A.M. Tech Talk 3/16 All about accepting payments online. Grow your E-commerce business!

 A.M. Tech Talk 3/16 All about accepting payments online. Grow your E-commerce business!

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Hey. Good morning it's Sarah from close to the earth IT services, and today I'm going to talk about, accepting. Online online payments. So. It's pretty cool there are a lot of resources, you probably would have heard of such. As, PayPal. And. Hey. I'm just making sure that everything's, dialed in on the live broadcast, because there's no producer the producer, is yours, truly. So. Yeah everybody's, got a PayPal everybody's, got a venmo everybody. Has um. Apple. Pay maybe. You set that up maybe haven't. We. Just move this camera up because I'm literally seeing my, head getting cut off. Alright. Okay. Thank. You to everyone who's watching like. I'm, trying to give you some quality information. To improve your life cuz, it's that powerful I mean we we can just really. Utilize these. Really. Cool methods, of accepting, payments, having. Streams of income that weren't possible before and. Um. I. Think that's pretty dope so. Let's. Make sure that we have that all set up for you so, that you can use it so. Did, you know that vamo is not a secure, way. Not. At all to. Accept a payment from someone that you don't know so. If you're let's say you want to get a new phone for, example you're, trading the, old phone out use. An app like let go or Craigslist, or and, whatever. Facebook. To sell that, particular. Item. Using. Venmo is, not, a good decision in that case and in, fact you can get ripped off um. So. Do not use memo, when, it comes to selling, things to people. That you don't know if, it's a friend. If. It's a. Relative. If you paying someone back for coffee or dinner or whatever or drinks. You, don't know but, now with people you do not know if, mo is actually owned by PayPal, so, it's got the PayPal, engine, and. You. Can use it for. Sending. Receiving funds but. It doesn't, have a buyer or a seller, protection. Capability. So. If you sell let's, say a phone to someone you don't know, they.

Can Get tricky and charge, it back, send. And you'll get ripped off and this this actually happened to people so let's. Not do that. Payments. That, I think. Are pretty reputable. R-square, you, can send invoices with, square you can accept payments and. You. Can um. Let's. See can you integrate it with your can use it as a shopping cart on a website I'm. Not sure about that but if you can use it as a cash, register, so. Getting a little distracted. Because you've, got like all these I want to be able to to. Answer questions, so I've got these pop-up, chats and, I can see myself it's very distracting. So. Here, I'm just gonna put my chat, windows, here. Make up small as possible so, that I can answer questions that people have them on twitch or YouTube I've, got my pop out chat happening. So. I can answer your questions um. So. Let's talk, about getting. Paid. One. Of the. We're. Gonna let. Me turn this around here. Let. Me just minimize, it this guy and, again you know I'm winging it here I give. My time this, is my time that I haven't started working yet. And. I want to make sure I give you quality information, that you use so. Let's go to screen capture here I'm just gonna walk you through a couple of these websites. Use. My Google Analytics okay. And I got I got some cool tools for you too let's. Let's. Talk about those also, let me go to a new window. And. We're, just gonna go through some options so we get square up I, really. Like this one because. You can send invoices and, you. Can accept payments so, here, you can see, this. Little Apple, pay and, chip. Reading. Thing. That. They've got here so your business can. Accept. Apple pay even, if you're having go like, a garage sale you. Can use square and, what. They give you for free is. One of these it's. A. Swiper. But, these aren't really as secure. This. Is, not a very secure option of taking payments. It's, okay. It'll. Read a magstripe. But those my mag, stripes can be fake so you want to make sure that you don't get burned from that. So. If you have like a regular little store location. I'm sure you've already thought about all this stuff but. I would go for the contactless, and chip reader if you've. Got a physical, location or, you're a vendor, or in. Place where, you're, not going to know your customers, well, I. Don't think people are gonna try to use a fake credit card add something, like a garage sale or whatever girlscouts. But. It's. Not the most secure, way. Of doing things so just have that in mind. And. There's, like a low fee. Here. For. Taking, credit. Cards and you can actually manually enter, enter, in credit, card data so. That's pretty helpful too. And. Then you can send invoices, this. Is a really easy way to. To. Send out invoices I and recurring, payments, I use this for my subscription. Plan, and it's, really really good and you can integrate it with if. You use QuickBooks. You. Can your mentor whatever you can integrate it with your system, so, it's pretty cool. So. That's that you've got a bunch of helpful information there, their support. Is really good and then. How do you set up a PayPal account to. Actually, accept, payments. Well. What you do is you. Upgrade, I. Believe. You can upgrade to a business, account even if you're a sole, proprietor. Or even if you're using your name as your own business I did. That before he had like a full-on business, um. So. You can use that with, invoicing, too which is helpful. Borrow. For your business I would not do that, credit. Card processing. And. That's, that's super helpful. So. You don't need a whole lot of verification. To, you need to verify your identity but, you don't need a ton, of. Verification. Details, to accept paypal as long as it's set up in your country you're. Good to go. People. Have I, mean let's, say you have PayPal integrated, into your website, and. You. Get. A bunch of payments at once they. Will flag your account and then they can freeze the funds they also just changed. Some. Of their policies and, increased. Some, rates, they. Also added, some security, features that might, make. It better for them and not as great for you so. Bear that in mind with, PayPal, that. You've, got to use it and look, into it and make sure that it's right for you because. PayPal, is not the only game in town do. Not use the venmo under, any circumstances. To accept a business payment from someone you don't know you, can easily get. Burned. So. Here. We have Skrill. And. I, have my own I have, somebody that I work with, hey. Faisal I know. You're there, and. I would love to have you on the show sometime. I. Mean, I'm working with a freelancer. Who has a business, outside.

