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$AKTX  $GEVO $WKHS market movers

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Morning. Everybody. Pro trader, Mike, I hope, you had a great night last night, looking, for an amazing, trading. Day we. Do that every, single day so, what's going on in the Mojo room. See. What we got going on so. We got the, stock right here this morning a, KTX. Seems. Like it could be a winner. It. Was already up at a high of two. Dollars. Three, dollars and ten cents. Move, on the mainstream, there. We got a, KTX. Right. There, training. 2.5. Million its, to 58. By 59. It's. Got a lower 190. High a 310. So. Huge. Move. Things. About the company is. 9. Million, shares, and the flute and the float. They. Receive. FDA fast. Track, designation for. Gnome, copán, for. Pediatric. Emo. Poetic. Stem, cell transplant. Related. To the robotic. Micro. Angiopathy. Some. Big name words, there. For. The fast-tracking designation. By the USDA. Food, and Drug Administration, develop. And expediate, the review of new medicines, that. Treat. Serious unmet. Medical needs, in a car is case. Hi before, to $10, it's made up it's made a shot before so it could definitely, volume. Comes in it's already traded 2.6. Million if. It's green and shall, fly after the open it could be a winner so you had to keep that definitely, on the radar. Morning, all you guys to the room. How's. You guys come on in. Doing. A screen share today right here so you click live chat. Connect. To my channel, Scott's the only one out of everyone that feels that you needs, to listen on the mic and get connected no, problemo. And. Screen. Share channel, is right here tells. You how to do the screen share and get connected to the screen. And. Swing. Trade chat on the day trading channel, could. Be a you vxy, trying, today today, for sure because it's up to three dollars the, market sat down big markets. Were up 400, yesterday they'll be down 400, today it. Was up two dollars and fifty cents before now it's up three dollars and 35, cents. That's. Looking good let's. Head over to the main screen check it on. All right a, KTX. Number one gain are up there with the UV and the TVI xct, VIX, is number four. It. Was twenty twenty eight before now it's twenty, eighty eight. When we first came down. The. Call, that. In. Letter something like that. Was, love. PS. Do. Nothing. Another. Symbol traded 7 million, shares already, PS do. Yesterday's. Close was 13, 19, it's. At $16. Been as high as 16, 56. Already traded 7, million, shares. PS. Dia. You. A K. X. On. The screen, let's. Put. This. PS. Do. On. The screen. TV. IX we love gone to 21, easy-easy. On, TV, Jeeva. Was 24. 80 or 280 earlier, it's the same she, traded 25000, got to keep an eye on GEVO, could. Trade a million, headed, to head up towards three. And, then you have workhorse. WK. HS. 65,000. A 350. Workhorse, also makes big moves up not. Expecting, a big move out of it today but you never know. There was another one in my database was workhorse, that was a work-related. A tool and I saw. The. Weekend but I'm not sure what it was. Her. Course, and. Remember. DC. PH. 33,000. Up a dollar 10 was. As high as 42. Even. On this one here today the, gauge. Front. Hinds 37. You. GLD. 146. Jaguar. Health at 160. On 30,000. Shares that's. Coming up out of a base but it's got to go over a dollar eighty one right here dollar eighty get. Any kind of traction so. It's only good for Heinz. Dish. Same. Exact. Is jag. Almost, dish. TLT. Oh that's it TLT, was the stock, tough. Built I. Believe. Tough, built was the stock. I've built. With TLT, is. It, was tough bill t/o you. Dbl, t see. I knew it guys it was similar that's so funny, that it brought up TLT. And I was able to remember the symbol, imagine. If this one turns out to be the biggest winner of the day and look, it's gone up yesterday, to spiking. Big and today this thing gets over 70, cents it could make a run back up could, be huge T BLT. Is the symbol at 58, cents. And. Now I remember it and look. At one up you just imagine if I picked it in the swing right here at 50 cent Minnie Heinz it went to 71, I looked. At it on Sunday. Amazing. Alright, gr, FS. Right. Here on the day only in PLW. Looking. Good and DOI. You. Jivas, got low volume. My list over here you v35 20. Day. DST, went all the way from 1332. 1430. Look at that oh man, it. Went to, 1606. Guys J DST. Damn. That. Was the player yesterday. That. Was the player yesterday. Yeah. You. You. All righty guys three, more minutes to the open.

