$7.2 Million Lawsuit | Clayton Morris Caught Lying About Real Estate Deals - Landlords From Hell 3

$7.2 Million Lawsuit | Clayton Morris Caught Lying About Real Estate Deals - Landlords From Hell 3

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We, have caught Clayton, Morris lying, on camera. And I can prove it let's, dive in. A. Real. Estate investors welcome. To another, episode of, the landlords. From hell show here on Holton. Weis TV. I am, your, host James, wise and. I am sure a lot of you have, already seen, this video if, you have not what. I need, you to do is check, out the, full-length, film, that. We have made about. The Clayton Morris Morris, and vast ocean. Pointe all of, those scam. Allegations. Now that is a very very long film, it's actually, over three, hours. But, I'm gonna continue this video because this video is an update on things, that have happened since that film was. Produced so this, video is only going to make sense to you if you've already watched that so if you haven't already watched that yet what you want to do you want to go ahead and pause this video click. In the show notes below and take a look at that video again it's incredibly. Long so you're gonna need to. Devote some serious time to it because this story is just so deep there's so many layers there's so many onion, it's like an onion there's so many people that were affected by this there, was no feasible way for my team to tell, that story in a, video there was any shorter than what it was so my apologies, for how long it is but to get the entire. Idea. Of what's going on you, know you need to watch that full, film so. Assuming. You are someone who has already watched, that full film I want to provide a nice little update, for. You guys because some things have happened number. One one of the biggest, things one of the biggest developments. That have happened since. That film was released, was. Burt Whelan, that's Clayton Morris's, business partner, in the whole thing down in Indianapolis, they, were working, together to sell properties, to investors, he has actually, been federally. Indicted. So. He has facing, several, criminal, charges in addition, Burt, Whelan's indictment. Also, references. Company. 1 and in. Individual. One and the individual. One while not directly, named it is mentioned. That. Jool one is a resident. Of New Jersey. Now, surprising. To nobody. Guess, who, was, a. Resident. Of New Jersey, before they fled the United States, of America, and went to Portugal you guessed, right if you guessed Clayton. Morris. Now. What. Is, particularly. Funny. To me though, about. Clayton, Morris being. A, New. Jersey, resident, prior, to moving to Portugal. Is in. That incredibly. Large in. Gigantic. Lawsuit. That Clayton Morris has filed against, me Clayton, Morris claims. That he is actually a. Resident. Of, Pennsylvania. Who is merely. Traveling. Abroad even. Though his wife, has, posted, publicly online. Things, about, schools. And putting their children in school districts. Over there and Portugal, the whole thing is just complete nonsense as, a matter of fact, this, is how much, weight. I put into the Clayton Morris lawsuit, against me I've actually been using this. So. I can actually display, my little piggy bank and my little Brown James bobblehead, I needed, to get it a little higher so you can actually see it so I've actually been using, Clayton's. Lawsuit. Against. Me, to. Actually, display. These two items so you can see them better so. That is what I feel, about Clayton's. Lawsuit, which is nothing more than a simple slap, lawsuit. He's, trying to bully Holton wise into. Putting this information, out there as, a matter. Of fact, when. He went. Ahead and, actually. Demanded. You, know he made his formal, demands that's what I have for you right here, he made his formal demands the, guy is suing, me for almost, 7.2. Million dollars, he is suing, me for seven. Million one, hundred and seventy, six thousand, dollars and more. Importantly, if you go to page, three. Of, his. Demand, claim, this, is something I really want to draw your attention to. Plate plaintiff.

