can share this on Pinterest. You can subscribe, if you haven't already turn, on your notification, bells and, if this is the last video that you're watching today please. Click over, to another one that has a million, subscribers, before. You click off of. YouTube, because my my. Video apparently, gets punished, if it makes you leave. YouTube. Which is kind of funny because, my. Idea is that I'm trying to inspire you to go do art but, then you leave and I get punished. So. That's it for me.

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