I'll. Show you what we do here for the day. G, of. $41. Good morning, protrader, ham. New to the room enjoying the courses. You need to get an avatar, of my friend I'll show you how to do that go, to the information. Channel, and. Scroll. Up and, right. Here. When you get the average right there. That's. Change the avatar, how you want to do that pretty, cool. DHN. G $13. To get dumping yes head. Back over to the main screen. Getting, ready TVs 2068. Workhorse. 344. A. Kx250. Before, now 240. Rated, 2.8. Million. I like, it here for the mini Heinz 250. Taken entry, we go right now on, a, KTX. Entry. It. Doesn't matter what it does here 245. 250. Entry. Number. 1. Number. 2 is. Lower, at. 2. 27. To 32, or. 52. Plus. And then we start rocking. That's. A KTX. Right. There gonna be the first trade of the day. There. It goes, 248, 249. 250. Here. We go 252. You. We, go to 60. Just. Open, to 50. Is going lower I gotta get that off the screen over, here you vxy. Immediately. 3524. All, right a KTX, is the same. 247. Hi. Nothing, yet. Bill - 47. - 43. Ad. I meant. 253. Not. 243. 2:58. 2:52. Again 248. They shorted, it down only ran a dime it's. Not may, not be the big mover let's look at something else TV ix20, 63. To 61, by to 69, and, VAX. 440, by 445. Real. 1850. By 65. Not. Looking like in anything, a. DST. 1422. Red, bar. Everything's. Red bar. You. Be 35, 30 at the 50, you B's going. You he's going. KTX, still nothing. Simple, PS do $16. Hines PS. Do 16. UV. Add UV. Ad and PS do 16. 35:33. UV average and this one's at 16. Symbols, PSD. Adding, a ktf just a tap, I think it's gonna go now, 250. Here it goes, come on baby take it and rip it try it. Alright. 35:15. You v's done nothing. Ameren. 1440. In 250. Riskin. Nickel, could go 50. Ameren. 1439. You, vide I. Am. In 1439. PS. Do still, the same. 1601. Ameren. 38, same. No a KTX. Not don't know don't add no a KTX. Hasn't. Made its movie at the highest - 60 brah let. Everybody short, it and then they'll squeeze that baby right up that's. What they'll do. Alright you became backup, and dry. It's very volatile it's it's moving, Dimes. UV. Is moving, in dimes back and forth. 3507. You the. Sell. Some 35 20. Here. Some 24. Oh. 29. We, have a box on UV now between, 30, and 25, a 30 cent box on UV right now. Be flat on UV, right here 35. B-flat. Will. We trade. Nice. Flat, on UV right there at 35. 30, rebuy, it right, here, 3507. Beautiful. Rebuy, at 35, 12. Here it goes a KTX, 53. Told you, told. You there went bang little. Little shot. 35:18. Cell, UV again 35:20. Cell. 35:23. Cell. Right. Up here. Get. On the bid rebuy. 3506. 3504. 3501. 3495. Right. Here 3509. Nice. Nice. You should have a little bit of UV left. 35:10. Forget. A KTX. For. A moment. See, if you he dips right here by UV, right here 91. 90, 89, right here. Run. For the Heinz again. You. All, right see if that baby Heinz, see. If this goes into 27. A KTX. Ain't Arkadia, and it ain't MTC. Guys so don't be fooled and don't be mesmerized by, other, ones that did crazy things, are. Here is UV selling. Right here. Let's. See if it goes back, again. You. 2:37. On the other really not doing anything. You. 30, 30, 30 now, on it here's. 27, to 32, this. May be worth it to 27. To 32 because roads he's drooling right now on that sucker. Right. Roads II he want that thing right there a. KTX. Jump. On it brow if, it goes up this is where it's going up. 33:34. The penny pension. That's. A Ameritrade. And he trade that pinching it right there at, 34, and they just came and slammed that down our kid did. Reading. The level two right now. 3435. They're not gonna be able to knock it down on the stop and says the stopper, was right there. Seven. 38. 39 40 42, there you go buddy there you go, sell it. Sell, right there.