Additionally. Seeks an agreement that defendants. Will remove, all copies, of the trailer video and the full-length video from YouTube and all. Other social media platforms. Destroy, all audio. Clips of plaintiff, and refrain. From using mr., Morris's, name likeness voice. Copyright. Or trademark in, any context, in the future plaintiff. Also demands that defendants. Issue a statement, of correction. So. In a nutshell what. My legal team and what we are. Picking. Up from this is Clayton is looking, for us to destroy. All audio. We have that sounds an awful lot like things. That could be used as evidence against. Him in a possible, criminal proceeding. Perhaps, company. One an, individual. One named, in bert Whelan's federal, indictment, I don't know why, would he want, things. That we, have him saying, why. Would he want those to be destroyed. Well, it's. Interesting because we have actually caught clayton. Red-handed. Lying now. Back, to the original documentary. I want you guys to take a look at this. You. See how that looks you're, actually in portugal, so I mean I think. Claiming. It's bullshit, well, you're you've literally left America. It, doesn't, make sense does it. I don't agree that math, based, on my sources. Well. Cuz. Hair I'll tell you I'll tell you right now I'll. Give you I'll give you what I got save my hand. We. Taught you so you told me. You. Told me that, you said 500 properties down there correct. Right. So, 500 properties on there. Yeah, we, did last. Time I talked to you said you saw five my apparently doesn't know. Okay. You when. I you, received. You. Received the commission of now. I just want to make sure you caught that, okay. Clayton. Morris claimed, that he did not sell. A single, property. Down there in Indianapolis. We're gonna play that again for you pay attention he. Is saying that he did not sell, a single. Property. Down. There in Indianapolis. Okay. Now, that. Is is rather interesting because in, the same video right that documentary, video again a super long video so I don't know if you guys caught it or not during. The interview, with Sandy, Pirtle she, had this, to say now. Throughout. This entire process. Leighton-morris. Has. Maintained. That, he. Was merely a middleman and, he was merely connecting. Investors, like you with. Property, managers, in these markets, and the big market, for you had, the majority of your loss was Indianapolis. And the main person that he was connecting, investors, but was, dirt Waylon and his company, ocean, and. I never, heard, of hurt women until, the emails. Started going back. Never. Placing. Your horse if you listen to his podcast makes, it sound like ocean, quick it's. Okay. So, what you were actually going through the process to buy these properties. You. Thought you were buying them from Clayton, Lawrence, yes. And the first property, that sold me I actually, talked, to frankly completely. As. In Clayton Morris had signed your purchase agreement, yes. And. Basically, I questioned. The, next sound. By someone madly basic so. What. We have in, that video is Clayton. Telling. Me that he never, sold. A single, property, but. Yet Sandra, Pirtle who estimates, that she lost, close. To third she lost she's, estimating, that she lost three hundred and fifty nine thousand, dollars investing. With him she's. Saying that, she never heard of Bert Waylon and she provided. A, purchase. Agreement that, was actually. Signed, by, Clayton. Morris himself in addition, if you heard her say she made, it seem, like. Clayton. Made it seem she says that Clayton made it seem like he, was an owner of ocean Pointe, which is consistent. With this document. That I have right. Here you, see, ever. Since we, have told, the world so to speak told the investing world that we were making this film and been working on this film and let, people know that Clayton decided, to sue us for almost 7.2. Million dollars. People. Have been flooding. Our company, with evidence, including.

Evidence Such as this document, which. Is in email. A person. Emailed, Clayton, Morris and they said just wondering, are you the owner of ocean, Pointe holdings as well or, is that a separate, company that you just work with to. Manage, the properties, that you sell, to investors like. Me and an, email address. Replied. On June 29 2007. That. Email address was Clayton, at Morris invest calm, yes. Sir we have many, LLC's that, we use to hold our acquisitions. Before rehab, and that. Is just one of them that we own, that's. Uh rather. Interesting, what else I find interesting is this email, that. I received. From. The. Legal. Team that Clayton, Morris has hired to sue me now. In, this, email, they. Let my legal team know I write, to express, concern, about what appears to be. Intentional. Misrepresentations. To the court an improper, publication, of mr., Morris's, settlement. Demand, so. Clayton. Morris, the. Guy who. Sent this email that says he owns ocean, Pointe the. Guy, that. Signed, the, purchase agreement that. Sandra, Pirtle provided. To us the. Guy, that. Told me on. Camera. You saw it on the screen told me that he never sold a single property, down. There in Indianapolis. Well. We've been provided. A signed, purchase agreement, from Sandra, Pirtle in addition, that is not, all I would, not have made a video update, for you guys if I didn't, have even more as I said we've. Had many people out. There who've, been affected, by the situation sending. Us documentation. Because they are of, course upset. For what happened, to their investments. But they are also incredibly. Pissed, about this 7.2. Million dollar lawsuit and what, I have in my hand right here well. This is another purchase agreement, this was signed, March. 13. 2007. And this. Is for a property. To, five-one-six--. South, Pennsylvania. Street. Indianapolis. Indiana, and, if you scroll, down to. The last page, here. On line. Number. 317. That's what's nice about a lot of these real estate purchase, agreements, they have a they, number, the purchase, agreements, so it's easy to find things if you, look online, 317. Well. Will you look at that who. Signed, this purchase agreement, it looks, like Clayton, Morris signed this purchase agreement, but wait, wait. Folks there is a little bit more and that's, why this. Lawsuit this, gigantic. Lawsuit. That, Clayton has filed against, me that's why I utilize, this lawsuit as nothing, more than, something to stack my little piggy bank in my LeBron James bobblehead, on because. What I have right. Here is, another, purchase agreement. This one from. 5:1. 2017. This, is for 3, 5 to 8 Kinnear, Avenue. Indianapolis. Indiana and you know what we're gonna scroll, to the last page, here. And if, we go right down there to line number. 317. Would you look at that what. Do we have a signature. From. Our boy old. Clay himself, Clayton, Morris signing. Another. Purchase. Agreement. That. Seems, to be a direct. Contradiction. From, what he said, let, me play that for you one more time just so it sticks in your head. Okay. Wow. That's rather interesting, in summary. I could summarize this up but you know what I'd like to do I'd like to take another clip. Out of that documentary, we film we made about, this situation because. I think my. Guy J Hendricks said, it best. Well. That's all I've got for you guys today just, a quick update on, where, we are at with our legal battle, with Clayton, Morris if you.