Of Our country and, I. Can pay her with Skrill so. I set this up and, face. It if you're if you're watching I've got this all set up for us for next month. Where, you can open a free account and, then, you can send. A receive funds. And. You. Can send it to different countries and they've got really good rates, for, sending it to, different countries and. It's very secure. So. Email. Address and password us all you need they, do verify, you so, I can't, I'm not gonna show you because. I'd have to show you my bank account which I mean it's nothing it's, nothing that impressive but for. Security reasons I'm not going to do that. But. What they do is they deposit, small amounts in your bank account so you have to have, online banking, and be able to verify the amounts, that they deposited to, actually, use this and that trips. People up with PayPal to like, what, are the next steps how how do I know that I'm really gonna be able to accept payments will they they spoon feed you the information by sending you emails like little breadcrumbs and, hey. We accepted. Your payment the next step is or. Accepted. Your application next. Step is to verify deposits. And they, put both a PayPal, and scroll put small. Payments. Into your account to verify that it's really yours, and you go back on the link that they provide, and enter, in like a 38, cents, On February. 14th, and I got 18 cents on, February. 15th, for, example, and. Then. You'll just enter those dates in it usually takes a few days to verify it but all you have to do is keep an eye on your online banking, you, see those deposits that enter them when they're done and they'll tell you how, many. You. Know how many deposits, they may be it's usually to just. To verify that it's actually you on two different days so. That's pretty easy and, then, we have stripe. So. If you have a Squarespace. Account. I think. It's stripe com. Yeah. Payment processing. So. This, is a. Platform. For accepting. For. Accepting payments, and it's, like a shopping. Cart. So. You. Can actually use, this on your website. And. You can see wish, and the kickstarter apps use, that. And. Then, you, can accept payments. If. You want to code it into your site you can yeah, you're probably not coding it into your site if you're watching my youtube channel I.

I. Know that. So. Let's see here here's a subscription. Service, and. We're gonna take a look at that because that appeals to me as someone who has subscriptions. Autopilot. For billing yeah, that's pretty sweet. Right. So. If you've got some kind of a recurring, system. I mean, let's say you had a cleaning service you. Could do recurring, billing for your clients, with, your cleaning service or let's. Say someone. Contacted me yesterday who's, a. An. Intuitive. Reader, she. Could actually have like a monthly program where, hey, you. Want to get a monthly checkup on your life. And get a crystal. Reading every month, just to make sure you're on track, intuitive. Coaching, that's a thing, people, make a job out of that living, doing that so. You could actually do. Recurring. Payments, for something. That. You do for service, you, could do a let's. Say you have. A soap, of the Month Club, you, can if, you were crafter, or whatever you could make, something every month like, hey, here's a gift. Box full of gifts that you can give away I mean who doesn't it, wouldn't that be a great idea you've always got an occasion, to give someone a gift wouldn't. That be awesome to have something, every month where, it's like hey here's, the perfect gift, every. Month it's just pretty much cool, gifts that you can give away and. You can get a subscription to it every month there's always an occasion right. So. They. Can do online. Billing, for you. Um. Squarespace. Has this built, right in. So. I don't really need to worry about this but I did need to get an account for this so. That I could accept payments, and what, that meant was logging. On logging, on setting. Up an account obviously logging. On and then, entering, in my banking. Details and I. Honestly think it's better to use a federal credit union every state has them they're. Different criteria. For joining, them but I think a, federal. Credit union is much, better than, a bank usually their fees are better, no monthly fees are more they're usually nonprofit, so they're not so up. Charge II with the fees and. I. Think it's better to use a federal credit union but that's not online payments, that's just banking, stuff so. Let's, get back to this so. Here are a few different options we've got square we've got PayPal we've got Skrill, and. Stripe. So. Am I forgetting anything. Anyone. Want to leave a comment am i leaving out any kind, of. Process. Financial. Processing, let. Me know let. Me know.