241. 242. Make, some moolah, make. Some moolah jhula right there. You. Damn, baby. To. 45, south. Oh yeah. You. Oh BAM. Boys. 45. To 46. How'd. You guys do on that one PS. Do hasn't, moved. PS. Do has, not moved it's the same it's. A 16, and, you've. He's just a dog today so. Cameron's. The other big winner we got going on at 1490. I don't know if Talan you're in hammerin and stuff but it's May headed up into 15, on. The. Ameren. 500. Shares nice. Definitely, going in a rail growing right here on the one minute. Look I'll show you a smooth, move of my one-minute look. Keep. It above the moving average line, right here and as long as it stays above this, blue right there you see that line it's in rail grind right there just keep it in that because. It's early in the market it's gonna curl it's going to change. It's, gonna change. Through 15, you could switch to the fifth five minute chart and, then, continue, into rail Ryan on a on a, quarter. Of the position. 1491. You. Became back. 53. On you he's coming back 57. 59, Uli's. Coming back. You. What, t90 for. 1495. 1496. Beautiful. 1497. A hit. Riding a red bar. Juvy. You be moving. You. We're gonna sell some UV here. You. 90s. Holding up it's a red bar be careful, on that Ameren right there that, maybe it's doing a cupid top. Let's. Look at jiva, 65. Still, done nothing, X net, to 32, by 234. And 111, on X net. Sold. Three quarters at 96, good job Alan. Workhorse. 43. By 45 took. A little dumping but. It's traded 529. PS. Do hi and 16 is only up three cents. That's what we want to try. You. Can rebuy you be back from your cells at, you, know 70. You. Alright guys UV could sell some here. Selling. Some here at 74. Sold, 74. Selling. Some more here. Great, job. Sold some. 77. 78. 79. 80. Beautiful. There, it is 80. Great. Job on the UV, baby. Nice. Job on the UV baby. 84. 86. 86. Sol 85. Selling. 89. Nice. Beautiful. Job on that you vxy, beautiful. Move it went from thirty. Four, twenty, to. Thirty four ninety just. Now straight, up for the baby. Beautiful. Pic. Beautiful. That. DC, pH is coming up a little bit through lanes 37. 35 on UV, sick amazing, pick amazing. Pick, on UV roads he loves, that pick on UV I just did yeah. Baby, he. Did everyone, else get it did. Roads he get it now. And get it. Yeah. Roads. Yeah I know you got the love and that pick on the UV and you Scott, you could have done options. Scott. You could have bought the Diamonds, I mean. You could have put. Done puts on the Diamonds, or even you vxy, has, options. You, could have bought calls, at. $34. When I called it and you'd be up huge, on your option trade right now those options, would have gone from 50, cents, to 80, cents, easy on that move on the calls, the you vxy calls correct. Easy. Brown. 3511. 35. And the options, you can even have an option of two left you'd have a contract, to 35, 20, see. That's what I'm saying brah, see. That Scottie 35, 27 35 30. Your options be ripping, right now 35, 33 see, that. 35. 40 you're, out you're, out. See. That trade that's beautiful, right there I would have made you Bank and it's. Only 9:45.