Are, Someone. Who thinks that they've been harmed by Clayton Morris or Bert Whelan in any way and you would like to give some of your information to, us so, we can either help you get your story out there or if, you think some of the evidence that you have can, possibly, be used against either of these two gentlemen in a, criminal or civil lawsuit, or our 7.2. Million dollar lawsuit please. Let us know drop, a comment, below, in, addition. If you could please help, get the word out go, ahead and share, this story, on your, Twitter Facebook, email. Make. Sure you, are adding, or sending. This to any and all reporters. Watchdog's, or other real estate podcasts. That you are aware, of this, is a large story that we need to get out there until, next time I'm James, wise with, holt and wise and this, is real estate investing, made easy. Rent. Techdirect, provides, you with an easy to use yet, robust, platform, for managing your properties, complete, with its built-in, reporting, an accounting, system that can be customized, to fit your business you. Can manage work orders and even accept them online from your tenants you can also share work order details with tenants or owners if you wish with. Rent techdirect, you will also fill your vacancies, faster, than ever with the built-in marketing, tools just, enter the details of your property, and read tech will automatically. Provide you with a professional online, website, as well as syndicate, them to popular, websites, such as Zillow, Trulia and apartments.com, to, get your listing maximum, exposure, so it's rented fast. Thanks. For watching be, sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on our latest content including, video. Tours and analysis, of investment, properties, that are available for sale real. Estate investment, education, and our, most interesting, encounters, with tenants from health bolts. And Weiss real, estate investing, mateys.

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wowooww.. amazing

he actually does have a resident in PA and has for a number of years.

I have more information. I got screwed by this guy too.

Thanks for all you do.


Great video thanks James

Clayton is a total Parasite!! If you are going to be referring clients to a property manager it is your responsibility to thoroughly vet those folks that you are in partnership with! Clayton has always claimed that if you came to Morris Invest you would be working with a full service turnkey company!!! WHAT A SCUMBAG!!! I hope the US Govt goes after him with everything they have and leave him destitute!!! That is the only way you will ever stop criminals like Clayton who because of their GREED failed to do the proper due diligence with their business partners!!! Fucking Parasite!!!

Can’t wait to see clayton on American greed... I hope he joins Bernie madoff. He’s the biggest scam artist playing victim

If you pay for a rehab in Indianapolis and your money is not spent on the rehab, say your rehab funds are light like 7.5% - Is this wrong? Is it criminal? I'd like to know what investors think?

My transaction was directly with Bert Whalen, nonetheless, lost money.

I Watched some of Clayton video he always menchon his property management company in every video i knew something was up

He still owe me money and I have his signature on the paper also. $50 k for B's property.

Caveat Emptor - buyer beware

You might want to press him and or anyone victimized about how he tried to pivot Investors into Blue Sky PM for the 1st wave of dissatisfaction gaining traction among the BP crowd of which he admits to owning in the now hidden Live Stream. and how it was an agreement between Clayton, Bert, and possibly some other guy named Chris to mitigate the online chatter.

Shit got real!

It's been real for awhile.

Yes no problem.

The PAs for the three properties I bought (I thought) from Clayton Morris all have his signature. They also have rehab guarantees in the "conditions" section above his signature, which were never done. I'll email you copies if you tell me where.

Purchased three Indy properties from Clayton Morris. None of which were rehabbed. Have since sold them all for a fraction of what I paid. Out $$,$$$ with little hope of recovering anything. No one else should be scammed by this guy.

We have two agreements signed by Clayton for properties in Indianapolis, IN. Promised rehabs were never done, fake leases and rental payments were sent, huge fines were levied by Indy, properties were then sold for a loss of $80K. He promised turnkey real estate investments, rehab, tenant placement and management from "HIS" people. He never delivered, blamed it in Whalen, stopped answering communications and left the country. The last I knew he has a vacation home in the Pocono mountains of PA and his mother lives in Wyomissing, PA

Would you be willing to send us those purchase agreements?