Um. Let's. See. Shopping. Cart. Or. WordPress. My. People have WordPress websites, WordPress. Powers. Gosh. Two-thirds, of the web I think WooCommerce. Shopping. Cart plugins. Let's. See here. PayPal. Shopping cards, let's see if there are any um. Google. Payments. Let's, see Google. Google. Payments. Let's. See here Google, payments support. We, have Google payments somehow. I thought. That. Google payments. Wasn't. A thing anymore. Oh. No. I, guess I'm logged in, so. I guess you can actually. You. Can't use Google payments, Google. Pay on an Apple website. Okay. That's pretty cool everybody's, got Google. GPA. All. Right and it works for Android too. So. You, can use Google payments. To. Receive. Payments. So. Let's see access, your invoices, and payment related, documents. Okay. I think this is worth looking into I don't want to show my personal, information she, can't blame me for wanting, to be secure, I'm going to show you the information but not I don't want to over share so. Let me check it out because I'm. Gonna sneeze. You. Know it's life. All. Right so. Let's see Google payments I'm just gonna take a look here oh. Well. I have a hundred gigabyte, Google Doc but you know that oh my. Gosh. Really. That's. Cool I'm gonna use it more, um. Let's. Check it out. Huh. Payment. Methods. Let's. See subscriptions. And services, I mean I'm just kind of looking around you know how it goes I have, a question and then I look at it um, let's, see, let's go to except, penis. Well. Okay. Except, Oh. Wallet. Accept. Payments, with Google Wallet dude. Receive. Money for commercial, payments, Google pay. Wallet. Google pay. Send. And receive money with Gmail. Okay. This. Is pretty interesting you, can send and receive money, with Gmail. Alright. So. Let's. Try this. Dang. Okay let's, go through this together. Let. Me just set it up so, my I, know, if like. Stuff. Isn't out there. Okay. I can't use it with mac mail. Okay. All right I'm sitting it up here all, right all right. I'm. Just gonna set up two things here, and, then. We're gonna take a look, cuz, this, could be interesting. Let's. Go to compose. Okay. Let. Me just change my view so I can have a little privacy here it's. News all. Right there all, right I feel comfortable with that. Okay. This is crazy. Well. Let's take a look at this together so. I, can, send. An email and I fell out. Close. To the earth died. Okay. You can send an email. -. Check. It out I can, just go out send, and receive. Requests. And. Then. It's processed, by Google. That's. Not hard so. How. Many ways we have to pay one, two three, four five. We. Got five ways to pay, these. Payment. Systems. PayPal. Don't. Use venmo at. All don't, use that for, people that you don't know you'd. Have recurring, payments, that you can be doing in. Two ways, you. Can do recurring, payments with with. Square. And with, stripe, so. You can do recurring, payments. Also. PayPal. In square. You. Can do invoices. Setting. Receipt, receiving. Funds and. The. Google. Payments. Wallet. Google.com. That. Is said to be a very secure, payment. Method and it's very merchant. Or. Seller. Friendly. So. That you won't, get ripped off, so. Take a chance think about, how. You can monetize some, of the simple things that you do. Then. Of course if, you're a good friend you're, gonna help your friends out once, while is something a. Talent. That you have let's say.