In The morning so you could have done options, on that no. Problemo. In the. Slam Chan. See. What I'm talking about. See, what I'm talking about that's. What I'm talking about. And you, saw my screen doing, it you. Know what I'm saying. I'm sayin, so. Dudes, this. Guy donk they ripped put on a symbol in my spam. And me yeah you've he's real nice you, put on a symbol PR PL, what. Is that nine, dollars by 906, on 309, looks pretty good did, good this, morning. This, guy on YouTube, put out the stock symbol PR PL looks pretty good. 876. By 897. Traded 311. Got. A nice spike could go back up on the day Thank You mr. Dante Rico I look pretty good. Your Arcadia, you take a look. 586. Arcadia, is going up nail. It dude into six bucks bro. You. Want to nail like they'll get it dude it's gonna go higher. Arkadia, brow. If a Heinz will do a sequence, we go 585. 5, and 95. 95. And, 97. Plus. Yeah I like. That. Let's, see what else we got going on cuz that's far away from from. Six bucks, yeah Arcadia, definitely. Could. Really spark a move especially if it gets into the nineties the high is 89. Ize 89, man. Come. On down you V. So. What do you think Scott, you. Want to be joining us for the for, the day with the team. I give, you my day trading, course for free. You can start watching that with the other guys become, pro trade or Scott. Learn. About the Heinz and, the power. Think it would be a great deal for you because it's a once-in-a-lifetime offer, it's not lasting, long, tell. You that. Here's. My. The email that went out here's. The details, on the promotion, right here. And argue. And you'll. Get the day trading. The first time it's ever been offered in the history of mojo. During, the day trade chat room and you get my course for free. And I'm. Starting a texting, service. A texting, service. Is nothing if there's, some unbelievable. And I say Wow three times. After I say Wow twice or three times the text goes out.

We Say while in Arcadia 40, how many times we say wow and MTC 40. After. The third one it'll, go out. Z, San. PS. Do is the same PR. PL that, one looks pretty good PR, PL that guy gave us Dante, Rico on YouTube. Come on down UV. Come, on down. 31, come down I want to buy it again right now. But as soon as I do it'll. Go right down so, I might as well wait. Ameren. Allan amazing, Cupid. Top. Brilliant. Cell light, on that bar right there how amazing, was that bro. The, Ameren pick in the Ameren south, on. The. One-minute beautiful, the Ameren pick happened, right here. Through. 1450. Mini Heinz. Road. That baby up right there because of that little blue bar into. The Cupid top right there which I teach in mojo you, love. The cupid top BAM. And that's Cupid, and we. Sold right there. Sold, right there and we bought it right there. That's what we did. Amram. Beauty trade. You. Madjoe, chair. Oh here's. The use you didn't tell me man come. On now. By, UV. Drop. Here. We go by, stopping. Station, 72. Right, here UV, by. 80, 85. 88. A sell, it in to sell, it up here into the, 90s, and into 35. Ninety-seven. There, you go. Sallet. 3495. Half. 98. Thirty-five. Some left at. 35, Oh to sell. Some. Not. A thousand, left, sell. Some, 3507. No way a KTX. Is moving. 267. 268, spiking. Here it goes, Wow. Hold you man. Just. A matter of freaking, time everyone's, getting short squeeze I'd send out the text right now I'd go BAM a KTX, BAM, to 65, to 70. Everyone's, banking money now, Bank Bank Bank Bank bank, protrader. Cash making. The cash Bank. Bank bank, cell. Half hold half folks sell. Half hold half you. Be got 500, left sell it sell. A little you be right there 35 15 35 20 sell. On the UV. Have. A little peace it went to 79. We're looking at a 259. Stop, guys on. 259. Stop, on a a, KTX. On these stops. 259. Get on the bid. For the rebuy. 259. Your, up 29, cents mr. Rhodes e on, 5000. Shares that's a thousand, dollars, baby. Protrader cash making, the cash. Mojo's good everyday, I nail, it. Here. We go 75. 77. 80. You've eerie bye. In the, 80s every time you bee drops down into the 80s on the dip buy it every time it runs back up sell, it.