What a dumbass Clayton Morris had a good paying job at Fox News. He was always trying to get his feet into something. Maybe he did not want to scam people but he ran a really bad business and fucked it all up.

lol, what else was he trying to get his feet into?

@Tuyet Hang ?

The Holton Wise P

Owning a home in PA and being a resident of PA are two entirely different things.


@Tom Campone Great. Please email those directly to JamesWise@HoltonWise.com

@The Holton Wise Property Group Of course I do. PM me if you want anything for the file you are building.

@DigiDads Do you have copies of purchase agreements and other documents signed by Clayton Morris himself?

@The Holton Wise Property Group Sold 3 units that were mostly garbage. I didn't get caught up as bad as some of the others but got stung pretty bad on the last one. Same story Morris Invest the entire way until closing then switched to Ocean Point. No mention of them until closing docs came in. Represented that they were a turnkey provider nothing else.

What happened?

How would I find out about properties your company if offering?


@David Cook Recieved. Thanks so much David. And yes we have already filed a counter suit for $27.5k. We're very confident that we will win, however we've got a hunch we're going to have a tough time collecting on it given the whole Clayton Morris fleeing the USA to Portugal thing.

Sent. You should counter-sue.

Thanks David Cook. Please send them to JamesWise@HoltonWise.com

Would you be willing to send us those purchase agreements signed by Clayton Morris?

@Richard Frederick Send an email to Jameswise@holtonwise.com . Thanks

@The Holton Wise Property Group Absolutely! We would be willing to share all of our records pertaining to Clayton's real estate scam. Where should I send the copies of our purchase agreements?


We've heard there ain't no party like a Clay goin' to jail party.

Tom Campone we've received your email and have replied. Make sure you check your spam or promotions folder if you don't see it.

Yes this is correct. Any mention of 2007 was a misspeak.

Thanks for watching Anthony Picano. Did you also see the 3 hour documentary with the alleged victim testimonials? https://youtu.be/iGUw3K384AY

The Holton Wise Property Group yes. I was one of the people that interviewed with you. Thankful for your work!

Have you seen the full 3 hour film we produced?

Just a business practice where an investor may be charged "×" for the rehab as a fee, but then the management company or project manager (whomever hires the contractor and runs the job) then also charges the contractor "x" % of the project (and this practice us not divulged to the investor) - reason being - the PM "found" the project. This means as an investor, you don't really know what you are paying for. There are "hidden" costs. I have seen this practice in Indianapolis. Originally, I did not see a huge issue with it. Upon reflection, I think it is a hidden fee structure. I really dont give a RIP if service providers agree with me or not. I believe it us double dipping, and it has an effect on funds paid out. My question is - Is it illegal, or just unethical? I dont know, but I sure dont like it.

What are you trying to say here Ritch Bonsisa? What does "say your rehab funds are light like 7.5%" mean?

If you would like to share this contract with us to use as evidence send it to Jameswise@holtonwise.com

@clarkewi Yes....To Portugal.

@The Holton Wise Property Group Morris and his family fled the country didn't they? Don't they call that "take the money and run"? It doesn't look too good.

Don't you think this is a bit more complicated than that though?

Do you have more information on this Blue Sky situation? What happened?

Follow this link and we'll email them to you every day at 1pm est... https://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=0014No5iJxuS6_2LK2eOy-Z3Z8vPo6Ue70Rgz1-JsiLcXs0fN-XvNrjAO-yqQL-PtgHzJuJxrySoTtSnSJbj_4me2y5LCAFQZqrI2jvtdZMLw6fXtLSIcFGLMD6ndU_hwunjZ_uoFnqILa2IoEXHuxSazyHx_wm65On

We do what we can.

Good for you for keeping your guard up......In real estate it's very important to "trust, but verify."

Its shocking that Clayton and his pretty wife Natali could have knowingly cheated investors. Who can one trust?

Lo principal es que no hace falta mucha esperiencia para comenzar a invertir online https://jonatanfesia.blogspot.com/

@fliccolo Send everything to JamesWise@HoltonWise.com thanks.

@The Holton Wise Property Group please give me your best email info. I'll be happy to share what concrete evidence I have.

We will see if he show up in court.

Thanks for watching. Unlike Clayton Morris we are all about transparency. Take a look at this video for some more crazy speak from our worst tenants https://youtu.be/5SnerrL729Q

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Hunt him down in Portugal and dispatch him in front of his family

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