But. Can you parlay, that talent. That you know that you're good at into something that can bring you some extra income. Maybe. Think about that. So. The. First step is going to be. Accepting. Payments, and. Getting. Familiar with. And. How. To do it and, it will take a little meeting but all of them have super, clear instructions, and big. Companies like this I. Have. A lot of rules and I'll have a lot of legal obligations. That. They're doing things fairly and securely, so. You can, trust, those bigger. Merchants, payment systems and. It's. I know it's confusing and overwhelming a, lot of people want help. There's. A lot of online help. What, I see is someone who gives, support, and has, for years is, that people get. Kind of fearful when, it comes to, reading. Something and then reading the directions, thinking, they're gonna do it wrong the. Directions, are the directions, there's, no wrong, way to do it as long as you follow their directions. Anxiety. Can come up that you didn't do it correctly there. Are all kinds of, things. That might make you think did. I do it wrong, what happens if I get into a jam all, of these companies have. Phone. Numbers to call support. By email. All, kinds, of customer, service, so. That you will not get into a jam the, first step is usually our own inner, chatter you. Can do it know. You everybody. Else can but you can you're. Done. And. Just turn. That turn, that noise off. Turn. It off what's, your first step that you can take toward. Doing. Some of this stuff if you ever want if you want to have a website or you have a blog or whatever what. Baby steps can you take to accept, payments. A lot of people have Instagram, did you know that you can sound on Instagram. People. Can call you and you can accept payments or. You. Can go with something like plan Ali I showed, you plan only yesterday. So. Let's let's go back around let. Me capture my screen I'm, gonna walk through this plan only payment thing again. Let's. Go through this because we looked at this yesterday.

Check. This out. Alright. Hang. On a sec, Lana Lee just, get okay, shoppable. Dude. I'm trying to show these, people the, plan Lee. Hang. On I got it I got it go turn the camera around again, alright I had somebody else doing this for me it'd probably be easier but, just just, roll with me because I've got good information. And. I'm. Going, to share it with, you right now. So. Let's go to shoppable, I. Mean. This is interesting. Okay. Turning you around. Check. It out. Let's. Watch this together. I. Mean. Seriously, that's. Cool. Apply. Is an influencer. Let's say you've got a bunch of a. Monetization. Tool, let's say you've got a lot of Instagram followers did, you know that you can monetize, your content I. Mean. Look at that. This. Is Big Biz. This. Is big business so, what it does is, it. Well. Let's see here let's see how much it costs right now I've got two accounts, on here. Add-ons. So. It's gonna be $40. A month if you do it for the whole year or. $50. A month a month. So. You wouldn't have to have a lot of things in, order, to sell this but if you've got a little shop or you're someone. Who sells candles. Or you're someone. Who makes. Crafts. Or beating, or, jewelry. Look. At this you. Can actually. It. Will grab. All of the products, on your, Instagram. Page and. It. Will make. Them into like a little store. So. How cool is that. All. Right people um I, can see it that I don't have any you. Don't. Have any questions, which is fine. Um. That's. Cool, it's. Okay with me, just. Going to stop, by. Let's. See let me stop by my twitch dashboard and, see if I. Have. Any people watching, No. So, tell me. Um. So. I guess that's what I've got for you today um. Anyone, have, any questions. She's. Gonna refresh to see if there are any comments or questions or, whatever. It's. Been like half an hour that's enough time for us to learn something right. So. I guess that's gonna be it for. Today. And, hey I really thank you for watching, I am. Excited for you to think, about all of the cool things that you can do with your own monetized. Account, to, just take the stress off, save. Up for a vacation build. Your business maybe. You want to transition out of a job that you hate don't. Be miserable, you know let's. Like lift. Each other up here. You. Can do this you, can uh you, can change your situation there's. Enough to go around and. I, know that it's hard to see um. And. I just like its rich getting richer and, stuff but you know there's, some of that for you too there's abundance in the universe, for. Those who seek it and um. Everything. Is gonna be okay whether you're financially. Struggling, and, it's. Hard, and stressful to. Just, wanting to make a change in life. You. Can actually make, changes, I didn't, myself, and. I know you can do it. So. Um. That's. That I. Guess. That's it for today do, you have any questions if.

You Have any questions, about anything. You. Know where to find me at Apple. Green tech and. Find, me on other social to. Follow. Me subscribe to this channel, and you'll get more content like this each and every day alright, well thank you for stopping by and this has been another episode of, am, tech talk with at. Oh.

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