Okay. Right, here. 3477. Is the, ubii by we just sold it at 35, and change. Just. Got some at 82, its 92, again. 94-96. Nice. Move, on a KTX. Beautiful. Thanks live trading, again today. What. Happens every day in the mojo room the, people on YouTube. Dude. You're like. Delayed. Does. 9 55. 13. It's, 9:55. 47. It shows, on my screen you got it at 66. It's at 72. Here. It goes UV again selling. 98. Selling, 35. Selling, 3504. - 74, here it goes. It. Ain't going lower they're gonna squeeze it up higher. But. They're trying. Great, trading guys great, trading it's how you trade. Follow. The much. Nice work. You, don't look at nothing just keep on trade and keep on trading. Arcaded. In doosh doosh. Aiden. Megha. Never. Now arcadia may spark up and do the same kind, of move you. Just never, never know oh you be dumped by. UV. By, UV, guys right here. You, he just took a nice little dumpen right there. Get, some here 68. We just sold it up at freaking 77. And 97. A KTX. Took the dump here it goes 243. Bye-bye. Toldja. Told, you it, took a bigger dumping, than I thought it would. From. 79, to 59, I thought now we got 43. 45. Execute. Back into 250, you. He's coming back up beautiful. Execute, execute. Got. UV at 71. You. -, 48, to 48. Is an auto close, there's. An office an auto close gonna happen here on a. KTX. Guys. And auto-close. Too. Many people are over cranked. In their in their positions, they're sucking, out everyone's stock down here, this. Is called an auto closed trade, play right here if you got in at 279. With. Fear of missing out on 10,000. You're down too much you're gonna get spanked. So. Auto. Close. Trade. Club I don't, think it's made the big spike, down yet. Let's. Give it another second, because you got three huge bars. You got three, huge ones it's. Making a slight green but it may go red. Maybe. A PHA can go write read write on the 40. And then, do the auto-close. People. Maybe adding, here thinking how I gotta add and then I'm gonna flush him there's, the flush. Forty, one thirty, nine thirty has the auto close take. Them yeah, mojo. I told, you I told, you, there. It is thirty I told, you. Here's. The auto close I told, you. Here's, this is it it's happening - everyone's losing their stock here this is where we're gonna take them. Right. Here guys take. It entry - right, here at 2:27. Stopping station, here's, the auto close we got it we, got it. -. 33, gonna go right back up now here we go and this is the auto close right here we're, taking a position with taking everyone's losses, right here just, like the firms do. It's. Called the auto close it's when your margin, too much at such. A loss the. Broker, closes, your position, at 228 to, 27. To. 29, its. To 34, sell, some sell. Some right up here to 35. To, 37, and. Rebuy. The dip back at 228, guys. Happens. When the lot of prop traders, as they do have set set, loss limits, for the day and when the threshold crosses, the dollar amount the platform, automatically. Closes the position, like, it did right there you can see a clearer faster, movement, of cells in, the time and sales and, an, exaggerated. Move on the chart with, a huge, red bar down this is the chance to really scale and slow, and create. Uh, and. And. The. Stopping stations, for a dead cat bounce back, up told. You it's gonna back on that here we go 225, again, it's, gonna go to 218. 2:18. Is this one. It's. 2:24. Here. We go we're going to take it again. Here's, UV, moving. You v's moving. He's moving. And. Arcadia, is moving. Arkady. Is moving, guys selling. UB 3504. 500. UV left 35 14. Arkady. Is moving, to guys. 583. Selling. Some Arcadia up here just to wean down the position at 590. On the spike. Selling. More UV, here got a thousand. Left selling, you be 35 24. You, vxy, Sally. Huge. Day on you vxy, you, shouldn't even be looking at the PL but you know you guys gonna be a big man. You guys are gonna be a big here. Goes you be 30. Selling. 300. You viet 30, sold 300. UV at 30. Right. There sold 300. UV at 35, 30. Right there the Bizon UV. Were. 4880. To eight with ninety, 81, sold. Into Heinz REE, bought back at 70, and 69. And 67. It's 35, 37. 200. Left sold. See that, 3498. Last, one was 34. Beautiful. On that one. Arcadia. 94. By 96. I nabbed Arcadia, right down here at 569. And. 567. Its, 597. Right now heading through 6 here it goes here. It goes selling, right here Arcadia. Bam, at $6. Selling. Arcadia, through $6. Nice. Job on the Heinz on Arcadia. 35. 40, on you B Scott, could easily, have, played another. Beautiful. Move and option, on you. Vxy, right, there with us you would have made another, banking. Big explosion.

Move Scott without, a doubt don't. You agree. You. Cool. You, would have paid for your whole, 3550. To go flat here on UV you would have paid for your whole subscription, for a whole month for, five months. Done. Amazing. See that. So, again to, become a member of the mojo, day trading room, and the chat and the team it's. Really easy you just go to mojo, day trading calm. And. Here mojo, day trading. For a limited time offer you, can get you trading, education for. Free the same courses, these pro traders, have taken, that learn stopping, station, auto close trade play. Wow. Trade, play stopping, stations. You. Name it all in these courses right here that, are all 12. For since 2012. Have been one thousand, four hundred and ninety seven dollars, but today. I'm paying it forward and, I'm hooking everybody up so you click I want to learn. You. Come right here to the online page you're gonna get the course right here, I'm. Gonna add the curriculum, I did a little bit but I'll add what it looks like I'm gonna resize, e up the page but. For 149, a month you'll get that and I just added the texting, service to so. If you're away from the room you ain't gonna miss it do, you want the swing trade newsletter, you do both down there with the combo, pack. Looking. Forward to having you aboard. Getting. In the course is a pro. Trader Hamm signed. Up yesterday, has been watching the courses, he. Was in here this morning. Beautiful. A. KTX. 3536. Take, it don't, be greedy that's your cell signal, there mr.. Rain. Stone Ian's. 37. To 44. Hold. A quarter through that and you're good to go rebuy. At 49. Plus only. You. Know how to do it. Sold, 235, beautiful. Solid. As a rock just, stay listening, to the Mojo. Follow. My my, microphone, follow, my pics I'll guide you in, and. I'm. Gonna guide you out, I'm. Gonna tell you when to sell all, of it yeah yeah. But when to sell part of it. I'm. Gonna tell you how to buy it going, full Harding all-in and go all and you got pocket, aces push, it yeah or. We. Go half quarter. Stopping, station, with a stop underneath. Either. Way we. Are banging. It out. Here. We go come on down mr. UV, 38. 39 baby, takes. Them off the table again here guys on the, SL, 38, good job mojo Allen banged it all out beautiful. Beautiful. Ah, pro-trade. A cache that's, your sound effect. Sweet. As can be. Nice, trade, in a. KTX. You. You. Hey guys in the bottom right hand corner of the screen just click subscribe. To my channel, if you like my videos, give me a thumbs up if you don't mind it's. Funny as soon as I started the video and before I was even live, I got, one dislike. Almost. Before my own first, like. Yeah. I liked, it and as soon as I did someone did this liked it in a second, so, as soon as I go live one of my competition, guys just automatically. Dislikes, my video. Tahlia, thanks. For the watch. Thanks. Thanks, for being a viewer. Come, on down UV. It. Just went to a. 35:48. 3507. How'd, you guys do today. Nice. Dude. I got a thousand, Arcadia left I didn't. Even know it. 620. On, Arcadia. And look at that dudes. 572. I got. That sucker can you believe that. It's amazing, dude look I have a thousand I had a thousand so I didn't even know I had it bro I don't. Like to look at none of that I just like to trade. From. Just trade you he had 3470. I did banking, on UV down there, that's how much you would have made Scott. On you vxy, right. There. On you vxy, ubers. Destroyed, yeah after there aren't good 35, come on down baby look. 633. Now um. Arcadia. Tell. The rest. Nice day man. Yes. Everyone, made Bank today. Big, move. Your, pick buddy. You. Made us all the money in it. 6:40. You did it. He, sparked, it up with spark spark. He's. Buddy. Anybody, got any left here through 650 you guys flat. I called. Six yeah. 500. Left island, great job, stop. Is 30. Six-thirty. Trail stop. Mic my yearly ends, was Wall Street, and I'm looking for a lifetime price, when, you have time please I don't do that. Nope, I have a master's, program. But. I've taken people in but it's too much you, wouldn't be able to do that. A lifetime, a lifetime. It's. My master's, program I, have. A couple of traders that are in it it's ten thousand. See, this guy pro trader you. Know a couple, of them in the, list. Yep. You. Can come here and trade right beside me for a week. I'm stay here. 650. Come chill with you for a week. Do, the Mojo show from your place. Teach. You. Come. On down UV. 3550. Ryan. You. Bees pop and this thing's popping, but it's over, party's.

Over On both here we come on down now. At. PS do is still the same 1603. Flatline, sell. It and it'll go up, Amran, pretty, good trade. For earlier, today may be a good buy here Alan at 454, teen 51. Stopping, station. Do an entry I. Don't. Think you can go wrong very low-risk high-reward, on, that one right there and uber. Is destroyed, let's take a look at uber that's, $35. With, a big bid should. Go under, it. Was a 174. On the bid at 35. Right here off the bottom. There's, a 175. It goes it's gonna go 3477. You. Might want to wait for that was. A big bid, big. Bids mean it going lower. The. Wait. That PRP, L from Dante, Rika Oh Dante, I hope you don't own that it's, eight bucks now, we. Put it out at 9:00 and it's got a 50-cent, spread, it's pretty ugly ooh. Arcadia. Was the big move and sweet, mama, of the day. Love uber in the, 70s, absolutely. There's. A 110, right there last time he had that member when we were trading it last time on the right it, had that big number and it kept on going lower. But. It was much much higher like it is there at 65. I remember. Last time. So. Scott why don't you do a monthly. Month-to-month. Until. Your thing ends, in November, this. Will give you a chance a month or two to watch the courses, paper trade, you. Can get this platform, I'm trading on for just. $3,000. So. That's why I'm not charging you for the education take. The money you're gonna use it for the education, fund. This trading account the private, investment, firm will give you, $80,000. Of trading, capital you. Could buy a thousand, shares of uber no, problem, right now you, could done a thousand, a 2,000, shares of uvx, why no. Problem, at all and you could have really have made a thousand, a $2,000, trading, on that, platform today, and that's. What it would have cost three. Thousand, dollars and you get an eighty thousand, dollar trading, account. You. Get to keep, 75%. Of the profits, if you grow the account from three thousand, to fifteen, it, grows to four hundred thousand. In capital, and buying, power up, to, ninety, percent payout, bro. Kübra, held strong, its nine now. Ten. Arcadia, great pick. See all the stocks on the screen there's so so many of them how do they pick out the two, with. Three big. Winners, out of all these, stocks in the, whole market. Arcadia. Wasn't up on any Strayed, idea, scanner, earlier, cuz it wasn't up but, we caught that what, I call the bounty, trade play on that the, quicker picker-upper, we. Did a little bounty. You. Know what I'm saying, you'll. Learn that in mojo, trip, pro trader cash. It's. Called the bounty trade play. Right. Here check it out. Right, here, entry. Bounty, reversal, see that the quicker picker-upper see. How this chart is just like like, uber disgusting. We're gonna come in this, was snapchat. I'm. Gonna come in and do the quicker picker-upper. I, have. Tos and sent a point of 51, I have a nice-looking. Beautiful. See so nice. So. You don't need that, so. You could just trade your options, do it and trade some stocks otherwise. Anybody else who doesn't have what you have Scott, could easily. Do. As I explained. So. You, asked me yesterday I said can I come in today for one more free day and even watch your screen and if, the pics are what they are and it is I'll, do that joining and, I said sure I'll I'll, do that I'll make a business deal with you let's do that I did, and, I've completed, my deal, and now. You're. Not on your side completing, your deal you're gonna wait so. I, got. To wish you the best of luck brother. If protrader cash did that she wouldn't be in the room right now enjoying, the courses, and making money like she never has, experienced.

Or Even thought of as she could have a week ago before, she started the courses. Protrader. Ham as well who, just joined two, days ago and is. Now, going. Through the courses and is astonished. About. What's happening and my. Challenge to my students, is the. Following, you, do the Heinz trade, play, I guarantee. With. That trade play you. Find me one that, doesn't work green, hasn't. Come from down the block right, at 90 and it doesn't go through Heinz that's, the challenge, because, I haven't seen one happened, like that in. Seven. Years I, did this Heinz challenge. Right here where. We were going to go for ten thousand. And. We. Nailed it, the. Ten thousand. Heinz, trade. Challenge. Has already been completed. In a row. Never losing. That's. The challenge, I will in a couple of months I like the room well I wish. You the best of luck. Kick, ma'am. That's. A guy who doesn't, live up to his. His. His. Word. So. I kicked them out he's going to join in a couple of months. In a couple of months the courses, are not going to be for free anymore. It's his loss. My, loss too because I wasted a lot of time and, energy. Well, good come. On down uber, uber. Wants. To go nail under that 35, so. Week we got to take it off the screen. Back, to my the Arcadia. Do you wanna. And trades. Started. At 9:35. You vxy. Bought. 3498. Sold, 3511. Through hines then reboard, at thirty four ninety seven. Thirty four ninety eight, thirty. Four eighty three sold. Part at sixty, four re priced at at fifty, three sold. It at 74. 77. 85. Then. Bought Arcadia. 77. UV. Again at 34, eighty sold. It at thirty four ninety through, Heinz thirty-five up to 35, 16, then. Reboarded. Again at thirty-four eighty eighty eight eighty ninety, 82 sold, it up again through Heinz right there REE, bought it back, Arcadia, bought at 69, 70. You veeery bought after the 3502, sell, at 68. 70. 70, 69, and 67. Sold, UV again at Heinz 34. 9800. For, thirteen, twenty one sold. Arcadia up into 6 into 6 16, and 630, and all. That action including, the loss that, I took right here, and repriced. UV, which was a bold move right, here, at 34. 64. Selling. That one right there, when I had bought it at 83. And repricing it at 53. Because maybe it wouldn't have gone back up was, one of my best moves of the day and, right. There, capitalized. On all that. Into four, thousand. Eighty six, dollars of, profits, that anyone could have done in the mojo day trade room on Arcadia, and you, vxy, using. This account in this platform, that, I showed you and just told you about. If you want to do that send. Me an email info. At mojo day trading com or just go to my Twitter or go to my YouTube or go under this video there'll be a link to the chat. Room or mojo day trading calm, and get, involved so right here is the. Link for. A trade room on, my. Twitter. Thousand, real followers, guys that are all traitors. All. Traitors. The. Traitors. Traitors. They're. All traders. Real. Have never paid the one person, to follow me. Here's, the beauty trade on Ameren from this morning, and Alan picked it up at, 1450. One stopping, station. Which was a great great move and. Right. Now is 14, 63. By 64, rising, up beautifully. A KTX. Took a dumpin. From. Lumpin not still, up there 236. I. Went. Over all the trade showed, everybody how to do it whoever, wants to come and join come. On be. A pleasure to have you and, I'll. See you on the next mojo show thank. You. You. You.

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